Alabama Bible Records

This page dedicated to the memory of
James Edward Welch, Sr.
who passed away on Aug. 28, 1999 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Washington Taylor Family Bible
Compiled & contributed by Peggy Chesteen, OCT 2004

Washington B Taylor
Holy Bible of
Feb 18,ad 1867

Washington Taylor aug 25 ad 1820
In Edgefield Distric S.C.
died aug 5th 1910

Anna Olivia Donason
born sept 6,1827 Loundes Co,Al.
aug 12,1912

married nov 6 1849 in Coffee co.
by Judge Claxton

Mary Catharine -nov 6 1850
Jane Elizabeth jan 15,1852
Susan Rebecca jan 24 1853
William Benjamine april 22,1854
David Leroy jan 15,1855
Ann Matilda april 17,1856
John Henry april 30, 1859
Richard Harrison Numan may 30,1860
Adline Paizcilla jan 22,1862
James Wesley alex monroe may 15,1866
Lee Rancer Se Lroney Wa march 19,1868
Jare Green aug 1,1871
Gussy Taylor nov 15,1873

Lattie Taylor june 6 1878
Carrie Olivia sept 29,1880
William Perry aug 11,1883
Palolie Love feb 10,1886
Victoria Lauish april 18,1888
Noah Washington aug 3,1890
Robert Carlos nov 23, 1892
Richard Dowing may 17,1895
Eddie Berden july 6 1899
Exic Mae may 17,1904
James Madisen may17,1919
infant born and died june 3,1921
WB Taylor died april 20,1925
WB jr born july 28,1923 died jan 1926
?BW Taylor sept 29,1864

Orston BEESLEY, his Holy bible is on front Binder.

First Page
Everett Beck married Gracy Wasdin 21, May 1829
Henry Orston Mason was born 14, February 1862
Selia Mariah Mason was born 2, January 1865
Mary Elizabeth Lord was born 22, November 1869
Orston Beasley married Elizabeth Hay 20, May 1830
Orston Beasley married Selia Moore 9, January 1840
Viola Beasley was born 26, August 1878

Second Page - Column one
Everett Beck was born 24, August 1808
Gracy Wasdin was born 25, May 1777
Adeline Beck was born 26, July 1829
Caleb Beck was born 24, November 1830
Sarah Ann Beasley was born 13, January 1848
Elijah Beasley Jr. was born 24, October 1849
Shurde Liles was born 17, December 1877
Dissey Jane Liles was born 16, May 1879

Second Page- Column two
Solomon Beesley was born 10, June 1772
Nathanal Bonham was born 17, January 1796
Dorcus Beesley was born 2, March 1805
Enoch Beesley was born 18, February 1812
Abraham Beesley was born 25, November 1814
Elizabeth Beesley was born 6, October 1816
Colonel Orston Beesley 24, August 1851

Third page- Column one
Orston Beesley was born 1, August 1807
Selia Moore was born 22 ? 1818
Calvin Beesley was born 28, June 1842
Jane Beesley was born 24, November 1843
Marget Beesley was born 5, June 1846

Third page- Column two
John Beesley was born 11, February 1833
Martha Ann Beesley was born 11, January 1835
Nancy Neesley was born 28, June 1836
James Beesley was born 25, February 1838
Elizabeth Beesley was born 31, May 1841

Fourth Page- Column one
Samuel Beesley was born 2, March 1831 and deceased 5, March 1831

Sarah Beesley was born 7, April 1832 and deceased 18 April 1832
(the son and daughter of Orston Beesley)

Martha Ann Beesley deceased 24 June 1842
Delana Beesley was born 18 March 1817

Fourth Page- Column Two
Jacob Futch deceased 24 August 1849
Elizabeth Beesley, wife of Orston Beesley deceased 15 October 1839
Daniel Liles was born 27 September 1867
Elijah Liles was born 3 April 1869
Selia Liles was born 27 December 1870
Margaret and Martha Liles 19 March 1873

Fifth Page
Shurod Liles was born 17 December 1876
Julia Gracy Liles was born 30 January 1882
Duncan Hamilton Liles was born 3 November 1883
Vassy Bell Liles was born 3 October 1888
Ruth Liles was born 28 May 1908
Calvin Liles was born 21 December 1902
Lottie Liles was born 27 June 1905
Hautie Liles was born 25 April 1908
Kermit Liles was born 30 January 1910
Marion Jackson Liles 1 April 1912



" The Family Register OF George Henry Mullirmix AND
(Yetta) Louella Sparks Donaldson Kelley Mullirmix MARRIED Aug 7- 1922 Denver Colo."

" George W. R. Donaldson July 27 - 1901
Raymond S. Donaldson March 8 - 1903"

" George W. R. Donaldson To Nannie Lee Metts at Birmingham, Ala 1921"

" George W. R. Donaldson, Denver, Colo. April 20 - 1923"
" Nannie Lee Metts Donaldson, B'ham, Ala. Aug. 29th 1926"
" My dear husband, (Yetta)
Nathanial M. Hamilton

Salt Lake City, February 12th 1942."

Postell Bible

It was Contributed by Mrs. Ruby Bryan of Opp, Alabama in 1960.
This Bible was in the possession of Mrs. J. E. Doherty, and Rev. James Coachman
Postell was a Methodist Minister of South Carolina and Georgia.

James Coachman Postell was born 22 February 1789
Tabitha McCottry Green Postell was born 8 December 1787 (wife of James C. Postell)

William Postell was born 1797 (brother of James C. Postell)
William Francis Postell was born 16 November 1809 (son of James C. and Tabitha Postell)
John Glenn Postell was born 7 December 1811 (son of James C. & Tabitha Postell,
baptised by H.D. Green)

John Cummings Postell was born 7 June 1815 (son of James C. and Tabitha Postell,
Baptized by James Jenkins)

Margaret Jane Postell was born 1 May 1817
(dau. of J.C. and Tabitha Postell baptized by H.D. Green)

Caroline Emma Postell was born 15 July 1819
(dau of J.C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Nathan Grantham)

Caroline Emma Postell 2nd was born 29 April 1821
(dau. of J.C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Nathan Grantham)

Anna Maria Elizabeth Postell was born 8 October 1823 (dau. of J.C. and Tabitha Postell)

James Joshua Ward Postell was born 27 April 1826
(son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Rev. Charles Butts)

John Elijah Postell was born 3 March 1828
(son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell and baptized by rev. J. M. Bradley)

Joanna Skinner was born 1 December 1814 (Wife of William Francis Postell)

Emma Jane Postell was born 12 February 1834 (dau. of Wm. Francis and Joanna Postell)

Margaret Ellin Postell was born 12 October 1835
(dau of Wm. Francis and Joanna Postell, Baptized by Rev. J.C. Postell)

Sarah Tabitha Postell was born 19 June 1837

Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell was born 5 April 1839 (Baptized by Rev. Fred Rush)
James Thomas Postell was born 9 December 1841
Mary Elizabeth Postell was born 19 February 1844
Lydia Glenn Postell was born 21 October 1846
Caroline Louiza Postell was born 4 October 1848
Isabel Lela Postell was born __ March 1850
William Francis Postell was born 1 October 1855

James Coachman Postell married Tabitha McCottry Green 22 February 1809
John A. McKay married Margaret Jane Postell
22 October 1839 in Beaufort District, S.C. by Rev. H. H. Durance
John R. Stabler married Caroline Emma Postell 17 June 1844
William Francis Postell married Joanna Skinner 24 January 1833 by Rev. Archibald Purifoy
James Jackson married Margaret Ellin Postell 27 January 1859 by Rev. Geo. W. Persons
James N. Tuttle married Mary Elizabeth Postell 4 June 1877 by Rev. Russell
Isabelle Lela Postell married John Lyons 4 June 1877 by Rev. Russell


John G. Postell died 25 December 1797 (Father of James C. Postell)
Hannah Coachman Postell Capers died 7 October 1821 (Mother of James C. Postell)
John Cummings Postell 16 July 1815
Caroline Emma Postell died 6 September 1820
Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell 22 July 1826
John Glenn Postell died 8 April 1841 (son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell)
Emma Jane Postell died 28 June 1843 died 28 June 1843 (dau of William F. and Joanna Postell)
James Thomas Postell died 4 July 1843
Mrs. Sarah B. Butts died 23 June 1843 (mother of Joanna Skinner Postell)
William Postell died January 1846 (brother of J.C. Postell)
John Elijah Postell died 6 August 1850 (son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell)
Caroline Louiza Postell died 2 January 1851 (dau. of Wm. Francis and Joanna Postell)
Mrs. Mary Postell died 1 July 1843 (wife of William Postell)
Rev. James C. Postell died 25 February 1854 (Age 65 years and 3 days)
Mrs. Tabitha Postell died 20 September 1855
(wife of Rev. J.C. Postell, Age 67 yrs. 9 mos. and 20 days)

McDonald Family Bible

Contributed by Mary Ann Nichols , MAR 1999

James McDonald August 14, 1804

Mariann McDonald December 15, 1811

Nancy Ann McDonald August 30, 1830

Cynthia Susan McDonald May 4, 1832

William Hugh McDonald December 10, 1833

Martha Ann Dorothy McDonald September 23, 1835

Alcey Ann Louisa McDonald May 8, 1837

Pleasant McDonald November 14, 1839-

Frances McDonald November 14, 1839-

Sarah Jane McDonald October 22, 1841

Commiles? McDonald May 15, 1843 (Camilla?)

Jamimah McDonald July 1, 1845-September 22, 1847

Josephus Allen McDonald July 8, 1847

Mary Callista McDonald January 6, 1849

Hanny McDonald January 28, 1851

Fredonia Virginia McDonald June 7, 1853


Robert McDonald died March 4, 1844

Nancy Ann McDonald died May 19, 1844 or 6

Note: Hanny McDonald married Joseph Parker and they lived in Dale Co., Alabama. She states on CSA pension application that she was born in Lowndes Co., Georgia. James McDonald was found in the 1860 and 1870 Henry Co., Alabama census and Dale Co 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. We do not know when James and Mariann died or where they are buried. According to the 1880 census both of their parents were born in South Carolina.

Above Robert McDonald -- am hopeful this may have been James' father, as no child was named Robert.

Dyer Family Bible

The Dyer Bible was originally owned by Alfred A. Dyer and his wife Louisa Nash Dyer. They lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia at the time of the Bible entries, but moved to Chilton County c. 1884. Their home still stands in Stanton, Alabama and is listed as the "Dyer-Huff Home" in A Historic Site Survey of Blount, Chilton, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker Counties, Cather, Birmingham, 1975. The Birmingham Library has a copy of this book. A. A. Dyer was captain of Company K, 36th Georgia, Broyles, Infantry. He was a representive to the Georgia Assembly from Gwinnett 1875-1876. He moved his family to Alabama and started several timber related businesses: a sawmill, millwork shop and furniture making business.

Contributed by Marie Graham Peerson, JAN 2004

Births from the Dyer Family Bible (Joseph Harding: Philadelphia, 1853)

Alfred Alexander Dyer was born on the 10th day of September 1839
Louisa Dyer was born on the 8th day of December 1840
Lewis Oscar Dyer was born 15th of June 1861
Charley Alexander Dyer was born Decebmer the 2 1864
William Columbus Dyer was born hte 20 of October 1866
John Tomas Dyer was born the 30 of June 1869
Emily Elmira dyer was born 21 of May 1871
Alma Olean was born 2 February 1873
The baby was born July/August 1875
Neoma Irene was born 20 of February 1877

Other information from the Dyer Bible
A. Dyer and Louisa Nash was (sic) married on the 26 of July 1860

Alfred Alexander Dyer died June the 28th 1894 (I don't believe that this matches the tombstone, but I don't have the cemetery info in front of me)

Lousia Dyer died 8 December 1924

All entries other that the birth of Neoma and the death of Louisa are in the same handwriting: Louisa Nash Dyer's.

The Schurter Bible belonged to Alma Olean Dyer Schurter and her husband Henry Schurter. She was the second daughter of A. A. and Louisa Dyer. She was born in Yellow River, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and came to Chilton County with her parents c 1884. Henry Schurter was born in Freienstein, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 1869 (despite internet information to the contrary). He was the son of Heinrich Schurter and his wife Wilhelmina Weber Schurter who came to the USA in 1884 and settled in Hasbersham County, Georgia. The Bible is in shreds, with many pages missing, but the pages that remain give the following information:

Henry R. Schurter and Alma Dyer married Stanton, Alabama November 27, 1895
(After their marriage, they lived in the Atlanta area until c 1901 at which time they returned to Stanton, Alabama).

Emily Lucile Schurter May 13, 1898
Neoma Elsie April 1, 1899
Henry Raymond May 26, 1901
Annie Vivian March 2, 1904
Mildred Beatrice April 20,1906
Alama Olean April 27 1908
Alfred Dyer November 1, 1910
Gordon Lee April 6, 1913
Herman Houston December 9 1917
Mary Catherine September 5, 1920 (living)

Margurite Bolen and Henry Schurter married July 17, 1925
Clifton Beagle and Vivian married September 7 1928
Dennis Burnette and Mildred married May 25, 1929

Emily Lucile Schurter May 21, 1898 (in Gerogia)
Gordon Lee Schurter April 4, 1914
Herman Houston Schurter July 3, 1919
Henry Raymond Schurter March 30, 1935 (buried in Jackson, Alabama)
Henry R. Schurter February 20, 1947

(the above entries are in the handwriting of Alma Olean Dyer Schurter)

Alma Dyer Schurter died January 12, 1959

Further information not included in Bible pages
Alma Olean Schurter married Emmett Bledsoe Huff November 30, 1939
Katherine (Mary Catherine in the Bible) married William Jasper Graham, April 21, 1946.
Alfred Dyer Schurter married Minnie Mae Davis

Ganus Family Bible

Covington County, Alabama

Contributed by: Jane Grantham Howell, MAR 2000. Jane passed away 28 Dec 2021. Partial Bible pages submitted by her great-neice, Robin Robinson Jan 2022.

*NOTE:  Stephen and Miriam Ganus came from NC around 1835-40 to Pike Co., Al. Some of his children went to Texas in the 1870's. Other Ganus'swent to Covington Co. (don't know when). The George Sanford Grantham family and the William Richard Grantham family left Pike Co. in 1911 to settle in Covington Co. I copied the exact spellings from the bible as best I could. Grantom of course is Grantham

Stephen Ganus Bible (dated 1842)

(in the front of Bible)

Mary ann Jocyfene Grantom

George Santford was bornt May 18__


Stephen Ganus was married 9/20/1834

J.E. Ganus was married 11/9/1893

Clemmie Lee Ganus was born 8/27/1888

Mary Ganus was born 8/2/1883

(Births page 1 page 2)

Stephen Ganus was born 7/7/1817

Miriam Ganus was born 4/3/1819

Elizabeth Ganus was born 9/2/1839

Susanna Ganus was born 5/26/1841

William Jackson was born 12/20/1844

Elizabeth Icander was born 7/23/1846

Nathaniel Calvin Ganus was born 6/26/1848

Mary Luiser was born 3/3/1851

Martha Jane was born 8/23/1853

Franses Carline was born 12/19/1855

Rebeca Lusinda was born 4/27/1858

Stephen E. Ganus was born 5/16/1860

Lula Ganus was born 2/16/1871

Walter Gealkston Ganus 1/5/1874

James Eddea ganus was born 6/30/1877

Wiliam Evret Ganus was born 4/8/1872

Walter Gealkston Ganus was born

Sara Frances Ganus was born 6/13/1876

James Gustons Ganus was born 8/4/1878

( Deaths)

Alisabeth Ganus died 10/16/1839

Alisabeth Elinder Ganus died 9/28/1856

Martha Jane Ganus died 10/8/1856

B.L. Catrett died 3/2/1897

(bottom of page)

Lizie: Bethiann Grantom was born 9/7/1861

William: Richard Grantom was born 11/1/1862

DeJarnette Family Bible

Autauga County, Alabama

Contributed by: Carolyn Golowka, AUG 1999.

‘This book belongs to Christopher De Jarnette, 1801.’

‘Mumford De Jarnette, his book’ until his death in 1823.

The book, at one time belonged to Mrs. Samuel A. Caldwell, probably in the 1930’s.

This was copied by Mrs. E. S. Garrett (Frances Kathleen Robinson-Garrett) for the Pickett Chapter of the DAR, of which she was a founding member.


John De Jarnette, born June 22, 1748, Prince Edward County, VA.

Jemima Owen De Jarnette, born 1752, Prince Edward County, VA.

Martha De Jarnette, born September 8, 1769.

John De Jarnette, born March 27, 1774.

Mumford De Jarnette, born October 14, 1771.

Mumford De Jarnette, born February 10, 1776.

Phoebe De Jarnette, born 1778.

Frances Hannah Pickett De Jarnette, born August 21, 1780.

John De Jarnette, born September 21, 1790.

John Pemberton De Jarnette, son of Mumford & Frances H. Pickett De Jarnette, born September 5, 1804 in North Carolina.

James Terry De Jarnette, son of Mumford & Frances H. Pickett De Jarnette, born January 7, 1806.

William Pickett De Jarnette, son of Mumford & Frances H. Pickett De Jarnette, born March 1, 1810.

Martha Owen De Jarnette, daughter of Mumford & Frances H. Pickett De Jarnette, born October 22, 1812.

I was born, so they say, on the 25th day of September, 1805, Cornelius Robinson.

Eliza McBride, born April 3, 1808 in North Carolina.

Joseph Pickett De Jarnette, son of James Pemberton and Eliza Ann Stokes De Jarnette, born April 15, 1826.

Frances Eliza De Jarnette, daughter of James Pemberton and Eliza Ann Stokes De Jarnette, born May 2, 1828.

Mumford Stokes De Jarnette, son of James Pemberton and Eliza Ann Stokes De Jarnette, born January 19, 1830.

James Terry De Jarnette, son of James Pemberton and Eliza McBride McQueen De Jarnette, July 30, 1831.

Mary C. De Jarnette, daughter of James Pemberton and Eliza McBride McQueen De Jarnette, born October 6, 1837

Martha Ann De Jarnette, daughter of James Pemberton and Eliza McBride McQueen De Jarnette, born December 2, 1833.

Cathlene Iantha Owen De Jarnette, daughter of James Pemberton and Eliza McBride McQueen De Jarnette, born May 15, 1840

Lydia McBryde De Jarnette, daughter of James Pemberton and Eliza McBride McQueen De Jarnette, born august 20, 1842.

John Joseph De Jarnette, son of James Terry and Mary J. Stark De Jarnette, born October 6, 1852.


John De Jarnette married Jemima Owen on January 12, 1769 in VA.

Mumford De Jarnette married Frances Hannah Pickett on November 12th, 1798 in North Carolina.

John Pemberton De Jarnette married Eliza Ann Stokes on May 21, 1825 in Alabama.

James Terry De Jarnette married Eliza Ann Dismukes in about 1832.

Martha Owen De Jarnette married Cornelius Robinson January 3, 1828 (in Montgomery County, AL).

John Pemberton De Jarnette married Eliza McBryde McQueen, his second wife, on September 9, 1830.

William Pickett De Jarnette married Frances McBryde on April 1, 1831.

Joseph Pickett De Jarnette married Mary E. Gholson on December 28, 1843 (in Autauga County, AL).

Frances Eliza De Jarnette married Hugh M. Farrior on December 22, 1847 (in Autauga County, AL).

Elizabeth Ward De Jarnette married Edward Maule on March 6, 1849.

James Terry De Jarnette married Mary Josephine (Stark), his second wife, on November 13, 1857.

Mary C. De Jarnette married David Rudolph Myers on December 14, 1853 (in Autauga County, AL).

Kate De Jarnette (Catherine Iantha Owen De Jarnette) married William Jemison Mims on March 18, 1857 (in Autauga County, AL)

Iantha Owen De Jarnette married Dr. Ike Lanier, May 1, 1860 (in Autauga County, AL).

Mary Eliza De Jarnette married Major Thomas Tate on May 14, 1879.

Mary Myers Mims married Joseph S. Smith on February 10, 1880.

Laura Grace Mims married John Calhoun Jones on Feburary 4, 1883.

Walter Mims married Dora Liles on November 17, 1896.

Claiborn Myers married Kate De Jarnette in October, 1882.

William Jemison Mims, Jr. married Annie Lide on October 13, 1891.

Kate Eliza Myers married James Burkhalter on December 23, 1891.

Mary Mims Myers married Rev. Samuel A. Caldwell on March 18, 1897.


John De Jarnette died before December 21, 1785.

Jemima Owen De Jarnette Gould died in 1828 in North Carolina.

John De Jarnette died on December 21, 1799, age 3 months.

Mumford De Jarnette died on August 3, 1823 in Wadesboro, NC.

Eliza Ann Stokes De Jarnette died January 29, 1830.

Tod Robinson, son of M. O. De Jarnette and Cornelius Robinson died on June 5, 1834.

Mumford Archibald De Jarnette, son of William Pickett and Frances McBryde De Jarnette died on September 27, 1835 (buried in the De Jarnette Cemetery, Autauga County, AL).

Cathleen Iantha Robinson, daughter of Cornelius & M. O. De Jarnette Robinson, died on September 21, 1835.

Martha Owen Robinson, daughter of Cornelius & M. O. De Jarnette Robinson, died on March 28, 1831.

Frances Hannah Pickett De Jarnette, wife of Mumford De Jarnette, died on November 27, 1840 (buried in the De Jarnette Cemetery, Autauga County, AL).

John Joseph De Jarnette, son of James Terry and Eliza Ann Dismukes De Jarnette, died on July 10, 1853 (buried in the De Jarnette Cemetery, Autauga County, AL).

John Pemberton De Jarnette died on August 18, 1853 in Autauga County, AL; he was buried near his home.

James Terry De Jarnette died on September 22, 1803 in Autauga County, AL (year of death appears to be in error as James Terry De Jarnette was born January 7, 1806.)

William Pickett De Jarnette died june 30, 1861, Lanterns Cross Roads, Fairfax County, VA, a war victim, CSA.

Joseph Pickett De Jarnette died on May 6, 1855.

Mumford Stokes De Jarnette died in July, 1863.

Kathleen De Jarnette Mims died on November 25, 1907.

Laura Grace Mims Jones died September 13, 1909 in Birmingham, AL.

David Rudloph Myers, Sr. died August 7, 1909.

Mary C. De Jarnette Myers died on May 17, 1917.

Rebecca A. Myers Cronninger died in March, 1923.

D. Augustine Myers died on August 8, 1863 at Mt. Lebonon, LA.

David Myers died in Milligan, Texas.

Claiborne C. Myers died on August 26, 1892, age 36 years.

John De Jarnette Myers died August 26, 1893, age 39 years.

The James Madison Garrett Family Bible

Contributed by: Carolyn Golowka, AUG 1999.

The following is what is written in the James Madison Garrett, Sr. and Sophronia Arabella "Belle" Mooney Garrett Bible. They lived in Mt. Willing, Lowndes Co., AL. It is written in the hand of Sophronia and her daughter, Missouri Belle Garrett Scarborough.   S. Belle Garrett's name was written as Belle and Bell. The accuracy of this information is only as good as the writer of the Bible as this is exactly as it is shown.


James Madison Garrett was born January 20th, 1829.

S. Belle Garrett was born September 9th, 1840.

Jno. Silas Garrett, son of J. M. & S. Bell Garrett, was born October 19th, 1862.

James Madison Garrett, Jr. son of J. M. & S. Bell Garrett, was born on September 24th, 1864.

Alexander Mooney Garrett, son of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born January 9th, 1867.

Missouri Belle Garrett, daughter of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born Tuesday, Aug. 31st, 1869.

Ephraim Spencer Garrett, son of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born Sunday, Dec. 31st, 1871.

Joseph Ernest Garrett, son of J. M. & S. Belle Garrett, was born Sunday, May 3rd, 1874.

Samuel Henry Garrett, son of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born Saturday, May 19th, 1877.

Benjamin Milton Garrett, son of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born September 15th, 1879.

William Emmit Garrett, son of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born Wednesday, January 11th, 1882.

Mary Alabama Garrett, daughter of J. M. & S. B. Garrett, was born January 30th , 1884.

Included in the death records is the birth date for John C. Mooney, born March 3rd, 1834. He was the brother of Sophronia Arabella Mooney Garrett.


James Madison Garrett and Sophronia Bell Mooney were married at the resident of Silas Garrett's, August the 1st, 1861.

Missouir Belle Garrett, daughter of J. M. and S. B. Garrett was married to Mr. Emmett D. Scarborough November 28th, 1888 at the residence of the bride's father.


John Silas Garrett, son of S. B. and James M. Garrett departed this life September 18th A. D., 1863. Aged 10 months and 27 days.

John C. Mooney died July 13th, 1865. Aged 31 years, 4 months, 10 days.

Alexander Mooney Garrett, son of S. B. & J. M. Garrett departed this live Tuesday, August 4th, 1868, aged 18 months & 25 days. Our dear little lamb has gone.

Mary Garrett died Feb. 20th, 1878. Aged 71 years. (Mary Ernest Garrett was the wife of Silas Garrett and mother of James Madison Garrett, Sr.)

Ephraim A. Garrett died October 12th, 1878. Aged 40 years (younger brother of James Madison Garrett, Sr.)

Bennie Garrett, son of S. B. and J. M. Garrett departed this life February 13, 1889, Wednesday. Aged 9 years and 5 months. Our Little darling has gone to dwell with bright (?)

J. Pavis Garrett died October 11th, 1898.

James Madison Garrett, Sr. died Lordsday, May 11th, 1902 at 11 AM, aged 73 years, 3 months and 21 days. Our precious husband and father has gone to rest in the paradise of God, blessed (?). Written by his wife in sorrow and stricken companion on May 15th, S. B. Garrett.

Sophronia Belle Garrett died June 24, 1914 in New York City.

Contributed by David E. Smith,


The Lowery came out of South Carolina to North Varolina to Ga and they into Alabama. In 1860 the Lowerys were in Talladega Co/ Ala. by the 1870 they were in Coosa Co. and after the war made like a covey of quail some wound up in Chilton Alabama.

Wiliam Wilkey was borned March the 16th ,1847

Maryann Lowery was borned May the 16th 1848

James Franklin Lowery was borned Oct 29th 1866

William Pankey Lowery was borned Dec the 7th 1868

Nancy Jane Lowery was borned Dec the 7th 1871

Robert Lemuel Lowery was borned Oct the 22nd 18--

Mary Frances Lowery was borned June the 19th 1877

Dock Wesley Lowery was borned May the 24th 18--

Zackarhier Lowery was borned March the 1st 1880

M M A Lowery was borned May the 7th 1889


Wm.W. Lowry and Nancy Dodds was married August the 25, 1830

Zaney Elizabeth Lowry and Jo Black was married July 26th 1849

Martha An mitilday Lowery and G.W. Walker was married June 26 1856

Rebacker Catherine Lowry and Baley Bradford was married December 28, 1856


Wm.W. Lowry was born July the 16th 1810 and Nancy his wife was borned

September the 7th 1810

Wm.W. Lowry children:

Zaney Elizabeth Lowry was born January the 07. 1832

John Midleton Lowry was borned Novenber the 7th 1833

Rebecker Catherine Lowry December the 4th 1835

Cinthey Adaline Lowry was borned December the 29th 1837

James Washington Lowry was borned Feb.17th 1840

Marthey An Mitilday Lowry was born Feb.the 26th 1842

Edmon D. Eliczander was borned Sept 25, 1847 (Alexander/Elexander?)

Wm. Wilkey Lowry was borned March the 16th 1847

George marvin Lowry was borned August the 8th 1851

Nancy Jane Sumanthey W. Delcy Lowry was borned December th 11th 1855

Thomas Daniel Lowry was borned November 28th 1858


Baley Bradford children"

Soleman Bradford was born May the 27th 1859

Ammy Bradford was born Oct. 12 1861

Elaphan Bradford was born Feb 12th 1864


Nancy Lowry died Oct. the 3rd 1894


Wm/W. Lowery died December the 14, 1897


the death of my father and mother


the death of Edmon Lowry Feb 25 1835 in his 72 years of age

my mother in her 85 years she died July 5 , 1855


My children deaths;

Rebacker Catherine Bradford July 7th 1864

Baley Bradford died July 13 , 1864


James Washington Lowry

wounded in the war July 22 and died August 22 1864


Sinthey Adlin benton died with her sun Aug 29th 1867


Bailey & Ruth Tarelton Bible Record

Escambia Co., AL

Typed and submitted by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, 1999.

The following Bible pages do not contain much information. I am posting this information though in hopes that it might be of some help to anyone researching this family. The Bible pages were found in a file at the AL ROOM at JDCC Community College, Brewton, AL. The AL ROOM houses the archives for the Escambia County Historical Society. The file contains the original Bible pages which were torn out of the Bible and a letter from the  contributor in which she states that the pages came from a Bible she  found in a trunk after the death of her aunt. She also states that this family may not have Escambia County connections but wanted to contribute the records to the Escambia Historical Society. If you would like more info, please contact the Escambia Historical Society, P.O. Box 276, Brewton, AL 36427 or by email at <>. Make note that this info is in the vertical file under Tarelton, Bailey and Ruth Bible Records.

The New Testament Of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

Translated out of The Original Greek; and with The Former Translations

Diligently Compared & Revised.

Published by: American Bible Society

Instituted in th Year 1816, New York


Family Record


Ruth A. Tarelton - mother

Bailey Tarelton - father


Alma Louise Tarelton

George Hubert Tarelton

Joeann Tarelton

Evelyn Carolin Tarelton

Note: There were no dates given.

Source: Vertical File, AL Room - Esc. Co. Historical Society Archives,

JD Community College, Brewton, AL.

Family Bible of John L. Sowell and Mary V. Brewton

Escambia Co., AL

Compiled and contributed by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, 1999.


of our


Translated out of


and with

The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised


New York:

American Bible Society,

Instuted in the year MDOCCXIVI



Family Record


John L. Sowell and Mary V. Brewton were married Sept. 21st, 1876 at Brewton, Ala.


Robert L. Sowell, son of John and Mary Sowell, was born Aug. 6, 1877 at Brewton, Ala.

Benjamin Coleman Sowell was born Feb. 15, 1880 at Brewton, Ala.

Martha Virginia Sowell was born Nov. 22, 1882 at Brewton, Ala.

Mary Ernestine Sowell was born Ar. 25, 1885 at Brewton, Ala.


Mary V. Sowell wife of John L. Sowell died March 10, 1888 aged 31 years 11 months and 13(?) days.

John L. Sowell died April 27th, 1934 aged 85 years.

Source: Vertical file, Alabama Room of JDCC which houses the Escmabia County Historical Society's Archives.


Submitted by, Carol E. McCay,105 N. Sandlewood Cir., Daphne, AL 36526

Containing the Old and New Testaments
Translates out of The Original Tongues
And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised
Stereotyped For The American Bible Society
By: D. & G. Bruce
Printed by A. Paul, 72 Nassau Street
New York
[74th Edition]

The Pate Family Bible belonged to my Great-Great Grandfather, JAMES PATE, Jr. who was born in Ga. and died in Randolph County, Alabama. He was born March 8, 1800 and died June 23, 1856. He was married to MARINA GAY in Georgia on June 21, 1821.

Information from Old Bible in the possession of James G. Pate. The Bible belongs to Fannie Sue Pate.

JAMES PATE was born the 8 of March 1800.

Died July 23, 1856.

RINEY A. PATE was born the 15 of December 1802.

Died June 16th 1876.

WILLIAM H. PATE was born the 10th of May 1821.

Died Dec. 4, 1908.

GILBERT C. Pate was born the 20 of July 1823.

Died in June 1897.

MARY ANN PATE was born the 6 of Jan. 1826.

Died March 10th 1856.

JAMES M. PATE was born the 18th of November 1827.

Died July or Aug. 1848.

THOMAS F. PATE was born the 3 of March 1829.

MARTHA JANE PATE was born the 28 of November 1831.

Died while a child.

LOUISA ELIZABETH PATE was born the 23 of Sept. 1833.

EMILY EZIBELER (?) PATE was born the 15 of March 1836.

Died May 12th 1873.

WILLIAMSON H.G. PATE was born the 23 of July 1838.

Died at Fort Delaware War.

BALUS E. PATE was born the 18 of July 1840.

ROBERT S. PATE was born the 23 of March 1842.

Died Sept. 10,1917.

RUFUS PATE was born May 6th 1847.

Died the fall of 1847.


Died December the 3 1906

Samuel McQueen Bible Record

The following entries from the Bible of Elizabeth Sawyer and Samuel McQUEENwere copied by Khadra Robinson Spear, daughter of Ruby Sanderson and John Samuel ROBINSON, and given to Alice Julian PAYNE, who gave a copy to Rae Venable Calvert. Samuel McQUEEN was born in S.C. in 1788 and came to Lowndes Co., AL, in 1822. He and his wife, Elizabeth Sawyer McQueen, are buried on the original McQueen plantation which adjoins the Julian/McQueen Cemetery (across the road) in Juliantown, Sandy Ridge, AL.


Samuel McQueen and Elizabeth Sawyer, March 31, 1835

Jacob C. Julian and Rachel A. McQueen, September 11, 1867

John W. Robinson and Elizabeth S. McQueen, March 29, 1870

J. C. McQueen and M. E. Julian, Wednesday, May 23, 1894

G. W. Noble and Mary F. Julian, Wednesday, January 29, 1896

Nathaniel A. Venable and Sarah R. Julian, January 27, 1897

William Payne and Alice Julian, September 14, 1905

John Samuel Robinson and Ruby Clay Sanderson, Sunday, November 30, 1913


J. W. McQueen February 21, 1836

Alice Jane McQueen July 16, 1838

Mary A. McQueen August 14, 1840

Rachel A. McQueen July 4, 1843

Elizabeth S. McQueen July 29, 1846

Martha J. McQueen June 17, 1849

M. E. Julian October 17, 1868

M. F. Julian August 11, 1870

Sadie Julian April 9, 1874

Susan R. Julian July 29, 1876

Jacob C. Julian February 1, 1879

R. J. Julian March 28, 1881

Alice Lee Julian August 22, 1883

Susie was born May 5, 1895

J. D. McQueen September 22, 1896


Thomas McQueen December 12, 1853 - 63 years

Samuel McQueen February 5, 1863 - 75 years

Alice Jane Julian July 17, 1865 - 27 years, one day

Elizabeth McQueen August 5, 1876 - 66 years, 5 months

Emma Elizabeth Robinson - November, 1881 - 15 months

Minnie Russell Robinson July 8, 1886

John Wesley McQueen December 17, 1903

J. C. Julian August 7, 1904

J. W. Robinson April 30, 1916

Mattie J. McQueen October 3, 1921

Mary A. McQueen November 29, 1923

John Samuel Robinson December 30, 1923

Susan Elizabeth Robinson - November 6, 1933

Barton Harris McQueen Family Bible

The following transcription of Barton Harris McQUEEN'S Bible was made by Ruth McQueen Haynes (1898-1986) with a notation: "My father and Harris B. McQueen were third cousins."

Submitted Nov 1998 by Rae Calvert,


John McQueen, Jr., was born August 30, 1800

Martha McLemore, his wife, October 29, 1811

Elizabeth Susan McQueen, born December 14, 1829

Mary Frances McQueen, born September 19, 1831

Louisa McQueen, born November 19, 1835

Martha Catharine McQueen, born August 19, 1837

James Daniel McQueen, born September 15, 1839

Benjamin F. McQueen, born October 5, 1841

Julia McQueen, born October 20, 1843

Rebecca Dorobske McQueen, born September 13, 1845

John Pleasant McQueen, born October 7, 1847

Margaret A. I. McQueen, born May 10, 1840

Barton Harris McQueen, born March 4, 1878

(son of John Pleasant "Ped")

Mannie May McQueen born September 7, 1879

Mattie May McQueen, "

Lula McQueen, born June 19, 1889

Lula Harris, wife of J. P. McQueen, born May 25, 1856


John McQueen and Martha McLemore, January 15, 1829

Samuel I. McQueen and Rebecca McLemore, December 23, 1830

John McQueen, Jr., and Mary A. Cook, December 27, 1854

John Pleasant McQueen and Mary Lula Harris, May 23, 1877

Barton Harris McQueen and Florence E. Flippen, January 31, 1906

Mannie May McQueen and Allie Bartlett (Montgomery)

Mattie McQueen and Walter Cook (Selma)

Lula McQueen and Edward H. Hills (Conn.)


Martha, wife of John McQueen, Jr., died October 3, 1851

Louisa, their daughter died September 20, 1834

Margaret A. I. McQueen died August 23, 1851

John Pleasant McQueen died June 3rd, 1912

Mary Lula McQueen (his wife) died September 20, 1922

John McQueen, Jr., died June 27, 1859

B. F. McQueen died July 18, 1878

James D. McQueen died October 7, 1876

Julia Anne died September 13, 1910

Martha Catherine died October 31, 1914

Barton Harris McQueen died in 1943.

[Notation by Ruth McQueen Haynes, the transcriber: "I copied these records because this John, Jr., McQueen was a brother of our great-grandfather, James Calhoun McQueen."]

[Notation: Following is a copy of facts written on a sheet of tablet paper by a member of Harris' family and found in the old family Bible. This is the exact copy.]

John McQueen, Jr. }

Sam } brothers

Jim }

came from South Carolina with two cousins, Jack McQueen and Bille McQueen.

Jack McQueen -

children -

John W., Jim W., Fletcher

lived at Williamson Place

Billie McQueen - Sandy Ridge

Sam McQueen - our uncle

Steep Creek - one child, George, a preacher, married Miss Relfe

" Miss Powell

" WIdow Carr

Jim McQueen - married in South Carolina

wife refused to come with him but finally did

Children: Sam, Jim, Billie

Grandfather McQueen married (1) Martha McLelmore

(2) Miss Cook

Sam, his brother, married Rebecca McLemore, sister of Martha

[Different handwriting] John Wesley McQueen came from Cape Fear Colony, Sumter, S.C. [Believe he was mistaken about the place]

Martin/Tatum Family Bible

Montgomery/Autauga Counties, Alabama

Submitted NOV 1998 by (Mary Ann Nichols)

William MARTIN -- William Martin's name is listed as one of Montgomery County's Revolutionary Soldiers and is on the plaque on the second floor of the Archives on the hall wall. I believe this is the same one I descend from, through his daughter and youngest child, Martha Martin Tatum, wife of Thomas Tatum. In his pension application he stated that he had lived in Autauga Co prior to living in Montgomery Co. He left a will in Montgomery Co in 1843.

This is from the old bible:  The following is a transcription of the bible record from the bible printed in 1816 by publisher M. Carter


Jacob Martin and Catharine Martin were married 31 January 1816

Barber Hagenwood and Mary Martin were married 13 October 1817

Daniel McCormack and Susanah L.? Martin were married 12 Feb1818

Ishmeal Street and Sarah Martin were married on the 4th dayof April 1818


Mary Martin was born November 7th? 1788

Caty Martin was born March 28th 1791

Nancy Martin was born September 29, 1793

James Martin was born February 6, 1795

Susanah Martin was born the 18 of February 1797

Andrew Martin was born February 27, 1799

Sary Martin was born the May 4th 1801

Elizabeth Martin was born August 30, 1803

Frances Martin was born the February 17, 1806

Martha Martin was born the November 30, 1808

Daniel or David McCormack was born 8 June 1796

David McCormack was born 1 April 1819

Ishmael Street was born 10th February 1795


Emma Cornelia Tatum born Oct 13, 1870

Thomas Epts Tatum born August 22, 1872

Rebecca Ann Tatum born March 13, 1874

James Louis Tatum born August 20, 1877

Andrew Jackson Tatum born June 20, 1880

Katherine Grizell Tatum born July 6, 1883

Martha Frances Tatum born May 29, 1886

John Wesley Tatum born August 17, 1889


Thomas Tatum deceast Feb the 26, 1866

Martha Tatum, wife of Thomas Tatum, deceas March the 30, 1895

William Lewis Tatum decease Augus the 1, 1862

Rebeca Moore deces Janury the ---1872

Edwin Jasper Tatum decsed December the 16 or 6, 1892

Smith/Owen Family Bible

This Bible belonged to James H. SMITH (1798-1867) and Martha Ann HALEY SMITH(1806-1854) who married in Greensville Co.VA in 1822 and moved to Lowndes Co. AL; it is now in the possession of one of their descendants, Hardie McGehee OWEN, Jr., who still lives in Lowndes Co.; transcribed by Rae Venable Calvert, another descendant; it was also published in the Lowndes Co. Historical Society Publication (January, 1993)

The Old Testament fly-leaf is missing but the New Testament section reads:
"The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated from the original Greek and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Cooperstown, N.Y.: Stereotyped, Printed, and Published by H & E Phinney and Sold by Them at their Book-Store and by the Booksellers Generally in the United States - 1828."

FAMILY RECORD [between pages of Old and New Testament]:


James H. SMITH and Martha Ann, his wife, was married July 3rd 1822

Elizabeth Ann SMITH, daughter of James H. SMITH, married [Abner F.] McGEHEE

Sept.18th 1839.

Mary W. SMITH, daughter of James H. SMITH, was married on April 2nd 1861 [to Dr.

Pascal H. Owen]

Mattie J. SMITH married Dec.16th 1879, J. J. BOYD of Macon Co.

Geo. H. OWEN and Pauline Murrell SANDERSON married Feb.19th 1903

Clara Gerald OWEN and Julian VENABLE married March 18, 1928

Lewis H. OWEN and Blanche JORDAN married August 12, 1928

Hardie McGehee OWEN and Mary Alice MIMS married December 26, 1936

Jane P. OWEN and Cecil WILLIAMSON married June 24, 1939

Mary Alice OWEN and Otis SKINNER married July 30, 1943


Elizabeth Ann SMITH, daughter of James H. SMITH and Martha Ann, his wife, was born the 29th May 1823.

James Edward SMITH was born 25th October 1824

William Watkins SMITH was born 8th January 1827

Mary R. W. SMITH was born the 25th Oct. 1843

Martha James SMITH was born 20th March 1848

Lallie Hart SMITH born 9th August 1859

Ada SMITH born 25th June 1861

Lewis H. OWEN, son of P. H. and M. W. OWEN, born Jan. 9th 1862

James E. OWEN born December 24th, 1863

Joseph Edward OWEN born Februry 1st, 1865

Geo. H. OWEN, son of P. H. and M. W. OWEN, born Nov. 10th 1869

James Smith BOYD, only child of Mattie James BOYD, born Sept.18th 1880

Fred W. OWEN, son of P. H. and M. W. OWEN, born June 10th 1881

Lewis H. OWEN born March 1, 1904

Mary Alice OWEN born May 8, 1905

Clara Gerald OWEN born September 16, 1906

Pascal Henry OWEN born November 21, 1912

Hardie McGehee OWEN born November 21, 1916

Jane Phillips OWEN born May 1, 1921

BIRTHS [Blacks]:

Washington Eadys 2 February 1822

Auston Patiences ch. 25 Sept.1823

Mary E's 20 Nov. 1824

Lucy P's 4 Dec. 1825

Bob E's 1 Oct. 1826

Mariah P's 10th Sept. 1827

Simon E's 20th Sept.1829

Edmund P's 9th Nov. 1829

Manerva E's 10th Dec.1830

Will P's sept.30th 1831

Mathew P's Aug.3rd 1832

Harriet E's Feby 16th 1833

Wilson Fanny's May 17th 1833

Joseph P's Dec. 9th 1834

Peter E's Feby 16th 1833

Wilson Fanny's May 17th 1833

Joseph P's Dec. 9th 1834

Peter E's January 1st 1835

Fed O Bat's child August 12th 1835

Lindes P's January 3d 1836

Henry Nancys August 30th 1836

Stephen Edy's August 25, 1837

Matildy Eliz.'s Oct. 10th 1837

Hannah P's January 16th 1838

Nina Nancy's April 15th 1838

Sam Malinda's Oct.17th 1838

Isham Luisa's 5 May 1839

Milly Nancy's 8 July 1842

Tom Patience's 5 Dec.1842

Jack Nancy's 5 Aug. 1843

Lucy Bitsy's 8 Sept.1843

Wesley May's 8 Sept.1845

Davis Bitsey's Oct.1845

Levy Polly's Oct.1845

Simon Luisa's Dec.1845

William Summer's Feb.1846


William W. SMITH died July 13, 1833

Dr. Byrd C. SMITH died january 13, 1838

James E. SMITH died September 20, 1848

Elizabeth Ann McGEHEE died January 16, 1850

Martha A. SMITH died February 23, 1854

Jos. H. SMITH died February 22, 1856

James H. SMITH died May 22, 1867

Martha J. S. BOYD died September 19, 1880

Lewis H. OWEN, son of P. H. and M. W., died July 27, 1886, age 24 years, 6 months, 18 days.

Mrs. Jane P. OWEN died April 19, 1893, age 78 years, 11 months, 27 days

Col. Lewis OWEN died August 17th 1894

Dr. P. H. OWEN died October 4, 1912, aged 75 years

Fred W. OWEN died January 18, 1929

George H. OWEN died March 4, 1950

Pauline M. Sanderson OWEN died June 7, 1960

DEATHS (Blacks):

Lucy 27th Oct.1826

Will 21st Oct.1831

Mathew 4th March 1833

Fanny 13th August 1833

Lindes 11th Dec.1836

Bobb 28th Oct.1837

Olomill 8th July 1838

Duncan Family Bible Record

Contributed by: Melba Allen,

Bible record of Thomas Marion and Melissa C. Digby DUNCAN, copied from records at Samford University in Birmingham, AL by Melba Allen, Trussville, AL

James Duncan born May 30, 1785

Sarah Lumsden Duncan wife of James born in VA. April 20, 1785

Augustus Jones Digby born GA Sept. 26, 1823

Saphronia Webster Digby b. GA., September 22, 1825

Thomas Marion Duncan b. Jasper C. GA. Aug. 29, 1821

Melissa Clemantine Digby, b. Russell Co. AL Nov. 7, 1845

Alonza Lee Duncan, b. Lee Co. AL., Aug. 27, 1866

Walter Scott Duncan, b. Lee Co. Sept. 13, 1869

Nettie Floyd Duncan, b. Lee Co. March 14, 1871

Maggie Belle Duncan, b. Lee Co. May 30, 1873

Thomas Blanton Duncan, b. Lee Co. Sept. 18, 1875

Carrie Byrd Duncan, b. Lee Co. Oct. 18, 1881

Willie Gordon Duncan, b. Lee Co. July 7, 1885

Rebecca Adelaide Duncan, b. Lee Co. May 12, 1888


Robert T. Duncan, d. Jan. 29, 1810

Jeremiah Lumsden, d. Jan. 18, 1837

Thomas Duncan, d. March 15, 1840

Harrison Duncan, d. Nov. 11, 1842

Seaborn Swann, d. 14??? 1843

James Duncan d. in Russell Co. AL. Dec. 29, 1851

John Lee Duncan, d. July 3, 1854

Sarah Duncan d. Russell Co. Feb. 11, 1860.

Jeremiah A. Duncan d. Sept 2, 1862

Thomas M. Duncan d. Sept 18, 1895

Augustus Jones Digby, d. April 5, 1895

Saphronia Webster Digby, d. 7 July 1895

Carrie Byrd Duncan, d. Sept 5, 1882

Alonza Lee Duncan, d. 2 June, 1893

Maggie Belle Duncan, d. May 15, 1895

Nettie Floyd Duncan, d. Dec. 30, 1901

Melissa C. Duncan, d. April 18, 1916

Rebecca A. Duncan, d.Oct. 12, 1917

Thomas Blanton Duncan, d. May 23, 1932

Walter Scott Duncan, d. Pheonix City, AL. Dec. 19, 1925

Eda Estelle Ennis Duncan d. Dec. 30, 1932

Willie gordon Duncan Robertson, d. Statesville, N.C. no date

James Allen Robertson, d. Statesville, N.C. no date


James Duncan and Sarah Lumsden, July 2, 1804

William P. Hardy, Mariah L.T. Duncan Jan. 10, 1832

Jesse M. Duncan and Permelia Hardy, Jan. 1832

William Tucker and Elizabeth Duncan, Aug. 19, 1833

Lee Swann and Elmina Duncan, Jan 15, 1836

John L. Barnett and Phebe A. Duncan, Dec. 10, 1840

William Webster and Rebecca Duncan, Jan. 9, 1848

Thomas marion Duncan and Melissa C. Digby, Nov. 7, 1865

Alonza Lee Duncan and Amelia Willis Oct. 2, 1887

Walter Scott Duncan and Estelle Ennis Jan. 28, 1890

Willie Gordon Duncan and James Allen Robertson, Dec. 23, 1906

Nettie Duncan and Jesse W. Duke, June 7, 1891

Nettie Duncan and Charles Green, left blank


Contributed by Adrienne Thompson, JUN 1999
Owner: Miss Essie Kilgore

John William Kilgore b. Cleburne Co., Ala. 1/26/1878 m. 12/20/1898, d. 4/21/1347
Ida Bell Kilgore b. Cleburne Co., Ala. 8/12/1880 m. 12/20/1898 Hattie Bell Kilgore b. Cleburn
Co., 5/23/1900 m. 12/24/1919 Chester Lee Kilgore b. Cleburn Co., Ala. 10/19/1901
Effie Mae Kilgore b. Cleburn Co. Ala. 8/26/1904, unmd. Lessie Mat Kilgore b. Cullman Co.,
Ala.;2117/1905 d. 10/5/1906
Tollie Tellro Kilgore b. Cullman Co., Ala. 1/7/1907 d. 4/6/1949 Lillian Gladys Kilgore b.
Cullman Co., Ala. 3/23/1910 Viola Deatrice Kilgore b. Cullman Co., Ala. 2/28/1912
Odus Lee Kilgore b. Cullman Co., Ala. 2/14/1914
Dcwie Wilson Kilgore b. Cullman Co., Ala. 4/28/1916
John Floyd Kilgore b. Cullman Co., Ala. 6/16/1918 m. 9/7/1937 Irene Kilgore b. Cullman Co.,
Ala. 12/5/1920 d. 12/5/1920 Thelma Oneda Kilgore b. Cullman Co., Ala. 9/8/1921


Owner: Mrs. Hazel Yates Love, 1309 E. South St., Kosciusko, MS 39090

William Dale Hughes m. Martha Kelley 10/15/1835 in Talladega, Ala.

William D. Hughes 8/31/1813
Martha K. Bughes 8/2/1818

Their children: Margaret Elizabeth Hughes 11/17/1836
Lydia C. Hughes 12/18/1838
Moses Gilliland Hughes 3/7/1840
Mary A. Hughes 11/8/1842
William A. Hughes 6/11/1845
A Third Son 3/17/1848
Marinda A. Hughes 2/22/1850
Louisa C. F. Hughes 2/23/1853
Martha L. Hughes 5/18/1855
Edward W. Hughes 7/5/1857
Isadora M. Hughes 2/7/1860

Margaret Elizabeth Hughes to Archibald Blue 3/10/1856
Marinda Ann Hughes to Joel Harvey Yates 2/7/1973, by the Rev. W. C. Lloyd
Isadora Hughes to William W. Wood 1/25/1887
Edward W. Hughes to Johnnie Fortune Neel 12/3/1894
William A. Hughes to Sarah Richardson
Louisa L. Hughes to Jasper Owen
Mary Hughes to Oliver Parker
Martha L. Hughes to Curtis F. Temple
Lydia C. Hughes 1/1/1839 Martha Hughes Temple 2/7/1923
Third son 6/1/1848
Louisa C. Hughes Owen 1925
Moses G. Hughes 9/19/1864
William A. Hughes 2/28/1927
William Dale Hughes 9/18/1875
Edward W. Hughes 5/5/1949
Mary Hughes Parker 1876
Isadora Hughes Wood 2/21/1952
Margaret E. Hughes Blue 2/11/1896
Martha Kelley Hughes 6/6/1882
Marinda A. Hughes Yates 6/25/1903

William Nelson Bible

Winston County, Alabama

Contributed by: Lisa Wilson,

William Marion Nelson was the son of Washington Taylor and Elizabeth Emaline (Richie) Nelson. Washington Taylor Nelson was from Morgan County, Georgia. Washington came to Calhoun County, Alabama, met and married Elizabeth Emaline Richie and had their first two children. They went back to Morgan Co., Georgia and had seven more children there. In the 1880's Washington and Elizabeth, along with Washington's mother, moved their family to Winston County, Alabama where they spent their remaining years. William Marion and Arrie K. (Gunter) Nelson, lived and raised their family in Graysville, Jefferson County, Alabama. William M. was mayor  of Graysville from 1901-1905 and from 1911-1913. He served as Justice of the Peace for Jefferson County, Alabama, a total of more than 14 years  and in Royalton, Illinois, from 1935-1951. William M. was connected with coal mining for 54 years and was a member of the pioneer labor union, Kinghts of Labor. In the late 1910's William M. and Arry K. Nelson moved to Terre Haute, Indiana looking for work. They then moved to Royalton, Illinois, where they spent the remainder of their lives.

Bible of William Marion Nelson

What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder. This Is To Certify That W. M. Nelson and A. K. Gunter Were United By Me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony At Blossburg on the Twelth day of March in the year of our Lord 1890 in Presence of



W. M. Nelson and A. K. Gunter was married on March 12, 1890

Grady Cooke and Lillie Nelson was married on

Berney Hagler and Maude Nelson was married on Mar. 29, 1918

Cecil H. Nelson and Catherine McAllister was married on Jan.26, 1925

Kelso Nelson and Mildred McAllister was married on June 11, 1925

Albert McCauly and Sadie Nelson was married on Feb 5, 1926

Ted Nelson and Annie Davis was married on Sept. 11, 1926


W. M. Nelson was born Nov 8th 1869

Mrs. A. K. Nelson was born June 28, 1871

Anna Lillie Nelson was born March 30, 1892

Arthur C. Nelson was born Nov 1st, 1894

Claudie E. Nelson was born March 19, 1896

Maude Nelson was born Feb 12, 1898

W. Kellsy Nelson was born July 31, 1902

Cecil Nelson was born Oct 10th 1904

Theodore Stephenson Nelson was born Jan. 21, 1906

Sadie Nelson was born Feb 18, 1908

Lois Nelson was born Sep 18, 1912


Arthur Nelson died Oct 4, 1890

Claudie Nelson died Nov 18, 1898

Lois Nelson died Sept. 24, 1912

A. K. Nelson died May 21, 1959

Florence Family Bible

Submitted by Beverly Giles Loffler, 4 Jan 1999

Bible Record of JOHN KISER FLORENCE of Jefferson Co., AL

John K. Florence was borned 6 Sept. 1866 and departed this life 29 Sept 1906

Popie T. Florence was borned Jun 27 1873 and departed this life Feb 17, 1902

Johney Amos Florence was borned July 12, 1895 and departed this life Nov 19. 1900

Dessa O. Florence was borned Sept. 21 1900

Elizzie I. Kelley was borned April 9, 1871 and departed this life March 9, 1911

Lillie A. Kelley was borned August 30, 1888

Minnie L. Kelley was borned Oct 14, 1885 and departed this life Dec 20, 1890

Lula I. Florence was borned Sept 29, 1890

Genealogy Notes:

John Kiser Florence was the son of Andrew Jackson Florence and Nancy Cempand was born in Dallas, Paulding Co., GA. He married (1) Ophelia T. (Popie) Robins, the daughter of John M. Robins and Nancy Gammon of Paulding Co., GA and (2) Elizabeth Idella Robins Kelley, Ophelia's sister. His children by Ophelia were Lula I. Florence, Johney Amos Florence and Luna Odessa Florence. He had no children with Elizabeth Idella Robins Kelley.

Elizabeth Idella Robins married (1) Oneal Kelley. They were divorced. They had Minnie L. Kelley and Lillie Austelle Kelley.

John K. Florence's brother, Daniel T. Florence married another Robins sister, Carrie Etta.

Lula I. Florence married George James, who was hung in Cullman Co., AL.

Luna Odessa Florence married Oscar Roscoe Perkins. Lillie Austelle Kelleymarried Benjamin Samuel Smith. Luna Odessa Florence Perkins died 11 June 1970, Jefferson Co., AL

Lula I. Florence James died Oct. 1968, Cullman Co., AL

Lillie A. Kelley Smith died 11 Apr 1956, Jefferson Co., AL

Daniel T. Florence died 29 Apr 1911, Cullman Co., AL

Yeilding Family Bible

Contributed by: Lisa Wilson,

The Yeildings settled in Blount Co., AL between 1812 and 1819. From 1795 to 1810, Richard Yeilding was at Walnut Creek and Green river, Rutherford Co., NC. He served in the Revolutionary War from 1778-1781, in the 3rd VA Dragoons, Col. William Washington's Cavalry. A military plaque was supposed to have been placed in his honor in Blount Co., Alabama. In the dedication speach for the placement of this plaque it states the plaque had not been received by the dedication date. This plaque has yet to be found in a Blount Co. cemetery. It is doubtfull it was ever placed. In 1819, on May 20, Richard purchased land in Lawrence Co, Alabama Territory, Sec. 23, Twp. 6, Rng. 9W. Then on July 6, Richard and his son Francis purchased land in Blount Co., Alabama Territory, Sec. 27, Twp. 10, Rng. 1E. In 1820, Richard was appointed with others to supervise the erection of public buildings in the Blount County Seat of Blountsville. In the 1840's he and Nancy were members of the Siloam Baptist Church in Royal, 6 miles east of Blountsville. The church is now the Church of God of Prophecy, Royal, Alabama.

Bible of Richard Yeilding

The transcriber of these bible records is unknown to me (Lisa Wilson). I have not seen an original copy of this bible, so therefore I do not know exactly how these records were entered. I am typing them exactly as was transcribed. I am sure this transcriber edited these entries. There would not have been reason to write out dates and put them in numerical dates on the same entry. The transcriber added their own Editor's Note at the end of these entries.

Page Ia

Richard Yeilding born April the 26th one thousand seventeen hundred & sixty eight or 1768 & Milly his first wife was the same age that bore children as follows

Devinea Yeilding daughter of Richard & Milly Yeilding was born the twentieth of November about 9 or 10 Oclock on Sunday morning & in the Year of 1790

Page Ib

Richard Sander son of William Sander & Devinea his wife was born the 20th day of May 1808 about 9 Oclock in the morning of a Friday & deceased in February the third in 1809

Menervy Sanders Daughter of William Sanders & Devina his wife born 10th day of Dec 1809

Mahala (r?) Sanders Daughter of William Sanders & Devina his wife born February the 4th 1812

Page IIa

Francis Yeilding son of Richard Yeilding & Milley his wife was born the 21st or twenty first day of December about sun up on Thursday, date 1792.

Richard Yeilding son of Richard J. Yeilding & Milley his wife was born the seventeenth day of March on Tuesday 1/2 or 3/4 of an hour before day, date 1795 or one thousand seven hundred & Ninety five

Page IIb

John Yeilding son of Richard Yeilding & Milley his wife born about 3 or 4 Oclock of a Tuesday morning on the fourteenth of February, date 1797

the next was Rachel, deceased

Elizabeth Yeilding daughter of Richard Yeilding & Milley his wife born on Friday about sunset the twenty fourth day of July, date 1801

then a miscarriage at about seven months

Page IIIa

Francis Yeilding & Betsy Williams was married on the 3rd of May 1821 (Editor's note: The name Williams was written over what was apparently another name. The origin of the name is unclear. Betsy's surname is given as Earleson the marriage license in Blount Co., AL)

Nancy Tailor Yeilding daughter of Francis Yeilding & Betsy his wife was born on Sunday about 2 hours by sun in the after noon & on the 26th of May 1822

William Berry Yeilding son of Francis Yeilding and Betsy his wife was born on Thursday morning about sunrise & on the 8 of July 1824

Page IIIb

Joel Sanders son of William Sanders & Devina his wife was born the 7th April 1814

& on the 19th of October 1814 Devina Sanders Deceased _ _

John Yeilding and Nancy Billingsley was married in November the 23, 1819

Elizabeth Yeilding daughter of John & Nancy Yeilding his wife was born on Tuesday the 14 of November 1820

Page IVa

DEATHS: Richard Jackson Yealding Departed this life the 31st of August 1859

William Berry Yealding departed this life March the 7th 1864

Page IVb

23rd 1838 and depar_ _ life on Wednesday the 1st day of May 1838

Nancy Yeilding Wife of Richard Yeilding departed this life October 3rd 10 Oclock 1858

Richard Yealding (Senr?) departed this Life February the 27th 1864

Editor's Note (not Lisa Wilson): These pages are probably only a portion of the Bible; however, it supplies very valuable information. Perhaps the remaining parts of the Bible can be located and more information clarified. There appears to be at least three different scripts in the writing, although two of these could be the same script which has changed with the increasing age of the individual who entered the information. The author thinks that the Bible most likely belonged to Richard and Milly Yeilding and then was passed on to Francis Yeilding and was then probably given to one of the descendants of Francis and Betsy Earles Yeilding.

PITTS Family Bible

Barbour and Pike Cos., AL

Contributed by: Lisa Wilson,

Noel Pitts was the son of Nicholas William "N.W." and Martha (Jones) Pitts. This Pitts family goes back to Southampton Co., VA, Halifax and Nash Co.'s, NC and Warren Co., GA. From GA, N.W. moved his family by 1840 to Barbour Co., AL, where he was listed in the census and also in the 1850 census. The family was in Pike County, Alabama by the 1860 census.

Bible of Noel Pitts


Benjamin Edwards & Susan A. Tilley married Nov 12th 1840

Noel Pitts & Rebekah Edwards married Nov. 6th 1866

America Theodosia Pitts (& William David Wright) was married Dec. 23th 1888


Rebekah Edwards born Feb 8th 1844

Esther Naomi Pitts was born Oct. 6th 1867

America Theodosia Pitts was born May 12th 1870

Susan Araminta Pitts was born Apr. 21 1873

Martha Alabama Pitts was born Apr. 21 1873

Rebekah Jane Pitts was born June 19th 1876

Cordelle Pitts was born Aug 17th 1880

William Mitchel Pitts was born June 16th 1882

Noel Benjamin Pitts was born July 8th 1886


Nicolas William Pitts died May 16th 1871

Noel Pitts died June 30th 1897

Noel Benjamin Pitts died September 17th 1900

Rebekah Pitts died June 18th 1905

Nunnelee Family Bible

Contributed OCT 1998 by Sydney and Tom Lolley,

The Nunnelee family moved to Pike County, Ala. from Coweta County, GA. prior to1890. Copy of Nunnelee family Bible in possession 1998 of Tom and Sydney Lolley. Bible published in New York by American Bible Societyin 1851. Inscribed inside front cover:"Mrs. Mary Petty's Bible presented by her lost one who sleeps in a soldier's grave." Next page:"J.T. Nunnelee's book Feb. 10, 1884."

Family Record

Lewis Harris Jenkins was born April 18, 1840.

Mary A. Nunlee born Oct.3, 1828.

Walter T. (or F)Nunnelee born Dec. 29, 1830.

William D. Nunnelee born Jan. 24, 1833.

B.M.Nunnelee born April 25, 1835

J.A. Nunnelee born Jan. 29, 1838

S.E. Nunnelee born May 5, 1841

R.C. Nunnelee born Dec. 10, 1843

W.F. Nunnelee departed this life Dec. 5, 1835

Loucinda Nunnelee died May 6, 1850

John A. Nunnelee and Mary C. Jenkins was married Dec. 4, 1860

Thomas Bartow Nunnelee bor Oct.6, 1861

John A. Nunnelee departed this life Sept. 18, 1863

James M. T. Petty was borned Jan. 12, 1826

James M.T. Petty and Mary C. Nunnelee was married the 4th day of April, 1867

Mary C. Petty was borned March 6, 1836

Mary C. Petty departed this life Oct. 31, 1878

James M.T. Petty departed this life Aug. 28, 1883

Lewis Walter Petty was borned Monday, March 23, 1868

Family Record of J.T. and Ida J. Nunnelee

John Thomas (Bartow) Nunnelee and Ida Jane Raley was married Thursday night, Dec. 31, 1891 by Elder J. P. Nall

John Ervin Nunnelee was born Wednesday September 21, 1891

William Asa Nunnelee was born Sunday June 17, 1894

Bryant Hubbard Nunnelee was born Thursday OCt.7, 1897

Mary Sarah Nunnelee was born Tuesday August 29, 1899

Roscoe and Mary Nunnelee Lolley were married Nov. 29, 1925

John and Vada Hall Nunnelee were married Novv. 1913

Bryant and Mae Taylor Nunnelee were married Jan. 13, 1934

William Randall Lolley was born June 2, 1931

Thomas Ervin Lolley was born March 17, 1937

Hubbard Ray Nunnelee was born Sept. 17, 1934

Lewis Oscar Nunnelee was born Sat. June 17, 1916

MAyme Ruth Nunnelee was born May 27, 1918

Marvin Bailey Nunnelee was born Jan 24, 1922

Frances Emily Nunnelee was born April 17, 1924

John Ervin Nunnelee died March 29, 1938

John Thomas Nunnelee died Jan. 8, 1928

Ervin Raley was born Feb. 25, 1819

Mary A.P. Williams was born March 12, 1823

Serena C. Raley was born June 28, 1858

John Leeroy Raley was born Aug. 7, 1864

Ida Jane Raley was born Feb. 20, 1868

Walter Irby Nunnelee departed this life aat 8 o'clock A..M. Feb. 18, 1891

William T. Nunnelee departed this life June 14, 1915

Note: I can explain relationships and identify individuals listed. Sydney Lolley born Dec. 29, 1830. William D. Nunnelee born Jan. 24, 1833.


Jason Carroll was the son of John Carroll. John Carroll migrated from North Carolina to Alabama and settled in Pike Co. Jason Carroll migrated to Texas.

Obtained from a facsimile of Bible pages of the Jason Carroll Bible, presented to him by B--------Fitzpatrick, August 27, 1853. I have no idea who has posession of the original Bible.

Contributed by Lygia Dawkins Cutts,, 881 Weaver Road, Brewton, AL 36426

Page 1

Family Record


Jason Carroll and Hettie McLain was married the 6 of October in the year of our Lord 1840

Susan J. Carroll & Mertin Wadkinds was married Sept the 12 in the year of our Lord 1861

Susan J. Wadkinds & A George Clower was married February the 25 in the year of our Lord 1864

Margan E. Carroll & John W. Clower was married January  the 31 in the year of our Lord 1865

William J. Carroll & Mary A. Tomas was married October the 28 in the year of our Lord 1869

John Allen Carroll & Elizar A. Watson was married October the 10th 1872

Mary J. Carroll & W.R. Hilliard was married November the 15th 1877

Jason J. Carroll & Joaner Kuykendall was married Sept the 23 1880

Andy L. Carroll & Alice Howell was married August the 4, 1881

Chalcdony Carroll & J.M. Parker was married December 3,1884

Noah N. Carroll & May Margaret Elizabeth Kirkpatrick was married March 6 in the year of our Lord 1906

Page 2


Jason Carroll was bornd October th 2 in the year of our Lord 1818

Hetty McLain was bornd January the 24 in the year of  our Lord 1825

Margan E. Carroll was bornd January the 20 in the year of our Lord 1842

Susan I. Carroll was bornd Sept the 27 in the year of our Lord 1844

John A. Carroll was bornd May the 9 in the year of  our Lord 1847

William J. Carroll was bornd April the 23 in the year of our Lord 1849

Jason J. Carroll was bornd July 16 in the year of  our Lord 1851

Mary J. Carroll was bornd January the 9 in the year of our Lord 1854

Andrew L. Carroll was bornd Sept the 25 in the year of our Lord 1856

Marian A. Carroll was bornd November the 17 in the year of our Lord 1859

Mason Mc [Mack] J. Carroll was bornd June the 4 in the year of our Lord 1862

Hetty Carroll was bornd January th 30 in the year of our Lord 1865

Chalcedony Carroll wasbornd May the 14 in the year of our Lord 1867

Noah N. Carroll was bornd April the 5 in the year of our Lord 1869

Page 3


Hetty Carroll a daughter Jason & Hetty Carroll died August the 15, 1878

Jason Carroll died August the 8, 1894

Hetty Carroll died August the 24, 1899

[The following additional info is from a typewritten transcript of the same Bible]

Children of N.N. Carroll and M.E. Kirkpatrick.

Baby was born on January 15, 1907 - died January 17, 1907

Marion Mack Carroll was born February 12, 1908

Isaac Monroe Carroll was born August 14, 1913

M.E. Carroll wife of N.N. Carroll died February 16, 1927

Marriage of Isaac Monroe Carroll and Sarah Jessie Greer January 23, 1937

Marriage of Marion Carroll and Ruthy Ridens February 17, 1932

Sarah Jessie Greer was born December 28, 1918

Children of I.M. and Jessie Carroll

Margaret Magdalene Carroll

Arvid Jerry Carroll

Paul Edward Carroll

Esther Priscilla Carroll

Edwards Bible Record, Pike County, Alabama

Contributed by: Lisa Wilson,

This branch of the Edwards Family came to America in the 17th Century and acquired considerable land in Surry and adjoining counties in Virginia. In this Edwards family were repeated again and again the names Thomas, John, Benjamin, William, Micajah and Etheldred. This line of Edwards was also found in Middlesex Co., Virginia. From Virginia, the move was made to North Carolina where Benjamin and Mary are believed to have lived in Halifax and Edgecombe Counties. It is possible that they also lived in Granville and Orange Co., North Carolina. From North Carolina Benjamin and Mary Edwards moved their family to Georgia in the late 1780's. They settled in the Wilkes/Oglethorpe/Greene/Taliaferro area between 1785 and 1794. One son of Benjamin and Mary,

"Old" Thomas, that is not listed in their bible moved his family to the Pike/Bullock County area of Alabama soon after the 1850 census.

Bible of Benjamin & Mary Edwards

The Benjamin Edwards Bible is very small, about 3" x 6". It was printed in 1759, in Cambridge, England, by Joseph Bentham at "His Majesty's Special Command".  Handwriting used for family data was distinguished, even elegant. Entries were obviously made at thime of births, for old fashioned forms of letters were used, as f for the double s, as in Jesse.

Only births were recorded. The births of five of the seven children of "Benjamin and Mary his wife" were recorded in the Bible.

Micajah Edwards son of Benjamin Edwards an Mary his wife was born  October the 8th day 1762.

Salle Edwards daughter of Benjamin Edwards an Mary his wife was born May the 12th day 1764.

Jesse Edwards son of Benjamin Edwards an Mary his wife was born March the 8th day 1766.

Elizabeth Edwards daughter of Benjamin Edwards an Mary his wife was born November the 11th day 1767.

Jemima Edwards daughter of Benjamin Edwards an Mary his wife was born January the 21st day 1770.


Bible was Published in Boston by London Coffin, No. 31 Cornhill, 1831, & was in the possession of Charles Burton Kinard of Meridian, Mississippi at the time of transcription. (This family moved from the Lancaster District area in South Carolina to Marion, Perry Co., Alabama in 1818. Jacob & Rosanna Taylor Kynerd,m. June 16, 1816, were the parents, the rest are their children.)


Jacob Kynerd was borned the year 1796, July the 21 AD

Rosannah Kynerd was borned the year 1798, June the 17 AD

David Kynerd was borned the year 1816, October the 29

Maryan Kynerd was borned the year 1819, May the 13

Salathiel Kynerd was borned the year 1821, January the 15

Tillitha Kynerd was borned the year 1823, March the 12

Micheal Kynerd was borned the year 1824, November the 17

Jesse Kynerd was borned the year 1826, October the 25

Daniel P. Kynerd was borned the year 1829, January the 6

Jacob Hilleard Kynerd was borned the year 1830, September the 25

Parmelia Kynerd was borned the year 1832, November the 13

Andrew Jackson Kynerd was borned the 1834, December the 13

William Kynerd was borned the year 1837, April the 18

George Washington Kynerd was borned the year 1838, April the 25

Emanuel Kynerd was borned April 28, 1840

Betsy Caroline Kynerd was born may 6, 1841


Micheal Kynerd diecisest May the 29, 1837 years 13 m 6 d 13 d

William Kynerd diecrest June the 16 th 1837 m 2 two months

Emanuel Kynerd deceased may 7th 1840

Betsy Caroline Kynerd decred october 29, 1841

Telitha Kynerd decesed December 3, 1852

(bottom 2 written in different handwriting)

Rozanah Kynerd Died June 19 1872. She wa 74 years 2- days old

Jacob Kynerd Died April 10 th 1873 he was 76 years 9 months & 19 days old

William Joel Smith Family Bible

(NOTE: I received an email from Dan Conner ( today, OCT 2004. Dan would like very much to correspond with anyone researching this and the following Smith families. He states, "I descend from Nancy Smith (married Hardy Ward) of Shelby and Talladega Counties. Thanks, Dan Conner,Huntsville, Alabama")

The family Bible of William Joel Smith born in Talladega Co. Alabama. The son of Joel & Susannah Brittain Smith both born in Ga. Mirgrated to Perry Co Alabama married 22 July 1830. Moved to Talladega Co. Ala. in 1836. Moved to Shelby Co. Alabama 1864. and then to McNairy Co. Tenn. by 1877. Front cover of the Bible dated 1873. On back page Susan Smiths Bible mother of W. J. Smith-- 1810


W.J. Smith an Syntha Elen Wyatt was married in the year of our Lord Janry

the 30 1868


Joel Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1807 born Jan. 12th

Susanah Smith was born the year of the Lord 1810 August 2th

Rev. Asa Wyatt was born in the year of our Lord 1812 Jan. the 31

Delilia Wyatt was born in the year of our Lord 1818 born March the 24th

W.J. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1847 born March the 13th

S.E. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1848 born Aug. the 3.


D.S. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1868 born December the 12th

(Deliliah Susannah)*

W.A. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1870 born Aug the 28th

(William Asa)*

J. D. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1874 born born Jan. 24th

(Joel Deloney)*

E.S. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1874 born Oct. 28th.

(Ella Savannah)*

T.M. Smith was born in the Year of our Lord. 1876 born Dec the 7th

(Thomas Mickens)*

J.B. Smith was born in the Year of Our Lord 1879 born March the 14th

(John Burrell)*

R.A. Smith was born in the Year of our Lord 1882 born Jan. the 12th.

(Roxie Ann) *

M.E. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1884 Jan the 4th

(Mary Ester)*

R.S. Smith was born in the Year of our Lord. 1887 Jan th 13th

(Ritha Syrenthia)*

** Initials only were used in the Bible



E.S. Smith died Aug. the 18th 1878

the baby was born Feb. the 17th and died the same day 1880

S.E. was born August the 3, in the year 1848 died Feb. 19 1917

W.J. Smith died Feb. 28. 1931

Smith Family Record

As I promised here is the records that I found In McNairy Co, Tenn. A cousin had had saved theses papers and notes and reciepts dating back to 1844. As you can see it looks as if they were copied verbatium from a Family Bible. This is grand father Smiths records written by. BBS.

Father was born Aug.13th 1779 (I have the evidence that Father was David Smith)

Mother ws born March 9th 1783

John Smith born Oct 2nd 1802

Joel Smith born Jan 12th 1807 (this is my G-G-G-Grand Father)

Polly born dec 8th 1808

Susan born Jan 18th 1811

Samuel Walker was born Sept 12th 1813

Betsey Waters born March 8th 1816

Nancy Here Born Sept.23 1818

David Harris born Sept 2nd 1820

Sallie Jones born June 20th 1822

See Linda Francis born Feb 1825

James Jackson born July 15th 1829

It is my belief that the names above should have the name Smith tagged on the end like  (Samuel Walker Smith etc)


from the census records my Joel Smith was born in Ga. as for the rest of these folks I cant say now haven't had the time to work the out of the census records as of yet. However in the 1830 Perry Co Census there was a John Smithliving next door to My Joel Smith's wife Daddy. Burrell Brittain.


Joel Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1807 Jan the 12th

Susannah Smith was born in the year of our Lord 1810 Aug the 2nd

We was married July the 22 in 1830 (my note Wed in Perry Co. Ala)


Elizabeth Edwards was born 1824 Mar the 8th

Alley Edwards was born 1831 Oct the 14th

these names were taken from their fathers record <not my note


Strange as it may seem I have a copy of a Bond Release from Alley Edwards

to My Joel Smith dated 1844.


James Johnson was born 1835 April 27

Burryl B. Smith was born 1838 Dec 9th

Nancy Smith was born 1841 Aug the 22nd

David T. Smith was born 1845 Feb 15th

William J. Smith was born 1847 March the 13th

Mary Elizabeth Smith was born 1849 Aug the 16th.


James Johnson was listed in the 1850 Talladega Census under the Joel Smith

family as a laborer

I am not sure if there should Be a Smith on the end of his name or not,

Too the 1840 Talladega Co. Census Listed two older Girls who I have not

been able to locate as of yet.


Susan Smith departed this life Aug the 19th 1882 (McNairy Co. Tenn)

Joel Smith departed this life Feb. the 10th 1883 (McNairy Co. Tenn)

A.P. Hunter departed this Life the 28th of June in the year 1852


Buryl Brittain and Polly his wife was married Oct 18th 1807 (GA)

Birl Brittain departed this life Nov. the 26th 1866


Buryl Brittain was born 1785 April the 9th

Polly wife of B. Brittain was born May 29th 1788

Polly Brittain daughter of Buryl Brittain was born Oct 10th 1824

Elizabeth Brittain was born April 23rd 1809

Susannah Brittain was born Aug 2nd 1810 (GA)

Thomas Brittain was born Jan the 1st 1812

Henry Brittain was born Oct 4th 1813

Piety Brittain was born March 15th 1816

Adaline Brittain was born Jan 28th 1821

Abel J. Brittain was born Aug 20th 1820

Nancy Brittain was born the 11th of May 1828

Sintha W. Chism was born Oct the 13th 1846

Wm. J. Chism was born Feb the 15th 1848


Sarijaine Farrar was born April the 14th 1837

Mary Elizabeth was born Sept the 16th 1838

George Stephen was born Sept 18th 1840

Emily Farrar was born 1842 March the 14th

Henry Farrar was born 1843 Nov the 12th.


Piety Brittain and Henry Farrar married in Perry Co. Alabama 4 May 1836 (my note)

John Cook Hendon Family Bible: Pickens/Marion Counties, AL

Contributed by: Adrienne Thompson

John Cook Hendon m. Mary Ann Reynolds 1/11/1848 in Pickens Co., Ala.

John Cook Hendon, (son of Rev. Benjamin Morris Hendon, Baptist Minister and his wife, Aly Clements), 4/1/1829
Mary Ann Reynolds 10/24/1828 in Pickens Co., Ala., (dau. of George Reynolds and his wife, Martha Stewart)

Their children: (all b. Pickens Co., Ala.)
James S. Hendon 10/10/1848
William R. A. Hendon 3/5/1861
Margaret K. Hendon 6/6/1850
Emley Hendon 11/12/1862
Martha F. Hendon 7/21/1851
Dicey Caroline Hendon 3/9/1864
Joseph D. Hendon 11/25/1852
George Abraham Hendon 12/31/1865
Nancy Lucinda Hendon 1/17/1855
Ulysia Booker Hendon 8/13/1868
Sarah Lovle Ann Hendon 12/29/1856
Julia Rebecka Hcndon 8/13/1868
Mary H. Hendon 11/30/1858
John S. P. Hendon 3/30/1871
Rev. John Cook Hendon 7/22/ , Comanchie Co., Tx.
Mary Ann Reynolds Hendon 12/2/1887 Marion Co., Ala.
Emley Hendon 5/28/1863 Pickens Co., Ala.
Mary H. Hendon 11/2/1865 Pickens Co., Ala.
John S. P. Hendon 8/23/1871 Pickens Co., Ala.
Dicey Caroline Hcndon Evans 7/10/1857 Marion Co., Ala.
Ulysia Booker Hendon 11/4/1887 Marion Co., Ala.
William R. A. Hendon 12/1/1890 Guin, Marion Co., Ala.
Margaret R. Hendon Mulenix, 1909, Brilliant, Marion Co., Ala.
Nancy Lucinda Hendon Harris 12/13/1911 Clay Co., MS.
Joseph D. Hendon, 1912, Monroe Co., MS.
James S. Hendon 5/4/1924, Chickasaw Co., MS.
Rev. George Abraham Hendon 10/18/1931 Dublin, Erath Co., Tx.
Sarah Lovie Ann Hendon Burleson 1/15/1934 Pittsburg Co., Okla.
Martha F. Hendon Graham, 1936, Tenn.
Julia Rebecka Hendon Crow 8/23/1953 Marion Co., Ala.
Mary Ann Hendon, her dau., Dicey Caroline and son, Booker, all d. during typhoid epidemic in
Marion Co., Ala. and are buried in Old Mars Hill Cemetery in Marion Co.
William K. A. Hendon was a policeman in Guin, Ala. and was shot and killed by a drunk.
Marriages James S. Hendon and Mary Jane Margaret Hendon and Mr. Mulenix
Martha F. Hendon and John Graham Joseph D. Hendon and Betty Harris
Nancy Lucinda Hendon and Robert Mitchell Harris 11/27/1873
Sarah Lovie Ann Hendon and Peter Simon Burleson, 1879
William R. A. Hendon and Georgie Ann
Dicey Caroline Hendon and William Morros Evans, 1883
Rev. George Abraham Hendon and Sarah Drucilla Barton 10/18/1885, Marion Co., Ala.
Julia Rebecka Hendon and William Abraham Crow 6/22/1885
Rev. John Cook Hendon m. second Dicy Cox 2/2/1888 in Marion Co., Ala. by Elder J. S. Stanley
Dicey b. 10/18/1843 Ga. and d. 1/7/1920 Lamesa, Dawson Co., Tx. She was the dau. of John Cox and his wife, Mary.

Lisa here are the last of the family Bibles that I have. All three were from here in Limestone Co. Alabama.  As always copied as written.

Evans Family Bible

This is the family Bible of William Eddie Zachariah Evans and Willie

Lobadie Moore. Limestone Co. Alabama


Eddie Evans & Willie Moore was married October 4th 1908


J.B. Moore was borned Sept.17th 1850

Eugenia Moore was borned May 26th 1864

Willie Moore was borned Sept 3rd 1884

Eddie Moore was borned April the 18th 1886

Minnie Moore was borned Jan the 18th 1888

Lizzie Moore was borned July the 11th 1890

Johnie Moore was borned Aug the 23rd 1893

Ralph Moore was borned Dec.17th 1895

Jink Moore was borned Oct. the 10th 1897

Jinnie Moore was borned Nov the 29th 1899

Jahue Moore was borned Nov the 13th 1901

Melvin Moore was borned Oct the 2nd 1903

Nellie Moore was borned April the 16th 1906

J.B. Moore died Oct the 6th 1908

J.B. Moore was married Aug the 22 1883

Eugnia Moore died Feb the 28th 1932

William Evans died July 11th 1895

William Evans was married Mar. 27th 1849


Eddie Evans was borned Nov. 23 1885

Willie Evans was borned Sept. 3, 1884

Anice Evans was borned Sept 12, 1909

Fred Evans was borned Dec 20th 1911

Bee Evans was borned Feb 17th 1914

Adell Evans was borned June 16th 1917

Luevenie Evans was borned Oct. 7th 1919

Been Evans was borned Mar 34th 1922

Estell Evans was borned Dec 29th 1924

James Evans was borned Oct 11, 1926

Josephine Evans was borned Dec 27th 1928

Willie Evans died Feb 18th 1960

Eddie Evans died Oct 25th 1965

The Family Bible of Carl Emerson and Rutha Evans

(Limestone County, AL)

Carl Emerson and Rutha Evans were married 14th Day of November 1???


William C. Evans was born in NC ,Mar.27,1849 married Sept 1st,1874 died

July 11,1895

Clir C. Evans was born in Ala.Dec.17th,1854 married Sept 1st 1874 died

Oct. 22,1877

Mary E. Evans was born in Ala.Feb 3rd.,1876 married Dec.,30th.,1898 died

Oct. 17th 1900

Mary M. Evans nee Belew born in Tenn Sept.30 1859. married May 18th, 1879

died Nov. 24th 1939

Martha Evans born Ala. Oct.25th 1880 married Jan. 6th 1902

Elizabeth Evans born Ala. Sept 20th 1883 married March 13 1904

William George born Tn Dec 28th 1881, March 13 1904

J.W. Evans born March 25th 1888 died Feb 22 1959

Rutha Evans was born Aug 27th 1890 married Nov,14th,1909 died Feb.16th


Carl R. Emerson was born TN March 25th 1888 married Nov.14th 1909 died

July 8th 1963

Lydie O. Evans was born Ala. June 15th 1893 married Jan 4th 1912 died Feb

16th 1966

Walter White was born Ala. May 20th 1906, married Sept.27th 1928 died

Feb.22nd 1948

May Bell Emerson White born Al. Jan. 2nd 1911 married Sept 27th 1928

Wesley E. Evans born Ala. Nov.23rd 1885 married Oct.16th 1908

Rutha baby born and died Ala 1915

The family Bible of William A George and Sarah Elizabeth Evans

(Limestone County, AL)

William A. George was born in Giles Co. Tn Dec. 28th 1881

Married March 13, 1904

Sarah Elizabeth George was born in Limestone Co. Ala. Sept.20th 1883.

Arthur George born Ala. Jan 19th, 1905

William David George born Alabama Oct. 4th 1906

Lethie Evaline George was born in Ala Aug 10th 1909

Fletcher F. George was born in Alabama April 13th 1914

Elevie J. George was born Limestone Co. Ala. May 9th 1916

John George born in Ala. April 4th 1919

? born in Limestone Co./ Ala. June 11,1914

David George " June 16th. 1921

? Aug 30th 1922

Ralph " Oct 27th, 1926

Lisa the rest were so worn and so scribbled that I couldn't make them out

sorry for the incompleteness

This was written on the Memorandum page

William C, Evans son of John and Mary Evans borned March the 27th 1849

Mary W. Evans daughter of Zackrie and Sary (Mary?) An Belue was borned

Sept. the 30th 1859

Marthey O. Evans was borned Oct. 25th 1880

William E.Z. Evans was born Nov 23rd,1885.

John W. Evans was borned March 25th 1888

Ruthey Evans was born Aug 27th 1890

Naomy Evans was borned June 15th 1893

William C. Evans departed the life Jult the 11th 1895

Lillian Bullington was borned Oct. 30 1902.


[Part of the pages are missing from this Bible which belonged to Albert Gallatin McGEHEE ( N.C.; d.Lowndes Co.AL) and then to his sole surviving child, Virginia Alice McGehee (1842-1934) and husband, Clement Reade VENABLE (b. VA; d. in Lowndes Co.AL, C.S.A.) then to their son, Nathaniel Abram VENABLE, and now is in the possession of one of their grandchldren, Geraldyn Goodnight SILVA, in Cantonmont, FL; record was transcribed from photocopies by Rae Venable Calvert]


"Bring up your children in the admonition of the Lord"


Albert Gallatin McGehee was born March 15th A.D.1812

Ann V. McGehee was born February 1st A.D.1815

Thomas Preston St.Clair McGehee was born September 8th 1837

Marcellus Benjamin McGehee was born January 2d 1840

Virginia Alice McGehee was born April 26th 1842

Anna Payne McGehee was born December 31st 1844

Harriet Edward McGehee was born November 23rd 1847

[Different handwriting follows - probably that of Catherine Venable McGehee, second wife of Albert Gallatin McGehee]

Clement Reade Venables, son of Thomas F. and Mary P. Venables, was born February 27th 1840

Catherine V. McGehee, wife of A. G. McGehee, was born November 9th, 1817, at Longwood. Her parents were N. E. and M.E. Venables

This husband, A. G. McGehee, departed this life in his 77th year, Jan. 21st 1888

Thomas McGehee Venables, son of Clement Reade Venables and Alice McGehee Venable, was born in Lowndes County, Alabama, December 7th, 1867

Nathaniel Abram Venables, son of C. R. and Alice McGehee Venables, was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, May 7th, 1870

Nannie Payne Venables, daughter of C. R. and Alice McGehee Venables, was born in Lowndes County, Alabama, August 26th, 1873

Fannie McGehee Venable, daughter of Thomas McGehee Venable and Hattie L. Venable, was born November 15th, 1890

Gertrude Hocker Venable, daughter of Thomas McGehee Venable and Hattie L. Venable, was born Jan. 7th, 1892

[Different handwriting follows]

Nannie P. Venable, daughter of Nathaniel Abram Venable and Saide J. Venable, was born December 18, 1897

Nathaniel Julian Venable, son of Nathaniel Abram Venable and Sadie J. Venable, was born December 31, 1899

Mary Alice Venable, daughter of Nathaniel Abram Venable and Sadie J. Venable, was born June 11, 1902

Rachel G. Venable, daughter of Nathaniel A. Venable and Sadie J. Venable, was born August 31, 1905

Clement McGehee Venable, son of N. A. and Sadie J. Venable, was born April 21, 1907

Sarah Catherine Venable, son of N. A. and Sadie J. Venable, was born April 21, 1907

Virginia Natalie Venable, daughter of N. A. and Sadie J. Venable, was born November 4, 1909


"Marriage is honorable in all"


Albert Gallatin McGehee and Ann Virginia Payne were married on Tuesday, the 21st of October A.D.1834

Ann Virginia Payne was born February the 1st 1815

[Different handwriting]

Married in Prince Edward County, Virginia, A. B. McGehee and Catherine Venableson Wednesday, Sept. 26th, 1855

Married in Lowndes County, Alabama, Clement R. Venables and Virginia Alice McGehee, Thursday, February 7th, 1867

Married in Lowndes County, Ala., Jan. 27, 1897, Nathaniel Abram Venable and Sadie R. Julian


"Blessed are the Dead who die in the Lord"


Thomas Preston McGehee died October 27th, 1845, aged eight years one month and nineteen days

"The dead we may not bring again,

Or wake to life their sleeping clay

Whose time of pain and tears are done

For joys that pass no more away.

Joy may not come - they may not come

Nor we to them whose life is o'er

Til all join their hosts whose spirit bands

Fill all that bright, immortal shore.

We'll go to him across the flood

We'll join him on that heavenly shore

Where parting and all tears are done

And farewell sighs are heard no more."

Marcellus B. McGehee departed this life September the 10th 1847 aged 7 years 4 months and 4 days

Ann Virginia McGehee, wife of A. G. McGehee, departed this life July the 4th 1848, aged 34 years 6 months and 8 days

Anna Payne McGehee departed this life August the 4th, 1849, aged 4 years 7 months and 4 days

Harriet Edward McGehee, daughter of A. G. and A. V. McGehee, departed this life

August the 27th, 1849, aged 1 year 9 months and 4 days

[Note: Elizabeth M. Venable, VENABLES OF VIRGINIA, says of Clement Reade VENABLE; that he was born at "Scott-Greene," Prince Edward County, VA, 27 February 1840; died 9 May 1888 Lowndes Co., AL, A.B., A.M. Hampden-Sidney College 1858;studied at Univ. of VA; volunteered 1861 in Co.I 23d VA. Regiment, Stonewall Jackson's Division, made Sgt.; promoted 1864 to Lt. and transferred to Co.H, 1st Regt. Confederate Engineers. Albert Gallatin McGehee, Anna Virginia Payne McGehee, Catherine V. McGehee, Clement Reade Venable, Alice McGehee Venable and her brothers and sisters, Thomas Preston, Marcellus B., Anna Payne, and Harriet Edward McGehee, are buried in the Concord Cemetery near their plantation in eastern Lowndes County called "Prairie Home.]

Mary Ann (Blackmon) Rue Family Record

Contributed by: Freddie Shearin, 6709 Plaquemines Drive, Bakersfield, California 93309, (805) 835-1369, email address:

Mary Ann (Blackmon) Rue, 05 Oct 1892-06 Sep 1981

personal papers regarding birth, death, and marriage records

submitted to me by Elmer and Beverly Rue April 1995.

1. Easter Blackmon died 11 Mar 1926.

2. Andrew Howard died 30 Oct 1926.

3. William Blackmon died 03 Mar 1927.

4. William Gip Blackmon died 09 Jun 1936.

5. Dealie Blackmon died 09 Mar 1937.

6. C.S. Blackmon died 28 Jul 1942.[buried in May Cemetery

7. Lewis Blackmon died 28 Jul 1948.

8. Zelmon Blackmon died 24 Oct 1948.

9. Henryetta Maye died 05 Nov 1946.

10. Ofray Blackmon died 22 Nov 192_.

11. Foshen Blackmon died 19 Nov 192_.

12. Rogers Blackmon died 24 May 1935.

13. Selven Blackmon May 1939.

14. Joseph Fails died 23 Jun 1951.

15. Howard Rue died 22 Jun 1951.

16. Robert Rue died 12 Dec 1951.

17. Mollie Lasser died 03 Feb 1952.

18. Hardy Rue died 10 Oct 1952.

19. Jessie Pauline Smith Barn died 18 Oct 1952.

20. Oliver Rue born 30 Dec 1912.

21. Cleora Rue born 19 Jan 1915.

22. Annie Bell Rue born 05 Oct 1916.

23. Logusta Rue born 25 Nov 1918.

24. Clark[e] Rue and Mary Ann Blackmon marriage 26 Dec 1911.

25. Roberta Rue born 23 Nov 1920.

26. Roberta Rue and Javoil Dent married 31 Mar 1934.

27. Mary Ann Blackmon born 16 Oct 1892.

28. Clark[e] Rue born 13 Mar 1889.

29. Elmer Rue born 26 Mar 1934.

30. Javoil Dent Junior born 10 Sep 1934.

31. Ida Mae Dent born 08 Jul 1939.

32. Formon Rue born 22 September.

33. Carnell Dent born 08 Jan 1937.

Windham Family Bible

From the Bible of Willie Mae Windham Dawkins, lifelong resident of Escambia Co., AL

Typed and Contributed by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, December 29, 1997

This Bible was the first Bible my mother owned as an adult. The cover has long been gone and only threads hold the Bible together. The info it contains was copied from her mother's Bible, my grandmother, into this Bible. Info within ( ) was added by myself.

Family Register

Parents Names

Husband W.M. (William Myrick "Billy") Windham

Born March 26, 1883

At Gainstown, AL

Son of Jim Windham

And Sarah Windham (Bryant)

Wife Lovie Ann Windham

Born October 5, 1902

At Will Cox County (Camden, Wilcox County, AL)

Daughter of S.M. Jackson

And Minnie (Lee) Jackson (Langley)

Married at Wallace (Escambia County, AL)

By Mr. Hanberry

Date March 4, 1923


J.A. (Jessie Allen) Windham July 20, 1925

W.B. (William Burle) Windham February 4, 1927

Ralph W. (Wallace) Windham February 26, 1929

Willie Mae Windham May 22, 1932

Annie J. (Eugene "Jean") Windham November 2, 1934

Thomas D. Windham January 21, 1939

Winston (Buddy) Windham September 3, 1942

Wendell (Baby) Windham September 3, 1942

(The following children are the children of W.M. Windham and his first wife, Emma Bryant)

C.E. (Clarence Eugene "Brantsy" - "Roxy") Windham November 17, 1908

H.C. (Henry Clayton "Tiny Bit") Windham April 3, 1911

R.L. (Robert Lawrence) Windham April 22, 1920


C.E. (Clarence Eugene) Windham and Annie Mae Daniels was married on August (this was all that was written)

H.C. (Henry Clayton "Tiny Bit") Windham and Leafy Summerlin was married on June 6, 1936

R.L. (Robert Lawrence) Windham and Sadie Ruth Prichard was married on October 27, 1946


J.A. (Jessie Allen) Windham

W.B. (William Burle) Windham

(There are no dates)

The Effie Belle & Mary Susan Smith Family Bible

(of Chilton Co., AL)
In possession of Peggy Smith in Huntsville Ala.
Contributed by David E. Smith.

Listed as follows.

E.B. Owens and M.S. Smith were married 20 November 1884


E.B. Owens was born Feb.3, 1862

M.S. Owens was born Oct. 24, 1862

Anna Belle Owens was born Oct 12 , 1885

Lou Emma Owens was born Oct. 15th 1887

Curtis Solomon Owens was born Aug.22, 1890

Harrison Lessenberry Owens was born Aug 20, 1892

George Matthew Owens was born Oct. 19,1893

Alice Roberta Owens was born April 1, 1896

William Andrew Owens was born Mar.30,1898

Amanda Ida Owens was born June 10th 1900

Julius Hayes Owens was born April 19th, 1902

James Tolbert Owens was born May 17th 1904

Joel Hopkins Owens was born March 1st 1906


R.F. Deason and L.E. Owens married May 12th 1907

G.M. Owens and Lake Cox married Aug. 24, 1913

A.E. Mims and A.R. Owens married July 5th 1916

H.L. Owens and Ruth Powell married Oct. 12, 1921

J.T. Owens and Zadie Mae Scott married Feb. 6th, 1925

J.H. Owens and Eunice Pitts married Dec. 2, 1925

W.A. Owens and Hattie Boyd married Jan 21, 1923

J.H. Owens and Carrie Lee Smith married Dec 2, 1925

A.R. Owens and G.W. Hughey married July 28, 1934


Curtis Solomon Owens died April 21 1909

Mrs, Susan Owens died March 29th 1938

Ann L. Wilson died Nov. 24th 1919

Effie Belle Owens died Jan 12, 1941

Harrison B. Owens died July 24th 1944

William Andrew Owens died Aug 6, 1947

Lou Emma Deason died Sept 17, 1966

Jim Owens died June 7th, 1922

Bell Owens died Nov. 11, 1974

Hayes Owens died Jan 23, 1982

Ida Owens Hughey died June 17th 1989

Alice Owens Mims died Oct 15th 1993

Joel Hopkins Owens died Oct. 10th 1982

R.S. Owens borned Feb 16th 1833 died June 22, 1905

Amanda (Boone) Owens born May 10th 1831 died March 15th 1919

Patterson of Covington Co., AL Bible Pages

Typed and contributed by Lygia Dawkins Cutts June 16, 1997,
Bible in the possession of Margretta LaJune Mattingly.
Bible pages in the possession of Agnes Sue Smith.


June finally got copies of her Bible pages. The story behind this is: Mary A. Hardin fell heir to her mother's (Lena Ardela Straughn Patterson) Family Bible. When Mary turned 65 she used the Bible as proof of birth. When her sister, Laura Inez, turned 65, she needed proof of age so Mary tore the pages out of the Bible and sent them to her. Now, Mary's daughter, LaJune has the Bible and Inez's daughter Sue has the Bible pages. This weekend Sue brought LaJune a copy of the Bible Pages. Here are the Bible Records!


What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder

This Is To Certify

That John William Patterson and Lena A. Straughn were untied by me in

Holy Matrimony

At Andalusia, Ala. on the 13 day of July In the year of our Lord 1906 in

Presence of _______________ Signed preacher Braswell

Therefore Shall A Man Leave His Father And His Mother And Shall Cleave

Unto His Wife And They Shall Be One Flesh. Gen. 11:24

Family Record

Johnnie W. Patterson born in Brundridge, Pike Co., AL on September 8,

1873, married July 13, 1906, died December 4, 1928.

Lena Ardella Straughn, born in Andalusia, Cov. Co., AL on January 28th,

1884, married July 13, 1906, died Novemeber 25, 1965

Mary Augusta Patterson, born in Andalusia, Cov. Co., AL on August 26,

1906, married June 6, 1931

Laura Inez Patterson, born in Andalusia, Cov. Co., AL on December 13,

1909, married December 16, 1928

John D. Patterson, born in Andalusia, Cov. Co., AL on November 4, 1913,

married February 24, 1929, died March 19, 1974


Johnnie William Patterson died December 4, 1928 at Andalusia, Ala.

Inez Patterson and Alton Stokes were married Dec. 16, 1925 at Antioch.

John D. Patterson and Lily Bell Stewart were married Feb. 24, 1929 at

Crestview, FL.

Samuel Edwin Stokes were borne to Mr. and Mrs. Alton Stoke Oct. 21, 1929

at Antioch.

Lena Patterson Tippin died Nov. 25, 1965 on Thursday (three words can't

read) Till 10 o'clock. Her three children were at her bedside when she

died. They were Mary A. Hardin, Laura Inez Stokes, John D. Patterson.

Gone but not forgotten. Our Darling Mother.

The following was placed in the Bible on a separate sheet of paper:

1926, May 25 J.G. Patterson, age 83

Uncle Jim Patterson- come to our house

May 30 Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Patterson com to see us

May 23 Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Hamby com to see us

May 30 Mr. Alvin Patterson com to see us

May 30 Mr. Wyatt Snow come to see us

May 30 Mr. & Mrs. Callis H. Thomas com to see us

May 30 Uncle Jim left for home

(This was typed as it was written)


Found among a collection of old family records located at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Compiled & contributed by Lisa R. Franklin RN,Oct. 1997.

Haney Dawkins b.04 APR 1755

Nancy Taylor, her daughter, b.22 AUG 1779

Garland Dawkins, son of William and Haney Dawkins, b.07 SEP 1788

George Dawkins, his brother, b.06 DEC 1790

Daniel Dawkins, their brother, b.18 MAR 1793

Reuben Dawkins, their brother, b.09 SEP 1795

Patsey Dawkins, their sister, b.21 JUL 1798

Haney Dawkins d. 8 o'clock p.m. on 17 JAN 1837

Martha B. Dawkins d.24 MAY 1837

Walter S. Dawkins d.22 MAR 1863

Issac N. Dawkins d.14 MAY 1863

Reuben Dawkins d.28 NOV 1865

Annie E. Garlick d.01 SEP 1869

Elizabeth Dawkins d.01 OCT 1869

Sarah A. D?. Pace d. at Carrollton, GA 02 FEB 1885

Martha B.D. Houston Poer 01 JUN 1900 (b?.d.?--it doesn't say, but it appears to be with the "deaths" section.)

Hana L. Boykin d.26 JUN 1915

John Berrien Dawkins d.APR 1903, Alabama

Reuben Dawkins and Martha B. Fitzpatrick were m.15 NOV 1829

Reuben Dawkins and Elizabeth Hines m.20/26? SEP 1837

Walter S. Dawkins and Martha Harkness m.16 NOV 1856

??? Harkness d.1920

John H. Pace m. Sarah A. Dawkins 10 JUN 1858

Issac S. Pace m. Hanie L. Dawkins 01 NOV 1859

Edwin A. Houston m. Martha B. Dawkins 15 NOV 1866

Annie E. Dawkins m.S.A. Garlick MAR 1869

John B. Dawkins, son of Reuben and Martha B., b.04 SEP 1830

Isaac Newton and Walter Scott, his brother, were b.26 JAN 1833

Sarah Ann Victoria, dau. of Reuben and Elizabeth Dawkins, b.08 OCT 1839

Hana Louisiana, her sister, b.06 MAY 1841

Ann Elizabeth, her sister, b.24 FEB 1844

Martha Bird Fitzpatrick, her sister, b.28 JAN 1847

William Daniel, their brother, b.07 DEC 1849

Nancy Adeline, dau. of William and Nancy Thomas, b.27 JUL 1856

William Daniel Dawkins m. 1st 1871, Randolph Co.,GA Mary Lou Pollard b.05 SEP 1849 d.17 JAN 1879 m.2d Winifred Carter b.1852 Bullock Co (?AL) d.1904 Coffee Co, AL m.3d MAY 1880 Macon Co, AL (no name)

Taylor-Brewer Family of Lawrence County, Alabama

Bible in possession of descendant Lisa Kendrick-Capps, the contributor, NOV 2002.

Effie Jane Brewer Taylor

Francis Steed 4/24/1875 1/16/1945
Josie Gibson 12/20/1878 7/24/1950
Lee Brewer 12/25/1880 ?
Willie Jeffreys 5/2/1884 ?
Lillian Moore 11/29/1880 ?
Tommie Brewer 3/9/1894 3/9/1935 or3/11/1935

James Ralph Taylor

Odis Taylor 7/16/1897
Marion Taylor
Joe Taylor 11/30/1890 8/4/1956
Dora Godfrey 4/8/1955
Maggie Bundrum
Mollie Jarrett
Cassie Wallace

James Ralph and Effie Jane Taylor

Mandrine Taylor 8/21/1917 11/18/1982
John David "Jake" Taylor 11/17/1919 7/30/1942
Woodvin Taylor 6/26/1922
Louise Taylor 9/24/1924
Lillian Ruth Taylor 12/22/1926 6/7/2000

Harrelson Family Bible

Contributed by Bobbie Davis <>, MAY 2004. Corrections and scan of original contributed OCT 2004 by Teresa Ellison <> who writes:
"Her name was Mary Ann Elizabeth McMillan who married Hugh Chisholm in 1850. They had Daniel T. Chisholm in 1850... the same year Hugh died. Mary Ann remarried Elijah Harrelson and had the children that are listed. I have a picture of that Bible (page 1) (page 2) and a picture of the marriage certificate between her and Hugh. When Hugh died in 1850 (the same year Daniel T. was born), Mary Ann became a widow... and between 1850 and 1853, she married Elijah Harrelson from Walton County,FL."

Mrs. Lizier Odom

First page:

Names and ages of Maryan Harrelson's children-

Daniel T. Chisum was borned December 25, 1850

William C. Harrelson was borned October the 7th AD 1853 and died March the 30th 1856

Jonathan T. Harrelson was borned October the 26th AD 1855

Rebrecker C. Harrelson was borned October the 30th AD 1858

Second page:

Sarah F. Harrelson was borned Febrary 11th 1861 (Sarah Frances)

two more entries that appear to be names and dates but have been crossed out and are illegible as a result.

Third page:

Mary and Elizeberth was borned Septembo the 2 1863

George Eadr Martin Harrelson was borned April the 21 1866

Elizah Russell ws borne Jan 10th 1869

Eliza A. S. Harrelson was born May 30th 1876

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