Births, Deaths, & Marriages from Covington Co., AL Newspapers

Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin RN and Lois Danley, with additional genealogical tidbits contributed by Lisa Graham.

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DATE OF NEWSPAPER/events in that date's paper (b=birth, d-death, m=marriage)

The Covington Times

13 JUL 1889-d.Mrs. Lizzie LIND, of Kansas City; d.three negroes drowned at Hutcher's Ferry on the Tallapoosa River
20 JUL 1889-d. Cap LIGHTNER, near Ozark, AL; d.Col. W.E. MAULDEN of Ozark; d.last Wed. Mr. Dolly DUNCAN, murdered by her husband Freewill Baptist preacher Henry DUNCAN
13 JUL 1889-d.Mrs. Lizzie LIND, of Kansas City; d.three negroes drowned at Hutcher's Ferry on the Tallapoosa River
27 JUL 1889-d.Moses GRAVES at Jewel, AL in Lamar County; d.Mrs. WILLIAMS, near Rose Hill; d.negro infant; m.Mr. Mike SIMMONS & Mrs. RHODES; d.Henry DUNCAN, sentenced to hanging for murder of wife Dolly; d.body of unknown woman recovered from train wreck at Coopersdale; d. Mr. James HORN
03 AUG 1889-d.Stephen A. LEARNED Jr; d.Mr. C.N. JOHNSTON, aged about 70; d.little dau. of Mrs. Lavonia (HART) BARNHILL & granddaughter of Mr. Joseph HART.
-Little daughter of Mrs. Lavonia Barnhill was choked to death while eating a peach on Saturday last week. Mrs. Barnhill lives with her father, Mr. Joseph Hart near Williams Mill.
-Fannie Bryant is charged with being an accomplice of R.R. Hawes in the murder of his wife and children at Birmingham is to be tried next week.
-Mr. C. N. Johnston of this place dropped dead this evening, age 70.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. July 29, 1889 Henry H. Jones has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. August 12, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: George Williamson, Willie A. Cobb, Henry W, Cassidy, John Cooper, Fairfield, Ala.
-Born a 10 lb. boy to Mr. Jasper McQuien, living at Miller’s Mill.
--Messrs. S.T. Ewing, P. R. Parsons, and T. W. Bell of Crenshaw were in Andalusia last week.
-Mrs. Emily Lewis of Henderson is spending time with her daughter, Mrs. G.F. Emerson at this place.
-Little Alma, daughter of Mr. R. Tillis is ill.
-A huge watermelon is at the home of Mr. J.S. Josey in Red Level.
-Rev. Mr. Williams of Barbour County has decided to permanently locate among us.
- Mr. George E. Hicks will remove to Hattiesburg, Miss., in a week or so.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. July 24, 1889 Charles Martin has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. Sept. 30th, 1889,viz: He names the following witnesses: Abram Hart, J.A.J. Hart, J.A. Hart, C.D. Hart, Andalusia, Ala.
- List of Jurors- Grand and petit Jurors draw for Fall term of Covington Co. Court:
A.W. Deens;Loango, C.A. O’Neal; Red Level, J.F. Lowman; Shirley, Daniel Hart; LakeView, W.B. Watkins; Williams Mill, W.G.W. Peoples; Wiggins, W.H Hart ;Rosa, James Aplin; Green Bay,
W. J. Stanley; Hallton, J.L. Stewart; Rose Hill, W.D. Boyett; Andalusia, W.C. Johns: Rose Hill, M.V. Hare; Andalusia, S.P. Feagin; Fairfield, A.F. Miller; Lake View. Petit Jurors: L. J. Salter; Andalusia.
Petit Jurors- 1st week- L.J. Salter, Andalusia, Wm. Snider; Andalusia, A.S. Wallace; Hallton, J.H. Sasser; Rose Hill, Y.E. Hughes; Vera Cruz, J.A. Whaley; Hallton, L.C. Carter;Wiggins, T.J. George;Lake View, J. W. Woodham; Hallton, Wm Fletcher; Andalusia, D.A. Hart;Beda, W.H. Adams;Opine, A.T. Moody; Rose Hill, John Stanley; Opine, J.W. wiggins;Sanford, J.T. Bradshaw; Andalusia, F.M. Hassel;Fairfield, W.H. Pagett;Conecuh River, Elisa Godwin; Fairfield, W. A. Rawls; Rome, J.H. Cravey; Greenbay, W.B. Manning;Lake View, D.S. Barrow;Andalusia, J.M. Watson;Red Level, J.T. Lord;Red Level, J.A. Fendley; Loango, George Hudson; Shirley, R. M. Clary;Beda, M.A. George; Williams Mill, C.S. Thomasson; Fairfield. Petit Jurors-2d week. T.D Josey; Red Level, L.B.J. Hassell;Fairfield, D.N. Jordan;Shirley, G.W. Richardson; Williams mill, T.J. Watkins; Williams Mill, W.N. Radford; Opine, J.I. Dixon; Rome, J.F. Burleson; Hallton, J.A. Woodham; Hallton,S.T. Tindel; Rose Hill, Wm. Crosby; Green Bay, J.J. Barrow; Greenbay, J.J. Ganus; Rose Hill, J.T. Cockroft; Williams Mill, W.R. Garvin; Andalusia, S.A. Jones; Fairfield, T.J. Brown; Andalusia, E.J. Beasley; Red Level, J.J. Short; Wiggins, M. Thorinton; Hallton, E. Little; Andalusia, L.E. Atwell; Andalusia, J.D. Wiggins;Wiggins, J.D. Mott;Vera Cruz, J.F. Lowman;Shirley, S.D. Wiggins; Sanford, J.T. Thomasson; Andalusia, Isiah Boles; Lake View, John Lunsford; Fairfield.

10 AUG 1889-d.little child of Mr. HODNETT of Equality, AL, Coosa County; d.colored child, killed in GA as sacrifice "by crazy negro" claiming to be Christ.

-little child of Mr. Hodnett of Equality, Coosa County was scalded to death last week.
-Mr. Sam J. Townsend of China Grove has a wooden trunk which has been in his family for 4 generations. It was brought from Germany. Mrs. Townsend’s Mother is the late Mrs. Matilda Carter.
- Mr. Wm Baker and wife are visiting relatives in Coffee County.
-Mrs. Snider of Pike County is visiting her son, Rev. Wm. Snider of this place.
-Mr. Faulkenberry is having a cottage built in Andalusia.
-Mr. George Foster and Mr. Bose have been quite sick the past week.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. July 31, 1889- William S. Kervin has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. September 10, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: John L. Chesser, Henry O. Barfield, Irvin C. Colvin, Joel T. Turner; Vera Cruz, Ala.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. July 31, 1889 -Stephen R. Kervin has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. September 10, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: John L. Chesser, Henry O. Barfield, Irvin C. Colvin, Joel T. Turner; Vera Cruz, Ala.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. July 31, 1889 Mary A. Kervin has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. May 1, 10, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: John L. Chesser, Henry O. Barfield, Irvin C. Colvin, Joel T. Turner; Vera Cruz, Ala.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Aug. 7, 1889 Wiley South has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. September 19, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: John D. Mott, John C. Gomillion, William A. Williamson, Ephraim J. Williamson; Rose Hill Ala.
-Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Aug. 07, 1889 James Wheeler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. September 18, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: Benjamin F. Dunn, Middleton Riley, James F. Dunn, James E. Rawls; Hamptonville, Ala.

17 AUG 1889-m.Marcella P. MARTIN & Miss Lizzie JOSEY; m. Alva McLELLAND & Lenia FRANKLIN were m. at home of bride's father W.H. FRANKLIN in Loango (compiler's note: Alvin Tatum McLELLAND m. Salonia Frances FRANKLIN).

- Marceiluc P. Martin and Miss Lizzie Josey were married in red Level on the 4th Inst. E. J. Beasley, Esq. preformed the ceremony.
-Joseph Brannon, lost his dwelling to fire, he lives in Coffee County.
- Alex Foshee is died Friday. His remains passed through Brewton on the way to Evergreen to the family burying ground on Pigeon Creek, Conecuh Co, where his Uncle David Foshee resides. He has been in Mississippi the past 3 years.
- Little Richard Morton, the 7 year old son of Mr. P.M. Morton of Birmingham was bitten by a rattlesnake yesterday morning. - Birmingham Age Herald.
- Death of William A. Riley, Sunday Last on the 11th inst. He was the son of Mrs. George Riley. He was familiarly called “Bose” and in his 19th year. He was interred at a Cemetery here on Monday afternoon.
-Mr. Jackson Jones opened a singing school at Salem Church 5 miles southeast of Andalusia on Fri. 9th inst.
-Mrs. Foster of Greenville is visiting her son, Mr. George Foster who is seriously sick. He is staying at the home of Mt. John W. Prestwood.
-Admr’s sale, Covington County, Estate of R. W. Turner, Deceased. W. T. Acree Adm’r will sell the real estate belong to this Estate Monday 2d of Sept, 1889.

24 AUG 1889-m.George COON & Celia DORSEY; d.Mollie TAYLOR; d.Mr. SANDERS.
-Mr. George Coon and Miss Celia Dorsey were married at the residence of the bride’s Father, Mr. Harrison Dorsey of Cool Springs on the 23rd day of July.
-Mrs. W. F Martin of Chaffin is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. G.W. Dunson.
-Sheriff’s sale against Mrs. Loretta Crumpler, Chancery Court of Crenshaw County, Ala on Monday 23d. day of Sept, 1889. Dated 21st Aug. 1889.

31 AUG 1889-d.Hill PITTMAN; d.child in Nashville, TN; b.child in Boston which weighed less than 1 lb.; d.Mr. POMERY; d."A man by the name of Cary"; d.18 mos. old child of Mr. Dan ATKISSON; boy to Aus. PRESTWOOD (compiler's note: Austin PRESTWOOD).
-Mr. Hill Pittman died 24 hours after being shot. Tom Morgan and Hill Pittman came to Luverne on Thursday the 8th inst., upon returning home came up to the camp of Messrs. Walt Kirby and Jiles Coon, who lived near the Florida line. A quarrel arose, Kirby shot Pittman, Kirby & Coon then hitched up & came to Luverne. Pittman leaves a wife and 2 small children. Kirby and Jiles Coon were arrested.
- Admr’s Sale- Covington County, the Estate of Nancy Feagin, Deceased, at the old Feagin homestead, near Fairfield, Ala.
-Mr. W.R. Allen of Selma is spending time with his brother of this place, and Mr. Ed. T. Albritton.
-little child of Mr. Dan Atkinson, living at Millet’s Mill, died on Wednesday night.
-Little Grover, son of B.J. Hogg of Oakey Streak found a rattlesnake and took it home. He was not bitten.
-Mr. A.A. Kelly of Opine, ran into the wire of the Cemetery with his horse last Wednesday. The horse tripped & fell to the ground with Mr. Kelly under him. He had a narrow escape from death.

07 SEP 1889-d.Daniel MOORE (this is a long obituary which includes many details of family & history); d.Hill PITTMAN.
- Daniel Moore died at his residence near Mt. Hilliard, Ala, Aug. 3d. 1889. He leaves a wife, 3 sons, 4 daughters.
-Mr. Jno. T. Bagley is the happy papa of an eleven pounder that came on the 21st Ult.
--Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Aug. 15, 1889 -Robert F. Burke has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. September 26, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: George L. Dunnavant, Henry Williams, George W. Knight; all of Andalusia & Bennett B. Bass ; Fairfield.
- Mrs. L.T. Law of Haw Ridge is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C.A. O’Neal of Andalusia.
-Mr. G.F. Emerson and family left for Geneva, we regret the departure.
-Mr. West. Garvin has the best turnip patch in the vicinity.
-D.W. Paul killed a large Moccasin snake while working on O’Neal’s Farm.
-Messers. Joseph Barron and Geo. Barnes, living near the post office in Iola, killed a sturgeon which measured over 5 feet.
-Circuit Court, Fall Term, Judge Hubbard- The following were sentenced and are now in jail; Perry Manly, John Meeks and John Liles for short terms in County Jail; and J.E. Stanley- 3 years in the penitentiary. The case of the state Vs. Joseph Hart was continued to next term of Court.
-Mr. C.J. Mills of bullock accompanied his cousin, Miss Mollie O’Neal on her return home to Andalusia.
-Mr. Willis Riley of Greenville accompanied his daughter, Mrs. J. R. Burnett to this place recently.
-Mr. Johnnie TAYLOR, son, son of W.W. Taylor, Esq. of Rose Hill, who was engaged in the photography business in Mississippi, took sick and was forced to return home on Sunday last.
-Mr. J.J. Ganus living 5 miles east of Andalusia was bitten by a snake on his hand. Also Mr. Shady Carter, was bitten on the hand by a snake a few days ago.
-The store of Cullen E. Stanley near the Coffee County line was destroyed by fire Sunday night last.

14 SEP 1889-d.Mrs. HAWES & 2 children, murdered; d.George P. THAGARD of Crenshaw County; d.young woman, jumped into river & went over Niagra Falls; d.Dr. H.H. TUCKER, Bpt. divine of GA; d.Hon. S.S. COX, NY statesman

21 SEP 1889-- George P. Thagard of Crenshaw County is dead.
- Emanuel Richards, Colored, of Montgomery beat his Father to death the other night.
- Matthew Odom shot himself in the leg having been in the vicinity of the Hilton Post Office.
- Mr. T. J. Brown has left our office with several sticks of Rice stalks.
- John Ensley stabbed Columbus Bardin last Sunday night at the Christian Church over a young lady. He was not killed. Mr. Henry Bardin and Mr. W. J. Huff Captured Ensley.
- Ella Perry, Colored was beaten to death by her husband at Avondale.

28 SEP 1889-d. Mr. PEEBLES in Barbour County; d.Mr. KNOWLES, age 100, in Bulter County; d.colored man when fight broke out between 2 colored men at colored camp meeting in Sumter; b.sextets to Mrs. Hiram SNELL of Malad, ID; d.Herry IRVING, aged about 2 years, son of Mr. J.A. HART of Beda; d.wife of John M. WILLINGHAM; b.infant to Mr. J.H. FAULKENBERRY.
- Mrs. Knowles , 100 years old was accidentally burned to death in Butler County, Ala.
- A man by the name of PEBBLES committed suicide in Barbour County. He cut his throat with a razor.
---Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Sept. 16, 1889 -Benjamin P. Brooks has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. October 39, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: John F. King, John F. Polk, Jackson A. Smith, Warren Adams; Loango Ala.
-Mr. Claud Riley left for highland Home College on Friday.
-Mr. John Nichols of Beda, cut himself severely on the leg and foot while hewing a log a few days ago.
-Mr. Ed Baisden is in Georgia where he will remain a month or two.
- The little daughter of Mr. George Dauphin of Rose Hill broke her arm recently.
-Hugh Stewart, little son of Mr. Monroe Stewart of Rose Hill, fell out the door and broke his leg.
- Deputy-Sheriff Dunson re-captured John E. Stanley who escaped jail from here.
-Beda, Ala.-Aug. 31st Brother John M. Willimgham’s wife is dead. She requested to be buried beside her deceased Mother at Corner Creek Church in Geneva County. We carried her corpse 36 miles to her Uncles house. She leaves a husband and 4 children.
- a negro man waylaid Mr. John Mills of Pike County the other night. The wound was not fatal.
- Notice, State of Ala- Covington County, Probate court. Sept. 23d,1889. This day came M. C. Gantt, Sheriff, Estate of Daniel McDuffie, Deceased, for purpose of division of heirs. The 17th day of Oct, 1889.
Heirs: Mary Edge; resident of Walton County, Fl.

05 OCT 1889-d.negro children burned to death in home in Pike County; d.negro woman in Butler County
- Emma Jernigan, Daughter of Mr. Wm. Jernigan of Oakey Streak, aged 8 died on the 15th of September, followed by the death of her sister, Laura Aged 16 on the 22 d September.
-Fed Owens, Colored cut Burrell Bogan, also colored, with a knife in Greenville.

12 OCT 1889-m.Capt. R. GANTT & Maggie FLOURNOY; d.young son of Dan HENDERSON, colored; d.10 mos. old child of Mr. ??? LINDSEY; m.Miss BAISDEN; b.twins to negro woman at Anniston, 1 white & 1 black.
-Young son of Dan Henderson, colored died Thursday morning.
- A 10 month old child of Mr. Man Lindsey died a few days ago.
- A Negro gave birth to twins at Anniston lately- one black, and one white.
-Deputy U.S. Marshall Sparks was killed by Lock Ezell at Belgreen, Ala. last week.

19 OCT 1889- d Lucretia GASKIN of Oak Grove; d Morris BROWN, asassinated by per sons unknown in Pensacola; d little Negro boy killed by Frank LEWIS 13 yrs who is white; d Father of Russell GLENN,13 yrs, was killed by Russell; d Hon. Henry D CLAYTON at Tuskaloosa, Al on Sun last, who was General in late war and Circuit Judge for number of years.
-J. E. Henderson of Troy will soon move to Ozark.
-Mrs. Andrew Smith of Tuscumbia has given birth to seven children in 4 years.
-Mrs. Harrison Williamson was thrown from her buggy near Mt. Ida and seriously injured.
-Indictment found against Russell Glenn, age 17, at Belgreen, Ala. for killing his father.
--Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Oct. 1st, 1889 -Benjamin P. Brooks has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. November 12, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: James Potts, Barney McLelland, Jack M. Franklin, William H. Hogg; Loango, Ala.
- Miss Lucretia Gasking of Oak Grove Fla., is dead.
-Mr. James Brown and family have moved to Geneva.
-Zebulon Terry, Esq., of Red Level presented us with a nice lot of Apples.
-Mr. Frank Brown of Williams Mill killed 3 wild turkeys in one day last week. Frank says that he and Moses George Jr. are the champion turkey shots in Covington.
-Tommie Harrelson and Tommie Adams of Rose Hill, went to Geneva Monday last.
-Mr. Wm Jernigan of Oakey Streak who has lost two daughters in one week has now lost a third child.
-On Wednesday last the dwelling of Mr. Joseph Garrett, living on Poley Creek was destroyed by fire.

26 OCT 1889-d youngest child of D D WILLIAM in Barbour Co; m Ed T ALBRITTON & Miss Eddie ALLEN, on 17th ist in Demopolis Al; m Columbus MILLS & Kate CROSBY from Bullock, Crenshaw Co, were married on 19th Oct in Columbia, Ga.
- Angus Skipper was assassinated on the night of the 20 th inst., 6 miles from Ozark. 5 men have been arrested with the deed.
- J. J. Morris of Elba, has been elected County treasurer by the commissioners of Coffee County to fill the vacancy of the former Treasurer, Mason King, who is deceased.
-Mr. C. S. O’Neal and wife spent the night at Rose Hill.
-Miss Angie Penton left for Milton, Fla. where she will attend school.
- D. D. Roberts of Covington County has been drawn to serve as a grand Juror in the U.S. Court in Montgomery.
- Mr. D.D. Williams who taught school out at five runs a short while has lost his youngest son on the day he reached his old home in Barbour County.
-Mr. L.M. Jordan, residing seven miles below Andalusia, lost a fine Milch cow,
- On Sunday 13th Inst. Mr. Ed. T. Albritton, accompanied by his Best Man, Henry Law, left for Demopolis, where he was united in marriage to Miss Liddie Allen on the 17th inst.
-Mr. Columbus Mills and Miss Kate Cosby, a runaway couple from Bullock, Crenshaw County passed through here Saturday morning the 19th, on their way to Columbus, Ga. to be married.
---Notice- Covington County, Probate Court, 4th day of Oct. 1889. This day came Mrs. E. J. Brooks, widow of B.C. Brooks, late guardian for LORRELLA, MARY ETTA and GEORGE W. RILEY, and filed evidences for a final settlement of the said guardianship. Ordered 29th Day of Oct, 1889 it be appointed, all persons appear if interested. Malachi Riley. Probate Judge Covington County.
---Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Oct. 21, 1889 -LEM WARD has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. December 8, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: Benjamin L. Stokes, Matthew W. Stokes, Noah S. Stokes, John B. Adams; Andalusia Ala.
----Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Sept. 21st, 1889 -Lizzie Stanley has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. Nov. 5th, 1889,viz: Witnesses to prove his continued residence: George W. Russell, James A. Brown, Wesley R. Garvin, John B. Adams; Andalusia, Ala.

02 NOV 1889- d 3yr old nephew of Bob STEWART of Troy Al; d John LONG died suddenly near Greenville; m J W TRAWICK & Mary BOLLING Sunday; d S M WHEELER on 23 Oct, at Cold Water, Santa Rosa Co, FL, He was 74 yrs,2 mos, 18 days; was born on 5 Aug 1815 in Sumter Dist, SC. A citizen of Andalusia for 38 years; leaves wife & 6 daughters; d Richard MORGAN in Santa Rosa Co, FL on 10 Jun, killed by Moses WATERS who was sentenced to penitentiary for life.
-J. L. Little, a one armed white man was almost beaten to death by unknown parties on a public road in Conecuh County recently.
-Lightning struck the barn of Milton Whaley near Troy on the 26 th Ult.
- two little grandchildren living on Brundidge road seven miles from Troy, got into the trunk of their Uncle, Mr. Bob Smith, and took out a self-cocking Smith & Wesson Pistol. The older boy aged 8 years pointed it at his little brother, aged 3 years and pulled the trigger. The ball passed into his shoulder. The child died Wednesday night.- Troy Messenger
- John Lang drop dead in the public road of Greenville the other day.
- E. E. Thompson was accidentally killed a few days ago while working at the Troy Fertilizer Factory.- Troy Enquirer
- RUBE BURROWS and friend is in our County. He was hemmed in by seven citizens, attempted his arrest. Two killed, one badly Wounded. Killed outright were Penn Woodard and Henry Anderson, and James Herring wounded. Our Sheriff was not here. Burrows has escaped again.
----Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. October 24, 1889 -James A. Taylor has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. Dec. 10th, 1889,viz:
Witnesses to prove his continued residence: James E. Weaver, William L. Norris, William Coon, Archie Rials; Dannelly, Ala.
---Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Oct. 28 , 1889 -Nancy Merriwether has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. December 11th, 1889,viz: Witnesses to prove his continued residence: Jesse C. Smith, William L. Harrison, Green B. Clark, Thomas R.C. Teel; Hallton, Ala.
---Notice: Land Office at Montgomery, Ala. Oct. 24, 1889 -John P. Dannelly has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in his claim in the Probate Court at Andalusia Ala. December 10th, 1889,viz: Witnesses to prove his continued residence: James E. Weaver, William L. Norris, William Coon, Archibald Rials; Dannelly, Ala.
-J.H. Chapman’s cane mill is running full blast.
- Mrs. John F. Thomas has been ill for several days, Also, Mrs. E.I. Henderson.
-Mrs. Stokes and Mrs. J. J. Barrow, Sr. left this week to visit relatives in Pike County.
-Mrs. S.P. Barron and Mrs. Sidney Harrell left for Highland Home Thursday morning on a trip.
-Rev. W.A. Winslett and Mr. J. M. Carr of Pike County were in town last Wednesday. Mr. Carr purchased land and will move here during the winter.
-Moses Waters charged with the murder of Richard Morgan, in Santa Rosa, Fla. on the 10th of last June was sentenced to the penitentiary for life.
- S. M. Wheeler died on the 23d day of October 1889 at his home on Cold Water, Santa Rosa, Fla., about 13 miles from Milton. His death was sudden. he was 74 years, 2 months, and 18 days old and was born the 5th day of August 1815 in the Sumter District, South Carolina. He was a citizen of Andalusia for 38 years. He leaves a wife and 6 daughters to mourn his loss.
-Married on last Sunday morning were Mr. J.W. Trawick and Miss Mary Bolling.

09 NOV 1889-m Mr PHILLIPS & Miss MAHATHY of Butler Co on Thursday in Andalusia; d Mrs Wendell TAYLOR was buried on Friday.
-Notice- The State of Ala. Crenshaw County. W.G. Harrison as Executor of Williamson Harrison, deceased VS. J.W. Cook, Eli Dampier, and Tillis & O’Neal. 18th day of Oct. decree rendered by Chancery Court.
-Mr. Johnnie Hart and his sister, Mrs. Lorena Crumpler are visiting Montgomery.
-married, Mr. Phillips and a Miss Mahathy of Butler County, another runaway couple.
- Mr. Julian Adams was cut with a knife by one “Bud” Pagett from Holmes County, Fla. Sunday night at Miller’s Saw Mill 3 miles from Andalusia. Pagett was arrested. Dan Atkission being connected to the difficulty was required to give bond.
- Messrs. Green Butler and J. W. Tilman of Hilton will embark in the saw business here.
- Needham Marsh, one of the oldest citizens of Coffee County died at Clintonville the other day.
-Mrs. Zach Martin of Rose Hill is visiting her sick mother.
-Rose Hill sick List; Dr. J.F. Pendry, Mr. Henry Smith, Wendell Taylor, Esq and his son.
- Mrs. Wendall Taylor of Rose Hill died and was buried Friday eveningon the 2d ult., in the rain, and in confusion her head was turned towards the east, but Saturday morning the 3d ult. she was taken up and buried right.- Nov. 5th- Editor Times
- Mr. Ransom Caton, who has been in Washington for 2 years is visiting his father’s family at Rose Hill.
-Mr. Robert Strickland is among friends after an absence from Rose Hill of about a year.
-Mr. Jesse Carter, with others will leave for Montgomery tomorrow with a fine bunch of cattle.

16 NOV 1889-Mr. D.L. Locke of red Level, recently lost two twin infants.
-Mr. Henry Josey left Red Level to relocate near Cicso Texas.
-Little Willis Shanks was killed by a falling tree near Forest Home.
- Two weeks ago, M. S. Oaks of Decatur, Formerly of this County was thought to be insane, he was put in the asylum in Tuskaloosa but he grew worse and died last Saturday. his remains were brought back to his old home on Saturday and buried. He died of Hydrophobia, the effect of a dog bite received 17 years ago.
- In Montgomery, A.A. Barnett and Miss T. Hill were married.

23 NOV 1889- d W C STEVENS, shot on 18th by his uncle Theo. W MARSHALL of Claibunn, killed in Monroevill, deceased was son of Ex Tax Collector STEVENS of Monroe.
-Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 13 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: DANIEL F. PETERSON, Andalusia Ala., Dec, 28, 1889.Witnesses: James E. Mancill, Henry Rayborn, Charley W. Snowden, Josiah H. Snowden; Andalusia, Ala.
-Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 12 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: Mike Elliott, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 3d, 1889 .Witnesses:
Dave Smith, Albert Fowler, Benjamin Johnson; Rome Ala., Ira Phelps of Mason, Ala.
-Sheriff’s Sale, judgment obtained against Jas. Wallace on Tuesday the 3rd day of Dec., 1889 at the Court in Andalusia. Dated at Office this the 15th day of Nov. 1889.

30 NOV 1889- D Negro boy in cotton gin at Clinton, Al; d Mrs Nathan HALL of Dothan on 20th; d B F BUSSEY killed J H LABOROUS, Editor of Spirit of the Age at Abbeville today; d M E PRATT, at Prattville AL; d John RUSH, in drunken state lay on L&N RR tracks and was run over, leaving wife and 5 children.
- Mrs. Nathan Hall died on the night of the 20th- Dothan Light.
-Miss Ella Awtrey of Monroe County is spending a short while with her sister, Mrs. Middleton Riley of Hamptonville.
- Mr. William A. Hogg and Miss Eldora Adams of Oakey Streak were married on Thursday the 21st inst.
-Married on the 21st inst., at Rutledge ,W. F. Milligan of Milton, Fla., and Miss Carrie Mahone.
-Adm’r Sale, Probate Court of Covington County, Real Estate of MORGAN H. RILEY, Deceased, J.A. Riley, Administrator, Sale December 30th, 1889.

December 7 1889-
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 27 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: John W. Castleberry, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 15th, 1890 Witnesses: James B. Turner, Joel J. Turner, Cantaiu T. Kervin, James E. Josey; Vera Cruz, Ala.
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 12 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: John Lawrence, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 14th, 1890 Witnesses: Alexander Casady, Daniel Casady, William Casady, Pearson D. Bulger; Tabitha, Ala.
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 27 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: Lucretia T. Cobb, Andalusia Ala., Jan.13th, 1890. Witnesses: Jeremiah Woodall, Edward T. Lloyd, James S. Woodall, Marcus L. Dauphin; Sanford, Ala.
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. December 2, 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: John H.H. Young, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 14th, 1890 Witnesses: Joseph A. Cunningham, James A. Hart, James A. Davis, John W. Stokes; Oak Grove, Ala.
-Miss Ola Bledsoe returned to her home at Henderson last week.
-George H. Pendleton, A prominent leader, died a few days ago.
-John O. McCrelass of Bullock County visited friends here this week.
- Mr. Shade Howell of Brewton, was in town Tuesday, the guest of Squire Thomas.
-Mr. Jeff Morris and lady of Troy, came down on a visit to the family of Mr. James Stewart, of this place.
- Covington County, Probate Court, Nov. 25th, 1889: This day came J. J. Ganos Jr., Guardian for minor Heirs of Thomas Dauphin, Deceased. It is ordered that The 21st day of December, 1889 be appointed such day to make a settlement. Malachi Riley , J.O.P.
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 27, 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: James Cross, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 7th, 1890 Witnesses:
James Johnson, Henry R. Johnson, J. Melvin Jeter, Benjamin Silas; Vera Cruz, Ala.
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 27 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: Hezekiah C. Wilson, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 8th, 1890 Witnesses: Norman McIntosh, S. Austin Lunsford, Jackson Smith, William T. Ervin; Fairfield Ala.
--Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Nov. 27 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: Daniel Thomas Josey, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 7th, 1890 Witnesses: James Johnson, Henry B. Johnson, J. Melvin Jeter, Benjamin Silas; Vera Cruz; Ala.

14 DEC 1889- d 7 yr Negro child of S MARSHALL Saturday, wife and infant were also burned in fire believed to be arson; d J D GILLIS age 45 near Rose Hill on 6th, leaves wife and 4 children; d two children poisoned by Charter IRVIN, Negro near Lawrenceville in Henry Co
-Mr. J.D. Gillis, aged 45 years, died near Rose Hill on Friday the 6th inst. He leaves a wife and 4 children.
-Dr. McKittrick of Evergreen, visited Andalusia Monday last.
-Mr. Hogg of Shirley Beat made sixteen chairs for use in the Circuit Court Room.
- Will Chesser was “downed’ by a stubborn mustang the other day.
-Z.M. Martin, Esq., of Rose Hill has sold out and will probably remove to Texas.
- James Lewis, a mill owner, residence near Geneva, Ala., turned up at Defuniak Springs last Friday and had been robbed.
-Tom Blanton, a grocery merchant, was found dead in the rear of his store in Ozark. No marks of violence were on his body. He leaves a wife and several children.
-Land Office at Montgomery Ala. Dec. 11, 1889, Following settler has filed notice to prove continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land. Viz: Mary Bass, Andalusia Ala., Jan. 23, 1890 Witnesses: James Johnson, Henry B. Johnson, J. Melvin Jeter, Benjamin Silas; Vera Cruz; Ala.

21 DEC 1889-m Jas WATSON & Gatsey SELLERS of Red Level last Sunday
- Green Braxton will be hung Jan 15th in Montgomery for murder.
- The house of James McFerrin of Butler County was destroyed by fire.
-Mr. Jernigan, about 20 years of age, died last night in Greenville, His father is D.P. Jernigan.
- Mrs. Elizabeth Stokes has valuable soap for sale.
-Rube Smith who assisted Bube Burrows in the express train robbery at Buckatunna, Miss., was redently captured and placed in jail.
-Married; Mr. James Watson and Miss Gatsy Sellers of red level were married last Sunday.
- Miss Emma Routon and Miss Katie Creech were driving home, the horse became frightened, throwing both from the buggy. Midd Routon escaped without injury, Miss Creech broke her arm.
04 JAN 1890- m Mr Ples. DYESS & Mrs Lavonia BARNHILL at bride’s father’s home Joseph HART of Williams Mills on 24th ult; m Katie FLOURNOY & Richard H WYATT near Host on 26th.
* Homestead Notices of Andalusia, Ala. Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. Edward J. Josey, Green Phillips, John W. P. Castleberry, John Lawrence, Lucretia Cobb, Nancy F. Jeter, Lorenzo J. Jeter, Hilary R. Woodham, Oliver P. Holley, Alexander Cassasy.
* Two infant babies of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Prestwood were buried last week.
* Mr. Henry Worley who has been in Texas for 5 years is visiting his old home place here.
* Mr. Ples Dyess and Mrs. Lavonia Barnhill were married at the residence of the bride’s father, Joseph Hart, of Williams Mill on the 24th Ult.
* Mr. J.M. Whaley of Pike county is dead.
* Mr. C.R. Raley of Henderson visited here last week.
*William Riley, L.J. Salter and Claud Riley went turkey hunting last week.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment obtained on John White, F. M. Watson, and S. Bishop, sale at courthouse door, 3d day of Feb. 1890
* Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against John E. Stanley, M. Riley, J.B. Brewton.
sale Monday 3d Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against John Lunsford and S.A. Jones.
sale Monday 3d Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against James A. Whaley, J. F. Burlison, and B.F. McLeod. Public Sale Monday 3d Feb, 1890 Courthouse.

11 JAN 1890- d wife of Gen. LONGSTREET at Gainesville, Ga; d Wiley WILLIAMS shot & killed by Jno CARTER at edge of Walton Co, Fla; d Judge Rice; m Wendell TAYLOR & Nancy WIGGINS of Rose Hill; b baby boy to Mr & Mrs Clant O’NEAL on Wednesday; m Mr T J LILES of Red Level & Miss Lizzie BEASLEY of Butler Co on 26 Dec; d Micharel FITZSIMMONS, watchman of saw mill found dead last monday. His wife was the widow Mrs RHODES; m Miss Lydia HARE & Joseph APLIN week at Green Bay.
*John Carter who killed Wiley Williams in the edge of Walton County, has surrendered himself.
*Mr. William Flinn has the 2 finest hogs seen in Crenshaw County, one weighs over 700 lbs.
*Judge Rice, one of Alabama’s Foremost lawyers is dead.
*Judge C. W. Buckley has been appointed postmaster at Montgomery by President Harrison.
*Elbert Holt, of Montgomery accidentally shot his brother, E.B. Holt, Jr. last Thursday. They were bird hunting.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against John I. Dixon in favor of Simons & Company Public Sale 10th Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against John I. Dixon in favor of Virginia Dunlap. Public Sale Monday 10th Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
*Mr. Ned Littles killed a buck near his home.
* Col. Hickman of Elba, visited Andalusia.
*Miss Jessie Stewart of Bullock is visiting her uncle, Mr. James Stewart of this place.
*Mr. C.E. Nelson has moved to Rose Hill.
*Mr. T.H. TERRY and Miss Mary Liles of Red Level were married on the 26th ult., by Rev. J.M. Robinson.
*Mr. Wendell Taylor and Miss Nancy Wiggins of Rose Hill were united in marriage a few days ago.
*We welcome Mr. S.M. Stewart and family of Bullock.
*Mr. Claud Gillis and his sister, Miss Mollie, of Bullock spent several days with their Cousin, C.A. Neal of this place.
* Mr. J.A. Nichols of Beda, informs us that John W. Stokes lost a valuable horse.
*Miss Jessie Albritton of Mt. Olive, N.C. has returned to Andalusia and will open a school.
*Mr. Noah Bowdon has removed from Elba to Covington County near Cool Springs.
*Mary Buchanan, Colored, who lives on J.D. Williams lot was shot though an auger hole in the door. Her back was to the door, the wound is not serious.
*Miss Lydia Hare and Mr. Joseph APLIN were married this week at Green Bay.
*Michael Fitzsimmons, of Geneva, watchman at the saw mill of messrs, Hutchinson & Wilson was found dead last Monday. He died during the night, probably of tremens. He MARRIED Mrs. Rhodes, a widow woman in Andalusia before going to Geneva.
* Homestead Notices - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. Jan 4, 1890: Virgil Lee Williams. He names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz: Robert Lawrence, Henry Leonard, William B. Manning, James E. Hughes; Lakeview, Ala.
* Homestead Notices - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. Jan 4, 1890: James O. South . He names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz: William H. Parker, John B. Pate, George N. Gardner, Walter A. Bordeaux; Red Level, Ala.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against E.B Sims and Abel k. Sims Public Auction, Property; Monday 3rd day Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
* Homestead Notices - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. Jan 29, 1890: William T. Curry. He names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz: Edward J. Josey, John Lee, Ambrose Cross, Andrew J. Jeter; Vera Cruz; Ala.

18 JAN 1890-Jesse MCKINZIE of Clintonville offers reward of $50. for arrest of Jep JOYNER, murderer of Hardy MCKINZIE; m William R PEARSON, deacon of Baptist Church living in Butler Co, eloped with his wife’s 16yr old niece Miss Etta SKINNER a few days ago.
* Prof. James Chancellor of Geneva is dead.
* Miss Ida O. Green of Geneva, Ala has been appointed to a position at the Agricultural Dept. at Washington.
*William R. Pearson of Butler County, A respected citizen and deacon, eloped with his wife’s 16 year old niece, Miss Etia Skinner a few days ago.
*Mr. E. A. Bowden of Luverne has a stalk of corn that measured 11 feet from root to the lower ear.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment obtained against A. J. Fletcher Public Auction, Property; Monday 3rd day Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against Charley Mason, P.J. Campbell and E.J. Mancill Public Auction, Property; Monday 10th day Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
*Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against Williams Sills and J.B. Neel Public Auction at the Courthouse door, Property; Monday 3rd day Feb, 1890 Courthouse.
* Jno. M. Smith, who lived here a year ago has died in Crestview Fla.
*Mrs. Elizabeth Lenhart sent to this office several large strawberries.
*Mr. N.D. Caton and family will remove to Ellisville, Miss next week. He will have a sale at Rose Hill on Tuesday the 21st Inst.
* Notice- Covington County, Probate Court, Jan 14, 1890. This day came Francis Brigman and produces the last will & testament of William Brigman, Deceased. Ann Murph one of the distributors, is a non resident of the State of Ala, and resides somewhere in Texas. On the 4th day of February 1890.
* Homestead Notice - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. Feb. 14th, 1890: Henry Jackson. He names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz: Reuben R. Pagett, James I. Pagett, Larkin Lindsey, William H. Pagett; Conecuh River, Ala.
* Homestead Notices - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. Feb 25th, 1890: Basil M. Couch. He names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz: Henry J. Williams, James W. Davis, Julia A. Riley, Henry Williams; Andalusia, Ala.
*Notice to non-residence Covington County R. Milligan and Co. vs. Arthur Jones whereas R. Milligan and Co. as plaintiff, issued on the 6th day of Jan. 1890, against the estate of Arthur Jones, defendant. Arthur Jones is a non-resident of Alabama and resides in Florida. Witness this 14th day of Jan. 1890
January 25, 1890
*Will Cannon and wife of Geneva visited Covington co.
*Mr. Middleton Riley of Hamptonville informs us that he killed 8 hogs recently.
*Mr. Green Williams who lives in Georgiana fell under the wheels of his team and died a short time later.
* Mr. J. A. Finlay and Ms. Nola Walters at Loango were married on Thurs. night the 16th and then inst.
*Mrs. W. C. Mixon, her son, Mr. W.T. Mixon had a stay with her sister, Ms. C.A. O’Neal of this place has returned to her home in Coffee Co.
* Mr. Ansel Huckabaa, 19 yrs. old was seriously hurt on last Saturday, driving a log cart for Mr. Ezra Rawls near Hamptonville.
Semi-Annual Report -of -GREEN BUTLER, -County Treasurer Covington County.
From July 1, 1889 to Jan 6, 1890: Names appearing in Newspaper: July 1, 1889:
E. Dixon, Malachi Riley, D. M. Acree, D. Dixon, E. Scoffield, J.A. Stewart,
W.W. Taylor, A. T. Harper, T. E. Harper, E. N. Paulk, J.D. Clary, W. G. Williams, July 3, 1890: M. Riley, J. A. Stewart, W.P.Howell, I.F. Gantt, E. Bradley. A. Hobbs, A.H. Nelson, D. L. Mitchell,
PAUPER ORDER: Arnold Daulphin, Stepney Green, Kitty Green, Sally Bennett, John Currington, J.M. Smith, Reg. Rose hill Election:J.P. Russeau, Joe Curiton ,Bridge Ord: W.T. Knowles, E. Watson, M. G. Stewart, C.A. O’Neal, J. H. Faulkenberry, J. M. Robinson, W. H. Gratehouse, E.B. Ammons, M.A. George, R.A. Woodall, R.M. Clary, Middleton Riley, Jurors paid as follows: C. S. Thomassson, J. F. LOMAN, R.M. Sturgis, James Aplin, W.H. Adams, W.B. Manning, John Stanley, D.A. Hart, T. G. George L. Carter, W. C. Johns, William Fletcher, J.A. Finley, G.W. Dunson, J.T. Lord, A.S. Wallace, Elias Godwin, A. T. Moody, J.L. Stewart, F.M. Hassell, J.A. Whalley, A.J. Kilpatrick, W.H. Pagett, S.T. Fegain, Y.E. Huse, W.D. Boyett, D.S. Barrow, W.A. Rawls, J.W. Wiggins, J.H. Sasser, W.E. Hare, G.F. Hudson, L.J. Salter, C.S. O’Neal, W.M. Snider, J.T. Penton, G.W. Richardson, W.W. Beck, E. Lindsey, R.H. Gafford, A.J. Jones, J.W. Cross, J.A Stewart, T.J. Spear, Jow Barron, George Chesser, R. M. Sturgis, Sanford Jones, A.F. Miller, D.C. Hart, W.J. Stanley, S.T Feagin, J.F. Lowman, JAMES APLIN, W.B. Watkins, W.C. Johns, W.G.W. Peoples, W.D. Boyett, M.V. Hare, A.J. Kilpatrick, J.T. Penton, A.W. Deens, E.N. Johns, W.N. Radford, S.T. Findlay, A.T. Harper, J.J. Ganos, J.F. Burleson, W.M. Crosby, J.T. Cockroft, J.A. Woodham, L.B.J. Hassell, J.T. Thomasson, D.N. Jordan, L.E. Atwell, M. Thornton, T.J. Watkins, J.D. Wiggins, J.J. Short, S.D. Wiggins, E.J. Beasley, E. Liles, Josiah Boles, John Lunsford, T.J. Brown, W.R. Garvin, G.W. Dunson, J.J. Barrow, A.J. Jones, J.T Bradshaw, B.F. Martin, W.C. Lofton, W.G. Williams, C.A. O’Neal, E.T. Albritton, J.D. Clary, J.T. Marrell, W.P. Howell, W.G. Williams, James Castleberry, Sallie Bennett,m. Robinson, D. Mitchell, W.G. Williams, Malachi Riley, E.N. Paulk

25 JAN 1890- d small son of Green WILLIAMS of O’Neal; m J A FINLAY & Miss Nola WALTERS at Loango on the 16th; d son of Mr TILLIS of Geneva; d Simon MADDOX, Colored, died at Enon, Al on Friday. While cleaning out a well, it collapsed, took an hour to dig him out; d J SUGGS was killed by Lula RAY Friday last
01 FEB 1890-D Mrs Henry DUNCAN poisoned by her husband in Dale Co, in July; He will hang on 21 February at Ozard. Duncan once preached at Free Will Baptist; d well to do farmer at Montevallo, Ala on 26th ult, cut his own throat. m LAD of 16 and girl of 12 at Dothan; d GUSSIE 18 mos child of T C MANNING on Thrusday; d George WEAVER, killed by rolling log near Catleberry; m E J COTTLE and Miss Annie E HAYGOOD 23rd Jan;
*Green Braxton was hanged in the jail yard at Montgomery on the 24th.
*Sandy Tillis and Dink Quilt, Colored were married Thursday.
*We welcome as residents of Andalusia, Mr. David Folsom and family of Coffee County, They will occupy the James A. Brown house.
* Mr. W.H. Pagett informs us that George Weaver was so badly hurt when a log rolled over him that he died shortly after.
*Mr. E. J. Cottle and Miss Annie E. Haygood were united in marriage on the 23rd.
**Sheriff’s Sale- Covington County- Judgment against B.F. MGinty Public Auction, Property; Monday 24th day Feb, 1890 Courthouse.

08 FEB 1890- d Aleck BELL giant boy of Pike Co; d Harrison BROWN killed by falling limb; d Bob HOWARD killed by a saw accident; b Baby boy on 2nd to Mr & Mrs B J LUNDAY; d Tom BARKER of Geneva Co, killed by man named WADE of Walton Co on 31st. The the son of Barker shot Wade in thigh,, Wade then shot young Barker. Wade may lose leg and young Barker is seriously wounded.
*Aleck Bell of Pike County died.
*Mr. Mott has Pneumonia.
*Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Gantt of Hamptonville visiting relatives in Greenville.
*A.F. Haygood has a supply of Fink celebrated magic oil.
*Rev. W.A. Cumbie of Ponce DeLeon, Fla. was here this week.
*Dissolution Notice- Co-partnership hereto existing between C.S. Thomasson and E.M. Thomasson has this day been dissolved by mutual consent-.
*E. M. Thomasson and C.G. Thomasson from this date will succeed the firm of C.S. Thomasson & son. Fairfield, Ala. Jan. 23d 1890.
*Mr. Jno. B. Adams returned from Geneva on Sunday informs us that, 13 miles from Geneva on Friday the 31st ult. a man name Wade from Walton County, Fla, shot and killed Tom Barker of Geneva County. Then the son of the murdered man shot the slayer of his father through the thigh. Young Barker was then shot in the side, it is serious. Wade may lose his leg.
** Homestead Notices - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Jan 25, 1890,Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala. March 11, 1890: Jackson M. Franklin He names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz: Mathew A. Yawn, John Adams, Nathan Louis, Wiley Adams; Loango, Ala.
** Homestead Notices - Land Office Montgomery, Ala: Jan 2, 1890,Notice is hereby given the following named settler has filed notice of his intentions to make final proof in support of his claim, and said proof to be made in Probate Court at Andalusia, Ala.February 21, 1890: Martha A. Harper. She names the following witnesses to prove his cultivation of said land, viz William G. Williams Jr., Richard R. Smith, John A. Green, Archibald T. Moody; Rose Hill Ala.
**Covington County Circuit Court, 1890 Grand Jurors: J.W. Stokes, N.D. Caton, Jacob Cravey, S. Elam, J.D. Bozeman, L. Butler, G. F. C. Moore, L.C. Graves, B.F. Jeter, Z.M. Martin, Thomas Aplin, R. F. Schofield, A.G. Hassell, R.R. Gantt, J. T. Drake.
Petit Jurors: H.H. Powell, Joseph Cooper, V.F. lord, T.D. Folsom, W. T. Gohagin, T.R.C. Teel, A. Holley, J.A.J. hart, L.C. Rawls, J. A. Carter, S.C. Spicer, D.H. Ganey, J.F. Anderson, Jack Chesser, William Lunsford, George Parker, W. H. Smith, Edward Steel, G.W. Miller, J.B. Raley, J.B. Howell, C.C. Lenhart, J.D. Ramer, H.L. King, C.A. Mason, Neal Thompson, J.B. Brewton, J. Robbins, B.M. J. Brooks, G. B. Nall.

18 FEB 1890- d Robt. GALLATT of Columbus, Ga while crossing bridge with wife, jumped out of buggy and leaped off bridge and was instantly killed; d Willie son of Elisha PITTMAN of Cross Roads, killed Thursday by falling tree. d Mrs Zach SMITH who died in Smith Co, Tx. She, her husband and family emigrated from Covington Co abt 4 weeks ago; m Benjamin PARRISH & Miss Fannie COCKROFT; m G W LUNDY & Jodie LEONARD; m Dan SAVAGE & Martha LEONARD, double wedding at Tabitha, Ala on Sunday; d Geo. WATSON age 16, and another lad were sawing tree when one fell on another knocking tree down on Watson shattering his skull.
* Mrs. Emma J. Langham, who is now 46 years old resides in Conecuh County was in this city Monday.
* Robt. Gallatt of Columbus, Ga while crossing bridge with wife, jumped out of buggy and leaped off bridge and was instantly killed.
* Willie, son of Elisha Pittman of Cross Roads, was with a companion William Vaughn. The wind blew down a tree & Willie was killed.
* Mrs Zach SMITH who died in Smith Co, Tx.last Sunday, She, her husband and family emigrated from Covington Co abt 4 weeks ago.
* Feb. 8th -Milton Fla.,Detectives Shelton and Vincent and express agent Agee have been on the trail of RUBE Barrows, the Alabama Outlaw, located him on the other side of Yellow River. He is still at large.
* Benjamin Parrish & Miss Fannie Cockroft were married.
*Double wedding at Tabitha, Ala. on Sunday- Mr. Dan Savage & Miss Martha Leonard, also Mr. G. W. Lundy & Miss Jodie Leonard.
*George Watson, age 16, and another lad were sawing tree when one fell on another knocking tree down on Watson shattering his skull. The story was given to us by Thomas Palk.
* Mr. and Mrs. Bonifay will soon remove to Rome, Covington County- Brewton Standard.
*Admn’s Sale, probate Court of Covington County, Estate of George M. Jones, Deceased, will sell at public outcry on March 17th, 1890.

22 FEB 1890-d Deputy Marshall W B SANDERS killed in Gadsden Co Fl on 13th; d son of Sen John WILKERSON of Santa Rosa Co, killed instantly on 17th at Otabite by falling tree, he was 21 yrs; Man named HAWES admits killing his daughter, MAY, gave her whiskey, then weighed her down and threw her in lake. Said John WILEY killed his wife and other child. UPDATE; Henry DUNCAN condemmed to hang for killing his wife, implicates Old man BALDTREE & his daughter GEORGIA; John WILEY was released for lack of evidence.
*R.E. Wilson, citizen of Pike County was probably fatally stabbed by his brother, A.S. Wilson near Troy.
*Deputy Marshall W.B. Saunders was killed in Gasden County, Fla. on the 13th inst.
*Cyclone in Geneva County on Friday night, passed north of the residence of R.M. Ray, the beautiful farm of J.E. Roney was devasted, wild winds struck the outhouses of John M. Chance, then onto the happy home of William Fulford. Arch Clemons was next struck and outhouses destroyed. No lives reported lost.
**Mr. Will Helms of Santa Rosa Fla. was badly bruised when some tree limbs he was cutting on struck him in the face.
*Postmaster of Brewton, Ahrends is dead.

01 MAR 1890- d 3 children of Hunt BEAD, ages 6,4, & 2 in house fire; d small son of Bud LOLLEY above Coffee Springs in fire; d Thos V KELLY killed by falling tree near Hebert on Jan 23; m F E CHESSER & Alice WEBB of Loango 19 Feb; m Hugh MERRILL & Eula WIGGINS near Rose Hill Sunday last.
08 MAR 1890- d Dick HAWES Feb 28 for killing his wife; d wife of Marion STEWART Tuesday last near Conecuh River having been married only 2 mos; m Alonzo COBB & Bie COCKROFT of Williams Mill Sunday last; State vs Joseph HART for killing Debose BARNHILL, continued over to fall term
15 MAR 1890- Parker POWELL ex-deputy in jail on murder charge in Dothan; d WilliamDONALD & S W HARDY of Baldwin Co, Al were run over by train, Donald was said to be from Texas; d John MURRAY, Negro near Troy was struck by lightning; b baby boy to Mr & Mrs W B BAKER; m James TAYLOR & Lucy WORLEY on Wed.
29 MAR 1890-d Bell HUDGINGS near Mobile, suicide because husband deserted her; d Simmons SIMPSON, Negro taken from jail at Marianna Fla by crowd of both black and white citizens and shot, he was long a terror and had killed several men; d Mrs Samuel COLVIN, dau of Rev John L STEWART died at her hom in Crenshaw Co on Sunday, leaves husband and several children; m Pink ADAMS & Anna Lee PATRICK of Opine on Thursday; d John SMITH, age 23, murdered Aug 1889 Crenshaw Co, by Ben & Sam GIBSON35 & 40 yrs, brothers sentenced at Rutledge Ala to 20 yrs eachin state penitentiary, all are white
05 APR 1890-d David ENTERKIN near Millville Fla by falling tree; d Uncle Bass COUCH a respected and clever old colored man died Tuesday at 60 yrs; d Mrs Jennie ANDERSON age 53, wife of Major James E ANDERSON on Sunday
12 APR 1890- d Judge David WARD of Milton, Fla; m James JONES & Mis N L HEAREN on 3rd inst.
26 APR 1890-Dr BAKER of Eufaula thrown from buggy and broke his back; m Johnnie PAULK & Martha COON
03 MAY 1890- d 3 yr son of Henry STAMFORD, near Burnt Corn last week; d Mrs R G WOOD at Lake View on 25 Apr, daughter of M A GEORGE of Williams Mills. She’s been married abt 15 months.
17 MAY 1890- Jas W WRIGHT vs Mary M WRIGHT; b boy of Tobe CARTER, died same day; m J A CLARY & Miss E L THOMPSON near Beda on 1st inst; d Mr Wm. BROWN near Andalusia Sunday; d Robt ROGERS of Oakey St in his 82 yr.
07 JUN 1890-d L BATSON of Choctaw Co buried 3 of his children last week, 2 in same day. d Mrs Emily LEWIS, mother of Major B H LEWIS of this place. She died in Henderson, Al on 29th ult in 61st year; d Uncle Jimmie MARTIN, father of Rev N F MARTIN at home in Williams Mills wed in 68th year; d Wm GREEN age 25, son of J A GREEN of Rose Hill on 28th inst. He had been invalid from childhood; d 5 mo child of Eli PAULK
21 JUN 1890- m T H HARRELSON & Mrs B F NEESE of Rose Hill on Jun 5th;d Hugh Carter, 2 yr son of Mr & Mrs Monroe STEWART of Rose Hill on wednesday last, he was born Dec 1887, d Jun 18 1890, his aunt is Fannie CARTER. mJame DUNN & S R TAYLOR, dau of Wendell TAYLOR of Rose Hill on Jun 1st;m Wm I HART & Amanda HART; d Mrs Rhoda CLAXTON, widow of Judge Claxton of Coffee Co.
28 JUN 1890-d 10yr son of T J ROGERS of Wetumpka, drowned in Coosa River; m John BELL & Phereby DAVIS on 23rd; b baby boy to Circuit Clerk MOSELEY and wife
05 JUL 1890- d Hon D C ANDERSON of Mobile; d Reave REEVES, son in law of Evan DISHROON was shot by Dishroon near Heflin Ar when Reeves advanced on him with knife; m Albert GILBERT & Miss Lallah SNOWDEN at her father’s Charles W.’s home on Wednesday
19 JUL 1890- d wife of J F STEWART at Rose Hill on Wed; d F A PETRO who removed from Geneva recently, from Choctaw Corner in Clarke Co, drowned last Saturday in Geneva.
26 JUL 1890-d Charlie PEACOCK son of G P of Aberfoul killed by lightning; d Mrs Reuben PADGETT on Thursday; d Mrs Jane SENTERFIT on Sunday last, on Monday following her sister Mrs Margaret WILKERSON also died; both over 60 yrs lived near Bethel Fla
02 AUG 1890- m A J JONES of this place to Miss Mary BRADLEY of Escambia on 24 July, we wish Jackson and his brided long and happy life; m G Paul HEUN to Miss Lene MILLS of Mt Ida
09 AUG 1890- d Mrs B J HARPER born in Ga Feb 1 1835 mar 1851 to Mr HARPER; d small child of John HENDERSON, living on Yellow River, last week
06 AUG 1890- d infant of Mr Reuben PADGETT; m Samuel COLVIN to Miss Sarah F JOHNSON Sunday last; d Mrs Sallie SASSER, wife of Jesse SASSER of Rose Hill few days ago, buried on Sunday; d Mr Jorden BROOKS of Elba few days ago
23 AUG 1890- d Samuel BOWERS near Rose Hill at home of son, Wm B BOWERS on Sunday, he was 84 yrs, residing here for abt 30 yrs
30 AUG 1890-d H T DARBY of Troy on 14th inst. d Mr Henry WILLIAMS Tuesday after a fall, buried on Wednesday
06 SEP 1890-d Joe WATSON, of Dale Co, thrown from horse; d small child of Ephrain WILLIAMS of Red Level; d Mrs Cynthia BELL wife of R A BELL in Durango TX on 24 Aug, sister of W F LILES of this county; m Samuel MASON to Miss Emma BULLOCK in Red Level on 28th ult. Will live in Henderson the grooms’ home; d John WALTERS former resident of Conecuh Co, died of Typhoid fever at Hattisburg Miss on Friday last week
13 SEP 1890- m Matthew W LUNDY of this co & Martha Jane GOHAGEN of Geneva on Saturday last; d Johny MITCHELL of Covington near Pigeon Creek; d 6 yr old Earl JOHNSON at Anniston
Sep 20 1890 m S J JONES of this county & Mrs Theodocia JONES of Union Springs;m Felix THORNTON & Elizabeth LEWIS on Thursday; d son of Mr & Mrs J H FALKENBERRY on 12th inst
27 SEP 1890-d.John F STEWART born in Ga 1814, married Eliza WHITE of Ga, died 25 July 1890 at home of son Rev John L STEWART in Covington Co, Ala (see Jul 19); d 12 yr daughter of John W STOKES near Beda of rattlesnake bite on Thursday; d John D CATON on 10 Sep at Eslabutchee, Miss, he was 29 yrs and removed from this county abt 2 yrs ago. His wife died shortly thereafter and he remarried
04 OCT 1890- d Mr T Sumter LOVELACE of Brewton on the 6th
18 OCT 1890-d 3 children of Pink & Judy COOK died in house fire in Pickens Co. d Negro at Stanton, shot by John WHITE 14 yrs old
25 OCT 1890- b baby girl Sunday to Mr & Mrs Columbus HART; m D J BURLISON & Virginia GAUTNEY last Thursday
01 NOV 1890-d W R WESCOTT; d Mr M J DENSON, son in law of John D KING, suicide on Monday
08 NOV 1890-d girl lacking 9 days of being one year old, youngest child of Mr & Mrs Jno B ADAMS on Sunday; m Nora SNIDER & George FOSTER on the 9th of Nov.
15 NOV 1890-Nov 15 1890 b son, called Thomas J PRESCOTT, son of Mr & Mrs PRESSCOTT of Covington Co; b son to home of Capt A F TATOM on Tuesday
22 NOV 1890- d daughter of Jas POWELL of Lake View; d Mr Ransom ADAMS on the 14th, he was 72 yrs, Masonic Funeral
29 NOV 1890- M G W CRAWFORD & Miss Fannie MARTIN on the 20th; d Mrs John SASSER on 22nd, she was daughter of Rev H HUGGINS; d Mr Ezea RAWLS on 22nd inst at Hamptonville, buried this place on Sunday
06 DEC 1890-d Suicide in Jackson Miss, Leonidal Calvin BROCK of Elba, Coffee Co, Ala survived by widowed mother; d Johnnie 18yr son of Rev W A CUMBIE of Ponce de Leon Fla on Nov 20th; M Frank COLEMAN & Miss Mary A HARPER at Rose Hill on Sunday; m Hodge BUTLER & Miss D GREEN on Sunday; m Quillain NELSON & Martha ROGERS on Sunday
Dec 13 1890 d wife of J J WILLIAMSON of Red Level on 5th, buried at Fairmount; m W T MITCHELL & Katie BRANTLEY at Loango on 4th Dec, groom is son of D L MITCHELL, bride dau of E A BRANTLEY
20 DEC 1890-d Reuben STALLINGS father of J F STALLINGS at home in Greenville; d James BARTLEY shot through heart by a jealous woman near Compton, Ala she escaped.
03 JAN 1891- Div Isaac KNOWLES vs Eliza Jane KNOWLES; d Mrs TURBEVILLE widow and one of the oldest persons in Rose Hill on Tuesday; m Mr Z M MARTIN from Texas to Sallie PRICE of Rose Hill on Christmas day. He returns to Texas until next winter and then will be back in Covington; m D A MASON & Mary HART on 24th; m F W PEACOCK to Margaret PHELPS on Dec 25; bride lives in Escambia Co; d 17 yr son of Robt BRUISTER, colored, killed his father with club in Choctaw Co; d David BULLOCK on Christmas, buried with Masonic honors at Fairmount. He was 45/50 yrs; d Mrs Sarah BRADDY mother of Mrs J F THOMAS & Mrs A T POWELL last thurs, she was abt 50 yrs.
17 JAN 1891-d Mr COLLIN age 80 yrs at Brundige; d Mrs NELSON, wife of A H NELSON on Wednesday; d Mrs Edna POWELL 3 Aug 1890, dau of Mrs L A WYATT of this county, born Aug 8 1854, married E Y DUNCAN, who died 4 yrs earlier, then mar J POWELL on 26 Jan 1890. Leaves 3 orphan little children, bros/sis, and aged mother; b baby girl to home of Burn GANTT of Hamptonville Thursday last; d Dr J T RUSSELL of Pike Co few days ago
24 JAN 1891-d Jerry JONES run over by log train, right leg was amputated, he died on Monday; d Capt J E P FLOUNEY of Elba on Monday last of pneumonia; d Bob SHORT, Negro, because of a dare, with bet of $10. at Decauter, drank 32 glasses of whickey; m George ESTES and Fannie HOGAN at church in Marion Co; at end of ceremony, a shot was fired thru the window killing the bride. a discarded lover is suspect
31 JAN 1891- d Dr W J HEAD shot by Dr Cicero JONES on Jan 29. Dr Head lived here 3 yrs or more, and Jones abt 12 months. Jones’ father Mr Byrd JONES and his brother in law Mr J S CARROLL arrived here from Troy for the trial; d infant child of David FOLSOM & wife on Monday shortly after birth; d young Will TAYLOR drowned in Conecuh river
07 FEB 1891- d David ROGERS in Shirley; Trial of Dr C Jones took 3 days, murder in 2nd degree. Dr J M Head brother of disceased and his brother-in-law Mr ___COPELAND attended trial.
14 FEB 1891- d Mr HERST (who killed TUCKER a year ago) stabbed by Wash NELSON in WaltonCo Fla; d Mrs Eunice KIMMEY at home of son in law Willis J WIGGINS near Rose Hill on Saturday last, burial on Monday at Bethel Church, sister of Mrs Louise WIGGINS.
21 FEB 1891- m Fannie CARY of Brooklyn Ala & Mr E N AMOS on Feb 4;
28 FEB 1891- m John KINNEY & Ida WINDHAM at Elba on Sunday last; Notice: Dr Cicero Jones will resume his practice in this county; m Jackson WOOD of Williams Mills & Ella DRIGGERS of Hallton on Thursday
07 MAR 1891- div Charlie FLORENCE vs Mary FLORENCE; d Mr Byrd JONES of Troy while plowing garden, father of Dr Cicero JONES, and he has brother living in this county; b boy to home of I F GANTT of Hamptonville Wednesday last; b son to Mr & Mrs M B S CLARY on Sunday last; b baby girl on 28th to Mr & Mrs C W SNOWDEN, Congrats Charlie; m Thomas APLING & Elizabeth TOMPKINS on Mar 3 1891. d Lee MARTIN son of Rev W F MARTIN suicide on Monday last.
Mar 14 1891 b baby to home of New LITTLES 12 1/2 lbs on the 7th inst.
18 APR 1891- d Miss Polly CARTER, sister of Tobe & Jesse CARTER, at her brother in law’s John TAYLOR at Rose Hill on Saturday; d small child of Henry WILLIAMS a few days ago
25 APR 1891-m John RAMER & Martha WHITE at Pleasant Spring Church last Sunday; d A J MORRIS in Cleburn Co aged 100 years. His death recalls the Ft MIMS massacre in 1813 in Washington Co, of the 523 persons in the fort only 15 survivors and Mr Morris was one.
02 MAY 1891- d little girl of Tobe LEONARD Wednesday of burns; d Rev J C GOOLSBY of Rose Hill on Apr 1st, he was native of Ga, leaves 1 dau & 4 sons, his 90yr old mother Mrs Betsy BRITT, he was her only child. (long obit)
09 MAY 1891- d Monk FLOURNOY, Negro, Friday at Geneva; d Jonathan MILLER, brother of A F Miller of cancer at Tabitha Al; m Giles HARRELSON of Hilton & Catherine WYATT of Host on Thursday; m John CARRAWAY & Eliza SPEARS of Vera Cruz; d Miss Fannie Lou STARKE of Troy & Miss Annie FOSTER of Eastman, Ga, in same accident, Miss Stark was cousin of Mrs Henry OPP of this place; b twins a boy & girl, to the home of Henry BARDINon Monday last; d Mr Joseph S DONALDSON of Hallton, Ala on 16 Mar aged 71 yrs.
16 MAY 1891-m Jas HART & Ella JACKSON of Crenshaw in Milton, Fla runaway as girl was underage
23 MAY 1891- A W THOMAS is 35yrs old, his wife is 33, they have been married 15 yrs and now have 32 children, over there in Gadsden Co, Fla; d Mrs SHARP wife of W H SHARPE on Saturday burial Sunday, she was abt 40 yrs, and leaves husband and 6 children; d eldest daughter of A H NELSON of Sanford. Poor man lost his wife on a few months ago; d wife of W H DANNELLY last week
30 MAY 1891- d Hon Geo. G MCWHORTER at his home in Milton, Fla last week Jun 6 1891 m Georgia WOODHAM & W M BOYETTE on Sunday last at her father’s Stephen WOODHAM; b son to home of Jackson JONES Tuesday; dRev H B CLARKE of Troy emigrated to Texas died at Mt Sylvan in that state on May 15; left widow & children
13 JUN 1891- m James BAISDEN of Rose Hill & Katie SHELTON of Ga; d .Col R H ABERCROMBIE walking in garden late nite in Gadsden, shot by brother in law who mistook him for burglar
20 JUN 1891-d Jack PRIDE 30 days before his 100th birthday; d Charlie DIXON son of Buck DIXON removed from this county to Hattisburg Miss, killed in logging cart accident last week; m Minnie JONES & J N BOON on 14th; d 2 yr old daughter of Thomas BUTLER of Andalusia on Sunday; d Millard PRESTWOOD, 12 yrs, son of J A PRESTWOOD drowned Sunday; Services Sunday;
27 JUN 1891-d Grady GRAHAM 18yr of Butler Co, killed by Clate WATSON, a Negro; m Thomas BRYANT & Lizzie COLEMAN of Rose Hill Sunday last; d 12 yr daughter of A H NELSON on 19th (see may 23); d Alex BAGGETT of Blackman, Fla, few days ago, he was 60/70 yrs old
04 JUL 1891-d Mrs Willie RAWLS, widow of Ezra, died Jun 27 at Hartsboro, Ala was sister to Capt. GANTT’S wife and leaves 2 children; d father of W R GARVIN in Conecuh Co Monday; d Mrs Susannah Deens CATON, b Nov 27 1840 in Conecuh Co, Ala, married A D CATON Nov 20 1857, died in Ellisville, Miss few days ago, son Noah D CANTON of Loango traveling to Miss; she leaves husband and 10 children
11 JUL 1891- Mrs Emma K HEAD divorced wife of Dr W J HEAD(see Jan 31) was in Andalusia with the only child of the marriage, 5 yr daughter of Dr Head to settle affairs of property belonging to daughter in inheritance. m Allie Viola HARRISON & Jas T PENTON on Wednesday, she the daughter of Gus Harrison of Milton
18 JUL 1891- d Mr STRINGER of Dothan, killed by Tobe DOMINGOS, who was tried at Ozard and sentenced to penitentiary for 10 year, his accomplice Parker POWELL escaped day before trial.
25 JUL 891- d 6mos child of Green MANCILL last Sunday; m Moses A GEORGE Jr to a daughter of J I DIXON in Hattisburg, Miss, the Dixon’s removed to Miss a few months ago; d Senator ROSS leader of Cherokeee Indian Nation Aug 15 1891 d Charley THOMPSON in Greenville, leaves wife and several children Aug 22 1891 d Mrs Mary M BAGELEY wife of Geo. W on Sunday last, died in childbirth, mother & babe were interred together on Tuesday, She was the daughter of B F DUNN of Hamptonville and 28 yrs of age, leaves husband and 3 children
29 AUG 1891-d Lizzie FEAGEN, colored in Fairfield on Sunday last. She was but 115 yrs old, leaving four generations of offispring numbering 800 descandants! She was living with her g g g grandchild and one of her sons is 86yrs last June.
05 SEP 1891-d mother of W L ECHOLS at Gadsden in house fire; div: Mary E PATRICK vs Walker PATRICK
12 SEP 1891- m Rabb MALLETTE & Flora ROWELL at home of her father, H H ROWELL of Rose Hill on 3rd.
19 SEP 1891- d Joseph TOUART shot & killed in his store on the 9th during a robbery by persons unknown in Georgianna
26 SEP 1891-d Mr D G CRUMPLER 24 yrs of Dale Co, on Friday, survivors are Mother and 2 brothers of Dale, burial Saturday in Covington.
03 OCT 1891- b twins to wife of Dan RABUN on Tuesday - one died; M Miss Emma SCOTT, dau of S T SCOTT who removed to Texas 3 yrs ago, was married on 27th Sep, Sister Ada to be married on the 4th inst; d James CUNNINGHAM 20yr stenographer to Bradford DUNHAM, supt of A M RR, Dunham shot him on 27th in the back, he will be tried in Montgomery
10 OCT 1891- d Alpheus BAKER at Louisville Oct 5, a native of Abbeville SC, born in 1828.Served in Confederacy, a Bridg. Gen in 1864 at Dallas Ga. After war practiced law at Eufaula til 1878 he removed to Louisville; M Issac KNOWLES & Nannie PAGETT at Conecuh river on 18th ult.
17 OCT 1891-d Ben DUNN wood workman murdered in Georgianna on 13th inst. m Miss Abbie BEASLEY to Charles ACREE at Red Level on Oct 11 1891.
24 OCT 1891- d Fred C JOST of Union, crushed by train; LAKE VIEW is now Called FLORALA; m E J BOLES & Miss Ella Lloyd on Wednesday; b baby boy on Thursday to home of Noah STOKES, making 5 girls and NOW a boy; b baby boy to home of Matthew STOKES shortly after; d Mrs Mary SIMMONS of Conecuh River on Sunday, 55yrs, leaving sons GEORGE & EARDY Simmons, dau Mrs Larkin LINDSEY; m Mr Marion SOUTH & Miss PARKER at Fairmount Church Red Level on 17th inst.
31 OCT 1891-d 18 yr son of Jas EARLY of Geneva accidently shot by Tom HINOTE, who didn’t know the gun was loaded. News:::Sunday the entire family of Bryant SKIPPER, ex sheriff of Henry Co, were poisoned by persons unknown. His mother and 2 children may not live; m A S HUTCHINSON & Minnie COUSSON on Thursday in Birmingham. Honeymoon trip in air balloon. News:: Capt B DUNHAM (see Oct 3)freed, justifiable, in defense & honor of his wife; d Jake DUDDING, Negro across the Fla line on 24th inst; b baby girl at home of Edgar RODGERS; b baby girl to J H FAULKENBERRY’s home;d 3 yr dau of J S STEWART of Red Level on Friday; d C E COTTLE of Luverne murdered on Oct 24, warrant issued for J M MORGAN of Luverne
07 NOV 1891-d Mr Thomas SHEPPERD & his wife murdered, house was pillaged by robber. both parties were quite old killed with axe. The 3d & 4 th murders in Georgianna in past 60 days; b daughter ot Mr & Mrs C A O’NEAL on Thursday last; m Miss S E DEEMS, dau of A W DEENS of Loango to Mr G G JACKSON of Wetumpka, Elmore Co on Wednesday
14 NOV 1891-d Phillip BARNES, colored, killed by George JOHNSON, colored on Monday last, he’s in jail awaiting grand jury; (hanged Mar 11 in Coffee Co); d Mrs Alex SANDERS near state line in Pickens Thursday; m J M PRESSLEY & Mrs Bettie BUSBY on Thursday
21 NOV 1891-d Dr A P FEAGIN at his home in Brooklyn on Friday of cancer; m Capt G B FRIERSON of River Falls to Mrs Winston GAGE at Tuskaloosa on Wednesday; b baby girl to Wm RILEY home on Tuesday last
28 NOV 1891-d Deputy Marshall Dan OZBRUN shot by moonshiner at Gwin Al on 21st inst. b 10 lb baby girl brought joy to home of Rev M V HARE last Thursday, this being second daughter in family, the first having arrived 24 yrs and 19 days ago; d Newben CARTER, colored said to be 111yrs near Loango
05 DEC 1891-d DENMARK, 3 1/2 yr so on Mr & Mrs J B ADAMS on Dec 2. the loss of son is sadder following so closely on death of sweet little babe.
12 DEC 1891- d little daughter of A L PALMER gun accident; d child of Jas M TAYLOR on 3rd in his sleep; m Lucinda BOLES & Jno F SMITH of Green Bay on the 3rd
19 DEC 1891- d daughter of Mr Reuben MCDONALD of Rose Hill on Saturday last;

Jan 20 1892 D 11 yr son of F MCKAY of Eufaula of hydrophobia on 24th inst. D. Isaac J HART, son of Mr & Mrs Dennis HART of Covington Co died at Milligan, Fl on Jan 2nd 1892, leaving wife & 5 children; d Capt Jim ROGERS near Holton; m J D MALLETTE to Miss E D STRAUGHN at Rose Hill on 21st inst; d Mrs James BUTLER near Lake View (Florala) on 21st inst. She was 85/90 yrs; m John CASTLEBERRY & Savannah TURNER all of Red Level on Sunday last; b baby girl to Deputy Sheriff DUNSON; d Mrs Evander MCIVER, nee Zenobia BARROW at Brewton. She was married to Rev. MCIVER on 5 Jan 1892; was killed in railroad washout accident on way to Texas, daughter of David BARROW, she was buried in Andalusia

Feb 6 1892 d T W MCLEOD by falling tree on Saturday, leaves wife & 4 children;d Mr Z M MARTING in Texas in December, removed from Rose Hill 3 yrs ago.

Mar 5 1892 d small daughter of Thos. BOZEMAN near Luverne Saturday last d William CARR of Ft Deposit fell from moving train.

Mar 12 1892 d Col M L KIRKPATRICK at Highland home last Monday

Mar 19 1892 d William WILLIAMS son of Robert WILLIAMS last Saturday was beaten with sticks while working in field at Pondtown, Geneve Co, by James JUSTICE and John ELLIOTT. A large group of citizens pursued and caught them on way to Chipley Fla; d James BARROW at Cohassett, Conecuch Co, Thursday

Mar 26 1892 d 6 yr old son of Mr TISDALE at Brantley on Friday during terrible storm a tree fell on him; m A D STOKES & Miss K A JONES on 13 at home of bride’s brother Jesse JONES of Hamptonville; d Thomas B BRYANT at Rose Hill on Sunday, he was son of Stephen BRYANT, being 35 yrs old, leaves wife and 5 children, buried at Gilead on Monday, the first interment at New Missionary Baptish Church

Apr 16 1892 d Merrill COLLINS in his living room when lightning struck thru the house killing him, his brother was severly shocked at Silver run; d Moses PICKEN 65/70 yrs at Green Bay; m David GARRISON & Miss G W PATTERSON near Loango on the 10th; d Colista NELSON 7 yr daughter of A H NELSON (see Jun 27 1891) of Sanford on the 9th of April. Fourth death in family in 14 mos. d 15 yr son of Dr P H BROWN of Troy; m Mr R G KNOWLES of Union Springs & Miss Viola BLEDSOE, dau of J L BLEDSOE of Henderson, Ala

Apr 30 1892 d Mrs Terry F PRESTWOOD, dau of William BECK of Panola Co, Tx & would have been 31 in July, died 23 Apr, burial Sunday here in this place. m Stephen HICKS & Docia CUTTS on 14 Apr.

May 7 1892 m Frank BREWTON & Nellie JOHNSON at home of Coleman JOHNSON, her father on 30 Apr; d Wife of N P KILPATRICK near Williams Mills on 23 Apr in her 78th year. N P Kilpatrick is 71 yrs.

May 7 1891 Following Veterans of late war registered: G F C MOORE, Co G, 1st Fla Reg; R B GARRISON Co I, 29th Al Reg; W R HITSON Co I, 40 Al Reg; J R FIZELL Co E 42 Al Reg; R E MOODY Co E 42 Al Reg; Jno T THOMAS Co C 46 Al; N S HARVILLE Co I 40 Al Reg; J J WILLIAMSON Co B 28th AL; W J MOSELY Co C 5th Al; J M ROBINSN Co E 4th Al; Garrett STANLEY Co A 18th AL

May 14 1892 m John CLARK & Margaret LLOYD on Sunday last; m Battle PARKER’s daughter MATTIE to Mr R R PAGETT on 8th ist; M Carrie GANTT & Thomas D RAWLS on May 1st, eloped because of family objections, Carrie is daughter of Sheriff M C GANTT

May 21 1892 d MARIE, 2 yr dau of Mr & Mrs P J GANTT of River Falls on 17 Apr burial this place on Wednesday, she being the youngest child in family.

Jun 4 1892 d James SHAVER of this co last monday in Florida

Jun 11 1892 m Mr George W BAGLEY of Andalusia & Mrs Cornelia TYNER at home of her father Mr Jere BABCOCK of Brantley on Jun 5

Jun 18 1892 d Mrs GANTT wife of R R GANTT of Hamptonville on Saturday last, leaves husband & children; d Mrs Henry MASON of Red Level on 11th. she was sister to Z TERRY; d Mrs GOLIGHTLY near Rose Hill on Saturday; d Mrs CHILDRE of Valley Grove on Saturday; d little sone of Mrs BENTON Saturday, burial Sunday

Jun 25 1892 m John MCLAIN & Susan DUNN at home of her father, Mr B F DUNN OF Hamptonville on 5 June

Jul 9 1892 d Mrs Chas. J STEWART of Rose Hill on thursday, leaves husband and daughter Jul 23 1892 m Mrs Josephin HICKS & Ephraim WARD of Conecuch River on the 10th ist

Aug 6 1892 b son to home of C S O’NEAL on Monday; d son of Noah STOKES and wife on 30th Sep, burial on Sunday

Aug 20 1892 d John WILKINS 40/60 yrs on Tuesday; d ____FLEMING accidently shot himself; d wife of E S WORLEY at Hilton on 10th, she was Miss ETHERIDGE of Crenshaw Co and left 4 children; d Stephen COLLINS of River Falls on 15th burial next day, he was born in Kenton Co, Ky on May 12 1821, removed to Ala at 18yrs of age, leaves wife, 5 brothers & sisters and sons and daughters

Aug 27 1892 m W J PARKER & Miss Della ELDRIDGE on 25th inst at Loango; m N B POWELL of Green Bay & Mrs Lucretia T COBB of Sanford, Ala on 15th inst; m John JAY & Eula HENDERSON on 21st inst in Coffee Co.

Sep 3 1892 d Joseph GRIMES near Elba by falling tree

Sep 17 1892 d baby boy of Rev SIMSON of Geneva; d Mr John WILLIAMS assasinated at Evergreen on 13th; m O B HENLEY & Miss Maggie BARNES on Thursday last week

Sep 24 1892 d young child of Mr Fate ADKISSON a few days ago; d wife of E B SIMS of Shirley on 14th; d wife of Mr Try ADKISSON near Andalusia, was buried on Tuesday last; d Mrs PRICE, mother of Jim PRICE on 9th inst.

Oct 1 1892 d Mose ALLEN, Negro thrown from wagon; d Terry LAMAR, 5 yr old son of Mr & Mrs W P HOWELL Sep 26th; d 2 yr child of Mr & Mrs Hiram WHITE of Hilton on 23rd ult, burial Saturday at Antioch; d aged lady known as Grandma HENDERSON, who resided at fork of Patsaliga & Conecuh last week; d Sister Clarkin Ann ERVIN born and raised in Ala, was 37yrs when died, leaves Husband and 11 children

Oct 8 1892 d Geo. W YOUNGBLOOD, citizen of Pike Co, his arm was crushed at mill accident, it was amputated and he died from shock; d Elder Dick WEBB in Texas; d daughter of Simon CARROLL; m John BECK & Miss KIRKLAND, daughter of John KIRKLAND in Fiarfield last week

Oct 14 1892 d wife of Coonrod LOUSEY of Lawrence on 16th; m C J STEWART of Troy & Miss Annie BRITT of Brundidge on Sunday in Brundridge , d Micajab TOMPKINS onf Friday; b baby at home of James WHEELER of Hamptonville; Emphrian DIXON & family removing to Lott City, Texas in December; d Daniel ADKISSON at home of his son Jas ADKISSON on Tuesday, burial Thursday beside his wife who passed away 2 weeks ago, he was 56 yrs.

Oct 21 1892 d John H ROBERSON, son of Wm ROBERSON of Troy was burned and died on 10th, father moved to Texas; d Mrs RAMMAGE, aged lady on Saturday, burial Sunday, husband survives; d Alice STROTHER & T F PRESTWOOD on Thursday

Oct 28 1892 m Daniel HUGHES of Ponce de Leon & Lenora SIMMONS of Vernon on 20th; groom son of J E HUGHES

Nov 4 1892 m Joseph JERNIGAN of Higland Home & Aggie PENTON daughter of Mrs J W PENTON on Oct 30th

Nov 11 1892 d W B METCALF shot by Judge RANDOLPH on Tuesday in Montgomery, Randolph is now in jail; d B F FITZPATRICK of 5th Judical Circuit, son of Gov. FITZPATRICK; d 14mos. daught of Mr & Mrs Jackson LUNDAY on Sunday, burial on Monday; d Jno W LEE, lawyer, killed by train in Eufaula trying to save his dog; m David MOTT & Nancy SMALLS of Vera Cruz on Monday, groom is 65 and bride is 45; m Wilson LITTLES & Dorothy RABURN on 3rd; m James KELLY & Belle LITTLES on Sunday

Nov 18 1892 d J D SAWYER of Troy; m J A BEASLEY & Mollie SELLERS of Red Level on 10th at brides’ step-father’s, J M WATSON’s home

Nov 25 1892 Judge RANDOLPH’s bond is $5000.; d Miss JONES struck by a rocket at election celebration in Decatur, Ala; d Miss Rubie HART in Escambia Co a few days ago, she was 16 yrs.

Dec 2 1892 d Louis L DEAN of Birmingham; m Mr WEAVER & Annie STEWART, Sunday at father’s home, David STEWART; b baby girl to home of W W TAYLOR, Sr; d little adopted child of Mr & Mrs Geo HICKS by runaway horse and buggy

Dec 9 1892 d J L BRAKE killed in fistfight with A J REID

Dec 16 1892 d Henry BARGANIER, deputy sheriff shot and killed by ___WHITE attempting to arrest a negro wanted in Wilcox Co, he was the brother of Capt J F BARGANIER; m W A TAYLOR & Lonie JONES at hom of Wright JONES, her father on 7th, father of groom is John TAYLOR Dec 12; b 10 lb daughter to Mr & Mrs Jno T BAGLEY on Sunday

Dec 23 1892 d Coot TOMPKINS Tuesday; m James JOHNSON JR of Oakey St. on Wednesday, bride was Miss BROOKS; d Taylor ALLEN of Milton, Fla when he accidentally knifed himself; m James CROFF & Miss Johnnie Lee MCLAUGHLIN on the 15th

Jan 6 1893 d Tax Collector ARMSTRONG of Butler Co, few days ago, John HIPP & Charles KELLY arrested and jailed in Greenville for the murder, they were taken from jail and lynched on 29 Dec. Their bodies found next morning hanging from iron stairway; m Rev C W W GOOLSBY of Rose Hill and Miss Mattie SMITH of Church Hill, Ga on 20 Dec; d J M WATSON of Red Level on Christmas Day leaving 5 small daughters; d Moses WARD at Fairfield last week; d Jurey WOODALL few days ago

Jan 13 1893 d Major LANDRUM of Santa Rosa Co a few days ago; m in Mobile just before Christmas were Cary L FULTON 19 yrs & Mrs Florence HELDEBRAND, widow,30yrs of age, both of Pollard, Ala, After being married, went to Pollard. However something happened next day that cuased divorce proceeding to be instituted and in a few weeks they will be legally separated; M Mr A H NELSON, Sanford’s postmaster has re married

Jan 20 1893 m F E GRANT, of Butler Co& Miss Jodie GAFFORD, dau of Richard of Covington Co; m J M HART & Miss L A LOVELESS at home of bride’s father Geo W LOVELESS of Beda on 12th inst. m J E WIDDON & Miss M T PAYNE at home of bride’s father, T P PAYNE of Very Cruz on 14 Dec 1892

Jan 27 1893 d John T THRASHER 70yr, hung himself last week in Florence Ala; d John MITCHEL of Blount Co cut his own throat; d brother of Miss Easter BURKE of Williams Mills a few days ago; d 4 yr daughter of Mr & Mrs Ben BAGLY Monday burial Tuesday

Feb 3 1893 d 3yr child of Lee HAYES of High Falls, Ala drowned Friday last; m Jas MCGWIRT and Miss Bama DICKEY of Green Bay on 26th ult; d Mr Noah PARKET on Sunday at his home in Red Level, he was abt 68 yrs and leaves wife and 10 children, all living, burial in Fairmount Tuesday

Feb 10 1893 m Henry J LAW & Miss Jennie FLETCHER on 5th inst, bride is daughter of Judge A J FLETCHER of Andalusia

Feb 17 1893 d wife of Walker DIAMOND of Rose Hill last week, leaves husband and several children d 3yr son of Reuben WADDELL of Florence, killed when 5 yr son was playing with gun; d J B MCLEMAN, ex tax collector of Escambia Co, shot himself on 13th, leaves wife and 3 children; d 68 yr Rev James P ROUSSEAU, born in Marengo Co on 16 Jan 1825, died 14 Feb 1893, he married Elizabeth MATHEWS on Sep 16 1847. United with M E Church in Talbot Co, Ga in 1850; leaves wife, 5 children and several grandchildren

Feb 24 1893 d Joseph V BRANTLEY of Loange, father of E A BRANTLEY on saturday last, the 78 yr old removed from Florida to this county several yrs ago; m J W LUCAS & Miss M S TOWSEND at River Falls on 8th; m Willis BAGETTE & Emma BUTLER on 12th; m Jas A MAJORS & Mary L HOLLFORD of Vera Cruz on 9th; m W H HASSELL & Miss A E FRANKLIN at Loango on 12th; m C R NOLEN & Dolly MOTT of Vera Cruz; m W B ROSS & Alice KINLAW on 5th; M R C WOODALL & Gussie DAUPHIN of Sanfaord on 2nd inst; m B W BLOW & Genia RALEY near Rose Hill on 29 Jan; d W F GRACE of Greenville

Mar 5 1893 m Wm SOUTH of Red Level & Mrs M J KERVIN of Vera Cruz on Sunday last; b sone to Rev W M SNIDER & wife on 24th; b son to J N BARRON and wife

Mar 10 1893 b son to Mr & Mrs J A PRESTWOOD on 29th inst; d Mr RHODES on Thursday in Troy, father of Mrs S M STEWARD, and Mrs James L STEWART

Mar 17 1893 d little Cleveland PAYNE son of Mr & Mrs John W PAYNE of Vera Cruz, he was born Feb 20, and died 6 Mar, only 15 days on earth he was named after Pres. Cleveland; d Mrs Robt Edgar on 10th from burns received on l Mar.

Mar 24 1893 b son Wednesday to Mr & Mrs John BECK; d Mr Billie JOHNSON died at home in Teas on 10 Mar. He was son in law of Rev L N THOMASON, 40 yrs and leaves wife and 6 children, his father Samuel JOHNSON after living in Texas 15 yrs, returned to Covington last year.

Mar 31 1893 d James DOYLE suicide on 25th; d 5 yr child of Wash STRICKLAND, father in a temper fit, threw child against house with such force, child died; d Will GOODSON 17 yr died in jail fire on 25th in Brewton; d child of John DORSEY, colored, buried Thursday; d Mr Edward THOMPKINS at home of son in law Geo RUSSELL Saturday

Apr 7 1893 m Horace QUILT & Mary JAMES, colored on Sunday Mar 26th

Apr 21 1893 m Marshall B JAMES eloped with Callie STICKNEY of Montgomery d 6 yr dau of Jasper TOMPKINS of Fiarfield a few days ago.

Apr 28 1893 d Judge E J BORLAND ex probate of Geneva died on 17th inst

May 5 1893 d infant child of Mr & Mrs Jesse O’NEAL on thursday; div;; Margaret UNION, by her next friend Willis COLEMAN vs James UNION; Div;;D L LOCKE vs Zienna LOCKE

May 12 1893 d N C STUBBS of Brooklyn in Conecuh Co, fatally stabbed by Sol WILLIAMS, a Negro, while assisting in making an arrest.

May 26 1893 W M STODDARD was arrested in Cherokee Co last week of murdering his brother 23 yrs ago, he claims self-defense; d W F MCLENDON deputy sheriff of Henry Co was killed by a Negro who he wa attempting to arrest last Saturday; m W D SHEHAN & Beuna WILLIAMS on 23rd Jun 2 1893 m Miss Lizzie WILLIAMS & A J WILLIAMSON of Red Level on Wednesday; d A T TANNER shot himself on Friday in Valley Grove, His brother Richard TANNER took the gun away when he tried to shoot himself the first time, later deceased found the gun and the 35 yr did the deed, leaving wife and children

Jun 9 1893 d Mrs Maud ELLISON, wife of Rev W E ELLISON age 16 yrs & 4mos. died on Jun 4

Jun 16 1893 d Mrs R PILCHER in Dothan; d yound son of ___Sanders, badly injured in Mill accident at Luverne; d Frank WELLS shot by Tom BOOKER at Wells Mills in Conecuh Co on Saturday

Jun 23 1893 d Hon Gaylord B CLARK, young lawyer at his home in Mobile; d wife of Jack WARD died Tuesday; m Amanda CAMPBELL in Yellow River, Fla at her father’s, Allen CAMPBELL’s home. her brother P J CAMPBELL & family attended; b girl to Mr & Mrs JACKSON of Wetumpka, Grampa A W DEENS of River Falls very proud. b baby girl to Mr & Mrs Elliot GUNTER of Hamptonville on Sunday

Jun 30 d Willie FLEMING near Geneva thrown from road cart and killed last week; d Tom CARLISLE was killed by runaway team in Luverne; m Ruth CARR sister of Mrs W B GILMORE of Florala, married John A VAN PELT at Ft Deposit on 21sth; d W M STANLEY 35 yrs on 22 inst leaving wife and 5 children; d 12 yr child of James YANCY

Jul 7 1893 b baby girl to home of "Dick" PENTON

Jul 14 1893 d Amos HODGE, Negro at Brewton on 7th inst; d Peter LOWERY of Cool Springs

Jul 21 1893 m W H STEWART & Miss M J SMITH on 19th

Jul 28 1893 d wife of Reuben DIAMOND of Fairfield on Tuesday; d Mrs John W TILLMAN; m Jesse B JONES of Christine, Ala & Susan MILLER of Walton Co, Fla on Jul 20 in Walton Co, Fla

Aug 11 1893 d Miss Carrie COTTLE, dau of Mrs Cottle of Christine, died on Thursday; d wife of Richard PENTON on Tuesday leaving a baby only a few weeks old. Her mother, Mrs G A HARRISON of Milton Fla carried her remains back to Milton, Fl; d Tom BROOKER killed by Harry Riley (see Jun 16) after Booker refused to surrender for killng WELLS. Booker shot Riley first, this happened over the line in Monroe Co; d wife of J E PAGETT of River Falls a few days ago, leaves several children, was buried on the 4th

Aug 18 1893 d infant of Mr C D HART of Conecuh River; d J W WIGGINS of Five Runs on Tuesday, leaves wife and 10 children; d Mrs Laura FOSTER at home of her mother, Mrs Judge SNOWDEN on Friday the 11th. She lived in Greenville, was visiting in Andalusia and was buried here Saturday, she leaves a son & 3 daughters

Aug 25 1893 d Mrs CARTER, mother of Asa CARTER of Andalusia died Sunday last

Sep 1 1893 d Miss Flora BARROW of Oak Grove on Thursday; d Joseph RAMMAGE who was living with the Ben BAGLEY family, Ben was married to Rammage’s granddaughter. died on Tuesday burial on Thursday; b baby girl to Z T CARTER of Chester, Ala; d wife of Oliver JERNIGAN on Saturday, burial in family cemetery in Milton, Fl; m J W TAYLOR, formerly of Rose Hill, to Miss Lola WHITE of Troy on thrusday

Sep 8 1893 d D D HENDERSON died in Searight on 2nd; b girl to Mr & Mrs J B ADAMS on Saturday; d ex sheriff FOLSOM of Coffee Co, by Chas. BOWDEN near Elba on 3rd. Bowden is in jail; m Mr L D MCGRAW & Miss ____ATWEL near Florala, groom is 70 and bride is 21 - a runaway match! d Jack RAMER at Liberty Hill age 45 yrs leaves wife and children

Sep 15 1893 d Andrew HAROLD of Brewton

Sep 22 1893 D Angus MCSWEAN & wife were murdered near Newton in Dale Co, brutally during a burguarly; d infant sone of Mr & Mrs John BECK on Wednesday

Sep 29 1893 d son of John WHITE of Pike Co; d Rev. MORGAN of Dale Co; d James Majors; d Giles SMITH; m Walker A DIAMOND & Mary E TENDILL of Rose Hill on 21st inst. D Green PHILLIPS killed by son-in-law Jesse JACKSON on 21st, Green was known as "Indian Green", both Negros; d 6 yr son of Jasper TOMPKINS; m Lila MCCRELESS of Searight & Mr MCGILL of Geneva on Thursday

Oct 6 1893 d 5 yr sister of Wiley THOMAS, 7 yr old playing with gun accidently shot his sister in Atlanta; Mitchell WOOTEN, Negro was found guilty of murdering Angus MCSWEAN and his wife, (see Sep 22), was sentenced to hang on Nov 22, trial was in Ozark. (hanged on 24 Nov in Ozark)

Oct 13 m Jesse WIGGINS & Florence SHARPE of Five Runs; m Dr Willie JOHNSON of Troy & Miss Mamie THRASHER of Dothan on wesnesday in Dothan; d James CRAUSBY stabbed by brother in law Wm RABURN saturday near Liberty Hill, witness was brother Ike CRAUSBY,, the despute was over a hog Crausby sold and had not been paid the $2.00 owing.

Oct 20 1893 d Mrs E LILES of Falls Co, Tx died a few days ago, according to her step-son Mr W F LILES of this place; m Wiley HODGES & Emma WARD on Sunday; d Mrs H J SEALE on 6th at home in East Brewton, leaves husband & young child. Burial in Cedar Hill Cemetery Alco

Oct 27 1893 m Chas R TALBOT & Mineola RUSHING on Sunday at home of her father Judge F M RUSHING, all of Elba; d Mrs W M KINLAW on Apr 17 1893 in Covington Co., born in Miss, reared in Ga, removed to Wilcox Co, after marriage to Wm Kinlaw moved to Covington, she was the mother of 11 children, but only husband & 2 children survive (9 having died)

Nov 3 1893 d James A WEST former postmaster of this place died while visiting his mother in Crenshaw Co on Oct 29. He & family lived in Geneva Co.; m J D BASWELL of Butler Co & Lula COSON of Crenshaw on Monday; d. J K PAYNE of Double Springs Ala shot from ambush on Saturday

Nov 17 1893 m Chas. T STEWART & Ida COLQUITT are to be married Wednesday next at Rose Hill

Nov 24 1893 d Mr J D HART of Troy, suicide, his son is Rev W T HART of Pensacola; m Willie JAY of Andalusia & Fannie MATTHEWS of Coffee Co.

Dec 1 1893 d Miss Maggie MOSELY of Dallas co, burned to death; d J T ROBERTS shot by E B FRANKLIN at Talledega last week; m Mr W F SIMMONS & Mrs Payne of Bullock on 28th Nov

Dec 8 1893 d Wm WORLEY on Saturday, leaves wife and several children; M Zach KIRBY of Crenshaw & Mollie LUNSFORD of Fairfield on Monday; d John SEGREST near Franklin, Macon Co was found dead in the woods, believed to have been shot by Negro against whom he was a witness

Dec 15 1893 d Capt John Dowling of Dale Co, died at Ozark on 14th

Dec 22 1893 m Ella BARROW & J H TOLKSON at River Falls married on Sunday, she is the daughter of David Barrow

06 DEC 1895-m.Dr. E.Y. MALON & Miss Pearl DEWITT; d.Mrs. Ollie GUNTER wife of Mr. Frank GUNTER & dau. of Mr. Samuel SPICER; d.Japeth GAMMAGE age 2, son of Dennie & Rebecca GAMMAGE
13 DEC 1895-m.David BATSON Jr. & Miss LEVYNS; m.John HARRISON & Miss Syntha WARD
20 DEC 1895-d.R.C. ANDREWS; d.Granma CRAVEY age abt.82 years
03 JAN 1896-m.Jack WARD & Miss Beulah WATKINS; m.Dr. Allen MILLER & Miss SHORES; m.Mr. BRYANT & Miss HUDGEONS; d.Miss Donie COTTEN sister of Mrs. R.A. BONIFAY; m. Aleck RICHBURG & Miss Nannie GEORGE
10 JAN 1896-m.T.C. CHILDRE & Miss Ada ATWELL; d.Mr. Mathew WARED; d. Mrs. M.A. GEORGE Jr.
17 JAN 1896-m.W.C.W. CAWTHORN & Miss Alice BARRON
24 JAN 1896-m.Lonie GARRETT & Mis Arnile WIGGINS; d.Miss Fannie FOSTER age 17; d.Mrs. HAMMONDS mother of Mrs. R.A. BRANTLEY
31 JAN 1896-m. Mr. CLARK & Miss LOWNAN; d.Joe BOOTH
07 FEB 1896-m.Dr. TATUM & Miss Mabel FEAGIN; d.17 year old dau. of Mr. Zack RAWLS; d.Mrs. L.M. THOMPSON; m. Wesley LINDSEY & Miss Nancy RAMER
14 FEB 1896-d.Mrs. Sallie LONG age 90, her husband died last OCT at age 98; m.E.R. MACK & Miss Lela STRAUGHN; d.the father of Mr. Henry LAW; d.Berry COLEMAN, colored man
21 FEB 1896-b.son to Dr. & Mrs. Mollie SENTELL; d.child, age 6 mos, of Mr. Jackson STOKES
28 FEB 1896-d.Probate Judge Malachi RILEY; b.dau. to Mr. & Mrs. J.A. PRESTWOOD
06 MAR 1896-d.Miss Carrie, dau. of Mr. Zack RAWLS; d.Judge RILEY, brother of Mrs. BURNETT; d.Mr. Michael BAGGETT, father of Dr. BAGGETT & Uncle of Tom CAMPBELL
13 MAR 1896-d.MOORER, student in Evergreen College; d.ADAMS; m.M.A. STURDIVANT & Miss Ida SOLOMON
20 MAR 1896-m.Miss Fredonia POWELL & Mr. George CAYLOR
03 APR 1896-m.Rev. W.T. ELLISOR & Miss Lorie STEWART
17 APR 1896-d.Mrs. H. ROBINS; d.12 year old dau. of Mr. CLEFTON
24 APR 1896-d.percy WOOD; m.Asbury HICKS & Miss Buna STOKES
01 MAY 1896-m.D.J. WORLEY & Miss M.T. FOLDS
08 MAY 1896-m.S.D. RAWLS & Miss Lottie, dau. of Mr. M.C. GANTT
05 JUN 1896-m.E.G. PAGETT & Mrs. MOSELEY
12 JUN 1896-m.J.E. PAGETT & Miss Lucy THOMAS; d.Mr. J.H. CLARY; d.David L. MITCHELL
26 JUN 1896-d.Louis WARD, colored
03 JUL 1896-d.Bob MARTIN
10 JUL 1896-m.Gus CLARK & Miss Emma CROSBY; d.John MIXON
31 JUL 1896-b.son to Mr. Oscar SCOTT; d.John W. MIXON; m. Hugh WILSON & Miss Mary DAVIS
04 AUG girl to Mr. J.L. WORTHINGTON
21 AUG 1896-d.Mrs. Sarah BAGGET
23 AUG 1896-d.Mrs. Sarah BAGGETT
04 SEP 1896-m. Mr. Will JONES & Miss Sophia SPICER; m. Mr. Jeptha SOLOMON & Miss Floren e KNOWLES; d.Mr. CLARY; d.Mr. MULLER
02 OCT 1896-d. Mr. Frank BURLISON
16 OCT 1896-d.Pink KILPATRICK
13 NOV 1896-b.dau. to Mr. & Mrs. "Willie" W.C. CAWTHON
11 DEC 1896-m. Mr. Griffin MILLER & Miss Adelia CRAVEY; d. Bro. William ELLISOR
18 DEC 1896-m. Rev. J.F. PRICE & Miss Julia HUGHES; (found abandoned); girl to Mr. & Mrs. W.P. HOWELL
02 JAN 1897-d. Dr. W.N. McNAIR; m.Mr. Jesse SPURLING & Miss Mattie WHALEY; m. Prof. J.C. LONGWELL & Miss Bula BURKE; m. ADAMS men (twins) to FRAZIER women (twins); d.Robert MITCHELL, age 22; d.Col. GAMBLE
08 JAN 1897-d. son of Mr. DAUGHTRY; d.John W. ETHERIDGE age 87
05 FEB 1897-d. Mr. John W. BRANCH; d. Mrs. James A. PRESTWOOD (compiler's note: this is Saphronia Abigail FRANKLIN PRESTWOOD, dau. of William FRANKLIN & Eliza WILLIAMS of Loango, AL)
12 FEB 1897-d. wife of Judge CARMICHAEL
19 FEB 1897-d. child (no name or sex given, accidentally shot by mother); d. Mr. John I. JONES
05 MAR 1897-m.Mr. Webb BELL & Miss Susie L. PARKER; d. Mr. James "Uncle Jimmie" STEWART
12 MAR 1897-d. unidentified man hit & killed by train; d. Peter ROEBUCK, colored; d. Mr. Sam GULLAHORN; d. William McCRARY; d. Bro. Ephraim DIXON
19 MAR 1897-d. Mr. G.L. DAWSON; m.Mr. Jack PARKER & Miss Florence BELL; m. Mr Lee BRYANT & Miss Mattie BELL; d. Mrs. Lenora KENDALL; b.dau. to Mr. & Mrs. D.D. WILLIAMS; m. Mr. J.T.F. NICHOLS & Miss Maggie STEWART
02 APR girl to Mr. & Mrs. D.D. WILLIAMS
16 APR 1897-m. Mr. Mathis BAISDEN & Miss Josephine ADAMS
23 APR girl to Mr. Wade CHILDREE; m. Mr. Ed PRICE & Miss GOOLSBY
30 APR 1897-m. Mr. Melody ADAMS & Miss Alice RALEY
07 MAY 1897-d.J.D. SYKES
14 MAY 1897-d. Mr. R.A. BONIFAY; d. Mr. Neal BLUE
28 MAY 1897-d. Hon. Isaac H. PARKS
05 JUN girl to Mr. J.N. "Joe" BARRON
10 JUN 1897-d. Mr. D. BULLOCK; m. Mr. Boss SALTER & Miss Lula RALEY
17 JUN 1897-d. Mr. William JAY
24 JUN 1897-d. Mr. J.L. STEELY; m. Claude RILEY & Miss Annie Merle BARRON; m.Mr. Bud ODOM & Miss Verma WIGGINS
01 JUL girl to Mr. Dan WORLEY; d.Neill D. BLUE
08 JUL 1897-m.Mr. G.M. TURNER & Miss L.I. LINDSEY; m.Mr. Alfred MOORE & Miss Alice ENGRAM
15 JUL 1897-d.Mr. Wesley FUQUAY
22 JUL 1897-d.Mr. John ATWELL; d.Mrs. HICKS, grandmother of G.E. HICKS
05 AUG 1897-m.Mr. J.A. McNEEL & Miss Ella MILLER; d.1 yr. old child of Mr. & Mrs. David POWELL; m. Mr. J.L. WALLACE & Miss M.E. HARPER
12 AUG 1897-m. Mr. Daniel CAMPBELL & Miss Lizzie STEELE
19 AUG 1897-m.Mr. J.W. SHREVES & Miss Lilla SENTELL; d. a lady of Beda, AL killed by lightening in this county last Thurs; d.negro PATTERSON murdered; d. Mr. H.B.T. MONTGOMERY of Opelika
27 AUG 1897-d.Joseph PAGETT; d.negro in Henry county


The Covington Crescent

02 SEP 1897-d.Rufus SANDERS killed by John GAFFORD
10 SEP 1897-d.babe of Mr. & Mrs. W.C.W. CAWTHON; m.father of Dr. Walton BEAN
24 SEP 1897-m.Athan BOYETT; girl to Mr. J.S.W. CAWTHON; m.Mr. Marion Athan BOYETT & Miss Nyda Kate BAISDEN; m. Mr. James ATKINSON & Mrs. Jane BROWN; d.negro girl shot and killed by negro man
01 OCT 1897-m.Mr. Charles STEWART & Miss McDANIEL; m. Mr. Tobe CATON & Miss Mollie McNAIR; m.Mr. John DUNOVAN & Miss Allice ARD; girl to Mr. Will McADAMS; boy to J.P. BULLOCK
15 OCT 1897-d.wife of sheriff DEENS; d.infant babe of Dr. SENTELL
22 OCT 1897-d.Mrs. C.W. SNOWDEN; d.Edward GEORGE
29 OCT 1897-d.negro killed by John RODGERS
12 NOV 1897-d.John ROBBEN; d.Miss Mary COFFEY; m. Mr. William SNYDER & Miss Margarett THOMAS; d.Mr. Wade CHILDRE
03 DEC 1897-d. mr. PATTERSON of Victoria, Coffee County, Alabama
07 JAN 1898-m.Mr. J.J. _ _ _ yne & Miss LYNN; d.small child burned to death at Montgomery; d.negro, Rube BROWN; d. ________ LIVINGSTON, killed near Birmingham by his 18 yr. old brother Pike LIVINGSTON; d. Mr. Lee DEEN, son of J.L. DEEN of Red Level


The County Paper

23 SEP 1897-m. Mr. James ADKISON & Mrs. Jane BROWN


The People's Gazette

17 MAR 1903-d.Mrs. Claude Hardy YARBROUGH
31 MAR 1903-d.Frank H. HARTMAN; d.Perry YOE
16 APR 1903-d.Alex SANDERS; d.John R. BURNS age 29; d.Col. John E. MacGOWAN
23 APR 1903-d.Mr. HAL; d.Harmon WEST; d.Charley BLACK; d.Ella McLEOD; d.Mr. DAVIS; d.Elias M. LATHEM
30 APR 1903-d.William Henry WILSON age 35
14 MAY 1903-d.Mrs. M.J. CAMPBELL
09 JUL 1903-d.Euless PICKETT
16 JUL 1903-d.Mr. WILLIAMSON


The New Era

04 NOV 1904-d.Willis CATON
11 NOV 1904-d.Will BELL (col.); m.Monk KERVIN & Miss Nettie BEASLEY
18 NOV 1904-d.Mrs. Lula KIERCE age 25
02 DEC 1904-d.John R. SALTER age 73; d.Mrs. Celia LEE age 99; d.Mrs. "Grandma" BROGDEN age 93
09 DEC 1904-d.John R. SALTER age 73
16 DEC 1904-d.Mrs. W.A. MOORE
23 DEC 1904-d.George WALKER; m.J.N. WRIGHT & Miss Annie MELAWN; d.infant son UPTAGRAFF; d.Andrew BEASLEY
24 MAR 1905-d.May ROUSSEAU age 12
16 JUN 1905-m.Burrell KILPATRICK & Miss Emma GANOS; m. Mr. WATKINS & Miss Bena WILSON
30 JUN 1905-d.Mr. J. HAINES
11 JUL 1905-d.Ed AMMONS
11 AUG 1905-d.Capt. E.P. HOWELL
01 SEP 1905-d.Mr. W.F. THOMAS; d.Rev. A.M. HICKS
15 SEP 1905-d.Mrs. Savannah LEONARD; d.Mrs. Rebecca SMITH
03 NOV 1905-d.(boy) JEFFRIES age 12; m.Oscar GRAHAM & Miss Willie CLEMENTS
17 NOV 1905-d.Mrs. Sam STALLINGS; b.Roosevelt MOORE; b.Theodore MOORE; b.Alice MOORE; m.James L. DAVIS & Miss Linnie DARLOCK
01 DEC 1905-d.Major B.R. BRICKEN; m.D.W. WILLIAMS & Miss Tisha DAVIDSON
08 DEC 1905-d.Mrs. W.S. JONES; m.W.L. PARKER & Miss Gertrude HOWELL; m.Charles WILLIAMS & Miss Gussie TYNES; d.L.H. HENDERSON; d.W.S. CHESSER; m.H. RADFORD & Miss Lillie FLOURNOY


The Andalusia News

07 NOV 1904-d.FINDLEY; d.GARDNER; d.Mrs. Celia LEE age 99; d.John R. SALTER age 73
16 NOV 1904-d.Elder Hiram KING age 85;d.Mrs. Z.D. KIERCE age 24;
16 DEC 1904- m.E.L. BRIGMAN & Miss Sallie PARKER; m.John J. McLEAN & Miss Lillian Pearl McDUFFIE; m.S.E. KERVIN & Miss Nettie BEASLEY; m.J.A. GILLIS & Miss Nanie HOGAN; m.Sam NORRIS & Miss Anna SMITH; m.William HOOD & Miss Cannie POOL; d.Harry HAMITON; d.Mrs. W.A. MOORE
21 DEC 1904-m.E.W. McLEOD & Miss Rose RIGDON; m.J.L. BAILEY & Miss Rasha BURLISON; d.Mrs. John J. DICKENS; d.Mrs. W.A. MOORE; m.Robert CHAPMAN & Miss Beulah FOSTER


The Andalusia Star-News
Contributed by Lisa Graham
Pages & issues missing.

January 3, 1908
*Marriage License: Judge Robinson issued the following marriage license for December, 1907.
T.C. Adams and Miss China Hall
T.R. Hotson and Miss Minnie Glidewell
T.R. Tyson and Miss Josie Dorsey
Walter Glideweall and Miss Clara Lord
Jho. L. Findley and Miss Francis Ola Mills
J.H. Worley and Miss Beulah Sturgis
John Hall an and Miss Ella Jeter
J. D. Brannan and Mrs. Ethel D. Gore
H.H. sanders and Miss Ethel Bethea
Johnnie Thomasson and Miss Debbie Hilton
Charley Hammond and Miss Viola Neal
** Colored Marriage License
David Hutcheson and Saddie Todd
Charley Snell and S.A. Mobley
Geo. Cobb and Mattie Harrison
Malachi Nixon and Mamie Comer
bob Morgan and Francis Simmons
Ed. Wilson and Fannie Bibbins
Murphree Perkins and Allie Henderson
*Mortgage Sale: Whereas, H. E. Rowell and wife, Clara Rowell, did on the 8th day of Sept 1906, execute to the British & American Mort. Co., a Mortgage deed in Covington County, notice is hereby given of Auction on the 13th day of Jan. 1908. By R.H. Jones, Atty.
*Mrs. D.P. Albritton is visiting her son, E.T. Albritton, Esq.
*John Barton has sold his place and will relocate in Arkansas.
*Reuben Walton, colored, whipped a Negro woman at the Empire Mills Thursday last week. Reuban has been arrested.
*Davis Campbell received a telegram announcing the death of his brother, John Campbell in Mississippi. He dropped dead Monday of heart disease. He left Covington Co. several years ago for Mississippi.
*Dr. W.F. Odom and wife of Texas, are on visit to relatives in Covington, including brother, Johnnie Odom. Dr. Odom is from Covington Co.
*Miss Idell Culpepper of Georgiaville and Ralph McGowin of Mississippi were married here Dec. 25th.
*Young son of Mr. Farrier was severely burned. It is feared his sight will be destroyed.
*The House of Robert Hartin was destroyed by fire on 24th Ult.
*B.W. Walker died at his home in Montgomery.
*Mrs. Susanna Gibson of Coffee Co. is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Brown below Andalusia.
*Mortgage Sale: Whereas, L. J. Barron and wife, Clifton K. Barrow, did on the 26th day of Oct 1906, execute to the British & American Mort. Co., a Mortgage deed in Covington County, notice is hereby given of Auction on the 28th day of Jan. 1908. By R.H. Jones, Atty.
*Mortgage Sale: Whereas, P.I. Walters and wife, Jennie Walters and D.I Walters, unmarried, did on the 26th day of Oct 1906, execute to the British & American Mort. Co., a Mortgage deed in Covington County, notice is hereby given of Auction on the 13th day of Jan. 1908. By R.H. Jones, Atty.
*J. A. Hart & family of Ponds, visited Mrs. Dred Bagley Christmas Day.
*Notice, application made to B.B. comer for John Reynolds convicted at the fall term, 1906 of assault with the intent to murder.
*Sheriff Hood, of Montgomery has a curiosity about a hoodoo negro by the name of Jordan Johnson. He is a find specimen of the old-time negro conjure man.
*Residences of Sam Keith and G.A. Winslow of Geneva were destroyed by fire last week.
*Miss Bamma White of Andalusia is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bessie Rawls.

January 10, 1908
*Mrs. A.N. Cranford died at Haygood Friday night last, aged 50 years. She leaves a husband and several children.
*Mrs. Alice McDonald, wife of C.H. McDonald, died Jan 1, 1908 on River Falls St., She was born in Vanwert, Ohio in 1857. She leaves a husband abd 3 children. She was interred into the Baptist Cemetery Jan 2nd.
*G.P. Hogg is Rural mail carried on Route 1 Dozier.
*Wendell Worley and Miss Bracewell, daughter of Rev. Kindred Bracewell were married.
*Miss Julia Coleman of Troy is visiting her sister, Mrs. W.L. Parks.
*Mrs. Z.D. Studstill visited her sister, Mrs. Joe Tom Brantley of Troy.
*J.W. Williams has moved to Opp.
*Mrs. M.A. Whidby of Nokomas, Ala. has been spending time with her son, B.F. Whidy on South Three Notch St.
*Oscar Martin’s brothers, Malachi and Madison, of Liberty Grove, Ala. spent Christmas with him.
*Bud Short and a Miss Short were united in marriage near Wiggins last Sunday.
*Wm. Richburg and a Miss King were married in Wiggins.

January 17, 1908
*Jasper Bedgood, aged 65 years died a few days ago near Searight due to cancer.
*Mrs. O. M. Gordon of Brewton has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Jeter.
*A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Harper on Tuesday Night.
*Mrs. John Morrison returned to Moultrie, Ga. last week after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. J.B. Carlton.
*Rev. W.D. Brooks was found dead in the public road by his son Benj. Brooks, in the New Hope neighborhood on saturday last. He was age 84 years. His remains interred into cemetery at Hopewell Church.
*Miss Ables spent time with her sister-in-law, Mrs. C.N. Stokes before leaving for her home in Gantt.
*L.W. Hydrick of Feagin is in South Carolina to visit his mother this week.
*Perido, Ala., Jan 9th 1908, Mrs. Fannie A. Cranford died at her home Jan. 4th 1908, wife of A.N. Cranford. She was born in Tallapoosa County, Ala, August 18, 1856 & was 51 years old. She had been a wife for 31 years. Funeral was at Bethany Church at Heath on Sunday, Jan. 5th.
*W.W. Taylor & family are moving to Gasden.

January 24, 1908
*Negro, Will Jackson, was captured and placed in Andalusia jail Tuesday for charge of forgery. He forged several checks over a period of 6 months.
*Mr. C.C. Brawner died at the home of his son, J. E. Brawner, he was age 80. Mr. Brawner leaves five sons- W.N. and J.E. Brawner; Andalusia, R. C. and C. L. Brawner; Castleberry, and F. E. Brawner of Pensacola, The remains were carried to Castleberry, his old home for burial Monday morning.
*Dr. McKittrick of Evergreen is dead at age 75.
*Chester Faison and Miss Lula Odom were married Sunday.
*Walter Nalls & wife have a new baby Boy !
*Sammie Nall and Miss Ella Mae Hendricks were married on Sunday in Searight.
*Monroe Moore, a Negro at Oak Grove accidentally shot & killed his wife last Saturday.
*Mrs. C.C. Byrd, of Montgomery fell dead Friday night, age 32, victims of apoplexy, Her husband Mr. Byrd, age 40 years old fell dead the same night.
*Allen Adams and Miss Daughtery were married at Melvina.
* H.H. Leonard is building a new saw mill.

March 20, 1908-February Issues Missing !!!

*T.E. Screws died at Heath Tuesday, age 50 years old, leaves wife & 3 children.
* Two weeks ago a young daughter died and on Sunday morning last, a little son age 6 years old at the home of A. J. Kilpatrick at Heath.
*Another Son, age 13 of A. J. Kilpatrick has died of Pneumonia on Tuesday morning. This is the 3rd family member in 2 weeks.
*A Little child of George Foster died and was buried on Monday.
*Lonny Stanley and Miss Ida Lee of Brooks were married a few days ago.
*Mrs. Martha Maloy of Rye, Route 7 died last week, age 85 years.
*Charles Henderson and Miss Bradley were married at the bride’s father’s, John Bradley, near Andalusia.
*Allen Henderson, who went from Andalusia to Texas years ago died a few days ago at age 80. He has a brother & other relatives in Covington County.
*J. E. Mancill of Conecuh was at Rose Hill last week.
*Mrs. Mattie Bush, Red Level, and Mrs. Nanie Shreve of Andalusia, recently visited their father at Oakey Streak.
*Mrs. Stephen Mahone of Greenville has returned from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. W.F. Milligan.
*Miss Maggie Brewton of Montgomery is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mamie Brewton on Oak Street.
*Grover Hogg and Miss Bessie Dozier were married at Dozier last Sunday.
*Mrs. W.M. Odom who has been sick is improving.
*Miss Pearl Pitts and Bera Rainer were guests of Misses Mollie and Sallie Odom Sunday.
*Miss Jewel Brown of Andalusia visited Miss Lizzie Able Sunday.
*Miss Pearl Vardaman returned from Montgomery Friday.
*Dr. Watkins has located to our town, Gantt.
*Mrs. Evelyn Thaw has started her divorce proceedings against her husband, Harry Thaw. We hope the hearing will be behind closed doors.
*W. H. Heath has located at Troy. He resided several years at Heath.

April 10 1908 - missing issues
*Born to Lloyd Patterson and wife of Heath, a daughter on Sunday Night.
*A.D. Caton, near Red Level, is one of Covington’s best farmers.
*Mrs. Pye, living with her brother, A.D. Caton, near R ed level is perhaps the oldest persons in the County.,At age 90 she is still hale and hearty.
*Miss Susie Anglin and brother left on a train to Columbus, Ga., to be at the bedside of her dying sister.
*T.J. Jackson repaired his Grist Mill & is grinding away in Green Bay.
*Math Rigdon of Green Bay has been ill for several months.
*Kierce Wyrosdick who was seriously wounded in a shooting scrape near Cohassett is doing alright.
*Forest Easley sustained a severe hurt on the hand which had to be lanced.
*Mr. Poney Henderson’s horse ran away and threw him from the buggy. He only has bruises.
*B.L. Timmerman will make a visit to Falco on Business.
*Mrs. Cook, Widow of T.R. Cook, deceased has recieved a check for $2,000 from the W.O.W. camp at Portland, Fla.
*John Douglas of Mason was here on Thursday.
*Autry Riley, on temporarily duty as night Marshall arrested a negro for selling booze. He arrested seller and buyer.
* Miss Maude Brown, age 14, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Brown, on Route 4, died Sunday morning of the measles. Interment was at Salem Monday.
* Little son of James Altman died Tuesday might of last week, near Ponds.
* Notice, Covington County, In Chancery Cause no. 399. E.J. Ritchey vs. Bertha May Ritchey.
The defendants residence is unknown, and over the age 21, this will run for 4 weeks asking Bertha Mae Ritchey to plead, answer by the 1st of May 1908. Thereafter 30 days, a decree pro confesso may be taken against her. This 26th day of March 1908. A. Whaley, Register.
*Notice: land office in Montgomery; Notice to John B. Maddox of Laurel Hill, Fla. He has filed five years proof in support of his homestead claim, Jan. 7, 1903 & made in Court May 13, 1908. He names witnesses: David F. Taylor, Laney S. Maddox, William Maddox, James Coon,; Laurel Hill Fla., Rob’t D. Johnston, Register.

April 17, 1908 (Friday)
*Mrs. B.W. Head returned Monday to Andalusia where she was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ballard. Little Miss Ruth Ballard and Master Glenn Monroe of Darlington, Fla. returned with her as her guests.
*Miss Laura Ellis formerly Andalusia has accepted a position in Macon, Ga.
*On Sunday morning Mr. Hosie Brogden and Miss Ruth Garvin were united in Marriage.
*Mrs. Smith from Oakey Streak is visiting her daughter here, Mrs. L.W. Hydrick.
*Will Riley and John Bass of Carolina, and Willie Watson of Hopewell; were visitors at Conecuh Sunday.
* W.L. Palmer and wife of Flomaton, the latter’s sister, are visiting Mrs. LeRoy’s Taylor’s who has been quite sick for several days.
*Child of W.E. Stanley , age 18 months, died Wednesday of last week and was buried at Valley Grove Church.
*Mrs. Frank Potts of Brooklyn has been spending time with her parents, J.L. Hassell & wife of Feagin.
*John Wyrosdick, Kierce Wyrosdick, and negro, Frank Whitlock were indicted for murder of Claude Vickery at Cohassett. Zollie Vickery who was in jail, was released with no indictment.
*Rev. P.L. Moseley, is now a resident of Coffee Springs.
*W.T. Wiggins of Evergreen, was in Andalusia to see his son, Leon Wiggins.
*Mrs. Ed Jones of Montgomery, shot and killed a Negro at her home, at the time he was engaged in hand to hand combat wit her aged father, Barney Rhody.
*Glenn Mitchell, age 15 died Sunday night, son of Thomas Mitchell, he was stricken with a pain in the head.
*B.F. Whidby received a telegram, his Mother is dying in Sullivan, Ala.
*Miss Zeddie Janes of czar and E.A. Lewis of South are to be married on the 20th April.
* Miss Lilly Christan of Crenshaw , is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.B. Johns of Loango.
*Mrs. Lathram left Tuesday for Fort Deposit due to the illness of her sister, Mrs. Rivers.
*Marshal Aplin arrested Will Ridle, Negro, who was charged with breaking into one of B.H. Zeagler’s servant’s houses.
*Mrs. Hub Jones, daughter of J. J. Thames of Red Level undergoes an operation.

April 24, 1908
*A three year old child of F.A. Rushton died on Sunday last.
*Johnnie Odom has a new baby GIRL !
*Dr. John Prather of Mobile is visiting his sister, Mrs. S.F. Rhodes of Gantt.
*A child of James Lynum of River Falls, died Sunday.
* Jack Jackson, colored, charged with stealing goods from store in Andalusia.
*H.H. Leonard & family are recovering from the measles.
*Mrs. John Williams of Georgiaville, was a visitor to Andalusia last week.
*Notice. Mortgage executed to wit: November 8, 1906, by Camilla I. Moss and husband, Henry Moss, to the undersigned mortgagee, H. Opp, will sell on Thursday May 14, 1908, in front of Courthouse door in Covington County, property to satisfy indebtedness. April 7, 1908. Henry Opp, Morgagee.
*Notice. Mortgage executed to wit: December 9, 1905, by B.W. Parish and wife, F.A. Parish, to the undersigned mortgagee, Henry. Opp, will sell on Thursday May 14, 1908, in front of Courthouse door in Covington County, property to satisfy indebtedness. April 7, 1908. Henry Opp, Mortgagee.
*At Montgomery Wilbur Beasley, a flagman fell from the train and his right leg is severed below the knee.
*Miss Mattie Teel is visiting her sister, Mrs. Robt. Hart.
*H.H. Winn of Thomasville is brother to J.B. Winn of Andalusia.
*A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Russell of River falls on Saturday last.
*J.J. Ballard was called to troy to attend the funeral of Louis Hanchey.
*Autin Clark, colored was buried at Wellfare church last Sunday.
*J.W. Weatherford, white, was shot and killed by his nephew, Avery Hardage, near Brantley Sunday.
*Forest Powell, young son of W.H. Powell of Haygood, cut his foot.
* Mrs. J. M. Thomas is spending time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hitson of Red Level.

May 1, 1908 (Friday)
*Dr. and Mrs. Ray have a daughter, they Christened her Anna Lusia in honor of the city of her nativity.
* A.L. Rankin of Andalusia and Mrs. Addie Randle (formerly Miss Addie Hill) were married at Brantley, Tuesday.
Charles Woodham and Miss Emma Mack of Opp were married at Troy last Friday.
*A four year old daughter of J.N. Barron died Saturday morning.
*The Wife of David Patterson, Age 47, on Route 5, died last Friday leaving a husband and 6 children.
*W.W. Varn charged with deserted his wife, resided in Pensacola Fla. shortly.
*Mrs. J.R. Jordan, Route 1, has been ill.
* Mrs. N.C. Thomas of Evergreen, sister to J.B. Chapman of Andalusia, attended the funeral of her nephew, Roscoe Chapman Thursday.
*Deputy Tom Jernigan arrested Richard Rice, colored, for selling mortgaged property.
*Mrs. Shelly Donelson of Florala, Ala., visited her mother, Mrs. Nancy McLelland.
*E. A. Lewis married Miss Zeddie Jones last Sunday.
* Amon Gunter died April 26th. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gleston Gunter. Was born March 29th, 1894 & died of measles. Age 12 years old, only son of Eggleston Gunter of Gantt.
*Mr. and Mrs. Greene Chandler have a new baby Boy !!
*Mrs. J.F. Dunn is visiting her father, W.W. Taylor, and her sister, Mrs. Caton at Rose Hill.
*Wm. Garrett killed a large rattlesnake in his yard.
*** List of Grand and Petit Jurors for Spring term 1908 of Covington Co., Circuit Court:
Enos Harrelson, A.H. Nelson. E. L. Moore, T. M. Short, D.A. McArten, W.R. Barnes, John Kervin, W.F. Liles, J.L. Holt, E.A. Brantley, W. O. Searcy, J.M. Cooper, S. J. Tadlock, W. A. Mallett, W.F. Wooten, C.A. O’Neal, D.B. Gantt, C.C. Hart, E.W. Williams.
Petit Jury, First Week: E. S. Smith, E. B. Hughes, J.B. Atkins, J.F. Martin, D.C. Hart, J.V. Mays, B. W. Sasser, J.L. Soles, J.V. Henderson, M. H. Thomas, T.J. George, H.B. Wiggins, B.W. Smith, L. Carter, R. Kirklin, H.J. Smith, M.L. Boles, M. I. Cross, J.D. Moot, Jow Patterson, Hilley Gorum, J. J. Johnson, O. W. Williams, J. A. Hart, B.F. Hall, G. D. Robbins, W. E. Lunsford, M. Z. McLelland, E. Littles, A. J. Sims.
Petit Jurors, 2nd Week: H. H. Perdue, D.H. Butler, W.J. Holder, J.V. Whaley, H. T. Edger, W.F. Wiggins, J.T. Manning, W.T. Gawley, W.H. Greatehouse, H. A. McLendon, J. G. Day, H.H. Barfield, C.F. Kendall, W.A. Turner, L.B. Gantt, Wm. M. Taylor, B.P. Brooks, J. E. Rawls, J. W. Adkins, L. Butler, J.L. Moody, S.J. Cobb, E.G. Mitchell, J.M. Martin, J. M. Wasden, T. J. Watkins, J. H. Fletcher, Sam Barnes, Garrett Stanley, J.A. Howell, G.M. Terrell.
*Little child of J.M. Rose is quite sick.
** Notice, Covington County, In Chancery Court. Cause No. 408 Annie Bendall vs. Thomas M. Bendall
The defendants residence is unknown, and over the age 21, this will run for 4 weeks asking Thomas M. Bendall to plead, answer by the 31st of May 1908. Thereafter 30 days, a decree pro confesso may be taken against her. This 29th day of April. 1908. A. Whaley, Register.
* Notice, Covington County, In Chancery Cause no. 388. S. L. Boykin vs. Ethel Boykin
The defendants residence is Miller County, Georgia, and over the age 21, this will run for 4 weeks asking Ethel Boykin to plead, answer by the 31st of May 1908. Thereafter 30 days, a decree pro confesso may be taken against her. This 29th day of April 1908. A. Whaley, Register.
*Delinquent tax payers: R. H. Bonifay, I.E. Boyett, J. R. Griffith, Mrs. F. E. Jones, S. J. Mason, W. H. Sharp, Elizabeth Smith, E. B. Taylor, W.R. White, M. W. Bozeman, W. T. Pritchett, W. A. Adkinson,
M. T. Jones, Annie L. Smith, O. R. Blue, T. L. Parker, G. M. Williamson, E. D. Sampy, Mrs. Jodie Weakley, Sarah Reynolds and Matilda McCarty, Miss Beulah Richardson, P.A. Moore, Henderson Bullock.

May 8, 1908

* Sunday March 3, 1908, in the Wiggins brother’s home, Marquis Franklin Moore, two year old son of A.P. Moore, died.
*S. T. Dillard has withdrawn from the race for Tax assessor.
*Milton Dennis, white, was killed by his brother-in-law, Arthur Shamburg, in Pennington, Choctaw County.
*The South West District Singing Society of Covington County organized at Shiloh, April 29,1908, conducted by G.W. Lundy. Songsters present : J.S. Boles, G.P. Hilson, R.M. Clary, H.R. Henly, B.C. Hicks, J.N. Wright, J.W. Kilpatrick and J.H. Rowell. Vice President is J.E. Chesteen, Secretary, N.O. Matthews.
*Miss Sallie Vaughn of Geneva spent several days here recently.
*R.H. Ragsdale of Tennessee purchased sheep from Messrs. P.J. Campbell and J.M. Stevens.
*Henry Williams has moved from Hicks Mill to the west side of Conecuh River.
*At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Barron, Little Merle Barron died on Saturday. He would have been age 4 on the 2nd of May. Little Cyrus Barron is very sick.
*Tom Hutchison was injured in a storm near Red Level on Thursday morning.
*Alonzo Beasley’s house was completely destroyed by a storm that passed through Red Level Thursday.
* N.B. Harper’s Barn was blown to pieces in Thursday’s storm.
Missing Issues-----

June 12, 1908
* Marriage- Miss Annie Lee Chapman to Isaac Irvin Tatom to be married in Geneva Alabama on June 24th. The Groom’s father is Capt Tatom who at one time resided in Andalusia. The Mother of the bride is Mrs. Belle Chapman.
*In Geneva Ala, J.J. Johnson was cut by a man named Marlow.
*The disappearance of Richard Bonifay still remains a mystery.
*Someone made an effort to break into the residence of Marshal Aplin’s Tuesday night.
*Mrs. Merriwether of Montgomery is visiting her sister, Mrs. W.F. Milligan, River Falls.
*Capt. James E. Cox, 82 years old, Veteran of the Confederate Army died in Troy. His maternal grandmother was a daughter of Daniel Boone.
*Ira Rose, age 18, fatally stabbed Tom Wilson, age 45. The body of the dead man was taken to River Falls St. He leaves a wife and 1 child, Interment was in Troy.
*Tom Gibson, charged with killing a negro woman last Christmas at Florala is out on bond.
*Temp Tillis was arrested and charged with assault and battery with as knife.
* The jury in the case of J. Finley Howard, charged with the killing of George W. Bagley, returned verdict of murder.
*Mrs. C.J. Bonifay, one of the oldest residents in Pensacola died at age 77, June 7th. Her son is Richard H. Bonifay who disappeared from McDavid last week and is supposed to have drowned in Escambia River.
*J.R. Coleman, who lived near Greenville died Monday from being dragged to death by a mule.
*Saturday May 3oth, 1908 little Gladys Inez Phillips, age 2 years, 6 months and 21 days, died at the home of Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Phillips. This is the third death. Her body was laid to rest beside her little brother in Mt. Gilead cemetery on Sunday.
*A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Les Edwards of Shady Hill.
*Edward Posey killed a large rattlesnake.
*William Russell died at Pink Friday night, age 80.
*B.F. Whidby returned from Mississippi where he went to visit his mother.
*Will Cogman was jailed for selling whiskey.
*Mr. Walter of Union Springs shot his wife to death and then killed himself.
*Mrs. C.E. Beck died Wednesday, she leaves a husband and 2 children.
*J.J. Turner was married last Sunday (fifth) to Miss Hart.
*Misses Doris and Alice Sasser spent a few days with their sister, Mrs. B. L. Wells of Searight.
*Miss Adele Ridelhoover of Andalusia was guest of her Cousin, Miss Lessie Rawls.
*Mr. William Benson and wife of Dozier visited their daughter, Mrs. R.E. Wells on Saturday.
*Little son of Gus Waite has been sick.
*Miss Maude Kendall of Evergreen visited her friend, Mrs. M.P. Powell here.

June 19, 1908
* Mrs. Deer of Red Level has relocated to Andalusia and lives at the residence formerly owned by Wm. Shreve.
*Mrs. Thomas Strother, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. W.A. Moore on South Three Notch left Monday for Florala.
*Alf. Williams, colored, who has been confined to County jail, died at the poor house a few days ago. Williams fatally stabbed another negro at Gantt.
*Richard Bonifay is still missing, it is believed he was murdered and his body sunk into the river.
*Grover Grisold lost a little child Tuesday.
*Train wreck Wednesday afternoon, killed Clements, the engineer, Bob Lamar was painfully hurt, The body of Clements was sent to Georgiana for burial.
*W.F. Lewis and family have moved to Chapman, Fla.
*Miss Leal Durant, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. D.D. Miles has returned to Mobile, Ala.
*Mrs. W.F. Rhodes of Muscogee, Fla., is visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Stokes of this place.
*Rev. Thos. Reece and wife, of Ft. Worth TX. were in Andalusia, on their way to visit the family of David Highsmith of this County. Mr. Reece is a Confederate Veteran. Mrs. Reece was formerly Miss Nettie Highsmith, a native of Covington County. She is here to visit her brother, who she has not seen in 10 years.
*Mrs. Frank Stanley and her husband are seriously ill at McKenzie, They are a sister and brother-in-law of W. E. Josey at Andalusia.
*Mrs. C.B. Hester of McKenzie is ill. Mrs. Hester is a sister of Mrs. J. E. Josey of Andalusia.
*O.M. Sellers of McKenzie and Mrs. S. D. Kent of Crenshaw County were married on the 7th.
*Mrs. Jordan Ammonds died at her home, near Fairfield Saturday.
*Miss Nellie Simonton died yesterday, her body was shipped to Dothan for Interment- Advertiser-June 7
*J.B. Meriwether, of Birmingham, 71 years old tried to commit suicide. He took morphine and stretched upon his wife’s grave in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
*Mr. Blakenship of Lawrence County was dragged to death by a mule.
* John M. Hayes of Houston County shot himself in the head in Dothan while on the way to the insane hospital. The tragedy occurred at the home of his half brother, Monroe Brown. Physicians say he lost his mind due to excessive CIGARETTE SMOKING.
*Jacob Benton of Opp, killed five foxes.
*Dave Adams captured a negro convict last Tuesday.
*Mrs. W.O. Lybrand of Brantley is visiting her sister, Mrs. H.E. Jackson.
*Mr. A.H. Power of Andalusia married Miss Nelle Phelps on last Wednesday, Greenville.
*J.B. Simmons died at his home in Elba on Saturday, He was 82 years old, the founder of Elba, and one of the richest men in Coffee County.
* Miss Vernilla Parks of Goshen is visiting her brother, A.L. Parks on Crescent St.
*Born to Mr. And Mrs. Benson, a son, on Thursday last week.
End---- No more 1908 Newspaper on Microfilm......

The Andalusia Star-News

Published on Thursdays; some pgs are unreadable or missing


1 Apr 1909 -d J E ANDERSON, 76 yrs. in Andalusia died Fri, Mason,bur Sat.; d Mrs O HUCKABAA of Florala; d S R TYNER of Dozier, Survivors Wife, Dr James Tyner, Robert, Homer, &Kendrick Tyner & Mrs Teague Merrill

8 Apr 1909- m. Simon GILLIS & Molly HART in Florala ; m. Miss Irene Owens & J M Jackson of Sanford, mar on Mon

18 Apr 1909 -d George BAGLEY

22 Apr 1909- d Mrs S I S CAWTHORN age 70, died Monday Husband, J S W Cawthron, W C W Cawthron & Mrs B H Lewis ; d Mrs HEATH; m. -J R DUNN & Mrs Hatti SIMS of Searight; d Reuben FOREMAN

29 Apr 1909 -d Dr C A LANDRUM in DeFuniak Springs, Fl; d Mrs Elizabeth LITTLE ,age 84; b. daughter to Mr & Mrs Wm WHIDLEY; d S A TART Sr age 72

6 May 1909- Missing

13 May 1909 -d child of Mr & Mrs Ex FELLOWS; d Mrs Augustus Evans WILSON; d Warren JOHNS of Melvina

20 May 1909- m Math BECKWORTH & Miss Dollie Bryant May 14;

27 May 1909 -m Lonnie CARTWRIGHT & Eviery TAYLOR of Opp; m Daniel NORRIS & Flora SMITH of Opp; m C R HARPER of Sanford & Miss Quennie WALLACE of Opp; d son of H O STANLEY of Foley; d David BEASLEY of Red Level

3 June 1909 -LIC Maud Miller SCOTT to Rev J J HAYGOOD for June 30th; m Lucile Catherine MCDAVID & Charles Wesley MIZELL yesterday; d J B NALL last week; d Mrs Jane DIAMOND 73 yrs, wife of late John Diamond

10 Jun 1909- d child of Mr & Mrs Arnie TAYLOR; d Mrs J E Tillis SHERVE, husband & dau Elizabeth survivors; d Leon PERRENOT 14 yrs, son of Charles & K M Perrenot; m Irene POWELL & E Walton ARWOOD ; d Col Nicholas STALLWORTH

17 Jun 1909- m Lula WILLIAMSON of Pink & C J ARCHER of Florala

24 June 1909- d John GREEN of Dozier

1 Jul 1909- b daughter to Prof W O BOZEMAN & wife; divorced Mrs Harold GOULD & Mr GOULD

8 Jul 1909 -Mar Lic: Eula LONG & C J ROBINSON; Annie BOWERS & M T DORMAN; Bama FUGUA & L C STOKES; d Mrs J R DANDERS widow; m Ralph SEARCY & Helen MALONE at Greenville; m Nancy E DAY & J C BOWDIN at Opp; b daughter to Mr & Mrs Jonas HAIR

15 Jul 1909 -d Mrs W A CUMBIE of Brookley

29 Jul 1909- d W F MILLIGAN of Andalusia, survived by Wife, 2 sons & 2 daus, Brother S B Milligan of Andalusia, sister Mrs Olive Holly of M’tgmy, Mrs Alice Goodwin of Taylor, Tx Mrs K M Perrenot & Miss Mary Milligan of Andalusia; d Mother of T M & Nicholas CAMPBELL

5 Aug 1909 -b daughter for Mr & Mrs M Rich

12 Aug 1909- d 5 mos old Francis CRENSHAW, dau of Capt & Mrs Allen Crenshaw; d Mrs J B WHEELER, sister in law of W H Barclay

19 Aug 1909- d Miss Alma PRITCHET of Iverness by lightening; b daughter to W H ALBRITTON & wife; b son to A L ADKINSON & wife; b daughter to A L HARE & Wife

26 Aug 1909- Lic issue: Jennie L COPE & J L NANCE of Sanford; Mrs M J SMITH & E H   GOMILLION; Miss Eliza J COLE & H H DUBOSE; d baby of C A COPE & Wife m Miss Carley CLARY & Ezra MCCELLAN of Falco; m Miss Duck WALTERS & Jordan AMMONS

2 Sep 1909 -d wife of Ira CARPENTER of Sanford

9 Sep 1909- m Jas BARROW of Cohassett, AL & Miss Sallie MITCHELL of Longo; b son to Dr G C NIX & wife of Sanford

Sept 9 1909- d Mrs James TOLLISON of River Falls

Sep 12 1909- d Mrs STEVENSON & daughter of first marriage, murdered by husband Will Stevenson

Sep 18 1909 -m Orbie COMPTON & Miss Mattie SMITH; b daughter to Mr & Mrs T A PATRICK

Sep 23 1909- d Mr FOREMAN of Sanford; d Mrs Henry KNOWLING

Sep 30 1909 -d son of James CLARK

7 Oct 1909- d Mrs Lurana Goolsby b Dec 21 1835 in Monroe Co, AL, Died Sep 29 1909 at her how in Andalusia. Laid to rest in Pilgrim Rest Cem, near Rose Hill, AL, She mar 1st John H JONES, 2nd James M PARKER , 3rd to John C GOOLSBY. She leaves Mrs Mary E STRAUGHN, Morgan D JONES of Florala, Judge R H JONES Of Andalusia, and Benjamin F PARKER of Andalusia; m Callie DAWSON of Montgomery & Dr G L Gresham of Andalusia (21 Oct 1909)

14 Oct 1909 -m J E JENKINS & Miss Lille COGWELL; m Gertrude Deer & A R POWELL

21 Oct 1909 -d Mrs G L LITTLE; d Martha Olivia JOHNSON who was born in Chamber Co, AL on Mar 6 1840- died in Andalusia Oct 17 1909 in her 70th year. In her 20th year she married George F CAPPS of Lee Co, Al, who died in Cincinati, Oh attending Medical School Mar 17 1869. Two Children Thos. W CAPPS & Charles F CAPPS both of whom survive her. She married again Nov 24 to George W STEWART of Pike Co, Al and was again a widow May14 1881 near Troy, Pike Co, AL; Three children Geo. F, John P Stewart and Mrs A Whaley, two of whom are living, Geo F having died May 15 1905- d Mrs CAPPS;

28 Oct 1909 -d Will STEPHENSON, hanged for killing wife and step-daughter; d Rev L J WHITE on Oct 20, 81 yrs. wife & ch: L P, Miss Sallie,Miss Levonia & D H Stephenson; d Mrs Frank CLARK 36 yrs, husband & 4 children suvive; d W H BRITTON of Florala, at Nashville, Tnn, bur in NC ; m Bessie HUGHES, dau of E J Hughes on the 20th to George Monch FOSHEE; m W A HAMBY & Sarah KILPATRICK; d Mother of Emmett O’NEAL

4 Nov 1909 d J A FRANKLIN, age 89 yrs, burned badly in fire 10 days ago, died of complications. Interment at Fairmount Church.; MAR LIC; Irbie SHARP & J D BULGER; d Oscar HUCKABAA, 11 yrs son of George Huckabaa; MAR LIC; Emma NORSWORTHY & George CLARK; Della JACKSON & Alex LUCAS; Miss M P BUSH & J C TURNER; Josephine STEELE & Claude LEWIS; d Joseph COON 18 yrs, buried at Tuscaloosa

11 Nov 1909 -d Iva BAISDEN 16 yrs killed in Greenville; d Mother of Mrs J W SHANNON in Brookhaven, Ms, bur in Valdosta, Ga; d Grover HOGG, mail carrier of Dozier

18 Nov 1909 -d John MCQUEEN of Sanford, 80yrs of age; d child of Mr & Mrs W J MANNING at Andalusia

25 Nov 1909 -d Mrs John E KIRKLIN, leaves husband and baby; d child of Mr & Mrs William MERRILL; d Albert WALKER, killed by his son, Denson Walker. ;d 3yrs child of H A LOWMAN of Searight; d Son of Grover MOORE and his wifef of Searight

2 Dec 1909 -d Charles N CRITTENDON, founder of Florence Crittendon Rescue Home.; b daughter to Mr & Mrs R H HELMS born Thanksgiving day.; d Benton MCNIER of River Falls; m Miss SHANKS & D L THOMPSON at home of bride

9 Dec 1909 -m Nannie Bell DUNSON, daughter of George W Dunson, to Malcom FARMER on 16 Dec.

16 Dec 1909- m Mr John C POWELL & Miss Ida HELMS, the groom is postmaster m Constance DEER, dau of Mrs Mary A Deer, to L M STROUD, at her mother’s home on Dec 23.; d Mrs M T WIGGINS, 50 yrs, 9 children survive

23 Dec 1909 -d Mrs Millie MITCHELL, wife of A Mitchell, 70 yrs, leaves husband and 4 children, buried Valley Grove; d John WALKER burned to death near Milligan

30 Dec 1909 -LIC Issue for: Nannie SHIELDS & D W KELLEY, Alice V CAMPBELL & G D FUSSELL, Annie HICKS & Adolphrus COOK; mORA leonard & W C MCKEE; Eliza CARY & Sullivan HOWARDS, Queenie PRIERE & Love MOODY;  m Carrier Dozier & John J BOGGAN

Jan 6 1910- m Bessie PENDRY & S H GILLIS; d child of Gillis METCALF; d Alford J COWART, killed by son, Jackson Cowart, near Troy.

20 Jan 1910 -d John MITCHELL age 88; d Gen R N RHODES of Birmingham News; m Amy I BASCOM & Leon Carlton POST both of Red Level, mar at Andalusia; d Charles KREAMER of Lockhart, leaves wife and 2 children; m Julia WOODWARD & J P SPIVEY, both of Red Level

27 Jan 1910- d JA CHAFFIN at Pensacola; b son to Mr & Mrs W C GRANT; LIC Miss Ora LAWSON & John W COLLINS both of River Falls;   m Today Miss Carrie BARROW &J H TOLLISON; (note their home in River Falls burned due to faulty flue, while they were in Andalusia getting married); m Zula SMITH & T E GANTT at Greenville

3 Feb 1910- d Myler BANKS of Foley, train ran over him, unknown whether dead before.; m Erar RADFORD & Eugene RYALS, in her parents home here; m Trudie DUNSON & F A HORTON married today in the home of Mr & Mrs George Dunson, in Andalusia; d David TAYLOR 21 yrs, son of Mr & Mrs William Taylor at Andalusia; d Mrs Sallie HARDAGE 90 yrs, d 19 Jan at Opp. sons W M, ANDREW, & JOEL Hardage survive;   d 2 children of Mr & Mrs G H COOK, burned to death near Brantley, they were 1 yrs & 3 yrs of age.

10 Feb 1910- d Judge B H LEWIS at Montgomery on 9 Feb, buried in Andalusia, wife and 2 brothers survive; d Mrs N J WALLACE on Friday at Montgomery, 81 yrs, the mother of Mrs N R Wilhelm; d Mr N J WALLACE on Sunday 81 yrs, they had been married for 62 years; d Stephen MAHONE 66 yrs at home of daughter Mrs Carrie MILLIGAN, a wife, 3 daughters & 2 sons survive; m Miss Bune NORRIS & Frank SCROGGINS of Pink, in Andalusia on last Sunday evening.

17 Feb 1910 -m Ina CARR & R A WHITE mar last Sunday in Pensacola

24 Feb 1910 -m Ephi. WARD & Miss Jessie MANCIL, last Sunday at home of Brides parents; Lic Miss Della MERRITT & Daniel SASSER; m Mrs Bettie GARLOCK of Blackman, Fla & HH LEONARD of Andalusia, amr in Blackman; m Miss Mattie TAYLOR of Andalusia & DR A B COLVIN of Beachton, Ga last Sunday in home of her sister, Mrs W J Merrill

3 Mar 1910 -m Mrs Edna SUMMERLIN & John DAVIS last Sunday at Sanford; m Miss Julia WRIGHT of Falco & H W WARRELL of Brantley

10 Mar 1910- m Harvey ALSABROOK of Babbie & Miss Nancy DAY of Opp, married in J M Head’s store; d J C RAHAM, carpenter 62 yrs died at Red Level

17 Mar 1910- m Miss Mattie RICHARDSON & J T ANDERSEN of Opp married last Thursday in Andalusia; b Another son for Mr & Mrs E R MERRILL

24 Mar 1910- Lic Miss Francis RAMBO & J H FAULKENBERRY

31 Mar 1910 -d W F RUTHERFORD 62 yrs of Red Level, died Thursday, survivors are wife, son, A Z Rutherford of Boston, Ga; daughters Mrs C S Walton of Red Level, & Mrs J A Hughes of Bogalusa, La; d James GARRETT of Florala

2 Apr 1910- m Mrs Ellen LEWIS & Will Norsworthy, mar in Pensacola, she is from Andalusia m K KAPLAN, Opp merchant was married in New York to Miss Fannie SCHWARTS.; d Mrs Z T DOZIER 60 yrs ; 6 children survived

7 Apr 1910 -b daughter to Mr & Mrs Robert Chapman; b son to Mr & Mrs Arnie Taylor

14 Apr 1910- m H B FOSHEE & Miss Eller MCMILLAN; d Mrs Matthew BILLUP, mother of Mrs JJ Ballard, 70 yrs, in Troy; m TR JERNIGAN of Andalusia & Miss Mattie H FARRIS of Springvale, GA

21 Apr 1910- m K W NELSON & Miss B GATLIN of Pink; m Joe E DEURELL & Miss Lizzie NOLEN of Sanford; d Mrs James SOLES, buried in Red Oak Cem; Her husband James Soles died last Sunday

28 Apr 1910- m Flora Kate MONROE & J E MCMILLIAN of Andalusia, married in Columbus Ga.; m Honorable W G WILLIAMS of Dozier & Miss Sammie BROOKS of China Grove.

5 May 1910 -d James CAYLOR 24 yrs, of Opp, leaves wife and children; d G W TUCKER 70 yrs; d A Mrs THOMAS 67 yrs farm laborer for G W LEE; d Mrs S F MASON, mother of C H Mason, in Geneva, 62 yrs, leaves husband and children; d Henry FAULKENBERRY 22 yrs at his sister’s home, Mrs Palmer in Flomaton, son of Mr & Mrs J H Faulkenberry

12 May 1910 -d Charles T REYNOLDS at Poley, buried Red Level, leaves wife & 6 children; m Miss Lilla Paul & R A LAINDRY; m Cecil EDGE of Andalusia & Miss Viola PENTON of Opp; m A G ELLISOR of Andalusia & Ida Weathers at Georgianna; d Mrs J J WARD was buried at Pink, leaves husband, 3 sons and one daughter; d Robert BUTLER; m Henry J MOTT & Beulah Mae CHESSER of Red Level, mar in Pensacola

19 May 1910 -d Mrs Z COOPER Monday, leaves husband & 7 sons, buried Talladega Springs ; d C R LONG at Montgomery, buried at Ramer; lic Gus STANLEY 27 yrs & Maude NANCE 15 yrs of Opp

26 May 1910- d Miss Margaret MCLANE of Dothan; d Mrs M D PYLE 92 yrs of Heath, sister of Allen & Tobe Caton Sr.; m Lena Josephine MIZELL & Edward Orlando BALDWIN on June 15, in Opp, she is daughter of Josephine Beard Mizell ; m R L GUNN & Miss Frances EDDINS, June 8 in Columbus, Ms; m Mary Clyde PELHAM to Dr William Robert Middleton June 14 Andalusia; m Miss Lily Bell RANKIN & Claud B SAWYER, last week

9 Jun 1910- d Julian J BARROW at home of son John Barrow, leaves wife & 3 children; m Herbert MORROW & L R FLEMING at home of bride’s parents; m John FERGUSON & Cora WOODHAM last Thursday in Andalusia; m Herbert N RUSHTON & Miss Alma Mae LEE in Sylvester , Ga 15 June; D Mrs WELLS in Lingold, buried in Fairmount Cem, Red Level

14 Jun 1910- m Stalla CHAPMAN & David Houston MORRIS on 22 June ; m Miss Eva JERNIGAN & O S HANBY in Heath; d B J HOGG of Searight of typhoid fever, wife and 2 children, Mrs E R Merrill of Andalusia and Mrs Morgan Forsyth of Southport, FL; Lic Wilbur R SMITH & Miss Exa A SIMS both of Red Level; d 1 yr old child of Mr CARTER of Sanford

23 Jun 1910- d W W BARNES 77 yrs, buried in Andalusia, father of J W BARNES

30 Jun 1910 -d Mrs Grace MCCANDLESS, nee Wimpey; d Bud SALTER, Negro killed by J Wesley LIVINGS in self defense. After testimony Livings was acquitted.; d Ben SEARCY shot accidentally while helping a friend move household goods, In the wagon, a loaded shotgun discharged, shattering bone in leg. Leg was amputated. He died from loss of blood and shock.; b baby for the A T WOODHAMS; d Rev Jones 79 yrs at Falco

7 Jul 1910 -d Jim R FOLMER, shot by Hub Boyette who was acting on legal papers issued by Justice Revell. Folmer was armed, 3 shots were fired, 2 into Folmer; Case will come up in Crenshaw Co, Court. Andrew Austin was in buggy with Folmer. ; b daughter to Mr & Mrs R E MOORE; d Baby daughter of Mr & Mrs D A MCARTAN at Montgomery, bur in Andalusia; d Mrs James BROWN of Opp, buried Cool Springs Cem; Husband & 4 mar chn; d Old Negro woman assassinated in her cabin late evening in Pink. The shotguns were loaded with bicycle balls and other things. Captured at Iverness, AL was Ernest RUSSELL & Elijah TILLIS, negros and they are in Andalusia jail.

14 Jul 1910- d W L DAILY, shot & killed by Will MASON last Saturday afternoon at Milligan, Fla, in Moore’s Drug Store. Daily was shot 3 times, died instantly, Mason was arrested. Reasons not known and there were no witnesses.; d Jesse BALDWIN, his skull was crushed, believed by Albert JOHNSON, a Negro; Jailed Hub BOYETTE & Olen REEVES in Crenshaw jail. without bail for killing J R Folmer.; d Mac GANTT, age 30 at Gantt, Sunday after a brief illness, wife and 1 child ; b a male child in Iseral for Mr & Mrs James REAVES

21 Jul 1910 -Hub BOYETTE & Olen REEVES were on bonded constable business. Jim R Folmer left town, they went after him and overtook him abt 2 miles east of Dozier. Boyette told Folmer - he was under arrest, shooting followed; Reeves was discharged and   Boyette was released after bail was posted.

28 Jul 1910 -d Jim L WILKES last Saturday in St Margarets Hhospital in Montgomery, wife and 9 children survived, He lived in Petry. He was born & reared in Pike Co. 1st wife was Catherine CHESSER, their ch: Johnie, Eula (Now Mrs Geo. Warrick), Wiley, Edwin, Mary, Charlie, Winnie &Ruth; 2nd wife was Miss Molly Gandy; their ch: Lomax; 3rd wife was Mrs Lignoski, a brother, J W ‘Boss’ Wilkes, one sister, Mrs Elizabeth Pugh. ; d Mrs E E Lockard 80 yrs Mother of Mrs Z D STUDSTILL of Andalusia, Mrs J B K SPAIN, Mrs J T BRANTLEY of Troy, and Edward Lockard of Memphis, Tnn; Jailed were John & Bascomb PARKER, then released on bail, accused of killing ORLANDO PERVIS. (no obit for Pervis); b daughter for Lon GILLIS and wife; d O GRANTHAM of Red Level; b daughter for Mr & Mrs Thomas COSTON; d Hamilton CARR in Dothan, buried Union Springs, his wife died one month ago.

4 Aug 1910 -d R D SOWELL, bashed over the head and throat cut by Negroes. James AMMONS, Mill watchman came on duty Sunday and found Sowell. Tom HAYES, was arrested and for his own safety taken to Montgomery. Also arrested Cliff OLIVER, Will HEARN, Lewis ABRAHAMS, Rufus HEATH, Andrew JACKSON, Wm STRANGE, Ned LYONS, and Ed ELLISON. Negroes killed because Sowell reported Hayes for selling whiskey. Mill authorities stated they had had trouble with Hayes several other times.; d Judge James JOHNSON, Pioneer, died of heart trouble at Florala; d L M JORDAN 70 yrs and a small baby ;d. Eli Ray MERRILL, son of Mr & Mrs E R MERRILL died at Andalusia Saturday. Interment Sunday at Andalusia

11 Aug 1910 -d Josiah SNOWDEN of River Falls, laid to rest in Andalusia Cem.; d Henry SOWELL Thursday, wife and several children survive; d Rev. J B K SPAIN Thursday in Troy of heart failure.; After 6 day trial, jury found Tom HAYES, Will STRANGE & Wash WILLIAMS GUILTY Hub BOYETTE trail delayed ; d Mrs A B METCALF wife of minister killed by lightning at Albertville, last Sunday; d son 4 yrs to croup, child of Mr & Mrs Robert MCPHERSON of Valley Grove; d Young man PEARCE killed by train; b daughter to Sheriff Prestwood and his wife last Monday

18 Aug 1910 -d 2 yr old son of Mr & Mrs M J BLOCKESRS of Valley Grove last Saturday; d Hilliard COLES a Negro killed resisting arrest; d John SPEARS age 50 died in sleep last Saturday in Andalusia; d Mrs Lavanda HART 60 yrs died Sunday buried on Monday

25 Aug 1910- Tom HAYES confessed to killing R D SOWELL; d T J WORRELL 85 yrs died Thursday at the home of son C A Worrell in Heath; d A B FEAGIN of Red Level, father of Mrs Frank Feagin; b daughter of Mr & Mrs W O STUCKEY; d child of Mr & Mrs Autrey RILEY on Wednesday

1 Sep 1910- d daughter 18 yrs of George TREADAWAY, killed by lightning that injured 2 others; m Amber POWELL & Wendell JOHNS in her father’s home ; m Miss Ethel FLOYD, daughter of Rev B P Floyd, married Sunday to C A KILPATRICK at bride’s parents home in Gantt

8 Sep 1910 -d Mrs A T POWELL 55 yrs of protraced illness; b daughter to Mr & Mrs C R O’NEAL; d Mrs C T MALLET died at Mt Gilead on Saturday, husband & 2 daughters survive, she was sister of Mrs W J MERRILL; d A J FULLER was buried the day he turned 63 yrs,in Pink, wife and 10 children survive; m Monroe SAMSON, son of Frank Samson to Miss Ida DUNCAN

15 Sep 1910- b son to Rev J J Hagood and his wife; Lic Luther G RAY & Miss Ruba Amanda BAILEY of Florala; Asbury FRANKLIN arrested Monday, charged with carving a woman at River Falls; d Lenora WINDHAM age 15 yrs, granddaughter of Judge W P WINDHAM, shot and killed herself at Ozark on Monday.

23 Sep 1910- m Dr J C FOSTER, a dentist of Opp, married in Talledga on 15th to Miss Myrtle MCGEE of Childersburg Al; m Miss Effie JOHNSON & W J OGBURN last week, bride is daughter of Ed M Johnson, Editor of Samson Ledger; m J W RIGDON & Mollie ARMSTRONG last Thursday; d 5yr child of Mac GUNTER, burned after knocking over oil lamp. Gunter had gone to fetch Doctor for neighbor, Doctor treated child first, but to no avail. Gunter’s wife had died a few months before.; d Editor John C LAWRENCE shot and killed himself in Lawton, Ok last week, he was well known in South Alabama; Lic David TAYLOR and Agnes I THOMAS of Opp; b daughter to Mr & Mrs Dane Scruggs this week; d Henry HILL a negro shot and killed by Green Hardidge, Negro at Falco last Saturday.; Hub BOYETTE trail postponed again

29 Sep 1910- b daughter to L M STROUD and his wife ; C A WATFORD disemboweled John POWELL, Watford is in jail; b daughter to A R POWELL & Wife in River Falls; d 2yr child of Mr & Mrs Leroy TAYLOR died suddenly Monday in Andalusia

6 Oct 1910- d Mrs John TAYLOR age 60, died Saturday, buried on Sunday; d Father of John WILSON died near Dawson Ga last Saturday

13 Oct 1910 -d Jacob F NEALY struck by lightning in Brewton; d Miss J F MCRAE died last week in East Florala; m Bessie HART & Will WATSON of Brantley, in the courthouse in Andalusia

20 Oct 1910 -d Mrs J H MORGAN, Oct 13 at 10 PM; survivors J H Morgan & 14 children; 7 sons & 7 daughters, 4 sisters, 2 brothers Howeard & Luther Lane. She was born October 25 1850 in Troupe, Ga.; d Mrs John Henry WILLIAMS, husband & several children survive; m Fred RILEY and Miss SPAIN of Troy to be married 22 Nov.

27 Oct 1910 -d Mrs Wilmer DOMINY, at Pinkard, Al, married 2 years, the daughter of Prof. W H HEAD, sister to J M HEAD; d Major E F BAKER of Montgomery died in his home here last Friday; m Bessie ROBBINS & Frank MATHEWS in the home of her father, George Robbins last Sunday; d J B TAMPLIN of Troy died Friday, called "Bud Jimmie’’, a native of Bullock Co. wife and children: Bennie, Jack, Tom, John, Mrs K B Griswold, Mrs A W Grant, Mrs A R Coker and Joseph Tamplin. He was 60 yrs. Funeral on Saturday from Little Oak; d W A LAIRD’s father in Defuniak Springs Fla

3 Nov 1910 -d G A KIRKPATRICK early Sunday mmorning, wife and 10yr old daughter survive. Funeral was Monday , He was a Mason and WOW ; d Dr J A B LOVETT, died in Bessemer at his home, he was 63 yrs. Will be remembered as a prominent educator; m Miss Fannie Lou APLIN & John ANDREWS will take place Sunday at home of her parents, Mr & Mrs J H Aplin, they were married Nov 6.; d Miss Jean CUMMINGS of Odenville, Oct 18 1910, buried Camden; sister to Mrs Clive E REID of Andalusia. Mrs Reid and daughter Evelyn attended furneral; d G B DOZIER died at Dozier last week

10 Nov 1910 -d G F C MOORE died Saturday in andalusia, 70 yrs. Civil War, Mason & Covington Co Commissioner. Funeral at Bapt Church on Sunday. Ch Mrs Jack Lunday, Mrs Paul Wilson, Miss Isable & Ara Moore, Alonzo, Oliver, Harvey & Robert Moore. All children live near Andalusia.; m Frank S NORSWORTHY and Ada E GEORGE on Nov 3rd; m A G COXWELL & Mrs Francis FAULKENBERY last Sunday at Andalusia; m Miss Mable GANTT to Leon R GILCHRIST in Mntgomery where she was a attending school. Many friends from Andalusia attended ;Invitation to wedding of Helen SPAIN to Fred C RILEY at Troy on 23 Nov ; d John W WOODHAM SR died Nov 2 11910 at Opp. Served in Civil War, was a 20 yr Mason, known as ‘Uncle Johnie’. Funeral at Hickory Grove Church; 15 chn: Josiah, D M, J H, G B, A T, T N, H J, N A, W A & M W Woodham, Mrs T N Short, Mrs A P Day, Mrs J T May. He had 118 grandchildren & 39 great grandchildren; d Mrs W C HEARN of River Falls, died Wednesday bur on Thursday; m Miss Bonnie Lee Lingold and Earnest DAWSON of Andalusia, Mar Sunday in Columbus

17 Nov 1910 -d Mrs J M FAULK died on Monday in Johns; m Dr J H HOLLEY of Samson and Mrs Minnie BREWTON of Andalusia married last Sunday in the home of Mr George E Hicks; d Mrs M MILLS of Andalusia died at home of daughter Mrs Paul HERN of Florala

24 Nov 1910- m Larkin LINDSEY of Andalusia & Miss Lester WILLIAMS of Opp last Wednesday at home of her parents Mr & Mrs J L WILLIAMS; d J R PARKER died last week at Florala; d Mrs Eliza KILPATRICK, age 63, died 12 Nov in Andalusia. Interment at Bethany Church. Husband and 7 Chn: William, George, Wiley, B B & Harm Kilpatric, Mrs S C Spier Jr & Mrs W A Hamby; m W I RILEY & Miss Sallie LORD mar last Sunday

1 Dec 1910- d 15mos old daughter of Mr & Mrs J O ROGERS died Friday Nov 25, buried in Daleville, AL; d Mr ADAMS shot & killed himself in home of W L MCLAUCKLIN in Florala

8 Dec 1910 -m L E BOWERS of Dozier & Miss Judson WHITE of Searight married on Sunday ; m C S LASSITER & Georgia T JORDON married Sunday

15 Dec 1910- d Ruth HENLEY 9yr daughter of Mr & Mrs Chas Henley; died few days ago laid to rest in Cool Springs ; m Zim CORBIN & Miss Mary LOWERY on Sunday in Andalusia; m John HARRELSON & Miss Hyacinth WILLIAMS mar Sunday at home of her parents Mr & Mrs D D WILLIAMS; d W E CARTER of Opp died this morning

22 Dec 1910 -d Mrs Clara WILLIAMS 76 yrs, mother of Willie Williams, died Tuesday evening at home of daughter Mrs William Shehan; b son to Mr & Mrs P B CHEWNING; d J T SMITH of Georgianna shot and killed Saturday by J C BROWN. Smith alledged used a knife on Brown, when Brown fired 4 bullets. Brown was taken to Greenville jail.; Ben SALTER & his sons, Negroes shot JACK, JIM & DAVE SHIRLEY, Jesse PATE, and L F WILLIAMS, white men. The sheriff locked them up in Crenshaw and Covington Cos. jails

29 Dec 1910- d George THOMPSON killed James KIRBY at Green Bay Wednesday, Both are white men. Kirby leaves wife, Thompson, single, escaped to Florida ; Hub BOYETTE trail postponed again; d Rev L M THOMASSON died last Friday. Funeral at Heath on Sunday. A Mason, survived by brothers and children; m Effie SHAVER & H Z WILKINSON were quietly married Monday at the home of N B Soloman; m Charles M WIGGINS & Mrs Buna M Bernelle married in Florala; m Alfred BUNDAY of Troy & Miss Birdie DUFFLE of River Falls, were married on Saturday in River Falls.

12 JAN 1911- Lic: Viola CHANCE & D S BARROW; Miss Lee WILLIAMS & E M WALKER; Anna TILLERY & James HARTIN; Ida ADAMS & Charles MCNAIR; Miss Louie PEOPLES & B H ADAMS ; B: Son to Frank Leonard & wife; D: R W CARTER; Felix CORBIN killed by Frank PENTON; Hon C L BRANNON, age 65 at Elba last Sunday; Div: W W BEALL & Sadie BEALL; M: Miss Lonia PEOPLES & B A ADAMS Jan 8th by JP W R Bryant

19 JAN 1911 -D: Dr. D A BROWN, dentist died last Thursday at Mobile. He was single, leaves brother, J T BROWN, Funeral & interment at Owassa on Friday. D: Infant of broken neck at the hands of William HALL of Coffee Co, now living in Opp, deceased was his daughter's illegimate child. D: Miss CALLOWAY at School in Montivaleo, of pnuemonia, She was relation of Mr & Mrs E C GUNN; D: Young KIRBY killed by George THOMPSON, both white D: E T RAILEY, age 56, dropped dead Tuesday near Dozier. Masonic funeral at Bethany Wednesday. B: Daughter to Mr & Mrs A G ELLISOR

26 JAN 1911- D: Miss Maud HIXON 18yrs, was despondent about being separated from her sweet- heart George BONY, called him to say goodbye, then drank a galls of Carbolic acid. Father brought deceased home to Red Level, AL. D: Infant of Mr & Mrs J P ADAMS, buried at Opp M: Miss Dizzie TURNER & Henry O'NEAL

02 FEB 1911- M: Etta SANDERS 7 D W BLOCKER last Thursday at Andalusia M: Mattie COSTON & John P FINDLEY, Ethel COSTON & O K WILSON in double wedding at home of the brides parents ; M: P C HIGDON & Miss Mae PRESTON of Monroeville, AL; D: Mrs Jane WARD, on Saturday January 28. Mrs Ward ws born January 12, 1846 and was oldest child of 8. Her first husband was killed war, eight months after marriage and was buried in Andalusia. In 1863 married E J WARD, who died in 1905. Survivors are 4 brothers, 2 sisters & 6 children; Mrs Merrill SMITH, Mrs J W   HODGES, Mrs P J MASON, Mrs T J GREY, & Will & Leon WARD. Burial in Andalusia Cem on Monday.

09 FEB 1911- M: Miss Vivian STEPHENS & Jesse WILLIS last Sunday at Red Oak Church

16 FEB 1911- M: Louise WILLIAMSON & W H JERNIGAN both of Gantt; Baseal WILLIAMS & Miss Willie THOMPSON of Rose Hill

23 FEB 1911- D: J H HALL, living between Opp & Brantley was killed in a runaway; 3 mos. child Mr & Mrs W W TAYLOR at Florala, buried in Opp; 7 week old child of Mr & Mrs J W LIVINGS, buried in Andalusia

02 MAR 1911- Info: Isaac BERMAN, a native of Russia, was granted Citizenship rights. Berman is 41 yrs. Missing is 15 yr Henry STURDIVANT, since Feb 27, weight 120 lbs, 5'4", with dark hair & eyes. He has knife scar on right hand, the son of W M STURDIVANT of River Falls, Al.

09 MAR 1911- D: James VEASY, shot 3 times on farm of Green BUTLER at Rose Hill on Saturday, John SASSER charged with the killing; James Waller HERRY, formerly of Andalusia, died in Muskogee, Ok on Mar 4, survived by wife and 4 children. Burial in Andalusia ;M: Annie BAGETT to Wm H TURNER of Andalusia on Mar 22 at Laurel Hill, FL. She is daughter of Dr & Mrs M BAGETT.

16 MAR 1911- D: S D WIGGINS on Sunday morning. Desceased was 55 yrs. Survived by wife, 3 sons & 4 daughters. Burial at Bethel Church on Monday; Mother of J T BRADSHAW on Tuesday, near Clayton; Mrs L A STEELE, of DeFuniak Springs, Fl, she was mother of Mrs A W WOODHAM of Andalusia; Mrs M C PITTMAN, wife of Prof. PITTMAN, of Bagdad, of poisoning on Sunday. B: daughter to Mr & Mrs A M Riley on Saturday

23 MAR 1911-D: Dr. Robert L BLUE at Elba; Mrs Eugene L CRAWFORD, wife of Methodist Minister, died of pneumonia, Husband and 2 yr, 4 yr & 6yr daughters survive. Burial in Montgomery.; Div: Mrs C W GAVIN vs Rev. C W GAVIN, former pastor of 1st Meth. Church of Pensacola

30 MAR 1911- B: Son to Mr & Mrs Fred HORTON on Sunday in Andalusia; daughter to Mr & Mrs Thomas RALEY; daughter ot Mr & Mrs A C DARLING on Tuesday; son to Mr & Mrs James LINDSEY; D: Calvin BEASLEY, on Mar 18; Pleas SIMS near Searight by falling tree last Friday; Miss Treecy ROBBINS, age 44, died at home of sister Mrs A J SIMS of Searight

06 APR 1911-B: daughter to H H LEONARD & WIFE; son to the S C SPIERS of Heath

13 APR 1911- M: Annie Clyde BOZEMAN, daughter of J D Bozeman to Willis Newton RUSHTON, on Sunday Apr 16; Adele TROTTER of Andalusia to Capt. T A BROUGHTOM at bride's mother's home in Bolton, Ms.; J R JONES of Brantley & Miss Quinney MERRIL of Searight on Monday.  D: Mrs John BRANSON, age 78 near Opp; baby of Mr & Mrs Morgan Riley, burial on Thursday; Div: L W RABURN vs Martha RABURN; C W MOODY vs Cynthia MOODY

27 APR 1911- D: H J LIVINGS 64 yrs, died Tuesday in Andalusia, wife & children surviving, J N Livings of Andalusia, W T Livings of Coffee Co, H R, JW, SJ 7 LS Livings, Misses Abbe, Maude & Kate Livings all reside inCovington Co. Burial Tuesday Bethal Church. Desceased was born in Pike Co, living here abt 12 yrs.; W T TAYLOR died Saturday, wife & 6 children survive, Burial in Andalusia on Sunday.

04 MAY 1911- D: Jim BARNUM, Negro killed at Poley by a flying splinter that struk him in breast; infant of Mr & Mrs J H PELHAM at Andalusia on Friday; infant of Emory HARRALSON at Poley; D: G F C MOORE, born in Pike Co(now part of Bullock) on Apr 1 1841, removed to Santa Rosa Fl. Enlisted CSA 1861, 24th AL Vols under Capt Fowler, was in battles Farmington, Murfreesboro (both battles), Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Jonesboro, Franklin, Nashville, discharged from army on Apr 27 1865 Greensboro, NC, married Miss May C HOBBS Jul 5 1866 in Santa Rosa, FL. In 1867 moved to Mt Hilliard, Bullock Co, AL, moved to Andalusia in Dec 1887. He died Saturday Nov 5 1910, burial in Andalusia on Sunday. (tribute of Masonic Lodge)

11 MAY 1911-11 D: Walter MERRILL was shot & killed by Bob DAWSON, a Negro, near Dozier Saturday, in a shoot-out. The entire citizenship of Dozier & Brantley scoured the area and eventually found Dawson's body. He evidently died within a short time after being shot by Merrill. Dawson's brother told Bob to shoot Merrill.; S M DUFFELL in River Falls after being shot accidently by his son-in-law while out hunting.

18 MAY 1911- d. I CAWTHON of Floral suddenly of heart failure last Wednesday; b. son to Mr & Mrs J M BARRON on Friday

25 MAY 1911-d. G J WORLEY died a few days ago, was buried in Odom Cem.

01 JUN 1911-d. Negro child killed by Sophronia FOSTER, Negro woman; Mrs T C LESTER, mother of Miss Willie Lester. She was music teacher and died last Wednesday at her home in Midway, Miss Willie Lester is only survivor.; m. John ODOM & Ellie Lee SMITH at the county line gate on Sunday

08 JUN 1911-d. J H GIVINS, many months ago from ambush at Falco. charged was J W DAVIS. jury found J W Davis not guilty on Tuesday;; Mrs Julie ROBINSON 57 yrs died at Montgomery, a few days ago. Aunt of Mrs W L Howell formerly of Andalusia; .d. Mrs Elizabeth BARROW last Thursday at Andalusia, funeral & interment at Andalusia on Friday Husband died abt 1 yr ago, survivors are Mrs Ollie STOKES   and David Barrow, both of Andalusia; Circuit court gave George THOMPSON 3 yrs for killing another white boy in Green Bay with a club last winter. m. Vannie HENDERSON, daughter of Mr & Mrs Edward Henderson of Andalusia to John Vincent HUGHES, in Henderson home on Jun 14, Wednesday and they will live at Tyler

15 JUN 1911-b. Son to Mr & Mrs K KAPLAN, named Louis; son to Mr & Mrs E W COOPER on Thursday; daughter to Mr & Mrs S J REDMON on Saturday; D small boy by playmate while playing with a handgun

22 JUN 1911-d. R L GUNN, survivors WB & TD Gunn, Mrs J A EDDINS & Mrs H C WARFIELD; M James WILSON of SC & Lizzie BURK of Andalusia were married at Paxton last Monday

29 JUN 1911-d. Mrs Martha FLETCHER, 77rs died Saturday at home of her son J E Fletcher in Andalusia of heart disease. She was the widow of Judge A J Fletcher. Interment on Sunday in Andalusia. Disceased was born and reared in Covington Co. Six children survive, Wm, J H, JE, & H L Fletcher, Mrs Henry J Law & Mrs E R Sprier; d. Constable Dan HUTCHISON at New Broxton, Coffee Co, shot by a Negro he sought to arrest. He was accompanied by Deputy Sheriff Pike Stewart who wanted to arrest the Negro man for a crime in Ga. The man shot Hutchison, then he or his wife hit him on the head with the gun, Hutchison fired, killing the Negro. His wife was arrested. Hutchison leaves wife, several children & brother Will.

06 JUL 1911-Lic Saturday, W A PARRISH SR & Mary C DAYS; John BARFIELD & Nona ACREE; M M COOK & Mrs Lizzie PATE; John KILPATRICK & Beulah KIRBY; W A Parrish Sr & Mary C Days married at J M HEAD's store same day. d. Clarence GANTT 2 yr old son and only child of Mrs M A GANTT on Thursday Jun 29 at Gantt. Mrs Gantt in past year lost her husband, only sister and child.;d.D Mr Hart, father of Mrs W T PRESTWOOD Friday in Florala

13 JUL 1911-d. Charles PIERSON, formerly of Glenwood, died near Brewton, interment was on Saturday in Glenwood. ; M J H PIERCE & Mrs Fleta MATOOSE of Opp, mar at Andalusia; J B TRAMPLIN of Chattanooga, Tn and Miss Armor REDDICK of Troy. Mrs. A P COKER of   Andalusia brother. ; Court: State vs Ed AMMONS, Grand Larceny, discharged; St vs Jeter JOHNSON, burglarizing J N HOLLOWAY, held $; St vs Alf WILSON, same, discharged; St vs John AMMONS SR, John AMMONS Jr & Greenberry KNOWLES, charged with kid- napping Louida WELCH, 17yr female, discharged - witness refused to testify. After witness Louis ANDERSON spent time in jail - he talked! ;d. Mr Valentine OPP Sr, 82 of Montgomery died Saturday morning abt 8:30. Born in Rockenhausen, Bavaria on Jan 28 1829. Saw service in German Army, after end of service, came to America. Living in Benton several years removed to Montgomery. He was merchant tailor and a cutter in Confederate service. His wife died on May 16, 1902. Following children survive, Henry Opp of Andalusia, Fredrick Opp of Llano,Tx, Mrs R H SCOTT, Paducah Ky, James, Maggie, Valentine Jr & William Opp of   Montgomery. Funeral held at family residence on Sunday. ;m. Mac BARRON & Kate KREECE, both of Andalusia in Montgomery last Saturday. Miss Rosa Kreece & Sanford Barron attending.

20 JUL 1911-d. Mrs Jake RANOS on Friday. Interment at Red Oak Church. Husband & 6 children survive.

27 JUL 1911- D Mrs Tom BALLARD of Pink died Friday, burial at Rutledge on Saturday ; Court Trial of Dr I E BOUGHTON, charged with assult to murder R L GUNN was held Tuesday. Held under $300 bond awaiting action of grand jury.

Aug 3 D Mrs John T STRAUGHN died at her home in Andalusia on Jul 28 1911. Funeral services at home on S Three Notch St. Interment in Andalusia. D'cd was daughter of J R WHITEHURST, was born in Greenwood, Fl, married on Nov 24 1904. Survivors are husband, 2 little ones, aged ather and several brothers and sisters.;
d.  John Stringer, Negro was poisoned by his wife at Brantley on Monday. He wife was jailed at Laverne for giving him 'Rough on Rats." ;M Virginia SAVAGE of Evergreen and Clifford V GANTT of Andalusia, married at Evergreen on Monday at Chas. B Savage's (her father) home.

10 AUG 1911-d.   Mrs C S CATON of River Falls last Saturday, interment at Fairmont Church, Red Lever on Sunday, Husband, 3 sons & 1 daughter survive.

17 AUG 1911-d. T W LOVELACE, last Monday of his son, James Lovelace in Andalusia, Funeral at  Bathany church; m. Alex ATWELL & Pearl WOODHAM, d/o W A Woodham; Mr WARD & Miss SUMBERLIN at home of her parents' Mr & Mrs B Sumberlin at Opp ;d. Ed DEAN's wife, shot 3 times by Will RAMSEY, Negro, because she would not leave her husband and run away with him; Ernest H HUGULEY, killed a few days ago near Samson, a Negro is in Geneva Co Jail; infamt of Mr & Mrs Willie LEE of  Greenwood, Miss, at Searight where they were visiting.; Mr THAMES, young man from Red Level died this week.

24 AUG 1911-m. W C HUN of River Falls & Mrs Fannie GANTT last Sunday.; Dr Leon Edward BRAWNER of Cobb, FL & Miss Lula BRICKLES of Athens, Ohio at Dothan last Saturday. They will reside in Cobb, FL..;d. 3yr old child of Mr & Mrs D W ELLIS last week, interment at Andalusia; Mrs Genie HARVEY of Columbus, Ga, sister of Mrs TA MONTGOMERY of Gantt.

31 AUG 1911-m. Walton STEPHENS & Millie Mae Howard at Lebanon, Pike Co last week.

07 SEP 1911-b. daugher to Mr & Mrs JJ DUFFLE of River Falls; daughter to Larkin Lindsey & wife last Saturday

14 SEP 1911-d.J F GARRET of Andalusia last Saturday, interment at Andalusia Cem on Sunday, he was 62 yrs, wife and several children survive.

26 SEP 1911-m. H F KING & Miss Gene BARRON, d/o of J N Barron, last week;; Julian Gillis ELLISOR of Andalusia & Miss Jennie McCoy, d/o W H McCoy of Atmore, mar at her home Sep 19. Rev D F Ellisor (bro of groom) perform service. Mrs S C Ellisor, groom's mother, A G & G W Ellisor, brothers of groom also attended. Interest Notice: To all whom it may concern: This is to certify that we have know theSWEATT family for number of years and find by tracing history and from our own observation that they are originally from France. Their foreparents on father's side from France, on mother's from old Holland. The late A P SWEATT, father of Chas P SWEATT married a lady whose mother was of Indian Blood. We can truthfully recommend this family as being all right in every respect. dtd Oct 22 1907; undersigned citizens of Marborough Co, State of S C, certify we have known SWEATT for years, dtd 22 Oct 1907; C P TOWNSEND; J B GREEN,   Sheriff; Milton M LAURIN, Judge of Probate; N B ROGERS, Treasurer; J A DRAKE, Clerk; Julian M LAURIN, Deputy Clerk; M B COWARD

03 OCT 1911-d. Bob COX, 25 YRS, WIFE AND ONE CHILD all found dead at his home, at Brooks last Friday, cause of deaths unknown. ; Court State vs Green BUTLER and John SASSER, charged with murder of VEASEY. Butler was acquitted on Saturday, and mistrail on Sasser, who was allowed bail of $3000.00 ; m.Rev A D WILSON & Wanda Walker at Brantley

19 OCT 1911-d. Wash HARTLEY, a Negro workman at Miller Brent Lumber at Poley, killed while loading timber; Martin H SULLIVAN of Pensacola, FL., founder of Sullivan Bank & Trust died Sunday in New York hospital;; Mrs Sarah LOAD 64 yrs near Red Level Sunday. Funeral was Monday, sister of E J & Austin BEASLEY ;b. son to Will Josey & wife on Saturday

26 OCT 1911-d. A P MOORE 45 yrs.on Friday in Pike Co, close to Montgomery line. Married in 1890, he leaves wife and 4 children. Interment at Andalusia

02 NOV 1911-d.Sam DUFFIN, Negro man found deat at Sanford on Friday. Wounds caused by axe,Tillman BROWN & Mack WOOD, Negroes arrested & charged.; Mrs Ella Harris JOHNSON, wife of James T Johnson died last Thursday at Montgomery, Interment at Heath Saturday; husband & four children survive.

09 NOV 1911-d. Son of Mr GODWIN, of appendicities last Sunday;;Miss Eloise COLVIN, sister of Mrs J A THOMPSON, died at Alexander City on Saturday; d. Bill MCDOUGALD in quarrel with B L MALOY & his son Jim at fairgrounds in Sampson. McDougald was disemboweled;; Winnie CUNNINGHAM, Negro woman died at Andalusia last thrusday; P B JOHNSON of Atlantic Coast line, last week of wounds from pistol. Difficulties occured Tuesday night at Pinkard Al. Will HASTINGS was intoxicaed and refused to pay his railroad fare. Johnson leaves wife & 3 children. ; Court Indictments in Jeferson Co. Ector H SMITH & Ben T HEAD, formerly officials of City Bank & trust, misuse of funds; Justice J F CAMP & Constable Lee WHITE charged with corruption of office; P G BOWMAN, County Tax Commissoner & his Deputy A A GAMBELL indicted.

16 NOV 1911-d. G W DUNSON shot by John LINGOLD Jr at L & N Station Friday. Dunson died Saturday, Lingold fired 4 shots, 2 hit Dunson. Lingold is young man of 20 yrs and unmarried, Dunson about 50 yrs and has large family.

23 NOV 1911-d.Fannie Lou KING, d/o Mrs Henry King, born Aug 9 1900 died Friday Oct 28 of diabeties. Survivors are Mother, 6 brothers & 6 sisters.; Div Charlie BROOKS vs Leonia BROOKS; m.L R ALLEN & Gertrud ADAMS on Sunday; d. Tom COOPER & Brown HORTON of Tuscaloosa several weeks ago, killed by Frank RICHARDSON, Negro was sentenced to be hanged Dec 22. ;d. J D GILLIS, son of Mr Lon Gillis, died Monday, funeral & interment at Andalusia

30 NOV 1911-d.Andrew POWELL, 75 yrs, a Confederate Soldier died at his home at Empire Mill last Saturday. Burial in City Cem with Masonic rites on Monday, 2 daughters survive.

07 DEC 1911-d.daughter of Mr & Mrs A R POWELL last Saturday of pneumonia. She was 1 yrs old. Interment in City cem on Sunday.; b. daughterto Mr & Mrs HARPER on Sunday; Div Alex CARMICHAEL vs Roberta Carmichael

14 DEC 1911-d. Mrs WORTHINGTON of Gleenwood died at home of her father J D HARLEY at Pleasant hill, Monday. Interment at Gleenwood on Tuesday; m.Sid SPIVEY & Miss Vergie JETER; Lum JETER & Ethel HARRIS went to Fla at Paxton and married on Saturday.;d. A L PIERCE, resident of River Falls died Saturday, buied a Red Level on Sunday.; Hon. Wm GAINER, ex representative from Dale Co, died Sunday at Montgomery.Buried at Ozark.

21 DEC 1911-d. Mrs J A HARRELL former citizen of Andalusia, died at B'hame Saturday, sister of Mrs A F HAGOOD

28 DEC 1911-m.J E SHREVE & Miss Esten WILLIAM Christmas morning


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