1816 Madison County, AL Census

Taken from information located at the Alabama State Archives, Montgomery, AL.  
Compiled and contributed by Lisa R. Franklin RN,BSN 2000

Partial listing of heads of households

Fielder, Moses

Fielder, Enos

Fielder, Isaac

Fielder, Samuel

Fielder, William

Find, William

Findly, Samuel

Fitzgarrell, Garrett

Gitzgarrell, John

Fletcher, John

Fletcher, William

Flopper, William

Forbes, John

Forde, Richard

Forrest, William

Fowler, Emencee

Fowler, John

Fowler, Reuben

Franklin, William

Franks, Benjamin

French, Amos

French, Jesse

Frost, John

Fulton, Samuel

Furgeson, Henry

Fuqua, Silas

Galespy, James

Galespy, Jeremiah

Galespy, Robert

Galespy, T. James

Galbreath, Alexander

Gallett, Reace

Gallion, Isaiah

Gambrell, Robert

Gandy, John

Garner, John

Garner, Samuel

Garner, Sturdy

Garrett, Mechgate

Garrett, William

Gill, Andrew

Gillis, Daniel

Gillon, John

Gilmore, William

Gipson, Hugh

Gipson, John

Glass, James

Glass, Vincent

Gordon, James

Gordon, James

Gow, Bledsoe

Gragg, Samuel

Grassell, George

Gray, David

Gray, Levin

Gray, Mathew

Gray, Thomas

Gray, William

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