Walker County, Alabama Cemeteries Page


aka Mackie Boshell Cemetery

Contributed by Jim Moon, FEB 2000.

Additional copies of this cemetery census can be obtained by writing Macedonia Church of Christ -Drawer G - Townley, AL 35587.  A special thanks goes out to Mr. Leonard Wilson, the caretaker and overseer of this cemetary for this thorough and detailed listing. If anyone has any information they would like to share regarding the history of the Moon family, descendants of William and Nettie, please pass it on to Jim Moon. I am the son of Howard S. and Ruby Moon.  Contributed by Jim Moon. Dated-May 1, 1996


This cemetery is located at the Macedonia Church of Christ on the Holly Grove Road near Townley, Alabama. It had its beginning in 1865, and there are now 423 graves here of which 14 remain unidentified. A few of the older markers are gradually becoming illegible. The names are listed in alphabetical order, except when known family members are listed following the head of household.

The following symbols are sometimes used: CSA - Confederate States Army;

IDO - Infant Daughter Of; 10 -Infant Of; ISO - Infant Son Of.



Bobbie N. ALEXANDER (1928-1987) James ALEXANDER (1921-1974)

Cassie ALEXANDER (1924-1977)

Birvel ANDERSON (1897)

Norman L. ANDERSON (1894-1896)

Naomi ANGELL (1921-1989)

Joshua ATKINS (1858-1897)

Georgia ATKINS

Sarah W. BAKER (1867-1946)

J.F. BAKER - ISO (1908)

J.F. BAKER - ISO (1908)

Austin BEASLEY (1912-1984)

Allic M. BLACKWELL (1910-1954)

Charline BLACKWELL (1927)

Grady BLACKWELL (190&1993)

Nellie BLACKWELL (1909-1992) 1. Monroe BLACKWELL (1873-1961)

Lottie BLACKWELL (188~1968)

Christine BLACKWELL (1909-1910) John S. BLACKWELL (1878-1955)

Nannie BLACKWELL (1879-1948)

Carlos BLACKWELL (1911-1933)

Garvin BLACKWELL (1908-1921

Mallie BLACKWELL (190&1914)

Minnie BLACKWELL (1901)

Raleigh BLACKWELL (1871 - 1939)

Annie BLACKWELL (1875-1959)

Raleigh BLACKWELL - ISO (1905)

Annie Mae BOSHELL (1910-1921)

Dorothy S. BOSHELL (1930-1931


Sarah E. BOSHELL (1843-1913) James W. BOSHELL (1901-1904)

John L. BOSHELL (1869-1932)

Jottie Jo BOSHELL (1927-1928)

Lela BOSHELL (1885-1935)

Lelar BOSHELL (1914-1917)

M.M. BOSHELL (1811-1895)

M.C. BOSHELL (1814-1894)

Manisey BOSHELL (1844-1879) Ozro J. BOSHELL (188&1980)

Cora BOSHELL (1896-1970)

Mary BOSHELL (1916-1973)

O.J. BOSHELL - IDO (1918)

Peter N. BOSHELL - CSA (1842-1883)

Lucinda BOSHELL (1845-1878)

Candace D. FAUGHT (1851-1920)

Eligah D. BOSHELL (1867-1870)

Mackie M. BOSHELL (1872)

Savanah BOSHELL (1869-1886) Roscoc C. BOSHELL (1886-1966)

Lela A. BOSHELL (1898-1972) Lewrence Kay BOSHELL (1930)

Sallie BOSHELL (1879-1905)

Selonie BOSHELL (1851-1871)

StacieBOSHELL (1881-1951)

Thomas W. BOSHELL (188&1978) Leona BOSHELL (1888-1968)

W.D. BOSHELL (1933-1934)

William D. BOSHELL (1849-1925)

Sarah L. BOSHELL (1850-1897)


W.D. BOSHELL - IDO W.P. BOSHELL (1847-1920)

Luerenda BOSHELL (1847-1921)

Avery BROWN (1904-1992)

Sally A. BROWN (1875-1953)

Terry C. BUFORD (1967-1985)

Annie BURTON (1887-1944)

Cader BURTON (1812-1897)

Lavinia BURTON (1824-1900) Cale BURTON (1883-1964)

Ada BURTON (1889-1920)




Ezra BURTON (1907-1974)

Clara Bell BURTON (~912-i994) E.M. BURTON - IDO (1903)

E.M. BURTON - IDO (1907)


John H. BURTON (1861-1948)

Mary S. BURTON (186&1957)

ME. BURTON (1889-1890)

C.B. BURTON (1896)

J.H. BURTON - ISO (1901)

J.H. BURTON - IDO (1908)

J.H. BURTON - IDO (1908)

Lou BURTON (1879-1959)

Nancy BURTON (1841-1929)

P.S. BURTON (1833-1901) Mary E. BURTON (1835-1904)

Thomas C. CARTER (1888-1939) Hattie L. CARTER (1890-1969) Rebecca CARTER


Ellen I. CHEATHAM (1841-1901)

Carl W. CLARK (1941-1966)

William F. COBB (1889-1954) Ellie B. COBB (1894-1940)

Kevin Bruce CONCORD (1996)

Pansy P. COOPER (1934-1987)

Ralph COOPER (1919-1995)

Ralph R. COOPER (1893-1935) Dollie B. COOPER (189&1985)

Anthony V. DIMO (193O~1978) William E. DOZIER (1921-1978)

Betty Sue DOZIER (1955-1960) Elmer DUNCAN (190~1993)

Ila B. DUNCAN (1910-1991) J.T. DUNKLING (1923-1946) Sam DUNN (1912-1986)

Estelle DUNN-KEMP (1916-1984)

Billy David DUNN (1942-1988) James H. ENSOR (187&1953)

Carrie C. ENSOR (1882-1953) John D. ENSOR (1867-1956)

Mary M. ENSOR (1840-1915) William S. ENSOR (1883-1944)

Annie Lee ENSOR (1897-1967) Adelia Gail ESTUS (1948-1988) Carrie L.

ESTUS (1899-1985)

Eugene ESTUS (1928-1929)

J. T. ESTUS - IDO (1946) Cennie Bell ESTUS (1920-1991)

W.E. ESTUS - ISO (1919)

Peggy S. EVANS (1944-1945)

Clarence E. FERGUSON (1911-1955)

J. Wesley FERGUSON (1884-1958) Flossie FERGUSON (1891-1952)

Marvin L. FERGUSON (188&1954) Velma FERGUSON (1893-1966)

W.R. FERGUSON (1858-1933) Leonia FERGUSON (1859-1941)

Dottie FRANKLIN (1895-1972)

Willie McAlphin FRANKLIN (1899-1974)

Kenneth GLOVER (1941-1991)

Bama GOSS (1882-1907)

Buddy Joseph GRIFFIN (194&1975)



G. Duncan GRIFFIN (1888-1962) Alma Mae GRIFFIN (1888-1958)

Hollis GRIFFIN (192O~1959)



Walter R. GRIFFIN (1892-1919)

Will GRIFFIN (1893-1967) Elizabeth GRIFFIN (1898-1981)

Dewdrop GUTHRIE (1904-1905) Erastus W. GUTHRIE (1894-1969)

Pearl GUTHRIE (1901-1995) Eric Winston GUTRIE (1921-1956)

Mary "Kit" GUTHRIE (1947-1966)

James W. GUTHRIE (1922-1967)

Edward W. GUTTERY (1882)

Herbert HAMILTON (1929-1989)

Murray C. HAMILTON (1898-1983) Lena M. HAMILTON (1899-1971)

Elmo Harbin (1905-1971)

James HARBIN (1899-1934)

WalterW. HARBIN (1871-1951)

Malissa IIARBIN (1874-1959)

Lucille HARBIN (1909-1910)

Macy HARBIN (1908-1909)

Troy HARBIN (190&1907) Pattie B. HARDIN (1901-1921) Benjamin P. HASSELL


M.E. HASSELL (1888-1898)

Kathy HENDON (1952)

Eula Jane HICKS (1919-1969)

Thomas D. HOLLY (1960-1986)

Bennie T. HULSEY (1913-1984) Mary B. HULSEY (1919-1988) Michael HULSEY


Karen Diane INGRAM (1958-1961)

James E. JOHNSON (1923-1951)

Lillie JOHNSON (1898-1980)

Pearl JOHNSON (1892-1929)

Raymond H. JOHNSON (192&1927)

Charles Otis KELLEY (192~1964) Thelma KELLEY (1921-1995) Kenneth M.

KELLEY (1945-1988)

Henry S. KELLEY (1885-1945) Mary Ellie KELLEY (1883-1960)

Rebecca KEY (1846-1938)

Mary E. KIKER (1927-1928)

Arcaster KILGORE (191~1967) Edna L. KILGORE (1924-1983)

A.L. KIMBRELL (1887-1937)

Lema O'Dell KIMBRELL (1915-1938)

Norman N. KIMBRELL (1911-1940)

R.O. KIMBRELL (1857-1936) Margaret KIMBRELL (1860-1941)

W.D. KIMBRELL (1890~1963)

Mary E. KIMBRELL (1895-1926)

Albert T. KIMBRELL (1918)

William KIMBRELL (1920) Lloyd D. KIRKLEY (1901-1985)

Carmen J. KIRKLEY (1905-1980)

Maudine LAW (19261977)

Cora E. LAY (19OO-1988)

Alex McALPIN (1899-1939)

Eugene McALPIN (1921-1960)

J~W. McALPIN (1859-1947)

Rosa McALPIN (1867-1942) W.P. McCLESKEY (1856-1906)

Frances MeCLESKEY (1856-1940)

Marlin McCLESKEY (1882-1883)

Virder McCLESKEY (1880-1883)

W.P. MeCLESKEY - ISO (1891)

W.P. McCLESKEY - ISO (1891)

John T. MeDADE (1862-1882)

Croby McDADE (1869-1886)

William R. MEDDERS (1935-1990)

Arley A. MOON (1921-1973)

Charles W. MOON (1905-1924)

Edward T. MOON (1924-1966)

Eugene MOON (1916-1988)

Charlie MOON (1939-1951)

William E. MOON (1972)

E. MOON -I0(1938)

Hermon E. MOON (1908-1992)

Edra M. MOON (19161985) Hollis C. MOON (193~1981)

Roger S. MOON (1953)

Howard S. MOON (1918-1981) Joseph A. MOON (1902-1941)

Vera MOON (1904-1985)

Mintie Jewel MOON (1926) Raymond E. MOON (1925-1978)

Michele June MOON (1968) Richard MOON (1929-1972)

Robert Earl MOON (1911-1991)

Gladys MOON (19~2-1991)

James M. MOON (1932-1933)

Willis E. MOON (1935-1983) Thomas J. MOON (187~1938)

Dora C. MOON (1878-1973) William MOON (18961973)

Nettie MOON (1893-1968)

Clarence MOON (1931-1948)

W. MOON - ISO (1919)

S.P. MORCELLA (41st N.Y.)

Burvel 0. NIX (1916-1936)

Harold A. NIX (191O-1968)

Azilee NIX (1914-1987)

Harold Leon NIX (1930-1957)

John D. NIX (1950)

James R. NIX (1877-1928) Ella E. NIX (1882-1927) J.R. NIX - 10 (1904)

Will C. NIX (1877-1955)

Sallie F. NIX (1884-1962)

Billie S. NORRIS (1942-1943)

Polly F. ODOM (1932-1981)

CassieW. OWEN (18961957) Libbie OWEN (1898-1985)

Village PACK (1884-1943)

William Arvel PHARR (1916-1974)

W. Pharr - ISO (1940)

Myra J. PIERCE (1935-1977)

Amanda Jayne PIERCE (1976)

James R. PIERCE (1955-1984)

Tommy R. PIERCE (1960) Jessie Mae PRESCOTT (1940) F.M. REID (1878-1952)

Lou Rilla REID (1878-1957) Oscar T. REID (1909-1984)

Clrristine REID (1916-1960)



T. Leo REID (1916-1977)

John D. ROBERTS (1955-1961)

John L. ROBERTS (1912-1967)

Malenda A. ROBINSON (1872-1949)

Robert A. ROMINE (1868-1934)

Annie F. ROMINE (1876-1958) Sarah Ellen ROMINE (1931)

Carl SHARITT (1920)

James N. SIDES (1891-1962)

Lucille SIDES (1903-1984)

Bille STUDDARD (1867-1944)

Sarah A. STUDDARD (1873-1955)

Maude STUDDARD (1905-1925)

Mary M. TIDWELL (1858-1928)

Nora Idean TITTLE (1918-1960)

Berthennia TOWNLEY (1870-1950)

B.F. TOWNLEY (1860-1922)

I.A. TOWNLEY (1862-1894)

B.F. TOWNLEY - IDO (1893)

Carlos TOWNLEY (1906-1978)

Chester A. TOWNLEY (1893-1978)

Clarence TOWNLEY (1904-1972)

Frenchie TOWNLEY (1924-1932) Clifton TOWNLEY (1909-1930)

Fred TOWNLEY (1892-1979)

Pernie TOWNLEY (1897-1994) Henry F. TOWNLEY (1913-1946)

Margie D. TOWNLFY (1921-1991) Henry J. TOWNLEY (1867-1937)

Roxie TOWNLEY (1880-1944)

H.J. TOWNLEY, JR. (1905-1970)

Lilie TOWNLEY (1897-1905) Hudson TOWNLEY (1917-1960)

Bobby Ray TOWNLEY (1941-1988)

James D. TOWNLEY (1947-1983) L.F. TOWNLEY (1879-1963)

Martha F. TOWNLEY (1881-1955)

Minnie L. TOWNLEY (1910) L.L. TOWNLEY (1895-1940)

Katie TOWNLEY (1894-1990) Sam TOWNLEY (1884-1947)

Alpharetta TOWNLEY (1886-1982)

Susan TOWNLEY (1837-1882)

Sugie TOWNLEY (1899-1924

Tip TOWNLEY (1896-1975)

Mary Lou TOWNLEY (1914-1996)

T. TOWNLEY - IDO (1947) Victor TOWNLEY - ISO (1931)

Vinson TOWNLEY (1911-1956)

Louise TOWNLEY (1915-1991)

Volley TOWNLEY (1888-1969)

Minnie G. TOWNLEY (no info)

Cecil TOWNLEY (1905-1909)

Mary V. TOWNLEY (1916)

W.J. TOWNLEY (1849-1932)

Martha A. TOWNLEY (1853-1930)

W.J. TOWNLEY - ISO (1891)

W. Robert TOWNLEY (1871-1946)

Alice F. TOWNLEY (1875-1948)

Bessie TOWNLEY (1898-1899)

Clemie TOWNLEY (1901-1908)

Mathew TOWNLEY (1919-1920) George W. USREY (1863-1945)

Mary J. USREY (1882-1948)

Asa Lee USREY (1910)

Ralph USREY (1917-1918)

William P. USREY (1918-1920) Clifton WAlD (1931)

Lecil L. WAID (1902-1975)

Ermie M. WAID (1905-1973)

Eunice F. WEBB (1928-1988)

W.C. WHEELER -IDO (1950)

Margene WILKERSON (1937-1984)

Barbara Ann WILLIAMS (1932)

Fudene WILLIAMS (1936-1993)

Grady D. WILLIAMS (1903-1985)

M.P. WILLIAMS (1862-1923)

Beulah WILLIAMS (1865-1947)

Maudie B. WILLIAMS (1910-1946)

Walter F. WILLIAMS (1909-1944)

J. Carl WINDRAM (1899-1972)

Della WINDHAM (1904-1988)

J.C. WINDHAM - ISO (1923) Howard WINDHAM (1912-1987)

Howard WINDHAM, JR. (1947-1964)

Carolyn WINDHAM (1944)

H. WINDHAM -10(1940) Roy WINDHAM (1904-1959)

Jewel WINDHAM (1909-1991) Sam B. WINDHAM (1869-1957)

Dicie WINDHAM (1877-1936) Troy WINDHAM (1907-1915)

illie Mae WINDHAM (1900-1927) Dewey WRIGHT (1902-1943)

Flora B. WRIGHT (1907-1992)

Hasseltine WRIGHT (1860-1953)

Henry Clay WRIGHT (1911-1980)

Lucious B. WRIGHT (1874-1944)

Charley WRIGHT (1899-1901) Johnnie WRIGHT (1904-1905)

Margaret WRIGHT (1839-1913)

Mintie WRIGHT (1890-1908)

Raish WRIGHT (1886-1946)

Virginia WRIGHT (1867-1933)

Virginia J. WRIGHT (1926)

W. Monroe WRIGHT (1900-1960) Ethel M. WRIGHT (1907-1980)

Wyman WRIGHT (1896-1933)

Infant WRIGHT (1921)

Earnest WRIGHT (1909-1910)

Ezalea WRIGHT (1911)

Wade WRIGHT (1919-1921)


The following graves are identified with temporary markers



Joseph BOSHELL -I0


Benjamin HASSELL - IDO




Mattie LAZENBY (Died 1925)

Clarence LAZENBY (Died 1923)

Jan MOON (1961-1991)






Dilworth Church of Christ Cemetery

Submitted by: Cliff Odom, 872 Ivawood Road, Birmingham, AL 35210

This cemetery is located on the Hull Road, Sumiton, AL at the  Dilworth 
 Church of Christ .  This is a small cemetery and the following is a
complete list of all burials.

ALLRED, Willie Norman  b. 4-19-1894,  died 3-13-1968

ALLRED, Lester  b. 12-24-1915,  died 1-14-1975

ALLRED, J.  Otto  b. 11-29-1891,  died 3-8-1979
ALLRED, Annie C.  b. 1-23-1894, died 2-8-1985, wife of Otto J. ALLRED

BROWN, Authur   b. 10-30-1882,  died 3-8-1964
BROWN, Mattie  b. 10-9-1882,  died 6-6-1956, wife of Authur BROWN.

BROWN, William Perry b. 4-22-1919, died 12-22-1991
BROWN, Gladys Cantrell   b. 4-31-1923,  wife (Still living)

BROWN, Allen D.  b. 9-19-1925,  died 7-10-1977
BROWN, Dorthy S. b. 10-30-1926, his wife (still living)

BROWN, Louis Paul  b. 6-24-1917,  died 12-1-1974

CLARK, Edgar G.  b. 8-13-1905,  died 5-4-1989
CLARK, S. Frances b. 7-24-1918, died 2-5-1975, wife of Edgar G. CLARK

CURINGTON, James Willard  b. 6-24-1938, died 7-4-1979

GREGORY, Louis E.  b. 6-13-1891,  died 6-15-1968
GREGORY, Minnie L. b. 3-2-1902, died 4-9-1975, wife of Louis E.GREGORY.

HARRIS, Alvin S. b. 9-28-1912, died 9-5-1986
HARRIS, Grace A. b. 12-6-1908, wife of Alvin S. HARRIS, (still living)

HERREN, Henry C.  b. 5-4-1906,  died 11-4-1994
HERREN, Elda Carroll  b. 9-10-1908, wife of Henry HERREN,(still living)

INGLE, Paul  b. 7-13-1924,  died 4-1-1995

ISON, Lavurn b. 3-12-1920 (no date of death entered on marker)

MITCHELL, Richard  b. 9-10-1887 died 10-24-1972
MITCHELL, Mozel  b. 8-13-1901, died 5-30-1989, wife of Richard MITCHELL

MYERS, William R.  b. 8-13-1898,  died 9-22-1983,  
MYERS, Lacy M.  b. 11-18-1903, died 12-7-1971. wife of William R. MYERS

CAPPS, Johnnie B.  b. 5-6-1903,  died 12-17-1984,  
CAPPS, Norma Lee b. 3-5-1929,  died 7-22-1985, wife of Johnnie B. CAPPS

CAPPS, Thomas Nixon b. 7-10-1943,  died 8-5-1975
CAPPS, Charlotte J. b. 11-29-1933, died 10-10-1975, wife of Thomas Nixon

LOGAN, Albert V.  b. 5-8-1907,  died 7-31-1977

WATSON, Lloyd R.  b. 10-13-1909,  died 4-28-1987,
WATSON, Coleman  b. 6-22-1918, (still living) wife of Lloyd R. WATSON

WATSON, Sarah Jane  b. 1-27-1888, died 12-10-1965


 Old Mt. Carmel Cemetery 

Lisa:   I did a limited research at the "old Mt. Carmel" cemtery in
Cordova (Walker County), yesterday 1-19-97; just listed a few burials
for today.  This is a LARGE cemetery and will require a full day to list
all names.  I will remember these when I go back and try not to
duplicate.  I thought you may be interested in the name DAWKINS.
  Submitted by: Cliff Odom, 872 Ivawood Road, Birmingham, AL 35210  

BROWN, Oscar G  b.11-3-1878 died 9-7-1965
BROWN, Dora E  b. 9-12-1891, died 3-29-1984, this is husband and wife.

DAWKINS, Ray b. 6-24-1931, died 8-21-1955 (U.S. Navy Korea)

DAWKINS, Jim D.  b. 10-30-1900, died 3-17-1990, his wife buried beside,
DAWKINS, Edna  b. 11-30-1899,  died 11-24-1981.

DAWKINS, Edward Allen  b. 11-14-1909,  died 6-24-1972.

ODOM, Clarence R.  b. 2-21-1906,  died 10-31-1991

ODOM, James  1941 - 1943

ODOM, Joan  b. 2-24-1935  died 9-2-1938, (daughter of Lois ODOM)

ODOM, Floyd E.  b. 9-13-1900,  died 5-11-1952, his wife buried beside
ODOM, Virda L.  b. 12-17-1901,  died 3-19-1972

ODOM, H. W. (Webb) b. 8-12-1903,  died 8-30-1968, (the son of James
Robert ODOM and Jane Mellissa KEY);  his wife buried beside him,
ODOM, Lena Mae (HEAD), b. 1-6-1906,  died 11-22-1983

PATE, Lonnie G. 1897 -  1977  his wife, buried beside him
PATE, Lillian   1903 -  1952

PATE, Ethel Helen  b. 3-29-1909,  died 8-15-1983.

WALLACE, Annie b. 3-24-1876,  died 11-9-1963 (Mother of William Sidney

WALLACE, William Sidney  b. 6-28-1902, died 12-18-1982.

WALLACE, Winnie Olga (HUDGINS) b. 12-8-1906,  died 2-13-1972, wife of
William Sidney WALLACE.



Sipsey Area, copied by Floyd Guthrie 1991, reprinted on the WWW with permission of author. Contributed by Willie L. Barton, WBarton102@aol.com

BOWEN, Nichlas O'Dell 12/4/1918 1/10/1919

BROWING, Deser Gordealy 5/31/1911 5/24/1913

BROWING, Elitna 1842 1910

BROWING, Ervin 9/6/1908 9/18/1932

BROWING, inf. d/o W.H. Browing 6/13/1926 6/13/1926

BROWING, Irene 9/24/1868 1/3/1939

BROWING, Sally Ann 1872 1941

BROWING, Virginia 6/2/1923 5/23/1924

BROWING, William H. 11/12/1873 7/19/1923

BURTON, Carrie Estelle 12/27/1879 5/20/1906

BURTON, inf. s/o D.W. Burton no dates

BURTON, J.L. 10/20/1850 12/23/1905

BURTON, Malisa J. 7/11/1828 5/17/1895

BURTON, Robert P. 1/9/1820 2/26/1871

BURTON, S.M. 6/1/1892 9/13/1915

BURTON, Susie 1857 1929

BUZBEE, Ewel C. 6/14/1900 9/13/1902

BUZBEE, H.H. 10/31/1859 7/10/1930

BUZBEE, Justin Lee 5/24/1895 8/30/1898

BUZBEE, Sarah M. 1/9/1861 11/19/1920

GLAZE, James 3/12/1838 12/4/1917

GRIGGS, Wiley E. 1901 1913

LAIRD, Cyntha S. 6/3/1868 no date

LAIRD, Hewitte s/o J.D. Laird 10/8/1901 10/12/1918

LAIRD, James D. 11/27/1867 12/22/1929

LINDSEY, Birmey 9/27/1907 3/10/1908

McDONALD, Ruby E. 4/12/1913 12/9/1924

McDONALD, Sara E. May 1878 Mar 1917

QUINN, Mary J. 1872 1911

REEVES, Audrey E. 1862 1934

REEVES, John B. 1861 1918

ROBERTS, Alma 2/11/1889 8/15/1960

ROBERTS, D. Webster 8/21/1914 7/10/1915

ROBERTS, George F. 4/3/1889 6/24/1952


Bryan Cemetery

Submitted by: Jerry C. Farris

Amberson, Nina Ledlow 18-Mar-62 11-Sep-93

Bailey, Alma 28-Jun-13 30-Dec-86

Bailey, Autry Eugene 23-Jun-49 19-Jun-94

Bailey, David L. 15-Mar-17 18-Apr-66

Bailey, Lillie M. 1894 1960

Bailey, Willie B. 1890 1951

Baker, Houston 7-Jun-08 12-Jul-72

Baker, Maggie L. 11-Sep-06 10-May-79

Baker, Terrell Gene 26-Apr-28 1-Aug-90

Barbara Lorraine 21-Jul-52 11-Mar-97

Barnett, Beatrice J. 11-Feb-12 20-Jul-77

Barnett, Grady B. 3-Aug-01 13-Sep-78

Barnett, Mae W. 25-Oct-24 23-Jun-97

Barnett, Wm. Edd 23-Jul-19 7-Nov-76

Bates, William Cecil 12-Nov-27 19-Dec-27

Black Infant of Roby & Kathryn 1961

Black, Elizabeth T. 12-Sep-53 4-Feb-70

Black, Jimmie Shann 24-Jan-35 14-Oct-35

Black, Kathryn G. 1933 1988

Black, Roby L. 1930 1969

Blackwell, Asa James 9-Mar-24

Blackwell, Lois Odom 12-Oct-26

Brasfield, Aloy H. 3-Aug-05 13-Aug-77

Brasfield, Devo J. Sr 19 Mar 1895 28-Jan-74

Brasfield, F. L. 1 Mar 1870 28-Jul-39

Brasfield, Flora R. 29-Aug-08 6-Jan-89

Brasfield, Mildred 23 Jun 1885 1-Jan-18 Daughter of F. L. & Pairlee

Brasfield, Pairlee 6 Dec 1875 1-Jul-18 Wife of F. L. Brasfield

Brasfield, Sara E. 25 Feb 1897 7-Jun-90 Wife of Devo Brasfield

Bridgman, John Henry 7 Aug 1841 21-Mar-13

Brown, Edward L. (Allen) 1900 1969

Brown, Inez 1903 1978

Brown, Mary Jane 1-Aug-13 26-Aug-91

Brown, Maudie R. 5-Oct-06 1-Jun-86

Brown, Orlan J. 27-Jun-09 22-Jun-73

Brown, Wallace Charles 23-Feb-33 8-Apr-90

Brown, Wallace J. 11-Mar-07 24-Aug-93

Browning, William F. 2-Nov-19 1-Nov-69

Burleson, Evelyn 5-Jul-14

Burleson, W. Erlie 15-Nov-08 9-May-71

Burr, Esther F. 16-Dec-28

Burr, Eugene 9-Nov-22 20-Dec-70

Burton, Anita Marie 29-May-58 8-Dec-58 Daughter of Buel O. Burton

Burton, Buel O. 5-May-13 5-Jun-96

Burton, Myrtle Davis 4-Oct-14 7-Dec-93

Burton, Wayne Orman 4-Jun-42 Son of Buel O. Burton

Byrd, Alma Dessie 27 Apr 1896 22-Aug-66

Capps, Brenda Joyce 14-Mar-48

Capps, James Larry 17-Feb-45 25-Sep-80

Cato, Dennis Morgan Jr. 27-Nov-73 19-Mar-94

Causey, A. J. May-22 Sixteen Days Old

Chandler, Comilus J. 24-Nov-05 1-Oct-77

Coleman, Addie Eudora 1 Feb 1899 12-Jul-97

Coleman, Elmer M. 3-Mar-11 26-Dec-45

Coleman, John Albert 13-Sep-13 27-Jul-89

Coleman, John Wiley 25 Oct 1877 20-May-46

Coleman, Laura Mae 25-Jun-18 16-Jan-94

Coleman, Mattie Jane Rowe 30 Aug 1877 1-Oct-60 Wife of John Wiley Coleman

Coleman, Norman 23-Jun-00 16-Jan-37

Conner, Paula McLemore 27-Oct-51 18-Jan-80

Cox, Charlie H. 27 Aug 1880 31-Jul-27

Cox, Charlie J. 4-Jun-17 20-Nov-77

Cox, E. Pearl 13 Feb 1884 2-Oct-53

Cox, Fred Franklin 8-Dec-30 22-Jan-71

Cox, Lem 7 Apr 1857 30-Sep-28

Cox, Rebecca 28 Aug 1858 20-Jun-46

Cox, Thurman A. 25-Jun-13 20-Jun-79

Cummings, James 1904 1931

Davis, Della Frances 15 Apr 1888 17-Mar-77

Davis, Elbert Harry 12-Sep-10 4-Feb-65

Davis, Leonard Hugh 23 Mar 1887 5-Jan-56

Davis, Ruth M. 23-Aug-12 28-Nov-80

Dickson, Mamie Gertrude 20-Mar-03 26-Sep-69

Dickson, Ottis 10-Nov-06

Donahue, Emma R. 25 Dec 1872 16-Apr-07

Donaldson, Beatrice Marie 12-Nov-21 22-Nov-93 Married Ronald Curtis - 20 Feb 47

Donaldson, Charlie M. 13 Apr 1892 18-Nov-86

Donaldson, Christine 1-Apr-27 23-Jun-86

Donaldson, Clara 24 Jun 1866 18-Sep-11 Wife of J. W. Donaldson

Donaldson, Doris Mabel 22-Nov-22

Donaldson, E. Darvin 8-Feb-26 28-Aug-76

Donaldson, Infant Daughter 28-Aug-59 Daughter of Robert & Kate

Donaldson, J. W. 7 Mar 1866 27-Apr-40 Reverand

Donaldson, Janice Kay 8-Nov-49 13-Nov-49

Donaldson, Jessie DeToy 23-Dec-13 4-Feb-14 Son of C. M. & W. E.

Donaldson, Jewel 25-Apr-13 29-Aug-14

Donaldson, Joel Wilson 22-Nov-24 27-Jan-95

Donaldson, John H. 1 Nov 1876 29-Aug-43

Donaldson, John Henry 20-Jun-05 27-Aug-16

Donaldson, Lena Marie 31 Aug 1897 17-Jan-86

Donaldson, Manda A. 28 Dec 1849 17-May-27

Donaldson, Mary 22 Oct 1898 19-Aug-80

Donaldson, McClay Delem 24-Apr-24 18-Mar-86

Donaldson, Minnie L. 18 Sep 1879 1-Feb-49

Donaldson, Ronald Curtis 7-Nov-25 1-Feb-93

Donaldson, S. B. 5 Mar 1889 22-Jul-08

Donaldson, Samuel Bruce 21 Mar 1897 21-Dec-55

Donaldson, W. B. 2 Dec 1847 28-Dec-27

Donaldson, William A. 24-Feb-15 1-Apr-16

Donaldson, William T. 22-Jul-13 22-Apr-17 Sons of J. H. & M. E. Donaldson

Donaldson, Wilma Estelle 10 Mar 1897 3-Jun-27

Drawhorn, Mary 19-Mar-18 16-Mar-64

Durham, Allen C. 17 May 1874 17-Mar-40

Durham, Daisy 1883 1961

Durham, Edith Elene 22-Feb-19

Durham, Emory 1878 1943

Durham, Hosmer Lee 17-Feb-13 2-Oct-74

Durham, John C. 1851 1932

Durham, Laura E. 1852 1945

Durham, Laura Ruth 18-Dec-17 31-Dec-17

Durham, Rosella Wolfe 20 Sep 1882 11-Mar-66

Edwards, James N. 15-Oct-16 19-Nov-83

Elliott, Arvillar 10 Mar 1886 16-Jan-19

Elliott, Mrs M. A. 1 Feb 1845 7-May-09

Englebert, Angela Nicole 24-Oct-70 1-Jan-94

Farris, Edward A. 5-Oct-04 15-Oct-28 Son of R. L. & M. F. Farris

Farris, Esther Francis Hollis 14-Apr-04 6-Mar-75

Farris, Harold Chester 27-Aug-24 23-Dec-88

Farris, Mark Austin 1-Jun-02 13-Apr-49

Farris, Mary Frances Glover 20 Jul 1864 28-May-46

Farris, Robert Lee 7 Dec 1863 14-Mar-19

Freeman, Blanche Farris 3 Feb 1895 6-Aug-25

Freeman, Jamie Ruth 14-Mar-48

Glover, Andrew 28 Mar 1881 3 Aug 1892

Glover, Christeen 18-Jul-04 1-Jun-94 Wife of Roy Glover

Glover, Clyde B. Sr 24-Jun-00 23sep1869

Glover, Felix L. 4-Jan-30 3-Feb-92

Glover, Glenn Earl 12-Aug-39 7-Dec-40

Glover, Hulett 1902 1920

Glover, John W. 13 Nov 1867 9-Nov-24

Glover, Julia A. 27 Apr 1896 26-Feb-77 Wife of Vann Glover

Glover, Lauvonia Wilson 1869 1936

Glover, Lou 1875 1960

Glover, Louis J. 1860 1950

Glover, Mary M. 25 Apr 1860 10-Apr-14 Wife of Richard Glover

Glover, Permelia 22 Nov 1820 19-Apr-13

Glover, Richard J. 28 Feb 1862 10-Dec-37

Glover, Roy E. 12-May-02 12-Sep-74

Glover, Timothy Wayne 29-Jan-63 11-Nov-85

Glover, Ulysus H. 3 May 1897 15-Oct-13

Glover, Vann O. 26 Jul 1895 13-Jun-82

Glover, Verla B. 29-Sep-06 29-Dec-68 Wife of Clyde Glover

Glover, W. Thomas 12 Oct 1894 20-Dec-37

Glover, Wavelyn L. 8-Jun-32 20-Nov-96

Goldsmith, Fred E. 18-Mar-18 23-Sep-55

Goldsmith, King Edward 18-Aug-14 12-Sep-93

Goodwin, Annie M. 1906

Gourley, Etna A. 14 May 1891 9-Jan-74

Gourley, Harry A. 12 May 1887 21-Oct-51

Graham, Vincent Lee 28-Jan-48 12-Jun-88

Greeg, Minnie 2 Feb 1879 23-Jun-66

Hallman, Earvil Audry Cox 17-Aug-22 22-Aug-84

Hallman, James H. Sr. 21-Jan-17 22-Apr-85

Hallmark, Olen G. 12 Feb 18?? 12 Aug 1898 Stone Broken/Patched

Hancock, W. B. 9 Feb 1878 5-May-10

Henderson, Fado H. 9-Oct-09 28-Jul-67

Henderson, Pearl 31-Aug-19 29-Oct-88

Hester, Etheleen 1-Jun-31 29-Jul-84

Hester, Ralph R. 12-Jan-29 22-Dec-90

Hester, Robert Eugene Jr. 23-Aug-71 23-Aug-71

Hicks, Elijah A. 31-Jan-12 8-Feb-88

Hicks, George Edward 1935 1953

Hicks, James One Date - 1944

Hicks, Kathrine N. 7-Apr-21

Hicks, Margaret 1902 1965

Hicks, Martha One Date - 1940

Hicks, Mary One Date - 1940

Hicks, Starling L. 1896 1945

Higgins, Alvie 19-Jan-17

Higgins, Bervena T. 31 Mar 1887 6-Feb-18

Holt, Carl E. 21 Aug 1886 25-Sep-37

Holt, Lucille 7-Dec-11 1-Jan-12 Daughter of Carl & Sadie Holt

Holt, Sadie 22 Apr 1890 20-May-15 Wife of C. E. Holt

Hopkins, Linda M. 29-Oct-46 Infant

Hosmer, Gertrude Jacks 23-Jul-10 18-Sep-75

Hosmer, Henry David 22-Nov-09 30-Apr-68

Johnson, Albert 21-Apr-13 8-Mar-17 Son of B. F. & Lola Johnson

Johnson, Ben F. 30 Oct 1892 25-Aug-51

Johnson, Douglas A. 20-Aug-10 12-Jul-79

Johnson, J. B. 29-Oct-16 25-Mar-19

Johnson, James T. 12-Sep-12 10-Jun-18 Son of S. W. Johnson

Johnson, Lola 15 Oct 1894 22-Apr-94

Johnson, Margaret B. 4-Aug-15 9-Jan-96

Johnson, Michael W. 2-Sep-48 19-Feb-64

Johnson, Nellie Gray 1887 1967

Johnson, Ruby 11-Sep-08 13-Sep-10 Daughter of S. W. & Nellie

Johnson, Sam Wylie 6 Feb 1880 8-Dec-41

Jones, Franklin 10-Jan-20 25-Feb-20 Son of Lura Jones

Keenum, William (Billy) 24-Oct-23 17-Dec-94

Kemp, Beckie Jane 8 Mar 1884 5-Feb-53

Kemp, James Isaac 21 Aug 1881 30-Nov-11

Kemp, Mary E. 19 Jul 1861 31-May-29

Kemp, W. H. 22 Jan 1860 30-Mar-41

Kerklin, William T. 19-Jun-22 2-Mar-62

Kilgore, Infant Daughter 14-Jun-15 14-Jun-15 Daughter of W. L. & Lillie Kilgore

Lamb, Mary Durham 6 Aug 1875 26-Nov-24

Langston, Annie A. 22-Nov-04 20-Dec-84 Wife of Tom Langston

Langston, Thomas M. 23-Oct-03 16-Mar-85

Larue, Bessie 28-Oct-18 31-Oct-18 Daughter of L. L. & Mattie Larue

Leach, L. Michael 12-Sep-61 4-Dec-94

Littrell, Albert 23 Mar 1890 18-Jan-56

Littrell, Cora 28 Jul 1892 6-Jun-39

Littrell, Warren G. 31-Dec-20 12-Oct-77

May, Gertie L. 10-Jul-25

May, Hermon R. 19-Jun-24

May, Hubert L. 9-Jun-22

May, Raymond T. 7-Dec-54 6-Nov-75

May, Willa Dean 25-Sep-30

McDonald, O. C. 17-Feb-13 23-Mar-14 Daughter of Mr & Mrs P. H.

McDonald, Sarah A. 22 Mar 1877 7-Nov-18 Wife of J. J. McDonald

McLemore, J. D. 28-Oct-25 2-Jan-95

Meadows 4-Dec-20 Infant son of Mr & Mrs E. M.

Meadows 1937 1937 Infant son of E. D. Meadows

Meadows 10 Mar 03 ? Infant son of A. A. & Anna

Meadows 23-Jan-00 27-Mar-00 Infant son of A. A. & Anna

Meadows, ???? Grover Cleveland 3 Dec 1884 24-Jun-06

Meadows, A. S. 14 Feb 1855 3-Jan-17

Meadows, Alton 7-Nov-04 14-Mar-26

Meadows, Anna O. 19 May 1878 4-Dec-22

Meadows, Carver Leonard 16-Jun-04 16-Sep-04 Son of A. S. & M. F. Meadows

Meadows, Clarice Frances 8-Mar-07 1-Feb-09 Daughter of J. T. & D. O.

Meadows, Earnest M. 17 Apr 1890 7-Aug-59

Meadows, Gearldine 1 Oct 190? 2 Oct 190? Daughter of A. A. & Anna

Meadows, Harold E. 19-Mar-14 14-Apr-14 Son of Mr & Mrs A. A. Meadows

Meadows, Horace L. 9 Feb 1888 16 Jun 1889 Son of A. S. & M. F. Meadows

Meadows, Jewel Beatrice 25-Oct-03 21-Mar-05 Daughter of J. T. & D. O.

Meadows, Maggie S. 16 May 1894 22-Oct-84

Meadows, Mary Anna 10 Jan 1856 19-Feb-35

Meadows, Ruth E. 4-Mar-07 19-Jan-08 Daughter of Mr & Mrs A. A.

Mears, Leroy One date - 5 June 1933

Miller, Amy Lee 13-Aug-74 6-Nov-74

Miller, Lura L. 21-Feb-07 14-Aug-86

Miller, Silas M. 23 Dec 1898 28-Apr-79

Millican, Cora 5 May 1893 16-Jan-12 Wife of R. F. Millican

Moore, Dessie M. 10 Dec 1878 3-Feb-07

Moore, Hiram J. 11Apr 1867 13-Nov-50

Moore, Sarah E. 6 Jun 1876 25-Aug-57

Morgan, Carra M. 23-Jun-07 21-Oct-59

Morgan, Frankie 1886 1958

Morgan, Frankie D. 29-Mar-38 3-Oct-88

Morgan, Hershel Troy 29-Apr-34 23-Jan-96

Morgan, J. W. 1883 1959

Nelson, George 8-Feb-00 8-Jun-92

Nelson, Myrtle Inez 19-Aug-12 8-Feb-88

Norris, Carl 2-Oct-14 24-Mar-16 Son of L. D. Norris

Norris, Hershel 15-Sep-23 24-May-24

Norris, Lloyd 3 Jun 1893 28-Jan-70

Norris, Mora 4 Jun 1897

Norris, Nathan Arnold 27-Jun-48 5-Jul-48

Parker, Ethel B. 23-Dec-05 12-Feb-88

Parker, Infant 1899 1899

Parker, Infant Daughter 3-May-15 5-May-15 Daughter of L. C. & Lillie Parker

Parker, John F. 1876 1959

Parker, Louis C. 26 Apr 1881 21-Apr-52

Parker, Manerva A. 11 Apr 1850 11-Dec-24

Parker, Nancy 1909 1914

Parker, Palestine 1902 1907

Parker, Qumiler 12-Aug-14 4-Nov-16 Daughter of Lou & Oscar Parker

Parker, Survelar 1877 1966

Parker, Zilpha 1904 1907

Parvin, Mattie 9 Mar 1880 1-Feb-57

Parvin, Robert L. 28 Feb 1879 15-Jul-60

Pate, Charles O. 26-Sep-24

Pate, Lillie Maurine Skinner 11-Sep-27 30-Jan-89 Married Charles O. - 4 Mar 1948

Pate, Mack P. 31-Mar-20 2-Jun-87

Pate, T. Lorene 29-May-23

Patton, Maggie L. 16-Mar-20 20-Aug-94

Perry, A. S. 13 Oct 1861 6-Jun-38 Reverand

Perry, Bethany 27 Mar 1862 8-Jan-39

Perry, Cari Maurene 28-Jul-81 31-Jul-81

Peterson Infant son of Sam & Beulah

Peterson, Beulah E. 25 Nov 1893 7-Oct-18

Peterson, Bird Etta 23 Jun 1885 28-Jul-59 Wife of F. L. Brasfield

Peterson, Charles 22-May-31

Peterson, Clara 12-Apr-13 19-Sep-73

Peterson, Clay 14-Apr-29

Peterson, Edna Belle 17-Sep-22 18-Jul-96

Peterson, George H. 16 Dec 1883 6-Sep-58 And wife Frances Peterson

Peterson, Hobson 2 Sep 1898 1-Jan-77

Peterson, Jackie 25-Sep-62

Peterson, Jerry 25-Sep-62

Peterson, Margarett 13-Aug-20 21-Aug-21

Peterson, Maultie 9-Oct-05 24-May-88

Peterson, Ruth Helen Hemrick 8-Jul-46 27-Jan-80

Peterson, Susie 22 Oct 1896 4-Jul-84

Peterson, Thelma L. 3-Jan-21 17-Jun-92

Peterson, Walter J. 17-Nov-15 1-Nov-36

Peterson, William B. 29-Nov-13 6-Jan-89

Poe, Roy Lee 27-Jan-07 30-Apr-14

Poe, William Thomas 4 Dec 1897 2-Aug-22

Posey, Carl 30-Mar-38

Posey, Carolyn 2-Nov-41 4-Jun-82 Married Carl Posey - 29 Jun 1957

Posten, Ansley 6-Sep-15 4-May-71

Posten, Ila Mae 13-Aug-15 4-Oct-68

Powell, Christine 23-Dec-04 16-Apr-34 Wife of W. B. Keenum

Powell, Lory H. 14 Apr 1874 14-Sep-17

Reaid, Herschell 7-Oct-18 19-Feb-64

Reaid, Martha E. 6-Dec-23

Reaid, Rollie Keith 23-Dec-52 21-Dec-72

Reed, Honette 22-Nov-12 16-Oct-80

Reed, Sarah M. 25 Feb 1894

Reed, W. W. 25 Oct 1877 12 Jan 1897

Reed, William P. 9 Nov 1890 2-Sep-67

Reed, William Paul Jr. 29-Jul-31 12-May-82

Reeder, Effie A. 1879 1921

Reeder, Felix A. 3-Nov-02 9-May-82

Reeder, Geo. C. 1881 1943

Reeder, Mary P. 31-Jul-20 5-Dec-94

Robbins, Jack P. 2-Nov-32 10-Feb-82

Robbins, John L. 23 Jan 1894 3-Jan-34

Robbins, John Quinn 1971 1971

Robbins, Olive D. 17-Dec-01 5-Mar-96 Wife of John L. Robbins

Robertson, Bengiman 9 Sep 1845 6-Apr-18

Robertson, John Earl 1 Aug 1882 3-Oct-13

Robertson, Mrs E. M. 10 Feb 1846 6 Nov 1893 Wife of B. A. Robertson

Self, Billie Faye 14-Feb-57 18-Nov-57 Daughter of W. R. & Ruth Self

Self, M. Ruth 11-Oct-15

Self, W. Romie 29-Sep-05 28-Jan-63

Sims, Earl A. 5 Mar 1884 5-Mar-24

Skinner, Sidney James 13-Mar-65

Smith 12-Jan-79 Son of David L. & Jackie

Smith, Amanda Renee 16-Oct-80 18-Apr-82

Smith, B. Roy 14-Apr-10 5-Oct-30

Smith, Elizabeth 21 Jul 1887 15-Nov-58

Smith, Hugh Arnold 7 Feb 1895 6-Jan-45

Smith, James A. 11 Jun 1853 27-Oct-39

Smith, James T. 4 Mar 1885 1-Aug-58

Smith, John Henry 1875 1945

Smith, Nancy Anna 22 Apr 1877 28-Nov-59

Smith, Nancy J. 8 Feb 1855 15-Apr-04

Snow, Infant Son 13-Feb-14 14-Feb-14 Son of Mr & Mrs W. C. Snow

Snow, Infant Son 12-Apr-59 14-Apr-59 Infant son of Charles Snow

Sprueill, Archie 13-Feb-08 14-Feb-08

Sprueill, Elbert R. 2 Mar 1895 5-May-10

Sprueill, Jack 10 Jul 1861 22-Apr-37

Sprueill, Melvin E. 30 Apr 1897 5-May-10

Sprueill, Missouri 22 Aug 1874 19-May-53

Stewart, Christopher Neal 27-Jul-78

Thomas Ray 28-Nov-60 29-Jul-66 Footstone bears - TRW

Thomas, W. F. 29-May-03 3-Jun-15 Son of J. F. & M. A.

Timmons, Wiley A. 17-Dec-00 7-May-89

Trimm, Doris (Dot) Glover 9-Jun-24 1-Jan-94

Trimm, Sheila Joy 3-Aug-46 12-May-47

Trimm, Woodard A. 18-Mar-22

Turner Infants of R. E. & M. F. Turner

Turner, J. W. 1861 1930

Turner, R. E. 10 May 1885 22-May-24

Vest, Carolyn M. 14-Sep-46

Vest, Gerald M. 8-Dec-41

Vest, Jerry Lynn 10-Jun-73

Vickery 26-Apr-64 18-Mar-66 Daughter of Lurene Vickery

Vintson, Bessie Farris 12 Dec 1897 26-Jun-90

Vintson, Fred 3 Jan 1892 30-Sep-63

Vintson, Vonnie C. 1-Jun-14 14-Apr-44

Waldrop, Claude V. 1879 1917

Waldrop, Cora S. 1881 1965

Waldrop, Jessie C. 1906 1921

Watson, Dawn K. 19-Jan-73 18-Aug-93

Watts, Larry 19-Apr-40 Infant son of Mr & Mrs Jake Watts

Watts, Mae B. 10-Jun-11

Watts, William J. Jake 25-Feb-04 27-Jun-89

Welch, Beatrice 15-May-27 6-Jul-28

White, Alma O. 1907 1971

White, Alvin Buddie 3-Aug-24 27-Nov-59

White, Ben Junior 4-Mar-26 13-Mar-71

White, Ben S. 1883 1958

Whittle, Birdie 11-Oct-17

Whittle, Sidney 17-Jan-14 2-Nov-81

Wilson, Asberry 8 Feb 1889 25-Dec-64

Wilson, Eugene 2-Oct-28

Wilson, M. 12 Mar 1849 7-Nov-05

Wilson, Tera Olamae 8-Feb-00 18-Aug-67

Wilson, Willadean 28-Jul-29 17-Apr-95

Wolfe, Charley 29-May-10 11-Jul-10 Son of W. T. & B. Wolfe

Wolfe, James H. 6 Aug 1886 26-Feb-12

Wolfe, Pauline Mae 16-Sep-11 26-Jan-14 Daughter of J. H. & Rosella Wolfe

Wolfe, Perry Homer 16-Oct-02 13-Aug-04 Son of James & Rosella Wolfe

Wood, Joseph Bernard 29-Aug-73 31-Aug-73

Woodward, Annie M. 1-Feb-19

Woodward, William Joe 7-Aug-54 25-May-79

Woodward, Wm. Alfred 10-Jul-15 20-Jun-81

Youngblood, John 18-Jul-37 Infant son of Mary & Harry


Sellers Cemetery

Contributed by: Jerry C. Farris

Barnes, Connie Jannette 19-Aug-71 19-Aug-71

Barnes, Kenneth L. 12-May-40 4-Jul-56

Beavers, James W. 15 Oct 1898 23-Jun-83

Beavers, Myrtle S. 15 Oct 1894 11-Sep-78

Beavers, William W. 28-Feb-26 9-Nov-28

Black, Evelyn 25-Dec-20 20-Oct-92

Black, Holley 3-May-09 8-Jun-69

Bussey, Jerry Oneal One Date - 1 Apr 1967

Earley, Carma Olene 13-Jul-64 18-Jul-64

Earley, Sybil H. 13-Oct-19 11-Oct-78

Earley, Vernon A. 9-Sep-17 26-May-65

Earley, Vernon A. 7-Mar-19 4-Jun-49

Harris, Lela A. 30 Nov 1888 30-Jul-66

Harris, Thomas W. 17 Aug 1880 23-Sep-60

Jeffcoat, Robert M. 25-Jun-66

Kimbro, Ida Partain 12 Feb 1890 11-Mar-25

McGough, Anthony 22-Oct-68

McGough, Lisa 26-Feb-70

McKinley, Dolores Teer 1935 1968

Morgan, Doris Earley 14-Apr-40 14-Jul-56

Nethery, Delver A. 8-Oct-11 5-Nov-55

Nethery, Leo C. 15-Jun-16 16-Jul-84

Nethery, Lula 5 Jun 1883 9-Feb-62 Wife of Thomas G. Nethery

Nethery, Wilma C. 16-Jun-21

Nye, Bessie Lee 4-Jul-12

Nye, Carl Robert 19-Mar-18 20-Mar-97

Partain Infant of W. A. & M. M. Partain

Partain Infant of W. A. & M. M. Partain

Partain Infant of W. A. & M. M. Partain

Partain, Mary M. 13 Jun 1866 19-Apr-10

Partain, Nora 24 Aug 1892 6-Oct-11 Daughter of W. A. Partain

Partain, W. A. 26 Dec 1868 2-Jul-19

Peters, Michael 12-Apr-65 14-Nov-80

Pruett, Eleanor E. 1912 1932 Daughter of Mr & Mrs T. C. Pruett

Ramey, Flora Mae 1910 1978

Ramey, Robert Daniel 1893 1965

Ross, Jane 25 Dec 1899 18-Nov-68

Sellers, Alfred J. 14-Feb-04 14-Feb-42

Sellers, Alfred Joseph Sep-30 Jul-35

Sellers, Altie Edna 12-May-29 16-Feb-30 Daughter of Hob & Iona Sellers

Sellers, Andrew Jackson 10 May 1890 24-Dec-61

Sellers, Cora M. 10 May 1897 17-Jul-65

Sellers, Dellie 31 Dec 1887 25-Jan-45

Sellers, Dolly 9 Mar 1867

Sellers, Hobson 25-Jan-06 21-Jun-82

Sellers, Ida Ann 15-Jan-00 18-Jan-69

Sellers, Iona 7-Nov-08 28-Feb-89

Sellers, Lillie Gillchrist 27-Jul-12

Sellers, Luther 29 Sep 1813 21 Jan 1897

Sellers, Margaret 4 Apr 1824 16 Feb 1889 Wife of Luther Sellers

Sellers, Millie A. 15 Apr 1844 14-Nov-10 Wife of Milton Sellers

Sellers, Milton 7 Sep 1847 14-Aug-22

Sellers, Randolph 4 Mar 1883 25-Sep-48

Sellers, Sam 26 Oct 1865 19-Mar-30

Sellers, Terry 22-Aug-07 14-Feb-70

Sellers, Walter R. 30-Jun-11 18-Dec-84

Simmons, Charles W. 1910

Uptain, Jason Wayne Date Unreadable

Uptain, Jeremy Lee Date Unreadable

Uptain, Johnnie Jr. 17-Mar-41 20-Jun-75

Uptain, Martha Sue 28-Mar-41

Vintson, George Mitchell 7-May-03 16-Jul-62

Vintson, Ruby Mae Sellers 28-Jan-09 12-Jul-59

Wilkinson, Larry David 6-Aug-70 Infant son of Mr & Mrs C. I.

Williams Infant son of George & Lillie

Williams, Lillie 4 Sep 1872 25-Mar-03 Daughter of J. P. Williams

Williams, Lucy M. Jan 1830 2-Apr-03 Wife of J. P. Williams

Wires, Johnnie Sellers 18-Aug-39 27-Apr-96

Young Infant son of Carl & Gladys Young

Young 11-Apr-02 11-Apr-02 Son of H. J. & E. F. Young



Boldo Area - T13S R6W S27

Compiled by Floyd Guthrie


AARON, Dorcas Elizabeth w/o Wm. Lafayette Aaron

b. 11/03/1862 d. 3/12/1910

AARON, Francis M.

B. 2/20/1848 D. 10/15/1931

AARON, Mary C. w/o Francis M. Aaron

B. 2/27/1852 D. 3/02/1915

AARON, Sarah

B. 5/09/1827 D. 5/03/1918

AARON, William Lafayette

B. 5/03/1859 D. 7/23/1907


B. 9/25/1860 D. 3/25/1894

BUTT, Willie Ann w/o W.W. Butt

B. 1/03/1852 D. 3/30/1887

MCADAMS, Francis Wilson

B. 1856 D.1891

TIDWELL, Nancy Jane

B. 2/18/1842 D. 8/01/1889

WILSON, Darcas Elizabeth w/o James Wilson

B. 8/21/1826 D. 3/24/1896


B. 4/02/1816 D. 6/26/1898

B. 8/14/1891 D. 10/14/1891

Beech Grove FreeWill Baptist Church

Townley Area - T14S R9W S28



B. 10/29/1823 D. 12/26/1872

ALEXANDER, Malinda w/o John Alexander

B. 12/10/1822 D. 11/20/1900


B. 1933 D. 1971

COONER, Annie Lou w/o Daman H. Cooner

B. 4/28/1919 no date

COONER, Attrice w/o 2 Curt Cooner

B. 10/08/1917 D. 5/04/1972


B. 9/28/1895 D. 12/27/1981

COONER, Daman H.

B. 6/25/1916 no date

GUTTERY, infant d/o A.J. & Mary Guttery

B. 10/10/1870 D. 10/10/1870

GUTTERY, infant d/o A.J. & Mary Guttery

B. 6/12/1872 D. 6/12/1872


B. 3/22/1922 no date

MADISON, Willie Mae w/o 2 Wiley R. Madison

B. 3/07/1920 D. 1/09/1983

w/o 1 Lawrence Willis

d/o Curt & Ethel (Guthrie) Cooner




Boldo Area - T13S R6W S32

Compiled by Floyd A. Guthrie


BAIRD, Hiram

B. 8/25/1849 D. 11/29/1890

BAIRD, Thomas

B. ???????? D. 8/25/1890


B. 6/27/1900 D. 9/13/1900

BEST, Francis Octavia

B. June 1857 D. 1/09/1904




McCollum Area - T14S R8W S35

Compiled by Floyd Guthrie 11/21/1989


MYERS, Sarah (James) w/o William J. Myers

B. 1817 D. 1868 m/o infant, Dick, Sarah, Wake, Jane, Howel, John, Nan, Jeff, Mandy, Jim, George, Hellen, Ellen, Susa and Josie


Oakman area

Compiled by Floyd Guthrie


BONNER, James G.

B. 1/11/1832 D. 7/21/1867

Pvt. Ala. Partisan Rangers Confederate States Army

G., J.A.

B. 9/08/1858 ?

G., J.B.G. ? ?


B. 3/21/1885 D. 3/13/1886

WOLF, A.I. ? ?

WOLF, J.M. ? ?



Kansas, Alabama - T13S R10W S14

Compiled by Floyd Guthrie


BRYAN, Wallis M.

B. 11/26/1826 D. 9/30/1888




Macedonia Area T14S R8W S9

Compiled  by Floyd Guthrie


BAKER, Dicey B. w/o R.J. Baker

B. 1839 D. 1870

BAKER, William s/o R.J. & D. Baker

B. 1/06/1862 D. 2/15/1868

BURTON, David L. s/o P.S. & M.E. Burton

B. 11/25/1872 D. 12/22/1873

BURTON, Elizabeth w/o John Burton One date 2/05/1886

BURTON, John One date Mar 1863

BURTON, Infant s/o P.S. & M.E. Burton

B. 3/18/1867 D. 3/23/1867

BURTON, Infant s/o P.S. & M.E. Burton

B. 11/16/1874 D. 11/20/1874

BURTON, Infant s/o P.S. & M.E. Burton

B. 2/21/1887 D. 2/21/1887


B. 7/15/1826 D. 5/15/1862

KNIGHT, Elizabeth Burton

B. 1828 D. 1908 w/o Edmon Knight - Born in S.C., Died & buried in Dow, Oklahoma




Hillard area Rt. 1 Townley, Al.

Compiled by Floyd Guthrie


TOWNLEY, Mary (Boshell) B. 1858

TOWNLEY, D.W. (David William)

B. 1819 D. 12/02/1856

s/o D.T. & Elisabeth Townley

TOWNLEY, Rubin s/o D.T. & Elisabeth Townley One date Sep. 1841

TOWNLEY, R.P. s/o D.T. & Elisabeth Townley One date Sep. 1841

TOWNLEY, D.T. (Daniel)

B. 5/21/1783 D. 1848

TOWNLEY, Elisabeth (Lollar)

B. 1793 D. 1835

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