March 16, 1859 -July 3, 1861
SOUTHERN MESSENGER- Greenville Alabama

compiled & contributed MAY 2006 by Lisa Graham

Note: This Newspaper has many missing issues & some are just not legible.

Wednesday, March 16, 1859
-Found Dead: The body of a man, Supposed to be that of a Mr. Goolsbie, was found in a field near Clayton on Friday the 4th Inst. It appears the man was murdered for his money.
-Murdered: Mr. Raleigh Smith on last Saturday night. He was murdered by a negro, belonging to David Alexander, living near McKinley in Butler Co. He used an Ax and knocked him in the head once. Mr. Smith was Mr. Alexander’s overseer.
-A son of Mr. Hanning, living in Pickens Co., Ala., was killed recently by a falling gin house, while ginning cotton.
-Admin. Sale- Butler County, Wed. 6th of April, property belonging to the estates of Simeon Deming Jr. and Ezra Deming, Deceased. March 16, 1859 J.W. Mallett, Adm’r.
-March 7, 1859 came Kichen Rhodes, Executor of the estate of Charlotte Rhodes, Deceased.
-March 14, 1859 came James M. Gafford, Administrator of the Estate of Maria L. Gafford, Deceased.
-March 12, 1859 came Alford Gandy, Guardian for Robert and Mary T. Owen, minors and filed his account current.
-March 9, 1859 came Alexander B. Evans, Guardian of John S. Gholson, minor heir of John P. Fholsom, deceased, and filed his account current.
-Executors Notice: Letters Testamentary on the estate of Thos. Skains, deceased, having been granted the undersigned by the Hon. the Probate Court of Butler Co., on the 10th day of January 1859.
-Feb. 5th, 1859 came Walter D. Perryman, Administrator on the estate Winston Billingslea deceased.

March 23, 1859
-March 22, 1859 came Philomon B. Walters, Administrator, with the will annexed on William Sims, Deceased, and filed his account current.
-The Probate Court of Butler County will proceed to sell at Monterey, on Sat., the 26th of March, belonging to the Estate of John Thigpen, Deceased. Administrator- James J. Thigpen

March 30, 1859
-Married- on the 22nd of March by Rev. J. E. Bell, Mr. A.M. Goldsmith, of Butler Co., to Miss Sarah J. Blake, eldest daughter of Thomas Blake of Lowndes Co., Ala.
-March 25th came Uriah Evans and Sarah M. Reddoch administrator and Adm’x., of the Estate of William W. Reddoch, deceased.

April 6th, 1859
-April 4, 1859 came John B. Lewis, Guardian for Sarah E. Lewis, Minor heir, & Guardian
for James F. Jones, minor Heir and filed his account current.
-Butler Co. Letters of Administration on the estate of Rhoda Berry, Deceased granted, Harvey T. Berry, Adm’r. April 23, 1959
-Butler Co. Letters of Administration on the Estate of William T. Jones, deceased granted to Mary R. Jones, Adm’r. April 23, 1859
-Administrators Sale at the late residence of William T. Jones, deceased on the 28th of May next, perishable property, blacksmith tools, Fodder and various articles. Mary R. Jones. Adm’r April 27, 1859.

May 4, 1859
-We are informed that the dwelling of Mr. William Payne at Sandy Ridge, in Lowndes County was entered by means of false key.

-Railroad BBQ meeting, citizens of Greenville, April 31st, 1859
Hon. S. J. Bolling, D. G. Dunklin, J.C. McQueen, W.H. Crenshaw, Ransom Seals, Sawyer Brooks, Alex Burnett, John Henderson, J, G. Colvin, R.R. Wright, J. R. Hartley, Sen., Dr. T. G. Pou,
B J. West, A. Gafford, Jno. Yeldell, Alford Gandy, Wm. Walls, Thos. MaHone, G. W. Rhodes, W.R. Ashford, R. B. Smith, John T. Long.

-Will be sold before the Courthouse door in Greenville, the property of R. Gentry, by virtue of three orders of sale from the Circuit Court in favor of Joseph Rogers. Also at the same time, levied on property of Noah Widdon, in favor of John S. McMullen.
-Also, levied on the property of W.K. Jones, in Favor of John Henderson.
-Also, the property of Robert Smith in favor of S. & E. Deming, T.M. Bragg and G.W. Ormond.
-Also, the property of G. Chancellor and Joshua Green in favor of C.M. Yeldell.
-Also, Property of James H. Petty in favor of John Bolling.
-Also, property of Levi Jones in favor of Joseph Harrison.
-April 27, 1859 came Davis F. Hollond, Admin., of the estate of John A. Ellington, Deceased and filed his account current. May 4, 1859.
-May 4, 1859 came Mrs. Ellen Daily administratrix of the estate of E.H. Daily and filed her account current. May 11, 1859

Wednesday May 25, 1859
-Died of Butler County; on the 17th inst. of typhoid Fever, Miss Rachael L. Craig, daughter of William G. and Jiney E. Craig in the 17th year of her age.
-Notice- All persons notified not to trade for two certain promissory notes made by me to William H. Shelley, each dated Dec. 29, 1858 for $3750.00 I was induced to sign them by false representations, and therefore do not intend to pay them. SAMUEL S. TAYLOR Montgomery May 18, 1859.

Wednesday June 1, 1859
-Butler Co., Southern Chancery Division, Greenville, May Term 1859, I will sell all notes, books, and book accounts uncollected, assigned by Patrick Little to H. B. TAYLOR on the 15th January 1850 for the purpose of settling up said assignment. S. J. Bolling, Registrar May 28, 1859
-Letters of Administration, 16th day of May 1859 inst. on the Estate or Mrs. Aannah Seale, Deceased. May 24, 1859

Wednesday June 8, 1859
-Married: at the residence of Mrs. Isabella McCormack on the 29th of May, by John Henderson Esq.., Mr. Francis Ficklin, of Mississippi and Miss Isabella McCormack of Butler County.
-On the 1st of June, by John Henderson, Esq. Mr. Elias Sexton and Miss Sarah L. Knowles all of Butler County.

June 22, 1859
-Notice: I hunt Negroes with fifty miles of Greenville. WILLIAM KELLY. June 15, 1859.
Letters Testamentary- Letters of Administration on the estate of Archibald M. Ardis, deceased. June 20, 1859 Isaac Ardis, Adm’r.
-This day came Joseph Steiner, adm’r for the estate of John Jordan, Deceased and filed his account current and vouchers for final settlement of said Estate. June 22, 1859.
-Postponed Sheriff Sales. 1st Monday if July next, property in favor of John Henderson, and one Fi. Fa. in favor of Thomas Pharaoh and against W.K. Jones.

July 13, 1859
-This day came Thomas S. Thagard and Francis Ellington adm’r for the estate of William D. Ellington, Deceased and filed their account current and vouchers for final settlement of said Estate. June 29, 1859.
-Died: Butler County, departed this life on the morning of the 2nd of June of a complicated disease, Preston Brooks, son of B.M. and Susan M. Mims aged 1 year , 7 months, and 2 days.
-Died: Monroe County, 21st day of June, died of consumption at the residence of his brother-in-law, F.E. Richardson Esq.. of Monroe County, EDWARD ELIJAH ROBISON, aged 25 years and 11 months.

August 24, 1859
-Butler County; This day came Jackson Chancellor, who produced to the Court an instrument in writing to be the Last Will & Testament of Gilbert Chancellor Sen., deceased, and makes application to the Court. But because it appears to the satisfaction of the court that Gilbert Chancellor, William Chancellor, Rueben Chancellor, Peggy Hardy, wife of Kindred Hardy, Levi M. Bloxom and Martha J. Bloxom, all of full age & all reside beyond the limits of the state, and they are heirs at law of the estate of said deceased........... July 20, 1859.

September 7, 1859
Butler County; This day came Allen Hawkins, guardian for Wiley Hawkins, a Lunatic, and filed his application in due form and under oath praying for the order of sale of lands, steam mill, etc, belonging to the estate of said ward. August 31, 1859.
-Butler Co. The said John W. Mallet, administrator of the estate of Simeon Deming Jr., deceased.

September 24, 1859
This day came Mrs. Lydia Vernell, adm’r with the will annexed of the Estate of Dennis Hodge.....Sept. 14, 1959.

December 14, 1859
-Administrator’s Notice, having been granted the 6th day December, 1859 on the Estate of Margarett Glanton, Deceased. Robert Smyth, Admr.
-Administrator’s Sale at the late residence of Daniel G. Boggan, deceased.
This day came Wm. H. Trawick and J.C. Loomis, in right of his wife, Administrators of the estate of Ewd. W. Barge, deceased. Nov. 30, 1859.

The Southern Messenger- 1860
Jan & Feb are all missing issues
March 7, 1860
-Sheriff’s sale, Butler Co. first Monday in April, 1860, property, Levied on as the property of W. K. Jones, to satisfy an execution in favor of W. A. Moore. W. D. Perryman, Sherriff Feb. 29, 1860.
-Butler Co., Commissioners Sale to settle the estate of F. W. Mims, Deceased, Admr’s are Foster J. Mims, John A. Mims, Emma and Newton Freeman.

March 14, 1860
Dead, Col. S.D. Moorer, a worthy and highly esteemed citizen, died of pneumonia on Sunday 4th Inst.- Benton Herald
-Murdered on the highway, Mr. Alfred Jones. He was killed with a knife.- Montgomery

March 28, 1860
-EMMA HERBERT COOK, wife of George M. Cook and daughter of Thomas E. Herbert. She was born Sept. 22nd 1838 and died March 23d, 1860, aged 21 years and six months. Emma Cook was married on 15th of June 1859. She often spoke of her life to be a short one. J.C. Davis. Greenville, Ala. March 26, 1860.
April 4, 1860
-Died- James L. Autrey of Butler County died March 30, 1860 after a severe illness of 8 days. He was born in Stewart Co., Ga. in the year 1831. He resided in Montgomery some four year as a clerk.
-LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING AT THE POST OFFICE ENDING MARCH 21, 1860: William Allen, T.G. Adams, E.B. Arms, T.R. Ashford, Jacob Arant, Miss Harriett Andrews, Wm. Adams, J. M. Bonna, R. Barfield, John Bush, M. Bishop, J.A. Blown,
J.A. Bimon, W. Bimon, John D. Butts, Z.S. Brown, Israel Barker, W.M. Bines,
Mrs. P. Bebbit, J. N. Baxter, Mrs. Mary Burns, A. Burnett, Miss Lucinda Beck,
Mrs. R.C. Biggs, A. Bonnett, G. Bowman, Edward Bowen, Mrs. S. Bass, G.W. Boys,
M. Beckworth, T.W. Bell, John Bell, John W. Brown, A. Bullock, Jerry Ballden,
Green Berry, Chezly Cornvey, Mrs. Mary R. Cook, S.J. Cummings, S.R. Collins,
Mrs. W. Cooper, S. Carlow, Dr. G. W. Carr, M. Carroll, John Cline, Wm. Callen, J.M. Calvin, Mrs. Talitha Craig, W. H. Crenshaw, S.J. Chalkers, J.M. Clay, B.F. Clayton, A.A. Crews, Eiss S. Carter, John Colwell, Dr. P.H. Clements. Miss Mattie Darnell, Miss A.m. Dailey, Miss S.E. Dacus, Miss Almeda Daley, B. N. Donaldson, Jasper Didard, Lion J. Duke, Z. Daniel, John Davis, Mrs. E. F. Dukes, Mary A. Davenport, John D. Daniel, G. Daniel, Mrs. E. Donaldson, Thadius Ervins, J. Edgar, J.A. Eubanks, Martha C. Ernest, A. K. Evans, C. Evans, Raiford Ellis, J.W. Freeman, F.M. Felder, Mrs. M. J. Gibson, Matilda Garris, Drucilla T. Griffin, William Griffin, Hosea Green, Augustus Green, Miss Isabella Griggs, D.F. Gafney, Griffin Holiday, W. Hearn, J.H. Hunter, A. Hortman, Wm. Hawthorn, Thos. Harrison, Miss J. Henderson, T.P. Howard, W.J. Harris, Jesse Harris, J.K. Hatson, G.W. Hays, James Hodges, S.G. Hopkins, W.J. Hicks, S.J. Holliday, J.M. Hancock, Mrs. E.T. Hicks, Mrs. B. J. Hone, L.A. Hutson, J. J. Heard. D.D. James, W.R. Jenks, A.D. Jones, H. Jordan, Miss E.F. Jones, A.A. Janney, J.C. Jones, Miss Martha Kinsey, Jesse Kuykendoll, James Kitchen, Mrs. F. Lewis, J.N. Lewis, H.S. Lines, Benj. Lewis, Miss C.P. Lickens, Miss M.E. Lister, D.C. Lucas, E.S. Longshort, Joseph Lyrom, W.J. Lawson, E.W. Lewis, J.M. McGullow, Miss M. McGoy, Miss Nancy Morgan, G.W. McCullum, R. Mosely, Mcgommack, Moses McIntyre, W.W. Mitchell, J.H. McGee, T.B. Mitchell, O.H. McClendon, Mrs. M.E. Mitchell, T.A. Morrow, J.B. Mullins, Calvin McCoy, J.A. Munkas, J.H. Matthews, P. Owen, James Orum, J.H. Odom, B.F. Pierce Rasbery Pain, T.B. Pollard, Aaron Packer, John Peagler, Mr. Perkins, J.S. Powers, J.R.B. Peete, Moses Pierce, B.J. Packer, M. Pound, G.W. Page, Wm. Perringan, Miss B. Reid, Asa Ross, Benj. Robinson, Chas, Ross, J.B. Roberson, Dr. J. R. Ray, John Rogers, J.W. Rogers, W. Thodes, Mrs. C.E. Roberts, Wm. Roberson, Miss E. Rogers, Willis Riley, W.W. Rives, G.W. Rhodes, Miss J.E. Spears, John Y. Smith, W.A. Sims, D.C. Smith, Mrs. E. C. Seale, Robert Seale, C.T. Skaines, G. T. Smith, U. Stephens, W.M. Smith, Thos. Shreve, Miss A. Smith, J.W. Sims, M. Spradley, W.L. Sims, Miss E. Tollant, F.H. Taylor, J.C. Thompson, Mrs. E.D. Thomas, W.R. Thomas, H.M. Taylor, Mrs. F. Thomas,
Caroline Wallace, Miss M. White, Miss M.J. Williams, J.W. Watkins, Hellen M. Wright, Sim Wise, C. Wadsworth, Miss S. Winnerford, Mrs. J. H. Watts, Mrs. L.V. Wanham, Nathan Wright, Drury Williams, T.B. Wise, J.S. Williams, Miss M.E. Watts, Wm. Weaver, W.W. Weatley, S. Winstead, J.J. Wynn.

April 25, 1860
-Mrs. F.D. Hightower died at the residence of her husband, R. Hightower in Greenville, Ala., on the morning of the 20th of April 1860.
-Died at his residence, near Greenville, butler County, Ala., on the 14th inst., Mr. James Craig in his 81st year. He was born in South Carolina on 5th march 1780.
-Died at their residence in Butler County, Ala., Dora E. Herd, infant of Jesse J. and Priller A. Herd, aged 6 months old and 3 days.
-Died on Friday morning the 13th inst. at her residence at Reddock Springs in this County, Mrs. Ezra McQueen, in her 70th year of age.
-Died on Sunday Morning, the 15th inst. at his residence about 7 miles south of Greenville, Mr. Richard S. Thomas, aged about 30 years old.

Sheriff’s sale; Courthouse door in Greenville, on the first Monday in May next, The Slave “Will”; levied on as property of Martha Womack to satisfy an execution in favor of L.M. Pruitt. W.D. Perryman She’ff. April 7, 1860

May 2, 1860
-Notice: Butler County, sold at the door of the Courthouse in Greenville on the 1st Mon. of June next, lot & lands for the purpose of State and County Taxes: Assessed to Reddin Hallford, Assessed to Samuel Murdock, Samuel Boliver, Arnett Albritton, Dunham’s Estate, Matt Gayle, Mary A. Green Dr. Rumph & Co., Samuel Turner, Mrs. L.M. Tennille, Samuel T. Lankford, James Crosby, Jonathan Whittenton, David Duck (Duke), James L. Swiney, M.P. Hollis, Vincent Adams, W.T. Hawthorn, W.M. Anthony- now occupied by Mrs. Anthony, now or formerly owned by M.T. Anthony, C.W. Stephens- a lot bound by W.F. Hartley to the north & East of it. John Shaw- a lot bound East by John K. Henry, on the South by Joseph M. Parmer, North, Samuel Adams. Assessed to John H. Riley.
May 16, 1860
-Married at the residence of the bride’s sister, in Butler County, Ala., May 2d, 1860 by G.W. McClure, Esq. Rev. E.B. Arms of Macon County, Ala. to Miss N.C. Cawthorn of Florida.
May 30, 1860
-Mr. William Brunson, formerly a resident of Butler County, was so injured in a fight at West’s Mill, in Pike County that he has since died.
-Mr. Mathew Patten Sr., of Butler County died at his residence, near Greenville on the 25th Inst.
-Mr. Jacob Morgan Died of Cahaba died near Richmond. He was born about 1821 or 22 & was 66 years of age.
-Mrs. Evans, consort of Joshua Evans died at her residence on the 25th inst., near Greenville.
-Richard S. Thomas departed this life on the 15th of April, last. He had been a resident of Butler County several years.
-Administrator’s Notice: This 28th day of May, Letters of Administration on the Estate of Samuel J. Capp, Deceased, to Thomas A. Capps, Administrator. May 30 1860.
-Administrator’s Notice: This 28th day of May, Letters of Administration on the Estate of Richard C. Thomas, Deceased, to WM. P. GRAHAM, Adm‘x. May 30 1860.
-By Virtue obtained from the Probate Court of Butler County, I will sell at Public Auction, at the residence of the late Robert SMYTH SR., Deceased on the 23rd of June, 1860...... W.M. Smyth, Admr. May 15, 1860.

June 6, 1860

-Covington County, March 14, 1860 Alfred Holley Vs. Dred Bagly. Defendant resides in Georgia. A copy of this sent by mail to defendant by mail at Cussetta Ga. May 23, 1860.
This day came Andrew Smyth, one of the heirs and distributes of the estate of John Smyth, deceased and filed his application in writing and under oath alleging that John B.Smyth another one of the heirs and distributes received advancements for the said intestate in his lifetime and is not expressed in any conveyance within the knowledge of said A.C. Smyth. John B. Smyth is over the age of 21. May 30 1860.

June 27, 1860
-Death of Mrs. Dunklin, wife of James H. Dunklin dies Monday 25th inst., after a 12 day illness.
-Died near Greenville, on Tuesday morning the 26th inst., Miss Emma J. Routen, aged about 13 years old, the daughter of William P. and Sarah Routon.
-Died- In Greenville at the residence of Mr. H.B. Chandler, on the 20th inst., Mrs. Mahala Chandler, aged about 62 years old.
-Died- In Greenville on Tuesday evening the 21st inst., Lucius Eugene Uthink, aged 16 years 7 months and 10 days.

July 4, 1860
-Died- In this place on Sunday morning, July 1st. Mrs. Bethany Thames, wife of J.G. Thames, aged 41 years and 10 months.
-Annual Settlement. 2d July, This day came George N. Lewis, Guardian for Anna C. Esselman, Francis J. Esselman, and George W. Esselman, miners and filed his account current.
-Committed to jail in Covington County by A. J. Fletcher, Esq., a negro man who says his name is Jeff and that he belongs to John Goldsmith of Pike County.

July 11, 1860
List of letter remaining at the post office June 30, 1860.
H. H. Armstrong, Redden Alford, E. Ashley, S. J. Atkins, Charles Amos, W. J. Anderson, E. C. Adams, Wm. Adams, E. B. Arms, W. J. Adkins,
John Baynes, W.R. Brown, J. W. Beel, Mrs. E. Blackshear, Jonathan Bliss, Mrs. Becey Butler, P. J. Bennett, Mr. Gorge Boyce, J.N. Bunkley, M.B. Bredlove, W.M. Benis,
Jessy A. Berry, W.W. Barrington, A.P. Blake, Miss L. Brantly,
Mrs. M. P. Calhoun, Miss A. Carrecter, Hart Collins, H.T. Crumpton, C. Calloway, Miss Sallie Carter, C.A. Cox, Geo. W. Carr, John Cato, D.B. Cokman, J. Collins, E. Canathan,
John Dykes, Miss M. Davis, A.W. Denna, M.A. Davenport, john Denson, John Dickens,
W.L.C. Evans, John Evans, R.H. Evans, L. Estella, D. Ellis, J. A. Eubanks,
Benj. Foster, Jerisha Freeman, Mrs. M. Felps, A. J. Feagen, A. P. Feagen,
W. Grace, S. Godwin, Mrs. M.J. Gibson, Mrs. J. Garard, H. Gragg, T. Gray, Robt. Garlington, Miss M. Garner, Mrs. M.L. Gafney, W.F. Grogan, B.M. Garner, C.F. Gerkey, W.B. Gaines, T.J. Ganey,
L. Husdt, J. Hobbs, Miss M. Herrington, H. Henderson, G. W. Hays, B.F. Hamet,
Samuel Ingram,
D. D. H. James, Mrs. C. Johnson, F.M. Jones, J. Jones, A. F. Jones,
John Kuykendall, Miss M. Keiler, J.C. Kendall, Wm. Knight,
Dr. Jas. Lester. J. Limsey, Mrs. M. Lasaste, Mrs. Julia Lions, J. F. Long,
W. Lee, J.W. Lonoir, G.W. Lance, E. Love,
M. McCarty, J.C. McEachern, Miss Anne McLerey, Mrs. S. McCaskil, Mr. McNulty,
Mrs. M.E. Moyl, Miss Missoura Morris, Mrs. Mary E. May, Miss S.E. May, J.B. Mullins, John Meads, Miss Mary Moore, J.B. Mauley,
S.J. Notts, H.J. Nissis, Mrs. M. Narsess, Mrs. F. Norris,
P. O’Dwyer, G.H. Oliver, St. Madan Owen, Miss Laura Owen, Mrs. Sarah Oliver,
Joel Porter, T.B. Pallard, Mr. Pritchett, M.L. Pane, Mrs. L.C. Phillips, N.B. Peacock MD., Allen Prince, Miss Sallie Phipps, Mrs. M.A. Prater, N. Perritt, Miss M.M.Phipps, Miss A.M. Parker, Henry Pane,
Miss G. Remington, Miss M. Rape, Z.J. Rudolph, J.S. Robins, T.H.B. Rinerse,
Mrs. Talitha Smith, W. Scott, A. Swaner, Prof. R. Schmit, Britton Stamps,
Mrs. S. Troutman, James C. Travis, Walter Tobin, J.L. Tyle, Sim Tyner, G.F. Todd, James R. Taylor, J.F. Trentlin, Miss E. Tollent,
Obediah Vernon, Mrs. E.E. Varner,
Mrs. M. Williams, Mrs. Anne Wilson, Henry Whirt, E. C. Warren, Miss B.C. Wallace, M. J. Williams, Miss M.A. White, Nelson H. Wheaton, Mrs. Dusey Williams, Mrs. Nancy Williams, Marlin D. White, Dr. G. R.Y. White, S. J. Ward, E. Winslow, Miss M. White,
Rev. E. Wadsworth, J.B. Williams,
G. Zilks.

-Died- on the 5th of July, 1860, Mrs. Mary A. Bolling, wife of S.J. Bolling, aged 42 years, 5 months and 26 days.
-Died- on Wednesday the 4th inst., at the residence of his mother, near this place, Eugene Emery LLOYD, aged 22 years and 1 month.
-The friends of Simeon Leverett take pleasure in presenting him to the voters of Butler County as a Candidate for Circuit Clerk.

August 15, 1860
-Died- Monday, the 6th of August, Mary Elizabeth Rogers (Mollie), the youngest daughter of Joseph and Cornelia A. Rogers aged 1 year, 1 month & 20 days.
-To be sold in front of Courthouse doors the 1st Monday In Sept. next, a Negro boy named Berry about 21 years of age; levied on as property of James H. Mathews to satisfy sundry executions in my hands for collection in favor of John Shepard and other VS. Jas. H. Mathews. Aug 8th 1860.

Sept. 26, 1860
In Chancery Court, Butler County; Addison F. Posey VS. Auther G. Wright. The defendant A.G. Wright is unknown to the complainant.

November 4, 1860

Butler County, A. Marrow, vs. James Howell, M.M. Saxon Gaurnishee. This day came Plaintiff and prayed attachment writ against the property of Jas. Howell. James Howell is a non resident. Oct. 24, 1860
-Administrator Sale, Butler County of E.P. Brooks, deceased. D.W. Brooks. Adm’r.
Nov. 21, 1860.
-Administrator Sale, Butler County, of real estate belonging to Alexander Ruffin, Deceased. R.B. Smyth. Adm’r. Nov. 21 1860.
-Letters of Administration of William Hawkins, deceased granted on the 23rd of Oct 1860 to Thom. W. Hawkins. Oct 31, 1860.
Administrators Sale, sell the premises of D.J. Parsons, deceased. Susan Parsons, Adm’x.
-Letters of Administration of Sarah Pitts, deceased granted on the 23rd of Oct 1860
David W. Pitts, Adm’r.

Many Missing issues
Southern Messenger
February 20, 1861
-Administrator Sale on the 2d Monday in February at the late residence of HENRY BRANTLEY, Deceased. Jan 12, 1861
-This day Came Kinchen Rhodes, Executor of the last will and testament of Charlotte Rhodes, deceased, and filed his account current.
-Final Settlement, This day came Alexander G. Atkinson, Administrator of the Estate of Alexander Adkinson, late of Covington County, deceased, and filed his account current.
- Mortgage Sale, Deed executed to the undersigned by Edward Barbaree, on the 13th day of Nov. 1860. Potts & Nichols, M’t’gees Jan. 18, 1861
-Notice; In the matter of Henry C. Fuller, guardian of Dorcus Tranum, late Dorcas Fuller, Elizabeth J. Fuller, Lucrelia M. Fuller, Catherine Fuller, Celia A. Fuller and Lewis B. Fuller- heirs at law of Margaret Fuller, Late Margaret Rials, deceased. Jan 16,1861.

March 20, 1861
-Final Settlement: Feb. 26, 1861 came W.D. Perryman, Adm’r for the estate of J. Wheeler, Deceased, and filed his account current.
-Letters of Administration granted to Butler County this day as Administrator of the estate of Amanda R. Ernest, deceased, of this County. R.R. Wright. Adm’r. Feb 27, 1861
-This day came Martha S. Thomas, administratrix of the estate of James T. Thomas, deceased, and made the account current. March 2nd 1861
July 3, 1861
-Mr. Sapp, the member of the Greenville Guards, who received an injury while on the way to Virginia, died at Newnan, Ga., on the 4th ult. He was interred with Military Honors.
The principal injury was to his head.

“ Yancey Guards” This is the name of the Military Co. just organized in this county, composed of volunteers from Butler and Covington County, who have offered their services to the Confederate States.
John Glasgow- Captain
Wm. B. Seawell- 1st Lieutenant
R.B. Cook- 2nd Lieutenant
L.P. Broughton- 3rd Lieutenant
Amos L. Jones- 1st Seargeant
Wm. Glasglow- 2nd Seargeant
F.S. Boan- 3d Seargeant
J.M. Tarbutto - 4th Sargeant
T. Quillin - 1st Corporal
D. Staggers- 2nd Corporal
T.T.B. Staggers 3d- Corporal
G.W. Long- 4th Corporal
Wm. McKane- Ensign
W.M. Knight- Quarter Master
Geo. Staggers- Secretary
This Company was formed with in one week.

August Sheriff’s Sale
-To be sold at the Courthouse door in the town of Greenville on the 1st Monday in August, to the highest bidder: property levied on by virtue of an execution in favor of L.B. Fite & Co.
-Also to the highest bidder, levied on as the property of Jeremiah Shultz by virtue of an execution in favor of John D. Butts.
-Also to the highest bidder, levied on as the property of J. S. Watson, by virtue of 2 executions, one from the circuit court of Butler Co. in favor of Wm R. Peterson, The other from the circuit court of Pike County, in favor of James A. Cooper.
-Also to the highest bidder property levied on as William M. Bennett.
-Also levied on as property of J. W. Bell, in favor of S.G. Jones July 3, 1860.

-Notice: Butler County, Letters of Administration having been granted to the undersigned MARY ODOM, this 29th Day of April 1861, on the estate of Ebbin Odom, Deceased.
May 1, 1860 Mary Odom Administratrix.

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