The Elington Drinkard Family Bible

Contributed by M. Mathis, , who states "I am a descendant of Elington/Jeremiah Drinkard. Will share or appreciate any information on this or other Drinkard families in Alabama.  Elington and descendants were found in both Marengo and Clarke Co., Alabama.  I am sending the Elington Drinkard Bible. Elington raised a large family in Alabama both in Clarke and Marengo counties. Many descendants are still in the area. Thank you M. Mathis"


The Elington Drinkard Family Bible

Philadelphia: Published by Edward W. Miller, Artisan Bldg., Ranstead Place 1840 .

The original is in the hands of Drinkard Researcher Janie Prince Houston, Texas .



Elington Drinkard was born June 22 AD 1799

Tabith Drinkard was born December 34 AD 1804 (She Was a Mobley)

Jeremiah Drinkard was born October 10 AD 1819

William Drinkard was born June 2 AD 1821

Elizabeth Drinkard was born April 17 AD 1823

Lemuel Drinkard was born February 1 AD 1825

John M. Drinkard was born January 7 AD 1827

Jesse Drinkard was born April 4 AD 1829

Mary Drinkard was born February 26 AD 1831

W. J.(G) Drinkard was born February 7 1833

F. E. Drinkard (Frances) was born November 16 1834

Allen Drinkard was born May 5 AD 1837

Jerusa A. Drinkard was born April 30 AD 1839

Marion Drinkard was born March 10 AD 1843

Sarah E. Drinkard was born December 27 AD 1845

(d. 4 April 1896)


Marion Drinkard died August 12 AD 1859

Jermiah Drinkard deid May 17 AD 1857

Tabitha Drinkard died December 14 AD 1859 (Marengo Co.)

Elington Drinkard died August 8 AD 1873

Sallie E. Taylor died April 4 1846


No marriage records in the Bible

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