Company F 22nd AL Infantry
Randolph Co., AL

Contributed by: Mary Ann Nichols
Subj:	Co F 22nd AL Inf (maryann)

Here is a Civil War roster that I copied from an old newspaper.
These folks were from Randolph County, AL.

This article was found in the Alabama Archives loose papers of Civil War Units, and was a newpaper clipping from a Hico,Texas area newspaper, apparently in the late 1800's or early 1900's, when members of this unit were still living.


Some weeks ago this paper contained an item relative to the Roster of Co. F., 22nd Alabama Infantry, C.S.A. As stated at that time, that Alabama Department of Archives and History was not able to give a list of the members of this interesting organization.  However, during the past  few weeks two members of the Company, Messrs. W.S. Pruett and N.B. Ross, who reside near Hico, have succeeded in recalling the following names of the men composing the company.
The company was organized at Arbecoochie, Ala., (then in Randolph County, but since changed to Cleburne County); were mustered into the Confederate service on October 1, 1861, at Notasulga; the first battle participated in was the battle of Shiloh on April 6-7, 1862; then spent the summer of that year in the Shiloh vicinity, and from there went to Mobile, thence to Atlanta, later to Chatanooga; after having marched through Kentucky, the 22nd Regiment returned to Alabama, where they were mustered out of service at the close of the war.
The roster:
Commissioned officers: P.W. Shepard, captaian; Jerimiah Smith, First Lieutenant; S.W. Harlan, Second Lietenant; S.W. Harlan, Second Lieutenant; W.S. Pruett, Third Lietenant.
Non-commissioned officers: George Smith, first sergeant; Billie Otwell, third sergeant, N. B. Ross, fourth sergeant.
Privates: John Allen, Tom Allen, Wils Ayers, Yarb Boyd, Joe Bullard, Bill Blake, Jasper Bonds, Dock Beard, Bill Baxter, John Coley, Joe Coley, Bob Cook, James Cahill, Pink Camp, Pony Camp, Bill Cadle, Rush Dobbs, Rile Eubanks, Bill Eubanks, Bill Ellie, Bob Freeman, Bill Freeman John Fordham George Fordham, Henry J. Gill, Sandford Grant (believe this should be Gravit), R. C. Gentry, A. C. Hilton, Gus Hilton, John Hamilton, Bill Hendrie, Roe Eumphus, Hollie Jenkins, Joe Loftin, Bill Lott, T. N. Mahon, Steve Mulokey, Henry Mitchell, Bill McDaniel, James Pruett, Bartley Paine, Bill Paine, Hue Price, Sergen Poe, Bill Prestrye, Henry Rusk, Elisha Rice, Billie Smith, Riley Smith, John L. Smith, Alexander Tinbs, Bill Thrasher, Harrison Dunson, John Withers, J. H. Wise, N. B. Walker, T. C. White, Bud Williams, Fate Wain, Luke Kid, Com. Craft, Bradley Collins, Bill Luther, Birch Miller, Ambros Clark, Henry Abicromby, Levy Stephens, Conrad Creel, Bud Johnson, Ab Rayan, John Wheeler, Dal Haper.

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