Members--Rockwest Baptist Church, Wilcox County, AL Sept. 1866

Daniel Cook Mary V. Bones(?)
Rebecca GulleteLucy C. Gullete
John E. GulleteJohn E. Gullete, Jr.
Elizabeth GulleteMartha Gullete
George S. GulleteAmelia E. Gilman(?) Hilman(?)
R.H. Ervin Elizabeth Barefoot
Sarah A. Ervin Nancy Barefoot
Martha Robinson John Small
J.L. LinamWm. E. Ervin
Barsheba Linam Araminta Dulaney
John Wilmer Jacob Whitzentant(?)
E.R. Wilmer David Cook, Jr.
Margaret Mandeville Albert G. Ervin
Hulda Howell John Pritchett
Patience Sterns Eliza Blackmon
William M.(?) Blackmon Martha Blackmon
Mary R. Blackmon Jeremiah Gullett
Sarah Barefoot Eliza Hill by letter
Sarah J. Davis(?) Deens(?) Alice Shields by baptism
Jane BrittinghamW. Andrews by letter
Wyley Small Mary H. Cook by baptism
John D. Pritchett Samuel J. Nettles by letter
Martha A. Pritchett Samuel C. Cook by letter
Audubon GullettEliza Jamison by letter
Sarah E. Watson Martha Jamison by letter
Theo H. Watson Elizabeth Creighton by letter
Minnie G. Ulmer _____Jackson by letter
Ellen Wheeler Letitia Chandler by letter
Lennana(?) Matthews(?) Frank Cook by baptism
Joseph Dixon Caroline Ervin by baptism
Mary Prisca(?) Jennie(?) Carter Slade by baptism
Wm. Carter James Taitby baptism
William L. Pickering Caroline Mandeville by baptism
Josephine Marsh Laura Maughamby baptism
W.P. Murphy by baptism Willie B. Gulleteby baptism
James Goode by baptism Mary Cole by baptism
Margaret Small by baptism Mattie Ervin by baptism
Ruby Gulleteby baptism Jemima(?) Ulmer by baptism
Martha Carter by letter Sarah Carter by letter
Jennie Lee Ervin by baptism Annie Prince(?) by baptism
Leota Hare by baptism Mary Davis(?) by letter
Robert T. Ervin by baptism J__ G. Gulleteby baptism
T.C.M. Gollandby letter T.S. Gollandby letter
Ja_ T. Carter by voucher Josephine Carter by voucher
Ora Austillby baptism Sallie Gulleteby baptism
William Davis(?) by baptism George Watson by baptism
Martha McCurdy(?) by letter James Cook by letter
Martha M. Ulmer by letter Reese E. Maughamby baptism
Martha Maughamby baptism A.J. Phillips by letter
Caroline Phillips by letter Daniel Cook by letter
Frank Hare by baptism Dianthia(?) Hare by letter
Ruby Gulleteby letter ___ McFarland by baptism
R. Lee Davison(?) by baptism ___ Purifoyby baptism
Charles Gulleteby baptism W. Frank Kelley by baptism
Adelliah Powell by letter R.E. Powell by letter
M.F. Powell by letter Mattie Gulleteby letter

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