Coosa County, Alabama Marriages

Compiled by: Ottis Murphy,

Contributed by: David E. Smith


Adams, Delila A. to Logan, N. A. 1-5-1880

Adams, E. B. T. to Murphy, J. A. 12-7-1876

Adams, S. B. to Hilyer,, T. J. 1-10-1895

Allen, Bulah to Wood, C. D. 11-10-1878

Allen, Francis. F. to Hilyer, Franklin C. 8-17-1874

Allen, Lucinda to Prince, S. M. 1-6-1879

Allen, Lucinda to Edwards, Bartley 1-7-1880

Allen, D. E. to Patterson, J. R. 10-18-1894

Allen, Florence to Salter, W. B. 11-14-1888

Allen, N. J. to McCain, Jeannie 1-4-1876

Allen, I(J?). to Devaughn, Ollie 6-17-1893

Allen, J. C. to Massey, Attis? G. 6-23-1895

Allen, Norman to Bales, Mamie 2-5-1894

Atchley, T. F. to Jacks, Hattie 12-13-1894

Bailey, Laura to Logan, J. C. 9-12-1889

Baker, Artie to Martin, S. J. 4-1-1891

Bales, Mamie to Allen, Norman 2-5-1894

Bancroft, J. J. to Smith, M. J. 4-21-1889

Barkley, A. J. to Weldon, W. N. 10-8-1890

Barkley, Minerva to Dennis, John M. 12-26-1889

Barrett, Annie R. to Jones, Isaac H. 12-26-1878

Barrett, J. D. to Gandy, Salina Jane 9-15-1881

Barrett, Edwin? to Martin, Elizabeth 11-16-1888

Barrett, J. M. to Fulmer, Martha C. 2-3-1895

Barrett, R. C. to Gandy, Mary I. 12-30-1890

Barrett, William to Brooks?, Lilda 9-27-1888

Baxley??, Mary J. to Hull, Malcomb 1-20-1889

Beaird?, F. L. to Smith, J. D. 9-27-1894

Beaird?, J. D. to Jones, Ida 11-1-1894

Bennett, Harriett to Kelly, Horace 1-31-1877

Bice, E. V. to Hughs, Ellen 3-20-1878

Billups, Simia to Powell, Alfred 10-2-1875

Bishop, Mary L. to Blalock, W. C. 12-26-1889

Blalock, A. B. to Duke, E. E. 9-17-1894

Blalock, W. C. to Bishop, Mary L. 12-26-1889

Blankenship, M. G. to Smith, M. A. L. 1-31-1895

Blaylock, Martha A. to Hosey, Thomas 12-17-1878

Blaylock, Melissia to Duke, John I. 12-26-1889

Blaylock, W. C. to Blocker, Eliza E. 11-25-1875

Blocker, Eliza E. to Blaylock, W. C. 11-25-1875

Bolton, Reuben to Hughs, Martha A. 11-27-1877

Bowen, Wm. F. to Castleberry, Sarah J. 11-30-1876

Bradford, Solomon to Smith, Ann 7-7-1877

Brass??, W. M. to Smith, Bobbie? T. 6-28-1894

Brooks, Mike to Jones, L. V. 12-27-1877

Brooks?, Lilda to Barrett, William 9-27-1888

Brown, Josephine to Hilyer, J. H. 12-13-1888

Brown, Susan M. to Smith, G. G. 3-7-1889

Brown??, Eliza W. to Harris, William O. 12-25-1874

Bryant, Joanna to Jones, Thomas 1-22-1878

Bullard, James to Hughes, M. A. E. 1-15-1895

Burke(Burk?), Lila to Harris, J. A. 2-8-1891

Burks, Mary S. to Gandy, J. J. 12-20-1895

Burks, J. C. to Jacks, Annie 1-2-1890

Burton, William T. to Jones, Margaret A. 8-12-1874

Butler, Rebecca to Sparks, Leander?? 1-8-1875

Butler, Daniel M. to Hand, Martha A. 11-18-1880

Butler, John T. to Martin, Harriett 1-28-1875

Butler, Norval?? to Whetstone, Pinkey 10-3-1874

Butler, W. C. to Jones, Lula 12-25-1890

Calfee, Jerry to Jones, Fanny 12-8-1878

Callaway, C. J. to Grooms, W. A. 1-17-1889

Calloway, Nannie to Smith, A. C. 12-24-1890

Carroll, Eliza J. to Harris, William C. 10-31-1878

Carroll, W. G. to Jacks, O. E. E. 9-16-1888

Carter, William to Smith, Joepcia? 12-25-1894

Castleberry, Sarah J. to Bowen, Wm. F. 11-30-1876

Castleberry, Amanda J. to Miller, Henry 11-17-1889

Castleberry, Emma to Foster, W. E. 8-11-1892

Castleberry, R. N. to Charker??, W. H. 1-10-1894

Castleberry, J. J. to Wadsworth. Louise 8-18-1891

Castleberry, J. S. to Lowery, W. J. 8-16-1889

Causey, Mattie to Smith, W. S. 11-9-1890

Chapman, Fanny to Smith, Joseph 8-25-1874

Charker??, W. H. to Castleberry, R. N. 1-10-1894

Chastain, B. F. to Smith, Julia M. 9-16-1875

Clark, Sanford B. to Smith, Nancy J. 11-2-1876

Clark, G. W. to Glenn, M. C. 8-20-1894

Coffee(Calfie?), Otta? to Smith, G. R. S. 6-8-1890

Colfee??, Thomas to Varner, Ellen 12-28-1877

Cooper, Lucinda A. to Harris, George L. 12-25-1874

Cotton, Moriah to Smith, J. W. 11-4-1879

Cowart, Nancy F. to Harris, E. H. 11-4-1888

Crawford, Martha to Smith, Richard 2-8-1877

Crawford, Sarah to Smith, Abram?? 9-27-1877

Crews, B. F. to Thomas, Sallie 12-17-1874

Culver, George P. to Kelly, Sarah 1-20-1875

Culver, J. A. to Logan, Cordie? 11-14-1888

Curlee, Wm. A. to Glenn, Lucy E. 12-10-1877

Darden, Mary E. to Smith, John A. 11-2-1876

Davis, Emmia J. to Jones, C. D. 2-16-1876

Dawson, Ella to Glenn, Serry? 9-20-1879

Dennis, John L. to Hardy, Sarah Jane 9-15-1875

Dennis, J. E. to Logan, Arsula 12-10-1891

Dennis, John M. to Barkley, Minerva 12-26-1889

DeVaughn, Martha P. to Jones, Joseph H. 9-30-1875

DeVaughn, Mary F. to Morgan, William A. 12-22-1877

DeVaughn, Sarah E. to Hand, Joseph A. 10-28-1877

Devaughn, Ollie to Allen, I(J?). 6-17-1893

DeVaughn, Pinkney R. to Jones, Temperance A. E. 10-19-1876

Duke, E. E. to Blalock, A. B. 9-17-1894

Duke, John I. to Blaylock, Melissia 12-26-1889

Dupriest, James to Glen, A. G. 12-18-1877

Edwards, Bartley to Allen, Lucinda 1-7-1880

Edwards, J. D. to Harris, Lula 12-1-1889

Ellis, L. C. to Smith, M. C. 12-25-1879

Evans, W. J. to Rosan C. DeVaughn 1-30-1879

Flurney??, R. C. to Smith, S. R. 9-1-1876

Foster, W. E. to Castleberry, Emma 8-11-1892

Fulmer, Martha C. to Barrett, J. M. 2-3-1895

Fulmer,, J. D. to Hughes, Nettie 5-2-1889

Gandy, Bettie to Kelley, William 1-28-1880

Gandy, Salina Jane to Barrett, J. D. 9-15-1881

Gandy, Mary I. to Barrett, R. C. 12-30-1890

Gandy, F. E. to Hull, Romy 12-15-1895

Gandy, J. J. to Burks, Mary S. 12-20-1895

Gilliland, Lucinda to Harris, W. P. 11-23-1876

Gilliland, Thomas J. to Harris, Roxie 11-22-1895

Gillispie, Annie to Jones, J. W. 9-13-1889

Glen, A. G. to Dupriest, James 12-18-1877

Glenn, Lucy E. to Curlee, Wm. A. 12-10-1877

Glenn, Mary E. to Watson, W. C. 12-19-1878

Glenn, Rosa A. to Harris, J. W. 12-11-1879

Glenn, S. E. to Varner, Esselman 1-30-1879

Glenn, Caroline to Varner, Hardaway 12-6-1888

Glenn, Collie to Miller, Mathias 8-20-1893

Glenn, M. C. to Clark, G. W. 8-20-1894

Glenn, David C. to Jackson, Laura 12-28-1876

Glenn, George to Perry, Ann 7-9-1879

Glenn, Serry? to Dawson, Ella 9-20-1879

Glenn, William T. to Prickett. Beatris? E. 12-3-1878

Goodgame, Letie to Kelly, Marshall 3-13-1880

Grant, John W. to Guy, Nancy 12-23-1875

Grant, B. F. to Kelly, Zeader?? 11-30-1890

Grooms, Laura J. to Samuels, Edmond B. 9-19-1878

Grooms, Matilta C. to Thomas, Alfred M. 1-24-1875

Grooms, W. A. to Callaway, C. J. 1-17-1889

Gulledge, Mary E. to Logan, John B. 9-21-1893

Guy, Ellen A. to Martin, Robert H. 12-9-1880

Guy, Nancy to Grant, John W. 12-23-1875

Guy, Candace E. to Murphy, Robert 6-23-1895

Guy, H. B. to Mitchell, M. E. 1-21-1877

Guy, James to Hay, Nancy 12-10-1874

Guy, B. C. to Hull, Martha C. 1-2-1890

Guy, J. H. to Parden??, Caldonia 12-11-1892

Guy, J. V. to Pearce, M. J. 10-25-1890

Guy, W. J. to Parsons, M. J. 8-22-1892

Hand, Elifair to Rich, J. T. 10-16-1879

Hand, Ellen to Mooney, Silas 11-26-1875

Hand, Martha A. to Butler, Daniel M. 11-18-1880

Hand, Carrie to Harris, O. P. 11-19-1891

Hand, Joseph A. to DeVaughn, Sarah E. 10-28-1877

Harden, George W. to Hull, Mary J. 10-9-1878

Hardie(Hardis?),Sam to Kelly, Emily 12-25-1890

Hardy, Sarah Jane to Dennis, John L. 9-15-1875

Hardy, M. S. to Mehong??, Benjamin 3-10-1891

Hardy, Miriah to Jones, Doctor J. R. 11-25-1888

Hardy, D. J. to Varner, Judith 11-29-1890

Hardy, J. D. to McGrady, M. E. 1-1-1893

Hardy, J. R. to Sellers, Mattie E. 1-5-1891

Hardy, Sam to Smith, Ida 11-23-1890

Harmon, M. M. to Hull, C. F. 12-17-1894

Harris, Emma to Ray, John W. 12-19-1878

Harris, Nancy to White, Samuel S. 12-2-1874

Harris, E. R. to Thorn, James 4-1-1890

Harris, Lula to Edwards, J. D. 12-1-1889

Harris, M. C. to Haynie, J. M. 11-17-1889

Harris, Roxie to Gilliland, Thomas J. 11-22-1895

Harris, George L. to Cooper, Lucinda A. 12-25-1874

Harris, H. A. J. to Kelly, Elizabeth 1-7-1875

Harris, J(T). P. to Thornhill, M. E. 12-4-1877

Harris, J. W. to Glenn, Rosa A. 12-11-1879

Harris, Rufus M. to Kelley, Rebecca 11-24-1878

Harris, W. P. to Gilliland, Lucinda 11-23-1876

Harris, William C. to Carroll, Eliza J. 10-31-1878

Harris, William O. to Brown??, Eliza W. 12-25-1874

Harris, C. A. to White, Genia 12-20-1888

Harris, E. H. to Cowart, Nancy F. 11-4-1888

Harris, E. R. to Stubblefield, Elizabeth 12-7-1890

Harris, George M. to Taylor, C. G. 6-18-1891

Harris, J. A. to Burke(Burk?), Lila 2-8-1891

Harris, J. V. to Varner, Alice 12-24-1891

Harris, J. W. to Holloway, B. B. 12-21-1893

Harris, O. P. to Hand, Carrie 11-19-1891

Harris, T. W. to Varner, M. G. 12-23-1894

Harris, W. P. to Laine?, Mattie B. 8-21-1892

Harris, W. T. to Holmes, Saliter?? 11-25-1894

Harrison, M. C. to Martin, T. W. 12-21-1890

Harvell, Elizabeth A. to Smith, Robert H. 12-27-1876

Hawkins, Annie Bell to Martin, J. L. 11-6-1890

Hay, Nancy to Guy, James 12-10-1874

Hay, B. B. to Wilson, Rebecca Ann 12-4-1879

Hay, Z. H. to Palmer, Cinthia 12-25-1893

Haynie, J. M. to Harris, M. C. 11-17-1889

Heath, Georgiana to Knight, M. E. 11-23-1876

Heath, Nannie to Messer?, E. A. 11-28-1880

Hilyer, E. V. to Lewis, H. N. 9-14-1893

Hilyer, Franklin C. to Allen, Francis. F. 8-17-1874

Hilyer, Joseph N. to Smith, Sophrona A. 10-27-1875

Hilyer, J. H. to Brown, Josephine 12-13-1888

Hilyer, James D. to Stagmer??, Elizabeth 1-15-1891

Hilyer,, T. J. to Adams, S. B. 1-10-1895

Hinton??, Thomas, J. to Varner, Laura Eugene 12-26-1880

Holley, Josephrine? to Stroud, W. M. 12-11-1879

Holley, Nancy to Johnson, D. Y. 8-5-1875

Holley, Sarah M. to Rogers, T. M. 12-21-1880

Holley, Taletha E to Johnston, Y. A. 11-17-1880

Holley, Gleen?? B. to Lee, Mary 1-21-1875

Holley, John M. to Stroud, Mary E. 11-28-1880

Holloway, B. B. to Harris, J. W. 12-21-1893

Holly, Martha Ann to Wilson, T. L. D. 11-15-1874

Holly, Mary B. to Shelton, James S. 1-25-1876

Holmes, Saliter?? to Harris, W. T. 11-25-1894

Honeycutt, W. J. to Jones, M. M. 11-22-1880

Hooks, Missouri to Smith, J. D. 12-19-1876

Horton?, Dixie? to Jacks, W. J. 10-24-1889

Hosey, Thomas to Blaylock, Martha A. 12-17-1878

Huff?, E. M. A. to Kelley, M. 10-27-1891

Hughes, Louisa to Powell, R. J. 8-5-1880

Hughes, M. A. to Walker, T. M. 12-21-1876

Hughes, M. A. E. to Bullard, James 1-15-1895

Hughes, Nettie to Fulmer,, J. D. 5-2-1889

Hughes, S. M. to Miller, W. L. 11-19-1890

Hughes, John D. to Miller, M. L. 12-1-1888

Hughes, W. D. to King, D. E. 8-23-1892

Hughs, Ellen to Bice, E. V. 3-20-1878

Hughs, Martha A. to Bolton, Reuben 11-27-1877

Hull, Eliza J. to Steel, Thos. R. 1-20-1880

Hull, Mary J. to Harden, George W. 10-9-1878

Hull, Martha C. to Guy, B. C. 1-2-1890

Hull, Romy to Gandy, F. E. 12-15-1895

Hull, John H. to Martin, Barby?? 12-28-1877

Hull, John T. to Veasey, Amanda 12-30-1875

Hull, C. F. to Harmon, M. M. 12-17-1894

Hull, Malcomb to Baxley??, Mary J. 1-20-1889

Ingram, J. T. to Shaw, M. F. 7-15-1875

Jacks, Alice L. to King, H. W. 12-12-1878

Jacks, Mrs. Ella to Thomas, Wm. H. 11-2-1879

Jacks, Annie to Burks, J. C. 1-2-1890

Jacks, Hattie to Atchley, T. F. 12-13-1894

Jacks, L. D. to Terrell, W. J. 12-25-1894

Jacks, O. E. E. to Carroll, W. G. 9-16-1888

Jacks, A. L. to Smith, M. E. 3-16-1876

Jacks, William A. to Prickett, Margaret 12-15-1875

Jacks, A. A. to Little, Nancy J. 12-9-1890

Jacks, W. J. to Horton?, Dixie? 10-24-1889

Jackson, Laura to Glenn, David C. 12-28-1876

Janny??, Allison to Varner, Catherine 12-20-1877

Jarrett, Martha to Martin, W. J. 8-14-1890

Jennings, Louis Jr. to Jones, Dara 4-16-1878

Johnson, D. Y. to Holley, Nancy 8-5-1875

Johnson, R. F. to Varner, N. A. 3-11-1894

Johnston, Y. A. to Holley, Taletha E 11-17-1880

Jones, A. T. to Nolen, A. J. 2-27-1879

Jones, Anna to Phillips, Wash 5-16-1880

Jones, Dara to Jennings, Louis Jr. 4-16-1878

Jones, Eliza to Olphin??, Phillip 12-11-1876

Jones, Fanny to Calfee, Jerry 12-8-1878

Jones, L. V. to Brooks, Mike 12-27-1877

Jones, Lara? Ann to Scoggins, George B. 8-2-1874

Jones, Laura to McLeod??, K. 2-8-1876

Jones, M. M. to Honeycutt, W. J. 11-22-1880

Jones, Margaret A. to Burton, William T. 8-12-1874

Jones, Sarah to Roberson, John 11-28-1879

Jones, Sealy Jane to Posey, Appleton 10-28-1874

Jones, Temperance A. E. to DeVaughn, Pinkney R. 10-19-1876

Jones, Ida to Beaird?, J. D. 11-1-1894

Jones, Lula to Butler, W. C. 12-25-1890

Jones, C. D. to Davis, Emmia J. 2-16-1876

Jones, David to Wood, Jane 10-9-1875

Jones, Hiram to Lee, Georgia 1-29-1877

Jones, Isaac H. to Barrett, Annie R. 12-26-1878

Jones, J. M. to Parker, N. E. 6-11-1876

Jones, Jack to Lauderdale, Nancy 7-1-1874

Jones, Joseph H. to DeVaughn, Martha P. 9-30-1875

Jones, R. D. to Spears, Elizabeth 3-13-1879

Jones, Thomas to Bryant, Joanna 1-22-1878

Jones, C. J. to King, Eots Ervilder? 11-1-1894

Jones, Doctor J. R. to Hardy, Miriah 11-25-1888

Jones, J. T. to Woodfin, A. E. 11-20-1894

Jones, J. W. to Gillispie, Annie 9-13-1889

Jones, Juluis to McDonald, Mattie 12-14-1888

Jones, T. H. to Polk, Lena 4-29-1894

Kelley, Mahaley to Thomas, Sock 7-11-1878

Kelley, Rebecca to Harris, Rufus M. 11-24-1878

Kelley, A. M. to Nolen, H. A. 12-13-1894

Kelley, Harietta to Kelley, J. W. 4-28-1896

Kelley, Mary Jane to Parker, J. D. 3-27-1895

Kelley, George W. to Yarborough, Jetricia? A. 11-7-1878

Kelley, Joseph to Rich, E. H. 12-12-1879

Kelley, William to Gandy, Bettie 1-28-1880

Kelley, Henry to McMillan, Menerva 11-20-1893

Kelley, J. A. to Sims, Susie 2-18-1894

Kelley, J. W. to Kelley, Harietta 4-28-1896

Kelley, John (alias Jake) to Tucker, Eliza 12-27-1891

Kelley, M. to Huff?, E. M. A. 10-27-1891

Kelley, Travis to Nolen, Lori C. 11-11-1894

Kelly, Brenice?? to McKinney, Phillip 5-23-1874

Kelly, Elizabeth to Harris, H. A. J. 1-7-1875

Kelly, Sarah to Culver, George P. 1-20-1875

Kelly, Emily to Hardie(Hardis?),Sam 12-25-1890

Kelly, Zeader?? to Grant, B. F. 11-30-1890

Kelly, H. W. C. to Rogers, Sarah T. 12-11-1880

Kelly, Horace to Bennett, Harriett 1-31-1877

Kelly, Louis to Welih??, Louisa J. 7-25-1878

Kelly, Marshall to Goodgame, Letie 3-13-1880

Kelly, Webster to Nolen, Clara 1-10-1879

Kelly, Albert to Wilson, Bamer? 4-20-1892

Kelly, George M. to Smith, Elizabeth 10-26-1890

Kent, Dr. John L. to Martin, Emma C. 4-30-1895

King, Mary F. C. to Nieghbors, A. F. 12-15-1880

King, D. E. to Hughes, W. D. 8-23-1892

King, Eots Ervilder? to Jones, C. J. 11-1-1894

King, H. W. to Jacks, Alice L. 12-12-1878

Knight, M. E. to Heath, Georgiana 11-23-1876

Knight, Wm. R. to Thornton, Mahala 9-29-1878

Laine?, Mattie B. to Harris, W. P. 8-21-1892

Lambert, Pelsam to Smith, Rhody? 8-9-1878

Lauderdale, Nancy to Jones, Jack 7-1-1874

Lauderdale, Annie to Smith, Armistis 12-21-1890

Lee, Georgia to Jones, Hiram 1-29-1877

Lee, Mary to Holley, Gleen?? B. 1-21-1875

Lewis, H. N. to Hilyer, E. V. 9-14-1893

Linwood, Ida to Smith, James 8-4-1889

Little, Nancy J. to Jacks, A. A. 12-9-1890

Logan H. B(R?). to Thomas, A. A. 2-1-1894

Logan, Mary Ella to Smith, William H. 7-17-1879

Logan, Melinda F. to Sears, Joseph W. 10-13-1879

Logan, Arsula to Dennis, J. E. 12-10-1891

Logan, Cordie? to Culver, J. A. 11-14-1888

Logan, N. A. to Adams, Delila A. 1-5-1880

Logan, H. B. to Pate, M. E. 9-2-1888

Logan, J(I?). S. to Mathews, Janie 8-8-1889

Logan, J. C. to Bailey, Laura 9-12-1889

Logan, J. H. to Wilson, A. J?. 10-6-1889

Logan, John B. to Gulledge, Mary E. 9-21-1893

Lowery, W. J. to Castleberry, J. S. 8-16-1889

Martin E. F. to Wharton, Maud 1-20-1895

Martin, Barby?? to Hull, John H. 12-28-1877

Martin, Harriett to Butler, John T. 1-28-1875

Martin, Armanda to Sanley??, L. D. 2-20-1891

Martin, Coessadia? to Morris, Wm. P. 3-28-1895

Martin, Elizabeth to Barrett, Edwin? 11-16-1888

Martin, Emma C. to Kent, Dr. John L. 4-30-1895

Martin, M. C. J. to Thornton, John 7-9-1890

Martin, Robert H. to Guy, Ellen A. 12-9-1880

Martin, F. to Pruitt, E. J. 8-5-1894

Martin, J. L. to Hawkins, Annie Bell 11-6-1890

Martin, S. J. to Baker, Artie 4-1-1891

Martin, T. W. to Harrison, M. C. 12-21-1890

Martin, W. J. to Jarrett, Martha 8-14-1890

Massey, Attis? G. to Allen, J. C. 6-23-1895

Massey, Alf D. to Sherbert, Amanda 1-8-1878

Mathews, Janie to Logan, J(I?). S. 8-8-1889

McCain, Jeannie to Allen, N. J. 1-4-1876

McDonald, Mattie to Jones, Juluis 12-14-1888

McFelton?, Mary to Smith, William Jessie 11-16-1879

McGrady, M. E. to Hardy, J. D. 1-1-1893

McKinney, Phillip to Kelly, Brenice?? 5-23-1874

McLeod??, K. to Jones, Laura 2-8-1876

McMillan, Menerva to Kelley, Henry 11-20-1893

Meadows, John T. to Smith, Lorelia? A. 5-29-1879

Mehong??, Benjamin to Hardy, M. S. 3-10-1891

Messer?, E. A. to Heath, Nannie 11-28-1880

Miller, M. L. to Hughes, John D. 12-1-1888

Miller, Henry to Castleberry, Amanda J. 11-17-1889

Miller, Mathias to Glenn, Collie 8-20-1893

Miller, W. L. to Hughes, S. M. 11-19-1890

Mims, Hugh to Smith, Sarah 3-12-1895

Misser??, W. M. to Smith, Francis 10-3-1876

Mitchell, M. E. to Guy, H. B. 1-21-1877

Mooney, Silas to Hand, Ellen 11-26-1875

Morgan, William A. to DeVaughn, Mary F. 12-22-1877

Morris, Wm. P. to Martin, Coessadia? 3-28-1895

Murphy, Lonnie? to Rawls, James 10-14-1880

Murphy, R. E. to Raines, J. W. 11-24-1892

Murphy, J. A. to Adams, E. B. T. 12-7-1876

Murphy, Robert to Guy, Candace E. 6-23-1895

Neeley (Wesley?), J. N. to Smith, Idella 11-30-1890

Nieghbors, A. F. to King, Mary F. C. 12-15-1880

Nix, William A. to Smith, M. E. 12-29-1879

Nolen, Clara to Kelly, Webster 1-10-1879

Nolen, Lori C. to Kelley, Travis 11-11-1894

Nolen, A. J. to Jones, A. T. 2-27-1879

Nolen, H. A. to Kelley, A. M. 12-13-1894

Oliver, W. P. to Smith, S. E. 12-31-1889

Olphin??, Phillip to Jones, Eliza 12-11-1876

Palmer, Cinthia to Hay, Z. H. 12-25-1893

Parden??, Caldonia to Guy, J. H. 12-11-1892

Parker, N. E. to Jones, J. M. 6-11-1876

Parker, J. D. to Kelley, Mary Jane 3-27-1895

Parker,, John H. to Smith, Alice H. 12-28-1880

Parsons, M. J. to Guy, W. J. 8-22-1892

Pate, M. E. to Logan, H. B. 9-2-1888

Patterson, J. R. to Allen, D. E. 10-18-1894

Pearce, M. J. to Guy, J. V. 10-25-1890

Perry, Ann to Glenn, George 7-9-1879

Phillips, Debie to Varner, J. W. 10-18-1895

Phillips, Wash to Jones, Anna 5-16-1880

Polk, Lena to Jones, T. H. 4-29-1894

Posey, Appleton to Jones, Sealy Jane 10-28-1874

Powell, Alfred to Billups, Simia 10-2-1875

Powell, R. J. to Hughes, Louisa 8-5-1880

Prickett, Margaret to Jacks, William A. 12-15-1875

Prickett. Beatris? E. to Glenn, William T. 12-3-1878

Prince, S. M. to Allen, Lucinda 1-6-1879

Pruitt, E. J. to Martin, F. 8-5-1894

Radford, Thomas L. to Smith, Sarah S. 12-20-1877

Raines, S. E. to Varner, M. E. 12-8-1889

Raines, J. W. to Murphy, R. E. 11-24-1892

Rawls, James to Murphy, Lonnie? 10-14-1880

Ray, John W. to Harris, Emma 12-19-1878

Rich, E. H. to Kelley, Joseph 12-12-1879

Rich, J. T. to Hand, Elifair 10-16-1879

Roberson, John to Jones, Sarah 11-28-1879

Rogers, Sarah T. to Kelly, H. W. C. 12-11-1880

Rogers, T. M. to Holley, Sarah M. 12-21-1880

Rosan C. DeVaughn to Evans, W. J. 1-30-1879

Russell, Julia to Smith, Frank 9-1-1893

Rutherford, James to Smith, M. E. 1-19-1879

Salley, J. M. to Smith, H. F. 2-7-1878

Salter, W. B. to Allen, Florence 11-14-1888

Samuels, Edmond B. to Grooms, Laura J. 9-19-1878

Sanley??, L. D. to Martin, Armanda 2-20-1891

Scoggins, George B. to Jones, Lara? Ann 8-2-1874

Scroggins, S. E. to Smith, James M. 12-13-1894

Sears, Joseph W. to Smith, Laura 8-30-1874

Sears, Joseph W. to Logan, Melinda F. 10-13-1879

Sellers, Mattie E. to Hardy, J. R. 1-5-1891

Shaw, M. F. to Ingram, J. T. 7-15-1875

Shelton, James S. to Holly, Mary B. 1-25-1876

Sherbert, Amanda to Massey, Alf D. 1-8-1878

Simmons?, Laurie to Varner, Stephen 12-17-1877

Sims, Susie to Kelley, J. A. 2-18-1894

Smiley, Victoria to Varner, Sol 12-23-1875

Smith, Alice H. to Parker,, John H. 12-28-1880

Smith, Ann to Bradford, Solomon 7-7-1877

Smith, Emma to Vance, A. P. 12-24-1876

Smith, Francis to Misser??, W. M. 10-3-1876

Smith, Georgia A. to Smith, N. Z. 2-5-1878

Smith, H. F. to Salley, J. M. 2-7-1878

Smith, Hannah to Young, James 3-24-1876

Smith, Julia M. to Chastain, B. F. 9-16-1875

Smith, Laura to Sears, Joseph W. 8-30-1874

Smith, Lorelia? A. to Meadows, John T. 5-29-1879

Smith, M. C. to Ellis, L. C. 12-25-1879

Smith, M. E. to Jacks, A. L. 3-16-1876

Smith, M. E. to Rutherford, James 1-19-1879

Smith, M. E. to Nix, William A. 12-29-1879

Smith, Mary to Thomas, Ben 1-8-1875

Smith, Mary Ann to Wilson, J. T. 4-4-1880

Smith, Nancy E. to Thompson, John D. 12-24-1879

Smith, Nancy J. to Clark, Sanford B. 11-2-1876

Smith, Nancy J. to Smith, Geo. W. 10-21-1877

Smith, Rhody? to Lambert, Pelsam 8-9-1878

Smith, Sarah S. to Radford, Thomas L. 12-20-1877

Smith, Sophrona A. to Hilyer, Joseph N. 10-27-1875

Smith, Tabitha A. to Smith, S, M. 9-23-1879

Smith, Abbie(Affie??) to Smith, F. L. 12-30-1889

Smith, Bobbie? T. to Brass??, W. M. 6-28-1894

Smith, Elizabeth to Kelly, George M. 10-26-1890

Smith, Ellen to Zeigler, Louie 10-15-1893

Smith, Frances to Thomas, Simon A. 12-24-1891

Smith, Ida to Hardy, Sam 11-23-1890

Smith, Idella to Neeley (Wesley?), J. N. 11-30-1890

Smith, J. A. to Temple, J. A. 12-21-1892

Smith, Joepcia? to Carter, William 12-25-1894

Smith, M. A. L. to Blankenship, M. G. 1-31-1895

Smith, M. J. to Bancroft, J. J. 4-21-1889

Smith, Mary M. to Vance, J. H. 2-11-1891

Smith, S. E. to Oliver, W. P. 12-31-1889

Smith, Sallie B. to Stone?, James D. 4-2-1893

Smith, Sarah to Mims, Hugh 3-12-1895

Smith, Susan to Sprayberry, J. H. 5-7-1893

Smith, Abram?? to Crawford, Sarah 9-27-1877

Smith, Adam R. to Whetstone, Feblella?? 11-6-1879

Smith, Felix L. to Thomas, Ida J. 12-12-1878

Smith, Geo. W. to Smith, Nancy J. 10-21-1877

Smith, J. D. to Hooks, Missouri 12-19-1876

Smith, J. W. to Cotton, Moriah 11-4-1879

Smith, John A. to Darden, Mary E. 11-2-1876

Smith, Joseph to Chapman, Fanny 8-25-1874

Smith, N. Z. to Smith, Georgia A. 2-5-1878

Smith, Richard to Crawford, Martha 2-8-1877

Smith, Robert H. to Harvell, Elizabeth A. 12-27-1876

Smith, S, M. to Smith, Tabitha A. 9-23-1879

Smith, S. H. to Wilson, Lucinda 11-20-1879

Smith, S. R. to Flurney??, R. C. 9-1-1876

Smith, William H. to Logan, Mary Ella 7-17-1879

Smith, William Jessie to McFelton?, Mary 11-16-1879

Smith, A. C. to Calloway, Nannie 12-24-1890

Smith, Armistis to Lauderdale, Annie 12-21-1890

Smith, Armoten?? to Thomas, Sidney 1-27-1889

Smith, F. L. to Smith, Abbie(Affie??) 12-30-1889

Smith, Frank to Russell, Julia 9-1-1893

Smith, G. G. to Brown, Susan M. 3-7-1889

Smith, G. R. S. to Coffee(Calfie?), Otta? 6-8-1890

Smith, J. D. to Beaird?, F. L. 9-27-1894

Smith, James to Linwood, Ida 8-4-1889

Smith, James M. to Scroggins, S. E. 12-13-1894

Smith, M. M. to Vance, L. A. 3-10-1895

Smith, S. A. to Sprayberry, Lillie 12-24-1890

Smith, W. S. to Causey, Mattie 11-9-1890

Sparks, Leander?? to Butler, Rebecca 1-8-1875

Spears, Elizabeth to Jones, R. D. 3-13-1879

Speer, Bannister to Stroud, Francis 12-23-1875

Spence, Joseph to Varner, Alabama 4-29-1877

Spigener, Wash to Varner, Ann 10-2-1879

Sprayberry, Lillie to Smith, S. A. 12-24-1890

Sprayberry, J. H. to Smith, Susan 5-7-1893

Stagmer??, Elizabeth to Hilyer, James D. 1-15-1891

Steel, Thos. R. to Hull, Eliza J. 1-20-1880

Stone?, James D. to Smith, Sallie B. 4-2-1893

Stroud, Francis to Speer, Bannister 12-23-1875

Stroud, Mary E. to Holley, John M. 11-28-1880

Stroud, W. M. to Holley, Josephrine? 12-11-1879

Stubblefield, Elizabeth to Harris, E. R. 12-7-1890

Taylor, C. G. to Harris, George M. 6-18-1891

Temple, J. A. to Smith, J. A. 12-21-1892

Terrell, W. J. to Jacks, L. D. 12-25-1894

Thomas, Ida J. to Smith, Felix L. 12-12-1878

Thomas, Sallie to Crews, B. F. 12-17-1874

Thomas, A. A. to Logan H. B(R?). 2-1-1894

Thomas, Sidney to Smith, Armoten?? 1-27-1889

Thomas, Alfred M. to Grooms, Matilta C. 1-24-1875

Thomas, Ben to Smith, Mary 1-8-1875

Thomas, Sock to Kelley, Mahaley 7-11-1878

Thomas, Wm. H. to Jacks, Mrs. Ella 11-2-1879

Thomas, Simon A. to Smith, Frances 12-24-1891

Thompson, John D. to Smith, Nancy E. 12-24-1879

Thorn, James to Harris, E. R. 4-1-1890

Thornhill, M. E. to Harris, J(T). P. 12-4-1877

Thornton, Mahala to Knight, Wm. R. 9-29-1878

Thornton, John to Martin, M. C. J. 7-9-1890

Tucker, Eliza to Kelley, John (alias Jake) 12-27-1891

Vance, L. A. to Smith, M. M. 3-10-1895

Vance, A. P. to Smith, Emma 12-24-1876

Vance, J. H. to Smith, Mary M. 2-11-1891

Vance, W. D. to Varner, Rella 2-4-1894

Varner, Alabama to Spence, Joseph 4-29-1877

Varner, Ann to Spigener, Wash 10-2-1879

Varner, Catherine to Janny??, Allison 12-20-1877

Varner, Ellen to Colfee??, Thomas 12-28-1877

Varner, Laura Eugene to Hinton??, Thomas, J. 12-26-1880

Varner, Alice to Harris, J. V. 12-24-1891

Varner, Judith to Hardy, D. J. 11-29-1890

Varner, M. G. to Harris, T. W. 12-23-1894

Varner, N. A. to Johnson, R. F. 3-11-1894

Varner, Rella to Vance, W. D. 2-4-1894

Varner, Esselman to Glenn, S. E. 1-30-1879

Varner, Sol to Smiley, Victoria 12-23-1875

Varner, Stephen to Simmons?, Laurie 12-17-1877

Varner, Hardaway to Glenn, Caroline 12-6-1888

Varner, J. W. to Phillips, Debie 10-18-1895

Varner, James H. to White, Nancy Greene 11-16-1895

Varner, M. E. to Raines, S. E. 12-8-1889

Veasey, Amanda to Hull, John T. 12-30-1875

Wadsworth. Louise to Castleberry, J. J. 8-18-1891

Walker, T. M. to Hughes, M. A. 12-21-1876

Watson, W. C. to Glenn, Mary E. 12-19-1878

Weldon, W. N. to Barkley, A. J. 10-8-1890

Welih??, Louisa J. to Kelly, Louis 7-25-1878

Wharton, Maud to Martin E. F. 1-20-1895

Whetstone, Feblella?? to Smith, Adam R. 11-6-1879

Whetstone, Pinkey to Butler, Norval?? 10-3-1874

White, Genia to Harris, C. A. 12-20-1888

White, Nancy Greene to Varner, James H. 11-16-1895

White, Samuel S. to Harris, Nancy 12-2-1874

Wilson, Lucinda to Smith, S. H. 11-20-1879

Wilson, Rebecca Ann to Hay, B. B. 12-4-1879

Wilson, A. J?. to Logan, J. H. 10-6-1889

Wilson, Bamer? to Kelly, Albert 4-20-1892

Wilson, J. T. to Smith, Mary Ann 4-4-1880

Wilson, T. L. D. to Holly, Martha Ann 11-15-1874

Wood, Jane to Jones, David 10-9-1875

Wood, C. D. to Allen, Bulah 11-10-1878

Woodfin, A. E. to Jones, J. T. 11-20-1894

Yarborough, Jetricia? A. to Kelley, George W. 11-7-1878

Young, James to Smith, Hannah 3-24-1876

Zeigler, Louie to Smith, Ellen 10-15-1893

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