Hicks Family of Henry County, AL

History written and compiled by Steve Smith of Charlotte, North Carolina.
JUN 2006

William Hicks of Henry County, Alabama

William Hicks was born March 26, 1805 in North Carolina, and died February 19, 1887 in Henry County (now Houston County), Alabama. He is buried with most of his family at the Friendship Primitive Baptist Cemetery located on Rocky Road near Ashford, (Houston County) Alabama.

The mother and father of William Hicks were born in NC according to 1860 and 1880 United States Federal Census records.

Oral history states that William married and was widowed two times. His first two wives were sisters. His second wife was Martha who was sister to his first wife. William is shown married to Martha in the 1850 census of Henry County, Alabama.

William then married his third wife Lydia Preacher Chitty about 1851. Lydia was born in Georgia on June 14, 1832. She was the daughter of Henry K. Chitty (b. July 2, 1800; d. October 3, 1866) and Nancy Pelham Chitty (b. May 10, 1802; d. October 26, 1889) of Henry County, Alabama. Census data shows them both being born in Georgia. They are both buried in the Friendship Primitive Baptist Cemetery near Ashford. Census records always show Lydia Hicks’ occupation as being a mid-wife. The Henry County census of 1900 shows her residing with her son-in-law Wiley F. Dickerson and daughter Lavina Dickerson. Lydia Chitty Hicks died in Houston County, Alabama on September 9, 1913. She is buried in the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church cemetery.

Pearlee Dickerson Toler, daughter of Wiley and Lavina (Hicks)Dickerson, gave oral history that William Hicks migrated from North Carolina through Georgia and claimed land in Henry County, Alabama. She said that one the family’s settlements was near Newton, Georgia. She also told that the family migrated to Alabama, first settling in Gordon, Alabama near the Chattahoochee River and later Pansey, Alabama.This area is listed as Crawfords And Columbia, Henry, Alabama in the 1880 United States Federal Census.

Land claimed and settled under the Homestead Acts by William and Lydia Hicks is well documented. William Hicks was issued 40.11 acres of land through the Elba land office November 1, 1858 under the Land Act of April 24, 1820. This was a cash sale transaction. The tract of land was located at Aliquot Parts: SWSW; Sec./Block 35/; Township: 3-N; Range 28-E; Fract Section: No; Meridian: St. Stephens; State: AL; County: Henry

(Note: All area references to Henry County, Alabama in this history are considered to be Houston County today. Houston County is the youngest county in Alabama. It was formed on February 9, 1903 from portions of Henry, Dale and Geneva Counties. The County was named in honor of Alabama Governor George Smith Houston.) The last claim was 39.96 acres issued to Lydia Hicks on November 9, 1891 through the land office of Montgomery.

William Hicks is listed in the roster of the Ellis Company who served during the 1832 Creek Indian Wars of Georgia. He later applied for and received a war pension. One of the stories that Mrs. Toler told that her grandfather told her was “that during the Indian Wars he shot a squaw who was trying to attack him. He said that the squaw had a young child on her back. After the child’s mother was slain, the child had enough sense to take the beads from around the mother’s neck and shake them in anger at William Hicks.”

Pearlee Toler gave oral history that the occupation of William Hicks was a wheelwright. A wheelwright is a furniture craftsman. There are photos of his children posing with beautiful and ornate tables that he had crafted. His occupation as wheelwright is documented in the 1850 and 1860 United States Federal Census records. The 1880 census shows his occupation as a farmer.

The Children of WILLIAM HICKS are as follows:
Elisha Hicks
Harvey Hicks
Jessie Hicks
Jeremiah James Hicks, b. February 1837 in Henry County, Alabama.
Joan Hicks, b. abt. 1838
Madison Hicks
Pathenia Hicks
Sarah Hicks, b. abt. 1842.
Harbin David Hicks, b. September 16, 1842 in Henry County, Alabama; d. December 26, 1914, and is buried at Otter Creek Cemetery, Walton County, Florida.
Susan L. Hicks, b. Abt. 1845, Alabama.

The Children of WILLIAM HICKS and LYDIA CHITTY are as follows:
P. Elizabeth Hicks - b. April 22, 1853, Georgia - d. June 24, 1914.
Lewis Henry Hicks – b. March 07, 1855; d. January 20, 1941.
Samuel W. R. Hicks - b. April 08, 1857; d. March 31, 1938.
Nancy E. J. Hicks – b. July 14, 1859; d. February 27, 1878.
Lydia Malissa Hicks – b. December 02, 1863; d. November 29, 1932.
Margaret Lavina Hicks – b. March 31, 1867; d. March 11, 1960.
Lee Hicks – b. Abt. 1870.
Minurva Parilee Hicks – b. September 12, 1870; d. June 05, 1892.
William Hicks was one of the early settlers who established the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church. The church still stands and is located east of Dothan, Alabama and near Ashford. The Friendship Church is on Rocky Creek Road. It sits on the NW corner of Rocky Creek Rd and Meadows Rd. Most of the early Hicks family members are buried in the cemetery.
The following is a list of Hicks family members who are buried in the cemetery:
CHITTY Henry K. 02 Jul 1800 03 Oct 1866 h/o Nancy Chitty
CHITTY Nancy 10 May 1802 26 Oct 1889 w/o Henry K. Chitty
DICKERSON Wiley F. 12 Sep 1944 04 Nov 1944 s.o D.E. Dickerson
DICKERSON Wiley F. 02 Feb 1862 08 Dec 1949 h/o Margaret L Dickerson, b. 31 Mar 1867)
GASHAW <infant> 10 Feb 1901 11 Feb 1901 d/o J.C. & N G. Cashaw
GASHAW Elmer Floyd 11 May 1903 11 Jan 1918 s/o J.C. & N G. Cashaw
GIVINS P.E. 22 Apr 1853 24 Jun 1914 d/o William & L.P. Hicks
GIVINS W.M. 31 may 1878 26 may 1902
GLASS Minurva Parilee 12 Sep 1870 05 Jun 1892 w/o J.L. Glass
HICKS <infant> xxxxxx xxxxxx c/o Emma Hicks, probably around 1941
HICKS <infant> 20 Sep 1901 20 Sep 1901 c/o J.A. Hicks
HICKS Chas. A 09 Oct 1892 11 Dec 1935
HICKS Emma xxxxxx 01 Nov 1941 no marker on husbands grave
HICKS Essie Mae 09 Aug 1915 14 Feb 1918 d/o Ambus J. & Lillie A. Hicks
HICKS Fernie Tom 14 Mar 1928 21 Jan 1929 s/o Ambus J. & Lillie A. Hicks
HICKS G.W. 30 Jul 1860 16 Apr 1925 h/o L.M. Hicks
HICKS H.L. 30 Aug 1898 07 Mar 1928 could be c/o G.W. and L.M. Hicks
HICKS Henry A. 20 Dec 1893 15 Nov 1952 h/o Maggie Mae
HICKS J.L. 03 Sep 1873 12 May 1950
HICKS James Vergie 18 Jan 1916 08 Sep 1917
HICKS James W. 08 Dec 1918 22 Dec 1918 s/o T.J. Hicks & wife
HICKS John Anderson 06 Feb 1872 23 Dec 1913
HICKS L.H. 07 Mar 1855 20 Jan 1941 h/o M.S. Hicks
HICKS L.M. 02 Dec 1863 29 Nov 1932 w/o G.W. Hicks
HICKS Lilla Gertrude 22 Aug 1907 07 Oct 1908
HICKS Lillie A. 29 Oct 1887 22 Oct 1954 w/o Ambus J. Hicks, b. 31 Jul 1881
HICKS Lydia P. 14 Jun 1832 07 Sep 1913 w/o William Hicks
HICKS M.S. 14 Sep 1854 12 Jan 1941 w/o L.H. Hicks
HICKS Maggie Mae 26 Jan 1894 02 Apr 1937 w/o Henry A. Hicks
HICKS Meekey 16 May 1876 27 Apr 1941
HICKS Nanceye J. 14 Jul 1859 27 Feb 1878 d/o William * L.P. Hicks
HICKS Ruby Mavis 25 Oct 1924 09 Oct 1925 d.o Ambus J. & Lillie A. Hicks
HICKS Simon Droton 22 Feb 1906 10 Aug 1906
HICKS W.H. 10 Jun 1879 09 Apr 1889 c/o L.H. & M.S. Hicks
HICKS William 26 Mar 1805 19 Feb 1887 h/o Lydia P. Hicks
KIRKLAND <infant> xxxxxx xxxxxx s/o J.A. Kirkland & wife
KIRKLAND Flausie F. 14 Jun 1911 11 mar 1919 d/o J.A. Kirkland & wife
KIRKLAND Houston 05 Aug 1912 18 Dec 1939 1 unmarked grave next to this one
KIRKLAND Jewel 24 Jan 1921 19 Aug 1926 d/o Mr. & Mrs J.A. Kirkland
RILEY J.E. 10 Apr 1886 02 Jun 1952 h/o M.H. Riley
RILEY Jimmie M. 25 Sep 1905 24 Sep 1918 c/o J.E. & M.H. Riley

~Fought with Irwin Invincibles, Henry County, Alabama, 3rd Company "E" 25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry & Company " K" 61st Alabama Infantry Regiment.

Harbin Hicks was born September 26, 1842 in Alabama (possibly Henry County) and died December 26, 1914 and buried in Otter Creek Cemetery, Holmes County Florida. The son of William Hicks (Born: March 26, 1805 - Died: February 19, 1887, Buried: Friendship Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Houston County, Alabama) and Mother not yet known.

Military Record (Per Pension Application):
Joined Confederate Army, April 1, 1862 at Eufaula Alabama in Irwin Invincibles. A private company which had returned from a year at the front in Virginia and which on May 2, 1862 became 3rd Company E of the 25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Many members of Companies E, and K, were transferred to form 2nd Company I, 38th Regiment Georgia Infantry, which became 2nd Company A, 60th Regiment Georgia Infantry on February 28/ March 1, 1863, and Company K, 61st Regiment Alabama Infantry on April 11, 1864.

While serving with the 61st Alabama Regiment, K Company under Captain John D. Grantham (Also of Henry County, Alabama). The regiment was first brigaded under General Clanton, but in January 1864 was ordered to Virginia. Reaching Orange Court House, the regiment took the place of the Twenty-sixth Alabama in Battle's brigade, Rodes' division. The Sixty-first was first under fire at the Wilderness May 5, 1864, where its loss was severe, but it captured a battery, killed General Jenkins, and almost annihilated his New York Zouave brigade.

Harbin Hicks "Received a gun shot wound on right hip bone." At Spottsylvania, the Sixty-first lost heavily in casualties and prisoners during the several days' fighting. Its loss was not severe at the second Cold Harbor, and it soon after moved into the Shenandoah Valley with Early, and crossed into Maryland. At Snicker's Gap and Winchester the loss of the Sixty-first was severe, and even larger at Fisher's Hill. Rejoining the main army, the regiment took its place in the trenches at Petersburg, and lost continually, especially in prisoners at Hare's Hill.

On the retreat to Appomattox the Sixty-first fought much of the time and surrendered there with 27 men under Captain A. B. Fannin. Harbin Hicks was captured at Petersburg, Virginia on March 25, 1865 and imprisoned at Point Lookout, Maryland. Released from Point Lookout prison on June 13, 1865 when war was over.

After the war, Harbin married November 11, 1866 in Henry County, Alabama to Cynthia Ann Sumalin (Born: May 1849-Died: July 19, 1924) Known Children are: 1) Joseph Hicks b. August 9, 1874 d. June 14, 1954; 2) Henry David Hicks b. June 18, 1869 d. June 03,1926; 3) William Hicks; 4) Ida B. Hicks; 5) Susan E. Hicks (Susan Mozelle Hicks b. January 19, 1867 - d. February 4, 1932; 6) Annie B. Hicks.

Harbin Hicks settled with his family in the panhandle area of North Florida (Holmes County). Received 160 acres of land in north Florida from federal government, October 16, 1895.

Note: Jeremiah James Hicks who also fought in Irwin Invincibles, was the brother of Harbin David.

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