Company E "Simpson's Mounted Rangers"

15th Confederate Cavalry


Partial listing

Contributed by: Lydia Grimes (


Muster Roll 17 SEP 1861



Captain E.S. Amos

Captain Norvelle Robertson Leigh

1st Lieutenant James R. Mims

1st Lieutenant A.P. Feagin

2d Lieutenant G.F. Perrenott

3d Lieutenant William Townsend


Allen, William W.

Amos, J.W.

Armstead, W.J.

Ballard, J.H.

Barber, ?

Beal, P.O.

Bennett, Brad

Bennett, Joe

Bethea, John

Black, Abraham

Black, Henry

Blake, Sam

Brogden, George

Brogden, William

Brown, John

Butler, A.H.

Campbell, C.E.

Campbell, D.A.

Campbell, J.D.

Campbell, Malcolm

Campbell, W.P.

Caton, Tobe

Clements, Henry

Clements, J.M.

Cobb, Francis M.

Cobb, Oliver

Cobb, Riley

Collins, Spence H.

Collins, W.D.J.

Conklin, J.L.

Coon, Louis

Crain, Lewis

Crow, Joseph

Deal, James F.

Dean, Richard

Dixon, C.H.

Dixon, Francis

Dixon, H.H.

Dixon, Handy

Dixon, W.J.

Drury, John F.

Duncan, Peter

Ethridge, M.W.

Evans, ?

Feagin, H.J.

Feagin, John

Fincher, James T.

Finley, William

Fleming, J.E.

Fleming, Lucious

Fleming, Robert P.

Foster, Henry

Frater, John W.

Fuqua, James

Gammage, C.T.

Green, J.H.

Grice, Caper

Grice, F.M.

Grice, T.J.

Hawthorn, Richard

Henderson, D.J.

Henly, J.D.

Hickman, Berry

Hobdy, John

Hoomes, J.W.

Horton, Neal

Hughes, Richard

Hughes, Tyria

Jackson, E.P.

Jackson, W.J.

Jarvis, H.B.

Jernigan, Dave

Jernigan, F.

Jernigan, J.E.

Jernigan, J.S.

Jernigan, N.B.

Johnson, B.M.

Johnson, J.A.

Johnson, J.W.

Johnson, Jack

Johnson, L.A.

Johnson, W.C.

Johnston, M.T.

Jones, M.B.

Jones, S.C.

Jones, Willis

Kelly, J.T.

Kennedy, H.T.

Kennedy, W.A.

Leigh, George M.

Leonard, W.A.

Lewis, Frank

Lewis, W.H.

Malone, Ephraim

Mancil, Bryant

Mann, J.W.

Marshall, Benjamin Sr.

Mashburn, Bud

Mask, J.J.

Mason, Frank

Mason, John

Mason, N.M.

Mayo, Fred B.

Mayo, Mark

McArthur, James C.

McMillan, Duncan

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