Index of Obits. from Marion Co. Journal Record

Contributed by: Beth Hilburn Armstrong,


3 SEPT l997
p. 3A Opal Doss HARRIS, 81, of Winfield. Ira James AYERS, 77, of Memphis. Ernest G. JORDAN, 88, of Winfield. Velma Miles WOOD, 85, of Winfield. Joel Edward CLOUSE, 2 days, of Plantersville, Miss. Denise Martin LEE, 25, of Haleyville. Norma Michelle Roberts COLBURN, 21. of Brilliant.

3 SEPT l997
p. 8A Lois Ray Young HUGHES, 82, Hackleburg. Joseph Luther BRASWELL, 97, of Birmingham (formerly of Winfield).

SEPT. 10, l997
p.3a. Olen SELF, 76, of Guin. Maggie STANFORD, 88, Winfield. Willie (Dank) Oliver RAPER, 81,of Birmingham (formerly of Hackelburg). Debby Page MANN, 45, of Hackleburg. Russ C. CHANDLER, 91, of Fayette (formerly of Winfield). GLenn Upton MOORE, 67, of Guin. William A. KEELON, 72, of Russellville.

SEPT. 10, l997
p. 7a. Earl SMITH, 84, of Brilliant. Troy SATTERWHITE, 99, of Hamilton. Jimmy LAMB, 59, of Hamilton.

Sept. 24, l997
page 3A Mattie Genera MARKHAM, 97, of Brilliant. Roosevelt BROWN, 87, of Winfield. Gary Wade WHITE, 48, of Hamilton. R. T. GANN, 71, of Guin. Price Lee KENNEDY, 74, of Detroit (Alabama). Cleopard Willie "Clip" FLEMING, 88, of Bear Creek. Alene Anderson HALLMARK, 82, of Winfield. Virgil BOX, 90, of Winfield. Jimmie Mae (Darlene) SANDERSON, 57, of Hamilton. Cont. from page 3A -Mary Ellin (sic) COX, 86, of Winfield. Ulesses (sic) G. KEY, 75, of Hamilton. Pauline E. GREEN, 81, of Guin (born in Hackleburg).

Oct. 1, l997
Page 3A-Juanita Rogers BAIRD, 91, of Guin. Denford "Buddy" MASON, 64, of Hackleburg. Virgil BOX, 90, of Winfield. David GRIFFITH, 59, of Minonk, ( formerly of Winfield). Taegan Laine PICARD, infant, of Fayette. Mamie Moore TAYLOR, 97, of Fayette. Henry HUBBERT, 63, of Winfield. Elsie Lee McCARLEY, 89, of Hamilton. Kay WHITE, 47, of Winfield.  Cont. from page 3A-Evelyn Lee Aldridge COATS, 58, of Brilliant. James Caustin SULLINS, 74, of Hamilton.

Wed. Oct. 8, l997
Pg. 3A-Mae PERRY, 81, of Kennewick, Wash., formerly of Winfield. Peggy PEARCE, 68, of Hamilton. Pauline HANEY, 84, of Winfield. Christine GANN, 73, of Guin. Velma ALDRIDGE, 86, of Brilliant. Harlan H. BOYETT, 82, of Hamilton. James Causton SULLINS, 74, of Hamilton. Peggy HANEY, 43, of Fayette. Archie SATTERWHITE, 88, of Detroit (Alabama), services in Hamilton, burial in Tremont, Miss.

Wed. Oct. 15, l997
Pg. 3A-Sammy Dowel DUDLEY, 48, of Jasper, born in Guin, services in Hamilton. Samuel Loyd WATKINS, 90, of Hackelburg. Lydia Brown CANTRELL, 72, of McLeanville, N.C., formerly of Hamilton. Quincy S. HOLLAND, 85, Hudson, Mich., formerly of Hamilton, services in Hamilton. Pennie Faye WARREN, 67, of Hamilton. Charles H. "Godie" MORGAN, 63, of Brilliant. William Garland McGOWAN, 75, Pensacola, Fla., formerly of Guin. Ed FIELDS, 80, Jackson, Miss., formerly of Brilliant.
Pg. 5A -Pauline HANEY, 84, of Winfield..

Marion Co. Journal Obits. Oct. 22, l997
P. 3A-Eugenia Dodson POUNDS, no age given, native of Winfield, resident of Mobile. Edgar Barnes "Ed" WINTERS, 81, of Winfield. Larry Nolen SMITH, 53, of Winfield. Lueva Sprinkle HOLLINGSWORTH, 89, of Eldridge. Thomas J. STARK, 68, of Detroit (AL). Frank Edward MANN, 76, of Memphis, Tenn. formerly of Winfield.
P. 6A-Fletcher Rdelus (sic) WILLIAMS, 79, of Winfield. Marvin V. CHILDERS, 94. of Vina. Ethel WHITSON, 89, of Winfield. Herschel W. McDANIEL, 91, of Guin.

Marion Co. Journal Obits. Oct. 29, l997
P. 2A-Presley Leon "Red" COUCH, 77, of Winfield. Dewey Albert BARNWELL, 95, of Hackleburg. Charles "Ray" LOUGH, Jr., 21, of Hackleburg. Nancy Clementine COX, 74, of Hamilton. Edward H. "Dodie" JOHNSON, 81, of Cordova.
P. 8A-Barbara Joan BALLARD, 55, of Detroit (AL). Otis Leon STEPHENS, 67, of Hamilton. Annie Mae LAMB, 85, of Hamilton.

Marion Co. Journal Record Obits. Nov. 5, l997
P. 5B-Jacqueline Stanford HARRIS, 75, of Madison, native of Guin. Loyce HALL, 69, of Guin. Louisiana Stewart THOMPSON, 90, of Winfield.
P. 6B-Lona Bell STOWE, 74, of Fayette. James"Paul" NICHOLS, 72, of Hamilton. Mary Magdalene "Peggy King" MORGAN, 69, of Northport, formerly of Winfield. Hugo Ernest CRENSHAW, 72, of Hamilton. Stanley Edward DUBIELAK, 51, of Detroit (AL). Hazel CLARK, 78, of Peoria, Ill., formerly of Hamilton.

Marion Co. Journal Record Obituaries
November 12, l997
P. 3A-James D. CLARK, 86, of Winfield, recently of Birmingham. Hollis Lee KEESE, 94, of Vina. C.L. MOBLEY, 80, of Guin. Erie CANTRELL, 86, of Guin. Linda Faye GIDEON, 46, of WInfield. Roy ATKINSON, 82, of Guin. Belton Dock ATKINS, 88, of Guin.


November 12, l997
P. 5C-Willie FOWLER, 89, of Brilliant. Florence HOLLAND, 77, of Haleyville. Marie Lillian WEEKS, 87, of Winfield. Archie Huell CHANNELL, 83, of Hamilton. Louie A. REEVES, 85, of Hodges. Robert "Bob" Walter BROWN, 71, of Hamilton. J.H. ROBERTS, 72, of Detroit (AL). Darien Matthew BLANCHARD, 2, of Winfield. Billy E. HOLLINGSWORTH, 68, of Winfield. Nell HANDLEY, 97, of Hamilton.


November 19, l997
P. 3A-Texaner Norris KEY, 89, of Winfield. Dallas Garvin McCOLLUM, 71, of Guin. Brady PRATT, 68, of Haleyville. Jo Ann Cagle STEWART, 52, of Glen Allen. Audie M. BRATTO, 80, of Hackleburg.

November l9, l997
P. 4B-Nellie Cantrell WEBB, 80, of Guin. Beatrice MAXWELL, 94, of Detroit (AL). James Oneal EMERSON, 65, of Hamilton. William Gail GILLILAND, 46, of North Charleston, S.C., formerly of Hamilton. C.L. MOBLEY, 80, of Guin. Robert "Bob" Walter BROWN, 71, of Hamilton/Detroit area. Archie Huell CHANNELL, 83, of Hamilton.

Wed. Nov. 26, l997 Pg. 5B
Martha Lou Hester Eades GOODWIN, 94, of Birmingham, formerly of Winfield. Jacob "Jake" GOBER, 72, of Hodges. Avo I. BAKER, 87, of Hackleburg. Grover Newton AVERY, 86, of Hodges. Revie WILSON, 84, of Vernon, formerly of Sulligent. Ruby DICKINSON, 81, of Brilliant. Clara Ethel MARKEM, 85, of Carbon Hill. Leon GUYTON, 85, of Glen Allen. Beatrice MAXWELL, 94, of Detroit, AL.

Wed. Dec. 3, l997 Pg. 3A
Thomas Edward "Tommy" BARNES, 61, of Guin. James Karl WATLEY, 78, of Hamilton. Winford Garry CAMPBELL, 68, of Winfield. Cont. pg. 5A, Delton HAWKINS, 92, of Hubbertville Community.

Wed. Dec. 10, l997 Pg. 3A
Jackie RAYBURN, 65, of Hackleburg. Janice WRIGHT, 85, of Guin. Ruby Lee Davis CANTRELL, 85, of Hamilton. Janie Mae SIMPSON, 59, of Eldridge. Cont. pg. 3C, Billy Ray CLANTON, 56, of Glen Allen. Larry Eugene KEETON, 54, of Haleyville. Ellis KING, 64, of Sulligent. Eather (sic) Rye WEBB, 86, of Hamilton. Velma Lee SHIRLEY, 81, of Guin. Velma WYERS, 87, of Eldridge, Hubbertville Community. Merlon Boyett BROWN, 74, of Hamilton. Vera Levern Swinney ADAMS, 79, of Hamilton. Frances Louise FOWLER, 81, of Hamilton. Emma Jean HALLMARK, 67, of Guin.

Wed. Dec. 17, l997 Pg. 2A
Inez WATTS, 84, of Hamilton. Exie GUNNIN, 80, of Tuscumbia. Robert Ray OLIVER, 67, of Beaverton. Ricky BOZEMAN, 47, of Guin. Benjamin Vester "Ves" RABURN, 91, of Hamilton. Geraldine ROBBINS, 50, of Hamilton.

Wed. Dec. 24, l997 Pg. 9A
Aera Elouise Willcutt BLAKE, 46, of Cottondale, born in Marion Co. Bruce GOOLSBY, 82, of Hamilton. Rhonda June FINCH, 41, of Brilliant. Vera Idella WILSON, 86, of Hamilton. Elvi Irene Whitehead SANDERS, 71, of Winfield. Cont. pg. 10A. Ella Mae CLEMENT, 87, of Hamilton. Timothy "Timmy" BURLESON, 32, of Hamilton. Glen MARSHALL, 85, of Winfield. Tee SPROWES, 62, of Kansas, burial in Winston Co., AL. Mary Cecilia CORCORAN, 90, of Winfield.

Wed. Dec. 31, l997 Pg. 3A
Vadie G. NIXON, 87, of Hamilton. Onyx Woodrow SULLENS, 78, of Brilliant. James Edward SELF, 73, of Hamilton. Annie (Grace) Seals SIZEMORE, 67, of Sulligent. Judy ROBINSON, 47, of Sulligent.

Wed. Jan. 7, l998 Pg. 3A
Mary Lou WEEKS, 83, of Winfield. Annie Faye Casey WILLIAMS, 58, of Sulligent. Dorothy Maxine SMITH, 80, of Guin. Timothy John JEFFREYS, 39, of Detroit, AL. Mary Willie McCLESKEY, 99, of Red Bay, formerly of Hodges. Shellie Madrue PALMER, 80, of Hamilton.

Wed. Jan. 14, l998 Pg. 2A
Harold RAWLS, 65, of Brilliant. Eva Williams Maxwell FARRAR, 79, of Amory, Miss., formerly of Hamilton. Eunice BURLESON, 67, of Winfield. James Shelton McKAY, 78, of Guin. Ronald Ravon TRUELOVE, 27, of Sulligent. James Halon COOPER, 70, of Hamilton. Wilma HUGHES, 87, of Hamilton. Dona Cofield MAYS, 89, of Brilliant. Cont. pg. 3A William "Junior" CARTER, 68, of Hamilton. James Edwin "Eddie" CLARK, 52, of Jacksonville, FL , born in Hamilton. Doris TAYLOR, 73, of Winfield. Mitchell James EMERSON,39, of Vina.

Wed., January 21, 1998 Pg. 2A


Perry Gene HARRIS, 67, of Hayden. Joanne Foster MANN, 64, of Winfield. Minnie H. Martin BOX, 93, of Guin. Stonnie HAWKINS,36, of Sulligent. Violet "Vi" Berry MOORE, 76, of Winfield. Douglas "Bud" TUCKER, 55, of Carbon Hill. Cont. p. 3A. Nila Jean CANTRELL, 67, of Hamilton. Dessie BERRYHILL, 72, of Brilliant. Tommie K. HOLLIS, 93, of Sulligent. Johnny HOLLIS, 76, of Sulligent. MAE Nell Berry EARNEST, 83, of Winfield. Nina S. LOGAN, 57, of Loganville, Ga., formerly of Winfield.


Wed. January 28, 1998 Pg. 3A


Lillian Erdene RILEY, 90, of Winfield. Sammy Lee McDonald ROBERTS, 87, of Winfield. Pauline C. BURLESON, 79, of Guin. Coy BURLESON, 79, of Hamilton. Nettie R. Duncan MILLS, 83, of Hamilton. Gertrude "Gert" Ida RAY, 84, of Hamilton. Marie REAL, 86, of Detroit (Alabama). Earnest Edward ALLISON, 48, of Hamilton. Azie Lena NALLS, 81, of Oak Park, Mich., formerly of Canaan Community in Fayette Co. Cont. on pg. 6A. Jimmy Fray HOWELL, 60, of Hackleburg.


Wed. February 4, l998 Pg. 2B


Ethel FELTMAN, 90, of Hamilton. Gordon Lee CUMMINGS, 77, of Haleyville. Kenny VICKERY, 87, of Birmingham, formerly of Winfield. Vincent Alexander "Vince" DOBBS, 35, of Hamilton. Ruby Vernon Frederick QUILLEN, 88, of Hackleburg. Howard HACKMAN, 65, of Sulligent. Della MILLER, 87, of Jasper, formerly of Hamilton. Anna Bell Palmer GANN, 81, of Tuscaloosa, formerly of Hamilton. Richard Oscar "Buster" COONS, 87, of Hamilton.


Wed. February 11, l998 Pg. 3B


Opal Ruth LINDSEY, 82, of Hamilton. (Photo). Charles Huse BREWER, 81, of Double Springs. Rev. Trellis MAYHALL, 64, of Guin. Jack TRIMM, 48, of Henry Co., GA., formerly of Sulligent. Delbert PICKLE, 67, of Hodges. Faye Perry MCDONALD, 80, of Birmingham, formerly of Winfield and Guin. Edward McDANIEL, 80, of Haleyville. Cont. p. 6B. Suda Marie NORRIS, 83, of Winfield. Sadie Beam GRAHAM, 91, of Jasper. Robert HANEY, 78, of Winfield. Ruzelle CLAY, 83, of Hamilton.


Wed. February 18, l998 Pg. 2A


Curtis Lee BLANCHARD, 63, of Piney Grove Community, Fayette Co. Mary Eardell Cook ENSOR, 80, of Birmingham, formerly of Winfield. Irma Christine FLEMING, 57, of Hackleburg. Virla JOHNSON, 93, of Guin. Wallace Roosevelt WEBB, 64, of Winfield. Sallie P. FRYE, 95, of Hamilton. Clittie Pearl Lambert BEAUCHAMP, 94, of Brilliant. Cont. on p. 3A. Edward Stanley DOWNS, 60, of Hamilton. J.L. MURPHY, 76, of Sulligent. Hunter Blake JENKINS, infant, of Winfield. Clytee Donnie Norris LINLEY, 81, of Brilliant. Richard Leon FRANKS I, 34, of Hamilton. Minnie Maybell DYAR, 84, of Hamilton. Linnie Geneva MILLER, 80, of Hamilton. Lennie Elliott STRICKLIN, 82, of Brilliant. Purnie Mae SANDERSON, 87, of Detroit, AL.


Wed., March 4, l998 Pg. 2A


Rhonda Yvonne SANDERS, 42, of Hamilton. Jonah WALKER, 49, of Guin. Cont. on p. 3A. Teola WEST, 75, of Hamilton. Faye C. WOOD, 72, of Marietta, GA., formerly of Marion Co. Carmie Hughes McCRAW, 81, of Hamilton. Joby Dyke BURLESON, 64, of Hackleburg. Leon Monroe CALE, 73, of Hamilton.

Wed., March 11, l998 P. 3A


Ruby Faye Cochran JOHNSON, 59, of Hamilton. Grady Lee GREEN, 84, of Guin. Glen TESNEY, 75, of Brilliant, Leon Monroe CALE, 73, of Hamilton. Buford L. "Boots" TOWNLEY, 66, of Winfield. Cont. on p. 12 A. J.W. MILES, 75, of Guin. Joe C. BRYANT, 65, of Winfield. Arizona Fowler TAYLOR, 88, of Winfield. Melba "Ann" Capps RUBLE, 65, of Haleyville. .


Wed., March l8, l998 P.2A


Jeremy James FRANKS, 16, of Guin. Samuel David CARTER, 27, of Hamilton. Cont. on p. 3A. Jimmie GILMER, 61, of Sulligent. Martha Alice INGRAM, 44, of Carbon Hill. James Edward WYERS, 65, of Carbon Hill. Vandiver GREEN, 92, of Brilliant. Lee DUCKWORTH, 81, of Cottondale, formerly of Fayette County. Danny SANDERSON, 45, of Brilliant. Jesma Faye HARRIS, 78, of Montgomery, formerly of Hamilton. Jesker I. RUDICELL, 93, of Detroit, Alabama. Cont. on p. 6A. Betty Sue EMERSON, 64, of Hamilton.

Marion Co. Journal Record Obituaries

Wed. March 25, l998 P.2B


Jeremy James FRANKS, 16, of Guin. Helen Mary SCHOEN, 60, of Winfield. Bud MURPHY, 64, of Hamilton. Cont. on pg. 1B. Frank E. VIDENICH, 68, of Guin. William Brandon MCFARLING, 19, of Ladson, S.C., burial in Hamilton City Cemetery. John FOWLER, 92, of Hamilton. Marcus ROSZELL, 74, of Hamilton. Lora George JOHNSON, 34, of Hamilton. Letha Shackelford FREDERICK, 95, of Hackleburg.


Wed. April 1, l998 P.2A


Florence PHILLIPS, 95, of Chicago, formerly of Winfield. Rev. James W. SPENCER, 79, of Brilliant. Leaborn Daniel MASON, 81, of Hodges. Cont. p. 3A. Susan Irene PALMER, 83, of Robertsdale. Franklin Dwight SPANN, 55, of Winfield. Spurgeon L. DAVIS, 80, of Hamilton. Emily Leona HALLMARK, 92, of Winfield. Frances Stover HOLLOWAY, 65, of Winfield. Donald MILES, 80, of Guin. Effie Jane SETLIFF, 100, of Haleyville. Veda Mae GOODWIN, 81, of Brilliant.


Wed. April 8, l998 P.4A


Ryan Lee WEBSTER, 11, of Waco, Texas. Walter BARNES, 60, of Guin. Dorothy Jean Terrell PRICE, 55, of Alabaster, formerly of Hamilton. Lee Jackson BELCHER, 84, of Okolona, Miss. Odell MARTIN, 66, of Brilliant. Cont. on p. 1B. Hoyle NIX, 53, of Hamilton. Homer BURNETT, 69, of Sulligent. Austin Lane SPILLER, 1 month, of Brilliant. John L. NIX, 66, of Bryan, Ohio.


Wed. April 15, l998 P. 3A


Iva June Keller LUCASSEN, 72, of Point Clear, formerly of Marion County. Muriel Doss Williams NOLEN, 82, of Sulligent. Mildred Esther Sanderson MORROW, 68, of Arlington, VA., formerly of Hamilton. James Howard PALMER, 79, of Hamilton. Tony Clifford BOBO, 57, of Fayette. Robert Lesley "Sonny Boy" SEXTON, 73, of Winfield. Vernie Idella COMPTON, 90, of Hamilton.


Wed. April 22, 1998 P. 2A


Paul Edwin SISSON, 67, of Hamilton. Hal JACKSON, 85, of Jasper. Ronald Greg TUCKER, 26, of Winfield. Cont. on p. 3A. Ida Carter TIDWELL, 91, of Muscle Shoals, formerly of Hamilton. Edith Whitehead KELLEY, 83, of Winfield. Ellis WHITE, 75, of Plantation, Fla., formerly of Winfield.


Wed. April 29, l998 P. 4A


Florence Webster VICKERS, 99, of Winfield. Jim C. TIDWELL, 69, of Lecanto, Fla., formerly of Winfield. Clark (Buddy) REAL, 65, of Atlanta, formerly of Detroit and Hamilton (Byrd Community). Floy Kathryn (Kate) RANDOLPH, 76, of Sumiton, formerly of Hackleburg. Cont. on p. 7A. Herman Hoyt SMITH, 66, of Sulligent. W.B."Buddy" MIXON, 87, of Hamilton. Jack MAINORD, 63, of Hamilton. Ellis WHITE, 75, of Plantation, Fla., formerly of Winfield. Ronald Greg TUCKER, 26, of Winfield.


Wed. May 6, l998 P. 2A


Clela KELLEY, 82, of Guin. Mable L. PALMER, 50, of Amory, Miss. Ruby K. Garrard VICKERY, of Haleyville. George Dell SIMS, SR., 77, of Eldridge. Hal JACKSON, 85, of Jasper. Dena Spiller HARP, 86, of Brilliant.



Wed. May 13, l998 P. 2A


Eva WEBB, 83, of Guin. Wilmar Hayes "Shorty" LAWLER, 76, of Hodges. Pearl Burgett LEDBETTER, 93, of Hamilton. Jeffrey Lee LANGLEY, 36, of Brilliant. Gary Lee ANGLIN, 48, of Hamilton. Lillie Motes TUCKER, 88, of Winfield. Eugene "Tommy" TAYLOR, 76, of Hamilton. Johnnie HARTWICK, 62, of Hamilton. Cont. on p. 3A. Willie Craig RAMSEY, 66, of Guin. Raylaford LAY, 68, of Akron, Ohio, born in Franklin Co. Homer Ray HARRIS, 78, of Winfield. Elton H. KARR, 92, of Hamilton. Jerry Wayne RYE, 53, of Fayette. Jackie Lee "Jack" Clark, 49, of Hamilton. Mary Evelyn PARKER, 79, of Osceola, Ark., formerly of Hamilton. James Arvil MOORE, 88, of Winfield. Cont. on p. 5A. Marie Gann SEALS, 69, of Guin. Nellie JONES, 82, of Brilliant. Altie TUCKER, 89, of White's Chapel Community.


Wed. May 20, 1998

P. 2a
Johnnie Lee DUNCAN, 70, of Beaverton. James M. (Shug) STANFORD, 78, of Beaverton. Roman MAY, 95, of Guin. Gail ROBINSON, 37, of Hamilton. Thomas Earl BECKMAN, 65, of Detroit, AL. Tommy BURLESON, 60, of Bear Creek. Cont. on p. 3A. Felix Fenton HARPER, 81, of Tuscumbia, formerly of Hamilton. Donna Lynn Tice CLEVELAND, 43, of Jacksonville, Fla., formerly of Hamilton. Flora Elliott PERRY, 89, of Addison, formerly of Birmingham and Marion Co. Thomas T. "Tompie" ANDERSON, 89, of Winfield, Rock City area.


Wed. May 27, 1998

P. 2A

Huston STILES, 78, of Winfield. Denver Lee MILES, 65, of Winfield. Ruth Thompson WEEKS, 66, of Winfield. Cont. on p. 3A. Dena Godsey JAGGERS, 86, of Hackleburg, formerly of Winfield. Eber MILLS, 73, of Detroit, AL.


Wed. June 3, 1998

P. 2A

Lou "Ivy" WATSON, 86, of Detroit. E.T. SIMS, Jr., 69, of Hamilton. Cont. on 3A. Anthony (Tony) C. White, of Florence. Garry Lee SHIELDS, 23, of Ludwigshafen, Germany. Hollis James LEE, 76, of Winfield. Rusty WHITEHEAD, 65, of Glen Allen. Lura Estelle NICHOLS, 86, of Hamilton. Louise Mayfield BRAZIL, 77, of Winfield. Cont. on 5A. Justin Cheyenne McCOLLUM, 23, of Winfield.


Wed. June 10, 1998 p. 2A

Alma T. WEATHERLY, 86, of Haleyville. Verna Lou GILLILAND, 81, of Hamilton. Garry Lee SHIELDS, 23, of Ludwigshafen, Germany. Cont. on 3A. Mary May BERRYHILL, 74, of Winfield. Effie Mills CARTER, 95, of Guin. Dee HILL, 79, of Guin. Billy "Bill" Seldon PALMER, 68, of Hamilton. Mary Alice Green WESTBROOK, 74, of San Antonio, Texas, formerly of Winfield. Eva Willcutt DOSS, 87, of Winfield. Ella BOX, 82, of Burnsville, Miss., formerly of Winfield. Howell Granville "Edward" PETERSON, 59, of Hamilton. Cont. on 5A. Calvin Bankston JOHNSON, 68, of Hamilton.


WED. June 17, 1998 P. 2A

Madie Louise BARNES, 63, of Hamilton. Patsy Shirley ANDERSON, 70, of Brilliant. Rosella Cantrell MASON, 87, of Hamilton. Dora PARKER, 85, of Shannon, Miss. Johnny Hugh COCHRAN, 27, of Phil Campbell. Everette,E. FOWLER, 69, of Parrish, formerly of Winfield. Cont. on 3A. Robert Thomas TAYLOR, 40, of Hamilton. Lowell Douglas GANN, 61, of Hamilton. Vernie Lave DOUGLAS, 66, of Hamilton.

Wed. June 24, 1998 P. 10A

Verna Nell Tyra McCOLLUM, 74, of Eldridge. Laura Geneva DULANEY, 56, of Hamilton. Ernest Lee IRVIN, 72, of Hamilton. Cont. on P. 11 A. Beverly Ann SPEARMAN, 37, of Hamilton. Edward H. HUDSON, 53, of Hackleburg. Floyd KNIGHT, 81, of Hamilton. Mable GOODSON, 75, of Winfield. Golda COLE, 89, of Guin. Miles Edward DOSS, 72, of Winfield. Ellie Lee McFADDEN, 95, of Hamilton. Morgan HENDERSON, 86, of Hamilton.


Wed. July 1, 1998 P. 9A

Wanda CASON, 58, of Hoover, formerly of Marion County. Barbara (Bobby Jean) MORRISON, 63, of Guin. Velma Lee Terrell EVERETTE, 80, of Winfield. Jeffrey Eugene MATHENY, Sr., 50, of Winfield. Lynn (Gaynor) MIXON, 63, of Hamilton. Cont. on P. 4C. Lt. M.P. BRASWELL, 80, of Jemison. O.V. ANGLIN, 71, of Hamilton. Vera Nell Tyra MCCOLLUM, 74, of Eldridge. Ethel Burleson SANDLIN, 90, of Winfield.

Marion Co. Journal Record Obituaries, P. 12A
Wed. July 8, 1998

William (Buggs) Eli RIGGS, 75, of Detroit, Alabama. Tommy Jean LINLEY, 66, of Brilliant. Charles Dennis Powell DAVIS II, 17 days, of McCalla. Loyd MANN, 69, of Haleyville.

Wed. July 15, 1998, P. 2A

Icia SNOW, 86, of Winfield. Arnold TAYLOR, 78, of Brilliant. Cecil ROBINSON, 81, of Hackleburg. Jacqulyn "Jackie" Bussey BURNS, 66, of Winfield. Curtis WALLACE, 83, of Guin. Ola Mae Baker SHACKLEFORD, 96, of Hackleburg. Clyde CRUMBIE, 92, of Southgate, Michigan, formerly of Hamilton. Cont. on p. 3A. Sallie Mae CHAMBLESS, 88, of Tyty, Georgia. Franklin Junior TUCKER, 63, of Winfield. Eva TRIPLETT, 92, of Hamilton.

Wed. July 22, 1998, P. 2A

Donald "Don" Edward WALKER, 47, of Hackleburg. Blanche Bussey LAWRENCE, 88, of WInfield. Cont. on 3A. Elihue "Red" HUMPHRIES, 67, of Hodges. J.B. WILLIAMS, 82, of Hamilton. Linda Snow WEST, 50, of Hamilton. Gerald Edward FATER II, 26, of Brownstown, Michigan. Drexil B. "Jackie" PICKARD, 72, of Hamilton. Donald Hugh BROCK, 58, of Dallas, Texas. Dorsey Guy MILLICAN, 81, of Hamilton.

Wed. July 29, 1998, P. 2A

K.P. (Penny) TRULL, 86, of Winfield. Addie Lee DAVIS, 87, of WINFIELD. Vaudine HALL, 40, of Guin. Exie Burnett TRIMM, 96, of Sulligent. Dessie Eleanor DOOLEY, 87, of Haleyville.

Wed. August 5, 1998, P. 2A

Luther LYNCH, 86, of Hamilton. Robert "Leo" SANDERSON, 79, of Hamilton. Edward Frank CROWE, 99, of Winfield. Alvin Gene CRAIG, 72, of Hamilton. Eulalia LINDSEY, 91, of Hamilton. Cont. on P. 3A. Guy M. COLBURN, 65, of WINFIELD. Dobson Earl MORRIS, 36, of Killeen, Texas, formerly of Yampertown.

Notice of Correction Saturday, Aug. 8, 1998
In the Wednesday, Aug. 5, edition, the JOURNAL RECORD inadvertently published a number of obituaries which had not been edited. Those obituaries have now been corrected and are being published below.

Sat. August 8, 1998 P. 3

Guy Milton COLBURN, 65, of Winfield. Dobson Earl MORRIS, 36, of Killeen, Texas, formerly of Yampertown. Edward Frank CROWE, 99, of Winfield. Robert "Leo" SANDERSON, 79, of Hamilton, Alvin Gene CRAIG, 72, of Hamilton. Luther LYNCH, 86, of Hamilton. Eulalia LINDSEY, 91, of Hamilton.

Wed. August 12, 1998 P. 2A

Ola Lea "Shortie" Ballard BOWLING, 83, of Winfield. Alon VICKERY, 52, of Winfield. Rev. Ronald SPARKS, 47, of Trussville, formerly of Mississippi. Margie Lee MILLS, 54, of Hodges. Bruce SEMROW, 69, of Brilliant. Robert David ELLIOTT, 35, of Winfield. Cont. on P. 3A. James "Jim" WIDEMAN, 61, of Brilliant. Addie HANKINS, 102, of Winfield. Lella Beatrice BUTLER, 85, of Haleyville. Willis Jack DAVIS, 65, of Hackleburg. Harley C. DAWSON, 90, of Hamilton. Lola Bervice Southern AYERS, 62, of Greenwood Springs, Miss. Luther BATES, 86, of Brilliant. Betty Jean KIMBRELL, 67, of Guin. Cont. on P. 6A. W.O. McCONNELL, 88, of Winfield. Edith I. DOSS, 77, of Jacksonville Fla., formerly of Brilliant. Ethel MAY, 85, of Hamilton.

Wed. August 19, 1998 P. 2A

Curtis Arnold FOWLER, 77, of Winfield. Eva Lorene BAKER, 86, of West Memphis, Arkansas. Mary W. BAILEY, 76, of Hodges. Gary Wayne VAUGHN, 42, of Winfield. Girlene Franklin STIDHAM, 66, of Vina.

Wed. August 26, 1998 P. 2A

Angela Dawn MAY, 27, of Detroit. Ardell TAYLOR, 68, of Winfield. Jessie Green TATE, 92, of Hamilton. Hobart GARDNER, 64, of Hamilton. Lydia L. HOWELL, 90, of Hackleburg. Cont. on P. 3A. Thurston Verdin SANDERSON, 83, of Sulligent. Robbie WILLIAMS, 89, of Hamilton. Jewell DILL, 86, of Hamilton. Vernia Mae Cason DAWSON, 94, of Hamilton.

Wed. Sept.2, 1998 P. 2A

Jessie Trezzie LANGSTON, 85, of Winfield. James B. RIGGAN, 81, of Hamilton. Dan "Jack" Richard LEWIS, 63, of Boaz. Thomas Dewey HARBIN, 53, of LeClaire, Iowa, formerly of Winfield.

Wed. Sept. 9, 1998, P. 2A

Hazel Franks WHITEHEAD, 80, of Jasper, formerly of Winfield. Leeoma Smith BYARS, 91, of Winfield. Leonard Alfred ESTES, 67, of Hamilton.

Wed., September 16, 1998 page 2A

Ora Beatrice Puckett SCOTT, 89, of Hamilton. Fred Lloyd DUCKWORTH, 78, of Hodges. Mary Leota BRITNELL, 72, of Hamilton. Annie Florence STEWART, 79, of Glen Allen. Gurthie M. MICHAEL, 78, of Detroit (Mich. or Ala. ?) formerly or Russellville. James B. (J.B.) CARLTON, 88, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 3A. Murray J. REAL, 78, of Detroit (Ala.). Gilbert Ray SHIREY, 75, of Guin. Harrison Rowe PALMER, 78, of Long Beach, Miss. "a native of Hamilton". Larry Dean NORRIS, 55, of Monteagle, Tenn., formerly of Hamilton. Walter Banks MEHERG, 66, of Winfield. Joe R. CAROTHERS, Sr., 88, of Winfield.

September 23, 1998 page 2A

Bertha Mae TUCKER, 91, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 3A. Donald Ray KIMBRELL, 71, of Pinellas Park, Fla., formerly of Brilliant and Prarie Village, Kansas. Joe Louis SWANIGAN, 63, of Jasper. David Richard (J.R.) RENFROE, 52, of Hodges. Eva GOBER, 78, of Hodges. Randy Dewayne FREDERICK, 27, of Hackleburg. Omie Lee WEBB, 63, of Hamilton. Altha Shotts ROBINSON, 89, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 8A. Ethel Palmer GARRISON, 96, of Fayette County. Benjamin (B.A.) ARMSTRONG, 72, of Hamilton.

September 30, 1998 page 2A

Benjamin Anison (B.A.) ARMSTRONG, 72, of Hamilton. Ella Luevadie MILES, 81, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 3A. Bryan Neil WIGINTON, 49, of Haleyville. Rev. Joseph Ross RUSH, 87, of Winfield. Joel Miron BELK, 52, of Dora. Edgar Buster SPEARS, 74, of Hamilton. Nettie Lou MILLS, 83, of Guin. Betty June ALDRIDGE, 51, of Brilliant.

October 7, 1998 page 2A

Justin Aaron WILSON, 9, of Haleyville. Harold "Mac" McDONALD, 59, of Eldridge.
Jimmy Alton FREDERICK, 43, of Hamilton. Ella Chandler MILLER, 84, of Vina.

October 14, 1998 page 2A

Leon Bradford MILES, 75, of Winfield. Margie Lou McKAY, 90, of Robertsdale, formerly of Winfield. Wendell "Ray" TAYLOR, 58, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 3A. Clither B. GOBER, 81, of Hackleburg. Ronald "Ron" Floyd HARRIS, 58, of Winfield. William H. (Bill) BARKER, 78, of Hackleburg.

October 21, 1998 page 3A (May be incomplete obits for this date, possible missing page.

Pairlee Sanders MOBLEY, 94, of Guin. Ella Mae ENGLE, 89, of Russellville. Lena Mae RYE, 81, of Hamilton. Millard F. MOORE, 85, of Hamilton.

October 28, 1998 page 2A

Veona SEGRAVES, of Guin. Devin Thorn ALLEN, 16 months, of Hamilton. Ona WATKINS, 84, of Fayette. Sammy HARDIN, 46, of Guin. Marcellus HUMPHRIES, 69, of Hamilton. Jimmy "Shorty" Monroe DAMONE, 58, of Hamilton. Lewis Ray "Bud" LACY, 53, of Hackleburg.

November 4, 1998 page 2A

James Donald "Jimmy" WALLACE, 48, of Hamilton. John Archie MARKEM, 93, of Winfield. Edith Gordon COLQUITT, 64, of Cullman. Hugh L. TERRELL, 62, of Cabot, Arkansas. Dorothy Euline WARD, 68, of Brilliant. Cont. on page 3A. Carolyn Sue TIDWELL, 51, of Haleyville. Ruby Gordon Murphy BALLARD, 82, of Hamilton.

November 11, 1998 page 2A

Nikke Wallace SWANIGAN, 23, of Guin. Chris SWANIGAN, 33, of WInfield. Elsie WHitehead PERRY, 91, of Winfield. Stella W. HARRISON, 94, of Vernon. Offie Baird BARRETT, 80, of Carbon Hill. Charles MILLICAN, 29, of Dallas, Ga., formerly of Guin. Almer NIPPER, 89, of Brilliant. Cont. on page 3A. Cecil LUNDY, 83, of Winfield. Emily Faith ENGLE, 3 weeks, of Hamilton.

November 18, 1998 page 2A

Junior SANDERSON, 71, of Brilliant. Leon KNIGHT, 62, of Memphis, Tenn., formerly of Guin. Charles R. WILLIAMS, 58, of Hammond, Ind. Etma Langston McDONALD, 90, of Winfield. William Elmer "Willie" MAYS, 78, of Guin. Alee MITCHELL, 70, of Hackleburg. Bobby Joe WEBB, 51, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 3A. Mary Hosch CADDELL, 82, of Hoover, formerly of Glen Allen. Jean Payne HEATHCOCK, 54, of Winfield.

November 25, 1998 page 2A

Carrie Ola CROW, 60, of Hamilton. Carol Frazier "Whistle" BLACK, 52, of Seattle, Washington, formerly of Winfield. Jerry B. BRUMLEY, 47, of Fremont, California, formerly of Hamilton. Dellie Ray PALMER, 54, of Hamilton. Mattie Angline FREDERICK, 82, of Hamilton.

December 2, 1998 page 2A

Dellie Ray PALMER, 54, of Hamilton. William Larkin STEWART, 102, of Winfield. Robert Charles GRAY, 77, of Hackleburg. Edna TIDWELL, 99, of Winfield. James A. HOLCOMB, 47, of Winfield. Almer NIPPER, 89, of Brilliant. Verona MILES, 93, of Winfield. Cont. on page 7A. Azella Hughley HALEY, 92, of Crestview, Fla., formerly of Brilliant. Evacille Herren FOWLER, 81, of Eldridge. Dwayne RYE, 58, of Hamilton. Lou McCARTNEY, 86, of Guin. Nell ESTILL, 78, of Guin. Nell HANEY, 58, of Guin. Fred KIRKLEY, Jr., 62, of Winfield. Mary Etta JOHNSON, 90, of Fayette County. Ruby NORRIS, 87, of Brilliant. James David "Jamie" Berryhill, 22, of Winfield. Junior SHIRLEY, 54, of Winfield. Effie Elizabeth FARRIS, 97, of Haleyville.

December 9, 1998 page 2A

Arvel P. HOSCH, 86, of Winfield. Mattie Jones WILSON, 94, of Winfield. Qualler Metcalf WATKINS, 106, of Hamilton. Lillie Mae RENFROE, 84, of Hodges. Ella Dean PERRY, 62, of Winfield. Cont. on page 3A. Virginia Aileen ROBINSON, 70, of Louisville, Ky., formerly of Hackleburg. Harold Gay ANTHONY, 70, of Detroit (Ala.). Swansie Henry BURROW, 86, of Hamilton. Iva Lee BEAUCHAMP, 82, of Brilliant. Ruby NORRIS, 87, of Brilliant. Irene NORRIS, 83, of Winfield. Virginia Pauline WEBSTER, 88, of Fayette County. George MARBUTT, 86, of Hackleburg. Gertha Mae HOLLAND, 88, of Hamilton.

December 16, 1998 page 12 A

Verla McWhirter GUIN, 89, Pass Christian, Miss., formerly of Winfield. Gary WILLIAMS, 49, of Brilliant. Dorothy "Dot" Rasbury ANDERSON, 70, of Winfield. Victory "Vick" BRYAN, 79, of Winfield. Cont. on page 13A. Curtis S. CONNER, Sr., 85, of Sulligent. Betty Elliott TERRELL, 90, of Winfield. Dr. George Robert RICE, 81, of Hamilton. Oakland David CHANDLER, 83, of Detroit (Ala.). Gaye Nell Roberts ABERCRUMBIE, 63, of Rome Ga., formerly of Hamilton. Marie V. SPEARS, 86, of Hamilton. Patricia "Ann" HUNDLEY, 57, of Falkville. Garrett Heath HARDEN, 9, of Hamilton. Cont. on page 8C. Richard Jackson BROWN, 26, of Fayette. J.C. KIRKLEY, 70, of Fayette County.

December 23, 1998 page 2A

Dezzie E. CAIN, 89, of Guin. Rose Bowling CHURCH, 36, of Haleyville, formerly of Russellville. V. Leon CANTRELL, Sr., 75, of McLeansville, N.C., fomerly of Detroit (Ala.) Rena Weeks TOWNLEY, 92, of Winfield. Labon H. PERRY, 79, of Winfield. Donnie Mae ALLMAN, 91, of Guin. Joe Mack MILLS, 56, of Memphis, Tenn., formerly of Winfield. Della Hollis WILLIAMS, 93, of Birmingham, formerly of WInfield.

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