1920 Federal Census of Covington County, Alabama

Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin RN,BSN, FEB 2000

Partial Listing

1920 Federal Census of Covington County, AL
Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin RN,BSN, FEB 2000

Household #, Surname, Given name(s), relationship to head of household, sex, race, age last birthday, marital status (single, married, divorced, widowed), place of birth, father's birthplace, mother's birthplace.
ED48 sheet 1A
River Falls Road, Andalusia, AL
1/1 Allen, John H.	head	m,w,34,m	AL,GA,AL
	Nora		wife	f,w,30,m		AL,AL,AL
	Dallas		son	m,w,12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Dolphus		son	m,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ralph		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Hilary		son	m,w,1 0/12,s	AL,AL,AL
The following 7 entries for household #2/2 have a line drawn through them on the original:
2/2 Turner, Nancy	head	f,w,43,wid	AL,GA,AL
	Houston		son	m,w,22,s	AL,AL,AL
	Albert		son	m,w,18,s	AL,AL,AL
	Wilbur		son	m,w,12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Horace		son	m,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Frank		son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	James		son	m,w,11,s	AL,AL,AL
The next 2 entries, for boarders, in household #2/2 are not lined out:
Brisges?, Fletcher		boarder	m,w,26,d	AL,AL,AL
Curey, Rufus		boarder	m,w,19,s	AL,AL,AL
Milton Road, Andalusia, AL
The following 6 entries for household #3/3 have a line drawn through them on the original:
3/3 Allen, Ora H.		head	m,w,43,m	AL,GA,AL
	Minnie L.	wife	f,w,35,m		FL,FL,AL
	Mary		dau	f,w,10,s		AL,AL,FL
	Ora H. Jr.	Son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,FL
	Annie M.	dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,FL
Allin, Carrie		sister	f,w,45,s		AL,GA,AL
3/4 Jordan, David B.	head	m,w,24,m	AL,AL,AL
	Cora		wife	f,w,21,m		AL,AL,AL
4/5 Ballard, Amela	head	f,mu,22,s	AL,AL,AL
Brooks, Magdalena	boarder	f,b,17,s		AL,AL,AL
Banks, Posey		boarder	m,b,32,m	AL,AL,AL
5/6 Tomlin, Jacob B.	head	m,w,28,m	AL,AL,AL
	Annie L.		wife	f,w,29,m		AL,AL,GA
	Bennie F.	son	m,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Mattie Lee	dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Wida		dau	f,w,4,s		AL,AL,AL
	Annie M.	dau	f,w,1,s		AL,AL,AL
The next 18 entries for households 6/7 through 9/10 have lines drawn through them on the original:
6/7 Brown, H____ L. 	head	m,w,27,m	AL,AL,AL
	Margaret	wife	f,w,27,m		AL,AL,AL
	Grady Lee	son	m,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Herbert A.	son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Bonnie? J.	dau	f,w,?,s		AL,AL,AL
	Anna Lee	dau	f,w,1 0/12,s	AL,AL,AL
7/8 Salter, Lawrence J.	head	m,w,66,m	AL,AL,AL
	Ann		wife	f,w,64,m		SC,SC,SC
	Telassie		dau	f,w,36,s		AL,AL,SC
	Cyrus E.		son	m,w,32,s	AL,AL,SC
8/9 Fryar, Jesse R.	head	m,w,65,m	GA,GA,GA
	Mary		wife	f,w,47,m		GA,GA,GA
	Arthur		son	m,w,22,s	GA,GA,GA
	Pearl		dau	f,w,14,s		GA,GA,GA
	Fered		son	m,w,4,s		AL,GA,GA
9/10 Turner, D.J.		head	m,w,24,m	AL,US,AL
	Irene		wife	f,w,22,m		AL,AL,AL
	Annis/Aris C.	dau	f,w,4 2/12,s	AL,AL,AL
ED 48 sheet 1B
02 JAN 1920
Milton & Prestwood Bridge Road, Beat 1, Andalusia, AL
The first 6 entries on this page for household #9/10 through 11/12 have lines drawn through them on the original:
9/10 Turner, Norma J.	dau	f,w,4/12,s	AL,AL,AL
10/11 Turner, Curly ?	head	m,w,29,m	FL,AL,AL
	Olla		wife	f,w,23,m		FL,FL,FL
	Ava Ann	mother	f,w,62,wid	AL,GA,SC
11/12 O'Neal, Henry	head	m,w,35,m	AL,US,US
	Dessie		wife	f,w,33,m		AL,AL,AL
12/13 Boutwell, Dan	head	m,w,56,m	AL,AL,AL
	Docia		wife	f,w,53,m2	AL,GA,GA
	Hobson		son	m,w,21,s	AL,AL,AL
	Lonie		son	m,w,12,s	AL,AL,AL
	George		son	m,w,19,s	AL,AL,AL
The next 7 entries in household #13/14 have lines drawn through them on the original:
13/14 Adcock, Louis	head	m,w,56,m	AL,US,US
	Katie		wife	f,w,42,m		AL,AL,AL
	Mannie?		Dau	f,w,16,s		AL,AL,AL
	Victor		son	m,w,17,s	AL,AL,AL
	Amar		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Mary		dau	f,w,1 6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	James		son	m,w,24,m	AL,AL,AL
Barnes?, Elicta		dau	f,w,18,m		AL,AL,AL
	Henry		gdson	m,w,1/12,s	AL,AL,AL
14/15 Brundrick, Stacey	head	m,w,36,m	AL,AL,AL
	Ella		wife	f,w,32,m		AL,AL,AL
	Grace		dau	f,w,11,s		AL,AL,AL
	Frank		son	m,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ruben		son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	Eurlean		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Agnes		dau	f,w,3,s		AL,AL,AL
	Bob		son	m,w,1 6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
Wyatt, Myra	mother-in-law	f,w,74,wid	AL,AL,AL
15/16 Dillard, William E.	head	m,w,64,m	AL,VA,GA
	Alana Mae	wife	f,w,23,m		GA,GA,TX
Skinner, Mattie Lee    step-dau	f,w,5,s		AL,AL,GA
16/17 Powell, William R.	head	m,w,33,m	AL,AL,AL
	Jessie A.		wife	f,w,35,m		AL,AL,AL
	Rosa Lee	dau	f,w,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Minnie Lee	dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Charlie A.	son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ora May	dau	f,w,4 8/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Dessie May	dau	f,w,2 4/12,s	AL,AL,AL
17/18 Ware, Ingram T.	head	m,w,41,m	AL,AL,AL
	Mary Belle	wife	m,w,18,m	AL,AL,AL
The next 9 entries in households 18/19 & 19/20 have lines drawn through them on the original:
18/19 Padgett, Gordon?	Head	m,w,33,m	AL,AL,AL
	Callie		wife	f,w,24,m		FL,FL,FL
	E.G.		son	m,w, 4 0/12,s	AL,AL,FL
	Olla		dau	f,w,1 9/12,s	AL,AL,FL
	Era		dau	f,w, 1 9/12,s	AL,AL,FL
19/20 Mathews, Mack O.	head	m,w,53,m	AL,AL,GA
	Mattie A.	wife	f,w,50,m		AL,US,AL
	Era		dau	f,w,25,s		AL,AL,AL
	Mack O. Jr.	Son	m,w,23,s	AL,AL,AL
ED48 sheet 2A
02 JAN 1920
Prestwood Bridge Road and Three Notch Road, Beat 1 or precinct 1
20/21 Harper, Pink	head	m,w,46,m	AL,AL,AL
	Esther		wife	f,w,36,m		AL,VA,VA
	George H.	son	m,w,18,s	AL,AL,AL
	Jefferson	son	m,w,13,s	AL,AL,AL
	Hattie Lou	dau	f,w,11,s		AL,AL,AL
	Nellie Lee	dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Clarence		son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	James L.	son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Rosa May	dau	f,w,3 0/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Sarah Jane	mother	f,w,70,wid	AL,GA,SC
Phillips, James		servant	m,w,15,s	AL,VA,AL
The next 5 entries in this household have lines drawn through them on the original:
Turner, Claude C.	head	m,w,37,m	FL,AL,AL
	Sabina		wife	f,w,33,m		AL,AL,AL
	Christine	dau	f,w,12,s		AL,FL,AL
	Avariel		dau	f,w,10,s		AL,FL,AL
	Elaine		dau	f,w,7,s		AL,FL,AL
21/22 Myrick, Robert G.	head	m,w,m		AL,AL,AL
	?????		wife	f,w,28,m		AL,AL,AL
	Sybel		dau	f,w,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Robert		son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	Cecil		son	m,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Opal		dau	f,w,4 5/12,s	TX,AL,AL
	Catherine	dau	f,w,2 11/12,s	AL,AL,AL
The next 6 entries in household #21/22 (misnumbered same as above household) have lines drawn through them on the original:
21/22 Cawly, George	head	m,w,31,m	AL,AL,AL
	Wennie		wife	f,w,27,m		AL,AL,AL
	Enrenca? R.	dau	f,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	Carrie May	dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Gladys		dau	f,w,4,s		AL,AL,AL
	Robert		son	m,w, 1 7/12,s	AL,AL,AL
22/24 Lowe, Bethel	head	m,w,29,m	AL,US,US
	Evie		wife	f,w,23,m		AL,AL,AL
	Dewey		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ruby Mae	dau	f,w,4 8/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Mildred		dau	f,w,1 2/12,s	AL,AL,AL
The next 6 entries in household #23/25 have lines drawn through them on the original:
23/25 Davis, John H.	head	m,w,51,m	AL,GA,AL
	Mary		wife	f,w,49,m		FL,NC,SC
	Fred		son	m,w,22,s	AL,AL,FL
	Dayton		son	m,w,19,s	AL,AL,FL
	Robert		son	m,w,15,s	AL,AL,FL
	Jessie Mae	dau	f,w,10,s		AL,AL,FL	
24/26 Powell, Mattie	head	f,w,39,wid	AL,AL,AL
	Stephen		son	m,w,16,s	AL,AL,AL
	Fonzie		son	m,w,14,s	AL,AL,AL
	Otis		son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	Willi Blanch	dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
25/27 Moore, Oliver M.	head	m,w,47,s	AL,US,US
E.  Gertrude	wife	f,w,36,m		AL,AL,GA
	Oliver C.	son	m,w,8,s		AL,AL,AL
26/28 Couch, Lake	head	m,b,30,m	AL,US,US
	Odia		wife	f,b,22,m		AL,AL,AL
ED 48 sheet 2B
03 JAN 1920
North Three Notch Road, Precinct 1
	J.D.		son	m,b,4 6/12, s	AL,AL,AL
27/29 Robinson, William 	head	m,w,37,m	AL,GA,GA
	Arrie		wife	f,w,32,m		AL,US,US
	Mary T.		dau	f,w,1 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
28/30 Fletcher, James H.	head	m,w,56?,m	AL,VA,AL
	Mary J.		wife	m,w,50,m	AL,AL,AL
	Deicely?		Son	m,w,21,s	AL,AL,AL
	Walter		son	m,w,19,s	AL,AL,AL
	Ollie		son	m,w,13,s	AL,AL,AL
	Martha		dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
Scoot, Willey		servant	m,w,16,un	AL,GA,GA
29/32 Morris, Albert	head	m,w,38,m	MS,AL,GA
	Lizzie		wife	f,w,26,m		AL,AL,AL
	Daniel D.	son	m,w,5,s		AL,MS,AL
	Brithie O.	dau	f,w,2 1/12, s	AL,MS,AL
30/33	Scoot, Tommie	head	m,w,23,m	GA,GA,GA
	Ruby C.		wife	f,w,20,m		AL,AL,AL
31/34	Williams, John	head	m,w,46,m	AL,US,FL
	Maggie		wife	f,w,32,m		AL,AL,AL
	Beatrice		dau	f,w,14,s		AL,AL,AL
	James M.	son	m,w,11,s	AL,AL,AL
	J.C.		son	m,w,10,s	AL,AL,AL
	James D.	son	m,w,3 2/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	May		dau	f,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Emaline		dau	f,w,2 1/12,s	AL,AL,AL
32/35 Bryan, Newton D.	head	m,w,36,m	FL,FL,AL
	Fannie		wife	f,w,27,m		AL,AL,FL
	Yella		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,FL,AL
	Eugene		son	m,w,4 1/12, s	AL,FL,AL
	Judson		son	m,w, 1 6/12,s	AL,FL,AL
33/36 Holloway, John W.	head	m,w,52,m	AL,AL,AL
	Clara		wife	f,w,56,m		AL,GA,AL
	John B.		son	m,w,18,s	AL,AL,AL
	Ethel C.		dau	f,w,25,un	AL,AL,AL
	Clara B.		dau	f,w,16,s		AL,AL,AL
34/37 Bonner, John W.	head	m,w,65,m	AL,GA,GA
	Anna E.		wife	f,w,58,m		AL,AL,AL
35/38 Hooks, Walter T.	head	m,w,36,m	AL,AL,AL
	Lilla		wife	f,w,35,m		AL,AL,AL
	Elsie		dau	f,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Edna		dau	f,w,3 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Walter G.	son	m,w, 1 10/12,s	AL,AL,AL
36/39 Jackson, Andrew A.	head	m,b,75,wd	AL,US,VA
          (line drawn through Marshal surname on following entry in this household)
          Marshal, Lydia (Mrs.) dau	f,b,37,wd	GA,AL,AL
	Thirza		dau	f,b,17,s		AL,AL,AL
	Broksie		dau	f,b,14,s		AL,AL,AL
	Denner		dau	f,b,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Beneta		dau	f,b,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	A,		dau	f,b,5,s		AL,AL,AL
37/40 Edge, Eugene	head	m,w,33,m	AL,AL,AL
ED 48 sheet 3A
05 JAN 1920
The road East from Andalusia up on the  L&N railroad, Precinct 1
37/49 Edge, Minnie	wife	f,w,31,m		AL,GA,AL
	Erie E.		son	m,w,12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Mildred		dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Myrtle		dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Benjamin W.	son	m,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
38/41 Franklin, Frank	head	m,b,40,m	AL,VA,AL
	Ella		wife	f,b,34,m		AL,AL,AL
	Rosa Lee	dau	f,b,13,s		AL,AL,AL
	Johnie		son	m,b,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Frankie		dau	f,b,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	J.C.		son	m,b,6,s		AL,AL,AL
39/42 King, Jasper	head	m,b,24,m	AL,US,US
	Sadie		wife	f,mu,20,m	AL,US,US
	Ozell		dau	f,mu,1 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
40/43 Farier, Davis	head	m,b,46,m	AL,AL,AL
	Willie		wife	f,b,27,m		AL,AL,AL
	Ellis		son	m,b,19,s		AL,AL,AL
	Afferd		son	m,b,18,s		AL,AL,AL
	Marie		dau	f,b,4 6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	L.D.		nepher	m,b,18,s		AL,AL,AL
40/44 Ellis, Lorn/Torn?	Head	m,b,50,m	AL,AL,AL
	Lizzie		wife	f,b,49,m		AL,AL,AL
41/45 Bass, Sim B.	head	m,b,49,m	AL,AL,VA
	Ella		wife	f,b,32,m		SC,SC,SC
	Cassie Lena	dau	f,b,19,s		AL,AL,SC
	Saphronia	dau	f,b,14,s		AL,AL,SC
	Mossia		dau	f,b,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Salny Solomon	son (adopted) m,b,5,s	AL,GA,GA
	Bobbie Lee	dau (adopted) f,b,3 6/12,s	AL,GA,GA
42/46 Adams, Jerry M.	head	m,w,42,m	AL,US,AL
	Ina/Irma		wife	f,w,36,m		AL,AL,AL
	Amy Lois	dau	f,w,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ruby Lee	dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Woodrow W.	son	m,w,9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
          Russell, Katie	aunt	f,w,64,s		AL,US,AL
43/47 Skanis, Harmon	head	m,b,46,m	AL,AL,AL
	Liza		wife	f,mu,44,m	AL,US,SC
	Beasley		son	m,b,16,s		AL,AL,AL
	Clarence		son	m,b,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Bertha		dau	f,b,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ethel May	dau	f,b,7/12,s	AL,AL,AL
44/48 Grider, Clarence 	head	m,w,27,m	AL,AL,AL
	Jewel		wife	f,w,31,m		AL,GA,US
	Erma L.		dau	f,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
          Brown, Sarah	aunt	f,w,60,s		AL,GA,GA
45/49 Avant, Lourin	head	m,w,27,m	AL,AL,AL
	Olivia		wife	f,w,26,m		AL,AL,AL
	Mary O.		dau	f,w,4 3/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Robert L.	son	m,w,2 10/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Celeste		dau	f,w,4/12,s	AL,AL,AL
ED48 Sheet 3B
06 JAN 1920
Sandford Road, Precinct 1
46/50 Gunter, Lodie H.	head	m,w,43,m	SC,SC,SC
	Laura		wife	f,w,42,m		SC,SC,SC
	Lilla May	dau	f,w,22,s		SC,SC,SC
	Willa B.		dau	f,w,20,s		SC,SC,SC
	Florence		dau	f,w,17,s		SC,SC,SC
	John Y.		son	m,w,15,s	SC,SC,SC
	Felden D.	son	m,w,12,s	AL,SC,SC
	Mary F.		dau	f,w,10,s		AL,SC,SC
	Thelma		dau	f,w,8,s		AL,SC,SC
	Allice ?.		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,SC,SC
	Marcus J.	son	m,w,3,s		AL,SC,SC
47/51 Sheriden, Green	head	m,b,49,m	GA,GA,AL
	Winnie		wife	f,mu,42,m	AL,AL,AL
	Armina		dau	f,b,20,s		AL,AL,AL
	Maybell		dau	f,b,16,s		AL,AL,AL
	Griel?		Son	m,mu,12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Wilma		dau	m,mu,4 6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Burne		dau	f,mu,1 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	L.D.		gd.son	m,mu,3 2/12,s	AL,AL,AL
48/52 Smith, Frank	head	m,b,45,m	AL,US,US
	Ida		wife	f,b,44,m		AL,AL,AL
(On next entry surname Floyd has a line drawn through it)
          Floyd, Sallie Mae	dau	f,b,23,wd	AL,AL,AL
          Dunlap, James Frank  gd.son	m,b,5,s		AL,AL,AL
49/53 Nix, Vestes		head	m,b,40,m	AL,AL,AL
	Gatsey		wife	f,mu,33,m	AL,US,AL
	Cornner		son	m,mu,11,s	AL,AL,AL
	Minnie V.	dau	f,mu,10,s	AL,AL,AL
	Emmie		son	m,mu,6,s	AL,AL,AL
	Susie E.		dau	f,mu,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Esther G.	dau	f,mu,6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
50/54 Rodgers, Lydia	head	f,b,37,wd	AL,AL,GA
	Clyde		son	m,b,17,s		AL,AL,AL
	Amelia S.	son	m,b,14,s		AL,AL,AL
	Justice		son	m,b,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ethel May	dau	m,b,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Birdsong	dau	f,b,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Ella		dau	f,b,2 3/12,s	AL,AL,AL
          Ford, John		servant	m,b,60,wd	AL,US,US
51/55 Cole, Jake		head	m,w,62,wd	AL,AL,AL
	Vera		dau	f,w,20,s		AL,AL,AL
	Annie		dau	f,w,18,s		AL,AL,AL
	Henry		son	m,w,15,s	AL,AL,AL
52/56 Cole, Luther B.F.	head	m,w,27,m	AL,AL,AL
	Sarah		wife	f,w,25,m		FL,AL,AL
	Gladys		dau	f,w,4 7/12,s	AL,AL,FL
	Sybet		dau	f,w,2/12,s	AL,AL,FL
53/57 Bagley/Bayley?, George M.	head	m,w,30,m	AL,GA,AL
	Ida V.		wife	f,w,25,m		AL,AL,AL
	Virgnia		dau	f,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Aabry?		Son	m,w,1 5/12,s	AL,AL,AL
ED48 Sheet 4A
06 JAN 1920
Sandford Road, Precinct 1
54/58 Bagley, John T.	head	m,w,64,m	GA,GA,GA
	Martha		wife	f,w,58,m		AL,AL,AL
	Bernice		son	m,w,24,s	AL,GA,AL
	Eunice		dau	f,w,15,s		AL,GA,AL
	Thomas B.	son	m,w,31,m	AL,GA,AL
	Velma		wife (*of T.B.) f,w,23,m	AL,AL,AL
55/59 Bradshaw, G.W.	head	m,b,55,m	GA,GA,GA
	Katie B.		wife	f,b,37,m		AL,US,US
	Codny		son	m,b,17,s		AL,GA,AL
	Wille B.		dau	f,b,13,s		AL,GA,AL
	Jessie		dau	f,b,12,s		AL,GA,AL
	Pearlie		dau	f,b,10,s		AL,GA,AL
	J.W.		son	m,b,7,s		AL,GA,AL
	Lorena		dau	f,b,5,s		AL,GA,AL
	Mildred		dau	f,b, 3 9/12,s	AL,GA,AL
	General Lee	son	m,b, 2 1/12,s	AL,GA,AL
	Booker T.	son	m,b,9/12,s	AL,GA,AL
56/60 Mock, William A.	head	m,w,30,m	AL,AL,GA
	Belle		wife	f,w,29,m		AL,AL,AL
	Robert E.	son	m,w,4 10/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Charles A.	brother	m,w,25,s	AL,AL,GA
57/61 Ross, Alonza W.	head	m,w,43,m	Ga,GA,GA
	Etta		wife	f,w,39,m		AL,AL,AL
	Graydon	son	m,w,15,s	AL,GA,AL
	Louvina?	Son	f,w,14,s		AL,GA,AL
	Sam Carroll	son	m,w,12,s	AL,GA,AL
	Malba		son	m,w,8,s		AL,GA,AL
	Mildred		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,GA,AL
	Cecil		son	m,w,3 3/12,s	AL,GA,AL
	Lelia H.		dau	f,w,1 6/12,s	AL,GA,AL
58/62 Bargaineer, James L. head	m,w,38,m	TX,AL,AL
	Elviria		wife	f,w,35,m		AL,FL,AL
	J.C.		son	m,w,15,s	AL,TX,AL
	Ella		dau	f,w,13,s		AL,TX,AL
	Hillary		son	m,w,11,s	AL,TX,AL
	Paul		son	m,w,10,s	AL,TX,AL
	Oscar		son	m,w,8,s		AL,TX,AL
	Ethel		dau	f,w,5,s		AL,TX,AL
	Dorothea	dau	f,w,1 10/12,s	AL,TX,AL
59/63 Kennedy, Frank T.	head	m,w,40,m	AL,AL,AL
	Clemants D.	wife	f,w,53,m2	AL,SC,SC
59/64 Mays, James T.	head	m,w,20,m	FL,AL,AL
	Addie M.	wife	f,w,20,m		AL,GA,GA
60/65 Whittle, Lem	head	m,w,19,m	GA,AL,AL
	Della		wife	f,w,20,m		GA,GA,GA
	Sherman M.	son	m,w,6/12,s	AL,GA,GA
         Spear, S.T.		boarder	m,w,47,m	US,US,US
	Mary		boarder	f,w,45,m		AL,US,US
ED48 Sheet 4B
07 JAN 1920
Sandford Road, Precinct 1
61/66 Wood, Charles C.	head	m,w,39,m	AL,FL,AL
	Elizabeth	wife	f,w,34,m		AL,AL,AL
	Crawford	son	m,w,14,s	AL,AL,AL
	Bertha		dau	f,w,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Lois		dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Stanfred		son	m,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Gadston		son	m,w,2 5/12, s	AL,AL,AL
	Leona		dau	f,w,1 6/12, s	AL,AL,AL
62/67 Wood, David A.	head	m,w,68,m	FL,NC,AL
	Ida		wife	f,w,60,m		AL,US,US
	Ray		son	m,w,24,s	AL,FL,AL
	Ruis R.		son	m,w,17,s	AL,FL,AL
63/68 Peters/Petus, Mimi/Mirmi L.  head   f,w,20,d	AL,AL,AL
	Jessie L.		dau	f,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
64/69 Goodson, Asa	head	m,w,31,m	AL,AL,MS
	Georgia B.	wife	f,w,29,m		AL,AL,AL
	Velma		dau	f,w,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Odis		son	m,w,10,s	AL,AL,AL
	William		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Troumbs	son	m,w,3 10/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Mollie Barbara	dau	f,w,1 2/12,s	AL,AL,AL
(On the following line the surname Bryant has a line drawn through it on original)
           Bryant, Calvin	boarder	m,w,35,d	AL,AL,AL
	Marvin/Marion	boarder	m,w,19,d	AL,AL,AL
	George		boarder	m,w,24,s	AL,AL,AL
           Grant, Willis	boarder	m,w,16,s	AL,AL,AL
65/70 West, Willis	head	m,b,23,m	AL,AL,AL
	Dulcie		wife	f,b,26,m		AL,FL,AL
	Lenis E.		adopted son    nmnym1.12ms	AL,US,US
66/71 Shreve, William C.	head	m,w,72,m	AL,VA,VA
	Laur		wife	f,w,60,m		AL,SC,SC
          Heath, Edgar	grandson m,w,14,s	AL,AL,AL
67/72 Palmer, Walter	head	m,b,48,m	AL,US,US
	Lilly		wife	f,mu,34,m	AL,AL,AL
	Mary O.		dau	f,mu,13,s	AL,AL,AL
	Henry L.	son	m,mu,9,s	AL,AL,AL
	Alton		son	m,mu,7,s	AL,AL,AL
	Laura A,		dau	f,mu,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Nora Lee	dau	f,mu,1 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
68/73 Grider/Saider, James head	m,w,46,m	AL,GA,GA
	Iola Josephine	wife	f,w,49,m		AL,AL,AL
	Marion B.	son	m,w,19,s	AL,AL,AL
	Roberta		dau	f,w,14,s		AL,AL,AL
	Clark		son	m,w,12,s	AL,AL,AL
69/74 Smith, Duncan	head	m,b,54,m	AL,US,US
	Susie		wife	f,b,43,m		AL,AL,AL
70/75 Bradley, Billie	head	m,w,28,m	AL,AL,AL
	Roxey		wife	f,w,28,m		AL,US,FL
	Allice		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Annis		dau	f,w,4 8/12, s	AL,AL,AL
	Robert Lee	son	m,w,1 10/12,s	AL,AL,AL
ED48 Sheet5A
07 JAN 1920
Elba Road and by road to Sandford Rd, Precinct 1
71/76 Walton, Eugene G.	head	m,w,52,m	AL,GA,AL
	Theodosia A.	wife	f,w,49,m		AL,GA,AL
	Marion W.	son	m,w,27,s	AL,AL,AL
	Louise T.	dau	f,w,20,s		FL,AL,AL
	Layfatte E.	son	m,w,16,s	AL,AL,AL
	Maggie M.	dau	f,w,14,s		AL,AL,AL
	Davis A.		son	m,w,11,s	AL,AL,AL
	Carlie A.	dau	f,w,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Lalorn S.	son	w,m,8,s		AL,AL,AL
	Sarah L.		dau	w,f,4 3/12,s	AL,AL,AL
72/77 Carter, Hiriam D.	head	m,w,44,m	AL,AL,AL
	Sallie		wife	f,w,34,m		AL,AL,AL
	Hiram M.	son	m,w,17,s	AL,AL,AL
	Asa T.		son	m,w,14,s	AL,AL,AL
	Virgie M.	dau	f,w,12,s		AL,AL,AL
	Cecil		son	m,w,10,s	AL,AL,AL
	Istelena		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Rosa Lue	dau	f,w,3 4/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Edward		brother	m,w,42,s	AL,AL,AL
73/78 Daughtery, William	head	m,w,40,m	AL,US,US
	Bula		wife	f,w,15,m		AL,US,US
	Evrett		son	m,w,17,s	AL,AL,TX
	Joel		son	m,w,15,s	AL,AL,TX
	Eunice		dau	f,w,12,s		AL,AL,TX
	Anna B.		dau	f,w,9,s		AL,AL,TX
	Oval		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,TX
	Melton		son	m,w,3 2/12,s	AL,AL,TX
	Nannie Lou	dau	f,w,1 3/12, s	AL,AL,TX
74/79 Vinson, Joe	head	m,w,45,m	AL,US,US
	Maggie		wife	f,w,43,m		TX,AL,AL
	Walter		son	m,w,18,s	AL,AL,TX
	Ennis		son	m,w,16,s	AL,AL,TX
	Maude D.	dau	f,w,13,s		AL,AL,TX
	Joe C.		son	m,w,10,s	AL,AL,TX
	Tomy		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,TX
	Mildred		dau	f,w,1 11/12,s	AL,AL,TX
75/80 Smith, Daniel/David  head	m,w,24,m	AL,AL,AL
	Allene		wife	f,w,22,m		AL,AL,AL
76/81 Nixon, Matthew G.	head	m,w,6,wd	AL,US,US
	Nettie		dau	f,w,30,s		AL,AL,AL
	Carrie		dau	f,w,26,s		AL,AL,AL
        Butler, Tom		servant	m,w,56,wd	AL,US,US
77/82 Richards, John W.	head	m,w,35,m2	AL,AL,AL
	Hattie		wife	f,w,21,m		AL,AL,AL
	Clemmie	dau	f,w,11,s		AL,AL,AL
	Robert		son	m,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Kattie M.	dau	f,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	James W.	son	m,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
	Eva Lee		dau	f,w,4 3/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Tampa S.	dau	f,w,3 2/12, s	AL,AL,AL
ED48 Sheet 5B
08 JAN1920
Elba Road, Precinct 1
        Scott, Addie		head	f,w,21,s		MS,GA,GA
	Vira F.		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,US,MS
	Grady		son	m,w,2 6/12,s	AL,US,MS
78/83 Dunn, Thomas M.	head	m,w,59,m	AL,GA,GA
	Elizabeth	wife	f,w,58,m		AL,GA,GA
	Eula		dau	f,w,18,s		AL,AL,AL
79/84	Bradley, J.D.D.	head	m,w,35,m	AL,AL,AL
	Gertrude	wife	f,w,32,m		AL,AL,AL
	Lillian		dau	f,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Lizzie		dau	f,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Nora		dau	f,w,3 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Nola/Noba	dau	f,w,3 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
80/85 Camell/Cornell, Samuel   head  m,w,26,m	AL,US,US
	Mary Lou	wife	f,w,27,m		AL,AL,AL
	Maryan L.	son	m,w,3 6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Walter Britt	son	m,w,1 9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
81/86 Bradley, Andrew	head	m,w,66,m	AL,US,US
	Mary F.		wife	f,w,66,m		AL,GA,TN
	Eveline		dau	f,w,32,s		AL,AL,AL
	Pollie		dau	f,w,31,s		AL,AL,AL
82/87 ?Dilhnson, James L.  head	m,w,38,m	AL,AL,AL
	Jennie		wife	f,w,39,m		FL,FL,FL
	Owen V.	son	m,w,15,s	AL,AL,FL
	Una Irene	dau	f,w,13,s		AL,AL,FL
	Dursredad?	Son	m,w,5,s		AL,AL,FL
	Cleston		son	m,w,3 3/12,s	AL,AL,FL
83/88 Dunn, Jocephus	head	m,w,33,m	AL,AL,AL
	Rebeca R.	wife	f,w,29,m		AL,AL,SC
	Annie R.	dau	f,w,11,s		AL,AL,AL
	Katheleen	dau	f,w,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Grover C.	son	m,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Josephus T.	son	m,w,4 8/12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Mary H.		dau	f,w,10/12,s	AL,AL,AL
84/89 Patterson, Joseph	head	m,w,70,m	AL,GA,AL
	Martha Ann	wife	f,w,72,m		SC,SC,SC
85/90 Worley, Martha T.	head	f,w,54,wd	AL,GA,AL
	Bunea May	dau	f,w,10,s		AL,AL,AL
	Carlie A.	stepdau	f,w,37,s		AL,AL,AL
	Jannie		stepdau  f,w,34,s		AL,AL,AL
86/91 Strand/Straud, George W.  head  m,w,28,	AL,AL,AL
	Abb		wife	f,w,22,m		AL,AL,AL
	Cebba		dau	f,w,9/12,s	AL,AL,AL
87/92 Turvin/Turamin, Samuel  head  m,w,40,m	AL,AL,AL
	Susie		wife	f,w,41,m		AL,AL,AL
	Fannie Lou	dau	f,w,15,s		AL,AL,AL
	Joe D.		son	m,w,11,s	AL,AL,AL
	Richard		son	m,w,9,s		AL,AL,AL
	Martha Pearl	dau	f,w,4/12,s	AL,AL,AL
        Anderson, Mary	boarder	f,w,44,s		AL,AL,AL
	Martha		boarder	f,w,42,s		AL,AL,AL
ED48 Sheet 6A
09 January 1920
HH#88-91 Sandford Road, all others Elba Road and Sandford byroad
88/93 Olmstead, Thomas J.  head	m,w,65,m	AL,SC,GA
	Adline P.	wife	f,w,64,m		AL,SC,AL
	Eula		dau	f,w,24,s		AL,AL,AL
	Susie		dau	f,w,22,s		AL,AL,AL
	Dallis		dau	f,w,19,s		AL,AL,AL
	Lillie Belle	dau	f,w,16,s		AL,AL,AL
	Daniel W.	son	m,w,14,s	AL,AL,AL
	John C.		son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
89/94 Olmstead, Gris W.	head	m,w,28,m	AL,AL,AL
	Allice		wife	f,w,21,m		AL,AL,AL
	Ruby		dau	f,w,1 7/12,s	AL,AL,AL
(The following 6 lines have a line drawn through them on the original as does the surname Glower on the 7th line)
90/95 Pollard, Willis?	Head	m,b,40,m	AL,US,US
	Sallie		wife	f,mu,28,m	AL,AL,AL
	Cody		son	m,mu,13,s	AL,AL,AL
	Callard		dau	f,mu,11,s	AL,AL,AL
91/96 Byrd, James	head	m,b,25,m	AL,AL,AL
	Sussie		wife	f,b,22,m		AL,AL,AL
       Glower, Viola	dau	f,b,12,s		AL,AL,AL
        Glower, Andrew/Anderson   father-in-law   m,b,65,m     AL,US,AL
	Anna		mother-in-law   f,b,60,m	AL,US,AL
	Ennsna?		Sister-in-law  f,b,16,wd	AL,AL,AL
92/97  Holland, Joseph A.	head	m,w,46,m	AL,AL,AL
	Nora Belle	wife	f,w,31,m		AL,AL,AL
	William D.	son	m,w,10,s	AL,AL,AL
93/98 Killpatrick, George W.J.  head  m,w,42,m	AL,SC,SC
	Irea		wife	f,w,42,m		AL,US,US
	Ezra		son	m,w,16,s	AL,AL,AL
	Festius?		Son	m,w,14,s	AL,AL,AL
	Alphus		son	m,w,12,s	AL,AL,AL
	Buster		son	m,w,10,s	AL,AL,AL
	Gonia		dau	f,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Cleveland	son	m,w,4,s		AL,AL,AL
	George W. Sr.	Father	m,w,67,wd	SC,SC,US
94/99 Bradley, John D. Sr. Head	f,w,61,m	AL,SC,SC
	Martha		wife	f,w,55,m	AL,US,US
	Louisa		dau	f,w,32,s	AL,AL,AL
	Carrie		dau	f,w,28,s	AL,AL,AL
	Louis F.	son	m,w,24,s	AL,AL,AL
	Ira T.		son	m,w,22,s	AL,AL,AL
	Kizzie		dau	f,w,18,s	AL,AL,AL
	Henry C.	gson	m,w,5,s		AL,AL,AL
95/100 Blackmon, John B. head	m,w,35,m	AL,US,US
	Della C.	wife	f,w,30,m	AL,AL,AL
	Grover C.	son	m,w,7,s		AL,AL,AL
	Marvin C.	son	m,w,6,s		AL,AL,AL
	Opal Lois	dau	f,w,4 6/12,s	AL,AL,AL
95/101 Ganus, James M.	head	m,w,58,m	AL,NC,SC

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