List of Taxable Property of Mobile County, Alabama for the Year 1817

Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin RN, 1997.

Mobile, 01 APR 1817

Alexander, Madam

Alvarez, Diago

Austin, Frederick

Bariel, Joseph

Barlow, Aaron

Barrand, Robert

Beebe, Eliphalet

Berault, Mikel

Bernody, Registe

Blair, Thomas

Bodan, Alexander

Bodan, Louis

Bosarge, J.B.

Byrn, Patrick

Byrn, Sarah

Chamberlain, H.V.

Chavana, John

Chestang, Bruno

Chestang, Eugen

Chestang, Widow

Childers, Lemuel

Citchens, Samuel

Clements, John

Clements, Joshua

Colain, August (Estate of)

Colain, Onorie

Conway, Henry

Conwy, Jams

Cook, John

Cook, Nicholas

Cornell, Madam

Crawford, William

David, Simon

Davis, John (stricken through on original with notation "over age")

Dolive, Louis

Dolive, Sefroy

Donway, harles

Dubroca, Benjamin

Dubroca, Elair

Dumoye, Augustin

Dumoye, Urban

Durett, Registe

Duvett, Zedove

Elliott, John

Faver, Clair

Fisher, W.M.

Fisher, William

Forbes, John & Co.

Fraza, Colman

Galloway, John

Garrow, Samuel H. & Co.

Garson, Bon

George, Travis

Gibson, John P.

Girand, Francis

Glascock, Elijah

Gregay, Constance

Gurlett, Barth

Hall, Charles

Haupt, George

Herald, Jacob

Hobert, Peter H.

Hudson, Christian

Huston, Robert

Ingerson, W.R.

Innerarity, James

Judson, Lewis

Juzan, Daniel

Kelerease, Robert

Kellogg, Theron

Kennedy, Joseph P.

Kennedy, Joshua

Kennedy, Wiliam M.

Kitervase, Ann

Krebs, Etien

Krebs, Joseph

Laland, Charles

Laland, Francis C.

Lamie, Pierre

Laust, Euphrazin

Lewis, Addin

Lewis, Curtis

Long, James R.

Lutien, Pierre

Lyons, Charles

Maswit, C.M.

McCandless, Joseph

McCuaker, Terry

McGrath, Timothy

McKinsey, M.

McLosky, Philip

McVay, Diego

Miller, Alexander

Mitchell, Oguate

Mitchell, William

Mitchell, Zenon

Mottus, Silvan

Mouse, Jose

Newbold, Thomas G.

Nicholas, Leon

Nicholas, Silvan

Nicholas, Tildair

Page, Jacob

Paton, William B.

Patterson, William

Petens, James

Peters, Daniel

Powell, Thomas

Richardson, Mathew

Richardson, William

Robinson, D.C.

Robishaw, Alvan

Roland, David

Russell & Company

Sall, Domenique

Sato, Antonio

Sheffield, Joseph E.

Sibley, Cyrus

Spaldin, Stephen

Stebins, Russell

Stewart, C.S.

Tankerslay, R.

Taylor, George

Toulmin, M.C.

Trenie, Batiste

Trenie, Firman

Ward, Mikel

Weeks, Nicholas

Whitmore, Jacob

Wilkin, Washington

Williams, Herrin

Wilson, James

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