Hale County, Alabama Cemeteries


Carson/Torbert Cemetery

Contributed OCT 2000, by Gerald Hidle.

Hello Lisa,

This is Gerald Hidle with a "hot" notification I just received over the phone. My neice, Linda Boggs, and her husband were on a trip with friends to view and visit their property, which was a little southeast of Eutaw, Al., but in the Hale County area. The property owners discovered this grown over cemetery which had several graves located within it. Three white marble headstones were righted and the following inscriptions were noted:

John H. Carson d. 28 July 1823 32 years old, marker erected by wife

Cyrus Torbert U. Makefield, Bucks Co, PA d.29 JUN 1823 age 24 y 9 m 12 d

Sarah P. Torbert b. Union dist, SC 04 NOV 1802 d. Greene Co, AL 06 APR 1851 age 48 y 5 m 2d

This area might have been in Green Co. prior to it being Hale Co. It is located close to a horseshoe bend in the Black Warrior River. There are two of those closer to Eutaw, about 2-3 miles southeast. The first one from Eutaw sounds like the best bet She wasn't sure what roads were nearby, but from her description it would seem to fit in that area. Their friends owned the property, had a lodge on it and they did some fishing while visiting. Didn't get their names. Might be the Carson's, and Torbert's are searching for them. Just thought I'd pass this along.


Havana Cemetery


Avery, Kate Fegan wife of Eugene 1853-1934

Campbell, David Jan.31st, 1759-April 15, 1846 Pvt South Carolina Revolutionary War

Campbell, Robert M. son of Samuel and Mary Mar.1849- Nov.1849

Duram, R. R. Nov.9,1824 Kentucky-March 29, 1893

Fagan, Edward A. 1847-1930 Co. A 62 Regt. Southern Cross of Honor

Farley, Seth 1834-1891

Fulton, R. C. 1835-1906

Fulton, S. H. C. Wife of R. C. 1841-1897

Holston, J. W. and C.A. d. 1887

Jones, A. P. Nov.24, 1849-Dec.3, 1898

Mackey, E. B. and C. F. No dates

Madison, Narcissa wife of James A. No dates

McCrory, Dr. William July 11, 1804 North Carolina-February 31, 1890

McKane, Sara wife of Alexander December 8, 1792 Edgefield District, South Carolina-November 10, 1852

Owens, Dr. W. H. 1842-1898

Peary, wife of C. A. 1859-1892

Pool, Josephine H. Hutt wife of Reverand J. B. June 8, 1851-1877

Rice, Ella Lavender wife of E. G. No dates

Rice, Mary Irene daughter of J. P. and M. J. 1860-1870

Richardson, Elise Louine daughter of J. M. and Willie 1918-1923

Singley, Georgia 1854-1892

Stephens, Elizabeth 1877-1908

Stokes, Cora D. 1880- no death

Stokes, Alberta Hutt 1886-1942

Stokes, John C. 1886-1942

Stokes, Mable wife of C. E. Ryan 1892-1927

Travis, Ben J. 1843-1876

Tucker, Foster 1889-1946

Tutwiler, Julia 1841-1916

Whittfield, John Rufus 1876-1953

Whittfield, John W. Oct.18, 1842-January 2, 1929

Whittfield, Mary E. Sept.22, 1851-1947

Wilburn, Essie Phillips March 2, 1898-Aug.21, 1942

Wilburn, William Clarence 1889-1946

Wilson, Jesse F. Wife of J. D. Jan.5, 1878-October 1911

Wilson, John Walter 1871-1947

Wilson, Pennie F. 1905-1930


Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Located east of Moundville on Tubbs Farm-to-market Road. just back of Pleasant Hill church,Hale county.

Contributed by CDAVIS6424@aol.com, NOV 1998.

Mary Evans April 15,1853 November 14,1926

Come Ye Blessed

A tender mother and a faithful friend.

At rest.


Williams H.Evans January 12,1853 June 5,1912

Gone but not forgotten.


B.F.Evans April 23,1874 October 14,1926

He is not dead but sleepeth.


Henry J. Evans Born May 1,1884 Died April 10,1914

A kind wife mourns the absence of her busband but blessed

are they that mourn for they shall be comforted. (2 unmarked)


Wm. L. Hester August 22,1868 September 16,1939

Gone to rest.


W.M.Tingle September 1855 August 4,1930

His memory is blessed.


Nancy J.Tingle December 22,1840 August 28,1922

Go and Dwell with Him above happy in the Savior's love.


Carlos L. Smithson November 18,1888 (No date)


Ethel K. Smithson March 12,1894 June 16,1948


Thomas Wilson April 29,1858 June 16,1943


Amanda H. Wilson June 15,1863 April 2,1937


Mary Johnston Skelton (from family records-b 1842 d 1934)


Newton Oscar Skelton (from family records b September 13,1883 d April 1970)


Bibbzer C. Culbreath July 10,1867 June 7,1941

Gone to a bright home, where grief can not come.


In memory of Anna Dawson Dau. of B.H. & Dora Culbreath

born March 18,1915 (Not readable)


Fred Gwins Infant son of R.M.& L.V.Givens

Born September 20,1916 Died Novemer 2,1916


Infant son of J.H.& Logeme Toler June 1917 (All) (4 unmarked)


Robery Manly McCray Born February 6,1869 Died November 6,1915

Kind father of love, thou art gone to thy rest.


Robeert F. McCray Born October 20,1906 Died May 1916


Dxon Hall Nevin 1869-1941

Peace to his slumbering spirit and a momery to his worth.


Beedy Ann Nevin 1857-1938

Dear Mother, We wish you much joy and trust that you rest

with God. (12 unmarked)


Barbars Ann Donilson March 12,1937 June 19,1937


Margaret C. Wife of J.D.Geddie Born August 23,1849

Died August 30,1893

She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond Mother and a

friend to all.


Octavia Nevin Tidmore 1894-1940

Beloved Mother, your orb? will rise a beautiful star in Paradise.


Walter W. Spince- Texas

Pvt. 1 CL 131 Field Arty. 36 Div.

December 22,1882 August 13,1944

A friend to his country and a believer in Christ.


Bessie Lou Spince August 15,1889 June 22,1952


William Walter Spince December 22,1882 August 13,1944

They gave their today for our tomorrow. (6 unmarked)


W.P.Grives (No Dates)

Peace to his slumbering spirit and a memory to his worth.


W.Darrell son of George C. & Lucile Crawford November2,1936 May 29,1937

Only Sleeping.


John Will King August 7,1910 May 9,1962

My trust is in God. (7 unmarked)


Henry A. Holcomb 1913-1914 (3 unmarked)


Infant son of S.G. & A.O.Holloday November 30,1901 December 6,1901

A sunbeam from the world has vanished.


Mable Dockery October 31,1932 May 22,1936


Viola Nevin April 16,1882 May 20,1960


Patrick Nevin June 6,1917 April 19,1918


Madie Nevin June 6,1917 April 19,1918


Curtis A. Nevin August 15,1920 August 17,1920


Mattie L. wife of A.B.Coley Born January 20,1869

Died May 28,1903

Farewell- She shall awake in the likeness of Christ.


D.L.Levi son of A.B.Cole Born November 25,1892 Died January 15,1894

A fair bud has faded to bloom in heaven.


Luther G. son of W.E. & L.H.Tingle November 13,1915

June 3,1918

Darling,we miss thee. (2 unmarked)


Jesse Lois sone of J.T.& E.E.Scarbrough October 6,1917

December 20,1917 (2 unmarked)


J.S.Townsend Born March 15,1836 DiedOctober 20l,1910

(9 unmarked)


Conf. Marker inscribed in monument

Robert F.Coley Born October 23,1841 Died December 5,1919

In grateful rememberance of our Confederate dead.


Elizabeth coley wife of R.F.Coley May 4,1841 May 14,1916

She was a kind and affectionate wife,a fond mother and a

friend to all



Robert F.Coley


8 Regt.

Alabama Inf.


October 23,1841 December 5,1919


William R.Kelley 1875-1944


Dora B.Kelley 1882- 19 We will meet again.(2unmarked)


Issac Dewey Coley Born April 9,1905 Died January 1,1914

The Lord is my shephard.


Lugenie Toler 1894- 19


John H. Toler 1887- 1946

In my Father's house are many mansions.


Leonce a Jenkins Born April 28,1862 Died Decmeber 3,1916

Asleep in Jesus.


Sarah Cornealia Jinkins October 21,1867 January17,1941

She is at rest in Heaven (2 unmarked)


Mary Arnold McCray July 11,1872 March 18,1950

God's greatest gift returned to God---our Mother.


W.M.McCray May 16,1866 May 23,1936

And each tool is laid aside, worn wih the work that is

done with pride.


A.R.McCray wife of W.M.McCray Born January 15,1873

Died January 27,1909

Dear Mother we miss you much, we trust you rest with God.


M.J.McCray wife of R.M.McCray (all)


Charles R. Johnson and Carl Wl Johnson February 21,1935

February 22,1935

Of such is Kingdon of Heaven


John C. Johnson August 26,1943

Budded on earth to bloom in heaven. (1unmarked)


Minnie N. wife of J.W.Hester Born March 16,1887

Died April 21,1913

She made home happy.


John W. Hester


Pvt. Infantry

S P A M War

September 8,1879 June 13,1951

(2 unmarked)


Lewis Knoblock January 5,1862 December 27,1935

Husband and father, we miss thee but not fogotten


Willie Ethel Knoblock March 7,1906 August 28,1909

Asleep in Jesus


Brownie E. Hester September 18,91 September 5,1949

We trust our loss will be her gain and that with Christ

she's gone to reign.


Ervin Smith Hester August 17,1914 April 4,1915

Darling we miss thee.


Infant son of W.S. & B.E.Hester July 20,1911 July 20,1911

Gone to be an angel.


Woodman of the World Memorial

Littleton Appleton Hester Born July 4,1886 Died April 16,1909

Thou art gone but not forgotten


George T. Spincer August 15,1877 June 29,1946


Dora V. Spincer March 12,1885 June 10 1953 (6 unmarked)

Asleep in Jesus


Jake T.Johnson January 18,1856 January 2,1925

In Thee O Lord have I put my trust


Sallie L. Johnson September 8,1866 June 25,1947


LLoyd and Floyd Johnson (All)


Sarah Johnson (All)


Virgle Ethel Johnson April 3,1916 August 13,1917

Our darling


Reannie Townsend Johnston 1848-1923


James M. Johnston 1856-1924


Fannie wife of T.E.Davis September 9,1880 July 19,1904

She was too good, too gentle and fair

To dwell in this cold world of care


Howell Hawkins Johnston November 1 1915 November 2,1920


Ann Francis Johnston September 15,1847 July 27,1927

At Rest (11 unmarked)


Charles Waller Coley October 15,1878 April 12,1946

We will meet again. (6 unmarked)


W.E.Tingle April 22,1885 July 5,1961


Lillie H.Tingle July 19 1886

Carthage Presbyterian Cemetery


Contributed by CDAVIS6424@aol.com, Sept. 1998.  
Partial Listing***

This cemetery has 114 marked graves including four Unknown Confederate soldiers.


Anthon,O.T. born 1839 died 1894


Beasley,Miss H.M. born 1838 died 1860


Britton,Ada H born 1884 died 1867

Harry Earl born 1910 died 1980

John Frank born 1908 died 1986

J.Frank, Sr born 1883 died 1959

Mildred Christine born 1905 died 1964


Brown, S Jane born 1831 died 1867

Thomas born (died 1932)


Confederate soldiers

Unmarked graves


Cooper,Annie Kate born 1914 died 1985

Carl B born 1913 died 1985

Emma E born 1893 died 1941

Louis Belvia,Sr born 1882 died 1942

Louis B Jr born 1917 died 1960

Infant of Carl B and Annie Kate born and died 1947


Crocker,Mattie Gertrude born 1892 died 1972


Davis, Laura Lee born 1906 died 1990


Elliott, A.E born 1897 died 1899

Benjamin Franklin Sr born 1859 died 1930

Benjamin F, Jr M D born 1886 died 1943

Infant son of BF and Jeanie 1919

Isabelle McKenie born 1866 died 1938

Jennie Lou born 1884 died 1974

Margaret Elise born 1888 died 1980

Margaret Lavender born 1861 died 1898

Margaret McKennie born 1857 died 1898

Martha J born 1848 died 1902

Minnie Elizabeth born 1901 died 1911

Newton Walter born 1957 died 1922

Sadie born 1890 died 1968


Everhart,Mary E born 1880 died 1925


Findlay, Alexander Campbell born 1883 died 1908

Alice Louisa born 1905 died 1961

Anna Louise born 1926 died 1943

George Mayfield born 1901 died 1920

James Blalir born 1896 died 1900

James Cary born 1907 died 1944

John Campbell born 1854 died 1909

John Heggie born 1881 died 1946

Lena Juanita born 1887 died 1973

Louise Heggie born 1889 died 1908

Mary L born 1894 died 1981

Verlie Eugina Hall born 1891 died 1927


Force, Henry B born 1801 died 1927


Frierson, Frances Harding born 1813 died 1890

Jassaline Losie born 1856 died 1885

Mother and Father no dates

Sidney W born 1875 died

Thomas M born 1829 died 1899- CSA veteran



Geddie,George Sr born 1883 died 1959

James M born 1845 died 1903- CSA Veteran

Jennie S born 1903 died 1966

Robert W born 1940 died 1966- Sgt. USA Army


Grogan,Roy Levert born 1911 died 1983

Virginia Elliott born 1921 died 1985


Howell, Clary Crowe born 1871 died 1953

Eli born 1906 died 1912

Harriet born 1930 died 1930

John Eli born 1868 died 1935

Lottice born 1897 died 1982


King,George R born 1887 died 1928

Oscar Floyd born 1910 died 1990


Lavender, Annie Dominick born 1880 died 1971

Francie Marion born 1878 died 1936


Leatherwood, Louisa born 1797 died 1886


Lewis,Adelia born 1828 died 1899

Williams Cemetery

Akron (Hale County) Alabama

East of Alabama Highway 60, East of Akron

Transcribed from video tape by Stephanie True Moss, April 12, 1998


A. H. True

Feb 20, 1826--Mar 15, 1905



Elizabeth H. True

Sept 6, 1842--Nov 23, 1892

Wife of A.H. True


Waller Edward True



Pearl E. True


Wife of W.E.True


C. M. True




Dutley Waymon True

Sept 15, 1885--Nov 13, 1954


Rosa McGraw True

June 19, 1889--Jan 6, 1978

Wife of D.W. True


Elizabeth Borden Bishop

Feb 14, 1879--Dec 10, 1969


John Fugh Bishop. Sr.

Sept 1 1876--July 1, 1963


Alma Bishop Williams

Apr 25, 1879--Apr 10, 1974

Wife of Marion Eugene Williams


James Gabriel Bishop

Aug 28 1861--Jan 25, 1942

Son of Lowincy Jane & John Nicholas Bishop


Johnnie Nicholene Bishop

Oct 10, 1863--May 18, 1940

Dau. of J.N. & L.J. Bishop

Teacher Scholar


Mary Alice Bishop

May 1853--Dec 1930

Dau. of J.N. & L.J. Bishop


Lowincy Jane Bishop

Feb 1827--Dec 1917

Wife of John N. Bishop

Dau of Page & Mary Harris


Page Harris

March 18, 1795--July 12, 1887

Born in Wake Co. NC


Ellen Henry

? 1 1838--June 25, 1872

Wife of S.W. Henry

Dau of Page & Mary Harris


Mary Harris

Jan 6, 1800--Aug 1 1860

Wife of Page Harris

Dau David & Martha Williams,

born in Wake Co, NC.


In this grave yard sleep

William Page, Noah Hampton,

Mary and Betsy

children of Page & Mary Harris

all of whom died in infancy


William Wallace Harris

Dec 2, 1865--Feb 16, 1867


Henry Manning

Aug 5, 1906--Sept 5, 1909


Marca Rhett Weeks

May 5, 1828--July 6, 1883

Wife of John Weeks


John Weeks

No date

Co. f. 20 Ala Infantry CSA


CW ?

Nov 14, 1826--Jan 8, 1882

Dau of JM & NMA Stokes


Willie J. George

Aug 10, 1878--Sep 22, 1878

Son of W.H.(possibly Whitson H.)* & M.W. George


Annie George



Martha Ann George

Oct 7, 1860--Jun29, 1949


William H. George

Co. C. 36 Ala Infantry CSA


James Hugh Morrison

June 21, 1889--December 14, 1947

Ala PVT 306 AM TN 81 DV WWI


Susan Allen Schnittker

Nov 8, 1864--Sep 21, 1932


? Joseph Henson-Harrison Davis

...in the war of...

(broken metal marker)*


Henry Williams

Nov 3, 1788--Aug 11, 1854

Born in Wake Co. NC


Nancy Williams

Apr 6, 1790--Aug 30, 1852

Born in Mason Co. NC

Consort of Henry Williams


David Williams

Private in the American Revolution

came from NC to Alabama in 1819

erected by his decendents in 1913


Dorcas Williams

Nov 8, 1808--Sept 28--1870

Wife of Isham Henry and

afterwards wife of Henry Williams

and Dau of H & S Williams

born in Anson Co. NC



Henry L. Windham

Dec 21, 1844--Dec 20, 1897


Martha L. Windham

Oct 8, 1862--Oct 11, 1947


Thad A. Windham

Jan 2, 1890--May 12, 1933


Louis Daniel Windham

Jan 9, 1909--Jan 16, 1909


Many posts space evenly near front gate, may mark graves, but bear no inscription.

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