Greene County, Alabama Cemeteries

Ellis Cemetery

Location: Lewiston, Greene Co, AL

Burton, Ephraim T. 1801-1860
Burton, Nancy 1815-1850, w/o Ephraim
Cartee, Joseph 1823-1908
Cartee, Sara Caroline 1819-1884
Cobb, Madora 1851-1925, w/o Thomas Cobb, d/o Gideon Steele
Cobb, Thomas William 1844-1911
Cooper, Rebecca ????-1849, aged 56 years
Durrett, William Brantley 1874-1952
Eastman, Cornelia 1856-1920, w/o S.S. Eatman
Eatman, Sedan S. (no dates)
Edwards, Mary F. 03 MAR 1847-06 MAY 1914, w/o James G. Hamilton
Ellis, Tracey 19 AUG 1794-05 JUL 1846
Ellis, Cofield 18 AUG 1833-15 OCT 1842 s/o William & Tracey Ellis
Ellis, Elijah Sr. 1819-1875
Ellis, Mrs. Nancy 1823-1912
Ellis, William 14 JAN 1783, Pickens County, SC -?? ??? ????
Hamilton, James G. 1850-1917
Hamilton, Phoebe 1876-1945
Holly, Reeder 1867-1941
Lewis, A.C. 1849-1930
Lewis, Malisa 1846-1932
Mize, Eillie Elbert 1874-1952
Mize, John T., CSA (no dates)
Mize, Kate 1850-1933
Mize, William Samuel 1892-1920
Morrow, J.N. 1860-1893
Morrow, Margaret E. 1856-1890, w/o J.N. Morrow
Nickerson, inf d/o J & J (no dates)
Rhodes, Annie B. 1872-1946
Rhodes, inf d/o W.E. & M.J. (no dates)
Rhodes, John W. 1867-1939
Rhodes, Pressley R., Co G 40th Ala Inf. CSA (no dates)
Roebuck, Mary 1871-1931
Sellars, Elijah 1820-1889
Sellars, Nancy J. 1829-1913
Steele, Gideon 04 OCT 1832-26 JUN 1859
Stephens, James Z. s/o F & LE 1881-1902
Stephens, Wood 23 MAR 1890-08 MAR 1944, Pvt Ala 166 inf. 42 Div.
Storey, Hattie 1866-1895
Storey, Mrs. H.A. 1834-1878
Sulzby, Ida T. 07 OCT 1876-03 SEP 1895
Taylor, Travis 1896-1924
Thompson, E.S. 06 NOV 1836-20 JUN 1900, CSA
Thompson, Sara A. 22 JUN 1846-01 OCT 1927, w/o E.S. Thompson
Thornton, Clara Neal 1852-1931, w/o S.S. Thornton
Thornton, Mary 1824-1897, w/o W.R. Thornton
Thornton, Sam S. 1846-1922
Thornton, W.R. 1819-1885
Williams, Greshal 1814-1894
Williams, Huldah 1821-1894, w/o Greshal Williams
Williams, Rianna E. 1869-1892

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