Randolph County, Alabama
Death Register

Partial listing contributed by: Kerry Boswell, POOHBOS@worldnet.att.net  

KEY: Name-- Death --Birth/age --Mother-- Father --Burial --Spouse


Abbottt, Mattie Jan 17, 1945 76 years Mary Mitchell Tom Edmonson Pleasant Hill Will Abbott

Amerson, J.S. Dec 29, 1933 58y2m.1d` M.D.East W.J. Amerson Valley Grove Addie

Bassett, Lovert Jackson Sep 24, 1940 65 years Julia Brown-NC Thomas

Bassett-NC Union Hill-Sep 25 No Remark

Carson, George W. Jun 9, 1933 Jun 1, 1802 Mary Jane McNare John Franklin Carson Forrester Chapel Nancy Windsor Carson

Childs, Martha Jane Aug 18, 1936 Sep 26, 1858 Emeline Devaghn John Swan New Hope-Aug 20 James Childs

Cofield, George W. Oct 15, 1935 32years Mary Canady Elija Cofield Smyrna Willie

Cook, Harvie Aug 19, 1923 Aug 19, 1917 Norah Yates H. A. Cook Bowdon GA? None

Creed, Ellen Mar 22, 1937 72years Sue Lashley John Waters No Remark No Remark

Edmondson, Arbie Jan 9, 1937 59 years Mary Mitchell T.J. Edmondson Auslin Chapel-Jan 11 No Remark

Fomby, Lee M. Dec 14, 1935 59 years Nancy Ingram James Mitchell Auslin Chapel D.D. Fomby

Harmon, Annie Mae Jul 17, 1940 35 years Ella Waldripe John McCarter Rural Coy Harmon

Henson, female infant Nov 26, 1932 infant? Luna Yates R.E.Henson No Remark None

Holloway, Eugene Sep 24, 1927 10months Rosa McInnis C.W.Holloway Mt. Pleasant None

Huey, Lurline Jun 3, 1922 1year Iras Strone? Virgil Huey-AL  No Remark None

Huey, Infant Jan 15, 1927 Jan 1, 1927 Miss Wilson Larken Huey No Remark None

Jordon, Elizabeth Dec 17, 1925 May 7, 1864 Margaret Lummus-SC James W. Swann-SC Malone No Remark

Lambert, Wilson E. Aug 9, 1927 Feb 11, 1855 Mary Wright-Al James Lambert-GA Pine Tuckey-Aug 10 None

Langley, James W. Dec 22, 1931 67 years Miss Young Jim Langley Roanoke Martha

Lashley, Minda Sep 29, 1926 74 years No Remark Mr. Lashley Valley Grove No Remark

Lashley, Aulene Mar 22, 1934 Jun 22, 1932 Ruth Worthy Robert Lashley New Hope-Mar 23 None

Lawler, Mrs. Mary Lee Apr 10, 1935 Jan 1, 1894 Mrs. M.J.Lambert-AL C. E. Lambert-AL Micaville H.T. Lawler

Michel, Frances Mar 29, 1928 79 years Miss Prince Alex Hurley No Remark None

Miles, Mrs. C. F. Jun 30, 1924 70 years No Remark Jim Mitchell No Remark No Remark

Mitchell, Lottie Apr 8, 1927 72 years Frances Mitchell ?(informant Fed Mitchell) Auslin Chapel-Apr 9 No Remark

Mitchell, William F. Jun 23, 1924 1 day Ida Fomby Joe Mitchell No Remark None

Mitchell, Jimmie Lee Jul 26, 1940 Jul 9, 1940 Mattie Shiflett-AL Dave Mitchell-AL Potash Church None

Mitchell, Earline Mar 2, 1939 Dec 16, 1920 Lela Mitchell  Fed Mitchell Wedowee-Mar 3 None

Mitchell, S. E. Dec 2, 1931 67 years Nancy Angrim Jim Mitchell Wedowee Lula Mitchell

Mitchell, Mollie Aug 10, 1927 53 years Lottie Mitchell ?(informant J.B.Mitchell) Auslin Chapel-Aug 11 No Remark

Mitchell, Martha Jul 28, 1934 84 years No Remark  No Remark Potash Hal Mitchell

Mitchell, Josie May 27, 1940 66 years Polly Baker  Willis Miles Auslin Chapel Gilbert Mitchell

Mitchell, Susan Matilda Jun 30, 1940 76 years Jane Smith-GA Fed Mitchell-GA No Remark Widowed

Mitchell, John Talley May 4, 1943 May 24, 1866 Nancy Ingraham  James C. Mitchell Auslin Chapel-May 5 No Remark

Mitchell, Sarah A. Apr 19, 1943 63 years Nancy Ingram  James C. Mitchell Wedowee Single

Pearson, Hiram Davis Oct 15, 1933 Apr 18, 1873 Sarah Dunson-GA James Pearson-GA No Remark May Chewnay

Ponder, Martha E. Yates Jul 23, 1936 Mar 1, 1870 Mary F. Barrow William F. Yates Wadley James W. Ponder

Smith, Fannie Dec 23, 1930 Jun 5, 1871 Mary Mitchell-Clay AL  A. J. Roberts-AL Corinth John A. Smith

Swan, George Jul 1, 1920 about 48 years ?died suddenly in hotel.  ??chronic heart trouble T. J. Edmondson Dec 8 1929 91y2m23d. No Remark No Remark No Remark No Remark

Thrower, Stillborn Oct 15, 1926 Oct 15, 1926 Fanny Perry Homer Thrower-AL No Remark None

Traylor, John Sep 1, 1922 82 years Cordelia Breed  Washington Traylor Zion Fannie

Wadkins,unnamed triplets Sep 3, 1922 Sep 3, 1922 Hattie Mitchell-AL Tom Wadkins No Remark None

Waldrep, Bob Jr. Jul 10, 1929 Jul 10, 1929 Mary Bassett  Bob Waldrep Rock Springs-Jul 11 None

Washington, Edna Jun 9, 1930 79 years  ?(infoG.W.Washington) Burrell Nail No Remark No Remark

Washington, David Dec 11, 1928 59 years Edna Nail-GA J. T. Washington-GA No Remark No Remark

Willingham, Nan C. Sep 4, 1926 80 years Clarenda Bryes-NC W.W. Dobson-NC Mt.Pisgah No Remark

Willingham, W. C. Jun 24, 1933 83 years Mary Carlisle  Isaac Willingham Greens Chapel No Remark

Willingham, J. F. Mar 15, 1925 82 years Mary Carleale-SC Isaac Willingham-GA No Remark No Remark

Wilson, Armenda Jo Feb 7, 1930 69 years Bessie A. Reeves Nat Rampey? No Remark J. J. Wilson

Wilson, G. A. Apr 18, 1938 80 years Lou Mathews-SC Samuel Wilson-SC Liberty Grove Josie

Wilson, Carrie Paul Mar 16, 1922 7 months Ilona Bradley-AL L. C. Wilson-AL No Remark None

Wilson, George W. May 30, 1931 Mar 20, 1854 Mary Thomaston-AL J. W. Wilson-GA New Harmony Mary

Wolaner, Simpson Jun 24, 1920 5months _______?Wright W. W. Wolaner Corinth-Jun 26 None

Yates, Penina Aug 3, 1938 64 years Mary Carpenter Asa J/I? Wright Wedowee No Remark

Yates, John T. Nov 18, 1936 69 years  Willingham Bill Yates Wedowee-Nov 19 Penina

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