Compiled & contributed by Sherry Hicks, FEB 2000.

By virtue of this Writt to me ?, I read and published the same on the Twenty Ninth day of February, last past in the Town of Mobile.  Having first given due Notice thereof, at which Day and place, William Struthers, John McGillivary, Alexander McIntosh, Robert Farmar, Henry Lezars, Daniel Ward, Edmund Rush Wegg, and Benjamin Ward Esquires were chose by the major part of the Freeholders of the Town of Mobile, and Charlotte County then present to serve as their Representatives on the General Assembly of this Province, but neither of the said Free holders (although application was then made to them) would then, or have they since executed any Indentures signifying their choice and the Election aforesaid, so that I could not inset the names of the said William Struthers, John McGillivray, Alexander McIntosh, Robert Farmar, Henry Lizars, Daniel Ward, Edmund Rush Wegg and Benjamin Ward in the said Indentures to be made and executed between me and the said Electors, as withon I am commanded

Alex Maculloagh

And it being mentioned at the Board that ther was not a sufficient number of Members on Town to constitute an House of Assembly the Board advised his Excellency to pro? the General Assembly to Monday the Twentieth Day of April nexT and that a Proclamation issue accordingly


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