Montgomery, Alabama
Genealogy Tidbits

Largely vital statistics information relevant to Montgomery, Alabama

1819, August 17th-Mrs. Charlotte Apthorpe Morton Dexter, w/o Andrew Dexter founder of Montgomery and sister of Governor Morton of Massachussetts, died.
1821, July 23d-Mrs. Chambliss, late of SC, died in Montgomery.
1821, September 10th-John Christopher, native of New London, CT, died in this city.
1822, June 10th-Mr. John Wild, merchant & native of Massachusetts, died of consumption.
1822, June 13th-Samuel Hale, merchant of Blakely, AL died in Montgomery while enroute to Boston, from which he had removed to Alabama.
1822, June 9th-Maria Ann Thompson age 6 years, died
1822, May 14th-Philip Pittman died of dropsy. Aged 68 years.
1823, February 25th-Charles Sproule, merchant and native of Ireland, died.
1823, March 11th-Dixon H. Lewis m. Miss Elizabeth L. Elmore
1823, October 29th-Mr. Henry Olcott, carpenter, died in Montgomery.
1824, April 16th-Charles Crawford, brother of Hon. William H. Crawford, Secretary of the Treasury
1824, September 21-B.H. Hall, died, Montgomery Merchant
1825, April 2d-Joseph Toussint, band member from New Orleans, died. He was murdered by Reuben Green Bates.
1825, November 30th-William Nibbs esq., died. Aged 66 years. A native of Tortola, W. Indies.
1826, April 26th-Mark Hartley of Philadelphia, died
1826, August 16th-Daniel Hays, Boston native, late of this city, died at Capt. Walker's stand in the Creek Indian Nation.
1826, August 1st-Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Belser w/o Col. James E. Belser & d/o William Falconer esq, died.
1826, August 22d-Mr. John F. McCann, saddler and TN native, died in Montgomery.
1826, August 23d-William H. Crenshaw, merchant, lately of Milledgeville, GA died.
1826, July 13th-Miss S. Johnson died.
1826, July 30th-Mr. John K. Lyle died of yellow fever contracted in New Orleans.
1826, July 5th-Zadoc Bell, lawyer aged 23 died. Brother of Hon. John Bell of TN.
1826, July 9th-Joel Baldwin died.
1826, September 13th-Mrs. Catharine Howell, widow of Capt John Howell, died at a very advanced age.
1826, September 23d-Mr. Marble Stone, father of Clark M. Stone, died, aged 39 years.
1826, September 6th-Josiah Emmett, 32, native of Alexandria, VA who had removed here 4 months ago after residing in George 3 years, died in this city.
1826, September 9th-Mr. Henry Finch, Montgomery merchant, died at the residence of Drury Spain in the Creek Indian Nation, on his way to NY.
1827, January 21st-Dr. Stephen S. Garrett died, aged 36 years, a native of Edgefield Dist., SC
1827, January 23d-Col. James E. Belser m. Miss Adaline Stokes.
1827, July 19th-Benjamin Fitzpatrick m. Miss Sarah T. Elmore
1827, July 7th-Mr. Elnathan Fairweather, drowned in the Alabama River.
1827, March 29th-Alexander Crawford, an Irishmn, died. Aged 43 years.
1827, March 3d-James Stubbs, father of Isam B. Stubbs, died
1828, January 19th-Milton Cooper, attorney, died
1828, July 7th-John D. Whetstone, recently removed from Autauga County, died in Montgomery.
1828, June 17th-Mrs. Rebecca Simmons, w/o Thomas Simmons, died of apoplexy.
1828, June 18th-James M. Duncan, 10, drowned in the Alabama River.
1828, November 1st-Charles Shaw, esq. died in Montgomery where he had resided since 1819.
1829, August 1st-Mr. John Polk, Delaware native, died.
1829, August 20th-Mr. E.H. Bull, CT native, died in Montgomery.
1829, August 30th-Mr. Otho Belt, Washington City native, aged 40 years, died in this city.
1829, December 31st-Mr. James C. Ingless of Baltimore died at the Union Hotel in Montgomery.
1829, January 13th-James Lester, late of Clinton, GA, died.
1829, January 1st-Silas Gorree, died, murdered by Coleman Williams.
1829, June 18th-Mrs. Melvin, recently from Butler County was killed by lightening.
1829, June 2d-George K. Pennell, recently of Louisville, GA died. Aged 30 years.
1829, September 19th-Augusta, age 5 years, d/o Mr. Victor F. Mongin, died from eating wild grapes.
1830, July 3d-Col. William Y. Higgins died. Aged 47 years.
1831, June 19th-Robert Foster died, shot by Dr. J. B. Clopton.
1832, January 27th-Coleman Williams, died, hung for the murder of Silas Goree, Constable.
1832, July 21st-Mrs. Lavinia Brothers, aged 60, died. Mother of Thomas L. Brothers. Emigrated to this place in 1823 from SC.
1833, August 15th-Mr. Caesar Colclough, Montgomery merchant and brother of Richard and Bayard Colcough, died in Knoxville, TN of consumption.
1833, July 11th-John Ellis, aged 54, died.
1833, July 1st-Mrs. Lucy M. Mayhew widow of Davis Mayhew and mother of Sidney Mayhew, died of consumption
1834, August 26th-Mr. Henry Taylor, late of GA, died in Montgomery at his residence.
1834, February 9th-Miss Mary S. Brothers, sister of Thomas L. Brothers, died.
1834, March 18th-Mr. John R. Wiggins died. Murdered.
1834, November 4th-Slave Jerry was hung for rape.
1834, October 12th-Hon. John W. Paul, Circuit Court Judge, died in Montgomery.
1834, September 1st-Mr. Gardner R. Brown, early settler of this city, native of NY and merchant, died.
1834, September 2d-Mr Vardiman Templeton of McMinn Co, TN died.
1834, September 4th-Mrs. Lees w/o George Lees, died in Montgomery.
1834, September 4th-Thomas H. Richards died in Montgomery
1834, September 7th-Mrs. Adeline E. Bell, died.
1835, April 13th-William N. Raiford, brother of Col. P. H. Raiford, died.
1835, April 1st-Caleb Moncrief died
1835, December 30th-Mr. Hooper Caffey died. Aged 43 years.
1835, February 10th-William Hobbie, father of David A. Hobbie and Mrs. Leonard Pitkin, died.
1835, February 28th-William D. Bunkley died, aged 24 years.
1835, January 12th-early settler John Brack died.
1835, January 5th-William "Buck" Gregory, Sheriff, died, aged 29 years.
1835, May-Mr. Wright m. Miss Pauline Snyder
1836, April 18th-Mrs. Elizabeth R. White, late of Sumter Dist, SC & grandmother of Joseph W. Hale, died.
1836, December 31st-Mr. Dugald Blue died. Aged 84 years.
1836, July 13th-Mr. Strong Thornington died. Aged 76 years.
1836, November 14th-Mr. Robert H. Dart, printer, died in Montgomery in his office in the Belshaw Building.
1836, November 16th-Mr. Welcome Whipple, early settler and father of Dr. H. L. Whipple of this county, died. Survived by his brothers James O. and Jesse Whipple.
1837, February 6th-Mrs. Sarah Terry Fitzpatrick w/o Hon. Benjamin Fitzpatrick, died, aged 30 years.
1837, March 15th-Mrs. Sarah Raiford, w/o Col. Phiip H. Raiford and d/o John Gindrat, died.
1837, March 30th-Alfred Drakeford died, aged 21 years.
1837, March 6th-Mrs. Metcalf, aged 24 years, died.
1838, May 25th-John Knox, s/o William Knox, died from drowning in the Alabama River.
1839, August 25th-Mr. William H. Beasley, merchant died of yellow fever on the passage from New Orleans, LA to Galveston, TX.
1839, August 2d-Mrs. Joseph B. Henry of Montgomery died. Aged 24 years.
1839, December 21st-Peter Quiqley, killed by Mr. Isaac Meritt.
1839, January 6th-Charles, slave of Henry Lucas, executed for murder of the overseer.
1839, July 23d-Rev. A.B. Jerome, Presbyterian Pasto in Montgomery, died at Talladega Springs.
1839, November 25th-Gen. John Scott, died at his residence in Lowndes County. Aged 69 years.
1840, April 5th-Robert D. Thorington esq., a lawyer and the brother of Col. Jack Thorington, died, aged 35 years.
1840, August 19th-Mosely Hooker, late of this city, died in Brazoria County, TX where he had removed to as a merchant in 1826.
1840, January 25th-Myers Reed s/o Mrs. Mary W. Reed, accidentally shot and killed himself.
1840, May 12th-Mons. Adolphe Adrian, juggler & performer, died at Huie's Ferry on the Alabama River. He was shot and killed by Dr. J.R. McLeod.
1840, October 12th-Miss Margaret Parsons, d/o Samuel Parsons, died of consumption in Mobile Bay en route to Havana. She was 16 years of age.
1840, October 22d-Mr. William A. Steele, died after being stabbed with a bowie knife.
1841, September 7th-Died, Edmund Boughley, murdered by James Harkins
1842, January 3d-James Harkins, died, hung for the murder of Edmund Boughley.
1845, ?-The widow of Mr. Strong Thornington, died.
1847, July 3d-Jacob Ghents and Mr. McRae lost their lives wehn the ciling in the hall of the House of Representatives collapsed.
1847, October 18th-Colored man named Austin aged 103 years died at residence of last owner, Mrs. Ann Bullock in this city. He was the oldest person in Montgomery.
1847, September ??-Capt. J. L. Mumford died of yellow fever in Tampico, Mexico.
1848, February 11th-Mr. Phillip S. Glover, Marengo Co. representative, died.
1849, February 14th-Mary Logan Hardaway, w/o Gen. S. G. Hardaway, died in Mobile Bay, on board the vessel that was to convey her to Havana.
1849, February 2d-Little son of W.D. Deats fell into a well and was killed
1850, December 24th-Col. John McCormick, drowned.
1850, February 7th-Mr. Robert Murphy and his son died from poisoning. He was a brother of John H. Murphy.
1850, October 11th-Col Pollard Brown, died.
1850, October 21st-Col. Lewis W. Pond, merchant, died in this city.
1850, October 7th-Mr. Philomon D. Sayre, early merchant and brother of William Sayre, died in New York City. Philomon and William started business in Montgomery together in December 1821.
1851, August 15th-Dr. T.J. Vickers s/o James Vickers, died.
1851, December 10th-Col. Jesse P. Taylor, old citizen and planter, died of cancer.
1851, March 29th-John Gindrat, merchant, died in Franklin, AL in Macon County, aged 73 y and 10 m.
1852, February 28th-John Lambert, butcher, native of Normandy, France, died near Tallassee.
1852, January 22d-Dr. John R. Larkins, State Representative from Sumter Co., AL died.
1852, July 4th-A German named Haller committed suicide by razor.
1853, April 18th-William R. King died at his residence in Dallas County, AL.
1853, May 2d-Mr. J.F. Arnett of Texas committed suicide.
1853, October 24th-Mr. Martin Pond, died of yellow fever.
1854, July 7th-A slave was hung for attempting the life of a white man.
1854, June 30th-John Falconer, esq, first postmaster of Montgomery, and aged 78 years, died at the home of his sister-in-law Mrs. William Falconer.
1854, May 30th-John Cunningham, killed by lightening.
1854, September 27th-Judge N.E. Benson, early settler, died of yellow fever at his residence in Montgomery.
1854, September 28th-Mr. Henry Peebles, Sheriff, died of yellow fever in this city.
1854, September, 2d-Mr. Peter B. Smith, died in this city.
1855, ?-James M. Norrell, died
1855, July 21st-John Martin s/o Judge Abram Martin, died when thrown from a buggy.
1855, November 26th-Hon. N.H. Clanton, Senator from Macon County, died at the Exchange Hotel in Montgomery.
1855, October 21st-Mr. William Poe, died near this city of yellow fever.
1855, October 26th-Mr. Boge was shot and killed by Mr. David Naftel.
1856, June 30th-Mr. Morgan died, killed by gunshot.
1857, August 20th-Mr. Ochterlonie committed suicide by razor.
1857, December 23d-Manuel, a slave of Messrs Stewart and Wharton was executed for murder.
1857, January 29th-Amand P. Pfister, bookseller and musician, died. His father had come to Marengo Co., AL with the French Olive & Vine Colony in 1818 and was proprietor of the Dempolis Hotel. Mr. Prister moved from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery in 1847.
1857, July ??-Charles Crommelin Sr. died in Pensacola, FL.
1857, July 21st-Robert Thompson died when shot by Robert Foster.
1857, July 2d-Simon Myers drowned in the Alabama River.
1857, September 23d-Col John C. Bates, died.
1859, January 16th-Col. James E. Belser, early settler & distinguished lawywer, died.
1860, April 4th-Mr. Bridges, of Wilcox County died at the Exchange Hotel of congestive chill.
1860, April 7th-William Graham esq, early citizen and State Treasurer, died at his residence in Autauga County. Aged 74 years.
1860, February 2d-Mr. Van Oliver, a butcher from TN wqas killed in Bogue Homme by one Mr. Cook.
1860, January, 5th-John Goldthwaite early Montgomery Merchant and brother of Senator George Goldthwaite, died in Coosa Co., AL
1860, July 13th-Adam & June, slaves, hung for the murder of their master, Alfred Jones.
1860, March 15th-William Robinson died
1860, May 26th-Mr. Jones of Delaware died when he drowned near the city wharf.
1861, January 11th-Bishop R.H. Cobbs, of the Episcopal Church died.

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