Partial List of Voters: Wilcox County, Alabama 1860 Presidential Election

Contributed by: Carolyn Cooper,

J.E. McClurkin
Barvil Haddox
W.J. Melton
H.G. Owen
D.B. Flowers
Richard Foster
J.B.K. Foster
Wilson Dean
J.H. Flowers
Gabriel Grantham
C.M. Rowell
L. Cone
W.H. Carstarphen
W.J. Weatherford
J.J. Bunkley
W.M. Owen
A.J. Davis
S.O. Cannon
G.W. Philpot
W.H. Watson
W.L. Slade
John Hall
Cerbin Flanagan
P.S. McLachlan
M. Holder
J.M. Haddox
W.J.S. Lewis
J.M. Caroll
P.D. Stuckey
Andrew McBryde
Jesse Waite
P.W. Parker
William Merds(?)
T.J. Stanford
Jones Melton
J.W. Woodson
T.B. Taylor
J.E. Warren
N. Thornby
James R. Vickers
E.W. Dunn
E. Hall
E.D. Haddox
J.R. Mason
William P. Luker
W.D. Evans
James Johnson
F.M. Cone
James Holder
Wash Hardy
M.L. McWilliams
J.N. McWilliams
R.J.B. Thigpen

William H. Scott
John Smith
John Madden
John McArthur
James C. Ingersoll
Ephraim A. Pharr
George M. Pharr
James Ratcliffe
Alfred T. Beck
William H. Rodgers
John Ratcliffe
George Hicks Strother
Dr. Edmund Gaillard
H.H. Lee
S.C. Estes
William A. Estes
William T. Mathews

S. Right
H.J. Penton
William E. Poe
George Huggins
Allen Tucker
W.R. Bagley
James Harvel
William Vaughn
W.W. Smith
L.W. Morgan
J.W. Crawford
John F. Pate
James Morgan, Sr.
John Bagley
William C. Hall
John B. Wood
S.S. Tarnsley
A.D. Ethridge
M.W. Morgan
William A. Croswell
J.J. Hestle
T. Fendley
John Southall
Henry Southall
John M Kirk
J.H. Fendley
Hue Conn
Joseph Morgan
H. Autrey
Ed Singleterry

William Mims
C.W. Hare
H.G. Jones
A.J. Jay
William Blackmon
Lewis Watson
O.F. Lewis
James A. Hinson
William Warren
J. McNair
William Crook
David Jay
Lewis M. Watson
Henry Watson
Billups Haddox
Willis Haddox
J.R. Watson
J.J. Lewis
J.J. Mims
Aaron Majors
R.A. Burson
Hiram Patrick
Joseph Kersey
Jesse Kersey
Rufus Watson
John H. Bethea
L.M. Bethea
A.M. McCaskill
J.M.D. Smith
W.W. Dailey
William Curry
Josiah Curry
R.B. Burson
William Tucker
Osaac Thomas
William Dunn
H.K. Smith
E. Majors
G.C. Bruner
E.R. Cannon
A.J. Lewis
Robert Rogers

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