Alabama microtext roll #1-Mobile Co, AL Death Records (1870s)


Health Department of the City of Mobile: Death Records--JAN 1876

Compiled by: Lisa R. Franklin RN,BSN, JAN 2000

Smith, infant of R. & A. d.01 JAN 1876; father-Robert Smith; Mother Amanda Smith; b. Mobile, AL; age 4 days; color-black; sex-female, cert#1.

McKee, infant of Julius & Ida; d.03 JAN 1876; b.Mobile; male, white, age 15 days, cert. #2

McCombs, John; d.01 JAN 1876, born SC, place of previous residence-New Orleans, LA, age 51, white, male, married. Cert#3.

Thurber, Fannie P., d.02 JAN 1876, father-William K. Thurber, mother-Julia C. Thurber, female, white, b.Mobile, age 13, cert#4.

Knox, stillborn black, male infant of Nellie Knox, b.Mobile, d.02 JAN 1876, cert#5.

Whitney, Emma; d.03 JAN 1876, father-Samuel Whitney, mother-Anica Whittney, b.Mobile, AL, age 7y 9m, cert#6.

Brothers, Richard; d.03 JAN 1876, b.New Orleans, LA, white, male, single, age45. Cert#7

Copman, Mary Ellen, d.04 JAN 1876, white, female, age 19y10m12d, single, b.Mobile, cert#8.

Thomas, William, d.04 JAN 1876, white, male, age14, single, cert#9

Hill, Miss Mary, d.04 JAN 1876, white, female, age 9, b.Butler co, AL, cert#10

White, Thomas, d.04 JAN 1876, black, male, age 30, cert#11

Woodruff, Ms. Toulmin G., d.04 JAN 1876, white, female, b.Mobile, age 32, cert#12

Brown?, State?, d.04 JAN 1876, father-W.H. Hardy, mother-Harriett Hardy, white, female, cert#13

Bryant, Mary E., d.04 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, AL, age 16, black, female, cert#14

Cartwright, infant of William S. & A.M., d. 05 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, white, male, stillborn, cert#15

________, Mary Josephing (a foundling-interred in Catholic yard orphan's lot), d. 05 JAN 1876, white, female, age 1m 14d, b.Mobile, cert#16.

McGowan, Mrs. Adella C., d.07 JAN 1876, b. Greene Co, AL, white, female, married, age 30, cert#17.

Stone, John B., d.06 JAN 1876, father-Thomas O. Stone, mother-Lillie N. Stone, b.Mobile, white, male, age1y3m21d, cert#18.

Daughdrill, Elizabeth, d.06 JAN 1876, b.MS, white, female, married, age 56, resident of city 39 yrs, cert#19.

Vanfossen, Marcelite, d.06 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, white, female, age 62, widow, cert#20.

Roe, William Jr., d.07 JAN 1876, father-William Roe Sr, mother-Delight Roe, b.Mobile, AL, age 11, black, male, cert#21

Phillips, Lewis H., d.08 JAN 1876, father-Albert H. Phillips, mother-Jemima Phillips, b.Mobile, AL, black, male, age 1y1m8d, cert#22

Goodwin, Edward, d.06 JAN 1876, father-William Goodwin, mother-Eliza Goodwin, b.Mobile, age 2y9m, black, male, cert#23.

Batiste, Samuel, d.06 JAN 1876, black, male, age 35, cert#24.

Pierce, Anna, d.06 JAN 1876, parents-Sam & Maria Pierce, b.Mobile, AL, age 3, black, female, cert#25

Salsbury, Mary Francis, d.08 JAN 1876, parents-Frank & Louisa Salsbury, age 5, black, female, cert#26.

Gale/Gulls, Mrs. Rosa, d.08 JAN 1876, b.LA, age 98, widow, white, female, cert#27

Wallace, Robert, d.08 JAN 1876, b.AL, age 45, black, male, married, cert#28

Kennedy, Isabella, d.08 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 20, white, female, single, cert#29

Dudley, infant of T. & L. Dudley, d.10 JAN 1876, parents-Thurade & Louisa Dudley, black, male, age 5d, cert#30

White, Charles, d.09 JAN 1876, b.NC, previous residence-Demopolis, AL, age 31, black, male, married, shoemaker, cert#31

Eldridge, Mary, d.10 JAN 1876, parents-Frank & Dease Eldridge, b.Mobile, age 7d, black, female, cert#32.

Russell, Moses, d.09 JAN 1876, parents-James & Louisa Russell, b.Mobile, age 2 m, black, male, cert#33.

Nelson, Isaac, d.11 JAN 1876, parents-Alex & Sarah Nelson, b.Mobile, LA, age 4m, black, male, cert#34.

Carroll, Mary F., d.11 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, AL, age 5d, black, female, #35

Bussiwitz, Christian F., d.05 SEP 1875, previous residence-Willin Prussia, b.Willin Prussia, white, male, widow, age 50, cert#36.

Chines?, Samuel, d.11 JAN 1876, parents-Jordan & Jennie Chimes?, b.Mobile, age 6m, black, male, cert#37.

Toomey, James, d.12 JAN 1876, b.Ireland, age 39, white, male, married, cert#38

Albert, Mike, d.12 JAN 1876, b.AL, age 33, black, male, married, cert#39

Isler, John, d.19 JAN 1876, b.Germany, white, male, age 30, cert#40

Fowler, Robert, d.13 JAN 1876, parents-Sterling & Josephine Fowler, age 2m, black, male, cert#41

????fall, infant of John & Mary, d.14 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 5d, white, male, cert#42.

Sheridan, Stephen D., d.14 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 19, white, male, father-Robert Sheridan, cert#42.

Russell, Diana, d.14 JAN 1876, b.Jackson Co, MS, age 26, black, female, cert#44.

Warren, George, d.15 JAN 1876, b.Monroe Co, AL, age 44, black, male, resided in this city-2 yrs, cert#45

Roberts, Harriet, d.16 JAN 1876, age 80, black, female, b.Mobile, AL, married, cert#46

West, infant son of Harvey/Haney & Virginia West, color-creole, cert#47

B?????, infant dau of Chapman & Laura B????, black, female, stillborn, b.Mobile, cert#48

Powers, stillborn dau of John & M. Powers, black, b.Mobile, d.16 JAN 1876, cert#49

Bauer, Josephine, d.17 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 21, white, female, single, cert#50

McNelage, Amelia, d.17 JAN 1876, age 36, white, female, cert#51

Audrey, infant dau of Felix and Virginia Audrey, d.18 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, LA, color-creole, cert#52

Adams, infant dau of Virginia Adams, age 2 minutes, black, d.17 JAN 1876, b. Mobile, cert#53

Cullen, Patrick, d.18 JAN 1876, b.Ireland, age 67, white, male, widow, resided in this city 30 years, cert#54

Benjamin, John, d.19 JAN 1876, black, male, age 4, parents-Frank & Kate Benjamin, b.Mobile, cert#55.

Nicholas, Sarah E., d.14 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 1m 3d, white, female, parents-J.R. & Sarah E. Nicholas, cert#56.

Stillwell, John, d.19 JAN 1876, b.NC, age 23, white, male, cert#57.

Fulton, D.G., d.22 JAN 1876, b.GA, age 60, resided in this city-25 yrs, white, male, merchant, married, cert#58

Berry, ?. D., d.11 AUG 1876, age 58, resided in this city 30 years, white, male, merchant, cert#59

Holmes, James W. Jr, d.21 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, AL, age 38, white, male, single, cert#60.

Tuttle, Celest Mrs., d.22 JAN 1876, age 53, b.Cuba, white, female, cert#61.

Hall, Betsy, d.23 JAN 1876, age 80, b.MD, black, female, widow, cert#62.

Keating, infant of Daniel & Mary King Keating, d.23 JAN 1876, white, female, b.AL, cert#63

Brady, Elizabeth, d.22 JAN 1876, b.AL, age 33, white, female, single, cert#64

Holt, George W., d.23 JAN 1876, b.Boguehoma/Bogualoosa, Mobile Co, AL, age 40, white, male, married, cert#65

Bowen, Cecelia, d.24 JAN 1876, b.KY, age 38, married, white, female, resided in this city 10 yrs, previous residence-KY, cert#66

Cox, Henry Anderson, d.21 JAN 1876, parents-F.S. & Mary L. Cox, b.Mobile, AL, age 1y23d, white, male, cert#67

Lewis, Child of A. & P/F? Lewis, d.25 JAN 1876, black, female, age 1m 14d, b.Mobile, cert#68

Booth, Jesse, d.24 JAN 1876, age 70, black, male, married, cert#69

Nobles, Joseph, d.25 JAN 1876, black, male, age 1y4m, parents-Joseph & Bella Nobels, cert#70

Thomas, Gable, d.25 JAN 1876, b.VA, resided in this city-60 yrs, age 78, black, male, married, cert#71

Deverix, Bridget, d.26 JAN 1876, b.Ireland, age 65, white, female, married, cert#72

Williams, infant of Robert & Mary, b.Mobile, stillborn, black, male, d.26 JAN 1876, cert#73

Warner, infant son of Fred & Mary Warner, d.27 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 7d, white, cert#74

White, Mary E.B., d.27 JAN 1876, b.Montgomery, AL, age 4y 6m, mother-Ellen White, black, female, cert#75

Jones, infant son of Julia Jones, d.27 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 6 days, black, cert#76

Williams, Mary, d.27 JAN 1876, b.AL, age 30, black, female, married, cert#77

Lewis, stillborn dau of Hattie Lewis, d.27 JAN 1876, father-Frank Reid, mother-Hattie V. Lewis, b.Mobile, black, female, cert#78

Hartwell, John, d.29 JAN 1876, age 73, b.MA, white, male, married, cert#79

Campbell, Mrs. Mary A., d.25 JAN 1876, white, female, age 70, b.England, ?Saunton/Taunton?, cert#80

Washington, infant son of Col/Sol? Washington & Mary Delmo, d.29 JAN 1876, black, male, age 7 days, b.Mobile, AL, cert#81

Weaver, Florence, d.30 JAN 1876, b.Mobile, age 25, single, female, color-creole, cert#82

Golden, Patrick, d.30 JAN 1876, b.Ireland, age 44, white, male, cert#83

Walker, Sarah, d.31 JAN 1876, age 60, black, female, widowed, cert#84

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