Will of Green Jackson

Compiled & contributed by Hugh LeBaron, Aug. 1998.

Know all men by these presents that I, Green Jackson, of the State of Alabama, Perry County, now feeble in body and aware that I must Soon leave the present State of existance (sic), but sound in mind and desirous to make an equitable disposition of my property, do make & ordain this to be my last will & testament.

First, I Commit my sole unto God, with a hope that he will preserve the Same in peace through his abundant mercy.

2. I desire that my just debts be paid as soon as practicable after my debts [death].

3. I give to my wife one Negro man named Fed, one named Jacob, one Viz. named Albert, one woman named Polly and one little girl named Sally whom I desire to remain in the possession and rule during her natural life or widow hood only. I also give unto her one yoke of oxen, one waggon (sic), two cows and calves and half of my Stock of hogs, all my kitchen furniture, half of my farming tools, fifty barrells (sic) of Corn, fifteen hundred pounds of fodder, all the wheat on hand at my death, Two mares mules, gray and brown. And the following described parts of my land, 1st commencing at the lane SW of my dwelling running South as to indicate the fraction lying east of said lane including the field Called the branch field extending up to Michael Cooks together with its improvements, gin house, and all its appindtures (sic). Also, my dwelling and lot including the orchards, cribbs (sic), Stables & blacksmith Shop. I also give her a Small field of land lying in the forks of the branch South of my dwelling, one bed and furniture, the chairs, Tables, and other Cabinet work belonging to the house & my buggy. All of the above described property I desire to remain in the possession free of molestation during her natural life or widow only, provided however, the above named property shall be confined to the aforesaid County of Perry untill (sic) subject to a disvission (sic) according to the provissions (sic) of this will when said property Ceases to belong to my wife according the provisions of this will. I wish it to be equally divided between my children William, Mary, Elsa, Edna, James, John and Wyche. Further, I give to my wife all the property that she had when we married to be dispossed (sic) of according to her own dicertion (sic) to wit, an horse Called John, an feather bed and furniture.

Now, after distributing to my wife according to the above provissions (sic), I wish the remainder of my property to be equally divided between my above named Children except William, against whoom (sic) I had a note for five hundred and fifteen dollars, which he Justly ows (sic) me, and which I am deferred of collecting in consequence of his taken benefit of the bankrupt law. Consequently, I desire the above amount of five hundred & fifteen dollars taken from his distribution Share in the divission (sic) and added eaqually (sic) to the division Shares of the other named children.

I desire that the will take effect immediately after my death. I appoint my two Sons, John G. and Abram W. Jackson, whom I deem faithful and competent, to execute this will. In testimony, whereof I hereonto Set my hand and affix my seal this 27th day of January one thousand eight hundred and forty six.

In the presence of Joseph A. Adair}

S. J. Fuller } Green Jackson

James Dacus } {Seal}


Know all men by these presents that I, Green Jackson, do in Consequence of my son A. W. Jackson moving to Louisiana, appoint my son James Jackson one of the executors of this my last will. I also in hereof _________ left to my wife, I give to her one brown horse named Dick about 1 years & brogie.

In testimony, I hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 21st day of July 1849.

Green Jackson

S. W. Harville

James Miller

Recorded Decr 21th 1849

Jno Cunningham, Register

Green B. Jackson died in November 1849. [1850 Mortality Schedule of Perry County, Alabama]

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