The DANNER Family of Randolph County, Alabama

Contributed by:  Wanda (Danner) Mehlhoff, Mehlhoffgw

John L. C. Danner--he was an Alabama Supreme Court reporter from 1868-1870. Johann (John) Leonhard Conrad Danner was born 16 Apr 1827, baptized on the 18th of April in Weidenbach, and died 24 Dec 1872. His place of birth is Weidenbach, Bavaria, Germany. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama. At the time of his death, he 45 years, 8 months, 8 days. He was educated in public schools and located in Wedowee, Randolph County, Alabama for law practice. He married Mary Ann Kitchens, daughter of General and Louise Kitchens and sister of James M. Kitchens who was a Randolph County tax collector for several years. He served as clerk of the circuit court of Randolph County and received his commission 15 Aug 1849. He had one son, Fred, who drowned near Cape Hatteras and one daughter, no name mentioned. She married D. P. West and they lived about 6 miles east of Eufaula on the Georgia side.

He was the son of Georg Friedrich Danner and Anna Margaretha Barbara Horn, natives of Germany. His mother died on 13 Mar 1838 in Weidenbach at the age of 41 years, 2 months, and 21 days. The parents of Johann married on 6 Oct 1822 in Weidenbach. His father's profession was to make (forge) nails in Weidenbach and he was a master at this trade. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1840, coming into the Philadelphia harbor. The father of Georg Friedrich Danner was the tailor master, Michael Danner, from Ansbach. For any data of Georg Friedrich Danner, information can be obtained in the Ansbach community church St. Hubertus. The father of Margaretha Barbara Horn was Johann Thomas Horn, Dispatcher of Goods, from Dierersdorf; later he lived in Frankendorf. He dies in Oct 1822. Margaretha Barbara Horn was probably born in Dierersdorf, which belongs to the Protestant-Lutheran. The father of Johann married after the death of his first wife. He married his second wife, Anna Katharina Schlager, on 29 Aug 1838, in Weidenbach. She comes from Nennslingen. Below is a list of siblings of Johann L.C. Danner; they were also born in Weidenbach.


Maria Margaretha 14 May 1828 3 Jan 1829

Augusta Laura 2 Apr 1830

Eva Barbara 14 Apr 1831 23 Apr 1831

Leonhard Konrad 23 Jul 1832

Anna Maria Margaretha 22 Feb 1834 11 May 1834

Anna is the daughter of Georg and his second wife.

The following is a letter that is from the Mobile Coal Company, Mobile Ala, dated Sept 19, 1913. It is from A. C. Danner to Dr. Thos. M. Owen, Director, Alabama State Dept of Archives and History, Montgomery, Ala.

My dear Sir:

In response to yours of the 18th. inst., I met Mr. John L. C. Danner once of twice, and at one time had quite a long talk with him about our families, found that we came from the same stock, so, while I could give some information as to the ancestry of the Danners (including him) I do not know anything about his descendants, have never known his family. I believe he lived in Decatur; possibly you can get some information by writing there.

Very truly,

Signed A. C. Danner


This letter is from J. A. Bingham, Talladega, Alabama, dated 17 Dec 1913.

Jno. L. C. Danner was from Randolph County and I knew the family quite well. The only son, Fred, was an officer in the U.S. Navy and was lost off Cape Hatteras when the Huron foundered. After the death of Mr. Danner, the widown and only daughter returned to Randolph County where they still are, if living. Mr. Danner was connected by marriage with the Smith family and Douglas Smith at Wedowee could furnish you I am sure with the data you desire in regard to Mr. Danner. Benj. Rolfe did not know, and the only person who could probably furnish you with any information in regard to this main is Mr. James Shaw at Aurora, Ill. Mr. Shaw was connected with the first Republican newspaper established in Alabama after the war, The Mobile Nationalist, and was a member of the Legislature of 1868 from that County and I am sure remembers Mr. Rolfe. Major James T. Dye was an old batchelor (sic) and died a few years ago. He made his home with his nephew, Mr. W. T. Dye at Ironaton, Ala., who will I am sure take pleasure in furnishing you with the data you desire in regard to the Major. Should you fail to get the information through the parties that I refer you to let me know and I will try to further aid you. Knowing the object of your recent visit to Talladega, I know that you had not time for social calls. I heard your address at the church and thought it well put. While my father was a partisan in politics, he would never agree in the days of Republican ascendency for this institution to be involved, and had probably to do than any other man in leaving Dr. Johnson undisturbed.

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