Roster of General Clanton Camp

United Confederate Veterans of Escambia County

Typed and contributed by: Lygia Dawkins Cutts - - 25 JAN 1998


Key: Name, residence, company & regiment.

Abbreviations: Confederate Cavalry- CON CAV, Infantry - INF, Regiment - REG

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ALLEN, James - Robisonville, I, 1st FL INF

ALLEN, J.G. - Perdido, I 1st FL INF

ALLEN, W.M. - Robisonville, D, 15th CON CAV

BROWN, D.E. - Local, G, 7th AL CAV

BRYARS, B.H. - Atmore, B, 2nd AL CAV

BOONE, A.J. - Mortimer, C, 15th CON CAV

BOGGAN, J.H. - Canoe, K, 1st AL INF

BOTTS, W.F. - Flomaton, G, 1st FL INF

BLACK, Abraham - Brewton, E, 15th CON CAV

BLOAND, E.T. - Brewton, F, 13th AL INF

BARROW, Charles - Brewton, RFD2, D, 15th CON CAV

BRANTLEY, W.T. - Atmore, I, 23rd AL INF

BROWNING, Rev. A.J. - Flomaton, A, 1st AL Artillery

CRUIT, R.F. - Mortimer, B, 2nd AL CAL (One of Jeff Davis' last bodyguards)

COXWELL, W.G. - Bradley, C, 20th GA INF

CONWAY, Jasper - Steadham, H, 1st AL INF

CUTTS, J.W. - Brewton, RFD1, B, Cutts Artillery

DAVIDSON, J.M. - Brewton, H, 17th AL INF

DOWNING, E. - Brewton, H, 1st FL INF

DAILEY, B.F. - Brewton, 15th CON. CAV

DANFORD, J.M. - Brewton, RFD4, B, 57th AL INF

DRURY, J.F. - Flomaton, E, 15th CON CAV

DOSKINS, J.A. - Atmore, I, 29th AL INF

EMMONS, G.W. - Wallace, I, 15th CON CAV

FRANKLIN, S.M. - Brewton, RFD2, D, 33rd AL INF

FUQUA, J.F. - Roberts, E, 15th CON CAV

FORTNER, Robert - Pollard, I, 54th AL INF

FINDLEY, W.H. - Canoe, D, 16th AL INF

FINDLEY, G.M. - Flomaton, I, 29th AL INF

FOX, W.F. - Wallace, C, 27th GA INF

GRAY, F.H. - Range, D, 33rd, AL INF

GILLIS, Rev. H.M. - Castleberry, C, 46th, AL INF

HELTON, J.A. - Pollard, H, 2nd AL CAV

HOLLAND, W.J. - Brewton, D, Clanton's Reserves

HAVARD, P.H. - Roberts, B, 18th AL INF

HOBBS, J.T. - Sardine, Capt. Simon Bell's Home Guards

HALL, William - Wallace, I, 15th CON CAV

HALL, S. - Wallace, I, 15th CON CAV

HAWKINS, John N. - Berrydale, FL H, 2nd AL CAV

JACKSON, E.P. Brewton, RFD3, E, 15th CON CAV

JACKSON, W.J. - Brewton, RFD3, H, 1st FL INF

JOHNSON, W.C. - Flomaton, E, 15th CON CAV

JORDAN, J.L. - Flomaton, I, 1st FL INF

JONES, M.B. - Catawba, FL, E, 15th CON CAV

JONES, Lewis - Jay, FL, D, 15th CON CAV

JERNIGAN, Malachi - Kirkland, CO H, 1st FL INF

JERNIGAN, W.A. - Kirkland, D, 23rd AL INF

KELLY, W.H. - Brewton, G, 1st FL INF

KING, Morris - Mortimer, A, 18th AL INF

KILPATRICK, J. - Bradley, Clantons' Artillery

LEIGH, N.R. - Brewton, E, 15th CON CAV

LYNN, J.M. - Brewton, E, 38th AL INF

LANE, W.B. - Hadley, I, Wirt Adams REG

LINDSEY, J.L. - Pollard, A, 18th AL INF

LITTLE, G.W. - Byrd, MS, C, 44th AL INF

LOWERY, W.R. - Atmore, I, 15th CON CAV

MALONE, Henry Holcombe - Brewton, F, 3rd FL REG

McGOWIN, J.E. - Brewton, D, 16th AL INF

MILLER, T.R. - Brewton, E, 15th CON CAV

MAY, T.L. Brewton, Gunboat "Arkansa" & Gunboat "Chicora", CON NAVY

McCONICO, A.R. - River Falls, F, 53rd AL CAV

MOORE, P.S. - Kirkland, I, 15th CON CAV

McCOY, H.C. - Flomaton, I, 24th MS INF

MITCHELL, J.M. - Flomaton, D, 14th MS INF

MURRAY, J.H. - Flomaton, H, 17th AL INF

McLEAN, J.E. - Georgianna, E, 1st AL INF

MALONE, Ephraim, Bratt, FL, E, 15th AL CAV

McGEHEE, Dick - Poarch, K, 38th AL INF

NEWBERRY, W.T. - Castleberry, H, 17th AL INF

NEAL, W.S. - Brewton, G, 44th AL INF

NIPPER, S.F. - Brewton, G, 30th AL INF

NALL, J.M. - Atmore, C, 37th AL INF

O'BANNON, W.H. - Brewton, F, 8th AL INF

OWENS, J.M. - Wallace, I, 57th AL INF

O'GUYNN, Coley - Flomaton, B, 2nd AL INF

PITTMAN, Allen - Brewton, B, 15th MS INF

PRINGLE, B.F. - Pollard, F, 3rd AL INF

PITTMAN, J.H. - Brewton, Capt. John Tourney INF CO, FL

PITTS, S.S. - Brewton, F, 21st GA INF

RUSSELL, E.D. - Brewton, E, 2nd AL CAV

ROBINSON, J.J. - Robinsonville, B, 3rd AL CAV

ROBINSON, R.T.C. - Range, D, 45th AL INF

RIGDON, J.J. - Mortimer, F, 37th MS INF

ROBERTS, T.T. - Flomaton, E, 15th CON CAV

RICHBOURG, J.S. - Flomaton, Toban's Battery


ROGERS, T.J. - Canoe, E, Jeff Davis' CAV Legion

SOWELL, T.S. - Brewton, A, 42nd AL INF

STRONG, J.Z. - Brewton, Harway's Battery & McIntosh's Battery, 3rd Artillery CORPS

SHELL, G.H. - Castleberry, D, 16th AL INF

SIMMONS, L.S. - Brewton, K, 33rd AL INF

SMITH, C.F. - Flomaton, G, 13th AL INF

STEELE, D.C. - Brewton, Tarrants Battery

STACEY, M. - Canoe, F, 36th AL INF

STACEY, Harrison - Flomaton, F, 36th AL INF

SIMMONS, James - Pollard

SEALE, W.H. - Local, K, 1st AL CAV

SOWELL, D.S. - Wallace, F, 36th AL INF

TERRY, J.W. - Brewton, C. 17th GA INF

TIPPIN, G.U. - Brewton, 1st FL INF

TAYLOR, Rev. I.L. - Brewton, D, 61st AL INF

TOWNSEND, William - Flomaton, E, 15th CON CAV

TIPPIN, D.W. - Brewton, H, 1st FL INF

TRAWICK, R.A. - Wallace, I 15th CON CAV

WATSON, J.F. - Brewton, C, 5th AL INF

WIGGINS, G.W. - Roberts, E, 15th CON CAV

WATSON, T.G. - Brewton, B, 3rd AL CAV

WATSON, J.I. - Canoe, B, 3rd AL CAV

WHITE, Drewey - Flomaton, D, 15th CON CAV

WHITE, Andrew - Hadley, E, 15th CON CAV

WHITE, J. - D, 15th CON CAV


Deceased Members of General Clanton Camp as of 16 OCT 1913

BOTTS, S.B. - Flomaton, G, 1st FL INF

BLOUNT, F.E. - Kirkland, G, 32nd AL INF

BREWTON, J.M. - Brewton, E, 38th AL INF

BLAIR, W.H. - Appleton, F, 36th AL INF

BLACK, T.E. - Brewton, E, 22nd AL INF

BONDURANT, F.S. - Steadham, E, Jeff Davis CAV Legion

BAKER, J.W. - Atmore, F, 21st AL INF

CROOK, William - Brewton, h, 2nd AL CAV

DURHAM, Jeptha - Brewton, D, 29th AL INF

DOUGLAS, Rev. A. McL. - Brewton, A, 39th AL INF

ELLIS, W.J. - Castleberry, D, 15th CON CAV

FREDERICK, A.H. - Brewton, E, 20th MS INF

JORDAN, Joshua - Brewton, A, 39th AL INF

JONES, Josiah - Jay, FL, D, 15th CON CAV

KELLY, J.W. - Pollard, D, 15th CON CAV

MORRIS, J.A. - Roberts, H&G, 1st FL INF

McLENDON, Dr. L.M. - Canoe, A, 1st MS CAV

OWENS, Dr. J.D. - Pollard, E, 15th CON CAV

SMITH, Rev. E.A. - Brewton, A, 29th MS INF

STEELE, R.F. - Brewton, D, 15th CON CAV

SMITH, Jacob - Brewton, B, 15th CON CAV

STACEY, Harvey - Canoe, Sinstock's Battery of Artillery

SIMPSON, J.J. - Flomaton, F, 36th AL INF

STEVENS, T.J. - Samson, F, 53rd AL CAV

TERRY, H.C. - Brewton, F, 17th GA INF

WATTS, W.T. - Brewton, B, 1st&23rd AL INF

RICHBOURG, H. - Flomaton, C, 15th CON CAV

MAXWELL, W.R. - Atmore, B, Pellham's Cadets


Source: "History of Escambia County, Alabama" by Annie C. Waters, pg. 632-636.

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