Lauderdale County, Alabama Cemeteries

Directions: From Florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn north onto Lauderdale 47. Go 1.2 miles and turn right on a gravel road; go only 0.2 mile and turn right again on this same road; go 0.3 mile or until you come to an old house to get to the cemetery. The cemetery has a large brick wall around it, and can be seen from the back of the old house. Some of the markers are broken up pretty badly. The exact location is shown on some older maps. The legal description is SW4, NE4, Sec 30, T2s, R10w. This Transcription was done in 1963. Thanks to the College for this Valuable Information to include to this Cemetery. Almost gone but not Forgotten.

SURNAME Given Names Born Died

WILSON, John S. 3 Dec 1789 - 30 Apr 1865 born near Fincastle, VA. Sabbath nite 30 Apr 1864, while sick & nursed by his nephew M. H. Wilson they were cruelly tortured & murdered

WILSON, Anna 29 May 1793- 4 Nov 1858 wife of John S. Wilson & dau of R. & A. Bruer; born in Westmoreland Co VA. marker broken.

WILSON, Matthew 17 Mar 1783 - 16 Aug 1874 who was born Fincastle, Botetourt Co. VA
Wilson, Eliza March 1792 – 1817 Consort of ?? illegible Wilson.

WILSON, Francis L. Aug 28,1814- Oct 7, 1877. Born Liberty Va.
“ D/O M.E. Wilson”
This tombstone is currently Illegible

WILSON, Harriet J.E. Oct 21, 1812- July 21, 1879
“ D/O M.E. Wilson born in Liberty Va. Tombstone missing or broken

WILSON, Samuel 14 Mar 1781 27 Nov 1837 married 20 Feb 1806.

WILSON, Prescilla 24 Oct 1782 - 19 Jul 1870 wife of Samuel Wilson and dau of Col Wm. & Ann Flemming; born at Bellmont, Bottetouit Co., VA; died in Huntsville, Ala.

PAYNE, Matthew Richard 5 Sep 1829 20 Sep 1908
PAYNE, Annie C. April 10, 1833 – Oct. 23, 1863 born in Rappahannock Co., Va. Died in Carrol Co., MS. “Wife of M.R. Payne”
This tombstone is currently missing or broken.

WILSON, Matthew Harvey 2 Mar 1816 30 Apr 1865 son of
M & E Wilson b. Liberty, VA; Sabbath nite 30 Apr 1865 while nursing his sick uncle J. S. Wilson they were cruelly tortured & murdered

PAYNE, Henrietta Maria 8 Nov 1812 - 5 May 1845 consort of A. M. Payne
dau of M & E Wilson; born Liberty, VA; died Vicksburg, MS

WILSON, Walker Moseley 30 Oct 1830- 25 Jan 1834 son of M & E Wilson

FOSTER, Ann Eliza 10 May 1825 - 22 Jan 1849 consort of Turner S. Foster and d/o Jno. & Anna Wilson; born in Madison Co AL; died in Lauderdale Co AL

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