Compiled & Contributed by Suzanne,

Nov. 15, 1997


Boyce, Sonny, 71, Guntersville

Wright, Jack, 69, Guntersville

Dendy, Wanda, 72, Guntersville

Riddle, Tommy, 40, Albertville

Berry, Rosetta, 95, Albertville

Camp, Newman, 66, Albertville


Nov. 19, 1997


Dunn, Katie Justice, 84, Albertville

Adamson, Louise Todd, 73, Alder Springs

Thompson, Vicky Scott, 54, Madison

Todd, Lela Bell, 92, Alder Springs

Treece, Gordon, 81, Honeycomb


Nov. 22, 1997


Jones, Fred, 82, Guntersville

Gross, Deborah, 32, Warrior

Ragland, Bill, 67, Guntersville

Coe, Virginia, 64, Albertville

Stephens, Robert, 56, Douglas

White, Calvin, 87, Guntersville

Garrett, Doris, 86, Guntersville


Dec. 6, 1997


Looney, J.D., 90, Guntersville

Lawson, clovis Cowen, 84, Guntersville

Hyde, Harold, ?, Grassy

Adcock, Robert Lee, 67, Riverdale, GA


Dec. 10, 1997


Paton, Virginia, ?, Lyons NY

Burroughs, Gladys Smith, 62, Grant

Mitchell, Edith, 82, Guntersville


Dec. 24, 1997


Cole, James, 49, Guntersville

Johnson, Dorothy, 84, Guntersville

Vandiver, Lillian, 63, Guntersville

Stapler, Edna, 56, Guntersville

Sutton, Elsie Short, 85, Union Grove

Smith, L.D., 72, Union Grove


Dec. 27, 1997


Dudley, Joe, 74, Guntersville

Traylor, Ed, 67, Rabbittown

Helton, Hazel, 53, Albertville Horne, Fred, 82, Guntersville

Dec. 31 1997


Coulter, Marla, 48, Center Point

Lang, Ramona, 67, Albertville

Bannon, Virginia Grant, 72, Claysville

Vanriper, Roy, 84, Swearengin

Beck, Sybil, 74, Rock Springs

Helton, Hazel Marie, 53, Guntersville

Edmonds, Velma Jones, 85, Grant

Black, Utonn, 75, Hebron

Williams, Lucille, 65, Guntersville

Rains, Thomas, 64, Guntersville


Jan. 3, 1998


Buckelew, Bett, 83, Big Springs Valley

Runyan, J.B., 81, Guntersville

Jolley, Lena, 75, Grant

Johnson Jr., R.B., 80, Huntsville

Tucker, Charles O., 66, Arab

Hill Sr., John, 63, Marietta GA

Davis, O.L., 71, Grant

NeSmith, Ben, 74, Guntersville





Oct. 16, 1997


Coleman, James, 55, Leoma TN

Emerson, Becky, 49, Town Creek

Mitchell, Hal, 86, Florence

Nance, Rosie, Florence

Roberts, Samuel, 73, Florence

Sills, Grace Curtis, 89, Loretto TN

Smith, Dora, 83, Phil Campbell

Sentell-Weathers, Mary Lou, Huntsville

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