Births, Deaths, and Marriages
Abstracted from "The Florala News",
Florala, Covington County, Alabama,

Abstracted, compiled and contributed by Lisa R. Franklin, 2005 & Lisa Carpenter Graham, 2006. NOTE: Dates at the start of each section are those appearing on that edition of the paper. The paper was published weekly, however there are missing issues, which are seen here as skipped dates. Anyone having copies or access to any missing issues is encouraged to abstract the information and submit to TYR for inclusion here. Thanks!

NOTE: Some articles were too interesting to simply abstract, so where I had the extra $$ I made copies of the entire issue of the paper which I will post online for those interested in copies of the actual newspaper documents. If a paper is online the date of that issue will appear as a link, simply right click the link to download the pdf file of the images for that issue, or left click to view (more time consuming).

Also, I noted with interest numerous enthusiastic articles and notices annually in March & April mentioning an event the paper termed Chautauqua. Curious as to what it was all about I did some research. To learn more about "the most American thing in America" read -- WHAT WAS CHAUTAUQUA? -Lisa--


21 JAN 1909

d. Mrs. J. R. Searcy

28 JAN 1909

d. Mrs. Roberts, age 86, mother of Mrs. J. Barnes

d. Sam Davenport, a negro, lynched at Leighton

d. Mr. Sam Barbers of Lockhart

18 FEB 1909

d. ten year old son of Mr. Dauphin

m. Mr. Charles H. Gordon of DeFuniak Springs and Miss Minnie Smith of Opp where married in Opp last Thursday evening.

d. Bob Fleming, Milton, FL

25 FEB 1909

d. seven month old infant of Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Tucker

m. last Sunday Mr. John Parker (brother of Mr. D. Parker of Samson) and Miss Nora Hart at the home of the bride's mother

d. Tooger Adams, a negro woman

04 MAR 1909

m. Miss Ida Desseret Larkin and Mr. Rolan Jetson Perry at eh Universalist Church in East Florala

11 MAR 1909

d. on 03 MAR 1909, Mr. S.D. Cawthon at Alpin, TX, the eldest son of Mr. Stephen Cawthon and a brother to Mr. B. L. Cawthon and Mr. C.P. Cawthon of this city, he met and married Miss Sallie Landrum at DeFuniak Springs; Buried in DeFuniak.

m. Hon. James F. Stallings of Birmingham to Miss Marie Hudman of Opelika

18 MAR 1909

d. Master Bob Renfro of Hartford, only child of Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Renfro of Hartford.

25 MAR 1909

d. Clyde, 19 year old son of Mr. J. E. Helms of Florala

d. wife of Brother Storrs of the DeFuniak Breeze

d. Grandma Huckabaa at her home 12 miles from Florala on last Sunday, the wife of Mr. O. Huckabaa and mother of Mr. George Huckabaa of Florala

01 APR 1909

d. Allen Palmer, negro and his wife "Negro Slays Wife"..then shoots self

d. on 22 MAR 1909, Clyde, eldest son of Mr & Mrs. J.E. Helms; Clyde was not yet 14 years old

03 APR 1909 (Apparently a typo or bad copy as it should read 08 APR 1909)

d. Henry Lindsey, negro, Alex Bynum, negro and George L. Hall shot & not expected to live, at Hartford, AL. Mr. Hall's death is mentioned again in the Local & General section of this edition of the paper also.

b. last Monday, a daughter to Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Shepherd

d. Dave Alexander, negro murderer of Police Officer Carter who was stabbed to death in a negro settlement of Florala early Sunday.

15 APR 1909

d. Dr. A.B. Alexander killed on the streets of Mariana on the 12th.

m. Monday, Mr. Jasper Huckabaa, age 17 and Miss Myrtle Crawford, age 15, both of Florala

m. announcement of Mr. Oscar Allen Hughes and Miss Mary Pearl Sams, of Sylvester, GA on 28 APR 1909

22 APR 1909

d. Mr. T.J. Shepherd, age 77, died at his home in this city Tue. Morning & was buried at the city cemetery Wed. evening. Survived by wife who is 14 days his senior, 3 sons: J. R., T.J. and W.B. Shepherd and 4 daughters: Mrs. J.D. Bowdon Columbia, MS, Mrs. M. Sachar of Abbeville, Mrs. S. Lowes of East lake, and Mrs. E. L. Bracewell of Louisville, AL.

d. Columbia, SC, Matthew Calbraith Butler of Edgefield, one of the last of the confederate cavalry generals.

d. Tuesday morning near Lytle, Mr. Reuben Foreman who was shot by Mr. Jim Black of Geneva

d. George Kruger of Birmingham found shot through the head in his wife's room on the 18th; she is charged with the crime, but claims he killed himself.

m. Hon W.L. Smith and Mrs. Ella Clements on Sunday; Mr. Smith is the father-in-law of our Mr. Charles C. McRee of this city.

b. Saturday, infant boy to Mr. & Mrs. W.C. DuBose-the infant died on Sunday.

29 APR 1909

d. Uncle Jasper Merritt, age 78, an old war veteran at his home near Laurel Hill, FL on the 14th last; a Civil War vet; survived by wife and 3 daughters.

d. 23 year old Ms. Emma Hall at Waukeenah, April 27th. Apparently shot herself over grief of her husband's death, having visited his grave in Tallahassee a few days earlier. She was a member of the M.E. Church & leaves a little daughter, mother and siblings; Sister of Mrs. W.F. Hughes of this city; Burial-Tallahassee.

d. at home in this city 2 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Stokes last Sat. evening; Buried-Enterprise

Implied earlier marriage: "Lockhart Items" "Mrs.C. G. Stenson, who will be remembered before her marriage as Miss Sallie Sellers..."

Implied earlier marriage: "Lockhart Items" "Mrs. J.G. Carpenter is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Rushing, and sister, Mrs. Spradly of Troy, AL"

06 MAY 1909

Implied earlier marriage: "Lockhart Items" "Mrs. M.A. Howers who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. F.W. Porter..."

Implied earlier birth: Lessie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Redmond entertained friends last Wed. in honor of her 11th birthday.

d. in Nashville, Isac "Ike" Morse, a prominent young business man of this city was shot and killed

13 MAY 1909

Of interest from the front page: "Been Here" Mr. A. Carmichael of Graceville, age 76, seeking information on Dr. Ernest of Taylor, Alabama now age 109 years, who fought in the Indian wars all around and through Lake Jackson back in the [1830s].

d. on Wed. 5th, at his home near Opp, Mr. Warren Johns son of Mrs. W. C. Johns of this city; Bur-Rose Hill Cemetery; leaves wife and child.

Of Interest: Miss Fannie Adams from Hacoda appointed postmistress at this place; daughter of MR. & Mrs. L. B. Adams and niece of Dr. Ed Adams of Florala

Of Interest: Grand & Petit Jurors for Spring 1909 term of circuit court of Covington County, AL: GRAND JURORS: (name/beat) E. Ballard, 1; J.T. Johnon, 16; W.J. Taylor, 19; George F. Hughes, 3; G.P. Morgan, 18; W. P. Graves, 8; W.J. Wiggins, 4; P.W. Rye, 9; J.R. Jourdan, 14; G.W. Williams, 12; D.W. Nalls, 15; C.J. Ward, 1; D.M. Lunsford, 2; D.J. Dozier, 10; G.W. Morris, 11; Huel Adams, 20; W.R. Smith, 17; R.V. Bass, 18; F.K. Feagin, 2; W.C.W. Cawthon, 1; J.E. Hughes, 6. PETIT JURORS, first week: T.M. Clark, 10; A.D. Mitchell, 17; H.L. King, 18; K.L. Howard, 9; J.A. Ard, 18; Z. Sutton, 1; J.M. O'Stearn, 4; Charlie Lundy, 3; W.R. Wright, 18; D.B. Bryan, 14; J.F. Hart, 10; L.H. Wiggins, 4; A.A. Hartzog, 6; D. R. Hallford, 11; R.B. Chapman, 1; T.H. Terry, 12; A. Hart, 3; W.H. Johns, 16; H.O. Stanly, 3; W.N. Short, 8; B.F. Stuckey, 1; J.A. Howell, 14; N.S. Stokes, 1; F.V. Meriwether, 12; H.D. Merrill, 4; J.B. Jackson, 18; Charles Kendall, 2; B.W. Windham, 3; J.R. Brooks, 12. second week: E. Patterson, 9; M.C. Bailey, 17; R.E. Moore, 1; S.R. Burgess, 9; J.J. Johnston, 9; W.G. Rawles, 15; B.A. Patrick, 1; C.T. Bell, 13; H.V. Teel, 2; J.J. Dauphin, 14; W.H. Greathouse, 1; T.A. Goodwin, 3; William W. Taylor, 4; J.A. Nance, 1; J.E. Roberts, 3; J.A. Cleary, 10; A.L. Pelham, 1; M.W. Woodham, 3; E.A. McDaniel, 1; B.F. McLeod Jr., 18; L. Butler, 16; H.W. Carter, 1; J.T. Cockcroft, 10; Joe Kierce, 1; C.S. Thomasson, 2; L.A. Henderson 20; George D. Bryan, 10; W. E. Lunsford, 2; J.D. Cleary, 10; W. J. Aplin, 12.

Implied earlier marriage: Mrs. F.W. Galloway visited her mother Mrs. John Thrasher of Dothan

20 MAY 1909

Of Interest: Sunday afternoon Will Jordan was baptized in the pond at the still in accordance with the rites of the Baptist Church.

d. H.H. Cooper former tax collector of Baldwin County

27 MAY 1909

d. Mose Daniel, negro, executed for murder several months ago of Jessie Jones, negro preacher near Euchee Valley

b. 21 MAY Euclair, Wis. The wife of Fay Irsh of Thorpe in Clarke county had given birth to five babies, 3 girls and 2 boys. There are now 10 children in the family.

d. Mr. M. Caplan Monday in Pensacola; burial-Pensacola

Of Interest: Mrs. J.N. Rice visited her mother in Chancellor, AL.

Of Interest: "Lockhart Items" Van Beuren Hutchison entertained friends Wed. on occasion of his 5th birthday.

Implied earlier marriage: "Lockhart Items" Mrs. F.T. Curry of Douglas, GA is visiting her parents Mr. & Mrs. S.E. Hugins

Of Interest: Miss Annie Davis from Foley is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harvey Cockroft.

m. Miss Lucille McDavid to Mr. Charles Wesley Mizell, both of opp

m. Miss Gussie Storrs of Defuniak, daughter of R. W. Storrs, to Mr. Gilford Garrett of Pensacola; married at home of the bride last Sunday evening.

m. Wed evening at the home of Rev. B. S. Railey of this city, Mr. Charles C. Matthews of Florala and Miss Sue T. Beacham of Atlanta, GA.

m. Mr. W.L. Finney of Lockhart to Miss Jennie Cook on last Wed at Chipley, FL at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. G.W. Cook.

03 JUN 1909

m. Hutch Cawthon & Miss Sallie Moore on Sunday.

Of Interest: Ab Hammond charged with the murder of Mr. Bud Tucker, Mr. Jim Tucker and Mr. Jacobs, here, about 5 years ago.

Of Interest: Mrs. M. A. Flowers who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. W. Bates, has returned to her home in Sumter

Of Interest: Miss Eva Jackson of Cuthbert visited with her sister Ms. R. E. Reagan

Of Interest: Miss L. Barrett of Greenville,AL visited with her sister Mrs. J.L. McLeod.

Of Interest: Miss Ethele Carpenter entertained friends last Wed, it being her 4th birthday.

Of Interest: J.H. Maxwell visited his parents in Halepville

d. Mr. Glen Park of Enterprise, died in Enterprise last week of Bright's disease.

10 JUN 1909

m. W.B. Hammond of Geneva & Miss Annie Green of Dady, FL at the home of the bride on the 8th inst.

Of Interest: "Paxton News" Mrs. M.M. Howell, Mrs. V.I. McKown and Miss Gertha McKown visited their brother Dr. McKown, Sunday.

m. Dr. J.D. Stephens, dentist of Samson, AL, and Miss Eleanor Parks of Luverne married in Tallahassee on June 3d.

Of Interest: Mrs. J. R. Shepherd was summoned to the sick bed of her father, Mr. J. C. Evans, Monday morning at Troy.

Of Interest: Miss Gladys Rye of Andalusia is visiting her sister Mrs. Jim Vaughn in east Florala

Of Interest: Miss Morgana Jones has returned from River Falls where she went to attend the Powell-Arwood wedding

17 JUN 1909

m. Miss Malissa Williams, daughter of Verge Williams, residing near Hacoda and Tom Brunsford at the home of Justice W.B. Miller last Sunday. The happy couple were accompanied by Millard Dauphin and Miss Onie Geohagan.

d. Sam, shot by his wife Emma Beauford Sunday morning at 2am

Of Interest: "Lockhart Items" Miss Mary Barrett of Greenville is visiting her sister Mrs. J.L. McLeod

24 JUN 1909

b. Mr. Oscar Smith is the proud father of a bouncing baby boy born Sunday night

d. on 21 MAY 1909 Dr. J.N. McLane one of Defuniak Springs oldest, best and most beloved citizens. He was born 22 SEP 1924 in Wayne county, Indiana. His parents married in Bedford County, Virginia.

d. Corporal George Kelley, run over by the train at Chipley

m. Mr. John Campbell & Miss Folmer at Laurel Hill, FL on Monday.

d. Adrian, GA on 22 JUN, George Howell and wife, shot and killed Thurs. by Robert Jenkins.

01 JUL 1909

Of Interest: Dr. John A Kennedy, Greenville physician, assaulted by stoning.

Of Interest: Frank Johnson wins brand new bicycle

Of Interest: Henry Williams and family visiting MR. W. B. Miller, brother of Mrs. Williams

m. N.H. Mixon & Miss Carrie Eiland on June 17th in Samson.

Of Interest: "The Lucky Ones", Winners in contest: Miss Mamie Webb & Mrs. W. R. Smith

m. "Andalusia Items" announcing marriage of Miss Willie Ethel Baker to G. Danna Scruggs at home of brides' parents on June 30th at 6pm.

Of Interest: "Laurel Hill News", Sam McCall plays a joke that backfires

Of Interest: "Paxton News", Dan McDonald, who attended the burial of his nephew at the old cemetery near Ponce Deleon Sat returned home Monday.

d. June 18th, Forest McDonald s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.C. McDonald. Taken to Ponce Deleon, FL for interment

m. "Lockhart Items", Mr & Mrs. M.N. Mixon of Samson, AL who were m. on the 17th spent their honeymoon in Florala. (Probably the same as N.H. Mixon above, one item, therefore is a typographical error of his initials).

Oral Howell, d/o Mr. J.C. Howell, entertained in her Florala home last Thursday in honor of her 6th birthday.

m. Yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock Mr. R.L. Collins of this city and Miss Lila Purcell of Columbia in the Presbyterian Church at Columbia, Rev. B.S. Railey, this city, officiating. Mr. Powell best man and Miss Clark Purcell, sister of the bride, maid of honor.

m. "Lakewood Items", Mr. R.L. Collins and Miss Percell (note difference in spelling in same issue of the paper)

08 JUL 1909

Of Interest: Baby girl left at back door of Mr. J.B. Standley with letter pinned to her dress (includes letter; a very lengthy and interesting write up).

Of Interest: Walter Lee Jones, 14 year old s/o Mr & Mrs. S.R. Jones of our city

m. Sunday at 10am in Svea, FL at bride's father's home, Miss Gertrude Steele, d/o Mr. I.A. Steele, & Mr. W.R. Armstead.

Of Interest: Mrs. R. Williams visiting her mother in Montgomery

Of Interest: Mrs. J. R. Campbell visiting her parents in Greenville

Of Interest: Willis C. Wood, resident of Florala, age 81, one of the oldest lawyers in the state was Probate Judge of Pike County in 1868.

Of Interest: Mrs. J.D. Bailey is visiting her daughter, Mr.s W.J. Davis in Hartford.

Of Interest: "Florala Wins", Charles R. Ballard of Florala wins auto race

Of Interest: Harr Harr, s/o J.T. Webb of East Florala, injured

m. M.T. Dorman returned from his visit to Andalusia accompanied by his charming bride who was Miss Annie Bowers of that place. The wedding came as a surprise to many.

Of Interest: Mrs. C.S. Daniels is entertaining her brothers the Misters Morris, of Newton.

Of Interest: Miss Marjorie Pitts, ill with typhoid fever.

22 JUL 1909

Of Interest: Will C. Folks, Lockhart Mill employee, shot.

b. to Mr. & Mrs. J.N. McClung, last Friday, a fine girl.

Of Interest: Family of Carter Barnett, who live 6 miles NE of Gadsden were poisoned Wed. night.

d. Crisp Adams, age 13 years, of Howell Station. Mentions brother Charly.

m. Miss Bessie Sutton and Jessie Heath, on Sunday.

Of Interest: Mrs. Ward is visiting her daughters Mrs. Mason and Mrs. T.J. Gray.

b. "Paxton News" The stork visited the homes of E.C. O'Neal, T.J. Riley, and J.B. Goolsby last week.

Of Interest: Mrs. Green of this place broke her collarbone Saturday. 83 years old , she is the aunt of Mrs. Sye Cook.

m. in DeFuniak on Tuesday, Mr. J.H. Burgess and Miss Grey Register.

Of Interest: Mrs. Kohn, of Union Springs, mother of Mrs. M. Lurie.

b. last Friday night, a fine girl to Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Adams of Paxton, FL.

b. last Friday night, a fine boy to Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Goolsby, of Paxton, FL.

29 JUL 1909

Of Interest: Mr. C.A. North shot a negro man named Rich Long last Friday near Yellow River.

d. Negro man by the name of Jenkins, shot by Mr. John Atwell, our town Marshall, Thursday night.

Of Interest: Mr. J.N. Rice left Wednesday for Prattville, AL on a visit to his parents.

b. Sunday to Mr. & Mrs. L.B. Newton, last week. "Paxton News"

Of Interest: "Paxton News" Tom Sanderson, of Montgomery, brother of T.R. Sanderson of this place.

05 AUG 1909

m. Miss Morganna Jones left Tuesday for Brundidge where she will be maid of honor at the McRee-Weaver wedding.

Of Interest: 2 year old daughter of Mr. A.E. Byrd injured

Of Interest: Mr. Will McGuirt & family of Macon, GA returned home Tuesday after a visit to Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Ham, parents of Mrs. McGuirt

Of Interest: Mr. J. W. Marley came from Jackson, MS last Thursday night to visit his wife who was sick at the home of her father, Mr. E.S. Sheehan here.

Of Interest: Miss Era Jackson of Cuthbert visiting her sister here, Mrs. Raegan.

Of Interest: "NOTICE- My son, Hugh Dugan, 12 years old, left home last Sunday morning. I will give a reward of $5 for his return to me at Lockhart, AL. Mrs. Lillian Dugan".

Of Interest: Miss May George of Bainbridge, GA visiting her sister Mrs. J. A. Stokes

Of Interest: Mrs. J. T. Andrew of Montgomery visiting her brother Mr. S. H. Williams.

Of Interest: Mrs. H. G. Lewis of Montgomery is visiting her sister Mrs. Will Martin.

Of Interest: Dr. S. G. McKnown, our city physician, is dangerously ill at the home of his sister, Mrs. J. C. Howell of Old Florala.

12 AUG 1909

d. 10 AUG near Havanna, FL-Misses Rebecca Womack and Ella Freeman, drowned while swimming.

Of Interest: "Lakewood Items" John Truitt seriously injured.

Of Interest: W. S. Harlan of Lockhart convicted.

Of Interest: Daniel Darly assaulted Andalusia Aug 10th

d. "Laurel Hill News" 4 year old s/o Mr. & Mrs. Pratt Hicks on last Tuesday. Interred in Almarrate Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.

Of Interest: Mr. J. L. Meek injured at logging camp Monday morning.

Of Interest: Miss Morton, sister of Mrs. McIver, entertained.

18 AUG 1909 (incorrectly dated, should be 19 AUG 1909)

Of Interest: Miss Scheffelin, of Mobile, visiting her sisters Mrs. Ketchum and Mrs. J. A. Redding.

Of Interest: Mrs. B. Cockcroft is visiting her parents at Blackman, FL.

Of Interest: J. A. Prestwood & Selon Newton left for Tybee Tuesday, where they will spend a few days and go from there to May, NC.

02 SEP 1909

b. boy to Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Johnson.

Of Interest: Uncle Tom Beasley of Samson, visited his brother C. C. Beasley Sunday

Of Interest: Mrs. J. G. Page and children of Samson visited her father Mr. S. A. Cawthon

Of Interest: Annie Taylor is visiting her sister Ethel Cockcroft.

Of Interest: Mrs. J. E. Davis of Pensacola visited her sister Mrs. Harvey Cockcroft and left Saturday to visit her sister-in-law Mrs. Emma Baker in Poley.

Of Interest: Lewis Duck is very ill.

Of Interest: Mrs. Covington's baby is very ill with pneumonia.

Of Interest: Miss May Cawsey of Sanford visiting her sister Mrs. Cope.

Of Interest: Mrs. Newton of Greenville visiting her son L. B. Newton and daughter Mrs. John Campbell, both of this place.

Of Interest: Lee Grimes, s/o A. M. Grimes of East Florala snake bit.

Of Interest: Mrs. J. N. Rice visited by her sister Mrs. Smith, from California.

Of Interest: Sam Hutchison of Lockhart, candidate for Sheriff.

b. Mrs. & Mrs. Monteith have a new son in their home.

09 SEP 1909

Of Interest: Hon. B. G. Farmer, retires..

d. Rev. C. W. Woodruff of Camp Walton, formerly of Defuniak.

Of Interest: Zachariah Blackman of Stella, FL, US Land Office Patent Notice.

Of Interest: "Paxton News" Allen Green is very ill with cancer.

d. little son of Mr. & Mrs. Covington on Wednesday.

Of Interest: Miss Thelma Schieffelin and sister, Mrs. Charley Ketchum left for Pensacola after visiting with their sister Mrs. J. A. Redding.

Of Interest: Miss May Cawsey after visiting with her sister Mrs. Alma Cope, returned home to Dothan.

m. Miss A????e (paper torn) Williams, 2nd oldest daughter of Jim Williams and J. B. Cook.

m. Miss Annie Byrd and Mr. J. M. Morris early Sunday in Paxton

16 SEP 1909
Of Interest: Mrs. Josephine Helms visited her daughter Mrs. B.M. Moates, at this place.

m. Mr. R. B. Powell, son of Mrs. Sallie Powell of Montgomery, left Monday for Mobile to wed Miss Janie Arnold of Key West. The wedding took place on Wednesday evening.

Of Interest: Mrs. Joseph Davis of Samson visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Gill in Old Florala.

30 SEP 1909

Of Interest: The Florala Cash Store v. Eugene Chancey.

Of Interest: "Alabama Items" John Davis, negro charged with the murder of Lee Moore and wife, near Equality, Autauga County.

Of Interest: "Alabama Items" Rube Newman brought to Troy, charged with killing Hiram Carter.

Of Interest: "Alabama Items" Robbery and attempted murder of postmaster Richard Carter of Summerfield.

Of Interest: "Alabama Items" John Warren of Selma (originally Greensboro) nearly electrocuted.

d. Will Stokes, negro.

Of Interest: "Alabama Items" Oscar Johnson son of William Johnson who lives at Bremen, near Cullman, injured.

d. "Alabama Items" Infant daughter of Mr. &Mrs. Whitehead of Wood Cove from drinking laudanum.

Of Interest: Runaway buggy horse of Dr. D. F. Galloway on our streets.

Of Interest: Mr. Lorie Rice, brother of our townsman Mr. J. N. rice.

Of Interest: Mrs. Oscar Smith of Lincoln, Cal., visited her sister Mrs. J. N. Rice

21 OCT 1909

d. Edward T. Loyd of Babbie, aged 84.

m. Miss Gertrude Deer and A. R. Powell on last Wednesday.

m. Mr. Jim Prestwood and Miss Rosa Walker on Sunday afternoon. Miss Walker is a daughter of R. H. Walker.

Of Interest: Fairalice Howard vs. W. C. Howard.

28 OCT 1909

d. 12 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. O. A. Huckabaa.

d. Mr. W. H. Brittan/Britton (text hard to read in places).

Of Interest: Panama Canal to be completed by 1913

Of Interest: Mrs. James Heath, very ill.

Of Interest: Miss Cleo Walker of Hacoda visiting her sister Mrs. Jim Prestwood.

d. Mr. W. H. Britton at 930am on Saturday morning in Nashville (above noted death mentioned again, with write-up on another page). Aged about 40 years, interment at his old home in Cameron, NC.

b. a girl, on last Friday to Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Urqhart.

Of Interest: For sale 60 acres of land ½ mile from Blue Springs, in the SW corner of Covington County, with improvement-2 sets of buildings, 200 bearing grape vines, other fruits, 1 mile from church and school $1000 (Lisa's note: Don't you wish you could buy it for that now! LOL).

04 NOV 1909

Of Interest: Mrs. J. A. Prestwood visited her mother at Howell on Monday.

d. William Milller, Sunday night; Dr. H. W. & A. L. Miller of Falco, Mr. Griffin Miller and their sister Mrs. E. L. Adams of Florala passed through Paxton on their way to Gordon, FL to attend the funeral of their brother, William Miller, who died Sunday night.

Of Interest: Mrs. Burt Murray of DeFuniak is visiting her brother Mr. A. J. McCall.

Of Interest: Mr. Frank Jones elected police chief.

m. last Thursday in Dothan-Miss Emma Robertson of this place and Mr. James Richardson of Midland City.

11 NOV 1909

d. Mrs. A. L. Hamm died suddenly at her home in this city Tuesday afternoon about 6 o'clock due to heart failure. Remains carried to her old home near Georgianna where she was buried yesterday.

m. "Paxton News" Miss Alice Cook and Robert J. Davis of this place married last Sunday at DeFuniak Springs.

d. Mrs. Campbell of Ponce de Leon. Mr. John Campbell brother in law. She leaves a husband and 3 week old babe.

18 NOV 1909

Of Interest: Mr. H. H. McDougald and little son Fred returned from Montgomery where Fred had been in the Pasteur Institute for treatment of a mad dog bite.

m. last Thursday night Mr. John T. Smith and Miss Eva Register, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Register.

Of Interest: Paul Mozeley little son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Moseley (spelled 2 ways in same sentence!) had accident.

Of Interest: Mrs. F. T. Bell and family, R. B. Bell and family visited Mrs. Hollis, mother of Mrs. F. T. Bell

Of Interest: Miss Lizzie Williams gave a party last Friday night, it being her 16th birthday.

Of Interest: Birthday dinner for Miss Claudy Swilley, last Thursday-it was her 10th birthday.

Of Interest: Prof. Austin Lee McRae article.

02 DEC 1909

Of Interest: "Paxton News", Mrs. S. J. Ward of Andalusia is visiting her mother Mrs. P. J. Mason.

Of Interest: Mrs. Charles Wilson ill at home in this city.

30 DEC 1909

Of Interest: Mrs. L. A. Bell of Dothan visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Register.

Of Interest: Mr. Thomas J. McRae of Gainesville, FL visited his son Julian McRae of this city.

Of Interest: Mr. A. T. Woodham to run for sheriff.

Of Interest: Miss Lucille Willis guest of her sister Mrs. ____am Carter. (page cut off first name).

Of Interest: Oscar Smith of Donaldson____ (page cut off), GA visited his sister Ms. C. C. McRae for Christmas.

Of Interest: Homer A. Smith and Will Smith of Culverton, FL spent holidays with sister Mrs. C. C. McRae.

Of Interest: Legal Notice-Roser Spearman vs. Alice Spearman

Of Interest: Homestead Entry notice for William Courtney of Gordon, FL

06 JAN 1910

Of Interest: photo of C. C. McRae

d. Willie Tate Cornell, 12 y/o s/o Presiding Elder C. A. Cornell, brother of
C. Van W. Cornell. Buried-Selma, AL.

Of Interest: Jesse B. Jones to run for sheriff

Of Interest: Legal notice Roser Spearman v. Alice Spearman

Of Interest: Homestead Notice of William Courtney of Gordon, FL

20 JAN 1910

Of Interest: J.N. Livings runs for sheriff

d. Mrs. Charles Kreamer last Friday morning, a log scaler for Jackson Lumber
company he was buried in Florala cemetery. Survived by wife and 2 children.

d. Gen. Rufus Napoleon Rhodes editor of the Birmingham News. Died on Wed.,
long write with history

Of Interest: Miss Bowers of Pensacola visited her sister Mrs. Ross Helms

b. baby girl to Dr. & Mrs. G. F. Petrey on last Friday

27 JAN 1910

m. Last Thursday at bride's parents near Howell Station, Mr. Daniel McLennon
and Miss Rosa Adams

d. Sunday morning, one of S.J. Crawford's section hands of the C of G R R

03 FEB 1910

Of Interest: Mr. T. A. Campbell runs for sheriff

d. last Sunday at home in Prattville, AL, Mrs. James D. Rice who was born
FEB 1846 in Autauga County and married 54 years ago to Mr. James D. Rice.
Survived by husband James D. Rice, and 5 children-Miss Etta Rice, Dr.
Clarence Rice, Laurie Rice state fire marshall, E. Guy Rice prominent
Pensacola attorney, and J. Norton Rice of Florala.

d. Jan. 31st, infant d/o Mr & Mrs. Griffin Miller

m. last Tuesday at bride's home, Mr. Luther Gilmer and Miss Hattie Fancher

d. Marvin McDonald, shot by C.B. Garner

10 FEB 1910

d. last Saturday, little Agatha, 14 mos old d/o Charles C. Burgess (2
notices entitled "A Resolution of Condolence" and "Sad Death")

d. Mr. Mylar Banks, killed near Opp by a train last Monday.

03 MAR 1910

**Note there are TWO papers dated this same date. They also
have the same volume and issue number. Actually I noted the same volume and
issue number on several papers even with different dates, apparently someone
wasn't careful enough to change the typeset at each issues printing like
they should have done. Furthermore, the last page of this paper also appears
as the last page of the issue dated 31 MAR 1910. It would appear, due to
dates within the article texts, that this page was misscanned into 03 MAR
and instead belongs to 31 MAR 1910.

m. Youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. N. J. White (strange article gives no
name for the groom, only a description of him as a freckled faced red head)

Of Interest: Sparks Register of Graceville, FL visited his sister Mrs. John
Taylor Smith

Of Interest: "Local & Personal" Mrs. L. S. Petrey, of Petrey, AL mother of
Dr. G. F. Petrey

Of Interest: "Local & Personal" Mrs. N. A. Partridge of Erin, TX mother of
Mr E. R. Partridge and Mrs. George Rancher mother of Mrs. Partridge

d. Mr. J. A. Garrett L&N Railroad station agent, shot in a duel by C. C.

d. Miss Gussie Cawthon aty 830am Thursday, March 24th (?should probably be
February 24th as this paper is from March 3d), d/o Mr. W.J.D. Cawthon of
Walton County, FL 5 miles from Florala (long article names her siblings

03 MAR 1910

**See note above for paper dated same date. I believe this
paper should be 10 MAR 1910 rather than 03 MAR. In the event of requesting
copies, one should make a note of the fact that there are 2 papers with the
same date.

17 MAR 1910

m. Will Page & Miss Mamie Byrd of Florala at the courthouse Saturday by
Judge Parish-DeFuniak Springs

m. at Westville last Sunday, Mr. Eli Baggett assistant depot agent at
Florala, s/o Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Baggett and Miss Bessie Woodruff of
Crestview, d/o Rev. P.G. Woodruff.

24 MAR 1910

Of Interest: Mrs. Thrasher of Dothan visited her daughter Mrs. F.W.

Of Interest: Mr. R.W. Cummings, Stern & Culver Lumber Co., resigns

31 MAR 1910

**Entries with this symbol are on the last page which was apparently
inadvertently scanned as the last page of the 03 MAR 1910 issue as well.
The page appears to actually belong to this issue rather than the earlier

Of Interest: Charles H. Greer of Marion, AL candidate for Secretary of State

d. Frankie Helson Townsley, 12 y/o d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Townsley of Ensley,

d. Dr. George Carroll of Smithsonia, 12 miles from Florence, AL.

Of Interest: Mr E. S. Kirksey of Cuthbert, GA visited daughters Mrs. H.H.
McDougald and Mrs. G. F. Petrey

** Of Interest: "Local & Personal" Mrs. N. A. Partridge of Erin, TX mother
Mr E. R. Partridge and Mrs. George Rancher mother of Mrs. Partridge
**d. Mr. J. A. Garrett L&N Railroad station agent, shot in a duel by C. C.
**d. Miss Gussie Cawthon aty 830am Thursday, March 24th (?should probably be
February 24th as this paper is from March 3d), d/o Mr. W.J.D. Cawthon of
Walton County, FL 5 miles from Florala (long article names her siblings

07 APR 1910

Of Interest: C. C. Burgess, charged with killing of James Garrett, in this
city, on the night of the 28th ult., was given a preliminary trial last

d. in Mobile of lockjaw, Gustave F. Schroeder a wealthy German resident of
Chicago. He has wife in Philadelphia and maintained a summer home in
Magnolia Springs.

d. Manning Henly, age 21, of Anniston. He died at Gadsden, AL.

d. 2 negroes-Hosea Shelly and Man Shelly at Rosedale


14 APR 1910

d. in Washington Friday night, millionaire mine owner and former Birmingham
carpenter, Thomas F. Welch. He married Miss Carrie Reed, d/o Stephen Reed
in 1872 in Birmingham, AL.

d. Will McLain near Larkinsville, about 35 years of age, he leaves a wife
and children.

m. Henry D. Clayton, congressman of AL to Mrs. Bettie Davis, Georgetown, KY

d. Mrs. Stone (? Of Gateswood) found drowned 2 ½ miles north of BayMinette.

m. Oliver Parker of Decatur & Miss Mamie Staton of Winchester

d. Lizzie Banks, young negro woman, shot & killed by Minnie Butler in

d. Rosetta Morgan, some weeks ago. Sanders Adams charged with the murder in
Tallapoosa County

m. Mr. T. R. Jernigan of Andalusia to Miss Mattie H. Farris of Springvale,
GA last Thursday.

Of Interest: Mr. E. S. Kirksey returned home to Cuthbert, GA after visiting
his daughters Mrs. H. H. McDougald and Mrs. G. F. Petrey.

Of Interest: Census takers for Covington County named: S. P. Barron,
Rockford S. Parks, W. O. Searcy, Will C. Grant, J. Herbert Jones, Benjamin
F. Parker, Gordon M. Brown, William B. Combs, David A. Beasley, John R.
Cravey, Hillard D. Childre, John P. Phillips.

21 APR 1910

Of Interest: Hon. John A. Luck for Railroad Commissioner.

Of Interest: William T. Kennedy of Bessemer candidate for state auditor.

d. Isaac Mixon 8 y/o s/o Seabe W. Mixon at Arlington Station after struck by
a Gate City street car.

d. little son of Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Brandon at Section on Sand Mountain, 5
miles north of Scottsboro. Mrs. Brandon is the d/o J. W. Skelton of

Of Interest: Mrs. Evie Denis widow of Sumeral Denis of Dadville to receive
pension finally.

d. 17 month old s/o Mrs. Emma Robinson; struck by Seminole limited train
between Bergens and Quinton.

d. 2 y/o child of N.R. Robinson who lives 1 miles from Bergin near Wyatt.

d. last Saturday, Willis, 2 y/o s/o Dr. & Mrs. J.W. Pendry.

m. last Saturday at the home of the bride in this city, Mr. Walter Hurston &
Miss Julia George, d/o Mr. & Mrs. T. J. George.

m. last Sunday at the home of the bride, Mr. Edwin Sleezer of Lockhart and
Miss Eugenie Jordan of Gibsonville

d. yesterday morning, 91 y/o Capt. S.G. French at the home of his son Mr. R.
A. French in this city. He was b.22 NOV 1818 in Glouchester County, NJ,
graduating from West Point Academy in 1843. Survived by 2 daughters-Mrs. L.
Hilton Green, Pensacola, FL & Mrs. Thompson, Woodbury, NJ and 2 sons-Samuel
G. French of Laurel Hill, FL & Mr. R. A. French of Florala (lengthy

28 APR 1910

d. Albert Willis Pendry s/o Dr. J. W. Pendry & Mrs. Lena F. Pendry. He was
b. 30 JAN 1908 and died at their home in Florala 16 APR 1910, age 2y 2m 10d.
(very long article)

d. Mr. Bird at Bridgeport last week, slayed by Ben Holland.

d. Andy Morrison, murdered by John Langford.

d. Michael Tachoir, age 17, of Mobile

d. Samuel Langhorn Clemens (Mark Twain) (very long article).

12 MAY 1910

d. Gen. S. G. French at the home of his son at Florala, AL, Samuel Gibbs
French the oldest surviving graduate of West Point and the oldest surviving
major general of the Confederate Arm, born Gloucester County, NJ on Nov. 22,
1818. (lengthy, 2 column, front page article gives his ancestry etc.).

Of Interest: Critically ill, Mr. Thomas F. Espy, age 80, who lives near
Headland, f/o Dothan lawyer, Mr. Thomas Espy.

d. S. T. McAlpin and son Will McAlpin at Coaldale, burial in Hanceville, AL.

d. father and brother of Miss Pearl McCain, postmistress of Palos? (names
not given).

d. W. R. Walker, Mayor of Sheffield, age 65, survived by widow and 5

d. J. Byrn Martin, stuck by car in Birmingham.

19 MAY 1910

d. Col Thomas H,. Swope, murdered in Kansas City last year.

d. Mr. C. R. Long formerly of this county, but recently of Montgomery, died
in that city Monday, survived by several children.

m. Mr. Gus Stanley & Miss Maude Nance, both of Opp, married in Andalusia
last Tuesday.

d. Mrs. Z. Cooper of Andalusia died in that city last Monday.

d. last Monday, the 3 y/o s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Galloway of Paxton, buried in
the city cemetery Tuesday.

d. Arthur Gunter, near Easonville, shot by estranged wife.

d. Wiley Caldwell, near Birmingham

d. 5 men missing offshore of Mobile, assumed dead, among them are Willie
Oldson, & Peter Peterson.

d. Mrs. E. L. Marbry of Gordon on Sunday night, buried Monday, her 1 y/o
infant died shortly after her funeral.

d. R. H. Boyd, Chambers County Bank employee, died in Lafayette.

m. On Wednesday in Heflin, AL Mr. Pounds m. Mrs. J. T. Burgess, widow of
John T. Burgess, who was Pounds' grandfather. (more info in article)

Of Interest: Josie Weaver, age 11, bitten by mad dog in Florence, AL.

Of Interest: Mr. Jim Bowden has returned to Florala after a visit to
homefolks in Columbia, AL.

Of Interest: Mr. J. M. Spears of Clopton, AL visiting her brother Dr. P. B.

d. Mrs. O. A. Larkin at her home in this city last Sunday morning, mother
of 6 children

namely Mrs. R. J. Perry, Miss Minnie T. Larkin, Mr. Will Larkin of TX, Mr.
Jeff Larkin

and Mr. Charlie Larkin of near Pensacola, and Mr. Will Larkin of this city;
she was

buried Monday in city cemetery.

d. at home in this city May 8th, Arthur Baker 7 month old s/o Mr. &Mrs. S.
L. Baker; he was their only child; burial city cemetery.

d. Benjamin Bagley, a prominent farmer living near Andalusia died last

26 MAY 1910

d. Joe Peterson, little negro, last Sunday night near Ft. Deposit

d. Miss Maude Staples in Roberts at 5'oclock Tuesday morning, funeral Wed in

d. Mrs. Charles Knight of Huntsville, at home in Gurley.

m. sometime ago, John H. Ramey and Miss Vonie Ledbetter d/o W. T. Ledbetter
a blind man who is a well known Confederate Veteran living at Alexandria,
Mr. Ramey charged with Forgery and wife desertion.

d. Elmer Wallace near Trinity Station on Thursday, struck by a train, he was
from Mississippi & headed to Huntsville where his mother and step-father

Of Interest: Mrs. Wadkins of Mobile is visiting her daughter Mrs. Mabry here
this week.

02 JUN 1910

Of Interest: Mrs. Tindell, Mrs. Pate, Mrs. H. A. Collins, Mrs. Lizzie
Glover, and Miss Sarah Peacock, kill 'monster rattlesnake" while picking

Of Interest: negro woman Martha Clark jailed in Bibb County, AL after she
doused her husband, Dan Clark, with boiling water.

d. Dr. M. R. Richard, of New York, at the home of his brother in Mobile.
Survived by a son, 2 brothers and 1 sister.

d. Amelia Lewis, negro woman, of Montgomery, on Thursday.

d. James Leonard, of poisoning

Of Interest: Mrs. Elizabeth McLeod of Montgomery, widow of Archibald L.
McLeod will move to Birmingham to teach.

d. Samuel Brackett, age 91, Trenton, NJ.

d. Columbus, OH, Miss Lillian Wright and Miss Flossie Hermon.

m. three weeks ago, Miss Viola Harrison Penton & Mr. Cecil Edge of Florala.

m. Announcement of Mr. Orlando Baldwin to Miss Josephine Mizel on 15 JUN @ 9
o'clock, Methodist Church, Opp, AL.

Of Interest: (just cuz I thought it was funny! LOL) "Andalusia has found a
new way to assume city airs. The town government is seeking to regulate the
speed of automobiles."

09 JUN 1910

Of Interest-F. F. Johnsstone, Montgomery cotton broker, files bankruptcy.

Of Interest-Mark Williams of Gurley injured in shooting accident.

Of Interest-Mrs. Dwight Fuller of Cullman injured.

d. Mrs. Charles Knight of Gurley.

Of Interest-W. P.Daniel of Decatur shot.

Of Interest-J. L. Carden who recently suffered great injury in a railroad
accident at Boyles, attempts suicide in Birmingham

d. Frank Moore, age 17, Anniston

Of Interest-Paul King, age 14, injured at Russellville.

Of Interest-Fred Hargett injured by Ernest Johnson in Russellville

d. Dick Lee, formerly of Huntsville, at Mayo, TX. His brother John Lee of
Dallas Village left for TX to bring home the body.

Of Interest-Mrs. M. Lurie, accompanied by her dau. Jennie left Tue for Union
Springs to visit her parents Mr & Mrs. M. Cohen.

d. 18 mos old baby of Mr. J. Swilley of Florala d. at home last Friday.
Burial in City Cem Saturday.

Of Interest-Miss Crawford of Dothan is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. R. Reid.

d. Ollie Purvis, 12 y/o s/o John Purvis, d. last Sat at home in Hacoda.

23 JUN 1910

d. Mrs. A.A. Allen near New Brockton last Sunday of Pellegra

d. Miss Anna Vaughan of Enterprise, Monday last of Pellagra.

Of Interest-Mrs. H. R. Mott of Red Level, is visiting her parents Mr. & Mrs.
R. L. Stewart of this city.

Of Interest-Mrs. Annie Morris of Montgomery is visiting her parentsMr. &
Mrs. J. W. Byrd.

Of Interest-Mr. Ervin Zeigler of Coffee Springs is visiting his mother Mrs.
L. Zeigler and family.

Of Interest-Mrs. Brock of Enterprise and Miss Susie Walde of Defuniak
Springs, FL are visiting their sister Mrs. T.H. Edney at theColonial.

m. last Thursday, Dr. H. Perkins of Paxton & Miss Ada Thames of this city.

Of Interest-Mr. Ben Searcy involved in accident 10 miles south ot this city.

30 JUN 1910

m. Mr. Odell Williams and Miss Mary McGowan, both of Geneva were m. on Tue
the 21st inst.

Of Interest-Mrs. D. G. Williamson & children of Corbet, FL visiting her
parents Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Manning.

Of Interest-Little Pearl Rayburn/Raburn missing.

Of Interest-Mr W.J. Davis, wife and baby left for home at Hartford after
visiting with Mrs. Davis' parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Bailey of 5thStreet.

07 JUL 1910

d. G. G. Adair, Montgomery Exchange Hotel employee, on Monday evening.

Of Interest-Misses Chalott & Kathleen McRae are visiting their uncle Dr. Austin L. McRae at Rolla, MO.

d. at an infirmary in Montgomery last week, Mr. W.W. Barnes father of Mr. J. W. Barnes of Andalusia. Burial in Andalusia.

d. Little child of MR. A. M. Sessoms last Friday night at he ome of its parents near Paxton. Burial Burnes Cemetery last Sunday morning

Of Interest-Mrs. S. A. McDaniel and granddaughter Ruby Claire Dugan and daughters Miss Mattie McDaniel and Ms. Sanderson.

14 JUL 1910

d. At Dadeville, Tallapoosa County, last Thurs. James Ficklan, a small boy killed by lightening. He & his mother were there on a visit from Greenwood, SC.

d. W. L. Daley killed by Will Mason last Sat at Milligan.

d. J. C. Wilson, Fricsco System engineer

d. Miss Mary Ward, Wed in Greenville. Age 75, born Ireland.

d. Saturday, Sam Parris 17 y/o s/o Mr & Mrs. W. C. Parris of Martling. Drowned in Town Creek. Burial at Martling Sun.

d. Ensley, AL John McNeill

Of Interest-negro George Wright assaulted near Parkwood. Treated in Helena.

d. John W. Daniel, Virginia senator

d. New Orleans Senator Samuel Douglas McEnery.

m. Louisville, IL m. 13 y/o s/o Charles L. Farris & 17 y/o Miss Nell Drutsinger d/o Jim Krutsinger.

Of Interest- William Lamont of Raeford, NC, nephew of MR. & Mrs. W.C. McLauhlin.

Of Interest-J. R. Lewis of Birmingham (formerly of Lockhart).

Of Interest- Mrs. A. P. Turner visited her parents near Defuniak.

Of Interest-Mr. & Mrs. Owen Lee visited Mr. Lee's father at White Springs, FL.

Of Interest-Manning Bailey of Halland is visiting his parents in this city.

21 JUL 1910

Of Interest-Miss Jessie Ray suffering from typhoid fever.

Of Interest-Mrs. J. N. Rice visiting parents Mr. & Mrs. D. W. McKnennon at

Of Interest-Mrs. Grissett of Troy is visiting her dau. MRs. Watson.

Of Interest-Mrs. Charles Gordon returned to Defuniak after visiting her
parents Mr. & Mrs. Smith in Opp.

Of Interest-Mrs. O. L. Pugh & son of Laurel Hill visited her sister Mrs. R.
A. French.

Of Interest-Mrs. J. E. Register of Graceville visited her dau Mrs. J. T.

Of Interest-Idis Davis of Florala had visitors of his brother Q.P. Davis and
sister Miss Mabel Davis of Elba.

28 JUL 1910

Of Interest-News from Svea; Mrs.Ethel Dubose is visiting her sister Mrs.
Deal in Opp.

d. Mr. James Johnson, age 67, former Justice of the Peace of Florala, died
last Sunday. Married twice he is survived by his widow and

children, a member of Florala Bpt Ch and of Lake City Masonic Lodge

d. S. B. Barfield, Chipley, FL 25th July.

m. Thomas H. McCartney/McCartny of Gadsden, AL stationed near Pensacola, FL
m. Miss Frances Donell of Carbondale, PA last week.

Of Interest-"Some one entered the office of Sheriff Prestwood and stole the
jail record belonging to Covington County." *Sounds like

something my Smith County, MS Sullivan's would do to cover their tracks!!

d. James L. Wilkes of Andalusia, last Saturday in Montgomery. Aged 50
years, Burial in Petrey, AL.

Of Interest-Mrs. Paul Huen visiting her mother, Mrs. Mills in Andalusia.

Of Interest-Mrs. S. W. Gibbons of Slocomb, sister of Mrs. E. S. Sheehan of
this city.

d. Mr. James Johnson, funeral in Florala.

Of Interest-Mrs. C. F. Stewart & 2 little sons visiting her mother & sisters
in Noma, FL.

Of Interest-Last Sat. birthday party of 12 y/o Miss Thelma Martin.

Of Interest-C. W. Spires stabbed in Marianna, FL.

Of Interest-Mrs. Carl Cawthon & dau. returned home from visit to Flomaton.

04 AUG 1910

d. 01 August near Andalusia, Mr. Sowell.

Of Interest-Mr. Reeves of Malvern, AL is visiting his son, G. W. Reeves, of
this city.

Of Interest-Mr. Henderson Burgess visiting his father near Limestone, FL.

d. Cpt E. L. Graves of Barbour county died a few days ago.

Of Interest-Mrs. Gibson of Montgomery, formerly of Florala visited her
parents Mr. & Mrs. King at Oak Grove near Laurel Hill.

Of Interest-Rev. W. R. Bickerstaff returned from his mother's funeral in
Union Springs, AL.

Of Interest-Mrs. Hart is visiting her dau. Mrs. Prestwood in Andalusia.

Of Interest-Mrs. Lea Thigpen visiting her son Dr. J. W. Pendry.

11 AUG 1910

Of Interest-Hilliard Coles, negro, shot.

b. Little Miss Callie Davis Johnson d/o Mr. & Mrs. John L. Johnson of Old
Florala, celebrated her 12th birthday last Sat.

d. Rev. J.B.K. Spain, last Tue at his home in Troy.

d. Judge J. C. Richardson of Greenville, AL in motor accident, Tuesday,
after an earlier wreck on an illy designed bridge in Lowndes

county, 16 miles south of Montgomery. Julius Caesar Richardson was b.18 APR
1852 on the Island of Key West, FL, the s/o Rev. Simon

Peter Richardson, & wife Mary Eliza Arledge, and grandson of Peter &
Katherine (Horning) Richardson & Cullen Earp & Mary Judith

(Breaker) Arledge.

d. James Johnson, Lake City Lodge #377 notice.

Of Interest-Mrs. W.J. Davis of Hartford visited her parents Mr. & Mrs. J. D.

18 AUG 1910

Of Interest-Mrs. Alex McRae is visiting her dau and son-in-law Mr. & Mrs.
Kimball in Atlanta.

d. Miss Allene Smith of Montgomery after accidental shooting by her
brother-in-law Ernest Whetstone at his home in Millbrook.

d. Frederick W. Cooper, age 29, of Atlanta on Aug 13th.

Of Interest-Miss Callie Spears accompanied by her sister-in-law Mrs. Frank
Spears, has returned home

d. "Uncle" Johnnie Spear found dead in bed at home in Gantt a few nights
ago. He was a Covington pioneer citizen.

d. Frank Howard of Martling, Alabama.

d. Mrs. Lavada Hart, age 60, at the home of G. A. Mock.

Of Interest-John A. & James S. Carter, twin brothers, who have lived all
their lives in Echols Co, GA celebrated their 77th birthday lastweek.

29 SEP 1910

Of Interest-Mrs. A. Blauvelt visiting her hold home at Ottawa, Iowa.

Of Interest-W. A. Caton of Rose Hill is chaffeur of Mrs. G. O. Waits.

d. Mrs. Julia Yonge, age 80, d. at Defuniak & was buried at Pensacola.

d. Two y/o baby of Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Taylor @ Andalusia Monday from
strangulation. Funeral and interment in Andalusia on Tues.

Of Interest-Homestead notice of Zachary T. Blackman.

Of Interest-G. A. Davis of Hope Mills, NC visited his brother John A. Davis.

Of Interest-Winners of cake contest: 1st prize to Mrs. John T. Echols, 2d to
Mrs. W. W. Taylor, and 3d to Mrs. T. C. Penton.

Of Interest-Mrs. Henry E. King of Defuniak is visiting her brother William

d. W.H. Wise of Coffee County, age 62.

d. 5 y/o d/o Tom Boswell of Bonifay, FL

13 OCT 1910-

Of Interest- Postmaster JD Powell & MD Causey, delegates from Sanford.

Of Interest-Sanford Items-Mrs. A. Blauvelt & her mother Mrs. Rodgers returned from Iowa.

Of Interest-Homestead Notice of Zachary T. Blackman of Florala.

Of Interest-negro JP Bryant arrested.

Of Interest-Lists of guests registered at the Colonial & Geronimo Hotels

Of Interest-Directory of County & City officials

d. inf of Dr. & Mrs. Young last Thurs. Buried on Friday in the city cem.

Of Interest-Henry Johnson & wife visiting son in Freeport, FL.

Of Interest-Mrs. Mollie Smith of New Brocton visiting her ? John Smith, Florala.

m. last Thursday at Laurel Hill, Miss Daisy Thompson of Falco and Mr. Horseley of Millville, FL.

Of Interest-Attorney Morgan D. Jones has a complete file of The Florala News, Florala Democrat and Andalusia Star and will send them off for binding. Perhaps the only private individual for the county to possess complete files of these papers.

Of Interest-Mrs. John Smith left to visit hermother in Graceville, FL.

Of Interest-JD West of Opp, judged bankrupt.

Of Interest-Mr. & Mrs. LW Cawthon of Florala visiting dau. Mrs N.D. Miller.

Of Interest- Comer & Homer Dawkins, brothers, arrested

20 OCT 1910-

d. Sam Mason, near Thurston last Friday. Leaves wife and 5 ch. Buried Red Level.

Of Interest-Lewis Carroll and Gid Bland escaped from Dothan prison/jail.

d. Capt. R. M. Bushnell and wife, of Pensacola.

d. Mrs. Labors at home in Laurel Hill last Sat. Survived by husband and 5 ch-the oldest being Conductor James Humphreys of the Flomaton div. of the L&N. Buried in family cemetery near Laurel Hill.

Of Interest-WC Payne struck by a train at Dillard

Of Interest-Mr. & Mrs. JC Evans left to visit their old home at Troy.

Of Interest-Morgan Forsyth, formerly of Andalusia but now of Southampton, FL

Of Interest-Mrs. TH Edney of Florala is in Defuniak on a visit to her parents Mr & Mrs. JC Walden.

d. Dr. WL Johnson (funeral)

Of Interest-Mr. & Mrs. WS Bissell moving to Montgomery.

Of Interest-Mr. & Mrs L Cawthon visiting dau Mrs. ND Cawthon at Bonifay.

Of Interest-FC Handley family moved to Florala from Wing, AL.

Of Interest-Mr & Mrs. Enoch Henderson and son Allen visited Florala.

Of Interest-Mrs. JF Dees and sons of Laurel Hill visited her parents, Mr & Mrs JW Weatherly at Florala.

d. negro named "Red" at Lockhart last Sunday. Shot by another negro named Charley Wright.

Of Interest-Mrs. Curry Cawthon & dau. Anita visiting in GA.

d. Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, aged authoress.

27 OCT 1910-

Of Interest-W.L. Lunsford, charged with killing a negro at Greensboro, found guilty of manslaughter

Of Interest-Meteorite fell near Gantt's Junction, 3 mi west of here, about 9 o'clock Monday morning.

Of Interest-D. L. Douglas of Lakewood injured in accident, little hope of his recovery.

Of Interest-Prof. H.M. Griggs of Montgomery and H. A. McLendon in an altercation.

Of Interest-C . S. Daniels has appendicitis.

d. a Montevallo boy, choked to death.

m. last Tues., Miss Minnie Darby of Svea and Mr. J. A. Chestnut of Laurel Hill.

Of Interest-Charles Stewart and family to reside in Paxton.

Of Interest-WJ Cawthon is visiting his dau Mrs. Ray Whitcomb, at Montgomery

Of Interest-John Carter of Laurel Hill visited his cousin Drew Tucker at Florala.

Of Interest-Clarence Vaughn s/o James A. Vaughn of East Florala, fell from a tree and broke both arms.

10 NOV 1910-

Of Interest-Mrs. Charles Roibinson of Jamestown, MS called to her father, L.B. Adams' home in Howell.

Of Interest-Mrs. Dan McLendon of Montgomery visited her father, LB Adams of Howell.

Of Interest-Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, mother of Dr. Allen H. Miller is visiting.

d. 2 y/o s/o Mr. & Mrs. N.B. Hays at Chipley, FL when a tree fell being cut by his 2 brothers for firewood fell on his head.

Of Interest-Mrs. Mills of near Andalusia is ill at the home of her dau Mrs. Paul Huen, with little hope of recovery.

d. Mrs. Mills, m/o Mrs. Paul Huen (A Card) [of thanks].

d. at the home of her dau Mrs. Paul Huen on Tuesday, Mrs. Mahalie Mills. Buried at Harmony Church Cemetery.

Of Interest-Mrs. J.R. Shepherd sister of Mr. O.L. Bryan.

d. W. W. Wolfe Jr of Pensacola d. at Ft. Yellowstone, WI, his body was brought back to Pensacola for burial.

d. at his home near Andalusia last Sat., G F C Moore, onw of Covington county's oldest citizens.

Of Interest-Mrs. EG Brunson of New Brocton visiting her daughters, Mrs. Helmes of this city and Mrs. Horn of Paxton.

d. W F McDonald of Baldwin County.

Of Interest-Will Scott, negro, injured near Lockhart Sunday.

17 NOV 1910-

d. Miss Kittie Marsh, near New Brocton.

d. a Selma merchant

d. WT Bridges at Cottonwood.

m. Miss Mamie Brewton of Andalusia & Dr. Holley of Samson on last Sunday in Andalusia.

Of Interest-Mrs. Jane Morris of Jackson County, KY is 86 years old and has 518 descendants.

Of Interest-George Bell of DeFuniak, f/o JJ Bell.

d. Jerry Parker, aged about 50 at Natural Bridge Sat.

Of Interest-engagement announced for Miss Altha Thompson and Dr. Harley Cawthon both of DeFuniak. Marriage to be on Dec.21st.

24 NOV 1910-

d. last Aug., John Goins, engineer.

Of Interest-Miss Susie Sapp, niece of Mrs. JE Hughes.

d.James Fortner, near Evergreen.

d. Matt Garrett, near Milligan.

m. Miss Minnie Fagen to J T Eckert Jr.

Of Interest-Mrs. PB Spears and son Byrd, returned from Pinckard where they visited her son Frank Spears.

d. previously, h/o Mrs. Gussie Moore of Brewton.

01 DEC 1910-

Of Interest-Louise Davis, d/o John Davis of Falco, critical cond after operation in Montgomery for appendicitis.

d. L L Adams, last Sat., aged about 55 yrs, burial in Geneva.

Of Interest-R L Bracewell of Florala visited his aunt, Mrs. L F Hildreth.

d. young s/o Dr. Holley of Samson.

m. Miss Maggie Enos & JF McGuirk of near Laurel Hill, were m. last Sunday just across the state line.

Of Interest-Mrs. MH Boyd of Quitman, GA visiting her sister, Mrs. WR McDuffie.

08 DEC 1910-

15 DEC 1910-

Of Interest-Lengthy article written by J. Matthew Millam, on his stay with W.J.D. "Uncle Bullie" Cawthon, 81 y/o area pioneer.

d. Robert Nehley, of Marshall, MI @5am Wed morning.

Of Interest-15 y/o David Dunn, of Greenville, robbed.

Of Interest-Thomas V. Blackshear, Atlanta medical student lying near death.

Of Interest-WOW election held-names Dr. JW Pendry, PW Rye, Geo I Seigler, WR Reid, JR Spradley, Doctor Galloway, WL Straughn, SM Quick, JR Shepherd.

Of Interest-Grand lodge meeting held-names HH McDougald, WN MAtthews, WC Whitt, JR Shepherd, Rev. DC Allen.

d. woman drowned herself near Jackson, MS.

d. JM Cobb, of Cobb, FL, an old & highly respected citizen.

Of Interest-Mrs. Dean, near Lakewood, had her house burn down.

22 DEC 1910-

d. Jack Shirley, near Luverne, or wounded (article is confusing)

d. Major JF Hanson, in Atlanta, on Thurs.

d. Claude Lawrence, age 16, & a cousin of AF Lawrence of Florala, killed at McRae, when Seab Thrower's gun discharged last Sat.

Of Interest-CR O'Neal appointed postmaster at Andalusia.

Of Interest-CT Childre of Opp appointed constable.

Of Interest-Mrs. Wooten of Waukenah, FL to spend holidays with her dau. Mrs.WF Hughes.

d. JT Smith, prominent merchant of Georgianna.

Of Interest-Notice to Willie Lassater, chancery court at Andalusia, Lillie Lassater v. Willie Lassater.

Of Interest-Glover Weatherly of Florala visited his sister, Mrs. JF Dean, Laurel Hill.

Of Interest-Upham Gillis of Florala visited his mother in Alco. Brewton Standard

Of Interest-Mrs. RA French of Florala visited her sisters Mrs. OL Pugh and Ms. RG French. Laurel Hill News

05 JAN 1911-

Of Interest-JO Acree injured in auto accident.

d. Rev. LM Thomasson, pioneer Bpt preacher, died at Fairfield.

m. Walter Brown & Mrs. Maud Monroe Taylor last Thurs.

d. last Sunday at Troy, Alfred Cowart.

Of Interest-JS Liddell, Gadsden bank cashier has disappeared with $4,000 of the bank's money.

d. "Card [of thanks]" d. Dec 20th, Mrs. Mary E. Boyer.

Of Interest-Mrs. HR Mott of Red Level, visited her parents Mr & Mrs R.E.L. Stewart.

d. Uncle John Kimmons?, and old war veteran.

Of Interest-WT Prestwood, Sheriff; JA Prestwood, county commissioner.

d. Little child of Gillis Metcalf at Georgianna last week.

12 JAN 1911-

d. James McGill, residing near Ozark.

d. last Sun., Honorable CL Bransen of Elba.

d. 26 y/o w/o JL Allen; she was the d/o FA Griffith; buried at Gaynor lat Sunday; leaves husband and 4 children.

Of Interest-John McClung brother of Percy McClung.

d. 65 y/o w/o 75 y/o William Morgan of Escambia County, FL.

19 JAN 1911-

Of Interest-home of RT Ghent at Dothan robbed by nego boy

Of Interest-Mrs. Callie Garrett of Florala, robbed.

d. Mote Segor in chalk factory accident in Pensacola.

d. (Samson Item) Mr. Simmons, funeral at Corner Creek Cem the 5th Sat in Jan with Masonic honors

Of Interest-Dan Pate, Wetumpka convict escaped, visited his 80 y/o mother, then turned himself back in voluntarily to the penitentiary.

Of Interest-Robert Thompson accidentally shot himself.

d. negro man who was recently hurt in the big explosion in DeFuniak.

Of Interest-Mrs. W M Shepherd and son Dewey visited her siser Mrs. Morehead and dau Mamie in Pinckard.

d. Dr. D. A. Brown, Andalusia dentist, Mobile a few days ago.

Of Interest-Sam R. Burgess left Tue to open optical shop in Opp.

d. Tue. baby of Mr. & Mrs. J. Boles.

Of Interest-Miss Ida Kendrick of Noma, FL visiting her father JF Kendrick.

Of Interest-Mrs. FL Jones visited her brother JT Gafford at his new home in Feagin, AL.

d. last Sun, Mrs. Petigo of Lockhart, burial in Florala Cem on Monday.

d. (previously) 2 turpentine workers, Mays and Goodwin, near Pensacola.

d. Miss Mary Betzebe of Mobile.

26 JAN 1911-

Of Interest-Idas Darby bit by mad dog.

Of Interest-Barton Smith, Blairsville, GA, goes insane.

d. near Brewton, Jesse Watson, a small boy.

d. on the 19th, AC "Uncle Cal" Tippens of Pensacola.

Of Interest-Mrs. TJ Ward of Mobile visiting her sister Mrs. JR Searcy.

d. John W. Burge, father of TA Burge, living near Florala, he died at Mobile last week.

Of Interest-DeFuniak Item-Herbert Croft of Florala visited his brother WF Croft.

d. Hattiesburg, MS Miss Maud Hitson of Red Level, AL. (lengthy, interesting article about how she was visiting her boyfriend and her father left Red Level to retrieve her so she committed suicide by drinking acid).

02 FEB 1911-

d. Dr. Wm. Edwards of Milligan, one of the best known citizens of West FLA., died on Jan. 25th.

Of Interest-
J.P. Bailey spent Friday in Opp.
Thomas Spradley & family moved to Andalusia.
Mrs. W.W. Taylor visited relatives this week.
C.C. Everidge, merchant of Andalusia, was in the city last Monday.
G.W. Dunson of Andalusia, was circulating among friends in Florala Sunday.
Ben Spears spent Monday at Pensacola.
Dr. Adams is able to be on the street again.
J.N. Cardwell was a visitor to Opp last week.
Dr. S.R. Burgess of Opp spent Sunday & Monday last in the city.
Gene Grant of Florala is visiting relatives at Rose Hill this week.
Mr. Mcleod of Andalusia attended the Opera Saturday.
W.W. Taylor has moved his jewelry store two doors above the post office.
Mrs. F. L. Jones returned home after a visit to her brother, J.L. Gafford at Fairfield.
J.A. Redding of the Florala Cash Store, is now with J.R. Sheppard and invites friends around.
Misses Ollie Brunson and Willie Kendrick spent last Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. L.C. Horn at Paxton.
Marshall Wall rounded up two negroes Saturday night for disorderly conduct. They had a hearing before Mayor George.
R.G. Hoover has returned from a trip to Birmingham, before returning home he visited his parents in North Carolina.
Monroe Andrews of Enterprise, has moved to the southeast part of Florala.
H.C. Williamson of Florala was among the visitors in the city yesterday.
Mr. & Mrs. Ward of Andalusia spent Sunday with the family of W.L. Howell.
Jno. A. Davis has moved into his home recently purchased in southwest Florala.
Wilson, the 15 year old son of J.W. Griffin of Hacoda, was carried to Montgomery to have an operation for appendicitis.
W.W. Taylor has a very sick child.
D.A. Edwards now occupies the two-story residence on Fifth street, known as Ham House.

09 FEB 1911

d. Hugh Vernon Stribbling who was born Sept. 1909 and died Feb. 05, 1911. He was the only child of Jesse and Alice Stribbling, after funeral services were conducted he was carefully placed in a vault at Florala Cemetery.

23 Feb 1911

b. to Mr. & Mrs. J .J. Johnston on 5th Street, a daughter, Wednesday Morning.

d. Mrs. A.E. Redman was called to Eufaula several days ago by the death of her Father.

d. J. H. Hall, living between Opp and Brantley, was killed. He was thrown from his wagon and entangled in the harness and dragged a considerable distance and sustained fatal injuries.

d. The little two-year old child of Mrs. And Mrs. W. W. Taylor, died on Thurs. of last week and carried to Opp on the following day for Interment.

02 March 1911-

m. Miss Bessie Williams and Mr. John Clary joined in matrimony last Saturday, at the home of the brides parents in the city.

d. Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Jones of East Florala, died after a 2 day illness, Friday last and buried the following day.

09 March 1911-

b. A son to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kendrick.

d. Mrs. R.J. Freeman of Brockton, Ala., was burned to death a few days ago. Her dress caught on fire in the smoke house, she lived only a few hours.

d. J. Waller Henry, a well known insurance man of Andalusia, died suddenly at Muscogee, Okla., a few days ago.

Of interest-
Miss Belle Morgan of Georgiana is visiting Florala, the guest of J. F. Kendrick and Family.
Misses Effie McDonald and Ethel McLeod are canvassing the city
F. A. Florence was confined to his bed several days this week.
J. T. Hughes, prominent mill man left Wednesday for Atlanta.
Mrs. John Smith of Graceville, is visiting Florala.
Mrs. J. E. Turner of Florala, was here last week on a visit to her daughter, Miss Essie Turner, who is attending Palmer College.- DeFuniak Herald
Dr. G.F. Petry has been appointed permanent superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School.
Our sister, Mrs. E.M. Stewart, has removed from our midst to Florala, Ala and in consequence membership from our ladies’ aid.
Miss Beatrice Cawthorn of Florala, here on a visit to her siste, Mrs. W.F. Meigs returned to her home Sat. morning.- DeFuniak Herald

16 March 1911-

d. John Sasser shot and killed James Veasey, a few days ago. The killing occurred in the Green butler neighborhood, above Andulasia. Sasser made his escape.

d. Mrs. Donald G. Campbell of Paxton died at the home of J. W. Campbell last Friday. The body was taken to Geneva, Ala, and interred Tuesday Morning.- Defuniak Herald.

m. Miss Leila Tucker, daughter of J. B. Tucker of Laurel Hill and Jodie Williams were married a few days ago. The bride is a granddaughter of Mrs. Cynthia Tucker of Florala.

m. Invitations announcing the marriage in the 22nd of W. H. Turner of Andalusia, and Miss Annie Baggett of Laurell Hill.

23 March 1911-

d. W.H. Jolley, merchant of Troy. He was a Confederate Veteran.
d. Will Powell, negro, shot and killed while trying to escape from the Horseshoe Lumber Camp a few days ago.

30 March 1911-

d. Little Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Bush of East Florala died last week after a 2-3 day illness. She was buried at Hartford, the remains carried by automobile.

m. W. H. Turner and Miss Annie Baggett, Wednesday last week. The bride is a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Baggett.

Of Interest- Among visitors to Florala last Saturday from Georgiana were:
Mrs. E.W. Holland, Mrs. W.H. Knox, Misses Willie May Knox, Sallie Lee, Clyde Boone, Nell and Vera Martin, Ruby Johnson, Ina and Zeddie Shepherd, Alva Shell, Birdie Bargainier, Ida Putnam, Pearl Laseth, Hattie and Bernice Rhodes, Prof. E. L. Stough and family, Clinton Cross, R.B. Rhodes, Calvin Lee, Chester Davis, Jno. Edwards and Bob Hay.

06 April, 1911-
d. C. A. Beasley, one of the oldest citizens of Red level, died on the 18th of March.

13 April 1911-
d. Rev. L. A. M. Thomasson
Lorenza A. Marion Thomasson, the subject of this sketch b. in York Dist. Of South Carolina on the 18th day of March 1829. He was the son of Thomas and Sarah Roach-Thomasson, and the grandson of Wm. Thomasson , a Virginian soldier in the Revolunary War. The Reverend moved with his parents from SC to Madison, Morgan Co., Ga., about 1831-32 and in 1839 moved to Farrionville (Now Post Oak) Bullock County, Ala. He moved to Covington County Ala & lived near Rose hill in 1856 until his death December 23rd 1910.
He was married in 1847 to Miss Martha Henley of Pike County, they had 7 children, she died in 1894 and he never remarried. He died at the home of his son-in-law, John Peacock, abt. 12 miles from Andalusia and was buried at Bethany Church beside his wife.

27 April 1911-

d. John S. Hunt, agent of the Southern Railway & postmaster at Brownsboro, Ala. Postmaster inspector came to inspect the books, he turned it over to him, walked home and shot himself.

d. Sudden death of Mrs. Sallie A. McDaniel, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Stewart, at Paxton on Friday, April 21st. Her granddaughter was Miss Vonceil Stewart. She was 68 years old and moved to Florala from Rose Hill, several years ago. She leaves 7 children: Miss Lillie Hagie, Century, Fla.: Mrs. Charley Stewart, Paxton; Mrs. Frank Jones of Troy; Milton McDaniel, of Greenville; Mrs. Sandy Sanderson, Grady McDaniel and Miss Mattie McDaniel of Florala. Burial at Florala Cemetery on Saturday.

Of Interest-
N.B. Powell of Opp, was a visitor.
Charles Rubenstein of Brockton, Ala visited here.
Mr & Mrs. M.C. Rudd of Enterprise, are visiting H.A. Baggett & Family.
G.W. Crawford of Florala was a business visitor to Defuniak.
Master Bert McCall of Florala is here on a visit to her Aunt, Mrs. Bert Murray- Defuniak Herald.
Mrs. Henry Davis left this week to visit Relatives.
Mr. Lawson of Lockhart, is attending Sunday School in Anniston this week.
Mrs. McLendon, Mother of Mrs. W.W. Taylor is visiting relatives in Andalusia and Rose Hill.
Milton McDaniel returned to Greenville Tuesday.
Miss Eva McKeiten, who has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Carpenter, has returned of Defuniak.
W.H. Sheppard who has been sick is now at the home of his brother, W.M. Sheppard in Florala.

11 MAY 1911-
d. J.R. Moseley returned from Florala last Sunday, whither he had gone to attend the burial of his sister, Mrs. Sallie McDaniel of Florala- Marianna Courier.
d. Lafayette Cawthorn, last week, children Mrs. L.L. Charles of Caryville and Mrs. W.F. Meigs of Defuniak Fl.
d. Walter Merrill and a negro, Bob Dawson died after a shooting difficulty occurred.

d. Levi Kent, aged 65 died at Greenville last week. He was a Veteran in the Civil War

Of Interest-
C.W. Snowden is serving as a member of the Grand Jury in the U.S. Dist. Court in Montgomery.
Mrs. J.J. Johnston will leave Sat. morning on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Milton McDaniel at Greenville.
Miss Eloise Searcy of Abbeville spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Shepperd.
Miss Gussie Cutts of near Laurel Hill visited Florala friends this week.
J.E. Hughes was called to business in Montgomery.
Baptist Convention meets the 17th at Jacksonville Fl. The following Florala parties will attend: Rev. E.M. Stewart and wife, J.E. Hughes and wife, J.T. Hughes and daughter, H.A. Hughes and wife, D.C. Hart and wife, T.J. George and wife, J.R. Shepperd and wife.
Dr. W.F. Galloway, S.M. Quick, J.M. Helms, J. Alto Matthews, Geo. W. Reeves, A.L. Wilson, J.M. Roberson and Theo S. Lanz went by automobile to Defuniak.

ADVERTISED LETTERS remaining at Post Office this May 8th, 1911.
Safronia Bryant, C.H. Corlir, Clifford Canal, Miss Tamsie Crosby, Miss Rebecca Christian, W.D. Carr, Miss Cella Davis, W.R. Dixon, H.E. Elyard, Miss Fannie Hoover, Mrs. Will Helms, G.W. Hicks, Sandy Hightower, Mrs. Carry Johnson, Lee Johnson, George Jones, Miss Lula Jones, C.H. Lee, Miss Everlene Lee, Mrs. Mary Loyd, Miss Iola Martin, J. Hugh McLauchlin, Miss Jannie Munree, Miss Annie night, Mrs. D.N. Newell, C. Night, T.M. Norbridge, Charlie Patterson, C.H. Parker, Miss Mary J. Progress, J.L. Pettyjohn, J.W. Pettyjohn, Mrs. Patry Pearson, G.W. Reeves, W.B. Reid, John Stevens, Miss Donie Scellery, Mrs. Mary Sellers, Miss Carrie Lee Scott, F.W. Sharp, Henry Shelby, John Sanders, Miss Mollie Smart, Joseph Sevay, Miss Martha Thomas, Carrie L. Ware, Fannie Waters, G.W. Williams, L.M. Wilkison, Mrs. Bill Wilson, Miss Eva Wiliams, Mrs. Emmie Williams, Jim Williams, Mrs. Catie Williams, Miss Rebia Williams, J. Wilson, G.H. Williams.

18 MAY 1911

d. The little six year old daughter of R. L. Gregory and wife, of Lakewood, died last Monday and was buried in Florala Cemetery on Tuesday.

Of interest:
Advertised Letters remaining fro the week ending May 15, 1911
Mrs. Ashley Heron Aboit, Mrs. S.D. Abbott, Lushel Adams, Mrs. Julia Brown, Tom Brown, Liga Bar, Will Beal, Miss Gracy Caylor, Jimmie Clayton, M.D. Colley, Joe Garrett, Miss Hannah James, Neadom Johnson, Mrs. Tom Lee, Mrs. Mamie Long, Kaul Lumber Co., Miss Ider Mason, Mrs. Sarah McRay, Mrs. Isoline McMillion, Mrs. Rosie Morris, M.C. Kenny, Mrs. Neil W. Ray, Anna Smith, Carrie Lee Scott, Mrs. Alice Tord, Amos Water, Mrs. Ashie Wadkins & John Wesley.

Night watchman John Adams of Andalusia has received a threatening letter from parties whose wrath he had incurred. He was told to leave or he would be killed and his home dynamited.

Mrs. E.R. Partridge opened her beautiful home yesterday afternoon to friends.

Accidental Killing Of Negro, J.M. Riles, superintendent of the Jackson Lumber Co. repeatedly ordered a negro trespasser to leave from that portion of the Mill were it is strictly prohibited, Riles attempted to club the negro with his pistol and accidentally shot and killed a negro standing slightly to his rear. Drs. Galloway & Adams were called, but the wound was fatal. Mr. Riles had a preliminary hearing before Judge Whitt on Tuesday, but after investigation of the facts, he was acquitted, showing accidental death.

Henderson Burgess spent sometime fishing at Limestone, Fla.
Miss Jospehine Cawthorn of Defuniak is visiting her sister here, Mrs. Lucius Moss.
Mrs. Mollie Smith raised some of the largest radishes this season we ever saw.
Miss McDonald of Florala, is a Guest at the home of her sister, Mrs. T.F. Plummer.
Mrs. W.T. Teat left Saturday to visit her parents in Brantley.
W.W. Cotter spent last Sunday at Hartford.
Robert Wicker of Florala visited his sister, Mrs. N.T. Hutto here Sunday- Slocomb News.
T.B. Allen spent Saturday in the city. His Mother, Mrs. D.C. Allen came with him and will spend time visiting.
Mrs. Parker and daughters, Misses Ethel and Lena, of Florala, came to Geneva, guests of Mrs. D.G. McInnis- Geneva County Reaper.

25 MAY 1911-

m. John Aplin and Miss Ida Dredden of Svea, were married at the home of W.T. Aplin on the evening of the 18th of May, by Justice of the Peace Gray. A feature added to the pleasure of the Occasion, was, the unexpected arrival, just at the conclusion of the ceremony, of the father of the bride- the first meeting of father and daughter in five years.

d. Rev. E.B. Arms Dead, death occurred at his home in Garland Ala. Last week. He was the private Tutor of the Hughes and Cawthorn children, by each of whom he will long be held in loving remembrance.

d. Fred Clements, shot and killed in Geneva last Saturday night. J. Marion McGee of the same place is accused of the murder and has left these parts unknown.

d. Mrs. Hope Cawthorn died at the home of her sister, Mrs. D. L. McSwain at Arcadia, Fla. Last week.

Of Interest-
Jesse markham, from near Cravey’s bridge, has moved to Florala.
Judge J.D. bailey is having a commodious barn built.
Mrs. Spears recently visited Mr. and Mrs. W. Larkin at Muscogee, Fl.
Murray Cawthorn of Defuniak is acting cashier at the Bank of Florala, during the sickness of T.S. Lanz.
Griffin Miller is Shearing Sheep.
F.A. Florence had a valuable horse to die Tuesday night.
Miss Viola Cravey of Green Bay is visiting her sister, Mrs. Griffin Miller.
Capt. Steve Cawthorn, a pioneer citizen has been quie sick for several days.
Miss Elizabeth Aplin of Lockhart, and the little grandchildren of J.M. Aplin, visited Green Bay last week.
Miss Emma Mathews of Hartford, arrived at Florala several days ago and will act as register clerk in the post office.

01 June 1911 -

d. W. M. Shirley died at his home at Hacoda last week.

d. Mrs. Julia Robinson, aged 57 years died last Sunday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. A.D. Chambliss, No. 306 Stevenson St., Montgomery. The remains were shipped to Brooklyn Monday for funeral and interment, as she was on a visit to her daughter. Mrs. Robinson was an Aunt of Mrs. W. L. Howell of Florala.- Montgomery Journal

Of Interest-
J.M. Daniel was in Dothan last week.
W.T. Prestwood went fishing out on Yellow River last week.
Miss Morgan Jones spent several days this week in Lockhart.
Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Oates of Headland were in Florala yesterday.
Mrs. F.H. Leggett leaves this week to visit relatives in Mississippi.
Mrs. M. Lurie returned home from her visit at Union Springs last Saturday.
Andrew Trammell of Lockhart returned home for summer vacation. He has been in school in Marion.
Miss Mary Lee Williams, who has been teaching in Coffee Springs, arrived in Florala to spend her vacation.

15 June 1911-

d. C.C. Beasley was called to Ozark Monday last on account of the death of his mother, Mrs. Eliza Beasley, She was visiting her daughter, Mrs. C.C. Stokes and taken ill. She was above 70 years of age. Her remains were laid to rest in Ozark Cemetery.

Of Interest-
Jno. T. Echols, Henry Hughes, Henry Davis, W.H. Arnold, Allen Davis and Albert Searcy went to Zone’s mill fishing last week.
Mrs. L.G. Ray and Miss nona Bailey left last Monday for Gainesville, Ga. to enter college.
Miss Christian McLeod will leave in a few days for Newton, for summer school.
Mrs. W.M. Sheppard and son Dewy are on a visit to relatives to Pickard.
Richard Richburg returned Saturday night from Hot Springs.
Miss Mary Ida Smith was absent from business due to illness this week.
J.H. Williams, representing Shreve-Milligan Co., of Andalusia, was here this week with a drove of horses.
Mrs. J.D. Thomas, accompanied by Little Miss Mattie Stephens arrived at Florala this week for a visit with relatives.
Marshall Busbee visited his old home Sunday.
F.A. Florence, suffering from past eye problems is in Montgomery this week undergoing treatment.
Jas. Brawner of Andalusia, arrived her Tuesday night. He came to attend the Holmes-Neves wedding which takes place today.
Mrs. J.B. Reid accompanied by Mrs. Sam Jones are visiting at Enterprise.
Dr. Broughton and wife of Greenville, are the guests of Rev. E.M. Stewart.
B.E. Whiddon of Florala, Al. was a visitor here Saturday and Sunday, going out to Vernon to attend court Monday.-Chipley Banner.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis of Hartford, who have been visiting the latter’s parents Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Bailey, for a few days, returned home Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Harrison and children of Bainbridge, Ga., returned home Friday morning after spending some time with relatives here. Mrs. Harrison first resided in Florala and her numerous friends were glad to welcome her.
F.G. White and daughter, Miss Alma White, came over from Geneva Tuesday. Miss White has had excellent success as a teacher of music and our school board will no doubt give her application favorable consideration.

29 June 1911-
d. D.C. Hart died early Friday morning, it was expected. The remains were laid away in Florala Cemetery, Rev. E.M. Stewart conducting the burial service. Mr. Hart was between 45 and 50 years old. He is survived by his wife and daughter, Mrs. W,T. Prestwood, to whom we tender sincerely.
Of Interest-
W.W. Cotter who made Florala his home for sometime, has now located at Ariton, Ala.

Miss Cawthon, who has been spending a few days in Florala with her father, will soon leave to Denver, Colorado, has received the sad news from Rockdale Texas, that her sister has been seriously injured in an automobile accident. Miss Cawthorn will go there at once to be with her, passing through this City today on her way to Texas City- Pensacola Journal.
J.A. Clary of Laurel Hill was at Florala Saturday.
W.H. Arnold was at Pensacola on Wednesday of last week.
Dr. Miller of Paxton went down to Pensacola last week.
Byrd Spears is visiting friends in Pickard and Midland City.
Hiram Bush of Milligan, visited relatives here a few days ago.
Allen Curry of Midland city has been visiting Byrd Spears.
Frank Spears is visiting friends and relatives at Florala.
W.H. Rawls of Andalusia, Route 6, was at Florala last Saturday.
Miss Addie Lee Barnes of Andalusia has been visiting relatives here this week.
Bud Clarys says crops are good in his neighborhood near laurel Hill, but needing rain.
Levi Morrell near Opp, while in Florala last Saturday, called our friends at the news office.
Mrs. Charley Wiggins of Andalusia spent several days with relatives here last week.
Judge L.J. Salter of Andalusia was handshaking with friends at Florala a few days ago.
Miss Callie Wars of Andalusia is spending some weeks with the family of J.W. Prestwood of the Geronimo hotel.
There is a new heir at the home of W.T. Hodge.
W.W. Cotter spent Sunday with relatives at River Falls.
Mrs. J.S. Rozier is spending some time with relatives at Opp.
Prof. J.S. Rozier is taking a summer course at the University of AL.
Miss Lannis Vickery of Gordon, AL., is visiting at the home of H. Pickens.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Bush has been sick for the past several days.
Miss Mattie McDaniel returned a few days ago from a visit to relatives at Troy and Greenville.
Dr. G.O. Spears of Cobb, Fla., was visiting and transacting business in Florala last week.
E. Wallace of Darlington, Fla. was here Tuesday. Mr. Wallace says crops are fine in that section.
Mallie Everette who has been at Enterprise for several weeks past came over on a visit on Friday of last week.
Mrs. Frank McClure, who has been visiting Mrs. H.H. McDougald for the past few days, returned to her home at Columbia Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Susie Walden returned to her home at Defuniak Sunday morning, after spending some time with her sister Mrs. T.H. Edney.
Mrs. Charlie Stewart and daughter, Miss Bonceil, of Paxton, and Miss Mattie McDaniel of Florala, left for Panama City last Saturday afternoon.
Resolutions: Whereas the death angel has visited Sovereign S.E. Hart, and taken her beloved husband, be it resolved, That McDonough Grove, No. 32, extend sympathy.
Sovereigns: Sallie B. Beasley, Carrie L. Martin, Levonia Howell, Lee Hix, Effie P. Bell, Ch’m’n.

6 July 1911-
m. J. T. Byrd and bride of Noma, Fla., are spending the week at Florala. The couple were married last Monday and reached in time for the Woodmen Picnic on Tuesday. Mr. Byrd is State Deputy organizer of the W.O.W. for Fl. And Ga.

Of Interest-
H.A. Helmes visited Dothan last week.
Miss Beulah Manning visited relatives and friends at DeFuniak.
Miss Maggie Lou Prestwood of Andalusia is visiting her brother, W.T. Prestwood.
Attny. A.R. Powell of Andalusia was in Florala last week.
Colon Allen of Brundidge, Al is visiting his grandparents Rev, D.C. Allen and wife.
Miss Annie V. Helmes, mother and little brother are spending some time at Panama City, Fl.
Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Roe of Samson were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Reeves last Sunday.
Mrs. Landrum and daughter, Miss Lonnie of DeFuniak, were visitors to Florala a few days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Helmes and little granddaughter Miss Grace Lawrence are at Panama this week.
Gladys tucker, little granddaughter of Mrs. B. F. Tucker, was quite ill several days.
Mr. Spradley and family of Andalusia attended the burial of Mr. Hart at this place last Saturday.
Mrs. John Whittington and children are spending the day at Laurel Hill.
Jas. H. Burgess was out of town last week.
Rev. D.C. Allen will leave next Saturday for Brundidge, AL.
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Stribling and Mr. and Mrs. W.L. McLauchlin went up to Troy Wednesday.
Mrs. W.C. Whitt (teacher), left here Monday for Tuscaloosa.
Dr. A.E. Martin, (vet, surgeon, dentist), left Sunday for Apalachicola, Sumatra, Wilmer, and Zion, Fla. The Dr. has permanently located in Florala.
Mr. Spradley and family of Andalusia attended the burial of Mr. Hart on Saturday.
Miss Lyda Odell Greene spent a couple of days at Lytle, AL., last week, the guest of T.L. Greene.
J.W. Griffin and wife of Goshen, passed through Florala Saturday on their way to Milton.
Misses Nannie Pearl and Elizabeth Cawthon have returned from Florala.
Miss Susie Walden returned to her home at DeFuniak Sunday morning after spending some time with her sister, Mrs. T.H. Edney.
J.J. Johnston sustained a painful cut on his left hand at Caw thorn’s meat market last Tues.
J.W. Angle, chief of police of Samson, was at Florala Wednesday, leaving for home Thursday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. McLauchlin and little son, Master Phillip, will leave in a few days for a visit to the former’s Mother at Laurinburg, S.C. They will return around Sept. 1. Pelham Faucett will accompany them on the trip and will visit relatives at Fayetteville.

13 July 1911-
b. James Dopson and wife of Lockhart was born a son a few days ago.

Of Interest-
List of mail remaining in this office for the past week and if not called for in 30 days will be sent to the dead letter office: Mrs. Mannie Albison, Eveline Bryan, Marie Barlow, Nicie Bell, Alice Byrd, Mrs. R.C. Byrd, C.B. Bush, Mrs. Gretchen Cooper, Mrs. M.C. Campbell, Anna Covington, Laura Collingsworth, F.L. Flemming, Bessie Gillerest, M.G. Givins (5), Ellick James, Mrs. Olive I. Johnson, Mrs. Dump Jones, Lizzie Jones, Emma Jackson, Lue Jones, LDS Kitchins, Katruty McUqece, Rellie McDuffie, Emily McWaters, Mrs. Clara Miller, Lucile Moore, Mairran Rainey, Geo Rolock, I Rimson, Polly Ann Smith, Camelia Smith, C.S. Sessoms, Offie Thompson, Ella Thomas, D.D. Thompson, R.E.L. Thompson, S. White, Addie Wilson, Bishop Woods, Jessie Youngblood.

Judge Wood has been sick for several days.
Mrs. Annie Lee Thompson is visiting relatives at Dozier.
Mrs. Whitehead of Ariton, is visiting Mrs. John Riles of Lockhart.
Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. McDuffie of Samson were visitors to Florala last week.
Mrs. Lula Wilson and Mrs. Chestnut of Samson was recent visitors to the city.
Mrs. J.H. Evans left last week for Troy to visit relatives and friends.
Contractor Farmer has completed the new residence of W.W. Taylor in East Florala.
H.D. Garner spent last Sunday at Florala.
Mrs. B.H. Farmer and children, Foster, Olin, and Hazel, are visiting relatives and friends at Coffee County.
Miss Sallie Collier is visiting relatives at Elba.
Mrs. Mollie Smith is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Milton McDaniel of Greenville.
Mrs. J.R. Shepherd recently spent several days visiting at Glendale, Fla.
Mrs. W.H. Vaughan and children have returned from a visit to Evergreen, Brooklyn, and other points.
Mrs. M. Cohn, of Union Springs, accompanied by her son and daughter, Sam Cohn, and Maggie Cohn is visiting daughter, Mrs. M. Lurie.

20 July 1911-
d. R.F. Allen died on the train between Pennsylvania and DeFuniak a few days ago.
d. George Carroll and his 11 year old son were struck by lightning and instantly killed while fishing in the Blackwater River near Milton, a few days ago.

Of Interest-
W.F. Brunson visited Georgiana last week.
Mrs. J.F. Kendrick is visiting her sister, MRS. W.W. Wise of Samson.
Mrs J.W. Williams leaves today for Dozier.
Mrs. Thomas of Eufaula is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Redmon.
Miss Susie Barnes of Andalusia visits Misses Wall.
Miss Annie McDonald is visiting her sister, Mrs. T.F. Plummer of Andalusia.
Miss Rubie Adams of East Florala is visiting her Aunt, Mrs. J.B. Jones of Andalusia.
Miss Callie Spears left Saturday morning last for Montgomery.
Miss Marian Cawthon returned Sunday from Florala where she had been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Nannie Bowers.- Defuniak Springs
Mr. Bowie stricken with paralysis at the home of his son-in-law-, E.R. Jordan last week was carried to his home in Fort Deposit. There was a slight improvement in his condition before he left Florala.
Miss Annie McDonald is visiting her sister, Mrs. T.F. Plummer of Andalusia.
Miss Rubie Adams of East Florala is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J.B. Jones of Andalusia.
J.J. Potts, one of Conecuh County’s successful farmers, spent several days in Florala this week.
Those present at a delightful picnic: Host, Mr. Davis
Misses Susie Barnes of Andalusia, Lyda Green of Bainbridge, Ga., Beulah Manning, Katie Lee Wynn, Marguerite McRae, Lucille Manning, Lila Wall, Gladys Wall, Marie Echols, Susie Clements, Minnie Larkin, Tommie Davis and Irma Rye; Messers. Grady Cowan of Jackson, Ala., Cecil Tisdale of Evergreen, and Guy White of Geneva; Earnest manning, Eugene Carpenter, Grady Farmer, Will Cardwell, Earle Rodwell, Tom Grimes, Graham Echols, Phillip McRae, Leo Davis and Woodcliff Rye. W.G.E.

27 July 1911-
Billie Cawthorn visited Montgomery this week.
Mrs. Mary Trawick died at the advanced age of 111 years in Atlanta last week.
Clarence Dubose left Monday for Pera.
Mrs. O.F. Lee is spending some time with relatives at Edenville, Va.
Miss Callie Spears has returned home from a pleasant visit to Montgomery.
Mrs Ed Bracewell and son, Master Ben, are on a visit to relatives at Bellwood.
Mrs. Claude Cawthon and little son are spending a few days with Montgomery friends.
Dr. B.M. Clayton, wife and child of Gadsden, are visiting A.L. Clayton this week.
Will Hudson of Andalusia was at Florala last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Helms have returned to Florala from Panama City.
W.J. Black visited relatives at Ft. Deposit last Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. J.E. Helmes returned Sunday from Panama City.
Mrs. Curry Cawthon and daughter, Anita, left Tuesday for Montgomery.
Misses Leize and Fern Galloway left Tuedsay for Dothan to visit friends and relatives before returning home at Sheffield.
D.T. Williams of Florala is in Pensacola today on business.
Will Braswell and Early Martin of Enterprise are visitors to Florala.
J.R. Caton of Union Springs is spending several days with his father W.D. Canton of Lockhart.
Abe Albert of Eufala reached here Wednesday night and is the guest of L.S. and M. Lurie.
Mrs. M. Cohn, son and daughter, Sam Cohn and Miss Maggie Cohn, of Union Springs returned home last week.
Rev. W.F. Martin stopped over at Florala Sunday night on his way home to Laurel Hill, from Sanford.
W.G. Matthews of Florala is spending a few days in the city with relatives.
Mrs. Monroe Andrews sustained a painful injury while gathering peaches in the Orchard a few days ago. Dr. A.L. Wynn was called in and dressed the injury.

3 August 1911-

m. Q.P. Davis and Miss Foley were married by Justice of the Peace Bracken Miller on last Sunday. Both parties resided at Elba.

d. Mrs. Bryant, who died at Laurel Hill, was brought to Florala last Saturday night and the remains sent to some point in Georgia over the Central Road Sunday Morning. The corpse was accompanied to this place by James Clary and wife, D.R. Moore, Charley Jones and wife and other friends. The couple had been married only 3 months.

d. Mrs. Sophie Bush died at Milligan a few days ago.

Dr. Allen H. Miller, has moved from Falco to Millville, Fla.
Mrs. Grissett of Troy is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Watson.
Dr. M. Baggett, Physician of Laurel Hill, was at Florala last Saturday.
Goodman and Willie Bethea of Brooklyn are visiting their sister, Mrs. W.L. Howell.
An infant of W.H. Vaughan is quite ill.
Mrs. Alice Pouncey and daughter, little Miss Sadie, are visiting their relatives at Bellwood.
Mrs. J.W. Marley and children of Jackson, Miss., are spending a month with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Sheenan.
Mr. and Mrs. Levy Creel and children of Barbour County, who have been visiting the family of E.S. Sheehan, left for home Saturday.
J.M. York of Pinckhard, visited Florala this week.
Misses Cora and Willie Kendrick are visiting at Bullock, Al.
Mr. and Mrs. Herd of near Opp were visitors to Florala last Tuesday.
Mrs. Ed Bracewell returned Sunday from Bellwood.
Mrs. W.M. Sheppard and son Dewey returned from a visit to Pinckard last Tuesday.
J.R. Shepherd who has been at Panama City for several days returned home Saturday night.
Jno. T. Echols and wife will leave in a few days for New York, Baltimore, and other eastern markets.
Miss Nettie Yapiola, of Pensacola, is spending time with her sister, Mrs. B.E. Whidden.
Miss Annie Bennett of Georgiana is a popular guest of Misses Kate and Vivian Parker, of South Fifth Street.
Rev. E.M. Stewart is ill at Greenville, where he went to attend the Baptist convention.
Mrs. Nannie Bowers of Florala arrived Tuesday night to visit her brother, Hutch Cawthon and family.
Mrs. Charles of Careyville has been spending some days with Mrs. Lafayette at East Florala, left for home Sunday morning.
Rev. W.R. Bickerstaff left Saturday for Banks where he goes to conduct a series of meeting.
Eugene Carpenter, one of Florala’s crack Base ball players is serving as apprenticeship as express messenger on the Central road, being from Florala to Smithsville
Miss Pearl Evans and little Misses Winnie Shepherd and Ollie Wilson left on a visit to Troy Tuesday morning.
Mrs. N.D. Miller, after a stay of several weeks with Miss Lafayette Cawthon, left for her home in Bonifay, Fla., last week.
Misses Lou and Lena Hammond left Tuesday morning for a visit to relatives at Brockton, Enterprise, Dothan, and Elba.
J.T and S.L. Boutwell and two sisters, the Misses Boutwell, of Opp, passed through Florala Wednesday en route to Seranton, Al. They go to visit their sister, Mrs. Lafayette Whitehead who is ill with typhoid fever.
Frank Cox, the flagman of Opp division of L& N system is ill at the family home in South Florala. Mr. Long is filling the position.
R.A. French, wife, and child are spending a few days in the city.

List of mail remaining in this office for the past week and if not called for in 30 days will be sent to the dead letter office: Mrs. Georgia Arnton, Cleven Bardner, Mrs. Janie Broom, Henry Coleman, Miss Reesie Culver, Clifford Caull, Anna Day, Anna Davis, Miss Celestia Ewing, Renuert George Emorall, John Gipson, Tom House, Frank Harson, Miss Susie Jackson, Miss Mary Jenkins, Charlie Jenkins, L.O. Low, H.A. Menshaw, W.L. Moor, Miss Katie Lee McNeil, Mrs. Willie May Mitchell, W.M. Nelson(2), Eddie Paullin C.C. Pugh, Jim Pace, Charlie Reed, John Rebony, Jack Ramond, William Respess, M. M. Shane J.F. Thorner, Miss Faldonia Walumey, Sam White, Limos Walker, George Williams, -Westmoreland, J.E.P. D.A. Ewing, Postmaster.

10 August 1911-

m.Eugene W. Grant and Miss Carrie Dale Stewart of Rose Hill were married Wednesday, August 9th.
b. A new son arrived at the home of Chas. Chancey Monday.
b. Born to Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Jones, a daughter last Saturday. d. A little child of William d. Sellars of Lockhart was buried last Monday afternoon.
d. John Glenn, dropped dead at Enterprise last week.
d. Miss Margarite George, the fifteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. George, died last Wednesday morning at 7:00.
d. Bishop Fitzgerald, a leader in Southern Methodism, is dead.
b. Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Burgess have an heir- a son, arrived last Sunday.
b. Born to Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Hutchinson at 8:00 last Monday, a daughter.
Miss Ruby Lee visited friends and relatives at Georgianna a few days ago.
Rev. J.M. Thomas of Andalusia, was in the city last Tuesday.
J.R. Shepherd was at Glendale, Fla., last week.
Mrs. Register of Graceville is visiting her daughter, Mrs. James Burgess.
Mrs. Bowling Powell of Florala visited Mrs. J.M. Stokes of Montgomery last week.
Miss Mamie Davis of Florala is visiting relatives and friends in the city this week.
Miss Martha Lou Pendry of Andalusia has been visiting at the home of her brother, Dr. J.W. Pendry.
Miss Jennie Debardelaben of Wetumpka, and Miss Gypsy Smith of Opp, visited their friends, Misses Rubie and Jessie Lee.
Little Miss Clandys Swilley left Sunday morning for Dothan, Quitman, Valdosta, Boston, and other southern points.
George Wise, and Miss Summerset of Elba, came to Florala last Sunday and were united in marriage.
Rev. Brooks Lawrence Eill lecture at the Methodist Church tomorrow- Friday night.
W.C. Parish, of the firm of E.S. & R.W. Parish, Gaskin, Fla., was in the city this week.
Mrs. Claude Cawthon mad Mrs. Curry Cawthon returned Tuesday night from a visit to Montgomery.
Mrs. J. Boles entertained last Thursday night in honor of her sister, Mrs. Marley, who is visiting.
N.C. Mcphail resides two miles northeast of Florala reports good crops.
Mrs. Walter Garrett and children of Bonifay, Fl. is spending time with her Mother and Sister, Mrs. B.F. Tucker and Mrs. J.A. Garrett.
Mrs. Sadie Beecham of Atlanta is visiting her daughters, Mrs. Croley and Mrs. Matthews on Fifth St. She is accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Fred Ashcraft, also of Atlanta.
E.L. Brewer, and Charley Robinson of Brooklyn, was at Florala this week.
Massey Barden and family are ending several days with relatives at Red Level.

Preston Clements of Pinckard, left for home Monday morning after a week’s stay with his two young friends Dewey Shepherd and Byrd Spears.
G.W. Smith and H.L. Gilmore and mother of Dothan, visited Coot Johnson and family this week.
L.P. Parker and mother and Master Ralph Howell and little Miss Addie Bee Parker of Albany, Ga., were the guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Howell.
Mrs. E.W. Carter and little daughter, Lois of Opp, stopped over Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Swilley on their way to Valdosta, Ga.
W.C.W. Cawthon and wife and Miss Fannie Barron of Andalusia, were at Florala last Friday.
P.W. Dannelly lives six miles from Opp.
Rev. E. M. Stewart resigns as Pastor of the Baptist Church last Sunday night.
Miss Annie Bennett of Georgiana, is visiting Misses Vivian and Kate Parker had an enjoyed time, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Penton were the Chaperones.

11 August 1911-

m. A very quiet wedding, but one in which numerous Pensacola people were interested was yesterday at 4:00.Rev. Father Kennedy joined Miss Henrietta Smith and Mr. Arlie E. Mann. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jeudivine, they will make their home in Florala.

17 August 1911-

d. Miss Margaret George died on August 9, 1911, at the age of 16 years and four months, her parents are Mr. and Mrs. T.J. George.
L.A. Free was at Samson this week.
S.M. Quick was in Andalusia Tuesday.
Miss Trudie Bannister visited Laurel Hill this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Shepherd were at DeFuniak last Friday.
J.W. Patterson of Andalusia was here Saturday.
W.H. Mapoles of Laurel Hill was at Florala Tuesday.
C.M. Dozier, who is teaching 8 miles from town, was here Saturday.
Mrs. G.W. Reeves is on a visit to relatives in Hartford.
Mrs. Will Galloway of East Florala is visiting South Carolina.
H.A. Hughes and wife, Jno. T. Echols are in New York.
Mrs. Mason residing in the southern part of town has been ill.
Grady McDaniel who has been sick is back on duty.
Miss Pearl Adams will attend School at Montevallo.
Rev. D.C. Allen will preach at Svea Sunday at 11 O’clock.
George W. hicks, a Covington County White man, is the first person to ever be arrested in Alabama, charge is obstruction of a navigational Stream. He was taken into custody on Wednesday.
Ben D. Spears, has returned after vacationing.
Mrs. Davis and children of Hartford, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Bailey.
Mrs. Katie Osteen of Milton, Fl., passed through Florala en route to Rose Hill to visit Relatives.
Mrs. Maude Burns returned to her home in Lockhart, Ala., Saturday morning after a few days stay with kinfolks.
Mrs. J.E. Register and little daughter, Minnie is visiting relatives in Florala.
Miss Gertie McGowan of Georgia has accepted a position as saleslady at the florala Cash Store.
Prof. J.P. Doster and wife were visitors at Enterprise last week.
Mrs. A.R. Dozier and two little grandchildren, Clara and Hankersly Hicks, left Monday morning for a week’s visit to their old home at Rose Hill.
Sherriff Collins of Milton, Fla., and Sherriff Bell of Walton County, Fla., was at Florala this week.
Prof. Dunn of Highland Home, lectured at the Methodist church last Thursday night.
Rev. W.M.L. Johns passed through Florala Monday en route to his home on the Yellow River. He has been assisting Rev. D.C. Allen.
Curry and Carl Cawthon left at the O.K. drug store last Friday two stalks of cane of the ribbon and green cane variety.
Mrs. John Taylor Smith of Graceville, Fla., is visiting relatives here. She once resided in Florala. Her home is now in Graceville.
Mrs. W.C. Whitt returned Thursday from Selma, where she had been spending some time with her brother, who has been seriously ill.

24 August 1911-

d. The funeral of M. Thrower will be preached at Chapel Hill church on the 4th Sunday in August at 11:00 o’clock.

d. G.W. Loveless, of Covington County, died at the home of his son, below Andalusia a few days ago. Remains will be interred at Bethany Church.

m. Alec Atwell and Miss Pearl Woodham of Opp, were married last week. The bride is a daughter of W.A. Woodham.

d. Mrs. Carroll died last week at Marianna, she formerly resided in Florala.

Of Interest-
J.R. Shepard will open up a furniture store at Defuniak.
J.J. Doster of Troy spent several days at Florala recently.
Mrs. Henry Matthews visited relatives at Coffee Springs last week.
Mrs. Luther G. Ray has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Davis at Hartford this week.
Wiley Adams was struck by a baseball at Hacoda a few days ago.
J.E. Hughes and wife have returned from an extended visit to several points in Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. William McLauchlin have returned from a visit to relatives in North Carolina.
Lon Gillis, J.W. Livings and W.H. Jones were here Monday.
Miss May Bracewell of McRae has been visiting relatives in Florala this week.
J.E. Flournoy and wife spent last week with relatives at Andalusia and other points.
W.M. Gary of Baker Hill, AL., was here on a visit to his cousin, J.S. Stanley, a few days ago.
G.A. Trammell of Clayton, AL., spent several days at Florala last week.
Miss Cleo McKinnon of Geneva is visiting Mrs. Dollie Cawthon this week.
Prof. R.H. Mott, prominent business man of Red Level, is in the city today.
Miss Trudie Bannister returned Sunday night from Howell’s Still.
Mrs. J.H.Bannister of Ft. Barrancas, is visiting the home of J.A. Bannister.
Dr. C.S. Petrey of Columbia, is expected here on a visit to brother, Dr. G.F. Petrey.
Misses Lou and Lena Hammond of Florala, are here visiting relatives-Elba Clipper.
Mrs. John Jones and children left Wednesday morning for a few days visit to relatives at Pensacola.
Mrs. Bolan has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stalling in Montgomery.
Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Cortell and Miss Andrews of Mobile, and Mrs. Slaughter of Rora, are on a visit to Mrs. Roland Perry.
Wm. Ray and family of Pensacola, also Harold Ray of Stephenson, Al., have been visiting at the home of Mr. Ray in Florala this week.
Miss Lucy Boles of Florala, is spending a few days here with her cousins, Misses Bernice and Maud Boles.
I.N. Schofield of Lockhart is now a subscriber.
J.A. Martin sustained a serious injury of the hand while working at the mills in Lockhart.
Miss Speller of Hartford, spent last Thursday after noon with Miss Nona Bailey. She was en route to Opp to visit relatives.
Miss Morgana Jones, after several days in Andalusia, has returned to Florala.
Prof. C.L. Garrett of Montgomery, was in town this week.
Mr. Whitley, foot was badly crushes under the wheels of Stearns-Culver large freight truck and was amputated.
Miss Jessie and Maggia Prestwood and Ola Cassady and W.N. Narid and Frank Prestwood of Florala, were over yesterday.- Pensacola Journal
G.A. Trammell of Clayton, Al., spent several days at Florala last week.
Mrs. J.D. Thomas, who has been spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Redmon, left Sunday for Enterprise, where she goes to visit her brother, G.A. James.
E.W. Grant and wife of Rose Hill spent several days at Florala.
Prof. C.L. Garrett of Montgomery, was in town this week.
Mr. Anderson of Howell, was in the city Saturday.

7 September 1911-

b. A little son made it’s arrival at the home of E.H. George last week.

d. On Saturday, 18 month old child of George T. Chesser, living near Hall’s, drowned by falling in a tub of water. About three hours later a child was born to the bereaved parents.

d. Allen Campbell, about 85 years old, died near Laurel Hill, last Tuesday morning.

Of Interest-
List of mail remaining in this office for the past 30 days will be sent to the dead letter office: Miss Ethel Barnes, W.B. Bur, A. Bachalor, W.J. Bachalor, A.B. Casterline, Ed Dixon, Miss Nanir Belle English, Mrs. Willie Erkins, Mrs. M.F. Foreline, Yancy Frands, Frank Fraser, J.R. Grimes, Mrs. Haywood Gatris, Mrs. Lucy Hundy, Mrs. Rosy L. Johnson, S.W. King, L.D. Meatams, Frank Murphy, Mrs. W.M. Murphy, Milton Moore, Rich Nooden, Mose Pendleton, Mrs. Dobie Palmos, Clara Prim, Mrs. Mary Redd, Mary Spencer, Oliver Stroud, Burton Smith, Mrs. Mollie Smith, Mrs. Ida Smith, Mrs. David Shanks, Ellen Stevenson, E.B. Savage, W.R. Taylor, R.E.L. Thompson, Will Thompson, Miss Sati Tillar, J.T. Whittington, Dave Walwoo, J.L. Walker, Mrs. Jane Williams, Elbert Willis, Mrs. Chas Wilson, Carrie Warne, Lester Walker.

The Florala Farmer’s Club Members:
(Meeting held on Sept. 2, 1911)
D. Mcleod, W.D. Caton, W.C. Beckham, M.A. George, Sr. W.H. Castleberry, J.M. Williams, B.H. Farmer, S.E. Whigham, M.J. Caylor, J.H. Matthews, W.C. McLauchlin, Dr. A.L. Wynn, T.J. Beard, J.W. Smith, Alex McRae, Dr. E.L. Adams, W.J. White, A.O. Wolley, R.H. Stallings, J.A. McNeil, D.A. Killingsworth T.J. Williams, J.W. Thames, Walter Geohagan, Lee Adams, J.W. Bracewell, J.W. Savage, I.S. Boles, D.R. Savage, L.R. Turner, Griffin Miller, Bragg Miller, W.F. McSwain, P.S. McClung, J.M. Dauphin, J.M. McQueen, G.W. McLeod, J.W. Miller, A.J. Sellers, J.M. Kimball, J.A. Davis, H.J. Holloway, E.M. Cannon, W.J. Holder, Lee Wiliams, Clopton Williams, J.T. Williams, Bud Paul, Philip Bryant. They will meet again in October.

Destroyed by fire, five buildings, property belonged to R.A. French, H.A. Hughes and Mrs. Bannister. Origin of fire is unknown.

Misses Vivian and Kate Parker entertained Wednesday in honor of the bride-to-be, Miss Gladys Lurie, it was presided over by Miss Irene Parker.
Walter Warren of DeFuniak was a visitor to Florala Sunday.
Grady Burch of Hartford visited friends last Sunday.
Mrs. Hal Scott of Montgomery has been visiting her sister, Miss Ethel McLeod.
Marvin Lenoire of Baghdad, Fla., came up Sunday for a visit to Paxton Friends.
H.O. Teat and family of Samson were visitors at the home of W.S. Teat Sunday.
Mrs. J.T. Penton of Opp has been visiting her sister, Mrs. E.H. George of this place.
Miss Alice Bannister left Wed. for Pensacola.
Master Willie J. Pilcher of Dothan is visiting his cousin Master Bracewell this week.
Miss Nannie Bracewell of Dothan has been visiting Florala relatives for several days past.
City Clerk J.L. Johnston, left Sat. morning for a week’s visit to Albany and other Georgian towns.
Ed Bracewell, W.W. Taylor and T.C. Penton attended court at Andalusia Monday.

Misses Lucile and Gertrude Arnold of Mobile, are the guests of Misses Manning of East Florala.
C.J. Ward, wife and son, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Ward and Miss Essa Howell of Andalusia were visitors here Sunday.
Nona Bailey lives on Fifth St where the auxiliary meet.
H.H. McDougald, Tim Williamson and Fred McDougald left Monday, fishing.
Will Chesser of Ft. Barrancas, Fla., returned from his stay at Florala, he was visiting his sister, Mrs. J.E. Flourney and relatives.
E.H. George had a son Saturday morning.
Misses Lou and Lena Hammonds returned last week from a stay at Elba.
M.J. Brewer returned Saturday from Andalusia.
Misses Jimmie Speller of Hartford were popular guests of friends this week, Miss Holman arrived in time to be present at Miss Meriam Windham’s Birthday Party Friday.
Dr. E. Foster and wife of Tuscaloosa have been visitors to the family of J.S. Stanley of Florala and Roy W. Wicker of Lockhart.

14 September, 1911-

m. Abraham Albert and Miss Gladys are now married on Tuesday, at the home of the bride’s brother, M. Lurie. Mr. and Mrs. Israel Lurie assisted Mr. and Mrs. M. Lurie in greeting guests. Rabbi Schwartz of Pensacola stood at the back of the altar and awaited the bridal party.

Henry Clay Beattie was given the death sentence for the brutal murder of his wife. He takes the chair November 24.
Negro Kid Fox held up Lonnie Hubbard for $60. Hubbard notified Night Marshal Busbee and Marshal Byrd and Deputy Sheriff Lewis arrested Fox at Steadman on Friday.
On Sept. 6, Mrs. Curry D. Cawthon entertained in honor of her daughter’s 3rd Birthday, Anita, at the home of Mrs. George W. Reeves. Guest were received by Mrs. Reeves and Mrs. Cawthon. Mrs. Carl Cawthon served punch, the children were entertained on the lawn by Miss Morganna Jones, Misses Winnie Shepperd and Callie Davis Johnston.
Mrs. Jim Burgess is visiting relatives at Graceville.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark has been quite ill.
Charley Matthews is attending court at Andalusia this week.
J.L. Johnston arrived home Sunday from a visit to Georgia.
Miss Pearl Adams left Tuesday morning for Montevallo to enter college.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Boles are spending a few days at Montgomery.
Theo S. Lanz returned a few days ago.
Carlton Grimes of Lakewood left for Montgomery.
Mrs. Shelby Jones of Troy is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. B. Watson of West Florida.
Master Foster Farmer returned Saturday from visiting Opp.
Miss Callie Davis Johnston is ill.
Sam Perry is moved to Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Lurie entertained for a marriage.
Misses Tommie and Mamie Davis had a surprise party on Monday night.
Mrs. J.L. Stewart and daughter, Miss Bonceil has been in Opp.
Attny. G.W. Reeves & J.D. Bailey have been in Andalusia this week.
Misses Bernice and Gertrude Lawrence visited Lawrence Hill Saturday.
J.B. Watson called and enrolled this week.
Mrs. Davis and children, visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Boles left for Samson on Friday.
Mrs. Charley Matthews and daughter Evelyn's are left Monday for Birmingham.
H.H.. McDougald and Tim Williamson broke the trout fishing record on the Shoal River.
Mrs. G.W. Reeves and Miss Emma Clements entertained the rook club Tuesday night last, Misses Blanche Clements kept score on score cards. Annie T. Larkin served ice cream and wafers.
The Missionary Society of the Methodist church met Monday with Mrs. John T. Echols on Fifth Ave. Mrs. T.J. McCall was the leader; Mademes Morris, Bell, and Matthews read 3 papers, The next meeting will be with Mrs. C.J. Stewart on Sept. 25 and Mrs. J.F. Gilmer will be the leader.
Miss Birdie Hughes threw a party on her home on Fifth Street, Miss Tommie Davis wore a lovely gown. Score cards were passed out by little Miss Inez Hughes. Score was kept by Miss Winnie Sheppard.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Helms and Master Ross Jr., reached Florala last Thursday night from Galveston.
J.S. Hannon of Gainesville Fla. Arrived in this city last Friday & rented the an office in the Williams building.
Jno. A. Davis and little son of Florala, Ala were visiting friends in Garden City last Thursday.
Advertised Letters:
Mrs. Gorgia Amton, Mrs. Tabitha Boyd, M.H. Carter, Mrs. Mary Crumpley, Mrs. L.E.P. Cawthorn; Alice Frize, Joe Gordon, James Clark, Mrs. Fannie Lewis Kimmers, Mrs. Maryevor Matthews, Lorenzo Lewis, J.B. McLeeland , Miss Ida Nelson,
Mrs. Emla Urquhart, Ethel Rogers, Miss Mattie Thomas.

28 September 1911-

d. Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Hall of Selma both died suddenly Tuesday night; Mr. and Mrs. Hall were brother and sister-in-law of Jos. L. Hall, They had a daughter Mrs. Kilpatrick where the wife Mrs. Hall had been taken after Mr. Hall’s death, were she passed away. They were also Mother and father of Mrs. Robert Stringfellow of Montgomery.- Montgomery Journal
Hence McDougald returned to Florala Friday.
Curry Cawthon was at Montgomery this week.
C.M. Wiggins of Andalusia was here yesterday.
Corbin Cawthon left Wednesday for Hot Springs.
Coston Gunter of Elba was here Saturday.
Miss Minnie T. Larkin will be at Tallahassee.
Mrs. M.E. Williams is in Montgomery visiting relatives.
M.E. Bush of Dothan was here last week.
Walter Simmons returned here Monday from Georgiana.
Mrs. Collins of Hartford visited Mr. Brown a few days ago.
Thos. M. McLendon and Rev. J.A. Jones of Andalusia were here this week.
Mrs. Ashley Alred of White Springs, Fla. has been in Florala.
J.S. Stanley spent Saturday at Stearn-Culver-Lumber Company’s camp.
Mrs. Jas. H. Burgess returned a few days ago from Graceville.
Mrs. Boyd and little daughter are on a visit to Mrs. W.R. McDuffie.
Grady Farmer, Charley Radford, Martel Smith, and Hugh Long spent Sunday at Opp.
R.N. Torrence and son, Robert of DeFuniak were at Florala yesterday on business.
Miss Charlotte McRae was hostess of the rook club Tuesday night; Miss Margurite McRae served salads.
Mrs. W.R. Bickerstaff organized a mission on Saturday afternoon.
J.D. McPherson and J.W. Barnes of Andalusia were visitors here Wednesday.
Miss Mary Lee Williams will leave for Coffee Springs.
Rev. J.N. Vandiver will preach Sat. and Sun.
J.E. Flournoy has been absent due to illness.
Mrs. Louise Albert left for Selma, she has been spending time with Mrs. I.S. Lurie.
I.S. and M. Lurie will close their stores on Monday.
Mrs. Maggie D. Givens left for Pensacola last week.
LaMont Stevens has returned to Baghdad, Fla.
Miss Charlotte McRae accepted a position as a teacher at DeFuniak.
Mrs. Alice Pouncy and Miss Sadie Pouncy returned from Bellwood last Saturday.
Mrs. M.J. Myhand of Society Hill, Ala., has been visiting her brother, S.H. Williams in Montgomery.
Y.A. White of Camp Hill, AL., returned home Monday after spending days with relatives.
Jno. T. Echols purchased a horse while in Columbus last week.
Deputy Sheriff J.W. Livings was here Saturday.

Church Program: Of the Young Men’s Bible Class of the Baptist Church Fraternity hall on Tuesday evening last:
Prayer- Bro. W.C. Whitt
Paper- Mrs. W.C. Whitt
Song-Miss Prestwood
Speech- Col. Geo. W. Reeves
Speech- Prof. Jas. P. Doster
Punch- Miss Winnie Shepherd

Baptist Ladies’ Meeting: Sept. 25 at the Colonial Hotel
hostess- Mrs. Edney
presided over by- Mrs. J.E. Hughes
elected officers- Mrs. H.H. McDougald was elected President, Mrs. J.E. Hughes elected vice President, Mrs. Edney elected as Secretary and Treasury, Mrs Alto Matthews P.C..

W.F. Gradolph of St. Loius, Mo., J.W. Barnes of Andalusia, & J.W. Swilley of Florala have returned from a 3 week trip from several Counties. Mr. Gradolph is the inventor and patentee and the international Gradolph Company of St. Louis
J.K. Everett received some charters for the W.O.W.
H.J. Barnum, of Freeville, N.Y., was a fever sore that plagued his life for many years.
J.W. Pendry is a dentist.
R.A. French is a notary public.
G.F. Petrey & C.S. Petrey are dentists.
Willis C. Wood is an Attny.
O.J. Benton is a photographer.
J.E. Helms of Florala fell out of a moving car.
Mrs. Mary Straughn gave a remedy for “sore-headed chickens.”
Miss Effie Caton, and Mrs. John Flornouy (twins) celebrated their birthday at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Caton six miles west of Florala last Friday.

Troy, ALA., Sept 25th- On last Saturday night J.E. Helms of Florala, on the Atlantic Coast Line Train, not less than 2 miles from Troy, fell from the train when it was running at full speed. He does not know where the accident occurred, but somewhere two or three miles from Troy.

5 October 1911-

d. Mrs. D.T. Seals died at 8:00 last Saturday at her parent’s home Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Whigham. Mrs. Seals was 21 years old and had been married about a year and a half. She leaves a husband and 10 day old baby.
d. Mr. Green died last Monday at his home in Paxton and was buried Tuesday in Florala.
d. Judge J. F. Sanders of Elba died suddenly while in Enterprise Tuesday.
d. Burnett Straugh, three year old son of W.B. Straughn of Sanford was buried in Andalusia last Tuesday. Rev. J.J. Hagood performed burial services. Relatives from Florala attended the funeral.

Of Interest:
Last Saturday, a party consisting of Sheriff Brown, Marshal Griffin, Squire Faulk, Clerk Draughon, Len Griffin, Adolf Black and the Reaper man, & Negro Kid West executed Col. Schlitz, Major Antediluvian, and General Sixty Six. Clyde Griffin was the photographer.- Geneva Reeper
Dr. Young has purchased an auto.
T.C. Penton is at Milton this week.
A.E. Mann was a visitor at Pensacola Sunday.
J.E. Flournoy is able to be out after days of illness.
Rev. W.G. Miller of Dorcas, Fla. was at Florala this week.
Mrs. Eugenia Jordan is on a visit to Falco.
Grady McDaniel has returned from Georgia.
Mr. Williams of Old Columbia is at Florala today.
Mr. Webb of Panama City was here this week.
Grady McDaniel will leave Saturday for a business trip to Milton.
J.J. Johnston left this morning for Dothan.
Mrs. Griffith was ill a few days ago.
Curry Cawthon has returned from Montgomery.

Baptist Ladies’ Aid Society Meeting:
Met with Mrs. J.E. Hughes, on Monday, The president is Mrs. H.H. McDougald,
Bible Study with: Mrs. J.F. Croley, Mrs. A.N. Wilson will be the leader of the bible study at the next meeting.

The young child of Mr. and Mrs. I.O. Monteith has been ill this week.
W.H. Mapoles of the Laurel Hill News was a visitor yesterday.
Master Charles, son of Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Pendry has been sick this week.
Rev. Lindsey of Florida preached Sunday night.
Mrs. Charley Matthews returned from Birmingham.
R.S. Whatley of Andalusia spent Saturday in Florala.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Albert arrived at Florala Sunday.
Mrs. M.A. Helmes of Sanford has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Evans.
W.A. Morris of Birmingham sent a telegram to Alex McRae.
Gov. O’Neal has appointed C.D. Bean of Andalusia as a Notary Public.
W. L. McLauchlin, wife & little son Phillip went to Baker Fla. Thursday to deliver G.O. Spears new car.
W.F. Hughes and H. A. Hughes and Claude Williamson went to Montgomery this week.
Rev. J. N. Vandiver began his services as a pastor this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Straughn went to Sanford Monday after the death of their of a little grandson, They were accompanied home by their son W.B. Straughn and family.
Officer Busbee arrested a negro Monday night for carrying concealed weapons Chief of Police Byrd took the prisoner to River Falls Wednesday.
Judge J. M. Robinson has received veteran’s pension for this quarter.
Dr. G. O. Spears of Baker was here this week in his new car, it was a gift from his father, Dr. P.B. Spears.
Rev. D.W. Haskew of Graceville assisted Pastor Bickerstaff this week.
J.W. Clary of the Magnolia settlement sold over $25.00 in sugar cane.

12 October 1911-

b. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Jones, a Girl.
b. Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Taylor have a new Boy.

Of Interest:
George Wiggins had an accident at his home last Wednesday night. Mr. Wiggins got up to wait upon a sick family member, and the oil having burned out of the lamp in the room, he lighted a fire in the fireplace. A pistol cartridge had been accidentally swept in the fireplace exploded, inflicting a wound in his left hand. Mr. Wiggins came to Opp yesterday morning and had his wound dressed- Opp Messenger

H.A. Knowles of Samson was here Monday.
Miss Morgana Jones was on the sick list a day or two last week.
Mrs. Jos. Evans of Panama City, Fla., is visiting relatives in Florala.
Little son of Mr. Highsmith, residing in East Florala, has been ill.
Jim Vaughan and family have moved back to Florala from Natural Bridge.
J.W. Wilkinson of Florala was in the city a while yesterday- Dothan Eagle.
O.L. Weatherly has moved from East Florala to Jim Burgess house in town.
Mrs. Nancy Cawthorn is home from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. M.F. Meigs at Defuniak.
D.A. McArtan of Andalusia was here Saturday.
Tom Waters, a prominent Naval stores man was in Florala yesterday.
A dwelling house at Sanford, occupied by John Brown was destroyed last week.
J.J. Johnston grew a most prolific white velvet bean vine this season.
J.K. Youman of Geneva County, was at Florala this week. He bargained for a farm near here a short time ago and came over this week to pick up the deed.
Mrs. A.E. Redmon and children returned Saturday night from a visit to Eufaula.
G.W. Smith of Houston County was here this week fro the purpose of buying a farm near Florala.
Richard Richburg, the accommodating depot agent at Paxton, spent Sunday with friends at Laurel Hill.
Ben Rubenstein has accepted a position with a business firm at Hartford and left for that place Tuesday.
Miss Kate Parker returned Saturday night from a 3 week stay at Evergreen and Georgiana.
Stephen Manning of Crestview spent several days with his brother, Thomas Manning, and other relatives this week.
Mrs. W.R. McDuffie and sister, Mrs. Boyd of Quitman, Ga., made a visit to Pensacola on Fri. and Saturday.

19 October 1911-

Of Interest:
Miss Nona Bailey is visiting relatives in Hartford.
Eugene Grant of Rose Hill was a business visitor here this week.
W.W. Taylor spent a couple days at Andalusia last week.
Bruce page and Grady Farmer went to the Montgomery fair today.
P.N. Mclung, attended the fair in Montgomery last week.
Miss Irma Rye left Saturday for Laverne, where she goes to join her parents who moved to the place a few days ago.
J.F. Fox has been ill with a fever.
Misses Erin and Terrell Hildreth and Mrs. Ether Howell of Enterprise, visited relatives here.
Sam Burgess of Opp, spent Saturday with his brothers, C.C. & James H. Burgess.
Mrs. Abraham Albert of Hartford, reached here Monday night last to visit the families of I.S. Luire.
Mr. and Mrs. C.S. O’Neal of Andalusia spent Sunday with the family of W.W. Taylor.
Murdock Bell, Sheriff of Walton County, Fla., was transacting business here last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spears and two children of Pickard, are visiting the former’s parents, Doctor and Mrs. P.B. Spears at Florala this week.
Rev. F.A. Garrett, of Chapel Hill neighborhood picked 1250 lbs. of cotton from one acre of land.
J.D. Kendrick and wife of Noma Fl., spent days with his father, J.F. Kendrick.
Mrs. Bracewell is one of the oldest persons in the Florala community.

Baptist Ladies Aid Society Meeting met with Mrs. H.H. McDougald Monday afternoon, Oct. 16. Mrs. A.N. was the leader in Bible Study. Mrs. Croley read a paper on the life of Samuel. The story of David & Saul was told by Mrs. J.E. Hughes. We welcome Mrs. Vandiver as a member. Mrs. Sam Clark adjourned. The next meeting will be Oct 23 with Mrs. J.W. Hart as Leader in bible study.

Florala city school, month end October 10th, 1911 Honor Roll
1st grade: Martha McDougald, Allie Wynn Pickens, Frankie George, Angus Van Campbell, John Adkinson, Johnnie Lee Jones, Lucile Miller, Elzie McNeill, Mary Kate Bickerstaff, Ollie Kendrick, Mamie Wilson, George Whittington, Julian Howell, Angus Hall, Chester Clements, William Vaughn, Louise Williamson.
2nd grade: Claude Clayton, Cicero Huckabaa, Thelma Whiddon, Clara Hicks, Warren Bickerstaff, Ruby Doster, Vera Martin, Hazel Whiddon, John Wilson.
3rd Grade: Percy Dister, Rozell Galloway, Mabel Phillips, Cecil Rawls, Earl Howell, Eben Jones, Val Price.
No 4th or 5th grade
6th grade: Irma Whiddon, Foster Farmer.
High School: Margurite McRae and Thomas Grimes.

2 November 1911-

d. Mrs. Charley Matthews and Mrs. J.F. Croley received a message last Friday announcing the death of their sister, Mrs. Hutchinson of Birmingham. Mrs. Croley left immediately for Atlanta where the body was interred.

Of Interest:
D.D. Murphy returned from Samson Tuesday.
Dr. A.L Clayton is on a visit to North Alabama.
Rev. W.F. Martin of Andalusia was in the city Saturday.
Mrs. Walker of McRae, Ga. is visiting relatives in the city.
Geo. W. Dunsun of Andalusia was a visitor here last Friday.
Mrs. Wheeler of Auburn, Fla. was shopping in the city Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W.R. McDuffie Jr., of Svea, were in Florala this week.
Neel Smith of Svea, Fla., was a business visitor to Florala this week.
R.T. Lovett passed through here this week, on his way to Southport, Fla.
J.H. Cawthon and Henry Blackman, of Gordon, Fla., were here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Salter of North Carolina are visiting the latter’s sister, Mrs. Cassie Boyd.
Miss Mae Kelly left Wednesday after noon for Huntsville, Al., for her ill sister.
Mrs. Bryant of Opp stopped over with Florala friends last Friday on her return from DeFuniak.
J. C. Shaw of Bellwood, Al., came through Florala on his way to Glendale, Fl.
Deputy United States Marshall A.J. Collier of Brundidge was in Florala last Friday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Downs, who have been visiting the home of W.J. Cawthon for the past several days.
J.R. Congleton, a prosperous farmer of Laurel Hill, Rt. 2, was in Florala yesterday.
Mrs. Morgan D. Jones went to Opp last Saturday to meet her mother, Mrs. A.R. Dozier, who accompanied her to Florala and will spend a month with relatives.
F.W. Stephens, a prominent lumberman of Baghdad, Fla., was in the city Wednesday.
Rev. W.R. Bickerstaff returned Tuesday night from Brooks, Al., where he went last Sunday, to assist in a protracted meeting.
C.J. Ward and wife of Andalusia, accompanied by Mrs. W.L. Parker and children of Albany, Ga., were visitors here Sunday.
Rev. C.W. Gavin, presiding elder of the Marianna district will hold the 4th and last quarterly conference of the Florala and Lockhart charge here Nov. 7.
J. Herbert Jones who is building an airplane at university is getting along nicely with his work. He is trying to get it ready for exhibition at the Pink county fair at Troy.
Mrs. J.M. Edge and daughter Miss May, of Auburn, Fla., were shopping in Florala Monday.
J.H. Shivers of Chipley, Fla., stopped over Friday night on his was to Dothan, leaving Saturday morning.
Robert Terrance of DeFuniak was in the city this week in the interest of the box ball alley of Terrance and Cox.
Mrs. J.W. Renfro and little child of Sylvester, Ga., are the guests of her sister, Mrs. J.O. Morris and family.
Sam Dozier and son, Elias, of near Opp, were here last Friday and Saturday visiting.
A.C. Goff of Ozark, a dealer in mules, is in Florala this week on business. Mr. Goff told a news representative that he would probably locate here permanently. Mrs. Charley Joseph Parker and son, P.L. were in the city this week. They are prosperous farmers from Daleville, Ala.; Rt.1. P.L. Parker was here prospecting. He intends to buy a farm in this immediate vicinity. We welcome him and hundreds more like him.
Mrs. Fredrick J. Hughes and children of Meridian, Miss. are spending several weeks with relatives. They will be with Mrs. S. H. Williams next week. Mrs. Hughes is receiving a hearty welcome from many friends of Florala.
Dr. S.W. Rogers of Selma was called by the Presbyterian Church at this place, arrived Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. MacLean and children are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. McDuffie. They leave early next week for their new home at Lake Miss.
J.R. RyoCroft of Houston County was here three days ago this week prospecting. The possibilities of Covington are coming well known.

9 November 1911-

J.E. Flourney who has been with the Florala Cash Store for some time has bought the millinery and dry goods business of B.H. Farmer & Son, on the corner of 5th St.
Bert Cawthon of DeFuniak was over here this week.
J. W. Byrd of Samson, was a business visitor to Florala this week.
H.E. Danley of Defuniak, was a visitor in Florala.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Reeves spent several days last week out in Geneva visiting relatives.
Mrs. J. Boles left this morning for Mississippi, where she qwill visit her sister, Mrs. Harley.
Mrs. J.W. Renfro of Ga., had a pleasant visit here.
Miss Irma Rye left for her home in Luverne last week after spending days with friends here in Florala.
Dr. A.L. Clayton returned a few days ago from North Alabama where he was on a business mission.
Uncle Bullie Cauthon, one of Walton County’s oldest Citizen’s was a pleasant caller at the News office last Saturday.
S. M. Beasley of Crossville. Ala., is a prosperous farmer.
J.J. Johnston recently purchased several Cherokee white chicken.
John Garrett of Blountstown, Fla., is visiting relatives at Florala this week.
Sam McCall of Laurel Hill was here to see the elephant dance last Wednesday.
Mrs. A. Albert of Hartford, visited her brothers M. and I. S. Lurie last week.
R.N. Tarrance and little boy, “Crocker” were here last Tuesday from Defuniak.
Walter Simmons was promoted as hostler here at the L. & N. yard to Georgiana.
Mr. Wadford has been transferred from the L. & N. service at Graceville to Florala.
Charley Radford and wife attended the show at Andalusia last Friday, and visited relatives in Rose Hill.
J. W. Reynolds of Savannah, Ga., commercial agent of Ga. Central Railway Co., was here on business last week.
Miss Martha Lou Pendry of Andalusia, is the guest of her brother, Dr. J.W. Pendry and family.
Miss J.N. Busbee of near Florala, in Walton County, Fla. died Wed. Oct. 22nd. She leaves 5 brothers and a host of friends and relatives.
Mrs. Clayton of Crossville, Ala. accompied her son, Dr. A.L. Clayton home last week.

SVEA, Fla News:
Frank and Ollie Cox of Florala paid our town a visit Sunday last.
W.R. McDuffie Jr. spent Sunday at Florala with home folks.
Bob and Alex Campbell spent the day in Svea Sunday.
J.B. Summerlin of Laurel Hill attended Sunday school here Sunday last.
Neal and Steve Smith and Johnny Steele went down to Laurel Hill Sunday night.
Miss Effie Grimes spent Saturday in Laurel Hill.
W.R. McDuffie was a business visitor to Florala Monday.

23 November 1911-

d. On account of the death of his mother, D.W. Quillin was called to Clayton this week.
Tax collector W.W. Waters is in Florala this week.
Sam McCamm of Laurel Hill was here last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Morris were in Dothan Sunday.
Sheriff Bell of DeFuniak was here last Monday.
Mrs. J.J. Kennedy is visiting home folks in DeFuniak this week.
Leo Davis acted as depot agent at Lockhart last Saturday & Sunday.
Mrs. Cecil Edge of Sylacauga has been visiting friends at Florala this week.
Miss Mamie Hammonds visited friends at Samson the latter part of the week. A.J. Sellars has bought the stock of goods of Matthews Bros. in the Huckabaa building on Fifth Ave.
T.B. Hughes of Greenwood, SC., is a prospector in Florala this week.
Bruce Page will be found at the drug store of Quillin Bros. during the absence of D.W. Quillin.
Attny. G.W. Reeves returned Sunday from Hartford to see his ill mother there.
W.C. McLauchlin has returned from a several days’ business trip to North Carolina.
J.B. Ellis of Milton, Fla., was in Florala last Sunday visiting his old friend, J.H. Still.
Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Baggett returned last week from a several days’ visit in Enterprise.
Miss Sallie Collier of the News will leave today for a several day’s visit to home folks at Elba.
Mrs. M.C. Flournoy of Opp, arrived yesterday on a visit to her son, J.E. Flournoy.
On Monday evening last, a crowd of the very young set had a surprise birthday party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bannister. The occasion being the birthday anniversary of Misses Ethel and Ethel Bannister.

30 November 1911-

School opens Monday with Prof. H. A. Stephens Principal and Miss Katie Gillia assistant.
Harvey Studebaker of Dayton Ohio is visiting his sister, Mrs. T.J. Whitehurst this week.
Mrs. J.W. Hurston returned home Sunday night from a two weeks visit to her daughter, Mrs. John Browne, of Coffee Springs, al.
Misses Effie Grimes, Thora Wang, and Steve Smith visited Florala Sunday.
Mrs. D.R. Moore of Laurel Hill visited her father I.A. Steele of this place Sunday.
Neil Smith returned home Saturday night after a two weeks visit at Milton and other points.
Miss Corda Grimes visited home folks here Sunday night. She is at present making her home at Florala.
Messrs. Ollie and Willie Perkins of the Clear Springs settlement were here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Steele visited their parents I.A. Steele and Mrs. J.W. Hurtson Sunday.
Carl Hurtson and Cleve Rogers Of Laurel Hill made a business trip to Florala Tuesday.
Ed. Hurtson made a business trip to Florala Tuesday.
Mrs. Ed Hurtson’s little sister, Mary Synn, of Oak Grove, is visiting her this week.
The sing given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Steele Sunday night in honor of Miss Mamie Hurtson of Laurel Hill.
Monroe and Bud Metcalf, of Hartford, Ala., were here Tuesday and will make this their home for next year.
President: Mrs. G.W. Reeves
Leader for this date: Mrs. G.W. Reeves
Singer: Mrs. W.R. Bickerstaff.
On next Monday afternoon, Dec. 4th, Mrs. W.R. Bickerstaff will be hostess and Mrs. A.N. Parker leader.
Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Hoyle are visiting relatives in Mobile for a couple of weeks.
Rev. L.S. Gilmer and wife of Troy, AL., are expected to visit Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gilmer in Old Florala this week.
Miss Carrie Fancher of Troy, AL., is expected the last of the week to visit Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Reeves and her brother Tom Fancher.
Messrs. J.W. Turner and T.R. Folmar of Luverne, Al., were here last Sunday on their was back home after visiting several points in Fla.
T.R. Yarborough and W.F. Phillips of Crossville (prospectors) from North Alabama, were here this week, visitors of Dr. A.L. Clayton.
Mrs. J.M. Spears was summoned to the bedside of Mrs. Will Marsh of Svea, who has been ill for the past few days.
Miss Clydy Cannon has been spending the past 2 weeks with her sister, Mrs. Jim Johnson of Falco.
Mr. Joe Hilson spent Sunday with his parents at Milton, Fla.
Mr. Dover A. Earp spent a few hours in Falco, visiting friends last Sunday.
Mt. T.M. Stokes went to Andalusia last Tuesday on business.
Miss Polly Cannon spent Sunday in Falco visiting her sister, Mrs. Joe Johnson.
Attny. G.W. Reeves spent part os Sunday visiting relatives at Hartford.

7 December 1911-

d. Mrs. Williams, the mother of Messrs. John and Sam Williams, died Sunday night, Dec. 3 at the home of her daughter in Hurtsburo, Al. Mrs. Williams was 73 years old. She leaves 6 children, 3 sons, and 3 daughters.

Mr. Ben Harry of near Enterprise, Al., was here last week and intends making this his home the following year.
Mrs. J.W. Hurtson and family moved to Laurel Hill last Thursday.
The candy drawing given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Grimes was greatly enjoyed by a large crowd; Music was furnished by E. C. Moore and the organ.
Messrs. Wyley and Butler Garret and Cleve Rogers were visitors here Sunday.
Messrs. Alet and Bob Campbell of Stearns & Culver were visitors here Sunday.
Messrs. J.J. Summerlin and Tim Clary of the Magnolia settlement attended Sunday school here Sunday.
Messrs. Ollie and Willie Perkins of Clear Springs, visited here Sunday.
Mr. Harris Culpepper visited Pensacola last week.
Miss Carda Grimes visited homefolks here Saturday night and Sunday.
A vine growing up the chimney of W.C. McLauchlin’s resident caught on fire last Tuesday night.
Sherriff Bell of DeFuniak was in the city yesterday.
Look for our ad next week. J.R. Shepherd, the furniture man.
A. B. Windham makes a specialty of handling your accounts.
E.W. Burke, a prominent lumberman of DeFuniak was in the city today.
Mrs. N.J. Sermons, of Dozier, Ala., is visiting her sister Mrs. M.D. Jones, and Mrs. J. Hix.
Rev. Thomas Chapman will preach at the Universalistic church next Sunday.
Editor Edward Doty and his wife were in the city last Sunday. They came over on Mt. Doty’s touring car.
E.S. Sheehan, has been with the Florala Democrat ever since it was established.
The rapid growth of the business of W.J. Cawthon & Co. has necessitated the moving of their business to the storm room earlier occupied by Mr. Teat.

Dec. 2, in Florala, Al., The officers of the company were organized for the purpose of planting one of the largest pecan orchards in the Country. The Dr. Arthur E. Gringle, Evansville, Ind., president; W.R. McDuffie, Sr., vice president; Theodore S. Lang, Florala, AL., secretary and treasurer; W.C. McLauchlin, R.S. Williams and Alex McRae, Florala, AL., as directors. -Montgomery Advertiser.
Mr. Ben Harry of near Enterprise, AL., was here last week and intends making his home the following year.
Mrs. J.W. Hurtson and family moved to Laurel Hill last Thursday.
The semi- annual meeting of the executive committee of the Alabama Sunday School Assn. was held at headquarters of the Association at 52527 Bell Building, Montgomery, Tuesday., Dec., 5th at 11:00 a.m. Those present were: H.S. Mallory, Selma; W.J. Young, Mobile; W.D. Dillard Matthews, D.H. Marbury, Marbury; Judge Armstead Brown, G.G. Miles, John W. Durr Jr., H.N. Sweat, W.F. Feagin, and D.W. Sims of Montgomery.

14 December 1911-


d. Mrs. I.A. Steele attended the funeral of Mrs. Dee Madden Tuesday who died Sunday.
Messrs. Carl Hurtson, Lee Barlar, Horace Henderson, Osgriffin and Misses Lois Walker, Annie Gomillion, and Alma Gavin attended Sunday school here Sunday.
Among those who visited the Agricultural train at Laurel Hill Tuesday were: Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Boodleson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hurtson, Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray and Miss Lola Gray.
Ben Harry returned home Saturday. He had been putting in a new evaporator for the Southern Syrup Co. here.
Miss Effie and Corda Grimes spent Sunday with Miss Mary Belle Smith.
The candy pulling and dance given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wang was attended by a large crown.
Miss Inez Turnquist of Florala spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Thora Wang.
J.P. Steele of Sardis Visited here Sunday
Mrs. I. A Steele and children visited Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Armstead at Lockhart Sunday.
Miss Lola Gray is spending the week with Mrs. J.C. Chestnut at Laurel Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Steele, Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Steele of Laurel Hill, spent Sunday at the home of I.A. Steele.
Mrs. Dee Dubose, Edgar Gray, and Arthur Johnson attended the sing at Magnolia Sunday.
Miss Mary Gray visited Laurel Hill Sunday.- END

d. The little daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Trammell of Lockhart, Ala. Genevieve was not yet four years old.
Of Interest:
Blankets, both wool and cotton at J.R. Shepherd’s.
Grady McDaniel has returned from a business trip to Americus, Ga.
See Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Boodleson of Svea, Fl., were in the city this week.
Rev. D.W. Haskew has been appointed pastor of the Florala Methodist church.
J.C. Howell of Blackman, Fla., was a visitor to the city last Sunday.
Mrs. J.E. Flournoy has returned after a several days visit to relatives near Andalusia & Opp.
Miss Martha Lou Pendry, after visiting relatives here for several days has returned to her home in Andalusia.
Rev. Simon. W. Rogers, PhD., will preach next Sunday, Dec. 17 at the church.
Miss Sallie Collier of Elba was visiting in the city this week.
Mrs. Gordon Williamson returned Wednesday from Atlanta, Ga.
Miss Carrie Fancher of Troy is the attractive guest of Mr. ad Mrs. G.W. Reeves.
J.M. Roney of Newville, AL., passed through Florala en route to Laurel Hill last Friday.
J.E. Flournoy has just received a nice line of new goods.
E.W. Grant of Dozier is here helping to get out the Christmas edition of the Democrat.
Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Williams have returned from Hurtsburo, wher they were called on account of the death of their mother, Mrs. Williams.
Baptist church services Sunday Dec 17. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., J.R. Shepherd, Supt.
Preaching 11 a.m. by Dr, Dillworth of Atlanta, Ga at 7:30 p.m. of the Sunbeam Society will render a very attractive and interesting program.
Two more prosperous farmers from north AL., arrived and have settled permanently. J.W. McMahan, brother of Dr. A.L. Clayton, and Mr. S.M. Beasley, both of Crossville.

21 December 1911-

Mr. Henderson Assaulted
As James Henderson was going through Horsehead Swamp enroute to his home near Svea, last Saturday evening about six o’clock, two men, whom Henderson said he recognized, emerged from behind some trees near the edge of the road and dealt him a terrible blow across the breast with a stick, then made a lick at him with a pocket knife and cut a place about 6” long across the bottom of his shirt, but failed to reach the flesh. Henderson says as he was hit with the stick he also got his knife and cut at the assailant about the same time and then ran back in the direction of Laurel Hill with the two men close in behind him for more than a hundred yards, after which the ambushers took the swamp and he came on to Laurel Hill and give the alarm- Laurel News

Of Interest:
Mr. A.L. Hill of Culverton, went to Pensacola this week.
Sam McCall of Laurel Hill was in town this week.
Henry Page returned last Saturday to Atlanta.
J.B. Baylor of Laurel Hill, was in town yesterday.
Bud Gordon of Laurel Hill was in the city last Wednesday.
Ben Spears made a flying trip to Laurel Hill last Saturday.
Mr. A. O. Wooley & family returned to their home in North Carolina.
Hutch Cawthorn of Defuniak Springs, was a visitor in Florala this week.
Miss Mabel Davis of Elba is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Idus David of Lockhart.
S. Fenters of Pensacola Journal, was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. J. P. Feagan and two children of Elba, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCall.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burgess made a flying trip to Limestone, Fla., on a visit to Mr. Burgess’ parents.
Miss Katie Lee Wynn will be one of the attractive college girls to spend the Holidays with her parents.
Morgan D. Jones and family will move back to their old home in Dadeville about the first of January.
Frank Bell who runs the Central of Georgia railroad is here to spend Christmas with his homefolks.
Rev. J. O. Marley of Laurel Hill, was in Florala yesterday. He will move to Enterprise this week where he was sent by the conference.
H.H. McDougald has returned from Columbia where he went on account of illness of his sister, Mrs. W. J. Bell.
Deputy J. W. Barnes and Steve Taylor came over in Mr. Barnes car last Tuesday from Andalusia.
Mr. J.J. Boles and Master Cecil Sheehan left yesterday morning fro Jackson Miss., where they go to spend Christmas with relatives.
Prof. James P. Doster requests we announce the school will be closed Friday at dinner.
Earl Work of Defuniak, has accepted a position with the Florala Democrat. He came here from Vernon.
Mr. Marvin Wardsworth was called home a few days ago to the bedside of his mother is very ill in her home in Defuniak Springs, Mr. Wardsworth telephoned friends here that his mother was better on Tuesday.

m. Dan Dillard and Miss Dollie Grimes of Clear Springs were united in marriage at the home of Justice F.G. Gray on Wednesday the 13th. The ceremony was witnessed by Misses Effie and Bulah Grimes, Cousins of the bride and the groomsman sister.

Misses Katie Gillis and Cubie Cooper visited Laurel Hill Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Chestnut were here on Sunday.
Miss Kate Gillis, who is teaching school here visited Crestview Sunday.
Ollie Perkins attended Sunday School here Sunday.
Messrs. Alex and Bob Campbell was visitors last Sunday.
Butler Garett and Misses Allie Mae Clary and Sarah Garrett visited the Misses Grimes Sunday.
H.A. Culpepper was in Laurel Hill on business last Monday.
Misses Effie grimes and Flora Wang visited Amanda Summerlin on the Magnolia settlement Sunday.

d. Millard Pate
Sam Keith confesses to the killing of Millard Pate, in Black.
At the debate at the school building, in Black, on Friday last, Millard Pate, Sam Keith and Bud Majors were chosen judges for the debate. The judges retired to adjoining rooms to make up their verdict. In a short time, Pate was shot, he died three hours later without speaking. Both Keith and Majors claimed they did not know who did the shooting. Officers at Geneva were notified and Judge of Probate Morris instructed Justice of The Peace Thomas Blount to hold an inquest. This was done Saturday and the jury returned a verdict that the deceased came to his death from a pistol shot wound in the party unknown. After the verdict was made known, Keith came forward and acknowledged the shooting claiming that it was accidental as his pistol fell from his pocket and on striking the floor was discharged. He was arrested Sunday by Deputy Sheriff Roach and taken to Geneva Jail. While Mr. Majors was never arrested he was kept under surveillance until after Keith’s confession. He is the son of Mr. E. A. Majors.
The dead man was a young man, a son of Mr. Ben F. Pate and well known. It is indeed a sad occurrence.
Since the above was put into type we learn the Mr. Joe Sasser has also been arrested and charged with being implicated in some way in the case. The preliminary trial under arrest was set for Thursday in Geneva.- Hartford Times Herald

30 December 1911-

d. Mr. F.D. Witte Passes Away; Fred Daniel White, was born in Washington, Iowa, in 1887. He moved to Florala several years ago; married to Mrs. Marie C. Townsend; He had a responsible position at Jackson’s Lumber yard. But over a year ago he was stricken with a dread disease; he died peacefully last Wednesday evening; His remains were laid away in the city Cemetery last Thursday, Rev. W.A. McCann, and C.M. Brittain presiding; Besides a widow & 1 little son, Mr. Witte leaves his father in Washington Ia. and Lois Witte of Davenport, Ia. He was a brother-in-law to Mr. R.L. Collins, and Mrs. Gus Battle of this city.- Columbia Breeze.

Svea News Items:
Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Armstead of Lockhart, spent Christmas with Mrs. Armstead’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Steele.
Misses Effie and Beulah Grimes spent Christmas with Miss Corda Grimes in Florala.
Messrs. Bully Prescott & A.E. Angel left Monday for a few days to visit Mr. Prescott’s father at Gaskin, Fla.
Mr. Ben Harry and family of Enterprise, have moved here and will live on the farm of B.J. Boodleson next year.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wang, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wang and Miss Flora Wang spent Monday in Florala.
Mrs. Charlie Synn and family of Oak Grove are visiting Mrs. Synn’s daughter, Mrs. Ed Hurtson.
Misses Effie Grimes, Beulah Grimes, Cubie Copper, and Ozzie Dubose and Messrs. Alex Campbelle, Shirly Steele, and Will Smith went to the Christman tree at Laurel Hill Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hurston spent Sunday and Monday in Florala.
Messrs. Ollie Cox and Louis Harrison of Florala, visited here Sunday.
Misses Lola and Kava Gray spent Christman at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Steele.
Mrs. J.W. Hurtson and son, Willie, were business visitors here Monday.
Messrs. Neil and Steve Smith and Johnnie Steele visited Florala Monday.

Winners in Boys Corn Club Contest:
Below is a list of names of the boys who won prizes offered by Central of Ga. Railroad Company for the best yield of corn on one Acre.
Tallapoosa, Eber A. Kimbrough of Alexander City
Barbour, Leslie A. Adkins, Clio
Bullock, J.H. Caylor, Inverness
Chambers, Curtis B. Avery, Stroud
Clay, Dick Patterson, Ashland
Coosa, Otho Mitcham, Kellyton
Covington, Leslie Chandler, Searight
Geneva, Dewey Parrish, Bellwood
Henry, Eddie H. Hall, Abbeville
Houston, J.M. Deese, Columbia
Jefferson, John McBrayer, Springville
Lee, E.H. Jarrell, Opelika
Montgomery, John A. Rhodes, Pine Level
Pike, Cuthbert Wentworth, Brundidge
Randolph, Robert Clarkson, Tolbert
Russell, Walter Ernest Adams, Pittsview
Shelby, Roy Walton, Columbiana

Of Interest :
W.T. Dailey left this week for New Orleans.
B.L. Cawton of Baker, Fla. was here this week.
L.D. Rudd of Enterprise, is in the city on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Ray went to Pensacola this week
H.A. Lee of Culverton, was in the city last Monday.
J.T. Bowie of Gaskin, Fla., was in the city this week.
George Wilson of Opp, is visiting homefolks this week.
Mr. M.E. Brunson and family visit Georgiana this week.
Albert Wilson of Baghdad, is visiting homefolks this week.
E. Patterson of Vilas, Fla., is spending the holidays in the city.
Miss Charlotte McRae is spending her vacation with relatives in Florala.
Mrs. Bowers of DeFuniak is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Rose Helms at Lockhart.
Miss Cora Goodwin of Georgiana is the guest of her brother, Mr. T.A. Goodwin.
Miss Lillie Zeigler of Enterprise is visiting the family of P.O. Wilson this week.
Ester Lee Warren of Limestone is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Burgess.
C.E. Lee of Montgomery was shaking hands with his many friends here this week.
R.C. Walden of Montgomery was here during the holidays.
Miss Susie May Walden, of DeFuniak, is visiting here this week.
U.S. Deputy F.M. Sheeham, of Montgomery, was in the city today.
T.M. Walden of Atlanta, was here this week visiting Mr. and Mrs, T.H. Edney.
Mrs. T.M. Gibson and little son, of Enterprise, are visiting relatives here this week.
H.A. Clements left this week for a several day’s visit at his old home in Pinkard, AL.
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Walden, Jr. of DeFuniak, are visiting their sister, Mrs. Edney.
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Walden Sr. spent the holidays with their daughter, Mrs. T.H. Edney.
Mrs. Coleman Bowen and 2 children, of Wells Station, has returned after visiting relatives in Florala.
Wilson Bowers and family of Bonifay, Fla., are visiting Lockhart and Florala this week.
Miss Cathleen McRae is home from Wesleyan College; guests: Misses Clark and McRae of Missouri.
Mrs. W.T. Weaver returned last week from Sylvester and Macon, Ga, where she has been for several days.
Dr. Clayton has moved to his farm beyond the lake.
Messrs. Knight, McMahan and Gladden, of Crossville, Al., arrived this week and will make this their future home.
Dr. A.K. Hutcheson of Bonifay, Fla., & A.G. Hutcheson of Opp, are visitors at the home of Mr. T.A. Goodwin this week.
Mr. J. Allyn Campbell of Chicago, and H.M. Hallman and W.M. Cram of Berlin, Canada are registrered at the Colonial Hotel.
Miss Isabel McRae and Miss Georgia Clark, of Rolla, Mo., who are attending Weslyan College, are now spending a few days with the family of Mr. C.C. McRae.
Mr. and Mrs. S.G. French of Pensacola visited Mr. and Mrs. R.A. French Sunday.
J.T. Warren of Opp was here to spend the holidays with his brother, W.T. Warren.
Mrs. J.J. Lamar will entertain the College girls at a luncheon Friday.
Mrs. J.H. Still is visiting at Cook Springs, Al.
Mr. and Mrs. Tileman of Pensacola are the guests of the family of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones.
Miss Essie Turner, who is attending Palmer College, is spending the holidays with her parents.
W.G. Echols, (University of Tuscaloosa) is with homefolks.
Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Vaughn of Helen, Fla., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Goodwin this week.
Miss Lee Bowers of Century, Fla. is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ross Helms at Lockhart this week.
Mrs. H.C. Ray and Miss Janie Foster of Stephenson, Ala,., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. McRae.
Miss Myrtle Rodwell entertains her friends at Lakewood.
Mrs. F.A. Florence, who had been visiting Mrs.Trammell at Lockhart has returned to DeFuniak Springs.
J.D. Campbell of the Dothan Business College visited his neices, Misses Jesse and Ruby Lee this week.
Dr. C.C. MacLean of Birmingham, is spending the week with his parents & sister, Mrs. H. Elliot. Dr. MacLean is a rising young physician and his friends are congregating him on success.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Lamar entertained Christmas day. Mrs. Lamar was a gracious Hostess. Those who were the guests of this occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Leggett, Mr. and Mrs. Ira. M. Kimball and Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Brittan.

11 January, 1912-

d. W.W. Varn Dead. Man well known in Covington County killed in Auto Wreck.
El. Paso, Texas, Jan. 6, 1912- W.W. Varn, died this morning at a local Hospital from injuries received in an automobile wreck near Evergreen Cemetery on Christmas afternoon. His car struck a cow. J.E. Varn, Father of the deceased arrived form Hazelhurst, Ga, just a few minutes after his son had died, and Kennard Varn, a brother, who was also accident but had been out of the hospital several days. The deceased came from to El Paso 5 years ago from Fl., where he still has a wife and daughter. He was born 37 years ago in Hazelhurst, Ga. The body will be taken to the old home in Ga. For Interment, accompanied by Father and Brother.
He had purchased a home on East Gasden St, and married Miss Borras, whom he deserted a short time afterwards. Several attempts had been made to extradite him on charges of desertion and non-support but without success. Varn filed for divorce but at the time of the accident it had not been granted.

d. Last Thursday morning Mr. J.R. Hart, who lives about 6 miles from Hacoda, was found dead in his corn crib, with his gun lying by his side. It is not known if someone shot him or he committed suicide. He was well known here in Geneva, Al., where his wife was formerly Miss Addie Ray and his sister Mrs. Sandford Dunn, who is a resident of Samson.- Samson

12 January 1912-

m. Mr. A. Corbin Cawthon and Miss Mary Barganier were married at Defuniak Springs, Fla., on Monday & returned to Florala Tuesday night.

Of Interest-
Dr. Rogers of Andalusia was here this week.
Wm. Shreve of Andalusia was in Florala Wednesday.
Mr. Walter Suber made a trip to Laural Hill last Sunday.
T.C. Penton has been transacting business at Americus Ga.
Mrs. J.H. Burgess and baby are visiting relatives at Graceville, Fla.
Mr. Sam Burgess of Opp, is visiting relatives and friends here this week.
Mrs. N.W. Youngblood of Brundridge is visiting her daughter, Mrs. I.M. Andrews.
Mr. Will Smith of near Slocumb, Ala., came down Sunday & accepted a job at Elba last week.
Miss Mabel Davis, visited her brother, Mr. Idus Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cawthorn, Misses Madie Huckabaa, Mamie Hammond, Josephine Cawthorn, and Messrs. J.H. Burgess, Charlie McQueen, Dan Hammond and Frank Wilson attended a dance at Mr. Busbee’s near clear creek last Fri. night.

East Florala on the move-
Mr. J.F. Gilmer has moved to Careyville, Fla.
Mr. N.M. McDonald has leased the Gilmer farm.
Mr. J.A. Vaughan recently moved into his home in the “Grove”, then to lose the residence by fire last Friday night.
Mr. L. Shirah has moved back to his home on 6th Ave. which was recently vacated by Wes Jones.
Mr. L.A. Sims, who comes from Sanford, Ala., has moved into Weatherly’s home.
Mr. J. H. Hall has moved into the J.J. Howell residence.
Dr. F. Young can be found at his residence on the corner of 5th & 7th St.
Mr. A.E. Mann has moved into the residence next to Dr. Young.

Svea Items Of Interest:
Mr. E.C. Moore, of Opp visited relatives.
Mr. A.E. Angel visited Bagdad, Sunday.
Mrs. Jessie Angel of Bagdad, Fla. Spent last week with her brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Prescott.
Messrs. Bob and Alex Campbell visited friends here.
Mr. Dee Dubose visited Magnolia Settlement Saturday.
Messrs. A.J. and J.D. Grimes visited home folks Saturday.
Mr. Ben Harry and son T.J. returned to Enterprise Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Boodleson visited Florala on business Tuesday.
Mr. F.G. Gray visited Florala Saturday.
Mr. Neil Smith visited Florala Tuesday.
Misses Katie Gillis and Thora Wang spent Tuesday night with misses Effie and Beulah Grimes.
Prof. H.A. Stephens and Johnny Stelle visited the home of Mr. F.G. Gray Tuesday.
The sings given Tues. and Wed. night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray and Mr. And Mrs. I.A. Steel in honor of Mr. of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Moore was enjoyed by all.
Rev. W.S. Jones, one of the best known clergymen in Covington County was arrested at his home by Deputy Marshall F.M. Sheehan and charged with holding Harvey Austin, a Negro, In Peonage. He was released on $300 bond. The warrant was sworn out by Negro Austin who claims Mr. Jones; several weeks ago held him to a condition of peonage to work out a debt which he owed. Mr. Jones is about age 50 and highly respected. He declares he is innocent. Negro Austin borrowed $72 at different times which was changed to $52, he went to his former home in Pike County to pay debts and did not return. Mr. Jones went over to see him and Austin returned with him of his own violation and he did not use force whatsoever- Montgomery Advertiser.

18 January 1912-

Of Interest:
Rev.Winfield S. Jones acquitted last Friday in Montgomery.
The Alabama Supreme Court states Friday is no longer hangman’s day, it has just grown to be a custom. Monday Feb. 19 is the day of execution of J. Lawrence Odom, a Mobile Murdered. Odom’s last chance to save his neck expired at 12 o’clock Friday night. He is certain to be hanged Feb. 19. A triple murder is the hideous crime of the condemned white man of Gulf City. He killed not only two full grown men but slew a young child in it’s mother’s arms. The crimes were committed near Citronelle, Mobile County- Montgomery Journal.

M.A. Boyett of Andalusia was in town on Wednesday.
Mr. Jasper McQueen and family and family have moved to Hick’s Mill.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Munson were registered at the Colonial Tuesday.
Mrs. A.J. Sellers and son left Wednesday for Cottonwood, Ala. To visit relatives.
Mrs. Walter Green has returned home after a visit to Pinchard.
Mr. Tom Prestwood returned from Pensacola last week.
Squire A.H. Hilson and daughter were shopping in our city on Wednesday.
Mr. Tom Whigham has returned home after a trip to Pinchard, Ala.
The little son of Mrs. T.G. Salfs is very sick at the home of Mrs. Cassie Boyd.
Miss Maggie Lou Prestwood of Andalusia is visiting relatives in Florala.
Mr. Claude Williamson returned Tuesday from a two week visit to Corbett, Fla.
Happy Jack Griffith is making trips to our City from Pensacola.
Messrs. Maelman and Shamocker of Toranta, Co. were prospecting in our City this week.
Mr. E.R. Jordan of the fashion shop is now comfortably at home in the Britton bungalow on Fifth Ave.
Mr. Semore Fonsheiner, the popular dry goods salesman of Moblile, Ala. is here this week.
H.A. Baggett and wife have returned from a visit to Enterprise.
J.H. Burgess Sr., of Limestone, Fla. Visited relatives last week.
Audrey Watson of this place has accepted a position at Florala.- Butler County Breeze
F. G. Gray of Laurel Hill, Route 2, was a pleasant caller at the news office.
Dr. C.S. Petrey returned Monday from Florala- Columbia Breeze.
W.L. Parker and wife of Albany, Ga., who have been visiting W.L. Howell and family, returned home.
Mr. T.A. Goodwin made a business trip to Andalusia by train on Wednesday.
T.R. Roberts of McRae has moved to Florala.
Home Missionary News:
The Missionary Society held their first meeting of this year with t heir new president, Mrs. C.C. McRae. Rec. D.W. Askew opened the meeting. The next meeting will be Jan 29th with J.P. Phillips leader.
Mr. Henry Davis of the Hughes Live Stock and Vehicle Co. returned from St. Louis.
Mr. D.T. Williamson mourns the death of his valuable pointer “Ned”.
Mr. J.H. Still sold his Florala business to Mr. W.H. Arnold and will move to Dothan, Ala.
Mr. H. Elliott has sold his residence on Fifth Ave. to Mr. W.F. Hughes and bought the Chaffin property in Milton, Fla.

Misses Bernie and Gertrude Lawrence of Florala visited Miss Ozie Dubose Sunday.
Misses Lula and Lizzie Perkins were quests of Misses Lola and Kava Gray Saturday night.
Miss Effie Grimes gave a party Saturday night in honor of her 20th Birthday.
Messers. Ollie and Willie Perkins visited Sunday school here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Steele visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Steele.
Mr. Alex Campbell visited friends Sunday.
Mr. Cleve Rogers of Laurel Hill and Miss Vassie Dubose, of this place quietly married at the home of Justice F. G. Gray at 8 O’clock. They will make their home in Clayrey, Fla.
Mrs. Elliott, member of the Chatautauqua Club in Montgomery is departing to Milton.
Miss Katie Gillis spent Sunday night with Miss Mary Bell Smith.

25 January 1912-

m. Mr. Corbin Cawthorn and Miss Mary Barganier, were married here on Monday. – Defuniak Springs.

Mr. E.C. Moore spent a short time here Saturday.
Messrs. Alex Campbelle and J. M. Summerlin visited friends here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hurston spent Sunday in Laural Hill.
Misses Lola, Cora and Ruth Gray visited Misses Metcalf Saturday afternoon.
The small son of Mr. and Mrs. Batson, his leg has been torn badly by a nail Saturday.
Prof. H.A. Stephens visited Laurel Hill.
Mrs. I.A. Steels and Mrs. F. G. Gray called on Mrs. Monroe Metcalf Sunday.
Misses Effie, Beulah Grimes, Kate Gillis and Ozie Dubose and Messrs. T.J. Harry and Dee Dubose attended the show at Laurel Hill Friday.
Mrs. F.G. Gray and daughter Lola spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. G.W. Busbee and Mrs. M.B. Lassiter.
Miss Emily Steele and brother Willie were here.
Mr. W.C. McLauchlin of Florala was here this week surveying some land for Dr. Galloway.

Of Interest:
H. Vaughan and wife returned Monday from Conecuh County.
E. Edney of this place has purchased the brown house at Defuniak.
R. G. Tucker was in Hartford this week.
Mr. H. Elliott is at Milton, Fla. This week.
T. J. Spears of Opp, was in the city Monday.
Grady McDaniel spent Sunday in Samson.
Eugene Carpenter spent Sunday in Florala.
Auther Davis has returned from Biloxi, Miss.
W. P. Temple of Andalusia was here Monday.
W. H. Darby of Hacoda was in Florala Wed.
Walter T. Warren was a visitor of Hartford.
Fred Stell of Atlanta is visiting W.L. McLauchlin.
Mrs. John A. Davis is visiting relatives at Adrian Ga.
Walter & Charles Matthews were in Andulusia.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Helms moved to Tifton, Ga.
J. H. Busbee and Esq. G.W. Reeves attended Court at Andalusia this week.
Mr. S. R. Burgess of Limestone is visiting relatives here.
Col. J. D. Bailey was at Andalusia this week.
G. Betha of Brooklyn was here Wednesday from Pensacola.
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dubose of Svea, Fla, were in town Monday.
A.H. Robinson of Andalusia was here last week.
I.O. Monteith spent Wednesday with his family here.
Mr. J. J. Vaughn of Montgomery accepted a position here with the Florala Democrat.
Mr. P.S. McClung went to Andalusia last week on his new motorcycle.
Mrs. J.R. Matthews of Florala is visiting Mrs. A.D. Whiddon, on South Foster St.- Dothan Eagle
C.M. Munson of Florala was in Dothan yesterday.
Mrs. J. H. Burgess and baby returned home Saturday from Graceville, they were with relatives.
J.H. Busbee was at Garden City, Fla. Sunday.
Alfred Cook of Paxton, Fla. is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Robert Stewart & family – Butler County News.
Mrs. W. M. Shepperd & son, Dewy have returned from Pinchard , from visiting her sister, Mrs. Lida Morehead.
Mr. Earl Work accepted a position with the Laurel News.
Jno. T. Echols and H.H. McDougald returned Tuesday night from Iola, Fla., from fishing.
Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Huckabaa, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hawthorn, Misses Madie Huckabaa, Mamie Hammond, Josephene Cawthorn, Della Huckabaa, George Barnes, Dan Hammond, Albert Wilson, Jeff Adams, Canie Smith, J. H. Burgess attended a dance out at Mr. George Watson’s.
Miss Lucy Boles is visiting relatives at Opp and Babbie this week.
Murray Mathews left Sunday for Dothan to enter school.
M.A. Martin of Andalusia was a visitor here.
Jas. T. Bradshaw of Andalusia was a visitor here.
Mrs. Bell Morgan of Ga. is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. Kendrick.
Mrs. W. R. Terry of Bonifay is visiting her daughter, Mr. Allen Davis.
Messrs. George Barnes left for Tallahassee, Fla., last week.
Miss Janie Doster of Ozark is visiting relatives in Florala this week.

Honor Roll- Florala City School
1st grade- Frankie George, Johnnie Lee Jones, Iris Vaughn, Clara Mae Pickens, Fay Clayton, Mamie Wilson, Grace McMahan, S.E. Hix, Louise Williamson, Gladys Tucker, Lomax Davis, Julian Howell, Angus Van Campbell, Crystal Miller, Angus Hall, John Adkinson, George Whittington, William Vaughn, Tankersly Hix, Jewel Everett, Vance Rawls.
2nd grade- Clarence Vaughn, Thelma Whiddon, Hazel Whiddon, Martha McDougald, James A. Redding, Edna Hughes, Juliette Hughes, Marjorie Monteith, Hugh Hinson.
3rd grade- Percy Doster, Eben Jones, Mabel Phillips, Rubye Doster, Cecil Rawls, Lucy Davis.
4th grade- Helen Smith, Margaret Mills, Margaret Turnquist, Metris Pickens, Marie and Theresa Hughes, Katie McNeil, Myrtle Kendrick, Thaddeuas Kendrick, Albert Cook, Hugh Cook, Ralph Monteith, Horace Weaver, Cecil Mozley, James Wilson, Earl Bush, Susie Mae George.
5th Grade- Rebah Miller, Velma Hix, Joseph Johnston, Helen Wooten, Minnie Williams, Robert Howard, Lewie Lewis, Nobie Wilson, Adele Pickens, David Bryan, T.C. Taylor, Annie Vera Miller, Bennie Whiddon, Inez Jones, Estelle Davis, Della Huckabaa.
6th grade- Robert D. Weaver, Foster Farmer.

1 February, 1912-

Svea Items:
A.E. Angel visited Florala Sunday.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prescott is very sick.
Bert Angel of Ellington, Mo., arrived Monday and will work with his brother, A.E. Angel.
Mrs. Ella Baggett of Laurel Hill visited Mrs. F.G. Gray and Mrs. G.W. Busbee.
Miss Ella Steel is visiting her uncle this week, I.A. Steel.
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Boodleson spent Sunday in Florala.
Ollie Perkins visited friends here.
Prof. H.A. Stephens’ wife is visiting this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dubose gave a tacky party last Saturday, A.E. Angel and Miss Olga Wang were dressed the tackiest.
Miss Ada Metcalf and Messrs. Wallace and Fox Metcalf visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. F, G, Gray Saturday night.
Mr. Will Cutts will preach here Sunday.

Dr. Jas. R. Kaye, who has spent 9 years around Palestine will lecture at the Presbyterian Church Friday evening.
J.R. Anderson, Tax Collector of Walton County, Fla. will be at the office of Florala Land Co., Wednesday Feb. 7th, 1912 for the convenience of owners of Walton County Property to assess taxes for 1912.

Monday, the Missionary Society met with 13 members and Mrs. D. W. Haskew and 2 visitors. Mrs. C.C. Rae- President, Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. John T. Echols, Mrs. J.R. Matthews were among members.

Of Interest:
Sam Clark went to Andalusia Monday.
J.D. Riley of Andalusia was here Tuesday.
H.A. Knowles of Samson was here Tuesday.
J.W. Barnes of Andalusia was here Monday.
Milton McDaniel of Greenville, came down Sunday to visit Relatives.
Mrs. J.W. Prestwood who has been visiting relatives returned home.
Dr. Ad. Hovelle will be out of town Feb. 5th to Feb. 16th.
H.H. McDougland was called to Columbia Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Epsy, a relative.
Mrs. Oscar Vaughn of Elba and Mrs. J.C. McLleod of Opp, spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Goodwin.
Miss Callie Ward, who has been a quest of Miss Anna Prestwood at the Geronimo Hotel has returned home to Andalusia.
Attorney McLendon of Eufaula has located here.
Dr. T.A. Koff of Dothan was in Florala Wednesday.
The little son of Cassie Boyd is very sick.
Mrs. Allen Davis is visiting her parents at Bonifay, Fla.
George Barnes and Jasper Huckabaa returned to Florala last Sunday.
The home of Mr. Watson in Lockhart had a fire last Wednesday.
Mrs. E.S. Sheehan and her daughter, Mrs. J.J. Boles left Tues. for Abbeville, Ala., to visit relatives.
D.C. Allen is the manager of the Florala Gin Company.

8 February 1912-

m. News was received Monday of the marriage of Mr. Aubrey Skipper of Samson and Miss Bessie Adams of Opp. She skipped school and Mr. Skipper had a car waiting & they left for Florala where the Ceremony was performed- Geneva Reeper

Charley M. Sims makes his announcement for Tax Collector .
W.W. Waters announces re-election for Tax Collector.
J.H. Martin owns a Bakery in Florala.
Mrs. W.C. Whitt has done much towards the good of Florala. Her influence over the children is wonderful.
Milton, Jan 30- Frank Penton charged with the murder of Felix Corbin on the streets of Milton last year was found not guilty. Witnesses swore Penton was elsewhere when the shots were fired.
Phillip Johnson is now with M.F. Griffith.
Cleve Tidwell has accepted a position with T.V. Laird.
Harley McSwain of Gaskin, Fla. visited Bill Shambrey Sunday.

The History Club is planning a Valentine Party Feb. 14th at the home of Mrs. J.R. Matthews.
On the 22nd , There will be a Colonial Tea at the home of Mrs. J.H. Hughes.
S.R. Burgess left Friday for Opp.
J.J. Lamar was a visitor at Pensacola this week.
Dr. Rogers of Andalusia was in the City Wednesday.
L.H. Brassell, Esq., of Andalusia was in town this week.
The little child of J.R. Shepherd is sick.
Wilber, the little son of Mrs. Cassie Boyd is very ill.
Mrs. B.F. Dunn of Gantt is visiting her sister, Mrs. Cassie Boyd.
Charlie Radford of Dozier was here last week.
Dr. Ad Hovelle returned from Samson Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Helms Jr., of Sanford visited relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Johns of Gantt were here visiting their daughter, Miss Cassie Boyd.
Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Wiggins and three children of Andalusia are visiting.
Sheriff Bell of Defuniak, was here Tuesday to take into custody a white man held by Chief Police Busbee of this City.
Mrs. C.D. Matthews leaves today for the Millinery Markets.
On last Friday Miss Ruth Hughes celebrated her thirteenth Birthday. Punch was served by Misses Winnie Shepherd and Birdie Hughes. Inez Hughes played a game called thimble. Hearts was played by Miss Winnie Shepherd, the prize went to Miss Eltha Banister. The games & music were furnished by Misses Irene parker, Claudys Swilley, Miriam Windham and Boncile Stewart. Present were: Misses Claribel Turner, Claudys Swilley, Estelle Davis, Marie Clements, Leesie Redmond, Edna Hughes, Irene Parker, Winnie Shepherd, Ethel and Eltha Banister, Bonciel Stewart, Josie Mills, Thelma Martin, Mariam Windham and Myrtie Spradley.
Chief Police Jas. H. Busbee left last week for Panama City in response to a telegram from Police Tedford of that place who captured Tom Williams, a negro, wanted for petit larceny He was brought before Mayor George Friday & convicted. Early Wilson was also convicted for carrying a concealed pistol.

15 February 1912-

Miss Gertrude Banister will entertain the Young People’s Auxiliary next Tuesday at her home in East Florala, Miss Mary Doster will have charge of the program.

Col. O.C. Wiley, of Troy, was a pleasant caller at this office.
Samuel E. Clark has been appointed postmaster of Florala. D.A. Ewing resigned to give attention to his turpentine business In Fla. Mr. Clark has been a citizen of Florala for 6 or 7 years.
Lewis Tatum of Geneva was here this week
J.T Bell of Defuniak, was in Florala Wednesday..
See F.J. Johnston at the Busy Bee Café.
T.J. Spear of Opp was among Florala friends on Tuesday.
Mr. Graybill of Garden City was a visitor on Monday.
L.F. Lane of Andalusia is opening an up-to-date moving picture theatre.
F.A. Florence, our former citizen called on our merchants Monday.
Mrs. B.F. Dunn of Gantt has returned home after spending a few days w/relatives.
Mrs. Allen Davis returned last week from Bonifay, Fla., where he was with relatives.
Mrs. C.M. Wiggins and children of Andalusia returned home Sunday after spending time with relatives.
F.H. Leggett left last Saturday for the eastern Markets where he goes in the interest of Lamar-Britton Mercantile Co.
J.A. Bethea of Green Bay, was a business visitor of Florala this week.
J.H. Bud givens passed through the city Enroute to Falco.
M. Lurie left for New York, Baltimore and other Markets.

Svea Items:
J.W. Harry planted Potatoes last week.
Miss Corda Grimes is spending time with Home folk.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Rogers of Clayroy visited Mrs. Rodgers parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dubose on Sunday.
A dance was given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wang, in honor of their daughter, Thora’s sixteenth Birthday.
Mrs. F. G. Gray and Little daughter visited Florala Saturday.
Steve Smith visited friends here on Saturday.
Messrs. Bert and A.E. Angel and J.A. Steele went to Cobb Fla.
Miss Callie Culpepper spent Friday at the home of Mrs. F.G. Gray
Billy Clary and Carl Hurston visited here Sunday.
I.G. Churchwell’s mother who is visiting him is very sick.
Mrs. E.J. Waddell and Mrs. Ed Hurston visited Mrs. F.G. Gray on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Boodleson have moved to Pensacola.
Miss Mamie Huston was the guest of Misses Lola and Kava Gray Saturday night.
Chester Churchwell of River Junction returned home Saturday after being at the bedside of his mother for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Metcalf visited Florala on Saturday.
Monroe Metcalf and F.G. Gray visited Florala on Business.
A.E. Angel and Carl Hurston were visitors on Sunday.
Fox Metcalf left Friday to visit his sister at Malone who is very sick.
Miss Effie Grimes visited home folks Sunday.- end

22 February 1912-

With this issue appears the announcement of James L. Johnston for Tax collector of Covington County.
Rev. J. N. Vandiver went to Andalusia Sunday.
E.E. Johnston of the Opp Messenger was here today.
J.T. Byrd of the Noma Record was here today.
T.R. Francher of Hartford was in the city today.
Rev. W. F. Clements and rev. D.C. Allen were at Andalusia Monday.
Mrs. J.J. Boles returned last week from Henry County from visiting relatives.
T.M. Gibson of Enterprise visited relatives & friends.
Mrs. O.R. Smith will entertain the Missionary Society Monday Feb. 26th and Mrs. A.N. Parker will have charge of program.
J.L. Johnston, J.J. Lamar, R.A. French, M.A. George, Jr., T.A. Godwin and W.T. Prestwood were business visitors at Andalusia today.
L.C. Vaughn was thrown from a wagon on Wednesday near Petry’s and sustained injuries of the head and neck, he is confined to his room.
Mrs. E.S. Sheehan returned home last week after a visit to Henry County. She was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. A. Armstrong.
Superintendent of Education is W. O. Bozeman
W. H. Arnold has a nice horse and buggy for sale.
Fire was discovered in the residence of A.N. Parker Monday afternoon, water supply being short; it only took 2 pails of slops to save the property.
The W.M.U. mat at the home of Mrs. Urquhart Monday the 19th. The president is Mrs. McDougald. Mrs. J. Hughes led in Prayer. They are to meet at Mrs. Walter Brown next Monday.

Svea Items:
Miss Emily Steel’s uncle is I.A. Steel.
Misses Pearl and India Baggett of Laurel Hill, visited Misses Ruth and Bettie Gray and Miss Scrappie Lassiter Saturday.
Mrs. Gertrude Armstead of Lockhart is visiting her father.
Mrs. F. G. Gary’s mother, Mrs. Mary Smith of St, Andrews, Fla., is here visiting her.
Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Stephens little daughter, Lillian is very sick.
Mrs. J. W. Hurston and Mrs. H. Edwards visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hurston.
Miss Thora Wang spent Monday night with Miss Corda Grimes.- end

Houston County Girl is Murdered: Miss Estelle Brown
Dothan Ala. Feb 19- Lying upon a bed with a .22 caliber rifle resting across her upper body, and two bullet holes in her head, the corpse of Miss Estelle Brown aged 23, who lived near town. The Coroners Jury has a verdict that Miss Brown met her death as a result of 2 bullet wounds in the head fired by unknown parties. The family had left earlier but Miss Brown stayed home alone. Her Mother returned to find her lifeless body upon a bed with a quilt folded under her head. She was shot with a .32 Caliber bullet. Later- Examination proved the bullets causing the death was of the 22 caliber and evidenced the girl’s intention of suicide, which theory is now accepted.

7 March 1912-

d. The three- Months old child of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Wiggins died Thursday. Funeral was held Friday afternoon. Rev. J. J. Hagood officiated- Andalusia Star.

Luther Ward, the Slocomb boy whose life was attempted a few days ago is still in danger. After being shot at 3 times he went to relatives near Headland & returned Sunday. The cause of the attempted murder remains a mystery- Geneva Reeper

Of interest:
J.W. Smith’s just received fresh garden seed and fresh groceries.
A. B. Joyner has returned from Panama City.
Frank L. Jones visited Geneva this week.
Miss Lottie Sheehan is visiting relatives in Montgomery.
R.A French has been transacting business in Pensacola this week.
E.S. Sheehan has confined himself to bed with Lagrippe.
J.T. Hughes and wife are visiting Montgomery and Atlanta this week.
Wilber, son of Mrs. Cassie Boyd is improving.
Misses Ruth O’Neal and Mary Chapman of Andalusia are voting Miss Annie McDonald in East Florala.
Mrs. T.G. Salts has returned to her at Flag Pond, Tenn., after some time with her sister, Mrs. Cassie Boyd.
Mrs. A. Armstrong, who has been visiting relatives here returned home in Henry County last Tuesday.
Capt. W.A. Little went to Garden City, Fla., Wednesday evening.
S.E. Clark is visiting in Montgomery this week.
Mrs. J. T. Bradshaw of Andalusia is visiting her brother, J. W. Prestwood of the Geronimo.
Mr. Herring, formerly of Barbour County is here to view a large tomato farm.
Will Brawner, former Citizen of Andalusia is now located in Florala.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Still left this morning for their new home in Dothan ALA.

Bert Angel and Gastin Prescott visited friends here on Sunday.
Tim Clary of Magnolia settlement was a visitor in Florala today.
Misses Lola & Kava Gray spent Sunday with Miss Ada Metcalf.
Mrs. H.A. Stephens left Saturday morning to join Mr. Stephens who is teaching in Santa Rosa.
Monroe Metcalf’s sister of Hartford Ala., is visiting him this week.
A.H. Culpepper went to Laurel Hill on Business.
John Whitehurst visited his brother here.
Misses Effie, Beulah, Carda Grimes, Ozie Dubose, T.J. Hanry, Dee Dubose, Jesse Davis, Attended a Dance at the home of Mr. Clary near Magnolia.

14 March 1912-

m. O. C. Brooks of Macy’s Olympic Shows and Miss Jessie Lee of this place were married by Squire Miller of Paxton, Fla., on Tuesday. They left on the train to Defuniak Wednesday where Mr. Brooks joins his Company.
m. Dr. G.O. Spears, a former citizen, but located to Baker, Fla., was married to Miss Georgia Lester March 12 at the home of the brides. Dr. Spears is the son of Dr. and Mrs. P.B. Spears of this place.

The Trustees of the Library Association held a meeting on March 7. The Following officers were elected: T.J. Hughes President, Mrs. J.E. Hughes Vice President, Marvin Wardsworth, Secretary, A.N. Wilson Treasurer, and Miss Lucy Homes Librarian.
Sheriff J.N. Livings was in Florala Saturday.
Grady McDaniel was at Opp Sunday.
Walter Warren visited Hartford.
Miss Cora Kendrick is visiting Noma, Fla.
Deputy Sheriff Livings was here Tuesday.
S.E. Clark was in charge of the post Office.
I.S. and M. Lurie were in Dothan Sunday.
W. F. Brunson was in Svea Neighborhood Wednesday.

Mrs. Allen is visiting relatives at Bonifay, Fla., this week.
Sam McCall of Laurel Hill returned home Wednesday.
Mrs. S.A. Brunson of Georgiana is visiting her son, W.F. Brunson of this place.
Wm. W. Flournoy, one of the popular Florida candidates was in and near here Wednesday.
Mrs. J. F. Stallings who has been visiting at Montgomery returned to her home Wednesday.
Miss Lottie Sheehan returned last Monday from Montgomery where she was visiting relatives.
Chas. C. Cook was here Wednesday in the interest of the candidacy for Tax Assessor.
Henry Elliott of Florala, Ala. Has moved his family here. Mr. McClain and wife, their kinsman are also here to live with them; also Mr. Davis, bookkeeper for Mr. Elliott. Mr. Davis will bring his family shortly.- Milton Gazette.

Svea Items:
m. Mr. Hamp Maloy and Katie Bell Harrison of near Cravey Bridge in Alabama, were married early Sunday night by Justice of the peace, F.G. Gray.
Miss Eula Prescott spent last week at the home of her Aunt, Mrs. Jess Angel at Laurel Hill.
Wallace Metcalf spent Saturday night with his uncle Bluford Godwin.
Ollie Perkins attended Sunday school here.

Florala City School Month ending March 5 Honor Roll

Honor Roll- Florala City School
1st grade- Frankie George, Johnnie Lee Jones, Iris Vaughn, Ray Clayton,
Mamie Wilson, Grace McMahan, S.E. Hix, Lomax Davis, Julian Howell,
Angus Van Campbell, Crystal Milner, Angus Hall, John Adkinson,
George Whittington, Willy Vaughn, Jewel Everett, Kenneth Spradley, Alice Johnson, Vance Rawls, Minnie White, Irene White, Wilson Kennedy, Sally Mae Milligan,
Clara Weaver, Edna Weaver, Ralph Howard, Harold Milner.
2nd grade- Thelma Bryan, Juliette Hughes, Hugh Hinson, Charles McRae, Vera Martin, John Wilson, Alfaretta Parker, Susie Wilson, Clarence Vaughn, Martha McDougald, Edna Hughes, Alla Wynn Pickens
3rd grade- Ernest Hinson, Percy Doster, Mabel Phillips, Rubye Doster, Cecil Rawls, Ruth Lewis, Val Price, Allie Quick
4th grade- Margaret Mills, Metris Pickens, Marie and Theresa Hughes, Katie McNeil, Myrtle Spradley, Margaret Kendrick, , Horace Weaver, Cecil Sheehan, James Wilson, Emily Holmes, Ben Bracewell, Carmel Carroll, Erie Shirah , Cecil Mozley.

5th Grade- Effie Everett, Pollard Woodall, Reba Miller, Annie Lou Quick, Velma Hix, Joseph E. Johnston, Horace Martin, Robert Howard, Adele Pickens, David Bryan, T.C. Taylor, Inez Jones, Estelle Davis, Callie Davis Johnston

6th grade- Josie Mills, Roy Powell.
High SCHOOL- Daisy Lauderdale, Claudys Swilley, Juanita Davis, Winnie Shepherd, Willie Kendrick. J.P. Doster. Supt.

21 March 1912-

List of Delegates:
Names that will be on your ticket April 1st as candidates for delegates to the state Democratic Convention.
Harold Alorton, E.O. Baldwin, E. J. Beasley, J.T. Bradshaw, T.M. Campbell, J. T. Clark, Allen Crenshaw, Edward Doty, A.S. Douglas, J.G. Foshee, D.R. Gantt, M.C. Gantt, Pollard Gantt, M.A. George, Jr., T.A. Goodwin, J.T. Hardage, T.E. Henderson, C.A. O’Neal, R.J. Perry, G. F. Petry, A.R. Powell, J. M. Prestwood, L.J. Salter, J.R. Shepherd, W.F. Simmons, W.S. Spurlin, G.O. Waits.

Of Interest:
W.W. Powell, of Route One, Georgiana has a curiosity.
On April 1st I will move to the Store occupied by E.R. Jordan, next to Matthew bros. where we will be glad to see you. C.C. Beasley.
A Revival Meeting will begin on March 24th with Rev. P.M. Jones, preaching.
The running of messrs. W.C. Whitt, W.G. Matthews, T.R. Roberts and J.W. Miller for the dignity of office of Justice of the Peace in Beat 9, reminds me of the Olympics Games.
Grady Farmer happen to sprain his ankle.
People coming & going through Florala this week:
P.J. Mason of Andalusia.
C.C. Beasley returned from Samson.
J.R. Shepherd went to Sanford.
J.A. McEachin of Andalusia.
Sam Hutcheson of Andalusia.
Judge Sneed of Andalusia.
J.T. Warren Sr., of Enterprise.
Chief Busbee arrived Monday.
Mrs. D.G. Williamson is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Manning.
Carl Cawthorn and wife and J.H. Burgess made a trip to Defuniak in Mr. Burgess’ car.
Misses Blanche Clements, Marguerite McRae and Tommie Davis were visitors of Defuniak.
Hon. S. H. Dent Jr., Congressman was in our city.

28 March 1912-

d. The 10-12 year old son of J.H. Williams of Andalusia was killed by the accidental discharge of a pistol. It is thought the boy picked the gun up from the dresser while dressing and discharged it. The bullet entering just above the mouth and coming out the back of the head, causing instant death.
d. J.W. Marley and wife of Jackson., Miss. were called by illness and death of Mr. Marley’s mother to Enterprise, came by Florala for a few days to visit Mrs. Marley’s Parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Sheehan.
b. Born, a boy, last Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Martin.

J.A. Smith of Andalusia was here Wednesday.
Manning Baily of Hartford visited homefolks.
G.W. Reeves spent Monday in Andalusia.
I.S. boles of Andalusia visited Florala.
J. W. Barnes of the County seat was in Florala this week.
Tim Williamson was a business visitor at Milton Fla.
Bob Martin, State Drug inspector was in our City last week.
Mrs. E. W. Hoyle is convalescing.
Miss Corrina Wall, who has been teaching school at McRae is home again.
John Carson of Andalusia had his arm broken while cranking an automobile.
Mrs. C.C. McRae spent last Saturday in Defuniak Springs with her Daughter, Charlotte, who is a teacher there.

Svea Items:
Edward Byrd, the step-son of Monroe Metcalf is very sick.
Bid Lassiter accidentally shot his hand with a pistol at the home of his parents. Drs. P.B. and G. O. Spears were summoned immediately.
Mrs. Clara Synn and little daughter, Mary of Oak Grove are visiting are visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ed Hurston.
Lee Cox and Grady Harrison attended Church here Sunday.
d. Tilla, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Prescott died on the 18th, of Pallegra. He was buried at Tuesday at Berket, Ala. – end

04 April 1912-

m. Jasper Huckabaa and Miss Berths Moss decided to Marry, and regardless of parental wishes in the matter, hide away to the land of flowers, where they were united in Marriage on Monday Night.

m. Mr. M. R. Betha to Miss Abbie Moore, the bride is the daughter of Eli Moore of Mason, Ala. Mrs. W.L. Howell attended the wedding in Brooklyn, Her brother was the Groom.

d. Mrs. Frank Jones of Troy, who was called here by the death of her Mother, Mrs. McDaniel, returned home Tuesday. She was accompanied home by her sister, Mrs. Mattie McDaniel.

d. Lafayette Cawthorn had been sick about 10 days. He was about 70 years old. He leaves a wife and 5 children- Mrs. C.C. Charles, Mrs. Ella Meigs, Mrs. Cressie Miller, Miss Beatrice Cawthorn and Hutch Cawthorn. He was half-brother to W.J.D. and Captain S.A. Cawthorn. Interment will be at Miller Cemetery, about 8 miles from Florala this afternoon.

C.C. Beasley left for Ozark Friday morning to accompany his Mother, Mrs. Beasley, who will spend time with relatives at that place. Mrs. Beasley is 81 years old.
J.B. Franklin of Samson passed through Florala.
Sheriff Hay arrested a Negro in Florala, who was charged with the burning of Negro hall at Dothan. He confessed he was guilty and implicated two other Negroes in the affair.
Bob Quillan, one of Florala’s druggists visited his old home in Clayton.
Thos. B. Allen of Brundidge is here to visit his father, Rev. D.C. Allen.
W.H. Arnold had a valuable horse to die at Laurel Hill yesterday.
W.W. Cotter spent last Sunday at Opp.
Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd visited Glendale Fla.
C.F. Lee of Florala was in town yesterday.
S.M. Quick, Alto Matthews, Dr. Galloway and Atty. G.W. Reeves attended circuit Court at Defuniak Wednesday.
J.A. Carmack and family will move to Atmore.
Miss Miriam Windham recited beautifully in Miss Mary Doster’s Sunday school class.
R.E.L. Thompson, residing in Watson’s Bridge neighborhood was in the City.
W.H. Arnold travels a great deal through this area.
Mrs. J. C. Walden, Sr., is in Florala visiting his daughter, Mrs. Edney.
Mrs. Nannie Bowers had some usually fine peaches to ripen.
Elder BARNES of Samson, prominent member of the Christian Church, was at Florala last Monday. Mr. Barnes filled an Appointment at Lakewood Sunday.
Clifford Fulford of Florala was the quest of his parents a few days-Georgiana Correspondent Greenville Advocate.
Mrs. R.V. Hicks returned to her home in Florala Saturday, she spent time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Dubose.- Elba Clipper
Rev. W.R. Bickerstaff attended a Methodist Conference in Defuniak last week.
Prof. T.W. Capps of Laurel Hill paid us a pleasant visit and ordered his name be enrolled as a subscriber to The News.
Thos. B. Allen of Brundidge, Ala. Made a visit here accompanied by his 2 daughters (Pearl Allen) . He will return home Saturday and will be accompanied by his mother, Mrs. D.C. Allen for a month’s visit.

11 April 1912-

d. It is alleged that Brett Spigner, a farmer living in Noma, Fla., slapped his son on the side of the head with such force that the boys neck was broken. The blow resulted in almost instant death. The boy was slain in the heat of anger, so wishing to hide all the crime, Spigner buried the dead body in a branch near the edge of the field before ever going back to the house. A Negro was working turpentine saw the man’s act & Spigner threatened to kill him if he told what he witnessed. The Negro told several of his colored friends and officers were informed of the murder. Spigner fled but with the bloodhounds the was soon caught by the officers in Geneva Alabama. Spigner is a former convict, he having served 3 years for having knocked his sister in the head with a stick of wood during another one of his temper fits. He left her for dead but she was unconscious for hours and did recover- Samson Ledger
d. Mattie Curtis, Colored, was found dead near the L & R. R. at this place Thursday morning with her skull busted and other wounds on the body. The crime has murderous intentions.

Of Interest:
J.M. Snead of Andalusia was in Florala Monday.
Ed Stamps of evergreen was in Florala Tuesday.
J.A. Lee of Cobb Fla., was in the city Wednesday.
Jim Bowden was a visitor here this week.
F.H. Leggett was a visitor at Montgomery this week.
Mrs. C.M. McDaniel and children are visiting Florala.
J.T. and W.F. Hughes have returned from Birmingham.
C.E. Lee of Montgomery is with relatives & friends in Florala.
Grady McDaniel was a business visitor at Geneva Friday.
T.C. Penton is transacting business in South Florida today.
L.V. Davis has returned from a visit to his parents at Milton Fla.
G.B. Still of Brewton is in Florala.
T.S. Lanz and Claude Williamson were in Montgomery this week.
J.R. Caton bought the café formerly owned by Jas. J. Johnston.
Jesse H. Shreeve of Savannah Ga. was here last week on business.
I.S. Lurie and wife have returned from a visit with relatives at Union Springs.
W.A. Williams was seriously hurt by falling from the new school building Monday.
Miss Josie Cardwell is visiting relatives at Enterprise.
Murry Mathews, who is attending school at Dothan spent Saturday with homefolks in Florala.
Chas. Scroggins had his arm badly lacerated at Sheppard’s bottling works Monday morning by the bottle bursting.
Editor W. H. Mapoles of the Laurel Hill News was in Florala yesterday.
Ed and Earl Hurston accompanied their friend, C.M. Maldin as far as Florala Sunday on his way home after a short visit here and at Laurel hill.
Miss Lucy Holmes of the Methodist church and Mr. Pelham Faucett of the Presbyterian Church left for Selma, Ala., to represent Florala in the Sunday school convention.

Misses Lula and Lizzie Perkins spent Saturday night with Lola and Kava Gray,
Miss Effie and Beulah Grimes spent Saturday night and Sunday with Homefolks.
A.E. and Bert Angel attended Sunday school here Sunday.
J.A. Steele and Wallace Metcalf were visitors at Florala Saturday.
The Easter egg hunt was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Harry Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison and Steve Smith attended the Chautauqua at Defuniak .
Miss Mary Belle Smith is improving fast.
Mrs. Bud Metcalf and two children spent Saturday night with her father at Hartford, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Steel spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Holly Godwin.
Chester Henderson of Lockhart visited his Cousin, Demp Harry, Sunday.

18 April 1912-

d. Hugh Brock of Coffee County, Ala. Fell through an elevator shaft at Montgomery last Tuesday and was instantly killed.
d. A coroner’s investigation into the sudden death of the 18- month old daughter of Mrs. Eva Wood, also known as Mrs. Morris, at the home of Gadi L. Nichols, near Cottondale, Thursday night of last week, resulted in the mother and Nichols being bound over to the grand jury on a charge of First degree murder. The couple was placed in jail in Marianna, Fla. Mrs.Wood had lived with Nichols for some time. Her little daughter died suddenly during the night and was buried the next day. Neighbors became suspicious and the remains exhumed. The investigation revealed that the child’s skull had been crushed, and the arrests were made. Mrs. Wood stated Nichols was responsible for the child’s death and threatened to kill her if she told of the act.- Geneva Reeper.
Dr. Ad. Hovelle will leave Florala on the first of May & spend time on the road.
Dr. A.L. Clayton has moved his office to the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Ad Hovelle in the opera building.
Joe Barton of Andalusia was in the city Saturday.
A.J. Sellers of Opp was a visitor here Tuesday.
R.L. McKinney of Green Bay was in Florala Saturday.
Sheriff Livings of Andalusia was in Florala last Saturday.
Prof. Woodruff of Crestview, Fla., was a visitor.
Peter O’ster of Green Bay is circulating among Florala friends.
W.W. Taylor and wife have been visiting Opp this week.
D.T. Williamson was in Montgomery Monday.
L.B. Adams of Hacoda, Route 1 was a pleasant caller to the news office on Thursday.
Mrs. Nell. Knighton of Paxton, Fla., is visiting homefolks at Birmingham, Ala.
Hon. T.F. West, President of the bank of Florala, spent Sunday in our City.
J.W. Reynolds of the Traffic Dept. of the C. and G. was in our city Monday.
W.M. Sheppard had a fine milch cow to choke to death by a sweet potato Thursday.
Dr. O.W. Clayton of Sylvester, Ala., is visiting his brother, Dr. A.L. Clayton of this place.
Ed Manning, the Florala Boy who is now making good with the Montgomery team of the Southern League, is well known in Dothan. Manager Dobbs of the Montgomery team says he is one of the best athletes on his club- Dothan Eagle.
T. Hope Cawthon of Defuniak will be with us again.
H.A. Baggett is having a six room bungalow erected by B.H. Farmer, contractor.
Mrs. E.R. Partridge of Defuniak was in Florala Tuesday, enroute to Columbia where she has accepted a position with Jas. W. Griffin of the Columbia Breeze.
H.C. Williamson and W.L. McLauchlin caught a young alligator near town Monday.
Rev. S.W. Rogers went to Andalusia Tuesday afternoon with his mother, on her way to Tennille, Ga.
I.S. Lurie returned to Florala Monday.
Supt. R.J. Harlan of the Central of Ga. Railway was a visitor on Monday.
C.E. Buckhalt of Enterprise was here.
W.S. Spurlin of Opp was here a day or two.
R.B. Hildreth of Enterprise is a visitor this week.
Mr. Hahn of Garden City, Fla. spent Saturday in Florala.
Miss Bessie Whidden of Dothan is visiting Mrs. J. R. Matthews.
Bill Hammond of Milton Fla. is visiting relatives in the city.
J.M. Yelverston of Enterprise is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Early Stokes.
Miss Martha Pendry of Andalusia is visiting her brother, J.W. Pendry.
Miss Lucille Willis of Opp, is visiting her sister, Mrs. S.E. Clark.
A. Albert and wife of Hartford were visitors at the home of M. and I. S. Lurie this week.
Tax collector, W.W. Walters come from Andalusia Tuesday with a suspicious looking book in his hand.
N.B. Bryant of Enterprise, special agent of insurance Co. was a business visitor at Florala this week.
Mayor M. A. George, Jr., T.A. Godwin and Robert Tyler left Tuesday for Montgomery to attend the State Democratic Convention.
Wm. Powell Hale made his first appearance here, on the Chautauqua platform yesterday.
J.M. Foshee of Red level sold 1,000 bales of cotton last week to H.D. Etheridge of Andalusia at 11 ¼ cents.- Andalusia Star.
Easter egg hunt:
There was an Easter egg hunt given at the home of A.G. Marsh was highly enjoyed. While Mrs. Marsh prepared the eggs the young people were entertained with music and games. The names of the girls were placed in a hat and the boys drew a partner for the hunt. Henry Marsh, David Godins, And Mrs. Gracie Caylor did the hiding, then the hunt.
David Godins and Mrs. Gracie Caylor, John Jackson, and Mrs. Lottie Brunel, Philip Godins, and Mrs. Nobia Marsh, Earnest Pagett and Mrs. Emma Jackson, and John Caylor and Mrs. Mabelle Marsh. After the hunt they were served lunch.

A.E. Angel, J.A. Steele, P.J. Steele and Carl Huston were visitors at Svea.
Chas. Synn and son visited Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Hurston Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Baston of Oak Grove spent a short while Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Hurston.
Mrs. I.A. Steele and children spent Saturday at Cobb, visiting her sister, Mrs. Doc Smith.
Miss Effie Grimes spent Saturday with Homefolks.
There was a district sing at the home of Bunk Kilpatrick, Sunday.
Rev. J.N. Vandiver, Pastor of Baptist Church of Florala has promised to preach for us the third Sunday.
Mrs. F.G. Gray and her Mother, Mrs. Mary F. Smith spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Marsh.
Alex Campbell, Eddie Perkins, Steve Smith attended church here on Sunday.
Edgar Gray and Wallace Metcalf attended Church at Laurel Hill on Sunday.- end

Cheated by the Hangman: Columbus, Ga., April 12, 1912
d. James Jefferson who was to be hanged in Columbus Ga. Today committed suicide in his cell early this morning. He took poison soon after midnight and died at 8:30 o’clock. Where he got the drug is unknown. He killed Policeman Marion Merchante several months ago. Jefferson shot & killed this policeman while resisting arrest. Fellow prisoners declare he said several times that he would not hang.

1st Grade-- Johnnie Lee Jones, Mamie Wilson, Alice Johnson, Iris Vaughn, Clara Mae Pickens, Sallie Mae Milligan, Edna Weaver, Ruthie Mae Revels, William Vaughn, Shelley Jernigan, Ralph Howard, John Adkinson, Clyde Scott, Glen Garrett, Price Jernigan.
2nd Grade—Thelma Bryan, Charles McRae, Alfaretta Parker, Susie Wilson, Hugh Hinson, Martha McDougald.
3rd Grade-- Mamie Smith, Ernest Hinson, Val Price, Eben Jones, Rubye Doster
4th Grade—Horace Weaver, Lula Mae Rudd, Margaret Turnquist, James Wilson, Theresa Hughes, Erie Shirah, Marie Hughes, Ben Bracewell, Carmel Carroll, Metris Pickens.
5th Grade—Velma Hix, Estelle Davis, Callie Davis Johnston, Walter Lee Jones, Horace Martin, Nobie Wilson, Vera Miller, Adele Pickens, T.C. Taylor, Rebah Miller.
6th Grade—Ruth Hughes, Fred Scott, Roy Powell, Robert Weaver.
HIGH SCHOOL—Olive Wilson, Birdie Hughes, Winnie Shepherd, Willie Kendrick, Lola Bush, Ellen McRae, Claudys Swilley, Clara Belle Turner, Juanita Davis.

25 April 1912-

d. A special to the Pensacola Journal from Milton, Fla., of April 22nd says: The killing occurred shortly after 8 o’clock Saturday night in the pool room of Hazel Johnson, where the 2 men met after having words previously that afternoon. It is said that Penton went to Johnson’s pool room with some friends and later Allen came in and they had more words and before anyone knew what was happening they both begin shooting. Even though they were many witnesses it seems impossible to tell who fired first. There were 18 shots fired, Allen being shot twice and Penton once. One of the bullets struck Allen in the Abdomen. Both bullets lodged were extracted & found that one was a .38 caliber short, while the other was a .38 Caliber long, showing he was shot with more than 2 different guns. Penton was shot in the back, but is said only to be a flesh wound. After the shooting Allen ran to the drug store and fell dead on the floor. The coroner’s jury returned a verdict that Allen came to his death at the hands of Frank and Ab Penton and both be held in charge of the killing. Ab Penton is the father of Frank Penton. The jury to conduct inquest was empanelled by Coroner L.M. Rhoda, and was composed of the following citizens: J.A. Bryant, John Trice, J.G. Smith, Jr., Dr. A.H. Smith, F.B. Rienbark and C.E. Hamilton. It is known that there was bad blood between the men for several years. At the time that Penton was charged with killing of Felix Corbin, Allen was one of the strongest witnesses against him. Both Penton and Allen have been tried for murder.

Georgiana, Ala, April 20- The Rhodes Brothers of this place bought 1,000 bales of cotton from Jim Foshee, of Red Level, amount totaling about $65,000.00

Sam Brunson, a farmer lies at the point of death, with a swollen head and arms due to the collision of a pair of mules hitched to a wagon and several bee gums at Clayhatchee. The two mules are dead. Two physicians worked several hours to get Brunson out of pain.
B.L. Dunson of Andalusia is taking the Chautauque.
J.D. Henderson of Sanford was in Florala.
Mrs. C.M. Wiggins of Andalusia is visiting his sister, Mrs. Cassie Boyd.
Mrs. Bob Wiggins of Andalusia is visiting relatives of this place.
Misses Noma and Ruth Holman of Hartford are visiting friends here.
Miss Irma rye of Andalusia was in Florala Saturday to see friends.
Miss Odessa Daniels of Lapine is visiting at the home of her brother, J. L. Daniels.
Mrs. J.R. Ruff of Lapine is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J.L. Daniels.
J.E. Savage of Andalusia attended the exercises of the new school building.
Misses Bessie and Flora Hutchinson and Miss Emma Warren of Enterprise are visitors at Florala this week.
Marshall Busbee went to River Falls today where he listed 4 convicts with the Horse Shoe Lumber Co.
Fred Auseld of Montgomery; architect has been employed to draw plans for a New Covington County Jail. This jail will be erected on the present site of property occupied by W.S. Hart’s Wagon & Blacksmith Shop. Mr. Hart is to vacate the building by June 1st.
At Falco Sunday evening, Jim Collier shot Chester Taylor, both colored. Deputy Sheriff Sam Hutcheson immediately arrested Collier and carried him to Andalusia to be placed in jail. Taylor died Monday.
A son of H.C. Colvin, Route 1, Andalusia, the boy supposedly went out in his sleep to harness a mule and go to work. The mule kicked the boy and his jawbone is broken and he is suffering in much pain- Andalusia Star.
The Pea shelling given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Marsh Monday was enjoyed.
Mrs. Geo. Perkins and Mrs. Mamie McCraney spent Tuesday with Mrs. John Harrison.
Will Smith of Florala was a visitor here.
S.A. Smith and J.A. Steele visited homefolks here Sunday.
Miss Emily Steele spent Sunday with her Uncle I.A. Steele.
Wayne Metcalf of Hartford, Ala. Spent time with relatives.
Miss Bertha Cutts of Ga. visited her Uncle I.A. Steele Sunday.
Miss Ozzie Dubose spent Sunday in Florala.
Jesse Davis of Laurel Hill visited Sunday school.

2 May 1912-

m. Miss Minta Copeland to Mr. George Cawthorn, of Defuniak Springs, Fla., last Wednesday night. The wedding took place at the home of the bride’s uncle, Mr. J.B. Colley, by Rev. Eugene Crawford. – Enterprise Ledger.

Bruce Page has gone to Talladega.
J.H. Busbee has been on the sick list this week.
Walter Warren was a visitor at Enterprise Sunday.
W. H. Jones of Andalusia was in Florala this week.
Charley and Jim Burgess went to Limestone, Fla., Sunday.
Mrs. W. L. Parker and children of Albany Ga. Are visiting here.
Miss Foy Camp of Headland is visiting her sister, Mrs. Henry Davis.
Judge Robinson of Andalusia was among visitors here Saturday.
Mrs. A. L. Hare of Garden City, Fla. spent Monday in Florala on business.
Dr. C.A. Calhoun of Green Bay spent some time in Florala last week.
Jim Johnson and Charley Burgess went out riding Monday.
Miss Edwina Wilson of Geneva is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Parker this week.
Clarence Dillard, former postmaster of Andalusia was in Florala Tuesday.
J.W. Watzek, President of the Jackson Lumber Co., was a business visitor here Tuesday.
J.B. Cravey and wife of Montgomery are visitors at the home of his sister, Mrs. Griffin Miller.
Mrs. L.A. Sims left Wednesday for a visit to her daughter, Mrs. A.D. Tatum of Montgomery.
Eric Von Axelson of Laurel Hill accompanied by his son and daughter visited Florala Saturday.
D.P. Ray and his sister, Mrs. Kate Roy, of Milligan, Fla. enjoyed Saturday
Steiner Hutchinson, who has been farming over in Mississippi was amongst his Florala friends Tuesday.
H.L. Todd of Birmingham will be here to audit the books of the city in a few days.
Miss Corinna Wall left Monday for Garden City, Fla., where she will be the next few months.
Bill Lunday and two of his sons and Marion Lassiter of Walton County engaged in a general fight Monday in which all kinds of handy weapons were used. Both Lunday and Lassiter are said to be badly disfigured.
C.M. Wiggins came down from Andalusia Saturday, he was accompanied on his return by Mrs. Wiggins who was down visiting relatives.
Mayor A.S. Douglas and J.A. McKenzie went to Florala to assist in the ceremony of laying the corner stone in Florala’s new school building.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Reeves chaperoned class no. 6, of the Methodist Sunday school last Tuesday night.
A birthday party was given for Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lurie’s little four year old daughter, Jennie on Tuesday, April 23rd. Miss Vivian Parker served fruit. Mr. & Mrs. Lurie make great Hostesses. They were assisted by Mr. and Mrs. I.S. Lurie.

Mrs. Mary F. Smith who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. F.G. Gray for the past 3 months, left Saturday for Samson, Ala.
I.A. Steele’s invalid sister is visiting him this week.
There will be an all day sing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Harry.
Will Cutts of Sardis will preach here Sunday morning.
Joseph L. Steele of Blackman spent Saturday night with his sister, Mrs. I.A. Steele.
Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Gipson of Laurel Hill were visiting Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Whitehurst Sunday.

9 May 1912-

d. Last Saturday morning Oscar Bundrick shot and killed W.E. Warthen on the highway about one and one half miles west of Andalusia. Each man had a shotgun and Bundrick fired one shot. No one heard Warthern fire a shot. Death occurred instantly. Brundrick came to Andalusia and surrendered to Sheriff Livings. Brundrick was a married man about 35 years old. Warthen was about 58 years old and leaves several children. Funeral occurred Sunday.- Andalusia Star.

Methodist meeting at the Methodist Church the third Sunday morning May 19th.
The pastor Rev. D. Haskew will be assisted by Dr. M.H. Holt of the first church of Pensacola.

Greenville Ala.- May 5.- John Thagard, one of Butler County’s largest planters has decreased his cotton acreage this year by fifty percent.

Andalusia Masons:
Andalusia, Ala., May 2- At a call conclave of Andalusia Commandery No. 24, Knights Templar, assembled in the Masonic hall today, arrangements having been made by Grand rector Geo. A. Beauchamp of Montgomery. The following applicants received degrees:
Rev. Wiley Martin of Andalusia, Rev. Jas. A. Brooks of Samson, Dr. Eugene G. Malone of Samson, Wilborn T. McRae of Samson, Asa Holloway of Samson, J.G. Page of Samson, John W. Draughan of Geneva, C.C. Brock of Samson, Henry J. Ellis of Samson, Henry A. Hughes of Florala, Sam M. Baggett of Falco, Sam H. Brock of Elba, W. O. Vaughn of Elba, Dr. Henry Bradley of Elba, J.S. Windham of Elba, John A. Garrett of Geneva, M.S. Carlise of Elba, and Henry J. Ellis of Samson.

J.A. Jones of Andalusia is here this week.
J.D. Henderson of Sanford was here Monday.
T.M. McLendon of Andalusia was in Florala.
Back Tax collector, J.N. Barron has been circulating among the boys in reference to taxes and licenses.

Mrs. and Mrs. P.J. Steels, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Waddell and F.G. Gray spent Sunday with Mr. Ed Hurston.
J.A. Steele and S.A. Smith visited Svea Sunday.
Mrs. Ed Hurston and Miss Callie Culpepper spent Monday evening with Misses Kave and Lola Gray.
Wallace Metcalf and holly Godwin visited friends and relatives at Hartford Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Effie Grimes spent Sunday with homefolks.
Mrs. Holly Godwin spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Bud Metcalf.
There will be a singing at J.W. Harry’s next Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Busbee and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Steele.

Eufaula Ala.- May 4- J.P. Hill, a druggist, sold a cow, which he owned for 3 years to Lee Shealley. Mr. Shealley butchered the cow to find an assortment of wire and nails in her inside workings. A wire over 8” long pierced the cow’s liver while in her stomach, was found over three quarts nails!

16 May 1912-

m. Mr. James B. Cravey and Miss Allene Davis were married Thursday evening at 7 O’clock at the home of the Bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Davis. Mr. Robert McGehee was best man and Miss Katherine Davis as Bridesmaid. Little Miss Leonra Davis, Cousin of the bride, was ring bearer. Mrs. Payton S. Mathis was Matron Of Honor. Rev. W. Demery, Mrs. Marshal Davis sang “Oh Promise Me” accompied by Mr. A.W. Muk on the piano. Punch and wine were served by Miss Katherine Lane, Agnes Bailey and Rosa Warner. They will make their home in Troy, Ala.

Tuesday evening a party took a stroll through Lockhart mill: Misses ray, Faucett and Mckown chaperones; Marguritte McRae, Emma Clements, Blanche Clements, Susue Clements, Jessie Ray, Estelle Stokes, Juanita Strickland, Ethel McLeod and Miss Crawford. Messrs Tom Fancher, Marvin Wardsworth, Leo Davis, Ned Lee, Walter Warren, P.M. Faucett and R.K. Council.

Sam Sellers and family are visiting Opp.
J.J. Boles has been sick.
D.T. Williamson is spending today at Milton, Fla.
Sam P. Jones visited relatives at red Level this week.
J.H. Burgess and wife were visitors at Graceville, Fla.
E.M. Sessions of Bonifay, Fla. was in Florala this week.

J.M. Smith and wife of Andalusia spent several days in Florala.
A.M. McLendon went to Defuniak Springs on legal business.
Miss Cora Kendrick returned from Noma, Fla., where she was visiting relatives.
D.A. McArtan of Andalusia passed through Florala this morning on his way to Milton Fla.
Mrs. Mary Tallhelm and daughter, Miss Ada, of Edenburg, Va., are visitors at the home of Owen F. Lee.
Rev. W.F. Clements has been seriously ill.
Mts. John Helms returned from Wausau, Fla., where she visited her brother, Dr. H.B. Brunson.
Little Miss Reba Miller is having a birthday party today.
W.E. Urquhart is in Birmingham this week.
Miss Maud Faucett of Efland, N.C., Mr. Pelham Faucett’s sister, is the quest of Mrs. W.C. McLauchlin.
J.T. Lee of Orlando, Fla., has moved to Florala and will occupy Elliot Miller’s house in east Florala present.
Mrs. Jas. W. Griffin of Columbia, Ala., was in Florala Monday, enroute to Milligan, Fla., where she goes to visit relatives.

Mrs. F.G. Gray and children returned last week after a visit with relatives in Geneva county.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Marsh visited Mrs. March’s parents at Lockhart Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Metcalf spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bluford Godwin.
C.G. and Mrs. J.W. Hurston of Laurel hill spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hurston.

23 May 1912-

d. City Marshal Joseph Aplin and Charley Wilks both died in Andalusia on Monday afternoon, May 21st 1912 in a deadly duel with revolvers. (see full story)

d. Yesterday a Negro passing by noticed buzzards ahead of the road. Upon investigation he was horrified to find the decomposed body of Mr. Norman M. McDonald, an aged citizen of Eucheanne, who was last seen alive May 2nd. Mr. McDonald had left him home to go to Argyle. He was a well known visitor so there was no need for alarm when he did not return. He was a Confederate Veteran, He was the father of 5 children, two sons and three daughters, one of whom, Mrs. Walter Helms, lives at Dothan, Ala.- Defuniak Herald.

d. Mrs. J.B. Jones of near Andalusia came down Monday and in the company of her sister, Mrs. E.L. Adams left for Defuniak where they were called by serious illness of their brother, Mr. Thomas Miller. Later- Griffin Miller received a message that his brother died Tuesday. He left on the evening train for Defuniak.

m. Miss Eva Wall of this city, a teacher in Ozark city school, was quietly married to Mr. Garner of Ozark, Ala. Last Sunday.
Deadly Shooting- Star
City marshal Joseph Aplin and Charley Wilks engaged in a deadly duel with revolvers at Andalusia at 7:30 o’clock Monday evening. The shooting occurred in the mercantile establishment of Ed Wilks, a brother. Edward Wilks was at home the fateful jour. The store was dimly lit and Charley Wilks was in an enclosure at the safe, near the rear of the building. City Marshal Aplin entered the store believing that Charley Wilks had fired a shot from his revolver on Court Square, a few minutes previous. A few words passed between Wilkes & Aplin and the shooting commenced. Only one man witnessed the tragedy. He said that Aplin fired the first shot. Before his death Mr. Aplin said that Wilks fired the first shot. Mr. Wilks was hit 4 times and died instantly. The body was removed to the Wilks home on South Three notch Street. Mr. Aplin received one shot in the abdomen; he walked out of the store to a barbershop then a drugstore. Later he was carried to his house where 3 or 4 Doctor’s worked to save his life, but at 10:30 o’clock he was dead. On Tuesday Wilks was carried to Petrey for burial. The same day the body of Joseph Aplin was interred in Andalusia Cemetery with Masonic honors. Mr. Wilks was an unmarried man about 22 years of age. He is survived by three sisters and four brothers. Mr. Aplin is survived by wife and two children.

Mrs. Will Brawner is visiting in Mobile.
Rev. B.C. Glenn of Andalusia will preach commencement sermon for the Florala City School next Sunday.
J.H. Williams of Andalusia was in Florala yesterday.
J.A. Betha was a business visitor at the county seat on Monday.
Walter Warren and Jesse Vaughn were at Pensacola Sunday.
Dr. G.O. Spears and wife of Baker, Fla., are visiting relatives here.
Messrs. J.O. Walker and J. K. Rogers of Pensacola spent Sunday ion Florala.
Miss Bertha Barnes of Andalusia, Route 7, is visiting at the home of Miller griffin.
Mrs. J.D. Cook left Wednesday fro Enterprise to visit her daughter, Mrs. Y. M. Gibson.
J.H. Busbee, T.A. Goodwin and J.T Manning attended the funeral of Joseph H. Aplin at Andalusia Tuesday.
Uncle Amon Miller near Chapel Hill has a serious illness.
The Missionary Society met with Mrs. E.W. Hoyle on last Friday. Devotional service was conducted by Rev. D.W. Haskew, after which, Mrs. McRae, president took the meeting. Mrs. J.J. Bell, the representative gave a report.

In honor of Miss Smith of Atlanta, a boat party, with Mrs. H.L. Scott as chaperone was highly enjoyed by these people at Huen’s Wharf: Misses Kate and Vivian Parker, Jesse Prestwood, Beulah Manning, Emma Clements, Ethel McLeod, Margarette Ray and Miss Smith. Messrs. H.G. McDaniel, J.H. Ludlore, R.K. Council, P.M. Faucett, D.W. Quillin, W. J. Warren, E.N. Clark, and J.D. Beverly.


Mrs. Horace Edwards and children are visiting Mrs. Edwards brother, Ed Hurston this week.
Bud Metcalf went to Hartford to have his leg treated.
Miss Polly Cammon of Lockhart visited her sister, Mrs. Will Marsh Saturday.
Cortez and Attie Lee Campbelle spent Saturday night with their grandfather, I.A. Steele.

We, the undersigned merchants in the city of Florala hereby agree that during the months of June, July, Aug 1912, we will close at six O’Clock P.M. provided this agreement shall not apply to Saturdays and not the 24th of June:
I.S. Lurie, W.W. Taylor, D.F. McDougald, Central Hardware Co., J.E. Flourney, Florala Hardware Co., C.C. Beasley, J.R. Shepherd, Florala Jewelry store, Florala Tailoring Co., F. Turnquist, McDaniel Tailoring Co., Jno. T. Echols & Son, M. Lurie, Florala Furniture Co., D.I.B. Adkinson, W. H. Arnold, Brunson-Parker Hardware Co., Lamar Britton Mercantile Co. Florala, Ala. May 17, 1912.

30 May 1912-

m. Mr. Henry D. Garner and Miss Eva Wall were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Sessions on Daleville St. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C.S. Talley.
Mrs. Garner is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Wall of Florala and was reared in Ozark- Ozark Tribune.
d. The mother of Dr. O.O. Enzor of Baker, Fla., who is well known in Florala, having married a daughter of J.A. Givens of Laurel Hill died At LaPine Ala., on the 27th inst. Dr. Enzor passed through Florala enroute to the burial.

Aubrey Skipper, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Skipper, of this place, were arrested in Opp, the former home of his wife, on two warrants charging arson and embezzlement. He was taken to Geneva and placed in jail. The arson charge grew out of the burning of the Bellwood Depot last week, after an investigation by railroad detectives, and it is charged that it was committed in an effort to cover up evidence of his alleged embezzlement- Samson Ledger.

Dr. O.O. Enzor of Baker Fla., lost his Hudson Roadster by fire between Florala and Laurel Hill.
Mrs. E. S. Sheehan returned last Monday from Enterprise.
T.M. Campbell has charge of the weather instruments at Andalusia.
Mrs. J.H. Mozley and Daughter, Mrs. L.L. Moore and Grace are visiting Mrs. Mozley’s mother in Headland.
T.H. Edney has returned from Defuniak.
Miss Maggie Peterson has returned here from college to work.
Graham Echols has returned from University.
L.C. Taylor of Andalusia was in Florala Wednesday.
Ned Lee and Hosey Meyers visited Pensacola Sunday.
Gerald Balkum is with his friends in Florala this week.
Miss Katie Lee Wynn returned last week from school at DeFuniak.
Miss Myrtle Rodwell of Lakewood, Fla., has returned from Defuniak.
Grady Farmer and James Mozley were at Opp and Elba this week.
Miss Belle Roberts has returned from a delightful visit to Milton, Fla.
W.H. Page of Hampton Springs, Fla., is spending this week with his brother, D.B. Page.
A.E. Angel, C.G. Hurston, J.A. Steele, J.M. Summerlin, and Luther Franklin of Laurel Hill visited here Monday.
Misses Kava and Lola Gray and E.D. Gray attended an ice cream supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Perkins in Clear Springs settlement.
Mrs. Chas. Batson of Oak Grove spent last week here with her sister, Mrs. Ed Hurston. Charlie Metcalf fell from a wagon and broke his arm.
Miss Ada Metcalf spent Saturday night with her uncle, Holly Godwin.

06 June 1912-

d. Mr. Samuel D. Clark died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. T.C. Penton Sunday Morning, June 2nd, 1912. He was born of Scotch Irish parentage in Darlington, S.C. September 9th 1835, moved with his parents to Americus Ga., when he was about 11 years old, thence 10 years later to Ozark Ala. For the last six or seven years he has lived with his children, Mrs. T.C. Penton, Messrs. S. E. and Ewell Clark in Florala. He was married 3 times, first to Miss Mary Jane Snell, second Miss Mary A. Wall, who was the mother of his surviving children, and last Miss Mary E. McCall. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery on Monday.

The old Board of Directors of the Bank of Florala were re-elected and vacancies filled by D.E. Adams, Theo. S. Lanz, and Griffin Miller. The following officers were elected for next year; Thos. F. West- President, W.C. McLauchlin- Vice Pres., A.E. Mann- Secretary and Cashier, A.N. Wilson- Assistant cashier.

Claude Williamson left Sunday for New Orleans.
“ Ras” Wall was visiting the homefolks Sunday.
Murray (Peck) Cawthorn was in our city Saturday.
Mrs. L.C. Horn who has been ill is getting better.
W.W. Taylor has a new passenger car.
Prof. James P. Doster is attending Montgomery.
B.H. Farmer went to Hot Springs, Ark. last week.
E.C. Meredith, Jr. was in Florala this week.
Mrs. J.R. Barron has lots for sale on Fifth St.
The Women’s Missionary Society will be entertained by Mrs. J.A. Vaughn on Monday.
Linwood Cawthorn of Falco, Ala., is in Florala this week looking for a blue printer.
Mrs. L. Cawthorn has returned from an extended visit to DeFuniak Springs.
M.A. George, Sr. has some fine pointer pups for sale.
H.A. Baggett at O.K. Grocery has two rooms for rent.
Dr. Petry’s office will be closed June 10-14 on account the Alabama Dental Association meeting in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Quick, Mrs. Hix, M.A. Helms, Sr., and others attended the all day Sacred Harp singing at Hacoda last Sunday.
S. M. Quick has sold his stock in Florala Furniture Co. to H. C. Weatherly of Montgomery, Ala., And J.W. Weatherly of Laurel Hill, Fla. The officers of the company are H.C. Weatherly, president and manager; J.W. Weatherly, vice president and H.A. Hughes is secretary and treasurer.
Theo S. Lanz left this morning for Indianapolis, Ind.
Jno. T. Echols has returned from Gadsden, Ala, where he has been making preparation to move to that place.
Mr. Quick has purchased the residence of J.W. Weatherly in East Florala.
Mrs. W.L. Howell and children are visiting relatives at Brooklyn, Ala.
Misses Beatrice Cawthorn, Minnie T. Larkin and Lucille Manning have returned from Tallahassee, Fla., where they have been attending school.
Miss Thelma Martin entertained a number of friends Monday at a ‘Tacky Party’, Miss Willie Kendrick won first prize and Lewie Lewis won second.

A few days ago the three year old daughter of Mrs. Givens, sister of Mrs. J.E. Hughes, while playing with matches, set her clothing on fire and was badly burned before help could reach her. Mrs. Givens took the child to a Hospital this morning where it is hoped she will be relieved and completely restored.

m.Gaston Prescott of Darlington and Miss Leila Miller of Campton were quietly married Sunday afternoon at the home of Justice F.G. Gray. Mr. Prescott made many friends while here last summer in the employ of Stearn & Culver Lumber Co.

Miss Beulah Grimes, Ozie Dubose and Jessie Davis and Dee Dubose attended the Primitive Baptist preaching Sunday.
Misses Ada and Vera Metcalf and Wallace Metcalf spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray.
Willie Hurston of Laurel Hill spent Saturday night here with his brother, Ed Hurston.

13 June 1912-

d. Mr. Henry Elliott died June 10th, who had recently moved from Florala to Milton Fla.
He was buried Tuesday in Milton Cemetery. Services conducted by Rev. K.L. McIver of Pensacola and Rev. Dr. Humpries of Milton. Mr. Elliott was 58 years old having been born in Cumberland County N.C. August 13th 1853. He was the youngest son of Col. Alexander and Mrs. Jane Evans Elliott. He came to Florala in 1898. In October 1904 he married Miss Effie McLean, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James N. McLean of Florala, Ala., who survives him, and their 3 children, Henry, James and Mary.

Walter Riley of Andalusia was here Tuesday.
Miss Tessie Howell of Andalusia is visiting Florala.
Dr. S.I.S. Cawthorn of Andalusia was a visitor last week.
J.N. Barron of Andalusia was transacting business in Florala this week.
Col. G.W. Reeves were called to Geneva Wednesday morning on legal business.
W.O. Stuckey, a brick contractor of Andalusia spent a few hours in this city Monday.
Mrs. J.D. Cook has returned from Enterprise where she has been visiting.
C.C. Burgess, J.H. Burgess and family spent Sunday with their parents in Florida.
Several from this place attended the funeral of Capt. H. Elliott at Milton, Fla., Tuesday.
D.S. Sheehan of Montgomery is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Sheehan of this place.
Martel Smith lost a stick pin Saturday.
J.A. Smith was a business visitor this week.
Dr. J.C. Pennington and Mr. and Mrs. Spires of Andalusia, were in Florala Monday enroute to Florida, where they will spend week fishing.
John G. Foxworth of Lakewood passed through Florala last Monday enroute home from Dothan where he was operated on for ear trouble.

J.W. Byrd of Samson is at St. Andrews, Fla., he has a pleasant stop at this place.
C.J. Ward and family of Andalusia spent Monday night in Florala enroute to Albany, GA. where they are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Parker.
Rev. D.W. Haskew returned last week from a visit to his old home.
C.C. Beasley is spending time at Hot Springs for his health.
We regret very much that Mrs. Vaughn will soon move to Gadsden, Ala.

Covington County Medical Society met with Dr. F.W. Galloway Tuesday, June 11. The following visitors were present: Dr. T.Q. Ray, Dr. G.L. Gresham, Andalusia, Dr. J.C. McLeod, Opp, and Dr. J.L. Johnston, Falco.
John T. Echols & Son, of Florala, Ala. Is the name of a firm which will open a high class store in Gadsden. Messrs. Echols have leased the entire ground floor of the Times News Building- Gadsden Daily Times-

Bay Minette, Ala., June 10-
J.C. Griffin of Loxley, who last year grew a field of prize cotton has come up front with a yield of Cucumbers.- Mobile Register

Misses Ada Metcalf, Lola Kava and Ruth Gray, Wallace Metcalf, C.G. and E.D. Gray attended the preaching at Clear Springs Sunday.
Miss Lula Perkins visited friends here on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Steele and C.G. Hurston of Laurel Hill visited friends and relatives here on Sunday.
Mrs. F.G Gray and little ones spent Saturday in Laurel Hill visiting friends.
The ice cream supper given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray Friday night was enjoyed by a small crowd.
Tom Moore of Dorcas visited friends here Sunday.

20 June 1912-

d. The remains of C.A. Marsh were taken to Florala this afternoon for interment. Marsh was shot and killed instantly by C.E. Pegues. Pegues was taken to Geneva jail to await a preliminary. The shooting took place on Main Street.

d. James Avery, living 5 miles north of cottonwood Ala. Met death late yesterday. Young Avery found his father laying dead on the ground where he had been plowing cotton. Apparently the elder Avery had been plowing as usual and the high wind blew off his hat. This frightened the mule which gave a sudden lunge and threw Mr. Avery down, probably breaking his neck. The mule dragged him and the plow stock about 200 yards, The plow lines were still wrapped around Mr. Avery’s hand.

An Epidemic of marriages broke out last Sunday.
A number of young people went across the lines.
m. Mr. N.H. Shepherd of Lockhart and Miss Ida Horn went over to Svea and were married by Just. Of Peace F.G. Gray, and in the evening.
m. Mr. J.P. Barnes, and Miss Lottie Sheehan, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheehan of Florala were married by Justice Gray.
m. Mr. Ewell Clark of Florala and Miss Vivian Parker, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Parker of Florala, were married by J.N. Vandiver.

Water Warren Visited Enterprise Sunday.
Deputy Sheriff Livings was in Florala Saturday.
J.J. Lamar and R.A. French were in Defuniak Wednesday.
N.E. Bell of Florala has moved his family to Opp.
Ben D. Spears of Opp spent Sunday here with Home folks.
Attorney W. H. Albritton was here on legal business Saturday.
Joe Rose of Andalusia was among visitors here Monday.
Miss Corina Wall, who is teaching school at Garden City, Fla., spent Sunday in Florala.
Sam Cohn and sister, Miss Maggie, of Union Springs are visitors of the home of I.S. and M. Lurie.
J.H. Dillard left Tuesday for Samson in the interest of J.K. Everett & Sons photographers.
Mrs. O.R. Smith returned from Columbia and Dothan were she has been visiting relatives.
W.G. Echols has gone to Tuscaloosa this week.
Misses Effie and Shellie Gavin will accompany their Father, Rev. C.W. Gavin to Florala Saturday. They will visit their Aunt, Mrs. D.W. Haskew.

Joe Thomas, Colored, the escaped wholesale chicken thief, returned to Florala Wednesday. Joe was accompanied on his return by Police Busbee from Pensacola.

Henry Garner and wife returned to their home in Ozark, Tuesday. They have been visiting Mrs. Garner’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Wall.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Lane of Andalusia spent Sunday at Florala. Mr. Lane is for his hometown first, but says Florala is second best.
Rev. D.W. Haskew will be at Mason Saturday and at Falco Sunday.
J.W. Miller killed a rattle-snake near his home last week; it has 11 rattles and a button.
Mrs. N. Manning, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Cawthorn, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Meigs, citizens of Defuniak have visited here the past week.
Jno. W. Cawthorn of Pensacola Fla., spent several days with us recently, this is his old home.
W.H. Binion of Evergreen, Ala. has been prospecting in Florala this week. We hope to have him permanently locate with us.
Presiding elder C.W. Gavin of Marianna District will preach at the Methodist at this place on Sunday.

J.M. Lammons caught after three years by private detective, J.T. Branch of Charlotte, N.C. He brought Lammons to Montgomery police force, which arrested him. Branch had been following him 30 days and located him in Galveston, Tx. Lammons had been superintendent of Geneva County, Ala. He made way with nearly $8000 given him for distribution for teacher’s salary. Lammons was indicted by Grand Jury.

Svea Items:
Miss Mattie McCrany spent Saturday with Miss Mary Bell Smith.
Miss Effie Grimes visited home folks Saturday.
Miss Ethel Fountain of Andalusia is visiting relatives and friends here at Sardis.
Misses Bertha Cox, Bessie McGehee, Lula and Lizzie Perkins, Frank Cox and Cleve Harrison spent visited Sunday school here.
E.M. Metcalf, R.H. Godwin, F.G. Gray and families spent Saturday on Pond Creek fishing.
Misses Mary Stele, Callie Kilpatrick, Lillie Faqua, Agnes and Arie Hart spent Sunday with Miss Kava and Lola Gray.
Mrs. B.J. Boodleson of Jacksonville arrived Friday for a visit with friends here & Florala.
R.H. and B. Godwin and families spent Sunday with their Sister, Mrs. E.M. Metcalf.
S. Morris of Lakewood visited relatives Saturday.

27 June 1912-

D. Judge Willis C. Wood was born in S.C. November 19th 1829 and died Saturday June 22nd, 1912 at the home of his niece, Mrs. J.R. Barron in Florala Ala. He was never married and made his home with his niece, Mrs. Barron who survives him and her 2 daughters, Mrs. Strother of Luverne, Ala. And Miss Mary Barron. His body was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery Sunday.

Prof. J.P. Doster, who taught the Florala High School, last year, was in camp this week near Steele’s mill with quite a bunch of Boy Scouts from Florala.

Rev. D.W. Haskew accompanied by W.E. Urquart, left Wednesday for Blountstown, Fla., where they go to attend the Dist. Conference.

Judge J.M. Robinson of Andalusia spent Sunday in Florala.
Mrs. W.C. Johns of Gantt, Ala., is visiting relatives in Florala.
Dr. G.O. Spears of Baker,Fla., was among visitors here this week.
J. M. Lindsay and Family of Baker, Fla., were visitors here this week.
W.W. Taylor attended the Optical Convention in Birmingham.
R.G. Wood of Red Level attended the burial of Judge W.C. Wood at this place.
Mrs. J.A. Garrett, on Fifth Street has rooms, see her for lodging.
Mrs. C.M. Wiggins, who has been visiting Florala, returned to her home in Andalusia Tuesday.
S.K. Bush a Mason of Blakely, Ga., attended the Masonic public installation on the 24th.
The Young People’s Society will meet with Misses Madeline and Miriam Windham next Tuesday, July 2nd.
Presiding Elder, W.C. Gavin preached at the Methodist Church Sunday.
Perry Clements of Opp Ala., visited the family of J.K. Everett last Monday.
Mrs. A.T. Tatum of Montgomery, accompanied by her daughter, little Amy Corine and Miss Eva Tatum are visiting the home of Rev. L.A. Sims.
Hiram Rush, one of Milligan, Fla’s., oldest residents was on hand to enjoy the installation of the officers of the Masonic Lodges.
Miss Theresa Hurley, a young lady from Selma, is visiting her Aunt, Mrs. E.W. Hoyle.

Mrs. Chas. Synn of Oak Grove spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Ed. Hurston.
B.S. Morris spent Sunday with relatives.
S.A. Smith spent Sunday with friends and homefolks.
Misses Ada and Vera Metcalf, Kava, Lola and Ruth Gray, Ed Gray, B.S. Morris, D.W. Metcalf, O.L. and W. Perkins attended church at Laurel Hill Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cammon of Lockhart spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Will Marsh.
J.A. And P.J. Steele of Laurel Hill were visitors here Sunday.

4 July 1912-

b. William Gradolph is the name that is given to new baby that arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Swilley on June 26.

m. Mr. James Carter and Miss Vannie May Inabenette were married by Rev. D.W. Haskew. They left immediately for Panama City Fla. for the week.

d. Jas. T. Bryant of Santa Rosa County, Fla., passed through Florala on his way to Brantley to attend the funeral of his oldest son, who was killed by lightning.

Mrs. E. W. Hoyle had 28 young people over to her house in honor of her niece, Theresa Hurley of Selma.
Conductor John M. Whittington has recently sold to Mrs. Allred and Mrs. Bowers, two tenant houses west of Sixth St.
R.G. Tucker has accepted a position with the West Fla., Grocery Co. of Pensacola. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker will be missed.
James P. Doster is taking up a list of names of people who will be taking in lodgers.
A vacant lot on the south side of Fifth Ave. has been purchased by Dr. G.F. Petrey and Mr. H.H. McDougald.
Mrs. Luther Gilmer is ill and at Hilliard’s infirmary, Montgomery, her brother, Mr. Tom Fancher left Sunday for Montgomery.
D. Faircloth of Waycross, Ga., was in Florala this week.
Farm for sale, four miles from town, a bargain; Owen F. Lee, Florala, Ala.
Prof. H.R. Mott of red Level was in Florala Tuesday.
Dr. C.F. Petry of Columbia was in this city Sunday.
W.L. Milligan and two daughters have returned from a visit to Georgia.
Miss Clara Covington of Montgomery is the charming guest of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Hoyle.
W.R. Reid has the mumps.
F.W. Griffin and family of this place attended the funeral of J.T. Hollis at Bonifay, Fla.
Judge J.M. Snead and wife of Andalusia were in Florala Monday enroute to Florida town.
Griffin Bell and family of Helin, Fla., were in Florala Sunday, the guests of F.W. Griffin.
Jasper Henderson is Street superintendent.
Mrs. Herman Parsons of Dallas TX. is visiting relatives in Florala. She was once a resident here.
Dr. J.C. Hill, Capt. Allen Crenshaw and J.E. Brawner of Andalusia spent a few hours here on Monday.
Fletcher Bell of Andalusia was here Sunday.
Mrs. J.H. Martin and children are visiting relatives at Andalusia.
Theo S. Lanz and D. Tim Williamson are out of town a few days.
Mrs. P. K. Urquhart and children returned Tuesday from visiting relatives in Mobile, Ala.
Dr. and Mrs. Allred of White Springs, Fla., have come to Florala and expect to stay permanently. At present they are staying with Mrs. Allred’s Sister, Mrs. Nannie Bowers on Forth Street.
Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Ray are visiting their children, Mr. and Mrs. Hal C. Ray at Stephenson, Ala; where they have a pair of twin babies to recently arrive.
J.K. Everett brought to the news office a green pea which measured 28 inches.

Amos Metcalf and family of Hartford spent Sunday with his brother, E.M. Metcalf of this place.
The pea shelling given at the home of J.F. Harrison Wednesday night of last week was enjoyed.
R.H. Godwin and family and B.S. Morris spent Saturday with Mr. Morris’s parents near Hacoda.
Miss Lola Gray spent Monday in Laurel Hill.
Mrs. J.W. Hurston son, C.G. visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Batson and Fomon Synn of Oak Grove spent Saturday with their sister, Mrs. Ed. Hurston.

11 July 1912-

m. George Seigler , of this place and Miss Noma Renfroe of Holts, Fla. were married a few days ago and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Ewing.

d. John L. Bryan, Marshal of Brantley, was killed during an electrical storm. He lived across the river & started home when the thunderstorm came and lightning struck him. His clothes were torn from him and his body badly blackened by the stroke. The telephone and electrical lights were blown out. Dr. J.R. Moxley had a phone receiver torn from his hand – Andalusia Star.

d. Mr. D.G. McInnis of Geneva Ala. Died last Wednesday night. He was born in Cumberland County, NC. He leaves a widow and seven children, Mrs. Annie Parker of Florala is his sister. Funeral services were held in Geneva and he was interred into the Geneva Cemetery.

Mrs. W.C. Brawner has returned from a visit to Andalusia.
Miss Missouri Cawthorn of Atlanta is visiting Mrs. M. Bowers.
Mrs. T.M. Gibson of Enterprise is visiting relatives in Florala.
Mrs. Dr. F. Young left this week to visit relatives at Sulligent, Ala, and Nashville, Tenn.
Mrs. F.H. Leggett returned Monday night from a pleasant visit to her old home, Louisville, Ky.
Misses Addie and Delia Rabun, Estelle and Ella Mae Calloway are visitors in the home of W.L. Howell.
Miss Gertrude Monroe came home from Greenville, Ala. After spending two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Walter Brown.
Miss Jenness Crawford is the quest of her sister this week, Mrs. W.R. Reid.

Mrs. W.C. Whitt is attending summer school at Knoxville, Tenn.
Hugh A Ray passed through Florala, Tuesday on his way to Andalusia.

Mrs. N.D. Miller of Bonifay, Fla., is spending some time with her mother, Mrs. L. Cawthon in East Florala.
Mrs. D.C. Allen and daughter, Mrs. Willie Senn and children, who are on a visit to her parents from Brundridge, Ala. Left this morning to visit Mrs. Charlie Senn in Santa Rosa County, Florida, near oak Grove, who is another daughter of the former.

School opened Monday with a good attendance and Prof. Lee Smith as principal and Miss Annie McDonald Assistant.
F.L. Gray is spending this week with relatives in Geneva County.
Rev. J.J. Richards, of Laurel hill preached for us on Sunday.
Mrs. F.G. Gray and daughter Lola and two little sons spent Monday with Mrs. and Mrs. Alex Brown , in Laurel Hill.
J.F. Harrison is reported sick with fever this week.
Miss Mittie Byrd left Sunday for a month visit in Alabama.
A.F. Jones is spending this week with homefolks.
Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Steels and children attended the W.O.W. unveiling at Baker, Fla. – end

The Covington County Teacher’s Institute: The following Teachers are attending:
Misses Daisy Lauderdale- Florala, Maud Leonard- Andalusia, Carrie B. Daniel – Andalusia, Ella Fleming- Opp, Annie Lloyd- Andalusia, Lenora Cowan – Opp, Corinna Wall- Florala, Annie Jackson- Opp, Maude Osteen- Opp, Alice Huggins- Opp, Gladys Foster- River Falls, Colo Mendheim- Andalusia, Myrtis Perry- Red Level, Julia Morris- Laurel hill, Bessie Catoe- Mason, Nell Sanders- Red Level, Lula Stephenson- Andalusia, Mattie Chestnut- Andalusia, Mattie Cox- Samson, Ruth Padgett- Andalusia, Mattie Richburg- Opp, Kathleen Rye- Andalusia, Katie Sanders- Red Level, Natalie Jones- Andalusia, Lola Harder- Red Level, Ella Mae Calloway- Brooklyn, Stella Copeland- Andalusia, Lulleah Copeland- Andalusia, Estelle Calloway, Addie Raburn, Vera Williams, Eula Williams- Brooklyn, Annie Williams- Andalusia, Gladys Worthington- Montgomery, Mattie Ingram- Red Level. Messrs. Wm T. Deal-Opp, B.B. Padgett- Andalusia, Edgar Ingram- Gantt, B.F. Mills- Andalusia, Newton Brunson- Opp, Austin Beasley- River falls, John Caylor- Lockhart, Cleveland Taylor- Opp, M.D. Taylor- Pine Hill, Gideon Parker- Searight, W.B. Sasser, I.L. Boles, W. J. Holloway, James Holloway, J.E. Richbourgh- OPP, F.W. Taylor- Andalusia, R.D Howell- River Falls, A.E. Ward- Red Level, Thos. Rawls Jr.- Searight and other names we failed to get.

18 July, 1912-

d. J .J. Markham passed away in South Florala Saturday at 10 p.m. He had only been sick a few days. The Interment was made Monday last at 10 a.m. at Greenwood Cemetery. He was a kind husband and father.

m. On Sunday afternoon, Mr. E. L. Quick, Britton Lumber Co’s. railroad foreman, went over to a church near Hacoda and induced Miss Alma Holley to accompany him to Squire Hilson’s rendezvous for Gretna Greens where the Squire in his usual graceful style tied the knot that made them one and the same. They are now at home near Paxton, Fla.

Spirella Corsets made to order. Orders taken by Mrs. M. Cawthon Bowers.
W.J.W. Capps of Laurel Hill was a visitor to our city Tuesday.
Mrs. G.A Hart of Andalusia is visiting at the home of Frank L. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Davis have returned from a visit to relatives at Abbeville.
M.J. Hix has purchased the Chas. Spicer home and will move into it.
Rev. J.N. Vandiver is assisting in a series of meetings at Bonifay, Fla.
Mrs. J.T. Hollis of Bonifay, Fla., is visiting at the home of F.W. Griffin.
Mrs. H.H. McDougald and little daughter, Martha are visiting at Cuthbert, Ga.
R.A. French is erecting a cottage near the new school.
J.R. and G.S. Searcy and Mayor George were visitors in Dothan this week.
Mrs. W.F. Hughes and daughter, Theresa, returned Tuesday from Washington.
Rev. S.W. Rogers is attending annual encampment at Shocco Springs.
Alvin Powell and family have moved to Falco, Ala. and Mrs. J.R. Shepherd and daughters, Winnie and Evolene returned Friday night from a visit to Panama City.
Miss Kathleen Rye left Friday from Andalusia to visit her sister, Mrs. Kilpatrick.
Miss Nona Bailey entertained the Young People’s Society Tuesday afternoon. Misses Margarite McRae and Mamie Davis served fruit nectar. Miss Doster, the leader, had a nice program arranged.

A.B. Windham, was recently appointed Notary Public and Ex- Official Justice of the Peace. Mr. Windham will also handle your accounts for collections.

A reception given at the Methodist parsonage by Mrs. D.W. Haskew and Mrs. E.W. Hoyle for three visitors in town, Misses Covington and Hurley who are guests at Mrs. Hoyle’s house, and Miss Urquhart the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. P.K. Urquhart.
Welcomed at the reception hall door was Mrs. P.K. Urquhart, fruit was served by Miss Magaurite McRae. The receiving party in the parlor was Mrs. D.W. Haskew.
Mr. J.R. Mathews, Mrs. E.N. Clark and Miss Kate Lewis had the dining room in order.
Mrs. George Reeves was over the guest book. Fifty guests were invited. Among some of those present were Misses Covington, Hurley, Urquhart, Lewis, Charlotte and Marguerite McRae, Bailey, Parker, Cohn, Kraselsky, Hughes, Clemments, Anna and Mamie L. Prestwood, McCleod, Mamie and Tommie Davis, Corinna and Mayme Wall, Beulah and Lucile Manning, Smith, Sellers, Windham, Riles, Wynn, Williams, Genevieve and Helen White. Rev. D.W. Haskew and W.E. Urquhart were also present.

Svea Items:
George Henderson of Lockhart visited his Cousin T.J. Harry here on Sunday.
George Deal of Paxton was a visitor at Sunday School
Miss Mamie Von Axelson of Laurel Hill was a visitor last week.
Fayette Grimes and family visited his parents, M.M. Grimes, Sunday.
E.J. Waddell’s mother and two sisters, Mrs. May and Miss Susie of Dothan are visiting him this week.
Mrs. D.C. Allen and Willie Senn spent Saturday with relatives at this place.
Misses Agnes and Arie hart spent Sunday night with Misses Kava and Ruth gray.
Ben Harry gave a watermelon cutting treat for the young people on Sunday afternoon.

25 July 1912-

d. At 4 o’clock Saturday the remains of Mrs. Luther S. Gilmer were interred at the cemetery, the family burial ground in Centerville, Ala. She died at the Montgomery Infirmary. Her maiden name was Miss Hattie Fancher. Her father was the late W.E. Fancher Sr., and was fro 12 years clerk of Circuit Court in Bibb County. About 3 years ago Hattie married Rev. Luther S. Gilmer.

In memory of John J. Markham, deceased, b. May 26 1866 in the State of Louisiana. He moved to Covington County, Ala. At age two. He died at home in Florala, Ala. July 13, 1911. He is survived by one half brother, two half sisters and wife and five children.

J.M. Jeter of the citizens Bank of Geneva, Ala., who left Warm Springs, Ga., July 17th after mailing a letter to his wife advising her where he could be found, which letter failed to reach her, has returned to Geneva safe and sound.
D.D.F. Ray of Milligan, Fla. was here last Saturday.
J.K. Rosier of Pensacola spent Sunday in Florala.
Mrs. J.A. Bannister is visiting her son at Pensacola, Fla.
Mrs. C.P. Cawthorn is visiting relatives at Wetumpka, Ala.
Gus Clark and family are visiting relatives at Cowarts, Ala.
Mrs. Jeff McCall and two children are visiting at Rose Hill.
J.M. Taylor and family of Andalusia spent Sunday with W.W. Taylor.
Miss Alice Bannister of Pensacola spent Saturday with Homefolk.
Miss Lucile Watkins of Columbus, Ga., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Vandiver .
The two story frame building occupied by P.G. Woodruff at Crestview burned about 1:30 a.m. the 10th inst. Fire spread to a restaurant owned and occupied by J.C.H. Corley, both buildings completely destroyed.
J.T. Bradshaw of Andalusia is seriously ill in Montgomery having been taken there Sunday for treatment.
Capt. F.C. Wilson, a popular conductor of the L.& N. Railroad, who lived here several years was among friends yesterday.
J.D. Clark of Slocumb, Ala. A former resident of Florala is here this week looking for another place.
Miss Alberta Blue of Perote, Ala is visiting the home of Rev. D. H. Haskew.
Miss Nettie Tapiola of Pensacola is visiting Miss Vera Whidden.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. McLean and daughter, Mrs. Elliott, who moved from here to Milton, Fla. are spending the summer at Montreat, N.C.

News from Walton Co., Fla., of an attempt murder and rob an entire family enroute for a supposed hoard of gold. As related by Jake Brown, a bachelor, lives with Frank Schofield and family about five miles south of Florala. Last Wednesday night, he heard some noise coming from the front of the house in which he was living with the Scofield family. Jake’s Apartments were an addition or L to Scofield’s house. Jake secured his rifle and peered through in the direction of the noise and behold a Negro was seeking to unlock the front door of the house. Jake informed him to halt. Failing to obey Jake let loose his rifle after which the Negro made a hasty retreat to the cotton patch. Jake kept watch the balance of the night. When day broke Jake with gun in hand, ventured out and soon found evidence that the Negro had been wounded. The bloody tracks lead to an old cotton shed. The Negro was found lying on the ground with a wound through the left hip and with his left hand badly mangled. He was conscience and confessed with several other Negros intended to force entrance into the house, secure all the wealth, murder all inhabitants, burn the house and murder victims. The lighter wood was found in the cotton shed to bear out the Negro’s story. The sheriff of Walton County was notified, and the wounded Negro was taken to jail, and the search is on for the other members- Geneva Reaper

Mrs. Will Turner and baby of Andalusia are visiting her mother, Mrs. Baggett.
Miss Clyde Cannon of Lockhart has returned home after a visit to her sister, Mrs. J.H. Johnson.
Dr. J.H. Johnson made a trip to Pensacola.
Dan Hart of Sanford spent Sunday here.
Mrs. J.L. Jennings and children have returned home after a visit with relatives in Opp.
Dr. Robinson and R.D. Baines attended services at the Universalism church at Mason Sunday.
Walter Cotton has returned home after visits to Dothan and Geneva.
Dr. J.H. Johnson was in Andalusia Monday.
Misses Mary Hamby and Ellen Watson spent the week with the farmer’s parents at Mason.
J.L. Rhodea was in Andalusia Monday.
Dr. J.N. Christian of Baker was in town Monday.
Miss Nettie Clements of Samson is visiting her brother, J.N. Clements near Falco.
Mrs. E. M. Thomasson is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S.E. Horsey at Millville, Fla.
Mrs. and Mrs. J.A. Givens of Bradley were in town Saturday.

J.A. Steele spent last week with home folk.
Rev. J. J. Richards of Laurel Hill spent Monday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray.
Miss Annie McDonald spent Friday night with friends in Laurel hill.
Miss Ada Metcalf, D.W. Metcalf, B.S. Morris and Ed Gray visited Mr. Morris’s parents in Hacoda Saturday. Miss Bessie Morris returned with them and is guest this week of her Uncle and Aunt Mrs. E .W. Metcalf and R.H. Godwin.
m.Miss Amanda Josey and Steiner Rowell of Opp, Ala., came through on a car Wednesday night of last week and were married here by Justice Gray.
m.Miss Leila Henderson, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Henderson, and Jeff Carnley of Pine Log were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents here Sunday by Justice Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Carnley left for Pine Log where they will make their new home.

01 August, 1912-

d. Louis McDuffie, the two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. McDuffie, Sr. died Wednesday afternoon.
d. a little child of S.M. Milner of Paxton, Fla. died Friday and was buried at that place Saturday morning at 10 a.m.
d. Mrs. A.A. McIntyre was shocked and her Negro servant girl, Gussie Nesby was killed by a bolt of lighting which struck the McIntyre house at Labarde last night. Three children of D.C. Chastain were also shocked but not seriously hurt.- Montgomery

R.A. French was in Pensacola this week.
C.P. Cawthorn caught 27 trout.
Tucker Pagett of Andalusia was in Florala Sunday.
Neil Carpenter has returned from an extended visit to Mississippi.
Mrs. S.A. Brunson of Georgiana is visiting her son, W.F. Brunson.
Alto Matthews will take his Vacation in October.
Mrs. J.A. Goodwin of Montgomery is visiting her brother W.F. Brunson.
H.H. McDougald, W.A. Lewis, Sam Perry and others are on a fishing trip.
Mrs. Willie Woods and Miss Ollie World of Eufaula are visiting A>E. Redman and Family.
J.W. Barnes and J.D. McPherson, with headquarters at Andalusia, were in Florala Tues.
J.K. Everitt attended the W.O.W. convention held in Opp Friday night.
Mrs. W.C. Whitt has returned from Knoxville, Tenn., where she attended summer school.
Col. L.H. Brassell of Andalusia spent Wednesday in Florala.
J.H. Mozley, Jr. who has been with the Florala Saw Mill co., for some time, returned to Florala.
Grady McDaniel of McDaniel Tailoring Co., is recovering from hot weather.
Mrs. H.H. McDougald and little daughter, Martha have returned from a visit from Georgia.
Prof. Doster is taking the school census and a vacation.
Misses Addie and Delia Rabun who have been visiting Mrs. W.L. Howell have returned to their home in Brooklyn, Ala.
Arthur Davis and family have sold their interest at Natural Bridge, Fla., and have came back to the residence in Florala.
Miss Missouri Cawthorn was elected and accepted the situation as music teacher.
Contractor L.E. Marley visited his home in Ozark last week.
Neal Smith of Svea was in to see us Wednesday and says that the farm of Smith & McDuffie is above average.

Miss Ellen Watson is visiting relatives at Baker.
Dr. A.m. Robinson and Jack Taylor spent Thursday in Florala.
Miss Maude Heaten of Greenville Ala., is the attractive guest of her sister, Mrs. Thigpen.
Burrell Herndon of Bonifay, Fla., spent the week here with homefolks.
Mr. Ellis of Laurel Hill visited here Sunday.
Claude McCarty was in Baker Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Boyett and son Marion left Monday for a visit to Montgomery.
Alex Parker, out druggist is visiting Roberts this week.
Rev. Gavens filled his regular Appt. Sunday.
Dr. A.M. Robinson is in Brooklyn.
Mrs. J.R. Chuites of Hartford, Fla., left Sunday after a visit to her mother, Mrs. Campbell of this place.
John W. Miles is visiting relatives in Mobile.
Jack Taylor left Monday for Bagdad, Fla. where he has accepted a position.
J.C. Walden was in Falco last week.
J.A. Hogue was in Lockhart this week.
Messrs. John and Jim Stewart were in Pensacola Tuesday.
B.F. Hall of Andalusia has accepted a position here with T.J. Coleman’s Jewelry business.
J.L. Rhodes was in Laurel Hill on Monday.
Lee Fuquay visited Andalusia Monday.

Prof. Lee Smith was a visitor to Florala.
Misses Gerty Laoons, Cora Barlow, and Eva Sherrer of Laurel Hill are attending school here bow.
Prof. Woodruff of Crestview will begin a meeting here.
Miss Messie Morris returned home near Hacoda Saturday after spending time with relatives here. Her brother B.S. Morris accompanied her home.
Monroe Metcalf’s two daughters’ of Jackson spent the night with him.
E.M. Metcalf’s parents of Hartford are visiting him.
Miss Annie McDonald spent Saturday in Laurel Hill.
Mrs. Ed Hurston had a tacky party at their home and the cream supper Friday night was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray in honor of Miss Bessie Morris of Hacoda.

8 August 1912

b. Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Mann are rejoicing the safe arrival of a little girl.
d. In Memory of my little sister, Lois McDuffie who died July 31st. She was 27
months old. – Mary McD. Williams.

While W. L. McLauchlin and J.H. Burgess were making their way to Laurel hill in an auto, they ran into a small creek and the car slightly dipped. They deny any intentions of going fishing.

Miss Boncyle Stewart left Sunday to visit Troy.
Dr. F.W. Galloway was among visitors to Andalusia.
Dr. Young and Hentz McDougald were visitors in Andalusia.
Mrs. S.R. Barron is ready to take a few boarders.
Bob Warren and sons of Montgomery are visiting Dr. P. B. Spears and Family.
Ralph Howell of Albany Ga., Is visiting his brother, W.L. Howell and family of this place.
Mrs. J. D. Bailey returned home Wednesday from Hartford where she was visiting relatives.
J.R. Searcy and family who have been living near yellow river since January have moved back to Florala.
Uncle J.D. Dorsey of Florala attended the Confederate reunion at Samson.
Dr. J. P. Phillips, of Florala, Ala., visited his Brother, Dr. N.R. Phillips here.- Bonifay Advertiser.

Svea Items:
Prof. Lee Smith visited his sister with typhoid fever at Glendale Saturday.
Miss Clyde Cannon of Lockhart is visiting her sister here, Mrs. Allen Marsh.
Mrs. Albert Deal and Mrs. Chas. Armstrong of Coffee County are visiting their parents here, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Lassiter.
E. M. Metcalf has been very sick.
Misses Ina and Polly Cannon of Lockhart visited relatives.
R.H. Godwin left Saturday night to visit his father in Lockford.
Miss Fronie Culpepper of Coffee County Springs Ala. Is visiting her Aunt, Miss Callie Culpepper.
Mrs. Chas. Synn of Oak Grove spent Friday with her daughter, Mrs. Ed Hurston.
Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Moore of Laurel Hill visited Mrs. Moore’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Steel.

Falco News:
Alex parker has returned home after several days vacation at Roberts.
Mrs. Will turner has returned to her home in Andalusia.
Dr. A.M. Robinson is back in Falco.
James E. Padgett was in Florala Sunday.
J.L. Rhodes and Sam Hutchinson made a business trip to Andalusia Monday.
Claude McLarty of Baker spent Sunday in Falco.
Miss Ellen Watson has returned home from a visit to Baker.
N.H. Ellis of Laurel Hill is a frequent visitor to Falco.
C.G. Bryan of Careyville, Fla., spent Sunday here.
M. Rich was in Andalusia today.
N.A. Hamby of mason was in Falco Sunday.
Mrs. M.E. Baggett, Miss Mary Baggett, Fuller Campbell and James Paggett attended a dance at Laurel Hill.
M.E. Baggett spent several days in Crestview last week.
Will Turner of Andalusia came down Sunday to accompany his wife and baby home.
J.D. Cleary of near Falco was injured last week in a runaway.
N.R. Wilson of Garden City, Fla., was in Falco Monday, while here he purchased two lots from Dr. J.H. Johnson on Hyer Street.

Wednesday afternoon at a baseball game in new Brockton, Clarence Peacock shot Sid Marsh and Dewitt Baggett. We have not learned what the trouble started over. Marsh was advancing on Peacock with a bat when he shot Baggett, an innocent bystander. The bullet that hit Baggett in the abdomen also hit Marsh in the hand. Sheriff Stewart and deputies hurried to the scene. Peacock made no resistance. Baggett was brought to the Coffee County Sanitarium; there is still hope for his recovery.- Enterprise Ledger.


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